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                                       October 2009         Number 98

The voice of social work in Scotland   Guth obair shoisealta ann an Alba

                                        Getting to grips
                                          with GIRFEC
                                              Why we need to
                                               get it right for
                                                  every child

Caring needs of
our walking

A giant leap forward?
Forty years after lift-off for social work departments
     Social Workers –
Taking Back Our Profession
           The Prime Minister Gordon Brown and the
        leaders of all UK party political parties, including
     David Cameron and Nick Clegg, have been invited to
speak, as well as Moira Gibb, Chair of the Social Work Taskforce

            10am – 12th November 2009, London
                 Venue: Friends Meeting House, Euston Road, London.
             To book your place or find out more, contact BASW directly.
                      Email agm@basw.co.uk, call 0121 622 3911,
             or visit our website for the latest details – www.basw.co.uk

               Rally to be followed at 1.30pm by...

                       BASW AGM*
                 (Additional General Meeting)
          To debate the following proposed changes to
                BASW’s Council and constitution:
                            Smaller Council – 16 people
 New “Ethics and Human Rights” committee to replace Standards and Ethics Board
         with responsibilities for forming policy on broad, UK-wide issues
          New Finance & HR Committee with delegated decision-making
                         powers on business issues
        Additional powers for National committees to decide their structure
                            and Council representation
                     Remuneration for Chair and Vice Chairs
              Money available for negotiation of easement payments
                       for chairs of national committees
             *Order papers available online from 22nd October 2009

 Production team                     Contents
 Editor                              4   Make your vote count to shape BASW’s future
 David Mitchell
                                         Additional General Meeting will propose key constitutional changes
 Editorial Group
 Ronnie Barnes, Anne Black,          5   Child protection tsar will boost standards
 Gordon Lockerbie, Matt                  New national co-ordinator to be appointed following high profile cases
 McGregor, Kartrina Myers,               David Mitchell
 Ruth Stark

 Administration                      6   Blowing our own trumpet
 Johan Grant                             Harriet L Dempster, President, ADSW
 Smallprint Services                 7   Parliamentary business
                                         Ruth Stark
 Barr Printers
                                     8   Talking points
                                         Time for a health check
 BASW Scotland                           Jane Lindsay, Advice and Representation Officer, BASW
                                     9   The GIRFEC approach
 Convenor                                James Cox describes how workers can get to grips with Getting it
 Graeme Rizza                            right for every child
 Vice Convenor
 John McGowan                        10- A giant leap forward?
                                     13 Forty years after the Social Work (Scotland) Act came into force, we
 Gordon Lockerbie                        ask some of the professionals involved to recall the spirit of the times

 Professional Officer                14 On the front line
 Ruth Stark
                                         Alison Campbell. Welfare Rights Officer, Aberdeenshire Council
 Administrative Officer
 Johan Grant                         15 A dream come true
                                         Student Social Worker of the Year Stacey Thomson describes a trip to
 BASW Scotland
 3rd Floor, Princes House,               Disneyland Paris as part of her BASW Scotland Award
 5 Shandwick Place,
 Edinburgh, EH2 4RG                  16 A week in the life of...
 Tel: 0131 221 9445                      Sharon Ballingall, Social Worker for Young People, Children’s Hospice
 Fax: 0131 221 9444                      Association Scotland
 Email: rostrum@basw.co.uk
                                     17 Obituary: David McKendrick
                                         Sean McKendrick, David McKendrick and Mono Chakrabarti

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                                         Dispatches: Battle Scarred
 Would you like to join Rostrum’s        Nancy Campbell
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 workers willing to help shape the
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 Contact the Editor at: rostrum@     22 Ruth Stark, Anne Mitchell, Moira Dunworth, Iain McDonald
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 Front Cover: NASA
                                     24 BASW Scotland Social Work Awards 2009

October 2009                                                                                                        3

Make your vote count to shape BASW’S future
Ruth Stark

AN ADDiTiONAL General Meeting of the association is to be held in London on 12 November to decide on some
key constitutional changes to BASW UK that will affect how your association makes the most of its members and
resources to meet the future needs of the profession in the four constituent parts of the UK (See details on Page 2).
    Not all members will be able to attend so it is important that you access your papers - including your proxy
voting paper - online at www.basw.co.uk from 22 October 2009. This is a very tight timetable so please contact us
if you need help accessing the papers or further information to help you decide about the future of the association.

What changes are being                   among our membership of race,            These issues form the basis of
proposed?                                culture and sexual orientation. We       many referrals to our Advice &
                                         also have diversity in where             Representation Service when we
• A smaller BASW Council - from          people work - whether for local          are in the spotlight after a child
22 to 16 members as the board of         authorities, health service,             death or abuse of a vulnerable
directors of the association             voluntary sector, private sector,        person, or in the office struggling
• A new Ethics and Human Rights          education, armed forces or               between several courses of action.
Committee to ensure practice and         independently. Every organisation        They are the factors that each of
policy in social work services fit       needs to think about refreshing the      us struggles with in our
with the principles in our Code of       way it works and we are now at           professional practice.
Ethics to which every member             that time.                                  Most people will be faced at
must adhere                                                                       least once with a serious ethical
• A new Finance and Human                BASW Council priorities                  dilemma and this is the glue that
Resources Committee to take care                                                  joins us together. Historically, we
of business                              To build on that progress, we            have never been able to make the
• Additional powers for the              need:                                    Standards and Ethics Board work
National Committees to decide            • To promote policy into practice        as a proactive support for our
their structure and Council              reflecting research, knowledge,          members yet standards and ethics
                                         experience and the Code of Ethics        are key to our work. Members,
                                         • More members to increase our           users of services, employers,
• Remuneration for the Chair and
                                         credibility to speak for practitioners   politicians, educators and other
Vice Chairs of BASW UK
                                         • Better services for our members        key professionals should be able
• Money available for negotiation
                                         and the people with whom we              to see that this is what we are
of easement payments for Chairs
                                         work                                     about - high standards in practice.
of National Committees.
   Some of the motions are               • Greater influence in the
proposing substantial changes in         development of practice and policy       Payment of honorary
the way that you run your                based on what we know helps              officers
association and they need to be          people find better quality of life.
considered by every member who                                                    One consideration is payment to
has a right to shape the future of       Code of Ethics                           colleagues who have hitherto
BASW.                                                                             volunteered their time and energy
                                         The glue that brings us together is      (expenses are paid) in serving as
                                         our Code of Ethics, search for high      honorary officers. Some of the
Why do we need these                     standards and commitment to              motions on the 12 November will
changes now?                             making a difference - helping            be about the principle and practice
                                         people to help others. The issues        of whether BASW should continue
Over the past 10 years BASW has          that bind us together in the             with this or move to some form of
grown in membership, staff and           international profession are the         payment for honorary officers of
resources, and undergone                 same - our Codes of Ethics and           the association.
significant devolution in parallel       our common professional role. We            Would, for example, a payment
with political changes in the UK.        meet need, assess and work with          to you or your employer make it
Each country has produced                risk and through our working             easier to consider being
strategic priorities on an annual        relationships respect people and         nominated for such a position or
basis and activity has grown             their rights. We spend a great deal      do you think that payment may
politically, in public relations work,   of time balancing need, risk and         cloud the issues between staff and
member services and vision.              protecting human rights.                 honorary officers? These issues
   We have diversity not only               Often these factors are in            have been debated in Council and
between but within the four              competition with not only                at the Scotland Committee and
countries - from rural, urban and        individuals but families,                now have to be considered by all
island communities as well as            communities and wider society.           the membership.


Child protection tsar                                                           Briefly
will boost standards                                                            Do Deaf children and adults
                                                                                need specialist social work
                                                                                services? This question will be
David Mitchell                                                                  examined at a Ministerial
                                                                                summit organised by heads of
A NEW national child protection         to be fatal could not have been         deaf services, ADSW and
co-ordinator is to be appointed to      anticipated, there were                 BASW in Edinburgh on 27
drive up standards of care and          weaknesses in both interagency          October. A full report will appear
support for vulnerable children.        working and practice at that time.”     in the next issue of Rostrum.
                           The move        Ms Hyslop said that following an
                       was              earlier critical report from HMiE,      A CD-Rom of Preparing for
                       announced                                                Change, the national Citizen
                                        the Scottish Government would be
                       by Education                                             Leadership training programme,
                                        “closely monitoring” child protection
                                                                                is being sent out to social work
                       Secretary        improvements in the city.
                                                                                departments. The 11-day
                       Fiona Hyslop        She added: “Nationally, we have      course is for people who use
                       in the wake      made clear that we will work            services, family carers, support
                       of two reports   together with local authorities and     workers, social workers,
                       into the death   partners to continue to strengthen      managers and commissioners.
                       of Dundee        procedures for children who may         Also available at: www.vimeo.
Fiona Hyslop:          toddler          be at risk.”                            com/channels/citizenleadership
Strengthen             Brandon Muir        The reviews’ recommendations
procedures             at the hands     include:
                       of drug addict   • improving recording and sharing
Robert Cunningham.                      of information between agencies
   Working with Scotland’s 30 child     • Full background checks on all
protection committees, the co-          household members in child
ordinator will be charged with          protection cases
implementing best practice on           • Domestic violence referrals to
child protection, building stronger     clearly show if children were in the
local professional networks and         house at the time.
improving joint working. An                Alan Baird, Chairman of Dundee
appointment is due later this year.     Children and Young Persons
   An independent review by             Protection Committee, said:
former Fife Chief Constable Peter       “Robert Cunningham was only
Wilson and a significant case           involved with the family for less
review by social work consultant        than three weeks but events
Jimmy Hawthorn concluded that           escalated very quickly.                 Heather Clark, a 51-year-old
Brandon’s death could not have             “During that time the response       former social worker with
been predicted.                         by the various agencies concerned       Aberdeen City Council, has
   But Mr Hawthorn said: “While         was swift but i acknowledge that        been struck off by the Scottish
the assault which we now know           change needs to be made and give        Social Services Council for
took place on Brandon and proved        my total commitment to doing that.”     repeatedly failing to follow
                                                                                procedures in cases involving
                                                                                vulnerable children. The council
                                                          Outgoing BASW         dismissed Ms Clark for gross
                                                          Chief Executive       misconduct in March this year.
                                                          Ian Johnston
                                                          and his wife          Would you like to become
                                                          Carol after he        more involved in the way your
                                                          was presented         professional association
                                                          with a whisky         represents you and your
                                                          bottle holder,        colleagues? Why not consider
                                                          special whisky        putting your name forward to be
                                                          glass and bottle      elected by Scottish members to
                                                          of Talisker           BASW’s Scotland Committee?
                                                          during his recent     Contact Ruth Stark at: r.stark@
                                                                                basw.co.uk or complete the
                                                                                nomination forms in the next
                                                          Party in

