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Annual Report
        2006 ANNUAL REPORT

Note:    In 2007, Beta Alpha Psi will
         relocate its offices to:
         Palladian I
         220 Leigh Farm Road
         Durham, NC 27702-8110

                                             B E TA A L P H A P S I

The Associates

Through the advice and assistance of the International Advisory Forum, Beta Alpha Psi instituted the Associates
Program in 1981. The Associates Program enables Beta Alpha Psi to further its objectives by providing financial
support for events such as the Thomas J. Burns Undergraduate Student Seminar, the Graduate Case Seminar,
Regional Meetings and other ongoing chapter activities. Each member of the Associates provides financial
support at a level consistent with the organization’s involvement in business education and employment of
accounting, finance and information systems graduates. Members of the Beta Alpha Psi Associates are given
equal recognition for each event or project supported by the Associates’ funds.

The International Associates                              The Regional Associates
for 2005–2006 are:                                        for 2005–2006 are:

American Institute of CPAs                                The California Society of Certified
                                                          Public Accountants
Association of Chartered
Certified Accountants                                     Indiana CPA Society
BDO Seidman, LLP                                          Kentucky Society of
                                                          Certified Public Accountants
Becker Professional Review
                                                          The Ohio Society of CPAs
Bisk Education, Inc.
                                                          Pennsylvania Institute of
BKD, LLP                                                  Certified Public Accountants
Careerbank.com                                            Texas Society of
                                                          Certified Public Accountants
Chevron Corporation
Ernst & Young LLP
Fifth Third Bank
Grant Thornton LLP
Internal Revenue Service
Matrix Learning Systems
McGladrey & Pullen LLP
Moss Adams LLP
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

                                     2006 ANNUAL REPORT

                                                                                Table of Contents

                                                           President’s Letter    4

                                                           Board of Directors    6

                         Business Information Professional of the Year Awards    10

                                                       International Scholars    12

                                                Outstanding Faculty Advisors     18

Thomas J. Burns Undergraduate Student Seminar and the Graduate Case Seminar      19

                        Outstanding Chapter Awards and Chapter Information       20

                                                International Advisory Forum     29

                                             Nancy C. Harke Executive Office     32

                                                   New Chapter Installations     34

                                                          Regional Meetings      35

                                          Best Practices Awards Competition      36

                                                        Financial Statements     38

                                                B E TA A L P H A P S I

President’s Letter

Eighty-seven years ago, in February 1919, a group of        Why has Beta Alpha Psi survived the test of time so
undergraduates and two faculty members at the               successfully? Some reasons were obvious from the
University of Illinois came up with an idea that has        start. In 1930, a group of business school deans held
grown beyond anything they might have imagined.             a discussion of The Place and Role of Student
Bound together by common interests and common               Organizations in Schools of Business that was
dreams for successful careers, they created a               published in the Journal of Business of the University of
professional fraternity for accounting majors with          Chicago. Dean R. McClung of the University of Southern
high academic performance. The members held                 California, whose Iota chapter was established in 1925,
regular meetings to grapple with the professional           suggested that Beta Alpha Psi and other student
issues of their time; they took turns preparing articles    organizations were successful because they filled the
for presentation and discussion at the meetings.            needs “of bringing about direct contacts with the
Within two years, the idea had spread and other             leading business men, of giving at least a tinge of reality
chapters were established at the University of Oregon,      to the various problems of business, . . . of binding into
Northwestern University and the University of               close association those interested in their particular
Washington. In 1922, a national constitution and            fields, and of bringing the students and the professors
bylaws were approved and Beta Alpha Psi was formally        into a more wholesome atmosphere for the informal
born. Oregon State University established the fifth         discussion of business problems than is usually had
chapter that same year.                                     in the classroom.”

The young men and their professors who founded              When I think about Beta Alpha Psi, I think that the
Beta Alpha Psi would be pleased and amazed at               English initials of the Greek letters provide a fitting
the scope and size of today’s organization. Today,          acronym for what the organization is about: becoming
the organization is international in scope and the          a professional. Beta Alpha Psi has thrived because it
members are male and female undergraduate and               focuses our attention on three key aspects of being a
masters students majoring in accounting, finance or         professional: competence, commitment and caring.
information systems. In 2005–2006, 6,842 new                Beta Alpha Psi chapter meetings and conferences
members were initiated into Beta Alpha Psi and              develop competence by bringing together high
new chapters were installed at Northern Michigan            achieving students and professionals to learn about
University, Coastal Carolina University, University of
Southern Indiana, Belmont University, Elon University,
University of Texas at Dallas and Manhattan College,
bringing the total number of active chapters to 268 and
the number of active BAP members to well over 8,000.

                                           2006 ANNUAL REPORT

and discuss current issues in the information              Throughout this annual report, you will find many
professions and to develop the communications              examples of individuals and organizations who
and interpersonal skills so necessary for success.         have supported Beta Alpha Psi with their time and
The membership criteria requiring strong scholastic        financial resources this year. On behalf of the Board
performance and the program of chapter activities          of Directors and all the members, I express our deepest
and chapter awards encourage and recognize our             gratitude to these supporters. I also extend hearty
commitment to excellence. And, perhaps most                congratulations to the alumni, members, faculty
importantly, the emphasis on community service             advisors and chapters who are recognized in this
and collegiality remind us that caring about those         report for their excellence. Thank you all for embodying
other than ourselves is as important to success as         so well the spirit of Beta Alpha Psi.
competence and commitment.

We see every day around us the testimony to Beta           Sincerely,
Alpha Psi’s success. Employers of today’s graduates
value BAP membership and students who are
members find many networking opportunities that
help them find exciting internships and jobs after         Karen V. Pincus
graduation. In 2003, a doctoral dissertation done
at New York University by Barbara Palaia found
that “a highly significant relationship between BAP
membership and cognitive moral development
exists,” indicating that BAP members have absorbed
many lessons about professional and personal ethics.
She also found that volunteerism, and frequency
of volunteerism, is related to ethical development.
As she put it, the results of her study demonstrate
reasons why BAP members are considered the
“cream of the crop.” This year’s annual meeting in
Washington, D.C. has as its theme, Getting Involved,
Staying Involved—a call to maintain and grow the
professional, civic and social responsibility activities
Beta Alpha Psi encourages.

                                                               B E TA A L P H A P S I

Board of Directors
The Board of Directors of Beta Alpha Psi consists of representa-               The President-Elect serves a one-year term, then succeeds to the
tives from education, financial information firms and industry.                Presidency in the following year and serves a final year on the
The Director of Administration and Development, the Director                   Board as Past President. During the 2005–2006 year, the
of Chapter Activities, six Regional Directors, and a College of                President, and the Past President represent education, while
Business Dean all serve three-year terms and represent the area                the President-Elect represents a financial information firm. The
of education.                                                                  Chair of the Advisory Forum serves a two-year term on the Board.

