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									                                 Concerned Citizen
                                 California Action Alert
                                 A publication of Concerned Women for America of California
                                                                                       September 8, 2011
           P.O. Box 660894, Arcadia, CA 91066   (626) 227-4266

                                            Our Founders’ Wisdom
                         The cause of America is in a great measure the cause of all mankind.
                                                   ~ Thomas Paine

Just Say “Veto!”
    With just one day left in this year‟s session, bills that have completed their paths through
both state houses are now in the governor‟s hands. He has until October 9 to sign or veto the
measures. If he takes no action, bills will become law without his signature.
    Keep track of the progress on our “Targeted Bills” list. The four bills below are on the
governor‟s desk. Please pray for wisdom on the governor‟s behalf and share your views:
        AB 90 has been amended. Still a worthy bill, AB 90 now focuses on using criminal
        profiteering laws to seize the assets of persons convicted of trafficking minors under 18
        and directing funds from forfeited assets to programs assisting victims. Please ask
        Gov. Brown to sign AB 90.
        AB 131 will allow students in the country illegally to receive taxpayer-funded financial aid. Our state is in dire
        financial straits. Please ask Gov. Brown to veto AB 131.
        AB 499 allows minors as young as 12 to seek medical services for the prevention of sexually-transmitted
        diseases, including the dangerous HPV vaccine. Please stand for parents‟ rights and ask for a veto.
        SB 747 requires medical personnel to participate in special sensitivity training for lesbian, gay, bisexual and
        transgender patients. Ask Gov. Brown to veto this unnecessary bill.

    Contact information for Gov. Brown: Phone (916) 445-2841; Fax (916) 558-3160; Web mail The governor‟s phone poll includes options to voice your views on AB 131 and AB
499 any time. Dial (916) 445-2841 and press “1” to continue in English; press “2” for legislation; press “1” for AB 131
or “2” for AB 499. Finally, press “2” to oppose.

                    “Dancing with the Stars” Is Out of Step with Its Audience
                            Anyone who has seen the ABC show Dancing with the Stars knows that stunts like lifts and
                      dips are a routine part of dance choreography. But now the program that partners professional
                      ballroom dancers with celebrities is doing more than revealing who in Hollywood has two left feet.
                       As if the scant costumes and increasingly suggestive moves were not enough reason to change
                      the channel (especially if kids are in the room), the show is now using the ballroom as a platform
                      for activism.
                           While the show has previously had homosexual contestants, those celebrity choices were not
                      met with nearly the same uproar. That's because with the addition of the formerly female Chaz
                      Bono (born the daughter of singer-icons Sonny & Cher) and the openly gay Carson Kressley comes
an agenda. Both are not interested in merely competing for a mirrorball trophy, but to use their spots on the show to
spotlight LGBT issues and support...whether you want it in your home or not.
     It is important that we remember we are called to love people as Christ loves them (neighbors and enemies alike),
but that we also stand up for what is right and good. This is not a call to attack Chaz or Carson the people; we, in
fact, should pray for them. It is, however, a call to contact ABC and let them know the only thing you want waltzing
into your home is tasteful, technically beautiful ballroom dancing -- not a political agenda and publicity stunt. You
would not be alone. has launched a campaign asking ABC to replace the dancers. Go here to
view, amend and send a letter indicating that if ABC does not comply you will contact advertisers asking them to pull
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                                                                              California Action Alert
their support of the show. You may also call ABC President Anne Sweeney at (212) 456-777, fax her at (212) 456-
1424, or send your concerns via e-mail at       ActionAccNewsletter Title
Petition Deadline Approaching
     The momentum is building behind the effort to repeal SB 48, a bill requiring schools to, among other actions, add
the role and contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons to social science curricula in kindergarten
through grade 12. Approximately 700,000 signatures must be gathered prior to September 30 to ensure that nearly
505,000 valid signatures are submitted.
     To find out more and download or request petitions, visit Because the StopSB48 referendum
involves an issue and not a candidate, churches may encourage their congregants to participate in signing and
circulating petitions. See a letter by Pacific Justice Institute here. Click this link and scroll down for a list of locations
where long form petitions (10 signatures) are available.

Lobbying for Life
     On September 14, CWA's Project 535 citizen lobbyists will be on Capitol Hill
lobbying on H.R. 2299, the Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act of 2011, also
called CIANA. Please pray for their success in sharing the importance of this parental
rights and pro-life issue with the legislators they will visit. Although this is not the
first time that CWA‟s Project 535 has lobbied on this bill, there will be additional help
for this Lobby Day. Some CWA leaders from around the country will be arriving early
for the annual CWA Leadership Conference in order to participate.

Quick Takes & Updates
It’s Been Ten Years – The anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks is just days away and is the focus of much media
coverage, as it should be. Please be in prayer as we observe “Patriot Day” this Sunday. Fly your American flag, at
half-staff if possible, and consider viewing or participating in commemorative events, such as:

        9/11 + 10: Is the U.S. any Safer Today? – The event, located in Century City, is sponsored by American
        Freedom Alliance and features Ambassador John Bolton. Find out more here.
        A Wake Up Call for God’s People – Join Anne Graham Lotz and Joel Rosenberg in a worldwide simulcast at
        6:00 p.m. PDT. Find a host site here or watch at home by going to
        America Remembers – Join a continuous all-day webcast prayer event sponsored by the Presidential Prayer
        Team at
        We Shall Never Forget Kids Coloring Book – This coloring novel provides a tool for parents to explain the
        events of September 11, 2001. Click here for more information.

Pulpit Freedom Sunday – On October 2, in a nationwide effort organized by the Alliance Defense Fund, many
pastors across the country will be participating in Pulpit Freedom Sunday. The Pulpit Initiative “is designed to allow
pastors to speak freely from their pulpits without fear of censorship or control by the IRS.” To find out more, go here.

Prop 8 Has a Good Day in Court – Thank you for your prayers! By all accounts the California Supreme Court
justices appeared to agree with the proponents of Proposition 8 that they have the right to defend the initiative in
court. Justice Joyce Kennard noted that leaving the initiative without defenders would “nullify the great power that the
people have reserved to them for proposing and adopting constitutional amendments.” Justice Carol Corrigan said,
“The holder of legislative power in California is „the people.‟ Why shouldn‟t the proponents have that power to
defend?” Please continue to pray as the justices prepare their ruling.

(NOTE: Referrals to Web sites not created by CWA are for informational purposes, and do not necessarily imply an
endorsement by CWA of the contents of those sites.)

CWA of California  P.O. Box 660894, Arcadia, CA 91066  Phone: (626) 227-4266
Phyllis Nemeth, State Director
Penny Harrington, Editor
Rebecca Halton, Contributor

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