October 2009                                                                                                         5

Blowing our own trumpet
Harriet L Dempster, Director of Social Work, Highland Council and President, ADSW

i DON’T know why i am surprised                                                    to protect this child?”
but i am. i am surprised at the                                                       The Getting it right for every child
disappointment expressed by some                                                   pathfinder projects in Highland and
journalists and commentators about                                                 other areas offer a positive way
the conclusions of the serious                                                     forward. it is critical that the
incident report into the death of                                                  opportunity is not lost to incorporate
Brandon Muir. The report                                                           the learning from these projects into
concluded that Brandon’s tragic                                                    the review of child protection
death was not predictable and                                                      guidance currently underway in the
perhaps this is at the heart of the                                                Scottish Government.
disappointment.                                                                       i know there is much frustration
   Neither the public nor the press                                                about the fact that the public get a
want to grapple with the reality of                                                very one-sided view of social work
child abuse: it is hugely complex                                                  as we are only in the press when
and no professional system is 100                                                  things go wrong. A cynic would say
per cent safe. Every time there is                                                 that’s because good news doesn’t
an enquiry into the tragic death of a                                              sell papers. That may be true in part
child at the hands of a parent            Harriet Dempster: One-sided view
                                                                                   but it’s not the whole story. We need
or other adult in the home, there         was described as the last defence        to be better at telling our stories or
are calls that this must not be           for children who are not getting the     enabling people who use our
allowed to happen again.                  love attention and protection they       services to tell theirs. it’s interesting
   The inevitability that there will be   need from the family. But if we are      that ADSW has recently had a
further child deaths is unpalatable       going to be effective as the goalie in   number of requests from the press
to many and the very thought takes        the child protection world we need       for good news items and it has
people out of their comfort zones.        strong midfield and forward players      proved very difficult to encourage
Why? Because they have to face            in the team.                             staff to come forward.
up to the fact that some very                Messages from the Government             it’s time we learned to blow our
dangerous and violent men who             report It’s everyone’s job to make       own trumpet about what we do and
sometimes act in the most                 sure I’m alright must be heeded.         how we do it. if you are interested in
predatory of ways are living in our       Every professional - teacher, police     helping to support the ADSW PR
communities, often under the radar        officer, health visitor, voluntary       campaign “Social Work Changes
of the statutory agencies.                sector worker or social worker - has     Lives”, then contact Jane Devine at:
   in one article i read, social work     to ask “have i done everything i can     jane.devine@adsw.org.uk

    Statutes and                                OVER THE years the BASW Scotland MHO Forum has proved an
                                                extremely worthwhile event for MHO practitioners and this year was no
                                                exception. The forum was chaired by Gordon Lockerbie, a past BASW
    Wellbeing: Two                              Scotland Convenor and member of the MHO Forum, who introduced the
                                                guest speakers.

    Sides of the                                   First up was Russell Hunter, a Solicitor and Legal Secretary to the
                                                Mental Health Tribunal for Scotland since December 2008. As Legal
                                                Secretary, he is the principal legal adviser to the tribunal and its president,
    Same Coin                                   defends appeals to the sheriff principal and instructs the tribunal in
                                                appeals to the Court of Session.
                                                   Russell gave an interesting and informative delivery on the
    BASW Scotland                               development of the Mental Health Tribunal for Scotland which was well
                                                received by delegates.
    MHO Forum                                      Next was Joanna Keating, Head of the Policy & Legislation Team at the
                                                Scottish Government’s Mental Health Division. Joanna’s ongoing interest
    Perth Concert Hall, 26 June                 in mental health issues led her to take up the post in January 2009.
                                                   This remit includes all areas of mental health policy that either lead to
    Matt McGregor                               or are influenced by legislation. One of her main projects is the ongoing
                                                review of the Mental Health (Care and Treatment) (Scotland) Act 2003
                                                and she gave an informative presentation on this.


     Parliamentary business
     Ruth Stark, BASW Professional Officer

     PARLiAMENT resumed work a                hearings in anticipation of a Court
     little earlier this session due to the   of Session case that has yet to be
     early release on compassionate           published but to comply with the
     grounds of Abdelbaset al-Megrahi         European Convention of Human
     and the difficulty people had            Rights (9 September). This is a key
     understanding what was a Scottish        area about competing rights within
     Justice Minister’s decision in our       family life will be a welcome
     judicial system and what were            balance to ensure that all rights are
     separate UK considerations for           carefully considered.
     debate.                                     The early discharge of prisoners        There was also a question
          This brought into perspective       was part of Question Time on 10         raised about mental health
     what devolution means and where          September. Justice Secretary            services provided by the third
     people in Scotland want to be in         Kenny MacAskill said: “Between          sector and the cuts that have had
     terms of independence. it also           2006, when the scheme was               to be made in services across the
     paved the way for the First Minister     introduced, and 4 September 2009,       country.
     to suggest it is now time for a          6,248 offenders sentenced to less          The other significant debate has
     referendum on independence. This         than four years were granted home       been on the National Dementia
     will give us in Scotland much to         detention curfew. Eight hundred         Strategy and the five work streams
     think about, not only our personal       and forty-one of them -13 per cent      currently taking place. The fourth
     opinions but what would be best          - moved to home detention curfew        work stream might be of most
     for us professionally and as part of     after serving a quarter of their        interest to social service workers
     BASW UK.                                 sentence in custody.”                   and was the one Cathy Jamieson
          The first few days of formal           He went on to say: “The              MSP picked up on in her response
     session were very busy with social       statistics show clearly that over 75    to the debate. This centres on
     work issues. There was the               per cent of prisoners successfully      dignity for service users and carers
     withdrawal of the Children’s             completed home detention curfew.        and how to achieve personalised
     Hearing Bill which is to be revised      Between July 2006 and 30 August         services without warehousing
     and re-presented in the spring.          2009, 5,993 low-risk offenders          people in their own homes.
     There were also lengthy                  were released on licence under             The work of the Committees is
     discussions about whether                HDC, of whom 23 per cent - 1,386        another aspect of Parliamentary
     parents, particularly those with         - have been returned to custody,        business and on 1 September i
     learning disabilities, should be         with fewer than 1 per cent being        gave evidence on behalf of BASW
     legally represented in children’s        reconvicted of a further offence.”      Scotland to the Education, Lifelong
                                                                                      Learning and Culture Committee,
                                                                                      one of two committees scrutinising
                                                                                      the Public Services Reform
   Five excellent workshops were also given by a                                      (Scotland) Bill.
variety of highly experienced and knowledgeable                                          This Bill will in essence simplify
practitioners. Subjects included considering the                                      the number of inspection bodies
sometimes complex interface between the Adults with                                   that we will be subject to - an issue
incapacity (Scotland) Act 2000, the Mental Health                                     very close to the hearts of
(Care and Treatment) (Scotland) Act 2003 and the                                      practitioners who spend too much
Adult Support and Protection (Scotland) Act 2007 and                                  time at present trying to satisfy
their appropriateness in given scenarios.                                             inspectors’ expectations rather
   Other topics included Caring for mentally disordered                               than providing a snapshot of
offenders in the community; SCRs - When do they                                       universally good services.
serve little or no practical purpose?; Which of the                                      You may remember that when
above Acts to apply and in what circumstances. The                                    the Regulation of Care Bill was
challenge was which to choose.                             Russell Hunter             being processed we did argue that
   But what of the future? The feedback from those                                    fieldwork and residential and day
attending will provide some pointers about where MHO practitioners would              care services should be part of the
like to go. For example, there may be an increase in the number of telephone          same inspection agency. Well this
conferences over the year.                                                            should now happen!
   Finally, those involved in organising the forum would like to express their           All of these debates are worth
sincere thanks to Joanna Keating for funding this year’s event - an                   reading. You can find them on the
arrangement we hope will continue in future years.                                    Official Report section at:

     October 2009                                                                                                        7