                              Karen V. Pincus                                                               Ken Bouyer
                              President                                                                     Incoming President
                              (2004–2007)                                                                   (2005–2008)

President Karen V. Pincus is the S. Robson Walton Professor of                 Ken is an Americas Director for the Business Risk Services practice of
Accounting at the University of Arkansas, where she chairs Walton              Ernst & Young and is based in New York City. Ken is responsible for
College’s accounting and business law faculty. She was born in                 developing people strategies and solutions for many BRS clients,
Washington, D.C. and began her professional career there with one of           including internal audit outsourcing transitions, strategic teaming
the predecessor firms of PricewaterhouseCoopers. Dr. Pincus, who               solutions, developing compensation strategies and performing compe-
received her Ph.D. from the University of Maryland in 1984, came to the        tency based assessments. He began his career with E&Y in the firm’s
University of Arkansas after 12 years on the faculty of the Leventhal School   Assurance practice, serving as an external auditor.
of Accounting at the University of Southern California. She began her Beta
                                                                               Ken has served on the Board of Directors for Beta Alpha Psi and served as
Alpha Psi involvement with the Tau Chapter at the University of Maryland,
                                                                               the Chair of the International Advisory Forum. In addition, he serves
where she served as President 36 years ago.
                                                                               on the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)
Dr. Pincus’s research interests concern audit judgment, fraud detection,       Pre-certification Education Executive Committee and the Pre-test task
and accounting education. She has served as a member of the editorial          force for the new computer based CPA exam. He is a member of the
boards of Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory, Behavioral Research      Institute of Internal Auditors and the Society of Human Resource
in Accounting, and Issues in Accounting Education.                             Management. He has also served on the Board of Directors for the
                                                                               Federation for the Schools of Accountancy. Ken has a Bachelor of Science
Professor Pincus is also known for her work in curriculum development.
                                                                               degree in accounting, from Manhattan College in Riverdale, New York
She received the American Accounting Association's prestigious
                                                                               and a Diploma in Human Resources from NYU.
Innovation in Accounting Education award for her development of an
innovative introductory accounting course. She is also a recipient of the
AWSCPA's Educator of the Year award and the AICPA’s Distinguished
Achievement in Accounting Education Award.

Dr. Pincus is active in professional service at the state and national
levels, including service as 1999 President of the Federation of Schools
of Accountancy (the association of accredited graduate programs in
accounting) and as a member of the AACSB’s Accounting Accreditation
Committee from 2000–2003. In 2003, she received the FSA/Joseph A.
Silvoso Faculty Merit Award for contributions to the FSA, the accounting
profession and accounting education. She has long been an active mem-
ber of the American Accounting Association and the American Institute of
Certified Public Accountants and is currently the U.S. representative on
the International Accounting Education Standards Board.

                                                         2006 ANNUAL REPORT

This person has significant responsibility in his or her position                to the Board. In addition, a representative of the AICPA serves
in industry, professional services, or government, and brings                    on the Board. The Board typically meets three times a year to plan
a valuable business perspective to the Board. Two Alumni                         overall activities and provide general guidance for chapters to
Representatives also serve on the Board; one is elected each year                follow. The staff at the Nancy C. Harke Executive Office are
to serve a two-year term. As recent graduates of Beta Alpha Psi                  available for consultation on day-to-day chapter operations.
chapters, the Alumni Representatives bring a student perspective

                              Stephanie M. Bryant                                                             Donna L. Street
                              President Elect                                                                 Past President
                              (2006–2009)                                                                     (2003–2006)

Dr. Stephanie M. Bryant holds the Dan R. and Tina P. Johnson Distinguished       Past President Donna L. Street is the Mahrt Chair in Accounting at the
Professorship in Accounting at the University of South Florida, where she        University of Dayton. In 1992, she received a Beta Alpha Psi Outstanding
specializes in accounting information systems. She earned her doctorate          Faculty Advisor Award. She served as Regional Director for the Atlantic
in Accounting at Louisiana State University in 1996. Dr. Bryant teaches          Coast Region from 1992–1995 and as Director of Administration from
graduate and undergraduate classes in consulting and accounting                  1998–2002.
information systems, and previously worked for KPMG. Dr. Bryant has
                                                                                 Dr. Street serves as Vice President of Research for the International
published over 20 articles in refereed journals. Additionally, she has
                                                                                 Association for Accounting Education and Research (IAAER) and
co-authored two accounting textbooks, Core Concepts of Consulting for
                                                                                 President of the International Section of the American Accounting
Accountants, and Core Concepts of Information Technology Audit, published
                                                                                 Association. She is the Program Coordinator for the IAAER Reporting
recently. She has won numerous teaching awards, including the 2002/2003
                                                                                 Financial Performance Research Program which is run in collaboration
USF Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award. In 2003, Dr. Bryant
                                                                                 with the KPMG and University of Illinois Business Measurement Research
received the USF President’s Award for Faculty Excellence.
                                                                                 Program and the KPMG Foundation. Dr. Street received the Virginia
Dr. Bryant is active in the Information Systems Section of the American          Society of CPAs Outstanding Accounting Educator Award in 1999.
Accounting Association (AAA-IS), having chaired numerous committees              She has published in several journals including: Behavioral Research in
over the years. In 2005 she was elected President-Elect, and in 2006 served      Accounting; International Journal of Accounting; Journal of International
as national president of the AAA-IS section, traveling to Ireland and China      Financial Management and Accounting; Journal of International Accounting
representing the IS Section internationally. Additionally, in 2002, Dr. Bryant   Research; Journal of International Accounting, Auditing, and Taxation;
was elected to the International Board of Directors of Beta Alpha Psi, serving   Accounting Horizons; Accounting and Business Research, Journal of
a three-year term as the Director of the Southeast Region. In 2004 and           Accounting Education; Journal of Accountancy; Accountancy; and Accounting
2005, Dr. Bryant was one of two people in accounting information systems         and Business. She is the co-editor of the Institutional Perspectives section
selected to serve on the AAA New Faculty Consortium Committee. In this           of the Journal of International Financial Management and Accounting and
capacity, she assists in planning and conducting sessions at the annual          the IAAER editorial consultant for Accounting Education: An International
New Faculty Consortium, sponsored by Ernst & Young.                              Journal. She serves on the editorial board of Journal of International
Dr. Bryant makes her home in Tampa, with her husband of 28 years, Gary.          Accounting Auditing and Taxation and Journal of International Accounting
                                                                                 Research. Dr. Street has co-authored research monographs published by
                                                                                 the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, German Stock
                                                                                 Market Institute, and Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and
                                                                                 Wales and served as lead researcher for the six largest accounting firms’
                                                                                 GAAP Convergence 2002.

                                                          B E TA A L P H A P S I

Board of Directors

        Charles Alvis             Kristine “Tina”                Ed Coffman                   Teri Conover                     Joyce Elam
      Winthrop University             Caratan               Virginia Commonwealth                University of                    Florida
           Southeast               Moss Adams LLP                  University                    North Texas                   International
        Regional Director                                         Atlantic Coast           Director of Administration            University
                                    Advisory Forum
                                      Chair-Elect                Regional Director             and Development                     Dean

       Charles Leflar            Brandon Miller                Nancy Nichols                  Larry Oberst                 Beatrice Sanders
     University of Arkansas        Ernst & Young LLP       James Madison University          BDO Seidman, LLP              American Institute of
           Southwest              University of Iowa              Director of                  Advisory Forum           Certified Public Accountants
        Regional Director           Graduate Alumni            Chapter Activities                   Chair                          Liaison

      Dave N. Stewart              Felix Freiherr               Sally Webber                     Bill Wells
    Brigham Young University         von Lepel             Northern Illinois University   University of Washington
         Rocky Mountain/              KPMG LLP                      Midwest                   Northwest/Western
          Missouri Valley      James Madison University         Regional Director              Regional Director
         Regional Director         Graduate Alumni

                              2006 ANNUAL REPORT

                                                         Incoming Board of Directors

     Amy An                  Cindy Cruz                  Roann Kopel                Paulette Tandy
  University of Iowa       Ernst & Young LLP         Eastern Illinois University   University of Nevada,
   Rocky Mountain/     University of South Florida            Midwest                   Las Vegas
    Missouri Valley         Graduate Alumni               Regional Director             Director of
   Regional Director          Representative                                         Chapter Activities

June 2006 Board Meeting

         B E TA A L P H A P S I


         Business Information
         Professional of the Year Award

         Beta Alpha Psi recognizes individuals who make significant
         contributions to the business information profession. From 1974
         through 1999, this was achieved by recognizing them as Accountants
         of the Year. Beginning with the 2000 awards, these individuals have
         been honored and recognized as a Business Information Professional
         of the Year. Each chapter, the Board of Directors and the International
         Advisory Forum are invited to nominate candidates from the fields
         of education, industry or government and professional services.
         Nominees are individuals who have affected a large number of lives;
         contributed both locally and nationally to the profession; added to
         knowledge as demonstrated through publications, lectures or
         presentations; and are active in the profession at the time of
         nomination. For 2006, Beta Alpha Psi is proud to announce the
         selection of the following persons for the Business Information
         Professional of the Year Awards.

                                                         2006 ANNUAL REPORT

                              Leslie Vitale                                                                   Mary Stone
                              PROFESSIONAL SERVICE                                                            EDUCATION

Leslie Vitale is the co-founder of one of the most recognizable and fastest   As Director of the University of Alabama’s Culverhouse School of
growing regional firms in the Boston area—Vitale, Caturano, and Co.           Accountancy, Dr. Stone has led the school to recognition as one of the top
Les sits on numerous boards, assists with community events, and is a          twenty accounting programs in the nation. Under her leadership, the
member of the Advisory Council for Bentley College, from which he             school excels in the quality of education and instruction provided to its
graduated with a BS degree in 1974 and a Master of Science in Taxation        students. As a teaching professor at the university, Dr. Stone is dedicated to
in 2001. He is very involved in the recruiting aspects of his firm and        fulfilling the expectations of her students, as well as their future employers.
implemented a formal training program for new hires. In 2004, Vitale,         She goes beyond educating her students in accounting theory to allowing
Caturano, and Co. was recognized as one of the Top 25 Accounting Firms        and helping them use this information in a practical, real-life manner.
in the nation by INSIDE Public Accounting.
                                                                              Beyond her technical and educational achievements, Dr. Stone is an
Les’ involvement reaches far beyond the office. He has been active in         extremely warm and caring professor who gets to know her students
the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE), which           beyond the classroom and is always accessible and willing to help. Though
provides students in low-income communities the knowledge and                 numerous examples of her dedication to the university exist, one recent
training to thrive in a business career. He has sat on the board of the       instance comes to mind. At the beginning of the fall 2005 semester, one of
NFTE as well as participated in events as a speaker, judge and panelist.      the faculty members was forced to take a sudden leave of absence due to
He also founded the Officer Harold L. Vitale Memorial Fund after a family     health problems. This unfortunate event left five sections of accounting
member was killed in the line of duty. This Foundation has funded over        classes without an instructor. Dr. Stone did not hesitate to add one of
30 scholarships as well as granted over $100,000 to other organizations       these sections to her already hectic schedule, which included directing
which provide support for victims of violent law enforcement crimes.          the university’s accounting school, teaching in the graduate program, and
He works with the Saint Mary’s High School and has helped to raise over       serving on the Financial Accounting Standards Advisory Committee. This
$8 million which provided the school with a new, state-of-the-art academic    activity list is certainly not exhaustive, but provides a clear indication of her
building. And finally, Les has touched many young children as a mentor        commitment to excellence in the accounting industry.
and teacher through his participation in coaching. As a college baseball
                                                                              Dr. Stone received her Ph.D. in accountancy from the University of Illinois
and hockey star, Les has taken his talents to the youth fields to help
                                                                              at Urbana-Champaign in 1981. She has received numerous honors
children learn the benefits of team sports.
                                                                              and awards and has an abundance of professional publications and
Leslie Vitale has been very active in supporting the students at Bentley      presentations. She has served as an editor for several accounting academic
and the members and pledges of Beta Alpha Psi. He was inducted as             journals and on numerous doctoral dissertation committees. She is a past
an honorary member in the Spring of 2006 for his increasing support           president of the American Accounting Association and has received the
of the chapter. Les is a member and has served on committees of the           Alabama Society of CPAs Outstanding Accounting Educator Award. She
Massachusetts Society of CPAs (MSCPA) and the AICPA, as well as               has also been supportive of the Alpha Beta chapter of Beta Alpha Psi.
numerous other smaller organizations. He has spoken at numerous
MSCPA events held at universities around the area. He also sits on the
Advisory Board of the University of Massachusetts, Lowell.

                                                        B E TA A L P H A P S I

International Scholars
In an effort to promote and recognize scholarship, Beta Alpha Psi          • Annual Meeting Scholar (AM) Annual Meeting Presentation
initiated a program to acknowledge selected students as Beta               • Best Practices Scholar (BP) Best Practices Presentation
Alpha Psi International Scholars. Five areas of scholarly activity
were designated as follows:                                                Selection of individuals to be designated as Scholars occurred as
                                                                           part of the evaluation process that exists for each event. Those
• Regional Meeting Scholar (RM) Regional Meeting Presentation              selected as Scholars have participated with a high level of scholar-
• Thomas J. Burns Undergraduate Student Seminar Scholar (USS)              ly quality. Each chapter is encouraged to select individuals to par-
  Undergraduate Student Seminar                                            ticipate in these activities and to recognize in an appropriate
• Graduate Case Scholar (GCS) Graduate Case Seminar                        forum those students who have been designated Beta Alpha Psi
                                                                           International Scholars.

Listing of International Scholars by Chapters

      Beta                                        Mu                                            Alpha Beta
      University of Oregon                        New York University                           University of Alabama
      Matt Bartley, BP                            Anna Golynskaya, BP                           Kelly Wybenga, AM
      Bryan Cheney, BP, USS                       Sonak Shah, BP                                Zac Riddle, GCS
      Christina Davis, BP                         Nathan Thompson, BP                           Jesse Gleaton, USS
      Casey Desautels, BP                         Farah Sheriff, BP
      Patrick Meadows, BP                         Vishal Advani, BP                             Alpha Gamma
      Justin Richardson, BP                                                                     CUNY–Baruch College
                                                  Nu                                            Olga Malinskaya, BP
      Delta                                       University of Colorado                        Yosef Lax, BP
      University of Washington                    at Boulder                                    Reata Stasaityte, BP
      Lois King, BP                               Kevin Norris, BP
      Natalie Noborikawa, BP                      Jessica Beyers, BP                            Alpha Zeta
      Anna Cho, BP                                Marisa Sanchez, BP                            University of Denver
      Joshua Chua, BP                             Ryan Howat, BP                                Anne Mead, BP
      Pamela Davis, BP                            Adam Schuckman, BP                            Dan Schultz, BP
      Jayson Wiser, BP                                                                          Elliot Parks, BP
      Ryan Hamilton, USS                          Xi                                            Nicholas Machol, BP
                                                  Syracuse University
      Epsilon                                     Tracy Halpin, AM                              Alpha Theta
      Oregon State University                                                                   University of Mississippi
      Joy Gibbons, BP                             Omicron                                       Betsey Bailey, BP
      Ryan Kramer, BP                             The Ohio State University                     Sheila Rice, BP
                                                  Joshua Stafman, BP
      Iota                                        Aaron Crosser, BP                             Alpha Iota
      University of Southern California           Matthew Pettit, BP                            University of Arkansas
      Sean Golden, BP                                                                           Carolyn Callahan, AM
      Warren Kang, BP                             Pi                                            Hollan Hudgins, BP
      Linda Kim, BP                               Case Western Reserve University               Brandy Williamson, BP
      Albert Lee, BP                              Jane Koltsova, GCS                            Sarah Garton, RM
      Henry Ngu, BP                               Jessica Jameson, USS                          Suzy Della Rosa, RM
      Rami El-Raheb, BP
      Brandon Valenzuela, BP                      Chi                                           Alpha Kappa
                                                  Oklahoma State University                     Ohio University
      Lambda                                      Kristina Amiraslani, RM                       Ryan Bodenhorn, RM
      University of California Berkeley           Blake Lowry, RM                               Kristin Meyer, RM
      Jessica Shu, BP                                                                           Mesbah Saheli, RM
      Victor Tong, BP                             Psi                                           Karen Levy, GCS
                                                  Marquette University                          Jena Rinker, USS
                                                  Katie O’Neill, BP
                                                  Yorm Ackuaku, BP
                                                  Megan Kinzer, GCS
                                                  Nicole Marshall, USS