Talking points
Time for a health check
Jane Lindsay

iT WiLL BE no surprise that social    and feeling overloaded often given
workers and social care workers       as the main reason. BASW and
have been identified by the Health    UNiSON are acutely aware that
and Safety Executive as one of the    we must address these if our
most stressed-out professions.        social workers are to work safely
                                                                              helping others to make the most
    The statistics are startling. One and productively.
                                                                              fundamental decisions about one’s
in five of the country’s 76,000          in our joint manifesto published
                                                                              life - how you are going to live,
social workers has been signed off    in June 2009, we clearly identified
                                                                              where you’re going to live, whether
for 20 consecutive days or more in    workload management as a top
                                                                              in fact you are going to survive.”
the last five years as a result of    priority along with reduced
                                                                                  it is fundamental that we as a
stress or anxiety (Conservative       bureaucracy, adequate staffing
                                                                              profession survive and thrive if we
Party research, Observer, 2008).      levels, supervision, mentoring and
                                                                              are to continue to provide these
Physical assaults and major injury    consultation. if serious attention is
                                                                              crucial services every day. Having
rates are greater than in any other   given to these matters, this would
                                                                              a health check is vital to ensuring
main industrial sector (HSE           allow the profession to get back
                                                                              this. As a society we have all lost
statistics).                          into much better shape.
                                                                              sight of the need to look after
    Recent research by Lesley            i wish i could report that the
                                                                              ourselves and the perils we face
Curtis, Research Officer at the       Changing Lives report is doing
                                                                              when we neglect this.
University of Kent, has put the       what it wholeheartedly wants to
                                                                                  i’m aware that directors of social
expected rate of life in social work  achieve: building capacity and
                                                                              work and voluntary organisations
to be just eight to 13 years,         making the best of social work
                                                                              would welcome more money and
compared with doctors who stay in     skills and having a competent and
                                                                              happily put it into increasing
their profession for around 25        valued workforce. But our
                                                                              staffing levels.
years. We are                                               members tell
                                                                                  But local government cuts are
third in the        “It is fundamental that we as us there is a               likely to run deep and social work
league of the                                               long way to go
most stressful a profession survive and
                                                                              will suffer like many other services.
                                                            before we can
                                                                              The fact is that we are not in good
professions         thrive if we are to continue to honestly say              enough shape to take more cuts. if
after prison
officers and
                    provide these crucial services that wetobegun
                                                                              this were to happen, the
                                                                              consequences might be dire.
the police. But every day.”                                 achieve those
                                                                                  i don’t wish to be the prophet of
it’s worth                                                  aims.
                                                                              gloom. There is still good practice
pointing out that in these               That is why UNiSON and BASW
                                                                              out there where social workers are
professions people tend to work in    are working together in the
                                                                              well managed and supported. We
pairs or teams, whereas social        National Social Work Services
                                                                              are keen to hear about such
workers often work on their own       Forum, chaired by Adam ingram,
                                                                              workplaces and what social
making them more vulnerable to        to evolve a work plan with key
                                                                              workers find most helpful. If you
assault.                              agencies like SSSC, SWiA, Care
                                                                              have a good story to tell, please
    The Herald recently reported on   Commission and ADSW to
                                                                              get in touch and we will spread the
a study by Dr Tom Scade of the        address these issues.
Society of Occupational Medicine         in a recent speech to West
                                                                                  Self-health checks are what our
which found that almost half of       Midlands directors of children’s
                                                                              doctors advise. So if you’re having
Scotland’s teachers were suffering    services, BASW Chief Executive
                                                                              sleepless nights and are more
from high levels of stress.           Hilton Dawson said: “it’s social
                                                                              anxious than usual - seek help.
    it noted that men are more likely work skills, social work principles,
                                                                              This is much more common than
to ignore the early symptoms as       social work values and good social
                                                                              you imagine. A problem shared is
they feel they might be considered    workers which will enable those
                                                                              a problem halved so don’t hesitate
weak and at risk of losing their      governments, local governments,
                                                                              to call us if you need a listening
jobs. in my experience, men in        directors of services to reach out
social work are more vulnerable       effectively to the most excluded
for the same reasons.                 and disadvantaged people in our
    The volume of calls to our        society and enable and support          Jane Lindsay is BASW’s Advice
advice line has increased             adults, families, young people,         and Representation Officer for
dramatically with high stress levels  children. Helping them to make or       Scotland


The GIRFEC approach
James Cox

GETTiNG to grips with Getting it        the GiRFEC approach involves a            useful tool for reviewing existing
right for every child (GiRFEC) is a     Named Person for every child              processes as the complexity of
challenge both for those making         within universal services, currently      current systems can be frustrating
strategic decisions and for those       being rolled out in Highland.             and confusing. But the investment
doing the legwork. GiRFEC is            initially this professional is in         is worthwhile and even essential.
elusive because it is so general        health and as the child grows up,            A national eCare framework is
and yet so particular.                  from education. The professional’s        being developed to provide an
   it is a cross-cutting programme      normal role is simply reinforced as       inter-agency medium for
involving transformational change       a potential source of information         information sharing. it will be
and a practical approach for            for the family.                           designed to carry the GiRFEC
individual children. GiRFEC                Where co-ordinated                     assessment and planning model
applies in situations of high risk      multidisciplinary help is needed,         and indicators of well-being.
and in situations where a little        this will be co-ordinated and             However, electronic solutions only
extra help is needed at an early        monitored by a Lead Professional.         enhance and assist child-centred
stage of concern.                                          This role will be      practice. The GiRFEC approach
   Ministers are                                           taken forward in       can be progressed right now.
encouraging                                                the agency that           For those authorities and
Community                                                  has co-ordinated       agencies who have been working
Planning                                                   the child’s plan and   hard to implement GiRFEC locally,
Partnerships to                                            will be determined     firm direction and clear
put GiRFEC at                                              by the child’s         connection have been crucial.
the heart of                                               needs. The Lead           Connection is more than
improvements in                                            Professional need      retrospective linking of new
culture, systems                                           not be a social        policies and procedures with
and practice                                               worker but in cases    GiRFEC. it means planning ahead
across public                                              where the social       to ensure congruence with
and voluntary                                              work department is     GiRFEC values and core
children’s                                                 heavily involved       components in policy strategy and
services in                                                their skills might     guidance as they are developed
Scotland. Adult                                            well make them         both centrally and locally.
services affecting                                         right for the role.       For the Scottish Government,
children’s well-                                            A family with a       connection may also mean
being are also                                             child needing          articulating how new legislation
critical partners.                                         additional and         (for example on permanence,
   inspection and                                          co-ordinated help      looked after children and children’s
professional training bodies and        within or beyond normal universal         hearings) and new guidance (for
institutions will become equally        provision can expect: a co-               example on child protection) may
critical in developing a trained and    ordinated method of approach              be supported and effected within a
quality controlled workforce with a     between professionals; efficient          GiRFEC approach.
common purpose. Above all,              information sharing with consent             Direction means co-ordinated
GiRFEC is about partnership with        (unless child protection concerns         leadership and endorsement of
and within each family to promote       justify dispensing with consent); a       local GiRFEC developments
the well-being of each child.           common basic language in                  across agencies and at the highest
   Changes are needed across            assessing strengths, concerns,            level, with support as dilemmas
culture, systems and practice to        risks and needs; and a single             arise for those providing training,
turn the aspiration into reality. For   child’s plan which defines what           supervision and guidance to those
some, these challenges can              help will be co-ordinated and             doing the legwork in the ditches.
appear daunting but much work           monitored by a Lead Professional.            For further information, visit the
and development has already                Early signs are positive. For          GiRFEC website: www.scotland.
been undertaken across pathfinder       example, the Highland Pathfinder          gov.uk/Topics/People/Young-
areas and with local authority          has streamlined meetings to cover         People/childrensservices/girfec
learning partners. independent          child protection case conferences
evaluation is beginning to show         and looked after child reviews            James Cox is a Family Group
which intentions are being realised     when appropriate. in Highland and         Conferencing Practitioner for
and a series of reports is due to be    Lanarkshire, they have found that         Edinburgh City Council and
published by the end of the year.       implementation is best preceded           Professional Advisor to the
   To support earlier intervention,     by “business process mapping” - a         GIRFEC implementation team
October 2009                                                                                                          9
                                                                            A giant leap

                                                         Forty years after the ground-breaking
                                                        into force, we ask the people involved

                                                         noticed, tea making stays     Kay Richards, Director
                                                         largely the same no
                                                         matter what your job title.   of Social Work,
                                                              The Welfare              Clackmannanshire
                                                         Department sold a range
                                          of foods including dried milk, orange
Ronnie Barnes,                            juice and cod liver oil. it had a
                                                                                       WHEN THE Social Work (Scotland)
                                                                                       Bill was going through Parliament, i
Trainee Social Worker,                    counter and the public came and              was a Senior Social Worker in
Inverness Town Council                    bought items much like any other             Edinburgh’s Health and Welfare
                                          retail outlet. The two trainees had to                                 Department.
JUST AS the Beatles were ending           administer this and cash up every                                      As an
their collective journey, mine was        night, including the welfare tokens                                    active
beginning. On 10 November, i left         (and make up any shortfall).                                           member of
school in my sixth year to start work         We also had a number of depots                                     the institute
as a Junior Trainee Welfare Officer       throughout the town that sold the                                      of Medical
with inverness Town Council.              foods on our behalf. We had to keep                                    Social
   i’d already made up my mind to         them stocked and collect the money.                                     Workers
“work with people” and this came          The other trainee could drive so we                                     (iMSW), i
close to matching this                     tootled about in a minivan doing                                       was
ambition. A                                 deliveries and occasionally other                                     invited
prolonged                                   good works - mostly delivering                                        onto the
spell in                                     small items of furniture to clients.                                  ad hoc
hospital                                      i did get the chance to work with                                    working
some years                                    people, mostly older people, and                                     party led
earlier had                                    provide support to “problem                         by Vera Hiddleston.
got me                                          families” as they were then               She brought together social
thinking about                                   called. We also collected money       workers from the iMSW, Association
nursing so it                                    for rent arrears or cashed            of Child Care Officers, Association of
must have                                         family allowance books for that      Family Caseworkers, Association of
developed                                          purpose.                            Psychiatric Social Workers,
from there.                                           On Fridays, we visited the       Association of Social
   The world of                                     old people’s homes to hand         Workers, Moral
a trainee was                             out the residents’ pocket money,             Welfare Workers
very different          then: going for   usually done by the Director of              Association and
morning rolls, making the tea, being      Social Work who seemed to take a             Society of Mental
an office junior. I was a Trainee         particular interest. This involved           Welfare Officers.
Welfare Officer for a week. On 17         each resident being called forward              We briefed
November, the Welfare, Children’s         to receive their “pay packet”. All very      Ministers and MPs on
and Probation Departments                 feudal and not a little patronising but      the Bill and had an
combined to become the Social             this was the early 1970s.                    uplifting meeting with
Work Department. i became a                   i was fortunate to be seconded to        Scottish MPs at
Trainee Social Worker! Not that i         a CQSW course which meant i was              Westminster - you
                                          obliged to return as a social worker         had to go to London
                                          two years later. Even in 1973, social        then. Their first
                                          workers were quite scarce so I               question was “Why
                                          returned to undertake “real” social          did we not want the
                                          work. By then, the department had            new department to be
                                          dropped its retail interest and i didn’t     headed by a medical
                                          have to worry about running out of           officer?”
                                          National Dried Milk.                            Once it received
                                                                                       the Royal Assent,
                                          Ronnie Barnes is now Service                 local authorities
                                          Development Officer for Adults               began to
                                          and Older People’s Services at               speculate as to
                                          West Lothian Council                         who the new

p forward?