                                   2006 ANNUAL REPORT

Alpha Mu                           Beta Eta                       Gamma Alpha
University of Kentucky             San Diego State University     Brigham Young University
Christopher A. Watson, GCS         Jacqueline Miceli, AM          Paul Elggren, BP
Corey Bailey, USS                  Jamie McGhee, AM               Josh Bushnell, BP
                                   Mike Sgobba, BP                Lucas Christensen, BP
Alpha Nu                           Sarita Smith, BP               Jonathan Liljegren, BP
Creighton University               Heather Speers, USS
Kristine Protzman, GCS                                            Gamma Beta
P. Christy, USS                    Beta Theta                     University of South Carolina
J. Tavanaiepour, USS               The Pennsylvania               Sarah Simpson, GCS
                                   State University               John S. Canine, USS
Alpha Pi                           Brian Henry, AM
University of Iowa                 Alexis Douglas, RM             Gamma Delta
Michael Behrens, AM                Aamer Javed, RM                University of Houston
Molly Carpenter, BP                                               Sarah Gilbert, AM
Mary Ann McCartan, BP              Beta Iota                      Brandon Dillard, AM
Johnathan Williams, BP             Loyola University–Chicago      James Joseph, BP
Tyler Todd, RM                     Javed Aamer, BP
Bradford Hepfer, RM                Aamer Javed, USS               Gamma Epsilon
                                                                  University of Toledo
Alpha Rho                          Beta Kappa                     Meredith Elliott, BP
Baylor University                  Mississippi State University   Christine Konwin, BP
Rachel Woodard, BP                 Ruth Pitts, BP                 Angelique Dorow, GCS
Tara Houdyshell, BP                Jenny Jefcoat, BP              Aaron Miller, USS
Rita Perez, GCS                    Brent Boutwell, BP
Andrew Hejtanek, USS               Sarah Lutz, BP                 Gamma Eta
                                   Jennifer Kersh, GCS            University of Akron
Alpha Upsilon                                                     Tyler Shaffer, USS
Bowling Green State University     Beta Lambda
Armando Castro, BP                 California State University,   Gamma Omicron
Charles Koslosky, BP               Los Angeles                    California State University,
George Mensah, BP                  Lynn Bytyci, RM                Fresno
Anna Serrano, BP                   Ronique Chambers, RM           Cameron Foster, AM, USS
James Goffe, BP                    Nancy DeLeon, RM               Anthony DeMelo, AM
Kelly Vetter, BP                   Ozzie Torres, RM               Sabrina Yerger, AM
Eric German, GCS                   Ovanes Selian, RM
Matt Wiles, USS                    Mark Wang, RM                  Gamma Pi
                                   Lisa Van, RM                   Northern Illinois University
Alpha Phi                                                         Linsay Freeman, GCS
Temple University                  Beta Omicron                   John Kindelin, USS
Danielle Reilly & C. Weston, USS   University of Arizona
                                   Janee Van Egmond, BP           Gamma Rho
Alpha Chi                          Abby Silberman, BP             Western Michigan University
Louisiana Tech University          Senad Mustafic, BP             Christopher Reynolds, BP
Elinor Fordham, BP                 Jason Shontz, USS
Billy Cloutet, BP                                                 Gamma Sigma
Megan Brown, BP, USS               Beta Pi                        University of New Orleans
Jerrod L. Tinsley, GCS             University of North Texas      Bonnie Nee, RM
                                   Erik Hulse, RM                 Peter Yip, RM
Alpha Omega                        Dionne Krabbe, RM
Fordham University                 Kathryn Voges, RM              Gamma Tau
Christopher Capuzzi, AM            Sarah Grunwald, RM             Colorado State University
Mark Keogh, AM                     Jennifer Bohnstengel, RM       Sarah Cheesbrough, GCS
                                   Ken Garetson, RM               Brandon Ford, USS
Beta Alpha
Indiana University                 Beta Psi                       Gamma Phi
Andrew Sawyer, BP                  Kent State University          University of Texas at Arlington
Tralynna Sherrill, BP              Ashley Ludrosky, BP            Derek Smith, BP
U Ta Looi, USS                     Bronwyn Salo, BP               Renee Nickel, BP
                                   Matthew Fifolt, BP, USS
Beta Gamma                         Stephen Fifolt, BP             Gamma Chi
DePaul University                  Erin Hamilton, BP, GCS         University of Memphis
Sarah Sanders, USS                 Melissa Schlotterer, BP        Christopher Mikell, GCS
                                   Jennifer Hallos, BP            Shawna L. Thomas, USS

                                              B E TA A L P H A P S I

     Gamma Psi                          Delta Kappa                        Epsilon Iota
     University of Missouri–St. Louis   The University of Montana          University of San Francisco
     Claudia Stuppy, BP                 Wendy Lewis, BP, USS               Fredacille Balmores, BP
     Julie Carlson, BP                  Britney Turman, BP                 Ineca Quiteno, BP
     Mary Floyd, USS                    Jessica Schaak, BP                 Jessica Serrano, BP
                                        Danielle Engebretson, GCS          Stephanie Smith, BP
     Gamma Omega
     California State University,       Delta Lambda                       Epsilon Kappa
     Long Beach                         New Mexico State University        Appalachian State University
     Alex Berg, BP                      Sara Clifford, BP                  Brandon Vaughn, GCS
     Alan Canivel, BP                   Amanda Oler, BP                    Billy Krogseng, USS
     Miteh Foote, BP                    Adriana Saldivar, BP
     Lana Murillo, BP                   Heather Carrasco, BP               Epsilon Mu
     Jeannette Nguyen, BP               Dan Robertson, BP                  Stephen F. Austin State University
                                        Francisco Archuleta, BP            Carla Brown, AM
     Delta Alpha                                                           David Parrish, BP, AM
     University of Wyoming              Delta Omicron                      Bonnie Revelt, BP, AM
     Emerald Reid, BP                   University of Nebraska–Lincoln     Holly Weathers, BP, AM
     Erich Kirsch, BP                   Nickie Hanson, BP                  Benjamin D. Hadsel, GCS
     Kat Doherty, BP                    Trevor Gettula, BP                 R.J. Pairett, RM
     Kate Kilgore, BP
                                        Delta Pi                           Epsilon Nu
     Delta Gamma                        Hofstra University                 Murray State University
     University of South Florida        Temitope Ajao, GCS                 Sarah Johnson-Wade, GCS
     Marc Kennedy, BP                   Farha Khalil, USS                  Elizabeth Scott, USS, RM
     Amanda Hattabaugh, BP                                                 Nillie Djassemi, RM
     Joseph Nygard, BP                  Delta Omega                        Clay Kesterson, RM
     Jennifer Matlock, BP, GCS          Utah State University
     Nicole Krystal Mortensen, BP       Brian Allen, BP                    Epsilon Xi
     Amanda McCrorey, BP                Hal Mitchell, BP                   University of Utah
     Jon Mendoza, BP                    Paul Sanders, BP                   Christine Botosan, AM
     Umar Azizuddin, BP                 Eric Noble, BP                     Blaine Bitton, BP
     Loren Mottrum, BP                  Stephanie Prows, BP                Dave Cook, BP
     Guy Harris, USS                    Markham Caroll, BP                 Becky Anderson, BP
                                        Nikki Francis, BP                  Todd Hansen, BP
     Delta Epsilon                      Chris Bradley, BP                  Matthew Klein, BP, GCS
     Washington State University        Marie Pehrson, BP                  Cari Lyn Morrow, BP
     Ryan Nakano, GCS                                                      Allen Michaels, USS
     Casey Hall, USS                    Epsilon Alpha
                                        Portland State University          Epsilon Tau
     Delta Eta                          Nicolaas Leep, GCS                 Wichita State University
     Seattle University                 Kevin Vandemore, USS               Elizabeth Light, USS
     Emelissa Baluyot, BP                                                  Brett Wittorff, RM
     Genevieve Greely, BP               Epsilon Zeta                       Katie Ludlow, RM
     Jenifer Tse, BP                    Virginia Commonwealth University   Connswilla Apollo, RM
     Cynthia Lail, BP                   Nidhi Mehta, AM                    Courtney Eskridge, RM
     Justin Muller, BP, USS             Andrew Nicholls, AM
     Julia Stancil, BP                  Mingshan Zhan, GCS                 Epsilon Chi
     James Applegate, GCS               Daphne Barkley, USS                California State University,
     Delta Theta                        Epsilon Theta                      Olga Albores, BP
     University of Hawaii–Manoa         Kansas State University            Anne Marie Cossentine, BP
     Stacy Sunada, AM                   Roger Seiler, AM                   Robert L. Hymers, BP
     Natalie Keam, AM                   Hazel Nash, AM                     Maika Nguyen, BP
     Rosco Doolin, BP                   Melissa Kramer, BP                 Virlena Bascos, BP
     Erin Eno, BP                       Kelsey Larsen, BP                  Amer Nackoud, BP
     Travis John Talaro, BP             Audrey Ladenburger, BP             Xavier Yuchongtian, BP
     Monica Tse, BP                     Jimmy Downes, BP                   Lisa Rees, BP
                                        Jordan Bergkamp, BP                Marcelo Seung Kim, USS
                                        Joanna Schrick, BP                 Terri Pulte, BP
                                        Jonathan Hullman, GCS
                                        Hazel Nash, USS

                                        2006 ANNUAL REPORT

Epsilon Psi                             Zeta Lambda                           Eta Gamma
California State University, East Bay   Bradley University                    University of Louisville
Milly Shiu, AM                          Jared Woiwode, GCS                    Katie Kunkel, AM, RM
                                                                              Amelia Singleton, RM
Epsilon Omega                           Zeta Nu                               Bonnie Bruyneel, RM
Eastern Michigan University             Saint Louis University
Gouzel Dachdamirova, BP                 Laura Neuenhahn, BP                   Eta Delta
Nicole Maclean, BP                      Justin Bishop, BP                     James Madison University
Anastasia Spencer, BP                                                         Travis Garlock, AM
                                        Zeta Omicron                          Tim Hess, AM
Zeta Beta                               University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire    Lauren Westfall, AM, BP
Western Illinois University             Shay Smith, AM                        Brynn Parker, AM
Linda Woodruff, GCS                     Chelsea Heston, BP                    Shawn Harrison, BP
Tracy Mehmert, USS                      Adam Jaehnke, BP
                                                                              Eta Epsilon
Zeta Delta                              Zeta Sigma                            Central Michigan University
Georgia Southern University             North Carolina A&T State University   Allison Barnes, BP
Samuel O. Giles, Jr., GCS               Andrea Broadhurst, AM, USS            Rebecca Lazoff, GCS
                                        Moneque Heyward, AM                   Jennifer Wasikawski, USS
Zeta Epsilon
Texas A&M University–Commerce           Zeta Upsilon                          Eta Lambda
Aaron Hendley, RM                       University of Houston–Clear Lake      Idaho State University
Gerald Lunday, RM                       Mary Hill, AM                         Heather Bee, GCS
                                        Thang Phan, GCS                       Kristal Searle, USS
Zeta Theta                              Rebecca Rodgers, USS, RM
SUNY at Buffalo                         Susan Sexton, RM                      Eta Mu
Navdeep Parihar, AM, BP, RM, USS        Alex Phan, RM                         St. John’s University
Lina Jiang, AM                                                                Jenna Bologna, BP
Adam Dunning, AM                        Zeta Phi                              Munezeh Khan, BP
Jason Maskell, AM                       Tennessee Tech University             Conor Nugent, BP
Amy Ferreby, AM, RM                     Amber Dietrich, BP                    Anthony C. Zaccarelli, GCS
Catherine Benton, BP
Mike Colby, BP                          Zeta Chi                              Eta Nu
Oran Kraft, BP                          University of North Carolina          Howard University
Tim Hilker, BP                          at Greensboro                         Danielle Snipps, BP
Aaron Deinhardt, BP                     Mohamen Younus Ahmed, GCS             Alicia Wilson, BP
Sara Pendergast, BP                     Andrew Esses, USS                     Ketura Brizan, BP
Sara Gargiulo, BP, RM                                                         Oluwatoyin Akinsiku, BP
Jack Trostle, BP                        Zeta Psi                              Justin Thomas, USS
Shirley Yiu, BP                         Boise State University
Caitlyn Hughes, BP                      Ivan Stahle, AM                       Eta Omicron
Andy Johengen, BP                       Mary Lewin, AM                        Western Kentucky University
Kristan Zelno, BP                                                             Seth Massa, USS
Justice Rutanhira, GCS                  Zeta Omega
                                        Ball State University                 Eta Pi
Zeta Iota                               Joseph Randolph, AM                   University at Albany
University of Nevada, Reno              Jack Colwell, BP, RM                  Eric Roberts, BP
Marianne Foster, BP                     Rebekah Rosenfield, BP, RM, GCS       Michael Schleifer, BP
Howard Knudsen, BP                      Sarah Burrell, RM                     Alerdy Diaz, BP
Sean Rivers, BP, USS                    Amy Whyde, RM
Kavita Saini, BP                        Tamara Sipes, BP, RM                  Eta Rho
Nancy Pernarelli, GCS                                                         University of Tulsa
                                        Eta Alpha                             Mallary Alsup, GCS
Zeta Kappa                              University of North Carolina          Marcus Takach, RM
University of San Diego                 at Charlotte                          Allison Davis, RM
John Porter, AM                         Alicia Bess, BP                       Eric Griffin, RM
Jono Swanson, AM
Amanda Currie, AM                       Eta Beta                              Eta Sigma
Kalani Creutzberg, BP                   University of Texas                   University of Louisiana
Scott Dudzik, BP                        at San Antonio                        at Monroe
Kristina Lersbuasin, BP                 Tom Edson, GCS                        Lynda Cable, BP
Jacqueline Matoza, BP                   Dushin Plate, USS                     Louie Johnson, BP
                                                                              Robin Richard, BP