     Social Work (Scotland) Act came
     to recall the spirit of the moment

        directors of social work would    David Colvin,
         be. Friends and colleagues
         encouraged me to apply for       Senior Adviser,
         one of the smaller areas.        Social Work
           After an interview, the “Wee   Services Group
         County” of Clackmannanshire                                              by a Senior Adviser - of which i was
         offered me the post and the      1969 saw not only the establishment     one - with each adviser allocated
         choice of a house on one of      of social work departments in the       particular local authorities. They
         their estates. Moving across     large burghs and counties of            were also encouraged to develop
          the Firth of Forth was the      Scotland but the total reorganisation   chosen areas of social work practice.
          best thing that happened to     of the central government                   This encouraged collaboration
         me. From the beginning i         departments responsible for             with colleagues across the teams
        was welcomed and                  overseeing the new service.             and in specialist positions and
        supported. What a challenge!         The Central Advisory Service,        ensured close contact between
   i soon found myself a member of        part of the Social Work Services        central and local government. it also
the newly launched Association of         Group, was set up under the             encouraged the development of
Directors of Social Work and one of       leadership of Beti Jones and            professional competence in a rapidly
the first two women DSWs.                 Marjorie                                changing world.
Neighbouring DSWs were able to            Mcinnes and                                        One of the great pleasures
help alert staff who might be helpful     staffed by the                                   of working in the SWSG was
to other departments.                     previous                                         the close collaboration
   Getting to know my new                 inspectors of                                   between administrative and
colleagues and using their                child care                                     professional staff, greatly
knowledge and skills to implement         and                                            encouraged by successive
the changes offered opportunities for     probation,                                    Under Secretaries Murray Bell
some, disappointment for others. We       welfare                                       and Angus Mitchell. Social work
were able to take a modern                officers in                                  in Scotland has greatly benefited
approach, helpful for staff and those     the                                         from their contributions.
seeking our help and support.             Scottish                                    The work undertaken included:
   Our new home was in Ochil              Home and                                   • Advising the Secretary of State
House, an ancient building that had       Health                                    on the appointment of directors of
been adapted. Declaring it open Beti      Department                               social work
Jones, Chief Social Worker for            and HMi with responsibility for         • Giving advice on the functions of
Scotland, told us proudly that we         approved schools.                       social work departments
were the first new office opened.            in all, less than a dozen were       • Providing advice to the Mackenzie
   Children’s panels were a key           professionally trained social workers   Working Party which outlined the
provision of the Act. We were             and many new staff were recruited.      social work functions of local
fortunate in the quality of those         Local authorities were also very        authorities and advised on the next
willing to take part - from the local     under-resourced and details of          few years of development
headmaster to a train driver. The         trained social workers could easily     • Establishing a forward planning
local sheriff knew more about social      be accommodated in a small box of       system and developing a unit return
work than many, as his wife was a         Cope-Chat cards - before                on social work clients to give better
social worker, which was very             computers!                              information on the problems faced by
helpful.                                     But the enthusiasm for the new       field social workers.
   i always believed in the section of    service was enormous. As early as           it was hoped a further report
the Act which gave departments            1965, the Association of Social         would be produced in a few years’
comprehensive powers and a duty to        Workers conference on “integration”     time to reflect the initial experience
promote social welfare, and many          voted 98 per cent in favour of          of the departments and consider the
private firms played a part in this.      comprehensive social work               best way forward. Despite all this
                                          departments. And before 1969 the        and more, it was a great year.
Kay Richards held senior
                                          pre-BASW professional associations
management posts at the                   were tremendously helpful.              David Colvin went on to become
National Institute for Social Work,          The majority of advisers in the      Chief Social Work Adviser for
Hertfordshire and Brent Social            Central Advisory Service were           Scotland and Scottish Secretary
Services before retiring in 1988          marshalled in three area teams led      of BASW and is now retired

     October 2009                                                                                                    11
                                                                              A giant lea
                                             Pauline Hammond, a Senior Social            Anne Black, Area
                                             Work Adviser, were deputed by our
                                             Under Secretary and the Chief               Officer, Edinburgh
                                             Social Work Adviser to introduce or         Corporation
                                             expand social work courses in
                                             universities and colleges to meet the       i WAS a member of the team
                                             needs of the new generic                    working with children and their
                                             departments. in our friendly scale of       families in the community and
                                             things in Scotland, ample goodwill          children placed in short-term foster
                                             existed but university expansion            care. We felt like the “below stairs”
                                             cannot depend on that.                      team as we introduced all sorts of
                                                 New or expanded courses had to          families into the front hall of an
                                             be funded for agreed periods to be          imposing West End townhouse -
                                             picked up by the universities. The          rather different from the Boarding
                                             new departments and voluntary               Out Team who dealt with
                                             bodies had to be persuaded amid all         children placed in long-
                                             their other needs to make staff             term families across
George Murray,                               available for the crucial fieldwork         the country.
Assistant Secretary,                         placements. The virtuous triangle               None of the car
Scottish Office                              was achieved. Helped by the quick           trips with
                                             start and certainly for a number of         councillors to all
THE PROGRESS of the Social Work              years (and perhaps still),                  parts of Scotland
(Scotland) Act depended on a                 proportionately more social workers         to see foster
remarkable collegiate exercise by            were trained in Scotland than in            children for the
administrators, professional advisers,                   England and Wales.              “below stairs”
academics, the                                                   Similarly, completely   team. We visited
coalescing social                                         new systems had to be          families, tried to
work departments                                          devised for selection and      support children who were
and voluntary                                              organisation of children’s    neglected and truanted, collected
bodies and                                                 panels and children’s         rents, diverted warrant sales by
volunteers.                                                 panel members needed         buying the furniture and dealt with
   There was the                                            to be properly informed      marital breakdowns. Emergencies
classical trio:                                              about the detail of the     were frequent as evictions loomed
Kilbrandon Committee                                          new arrangements.          or children had no food or clothes
1964 - children’s                                              And not least, a new      because the parents
panels with                                                    training organisation     had
educationally-based                                             was set up. This was     “drunk” the
support departments;                                            centred regionally,      money.
the White Paper Social                                          with organisers in           That all
Work and the Community                           universities in the four cities, with   changed or
1966 - new social work departments           a good deal of autonomy. Again the          did it? No
with centrally approved directors,           same agencies and individuals were          longer did
embracing the separate child care,           involved but with many more public          three
probation and expanded community             conferences, seminars and                   workers
care and social welfare functions; the       consultation in groups.                     arrive on the
1968 Act - county councils and large             But if new life was being breathed      doorstep of
burghs given new departments and             into dry bones, it wasn’t just by a         a family to
children’s panels to run.                    few and it wasn’t just then. Every          see granny,
   The Act set out the new structures        modest change and improvement               dad recently
but these had to begin to come alive         made by 21st Century social                 released
                          before the         workers - indeed everything they do         from prison
                          end of 1969.       - is implementing the Act and its           and a child
                          Two                amendments. I was a staff officer           who was
                          examples in        involved with the original battle plan.     going into care. We became all-
                          the training       You were and are the front line.            purpose workers. Late duty was
                          field illustrate                                               alien to all but the Children
                          the immense        George Murray continued in the              Department staff and resistance
                          number of          civil service, working on the 1979          was strong to becoming involved.
                          tasks.             devolution referendum and the                   Despite all the differences, we
                          Myself and         NHS, before retiring in 1984                started to work as a team. As an

p forward?                                                                                                        Rostrum

Area Officer, I caused some               Bob Winter, Director of
consternation in moving offices
when i refused the large room and
                                          Social Work, Greenock
carpet, preferring a little office with   and Port Glasgow
only a doormat. Change was in the
air.                                      FORTY YEARS ago social work in
   What were the issues that we           this country was on the cusp of
faced? Children’s nurseries were          massive change. The Social Work
home to 25 plus children under            (Scotland) Act 1968 had been
five. Nursery nurses cared about          passed and was in the process of
the children but it was an                being implemented from 17
institutional experience and little       November 1969.
individualised care for so many              The Act proved to be a landmark
very young children.                      for Scotland. it provided a
          We gained i felt from the       comprehensive service dealing with
                very different            problems affecting individuals,
                    perspectives          families and communities. it                Looking back there is much to be
                      brought by the      recognised the need for a director       proud of. The inter-agency working
                       different          who could advise local authorities       developed by social work
                        services. We      about social needs and that human        departments in the discharge of their
                         started to be    problems “seldom come singly”.           duty to promote social welfare was
                          more involved      it swept away the segregated          the pioneer of today’s partnership
                          in              welfare, children’s                      working approach across the public
                          communities,    and probation                                           sector. Social work
                         forging links    departments.                                                     initiated the
                        with local        And its                                                          development of
                   police, schools and    centrepiece was                                                 community
               health colleagues.         the duty “to                                                   empowerment
   Our knowledge of child abuse           promote social                                                - now enshrined in
was very basic and indeed sexual          welfare”,                                                     community
abuse was hardly noted in                 implying not                                                 planning legislation.
textbooks until the early 1980s.          only a unified                                                         The practice
Most of us recognise now that we          but a                                                       of listening to
failed to understand the reasons          proactive                                                   service users and
          for the distress some           and                                                        engaging them in
          children were showing and       preventative                                               designing services for
          failed to act decisively.       service.                                                  their individual and
          Attachment had none of             it was also                                           collective needs is now
           the prominence we rightly      a special time for me                                   accepted as best
           give it now.                   personally. As a young Director of       practice       across the public sector.
                     Social workers       Social Work, i well remember D-Day       The establishment of benefits advice
            now have very different       when i launched the new department       services and of groupwork practice
            challenges from those of      by issuing each worker from two          all evolved from the Social Work
            the 1960s and 1970s but       welfare departments, two children’s      (Scotland) Act and have been taken
            the underlying problems       departments and one probation            up by government, local authorities
            are not so different and      service with a mixed caseload -          and partner agencies.
             the skills of workers are    certainly not the balanced approach i       Finally, the growth in services
             very similar. Children       would advocate today. Oh, the            across all client groups would have
             and families still need      boldness of youth.                       happened much more slowly and
              the same consistent            in October 1969, as part of           less effectively had it not been for
              support, challenge and      preparations for implementing the        the Act. The 1968 Act and
              opportunities as they did   Act, the newly appointed directors       establishment of ADSW marked a
              in 1969.                    gathered in Peebles. At that meeting,    turning point for social policy and the
                                          the Association of Directors of Social   practice of social work in Scotland.
Anne Black rose to become                 Work was formed and i was
Planning and Commissioning                appointed Secretary - a job i held
Manager for Children and                  until local government reorganisation
                                                                                   Bob Winter went on become
                                          in 1975. I subsequently served as
Families at Edinburgh City                                                         Director of Social Work for
                                          President and chaired numerous
Council and is now an                     committees until retiring as             Strathclyde and is now Lord
Independent Consultant                    Strathclyde’s Director in 1996.          Provost of Glasgow

     October 2009                                                                                                        13

On the front line
Alison Campbell, Welfare Rights Officer, Aberdeenshire Council

WORKiNG as a Welfare Rights                                                         the outcome will be. Some
Officer in a social work team is the                                                referrals may seem straightforward
last place i thought i would end up,                                                but can turn out to be very
having come full circle from my                                                     complicated. This is often due to
first job 25 years ago working in an                                                lack of awareness and knowledge
Unemployment Benefit Office,                                                        about a quite complex system.
otherwise known as “the Burroo”.                                                       The Welfare Reform Act, which
    i’m based in the South                                                          introduced Employment and
Aberdeenshire Community Mental                                                      Support Allowance, is structured to
Health Team (CMHT), a                                                               encourage or “force” (depending
multidisciplinary team consisting of                                                on your viewpoint) people back to
social work staff, community                                                        work.
psychiatric nurses and                                                                 This new benefit is proving
psychiatrists, and my main job is to                                                stressful for clients with mental
provide up to date advice and                                                       health problems because it is more
information on benefits to service                                                  stringent about regularly attending
users.                                                                              the Jobcentre and medical
    This is a task which demands         inability to find work. As a result,       assessments. The focus is on
that i keep abreast of any changes       people end up relying on benefits          what a person “can do” as
in the entire welfare system, a lot      within a system which doesn’t              opposed to what they “can’t do”.
different from concentrating on          cope easily with the effects of               Although my main focus is to
Unemployment Benefit and                 mental illness on an individual.           ensure the maximum take-up of
income Support back in the 1980s.            Sometimes it’s difficult to fully      benefit entitlement, I do at times
i also have to try and keep my           understand the impact of a                 come across errors where people
team informed of recent changes -        condition like bipolar disorder and        have been paid the wrong
not an easy task.                        the problems it presents in                amounts or the wrong benefit,
    Having left the Burroo in the late   providing consistent information           which i then have to correct. This
1980s to have a family, and then         and support. if someone is                 can result in overpayments and a
devoting several years to working        suddenly admitted to hospital due          reduction in benefits, making them
in community education and taking        to a change in their mental health,        worse off than before.
a Sociology degree, I now find           it can affect their home                      When this has happened (more
myself on the “other side” of the        relationships and work                     often than should) the individuals
benefits system, a role which I          circumstances and often means a            involved have responded positively
enjoy.                                   change in benefits.                        to me even though their money is
    i can sympathise with those              It’s difficult to juggle the various   being reduced. They are grateful
who find themselves caught up in         demands. Although i may be seen            that their benefit is now correct
a system where the main contact          as a specialist worker                     and realise i’m just doing my job
is through call centres. This means      concentrating on one aspect of             by avoiding future overpayments
a person may have to contact             service provision, i need to have          or fraudulent claims.
various different departments in         specialist knowledge about the                On the whole, I find my job
relation to one claim. it is time-       whole benefit system. Coupled              varied, interesting, often stressful
consuming, frustrating and many          with the recent changes arising            and producing a mixture of
give up as they find it too difficult    from the Welfare Reform Act 2007,          emotions. Some clients are
to work their way through a              it can be quite frustrating and            extremely entertaining and funny,
complex system which is not very         stressful at times.                        while others have a wide range of
user-friendly.                               i also have to get used to new         problems not always exclusive to
    i enjoy working in the team and      situations and the emotional               mental health.
with this particular client group,       aspects of the job. This can be               The job provides an opportunity
most of whom are extremely               upsetting at times but the team is         to support people who often
grateful for the service they            very supportive and we often have          struggle to cope with an over-
receive.                                 a laugh to help overcome the more          bureaucratic benefit system. This
    There is still a societal stigma     serious aspects of our work. This          was recently backed by the Public
about mental health which                for me is a great stress buster.           Accounts Committee who found
disadvantages individuals and -              My role demands a lot of               that many carers who apply for
depending on the severity of the         flexibility because when I first visit     benefits find the system
illness - often contributes to their     someone i’m not always sure what           complicated and confusing.


A dream come true
Student Social Worker of the Year Stacey Thomson recalls a
trip to Disneyland Paris as part of her BASW Scotland Award

Heigh ho, heigh ho, it’s off to Paris   Disneyland Park arriving just in
we go! My career as a social            time to see the daily parade of all
worker barely begun, it was time to     the Disney characters. And yes, i
swap the bonnie banks of                saw my childhood hero that was
inverclyde for the magical world of     Donald Duck - amazing!
Disneyland Paris.                          The following day we headed          language. The nightlife was superb
   Four years at university, writing    for more fun and adventure. After       with plenty of entertainment lasting
essay after essay and learning the      being greeted by a big pink castle      to the early hours of the morning.
knowledge, skills and values            straight from the world of fantasy, i      Day three and we returned to
needed for social work, and then        stood in awe as i looked into the       Disney Studios for more fun
settling into a new team and            park recalling all the memories of      packed, adrenaline pumping
getting to grips with job. i could      my favourite stories and films as a     adventures. As we travelled behind
think of nothing better than            child. The fun had already started.     the scenes of popular movies and
escaping into                                     i cannot begin to pinpoint    were zapped into the world of
the surreal                                     the best part of this day. We   Armageddon and Honey, i Shrunk
and wonderful                                   were determined to try          the Audience, our imagination was
world of                                        every ride including the        running wild to be part of such truly
Disneyland                                      rollercoasters such as          awesome experiences. At the end
Paris -                                         Space Mountain, Tower of        of the day we bought souvenirs,
courtesy of                                     Terror, Rock ‘n’ Roller         enjoyed more entertainment and
BASW                                            Coaster, and not forgetting     watched a magnificent fireworks
Scotland. The                                   Crush’s Coaster - straight      display.
choice was                                      out of Finding Nemo - my           On Sunday we had to return
difficult, the                                  heart was in my mouth.          home so headed for the airport
world was my                                    Moving on to lighthearted       happy and exhausted. The whole
oyster, but i                                   rides such as it’s a Small      experience was out of this world.
chose Disneyland because it was         World and Buzz Lightyear Laser          The French people were so
my dream as i was growing up            Blast gave our stomachs the             welcoming and friendly, and it is a
and it did not disappoint.              opportunity to settle down.             gorgeous country. i have never
   Upon arriving in Paris, we              Before we knew it, it was closing    before experienced such thrills and
headed for our accommodation -          time and we headed for something        excitement as i became embroiled
the Davy Crockett Ranch, a cabin        to eat alongside popular Disney         in the magical world of Disneyland.
within a forest. it was beautiful,      characters such as Mickey and              i’ll never forget meeting the
private and peaceful, the perfect       Minnie Mouse. The characters            Disney characters and enjoying
place to unwind. Being too excited      spoke French but it was a great         the adrenaline packed rides.
to take it easy, we dumped our          opportunity to try my somewhat          Thank you BASW for allowing my
suitcases and headed to                 rusty skills at speaking the            childhood dream to come true. i
                                                                                thoroughly recommend this if you
                                                                                are looking for some adventure
                                                                                and thrills. i think i need another
                                                                                holiday to recover from my
                                                                                   Now to return to life as a social
                                                                                worker, eager to learn from the
                                                                                challenges that lie ahead. i look
                                                                                forward to reading next year’s
                                                                                winners’ accounts of the wonderful
                                                                                places they go to.