                                               B E TA A L P H A P S I

     Eta Tau                             Theta Omicron                      Theta Psi
     Florida Atlantic University         University of Nevada, Las Vegas    University of Northern Colorado
     Ran Wei, GCS                        Alex Han, GCS                      Jamie Vogl, USS
                                         Sonali Silva, USS
     Eta Phi                                                                Theta Omega
     Oakland University–Michigan         Theta Pi                           Eastern Illinois University
     Jeni Skonieczny, BP                 Missouri State University          Brandyn Traum, GCS
     Nicole Yau, BP                      Tina Manhart, BP                   Nathan Guinn, USS
     Wai Yau, GCS                        Christine Miller, BP
                                         Megan White, BP, USS               Iota Beta
     Eta Chi                             Janey Zhang, BP                    Iowa State University
     Montana State University            Fei Gao, BP                        Rachel Tenley, AM
     Christie Johnson, AM                Chris Myers, BP                    Amanda Haas, AM
     Ben Polansky, GCS                   Sam Bass, BP                       Dean Mather, AM
                                         Mark Omen, BP                      Dmitry Volfson, AM
     Eta Psi                             Gerald Ostapko, BP
     Wright State University             Eric Brooks, BP                    Iota Delta
     Carmen Goodpaster, BP               Liz Feldhaus, BP                   Gonzaga University
     Adam Koenig, BP                     Keith Seiwert, BP                  Ivan Yanushev, AM
     Jamie Leggett, BP                   Trista Larson, BP                  Ivan Epishkin, AM, BP
     Jennifer Slone, BP                  Ashley Newman, BP                  Elise Bouchee, AM, BP
                                         Rebecca Williams, BP               Emily Hache, BP
     Theta Alpha                         Ellen Jansen, BP                   Rachel Klein, BP
     George Mason University             Dwight Strayer, BP                 Alison McDonald, BP
     Magna Jain, AM                      Kristina Hoffman, BP               Sophis Strand, BP
     Geri Stoyanova, AM                  Rebecca Horton, GCS                Margi Begalka, BP
                                                                            Adam Miller, GCS
     Theta Beta                          Theta Sigma
     University of Texas                 University of Colorado at Denver   Iota Epsilon
     at El Paso                          Ann Martin, AM                     Arizona State University
     Sharon Delgado, BP                  Stephanie Johnson, GCS             Jeremy Greek, GCS
     Denisse Berumen, BP
     Klaudia Schnittker, BP              Theta Tau                          Iota Eta
                                         Weber State University             California State University–
     Theta Gamma                         Brad Schultz, USS                  San Bernardino
     Bentley College                     Chris Pyper, GCS, AM, RM           Philip Hopkins, USS
     Christopher Valois, GCS             Elijah Skidmore, AM
     Brent Jurkiewicz, USS               Garrett Biehler, RM                Iota Lambda
                                         Eli Post, RM                       Pace University
     Theta Eta                           Jennifer Taylor, RM                Rongchen Chen, BP
     Southeastern Louisiana                                                 Xavier Santillan, BP
     University                          Theta Upsilon                      Judy Ann Thompson, BP, RM
     Ferri Ang, GCS                      University of South Dakota         Elizabeth Lenny, BP
     Michael Schoen, USS                 Jolene Kranz, GCS                  Varun Ahuja, BP, GCS, RM
     Heather Bellanger, RM                                                  Fatime Ardolic, BP
     Arron Pierre, RM                    Theta Phi                          Thommy Guerrero, BP, RM
                                         Western Washington University      Abigail Capili, USS, BP, RM
     Theta Kappa                         Zachary Nordwell, AM               Melisa Boodram, BP
     University of Illinois at Chicago   Risa Long, BP                      Jeannette Winter, RM
     Tiffany Clarito, USS                Justin Gruba, BP
                                         Grant Shaver, BP                   Iota Mu
     Theta Nu                            Alexa Volwiller, BP                Central Missouri State University
     Fort Lewis College                  Nathan Rich, BP                    Charla Fries, BP
     Daniel Petteys, AM                  Lisa Hall, BP                      Brett Shelton, BP
                                         Vanessa Knutzen, BP
     Theta Xi                            Kyle Robinson, BP, RM              Iota Omicron
     The University of New Mexico        Chris Haas, BP                     McNeese State University
     Jacqueline E. Varela, BP            Erika Jewett, GCS                  Adam Benoit, RM
     Chad Davidson, BP                   Christine Healy, USS
     Nichole Nelson, RM
     Jeff Bland, RM
     Matthew Walker, RM
     Alissandra Atkins, RM

                                  2006 ANNUAL REPORT

Iota Pi                           Kappa Nu                          Petitioning
Salisbury University              Truman State University           Georgia College & State University
Derek Barnhart, BP                Jill Zoellner, RM                 Laura Jordan, GCS
Sviatlana Bitsiuk, BP             Sean Stapley, RM                  Theresa Moore, USS
Lindsey Wigfall, BP               Jan Feilner, RM
Teri Overington, BP               Rafael Andrade, USS               Petitioning
Laura Schauber, BP                                                  University of California, Los Angeles
Kendra Witmer, BP                 Kappa Xi                          Raj Patel, BP
                                  Youngstown State University       Matthew Christopher Crosby, BP
Iota Chi                          Gabe Illes, BP
California State                  Kevin Love, BP
Polytechnic University–Pomona     Jessie Kinsley, GCS
Fransy Russey, USS                Matthew Cooke, USS

Iota Psi                          Kappa Sigma
Fairfield University              University of Michigan-Dearborn
Vicki Giaquino, GCS               James Alexander, BP
Beth Grossman, USS
                                  Kappa Upsilon
Iota Omega                        University of Pittsburgh
North Carolina State University   Dourid Aboud, BP
Kevin Turnage, GCS                Craig Kaniecki, BP
Amy Calhoun, USS                  Andrew Turkish, USS

Kappa Alpha                       Kappa Phi
Morgan State University           Marshall University
Katrina Scott, BP                 Maggie Sears, USS
Sabrina Miller, BP
Natasha Callender, BP             Lambda Zeta
                                  SUNY Oswego
Kappa Beta                        Michael P. Iversen, GCS
Grand Valley State University
Spencer Covey, AM                 Lambda Eta
Nicholas Farr, AM, GCS            Marist College
Chad Soukup, USS                  Patricia Arena, BP
                                  David Clark, BP
Kappa Eta                         Jennifer Martini, BP
Texas State University–           Joseph Burridge, USS
San Marcos                        Kelly Feller, AM
Kathryn Eubank, AM, BP            Michelle Epstein, AM
Sabrina Phillips, AM, BP
Corrie Adams, BP                  Lambda Iota
Amanda Banduck, BP                Northern Michigan University
Stephanie Dudik, BP               Marcus M. Doxey, USS
Gretchen Stout, BP
Heidi Burns, BP                   Lamda Nu
Marla Jones, BP                   Belmont University
Alexander Parker, BP              Rick Kimsey, BP
Daniele Zurovec, BP
Jason Hartfield, RM               Lambda Xi
Amy Baughman, RM                  Elon University
R.J. Salome, RM                   Jason Monkelien, USS

Kappa Theta                       Lambda Omicron
University of Louisiana           University of Texas at Dallas
at Lafayette                      Anu Punnoose, GCS
Jessica Zea, BP,
Jennifer Zerangue, BP, GCS, AM
Kathryn Ledet, AM
Jana Briant, USS

                                                      B E TA A L P H A P S I

Outstanding Faculty Advisors
One of the most vital elements in the success of a Beta Alpha Psi      Other supporting documentation can be included as well.
chapter is the Faculty Advisor. Through countless hours of commit-
                                                                       Together, the years of service, activities, awards, and other
ment, individual Faculty Advisors make substantial contributions to
                                                                       relevant documentation demonstrate the Faculty Advisor’s
the professional growth and development of business financial
                                                                       concern for scholastic and professional development of students
information students. Beta Alpha Psi, through its cooperation with
                                                                       as well as the overall success of the chapter.
the Andersen Foundation, is privileged to recognize outstanding
Faculty Advisors who have demonstrated those rare qualities that       For 2005–2006, five professors have been selected Outstanding
place them at the top of all the dedicated Faculty Advisors. This      Faculty Advisors. They join 186 of their colleagues who have been
year, the Board of Directors has again selected Outstanding Faculty    recognized by Beta Alpha Psi since the award was started in 1969
Advisors based on a nomination form completed by the individual        in memory of Richard E. Claire by the Andersen Foundation.
Faculty Advisors. The nomination assigns points for (1) years of       Honorees receive a plaque and a cash award of $5,000 as tangible
service, (2) various chapter activities, and (3) chapter awards.       recognition of their service to Beta Alpha Psi.