                                                                                Stacey Thomson is currently
                                                                                working as a Social Worker
                                                                                with the Children and Families
                                                                                Team at Inverclyde Council

                                                                                Nominate someone now for this
                                                                                year’s awards - see Back Page

October 2009                                                                                                      15

A week in the life of…
Sharon Ballingall, Social Worker for Young People, Children’s
Hospice Association Scotland, based at Rachel House, Kinross

MONDAy: My week starts by                 Time to briefly catch up with
learning about the weekend’s           colleagues before welcoming our
events, followed by weekly             new group of young befrienders
planning meetings to identify and      who volunteer their time to spend
plan for family support. My role is    time with teenagers who use
to support young people with           CHAS. Their enthusiasm is
life-limiting conditions within        fantastic; they bring another
Rachel House and in the                dimension to our holistic team. i
community. This includes liaising      gather a range of information and
with other organisations or            resources for them to begin their
advocating their needs and             training programme. At 8.45pm i          take the lead in our discussions. i
requirements. Young people with a      wave them goodbye before                 have no preconception about what
life-limiting condition have the       planning next week’s session.            they might want to explore.
same aspirations as their peers                                                 Today’s topics include social
but may need assistance to             WEDNESDAy: Some young                    isolation, independence, recent
achieve their goals.                   people have invited me to join their     health deteriorations and end of
    After lunch i have a future life   PlayStation 3 competition. Group         life. The meetings can be
                                       events usually lead to interesting       emotionally draining but the young
review with a family in Edinburgh
                                       discussions as the young people          people’s passion for life inspires
so I quickly scan my emails before
                                       feel at home in front of a computer      me to make the most of mine.
jumping in my car. it’s an
                                       and their views and opinions flow        Tonight i’m meeting some
emotional journey for families to
                                       freely. But for me it can be tricky to   colleagues at a local restaurant as
discuss and document end of life
                                       play a competitive football game         part of our wine and dine club - a
wishes. Many feel a sense of relief
                                       while discussing sensitive matters       good end to a heavy day.
knowing that they have
                                       (especially when i’m trying to win!)
encapsulated their views and can
                                          Afterwards i travel to Glasgow        FRIDAy: i can’t believe it’s Friday
now concentrate on making each
                                       to meet some young people in             already! i start my day by visiting a
day count.
                                       their local sports centre to discuss     young person in hospital in Perth,
    i head back to Rachel House to                                              we have a chat about his health
                                       outreach events to help reduce
return some calls and arrange                                                   and the plans for getting him
                                       their isolation and loneliness.
home visits, gather my notes and                                                home. He is in good spirits despite
                                       ideas vary from wheelchair sports
joining my multidisciplinary                                                    a rocky road. i arrange to visit him
                                       to Christmas parties. The best part
colleagues in our referral meeting.                                             at home within the next few weeks.
                                       of my role is supporting young
We have a long list and each child                                                 After lunch i have an online
                                       people to overcome obstacles to
is discussed at length before tasks                                             meeting with the CHAS Young
                                       achieve their wishes. These social
are shared.                            events are important, they provide       Adult Council. The group has been
                                       young people with something to           together for a few months and they
TuESDAy: i start late today as i       look forward to and inspiration for      have lots to say about palliative
won’t finish until after 9pm. After    their Bebo pages.                        care with a wealth of great ideas.
organising my son, my work day                                                  Their online discussions are fast
starts by meeting up with a            THuRSDAy: New staff are joining          paced, i am just about managing
bereaved parent and her adult          our team today and before they           to keep up with all the acronyms.
daughter. it’s not unusual for         begin they undergo an intensive          Their next six months is busy with
families to touch base with us a       induction programme. My session          exploring accessible resources
year after their loved one has         is in-between attending a complex        and meetings at the Scottish
passed away.                           needs review meeting and an              Parliament. Online debates enable
   The family recall happy and sad     energetic Wii gaming session.            young people all over Scotland to
times, seeking clarity on events       Making therapeutic connections           join our group discussions.
leading up to the young person’s       with young people and their                 Time to pack up and head for
passing. Families can access our       families helps to facilitate future      home. Next week’s “to do” list is
Forget Me Not bereavement              sensitive discussions.                   growing fast but young people are
programme, in addition to                  After lunch i have three             inspirational and a privilege to
individual sessions. After lots of     meetings with young people who           support.
chat, coffee and cakes, the family     are in the hospice, each with
leaves for home lighter for sharing    unique needs and distinctive             Further information can be found
their emotions.                        personalities. The young people          at: www.chas.org.uk


David McKendrick 1931-2009
Sean McKendrick, David McKendrick and Mono Chakrabarti

SOCiAL WORK has always been              moved to Hamilton. in 1985, he
primarily about supporting and           became District Manager in North
championing the cause of                 East Glasgow where he remained
vulnerable and disadvantaged             for 10 years. The pinnacle of his
people. David McKendrick, former         career came in 1995 when he was
Director of Social Work for North        appointed the first Director of
Lanarkshire Council and a                Social Work for North Lanarkshire.
founding member of BASW, who                All through his career David
has died of cancer aged 77,              managed to navigate developing
believed in that principle and was       welfare philosophy and policy           particular focus was with an ailing
an example of that energetic force       frameworks while maintaining a          local organisation that supported
throughout his professional life.        focus that embraced the rights of       children and adults with multiple
   David was born in Lanarkshire         users and carers. The intellectual      and/or learning disabilities. Using
and educated at Our Lady’s High          stimulus of his work with BASW in       his leadership and formidable
School in Motherwell. Despite            the 1970s reinforced a value base       campaigning skills, he redesigned
academic potential, he left school       that viewed service user                the organisation into a sector
early to supplement the family           empowerment as central to service       leader, embracing a hotel-like
income. His first job was as a           delivery. His thinking influenced       concept for those needing respite.
baker but like many others he later      BASW’s early views on rights and           This epitomised his capacity to
found employment in the                  contributions of service users.         challenge traditional thinking,
traditional industries of mining and        in the 1980s, he played a key        galvanize people and push
steel. His lifelong belief in equality   role in ensuring that Strathclyde       boundaries to ensure equality. It
initially manifested itself in union     Regional Entertainment Group            was a further example of his
and Labour Party politics. His           (REG) championed the rights, skills     capacity to be a moderniser and
experiences of poverty, social           and talents of vulnerable children      forward thinker. in 2008, whilst
injustice, collective action, public     and those with learning difficulties.   managing his cancer, he
service and a desire for change          in the 1990s, he was instrumental       completed a Master of Science
attracted him to the value and           in setting up Lanarkshire               (MSc) degree in Social Policy at
ethical basis of the emerging            Association for Mental Health,          Glasgow University, almost
social work profession.                  which provided accommodation            inevitably focusing on the use (and
   in the late 1960s, with the full      and employment support for those        underuse) of Direct Payments.
support of his wife Cathy, David         leaving the State Hospital.                David was above all deeply
decided to train as a social worker.        As North Lanarkshire’s Director,     committed and dedicated to his
He completed with flying colours         David’s flat management structure       family. His devotion to Cathy and
the probation course at Jordanhill       challenged previous models. He          the deep respect, love and
College. Vera Hiddleston, then           disaggregated traditional               affection that they demonstrated
Head of Department, recently             headquarters functions to local         eclipsed all of his professional
commented that David was one of          areas, increasing the strength and      achievements. His seven children
her prized students with                 scope of decision making on the         - all professionals in various
unbounded energy and conviction          ground. in some part, his efforts       disciplines including social work -
to promote social welfare. To            and those of his colleagues laid the    and 18 grandchildren would
consolidate his knowledge and            foundations of the success the          concur fully with his friend Dick
skills, David undertook a further        social work service enjoys today.       Poor’s description of him as “a
postgraduate course in generic              David’s contribution to North        great man who remained ordinary.”
social work at Glasgow University.       Lanarkshire is still remembered
   He began his social work career       with fondness by those elected          Sean McKendrick is a Service
as a probation officer before            members and employees who               Manager with Glasgow City
becoming a psychiatric social            worked with him. The presence of        Council
worker in the Motherwell and             so many at his funeral and the          David McKendrick is a Senior
Wishaw areas; his passion for            expressions of sympathy and             Social Worker with North
mental health remaining constant         support is testament to the deep        Lanarkshire Council
throughout his career. in 1974, he       affection and respect he enjoyed.
was appointed Depute Director of            David never really retired from      Mono Chakrabarti is Emeritus
Social Work in East Kilbride.            social work. in the late 1990s, he      Professor of Social Work
Following the formation of               provided policy guidance to             and Social Policy at Glasgow
Strathclyde Region, David he             Romania, Bulgaria and ireland. His      School of Social Work
October 2009                                                                                                     17

The Walking Wounded
BBC Two Scotland, 6 September
Dispatches: Battle Scarred
Channel 4, 7 September
Reviewed by Nancy Campbell

SADLY, we have all become                   institutionalised and isolated from
accustomed to the distressing               society. For the last seven years,
images of our troops on patrol in           Chris has suffered severe
Afghanistan, interviews with those          debilitating flashbacks and anger           Chris
who have been maimed and                    issues as a result of active tours in
injured, and the repatriation of our        Bosnia and the Gulf. Turning to
                                                                                       Trevor speaks quite candidly about
dead war heroes.                            alcohol to suppress these
                                                                                       his aggression and violent
   We may feel that we have a               memories led to the breakdown of
                                                                                       behaviour, and fear that one day
better understanding of the                 his life: he lost his wife, his
                                                                                       he may seriously hurt or even kill
challenges faced by our armed               daughter and his business.
forces but the reality of war is               Simply walking down a busy
                                                                                          Trevor’s frustration at the lack of
rarely seen. Active combat leaves           street causes Chris to break out in
                                                                                       help from his GP and the NHS is
many of our young                                                        a sweat
                                                                                       all too apparent and only serves to
soldiers with invisible                                                  and
                                                                                       compound his condition. After two
wounds: traumatised with                                                 become
                                                                                       years, Trevor finally gets a place
deep psychological scars                                                 anxious
                                                                                       on an anger management course
and struggling to cope                                                   and
                                                                                       at Combat Stress, the charity
with life.                                                               paranoid.
                                                                                       charged with addressing veteran
   The Walking Wounded                                                   He feels
                                                                                       mental health issues in Scotland.
takes us on an emotionally                                               “like a
                                   Graham                                                 Graham, 26, is proud of being a
disturbing journey                                                       loaded
                                                                                       paratrooper - after all Paras are
following three former                                                   gun”, still
                                                                                       “prepared for anything” - but sadly
soldiers with exemplary military            on patrol and looking out for
                                                                                       Graham wasn’t prepared for
records as they struggle with their         snipers. Chris struggles with the
                                                                                       civilian life. Within six months of
transition to civilian life, struggle       flashbacks, struggles to find
                                                                                       leaving the Army, Graham was
with symptoms of Post Traumatic             specialised help, struggles with
                                                                                       sleeping rough and taking heroin
Stress Disorder (PTSD) and                  depression and despair, and yet to
                                                                                       to kill the pain.
struggle to find help.                      date has not been formal
                                                                                          Currently living in a high rise flat
   Chris, 38, is originally from            diagnosed with PTSD.
                                                                                       in a depressed area of Glasgow,
Nottingham but now living in a                 Trevor, 29, is an ex-paratrooper
                                                                                       he is desperately trying to get
specialised veteran residency in            with severe anger management
                                                                                       re-housed through a veteran
Edinburgh. He is grateful to have a         issues. Since leaving the Army,
                                                                                       charity. His despair, depression
roof over his head after a spell of         Trevor has a string of violent
                                                                                       and complete lack of sense of self
homelessness but feels                      offences and spells in prison.
                                                                                       and identity are all too painfully
                                                                                       evident. Tragically, Graham feels
                                                                                       “there’s nowhere to turn” and that
                                                                                       he is all alone.
                                                                                          in Scotland, there are currently
                                                                                       50 veteran charities, serving
                                                                                       approximately 500,000 veterans.
                                                                                       Of these, one in five will have
                                                                                       mental health problems. Sadly,
                                                                                       only 15,000 are actively receiving
                                                                                       assistance - barely seven per cent
                                                                                       of those in need.
                                                                                          Battle Scarred is an equally
                                                                                       heart-rending documentary which
                                                                                       looks into the experiences and
                                                                                       lives of four former soldiers. it
                                                                                       explores the origins and effects of
 Trevor                                                                                Danny and Martin’s psychological
                                                                                       injuries, and how Dave and

Jason’s parents’ lives have been             Understandably, Dave’s suicide
devastated and changed by their           has made Janet question the
military service and tragic suicides.     Army’s commitment to soldiers’            Forth Valley
    Danny became increasing               welfare. Dave was a reservist, part
paranoid and anxious after his last       of the Territorial Army, and              Branch News
tour in southern Iraq and stole a         although not good enough to be a
gun to protect himself. Despite 18        regular soldier did two tours of
years of service and being                duties in Afghanistan. Dave and           OUR LAST meeting was
diagnosed with PTSD, Danny went           his close friend Rob both survived        held on 25 August when the
to prison. Since his discharge,           a roadside bomb attack. Rob was           theme was “ Being
Danny’s symptoms have                     physically injured and offered            independent”. The speaker
intensified. He constantly fears for      psychological help but Dave was           was to have been
his safety and feels he is still in a     not.                                      independent Social Worker
combat situation. Sadly, Danny               Grief-stricken parents Eileen          ian Kinsley, who left local
has not received any treatment for        and Roy painfully reflect on their        authority social work three
his PTSD.                                 son Jason’s recent suicide. They          years ago after 23 years.
    Martin recounts his time on           witnessed, helplessly, their son’s           But being independent
patrol in Iraq where they “advance        gradual deterioration; changes in         meant that a last minute
to contact”, which simply means           his personality, his marriage             offer of work up north had
they walk until someone (the              breakdown, his increased drinking         to take precedence over
insurgents) shoot at them and then        and his general apathy. Eileen is         addressing a BASW
they try to find                              convinced that her son’s              meeting. ian did, however,
them and kill                                 drinking and depression was a         forward his substantial
them. it is                                   direct result of his active           notes and i was able to
impossible to                                 combat and symptoms of                present them to the
even                                          PTSD, but sadly the Army only         meeting.
contemplate                                   ever addressed Jason’s                   ian was very positive
being in such a                               alcoholism problem.                   about his experience and
position, never                                                       Most of us    described himself as having
mind the              Danny                                      have no real       a “personalised” career. He
associated                                                       understanding      outlined the process of
stress and trauma.                                               of military Post   setting up a limited
    Martin calmly discloses that                                 Traumatic          company and finding and
the Ministry of Defence                                          Stress             sustaining work, identified
provides a de-briefing and                                       Disorder. The      his plans for the future and
decompression service which                                      Walking            covered the pros and cons
consists of an opportunity to         Martin                     Wounded and        of being an independent
get pissed and have a fight to                                   Battle Scarred     practitioner.
get the combat experience “out                                   provide us with       Some of the members
of their system”.                         a realistic, if somewhat painful,         present were clearly
    Although psychiatric treatment        insight into this complex, disturbing     interested in his practice
is available, Martin says that            and serious disorder. it manifests        and we hope that ian will
no-one ever asks for it because           itself through a wide range of            come to a future meeting to
everyone would know, and more             symptoms such as anger,                   answer any questions.
importantly it would affect your          aggression, alcohol and drug                 The next meeting is on
Army career. it is hardly surprising      addiction, depression, anxiety and        20 October when our AGM
that Martin now drinks a litre of         paranoia, and if left untreated can       will be held. i hope that you
vodka every night to help him             spiral into self-destruction.             will continue to support the
sleep. He also sleeps with a knife           With recent reports suggesting         branch. Papers for the AGM
at each side of his bed for fear of       that young soldiers are 40 per cent       will be sent to members.
attack and sometimes wakes up             more likely to suffer from PTSD as           Our speaker will be
frightened and crawls under the           a direct result of their service than     Lauren Sutherland, an
bed for safety.                           they are to be killed in action,          Advocate who specialises
    Tragically, latest statistics         veteran and social services will          in health and social care
suggest that young soldiers are           need to develop in order to meet          issues and the daughter of
three times more likely to kill           the increasing need.                      Dorothy, our former
themselves than the general                                                         Secretary.
population. Janet reveals that            Nancy Campbell is a Director of
although her son Dave committed           The Mark Wright Project, a new
                                                                                    Kate Pryde, Branch Chair
suicide, he loved being a soldier         charity which is raising funds
and being in the Army. But after his      for a drop-in centre for young
last tour Dave found it increasingly      ex-service men and women on
difficult to cope with civilian life.     the outskirts of Edinburgh

October 2009                                                                                                        19

Book Reviews
Reducing Reoffending:                    concepts of human and social            Access to information
                                         capital in the understanding of how     for post-care adults: A
Social work and
                                         to intervene in people’s lives to       guide for social workers
community justice in                     reduce re-offending.
Scotland                                    Reading this book from a social      and Access to Records
Fergus McNeill and Bill Whyte            work practitioner’s perspective, i      Officers
Willan Publishing, 2007                  was concerned about the                 Julia Feast
iSBN 978-1-84392-218-6, £21.50           overemphasis on working with the        British Association for Adoption &
Reviewed by Ruth Stark,                  individual or rather the lack of        Fostering, 2009
Professional Officer, BASW               emphasis that “no man is an island      iSBN 978-1-90566-467-2, £9.95
Scotland                                 in himself.”                            Reviewed by Anne Mitchell, Social
                                            Having argued the uniqueness         Worker, Fostering and Adoption
THiS BOOK was published in               of criminal justice being within        Team, Highland Council and
2007 but only recently sent to us        general social work provision, that     Independent Assessor of Foster
for review. it is written as a text      most offenders come from a very         Carers, Action for Children - Gael
book for social work students but        small number of areas of Scotland,      Og Fostering
should be on bookshelves in all          that many victims come from the
departments of social work as a          same areas and most have early          RECOGNiSiNG that the needs of
reference book for aspects of this       histories of contact with social        post-care adults are not placed on
specialist area of social work.          workers and the public care             the same legal footing as those of
   The book is divided into three        system, there is little information     adoptees, the author’s aim in this
sections starting in Part 1 with the     about how the interaction with          BAAF Good Practice Guide is to
historical evolution of criminal         other professionals - including         equip Access to Records Officers
justice social work in Scotland. it is   colleagues in child protection or       (AROs) and social workers with
good to see that they relate the         mental health - is essential in the     the information that will make them
importance of Section 12 of the          prevention of re-offending.             knowledgeable, confident and
Social Work (Scotland) Act 1968 to          This was a missed opportunity        resourceful when providing access
the ideas of Kilbrandon and social       in such a basic text book and           to records and related services for
education and social welfare.            would encourage social work             post-care adults or their relatives.
                                         students to think laterally in their    Her intention is to improve practice
                                         analysis of criminal activity, given    across agencies and promote
                                         the role played by criminal justice     uniformity in approach.
                                         social workers in protecting               The effectiveness of the current
                                         vulnerable people. This role has        legal framework for accessing care
                                         been well rehearsed in child and        records, the Data Protection Act
                                         mental health service enquiries. It     1998, is questioned around the
                                         should link in with international       area of disclosure of third party
                                         Definition of Social Work and           information. Post-care adults have
                                         BASW’s Code of Ethics with its          often not received a meaningful or
                                         underlying principles of practice.      coherent story of their time in care
                                            There was no real mention of         or why they were accommodated
                                         domestic abuse or offending within      due to third party information being
                                         the family and no linking with the      withheld.
                                         way forward for criminal justice           This in some cases may be due
                                         social work within the Changing         to non-disclosure of information,
                                         Lives agenda for community              such as details of siblings, which
                                         capacity building and prevention of     can be obtained through public
                                         crime. All of these add into the        records in any case. The author
   The second part of the book           complex matrix of helping people        explains that the Data Protection
gives the legal context of social        feel safe in their communities.         Act allows for discretion on the
work and the criminal justice               Whilst this is a good basic text,    part of the ARO regarding the
system. This is clear and easy to        there is another book to be written     sharing of third party information
follow and will be of great use to       and themes to be developed that         and that AROs can exercise
those who coming new to this area        build on that uniqueness of             judgement about the harm that
of work or who are encountering          Scotland’s view that criminal           may be done to the post-care adult
the criminal justice in the course of    justice is part of the overall social   by withholding information, for
working with another specialism.         work provision for ensuring social      example about medical history.
The last part explores some of the       justice in our society.                    Useful case studies address the