       Sarah Bee                David Greene                 Ann Martin                Lu Montondon                   Rob Seay
         Delta Eta                  Beta Alpha                 Theta Sigma                  Kappa Eta                 Epsilon Nu
     Seattle University         Indiana University        University of Colorado     Texas State University–    Murray State University
        Seattle, WA               Bloomington, IN               at Denver                 San Macros                   Murray, KS
                                                               Denver, CO                San Macros, TX

                                                  2006 ANNUAL REPORT

                                  2005 Thomas J. Burns Undergraduate and
                                                  Graduate Case Seminars

2005 T.J. Burns Undergraduate                                        2005 Graduate Case Seminar
Student Seminar                                                      Hosted by Florida State University
Hosted by the University of Southern California

The Thomas J. Burns Undergraduate Student Seminar (USS)              The seminar opened with Fabian De Rozario, who spoke at Friday
and the Graduate Case Seminar (GCS) were held on October             evening’s Welcome Reception. Fabian, who serves on the Board
14–15, 2005, in Bloomington, Minnesota, a suburb of                  of Directors of the Georgia Society of Association Executives
Minneapolis-St. Paul. The Iota Chapter from the University of        challenged participants to be more aware of their ethnic,
Southern California was the host of the Undergraduate Case           social and cultural environments. In addition to the plenary
Seminar. The Graduate Case Seminar was hosted by the Beta            sessions featuring McClung and Bishop, there were two sets of
Rho Chapter from Florida State University. A total of 163 students   breakout sessions. In the first of these, participants grappled with
participated in both programs, along with representatives of the     cases and in the second breakout session, participants focused
Beta Alpha Psi board and Advisory Forum.                             their attention on an actual situation.

The theme of this year’s seminars was Forensic Accounting,           The seminars provided a great opportunity for the participants
Corporate Ethics and Corporate Value Creation. Guest plenary         to network with peers from other chapters and learn more about
speakers included Toby J. F. Bishop, CFE, CPA, FCA, Ransom           Beta Alpha Psi.
McClung, CPA, CFE, Cr.FA, CFE and Fabian De Rozario. Toby
Bishop is the President and CEO of the Association of Certified      Beta Alpha Psi appreciates the generous contribution from
Fraud Examiners. Ransom McClung is the Director of Audits and        PricewaterhouseCoopers for the seminar.
Investigations at Florida State University.

                                                                   B E TA A L P H A P S I

Outstanding Chapter Awards and Chapter Information
Beta Alpha Psi’s objectives are accomplished through the activities                 ate chapter meeting. KPMG donates $50,000 to the Superior
of its individual chapters. Activities of each chapter are evaluated                Chapters to be used for scholarships and other purposes.
and approved based on a report submitted by the chapter to the                      Five chapters have been recognized as Significantly Improved,
Executive Office in accordance with Beta Alpha Psi’s Program                        and one chapter has been recognized as Most Improved.
for Chapter Activities. For their activities during academic year                   The Most Improved Chapter may designate one of its members
2005–2006, 127 chapters have been recognized as Superior, and 27                    to receive a Nancy Harke Scholarship of $500 paid by the fund
chapters have been recognized as Distinguished. Each Superior                       established as a Memorial to Beta Alpha Psi’s former
Chapter will receive a plaque and a monetary award at an appropri-                  Executive Director.

                                           Chapter                  Chapter Dates /       Faculty Advisor /
 School                                    Number / Name            Initiates             Co-Faculty        President               Awards
 University of Akron                        76 / Gamma Eta              1967 / 17         Terri Brunsdon       Jeremy Scherer
 University of Alabama                      25 / Alpha Beta             1948 / 44         Kathleen Bindon      Louisa Munoz         Superior
 University of Alabama at Birmingham       114 / Delta Chi              1977 / 32         Nell Adkins          D. Maddox Casey
                                                                                          Ollie Powers
 University of Alabama in Huntsville       216 / Iota Theta             1998 / 8          Eugene Bryson        Michael Robison
 University at Albany                      177 / Eta Pi                 1990 / 43         Michelle Moshier     Eric J Roberts       Superior /
                                                                                                                                    Significantly Improved
 Appalachian State University              125 / Epsilon Kappa          1978 / 27         Ronald Marden        Billy Krogseng       Superior
 University of Arizona                      61 / Beta Omicron           1961 / 21         Karen Otto           Senad Mustafic       Superior
                                                                                          Carol Plagman
 Arizona State University                  213 / Iota Epsilon           1997 / 7          Barbara Muller       Greg Vercellino
 University of Arkansas                     32 / Alpha Iota             1951 / 37         Tim West             Sarah R Garton       Superior
 University of Arkansas at Little Rock     131 / Epsilon Pi             1979 / 10         Stephanie Farewell   Jeanette Henthorne
                                                                                          Robert Oliva
 Auburn University                         130 / Epsilon Omicron        1978 / 80         Amy Campbell         Matthew Cuccias
                                                                                          Jennifer Cornett
 Ball State University                     162 / Zeta Omega             1984 / 20         Mark Myring          Rebekah Rosenfield   Superior
 University of Baltimore                   193 / Theta Iota             1993 / 29         Phillip Korb         Brian Lichter
 Baylor University                          40 / Alpha Rho              1955 / 37         Bill Thomas          Rita M Perez
                                                                                          Suzanne Abbe
 Belmont University                        265 / Lamda Nu               2006 / 82         Bradley Childs       Rick Kimsey          Distinguished
 Bentley College                           188 / Theta Gamma            1992 / 30         Arthur Reed          Melanie D Duval      Superior
                                                                                          Richard L Cross
 Binghamton University                     201 / Theta Rho              1995 / 30         Elliot Kamlet        David Kahan
 Boise State University                    161 / Zeta Psi               1984 / 9          Susan Shannon        Ivan Stahle          Distinguished
 Boston University                           7 / Eta                    1923 / 57         Patricia Doherty     Joshua Allen
                                                                                                               Dean Avgiris
 Bowling Green State University             43 / Alpha Upsilon          1955 / 24         James Zeigler        Tara D Wagner        Superior
 Bradley University                        149 / Zeta Lambda            1981 / 18         William Wilcox       Jared M Woiwode
 Brigham Young University                   71 / Gamma Alpha            1965 / 56         Brian Spilker        Jenny Witt           Superior
 University of California Berkeley          11 / Lambda                 1925 / 25         Solomon Darwin       Derrick Wong         Superior
 California State Polytechnic University   229 / Iota Chi               2000 / 29         Robert L. Hurt       Xuemei Li
 California State Univ–San Bernardino      215 / Iota Eta               1997 / 32         Christine Schalow    Jessica Hewitt       Superior
                                                                                          Otto Chang