main dilemmas that AROs will           agencies providing services for            Having set out the strengths of
come across in their work, such as     post-care adults, i believe it will     this book, i have to say that apart
when and how to disclose               improve practice both within and        from Chapter One i found it hard
information:                           across agencies.                        going. Without an introduction, we
• About siblings or twins                                                      have to work out the context and
• About medical matters                                                        aim for ourselves. it is not well
• When records and the post-care       Working with Ethnicity,                 written or structured so it’s difficult
adult’s memory do not match up         Race and Culture in Mental              to remember what point is being
• To vulnerable post-care adults                                               made. Many sections comprise
such as those with learning            Health: A Handbook for                  apparently unconnected sentences
difficulties or alcohol abuse issues   Practitioners                           without linking words or phrases.
• When racism has been a               Hári Sewell                                it is inconsistent about its target
childhood issue                        Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2008       audience. Parts of it are written for
• When the post-care adult is now      iSBN 978-1-84310-621-0, £18.99          specialist practitioners while other
living abroad                          Reviewed by Moira Dunworth,             parts would be patronising to a first
• When the post-care adult has         Independent Practice Teacher            placement student. For example,
been abused when in care.                                                      he says in relation to sexual
                                       THE TiTLE of this book promises         identity that “workers need to be
                                       much and its subtitle suggests that     honest about where they identify
                                       I might find ideas and discussions      conflicts with what is required by
                                       that would be of help to students       law and policy” (p 93).
                                       who are terrified of doing or saying       This is part of a section based
                                       the wrong thing to someone of a         on the assumption that workers
                                       different ethnicity. Without an         are heterosexual and that many
                                       introductory chapter the subtitle is    have difficulty in accepting other
                                       all we have about the target            sexualities. I found that quite
                                       audience, though on reading it i        offensive. The Conclusion is a
                                       realise that it is written for those    chapter of just over one page,
                                       specialising in mental health work,     which is quite inadequate in a
                                       rather than the more generic            book of 183 pages and provides
                                       practitioner for whom mental            no opportunity to get an overview
                                       health issues arise regularly in the    of the arguments being presented.
                                       course of their work.
                                          The core messages of this book
                                       are that people from black and
                                       minority ethnic backgrounds have
    Helpful suggestions are given,     poorer outcomes from mental
for example, about across agency       health services; that we must
working for vulnerable adults          recognise the impact that racism
requesting access to their records,    has on the mental health of those
about offering meaningful help to      service users and that individual
post-care adults who do not wish       and institutional racism still exists
face-to-face contact and about         in mental health services. A useful
when to offer tracing and              case-study (p 67) illustrates these
intermediary services.                 points well; experiencing racism is
    The author emphasises the          a damaging process and can
importance of recording decision       affect the mental health of the
making and what information was        strongest of us.
provided so that clarity is ensured       The first chapter of this book is
if access to the records is            the most useful - it defines and
requested in the future. To aid the    explores the terms “ethnicity”,
recording process, the appendices      “race” and “culture” (ERC) in the
include many useful forms and          context of understanding their             This book is written in England
sample letters for use by AROs.        uses and impact. The author is not      and it becomes clear that it refers
There is also a comprehensive list     afraid of the word “race”. He           only to England. At no point is
of relevant resources such as          discusses the problems with it but      Wales mentioned. i am not sure
organisations for post-care adults     asserts that we need to accept          that the author knows that
and tracing services.                  that, as a social construct, it has     Scotland and Northern ireland are
    The author achieves her aims.      enormous impact. Another useful         part of the UK. Whilst i am glad to
This is an empowering book for         section is the framework of 35          see books on this topic, i suggest
anyone working in the field of         competencies in relation to ERC,        that you get hold of Chapter One
helping post-care adults to access     broken down into knowledge, skills      but can’t recommend buying this
their records. if used throughout      and attitudes.                          book or reading the rest of it.

October 2009                                                                                                       21
Quality Matters in                    themes which are: Coming and          were too many incidences of core
Children’s Services:                  Going (pursuit of permanence          assessments not being completed
                                      study); Going Home (reunification     when carrying out child protection
Messages from Research                study); Going to Kinship Care;        investigations. This being the
Mike Stein
                                      Safeguarding and Protecting;          case, it is debatable whether the
Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2009
                                      Education and Care; and               full needs of children and their
iSBN 978-1-84310-926-6, £19.99
                                      Advocating and Participating.         parents are being identified and
Reviewed by Iain McDonald,
                                                                            responded to and as such whether
Social Worker, Edinburgh City
                                                                            children are adequately protected.
                                                                               At the end of each chapter
THE AiM of this book is to provide                                          several questions are posed as to
an overview of the impact of the                                            how imbedded both the findings of
Quality Protects programme in                                               research and good practice are in
raising the quality of children’s                                           practice at a strategic, operational
services. it does so primarily by                                           and practitioner level. As such, this
providing an overview of nine                                               is an aid to the development of
research studies - some of which                                            practice and the promotion of
were commissioned through the                                               quality in children’s services.
Quality Protects programme - to                                                The final chapter deals with
establish whether the objectives as                                         what is meant by the term “quality”
set out are being met.                                                      and how this can be applied in
    However, it also places these                                           children’s services. For instance, if
objectives and the study outcomes                                           by quality we mean the promotion
within the wider policy and                                                 of stable and appropriate
legislative context of children’s                                           placements for looked after
services including the Every Child                                          children then alongside this goes
Matters agenda. in essence, this         Within each chapter or theme       the need to have properly
gives a snapshot of developments      an overview of the relevant studies   supported and trained carers. it
over the last 10 years.               is provided with the main findings    also requires agencies to work
    The studies are helpfully         of the studies as applied to the      together to support children to
grouped into themes consistent        Quality Protects objectives. For      achieve both educationally and in
with those within Quality Protects    instance, within the Safeguarding     developing secure attachments.
such as the aim to promote better     and Protecting section the study         in short, this book collates a lot
life chances and reduce social        noted that there was a need for the   of the recent research into what
inclusion. These in turn mirror the   role of education in protecting       works in various areas of
aims of Every Child Matters.          children to be noted.                 children’s services into one easily
    The book covers six main             it was also noted that there       accessible volume.

Publications for review
The following have been received by the Editor and are available for review in Rostrum.

From Jessica                          Great Answers to Difficult            Managing child welfare and
Kingsley Publishers                   Questions about Death: What           protection services
                                      Children Need to Know                 Paul Harrison, 2009
                                      Linda Goldman, 2009                   iSBN 978-1-90554-152-2,
Authentic Dialogue with
                                      iSBN 978-1-84905-805-6,               128 pages, £16.95
Persons who are                       112 pages, £9.99
Developmentally Disabled:                                                   Domestic Abuse is Never
Sad Without Tears                                                           Acceptable
                                      From Russell House
Jennifer Hill, 2009                                                         Nicci Vella & Doreen Murdin, 2009
iSBN 978-1-84905-016-6,                                                     iSBN: 978-1-90554-151-5,
128 pages, £18.99                                                           96 pages, £24.95
                                      Making sure children get
                                      ‘HELD’: Ideas and resources
Activities for Adults with            to help workers place Hope,           A review copy will be sent to anyone
Learning Disabilities: Having         Empathy, Love and Dignity at          interested.
                                      the heart of child protection         Reviews for the next edition to be
Fun, Meeting Needs                                                          received by 1 December 2009
                                      and support
Helen Sonnet & Ann Taylor, 2009       Nicki Weld, 2009                      Contact: BASW Scotland Office,
iSBN 978-1-84310-975-4,               iSBN 978-1-90554-155-3,               Tel: 0131 221 9445
160 pages, £17.99                     80 pages, £19.95                      Email: j.grant@basw.co.uk


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 and young people                       members over the past                December 9
 Children in Scotland Annual            decade at a particularly
                                                                             Council, Birmingham
 Conference                             challenging time for social
                                        work whilst I was privileged to
 Macdonald Crutherland House,           be Chief Executive of BASW.
 East Kilbride                             I would also like to thank all    BASW Scotland
 Email: hgoodrum@
                                        those who contributed to my
                                        Homecoming Party in
                                        Edinburgh - in particular Ruth,
 November 12                            Johan and Jane - for their           Office Closed
                                        kindness and generosity.
 Taking Back Our Profession: A
                                           I look forward to continuing
 Rally for Social Work                  to play an active role in the        December 25-28
 BASW UK Additional General             Association over the years to
 Meeting                                come.                                Christmas Holiday
 Email: agm@basw.co.uk                  ian Johnston                         January 1-4
 (See Page 2 for full details)          Email: i.johnston@talk21.com
                                                                             New year Holiday

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October 2009                                                                                                23

  Social Work
  Awards 2009                                  Jennifer Lindsay
                                            Student Social Worker
                                               of the Year 2007
                                                                      Willie Macfadyen
                                                                      Social Worker of
                                                                       the Year 2008
                                                                                            Grace Anne Williamson
                                                                                            Residential Care Worker
                                                                                               of the Year 2007

 Social Worker of the Year
                                                 They have all been winners -
 Residential Care Worker                               who’ll be next?
        of the Year
  Student Social Worker
        of the Year
            (Practice Award)

   The winners will receive -
   The BASW Scotland
    Social Work Award
A European City Break
                                                  Do you know someone on the
   One year’s free
                                                   front line who deserves an
 membership of BASW
   to be presented at a celebration
                                                      Award for their work
          in December 2009                                 with people?
Closing Date: 30 November 2009
                                                John Black             Stacey Thomson            Scott Hunter
        Further information and               Social Worker of      Student Social Worker   Residential Care Worker
        nomination forms from:                 the Year 2007           of the Year 2008        of the Year 2008
 Mrs Johan Grant, Administrative Officer,
BASW Scotland, 3rd Floor Princes House,
5 Shandwick Place, Edinburgh, EH1 3BG

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