                                                              2006 ANNUAL REPORT

                                           Chapter                Chapter Dates /   Faculty Advisor /
School                                     Number / Name          Initiates         Co-Faculty        President                  Awards
California State University, Chico          98 / Delta Zeta          1973 / 21      Tim Kizirian           Kimberly Olson
California State University, East Bay      138 / Epsilon Psi         1979 / 37      Suzanne Busch          Milly Shiu            Superior
                                                                                    Charlene Abendroth
California State University, Fresno         84 / Gamma Omicron       1969 / 14      Tim Baker              Cameron Foster        Superior
California State University, Fullerton      95 / Delta Beta          1972 / 36      Mohsen Sharifi         Candace Monroe        Superior
California State University, Long Beach     93 / Gamma Omega         1972 / 15      David B. Davidson      Alex G Berg           Superior
                                                                                    Julie Gentile
California State University, Los Angeles    57 / Beta Lambda         1961 / 17      Rafik Elias            Ronique Chambers
                                                                                    James Gregory Kunkel   Peter Hans
California State University, Northridge    137 / Epsilon Chi         1979 / 22      James Macklin          Elizabeth Rees        Superior
California State University, Sacramento     67 / Beta Phi            1964 / 52      Hugh Pforsich          Allison L Williams    Superior
Case Western Reserve University             16 / Pi                  1930 / 12      David Pearson          Nicholas A Dorsey     Superior /
                                                                                                                                 Significantly Improved
University of Central Arkansas             195 / Theta Lambda        1994 / 22      Patricia Mounce        Courtney Lamkin
                                                                                    Stephanie Watson
University of Central Florida              119 / Epsilon Gamma       1977 / 30      Charlie Kelliher       Michael Wilson        Superior
Central Michigan University                167 / Eta Epsilon         1985 / 26      Thomas Weirich         Jennifer Wasikowski   Superior
Central Missouri State University          219 / Iota Mu             1998 / 13      David Joy              Jacob Ottman          Superior
                                                                                    Janice Klimek
University of Cincinnati                    41 / Alpha Sigma         1955 / 9       David Burns            Kevin Breckenridge
Clemson University                         155 / Zeta Rho            1983 / 13      Ralph Welton           Kelly Henderson       Superior
Cleveland State University                 115 / Delta Psi           1977 / 34      Bruce McClain          Anthony Alessi
Coastal Carolina University                263 / Lambda Kappa        2005 / 61      John Mortimer          Jacquelyn N Black
                                                                                    Marvin Keene
University of Colorado at Boulder           13 / Nu                  1927 / 28      Nancy Stec-Helstad     Jessica Beyers        Distinguished /
                                                                                    Cathleen Burns                               Significantly Improved
University of Colorado at Denver           202 / Theta Sigma         1995 / 28      Ann Martin             Megan Meermans        Superior
Colorado State University                   88 / Gamma Tau           1971 / 23      Barry Lewis            Laura David           Distinguished
University of Connecticut                  126 / Epsilon Lambda      1978 / 35      Clifford Nelson        James Ford            Superior
Creighton University                        36 / Alpha Nu            1953 / 18      Jack Krogstad          John McKernan         Superior
CUNY–Baruch College                         26 / Alpha Gamma         1949 / 36      Burton Rothberg        Yosef Lax             Superior
University of Dayton                       168 / Eta Zeta            1985 / 31      Ron Burrows            Ashley Leuenberger    Distinguished /
                                                                                                                                 Significantly Improved
University of Denver                        29 / Alpha Zeta          1950 / 39      John Tripp             Bailey Sample         Superior
DePaul University                           49 / Beta Gamma          1958 / 38      Ray Whittington        Sarah Sanders         Distinguished
                                                                                    Jenny Babiak
University of Detroit Mercy                 37 / Alpha Xi            1954 / 0       Jeanne David           Rebecca M Bennetts
Drake University                            81 / Gamma Mu            1967 / 19      Joyce Njoroge          Aalok J Patel
Drexel University                          111 / Delta Tau           1976 / 29      Jane Kaplan            Shawn Hyska
Duquesne University                        206 / Theta Chi           1996 / 30      Priscilla Austin       Ali Fitzpatrick
East Carolina University                   221 / Iota Xi             1998 / 46      Joseph Hagan           Katie Howard
                                                                                    Douglas Schneider
East Tennessee State University            185 / Eta Omega           1992 / 18      Shelby Sparks          Hunter Williams       Distinguished
                                                                                    Gary Burkette
Eastern Illinois University                208 / Theta Omega         1997 / 12      Roann Kopel            Brandyn L Traum       Superior
                                                                                    Tim Mills

                                                             B E TA A L P H A P S I

                                     Chapter                  Chapter Dates /   Faculty Advisor /
 School                              Number / Name            Initiates         Co-Faculty        President                 Awards
 Eastern Michigan University         139 / Epsilon Omega          1980 / 31     Howard Bunsis        Nicole A Maclean       Superior
 Eastern Washington University       110 / Delta Sigma            1976 / 17     Joe Dowd             Debbie Meserve
 Elon University                     266 / Lambda Xi              2006 / 60     Linda Poulson        Sarah L Murphy         Distinguished
 Emory University–                   135 / Epsilon Upsilon        1979 / 18     Robert Minnear       Arielle Swartz
 Goizueta Business School
 Fairfield University                230 / Iota Psi               2000 / 23     Patricia M. Poli     Shavawn Dean           Distinguished
                                                                                Milo W. Peck
 University of Florida                20 / Upsilon                1938 / 61     Jesse Boyles         Dena Faibish
                                                                                                     Kelly Homnick
 Florida Atlantic University         180 / Eta Tau                1990 / 12     Jose Englehart       Monika Mazgal          Superior
 Florida International University    170 / Eta Iota               1986 / 20     Delano Gray          Kenneth Rojas          Distinguished
                                                                                                     Eric Blanco
 Florida State University             63 / Beta Rho               1962 / 37     Ronald Pierno        Dustin McQuillan       Superior
                                                                                                     Jonathan Lacey
 Fordham University                   47 / Alpha Omega            1957 / 50     Rosa Romeo           Alison Wycinowski      Superior
                                                                                Barbara Porco
 Fort Lewis College                  197 / Theta Nu               1994 / 18     Chris Lyon           Ian Nichols            Superior
 George Mason University             186 / Theta Alpha            1992 / 10     Phillip Buchanan     Janet K Davenport
                                                                                Connie Hylton
 George Washington University        133 / Epsilon Sigma          1979 / 0      Keith E. Smith       Maririn Robbins
 University of Georgia                66 / Beta Upsilon           1963 / 52     Dan Smith            Brendan Thomas
 Georgia Southern University         143 / Zeta Delta             1980 / 23     J. Lowell Mooney     David Cypher           Superior
 Georgia State University–            58 / Beta Mu                1961 / 1      Ken McDaniel         Jennifer Deal
 School of Accountancy
 Gonzaga University                  212 / Iota Delta             1997 / 15     Dan Law              Ivan Yanushev          Superior
                                                                                                     Elise Bouchee
 Grand Valley State University       233 / Kappa Beta             2000 / 64     Dori Danko           Nicholas Farr          Superior
 University of Hawaii–Manoa          100 / Delta Theta            1974 / 32     Jenny Teruya         Ryan K Hinaga          Superior
 Hofstra University                  108 / Delta Pi               1976 / 31     Dominic A.           Mehtap Bicer           Superior
                                                                                Marsicovetere        Rudis Mata
 The Hong Kong University of         252 / Kappa Psi              2003 / 0      Patrick Harvey       Wing Hang Ho
 Science & Technology
 University of Houston                73 / Gamma Delta            1966 / 43     Jim Stinson          James A Joseph         Distinguished
 University of Houston–Clear Lake    158 / Zeta Upsilon           1983 / 13     Susan Sorensen       Janet E Clark          Superior
 Howard University                   174 / Eta Nu                 1987 / 18     Jean Wells-Jessup    Oluwatoyin Akinsiku    Distinguished
                                                                                Margaret Hicks
 University of Idaho                 211 / Iota Gamma             1997 / 12     Marla Kraut          Catherine A Wright
                                                                                K.D. Hatheway-Dial
 Idaho State University              172 / Eta Lambda             1986 / 7      Ken Smith            Christian Batcheller   Superior
                                                                                Robert Picard
 University of Illinois                1 / Alpha                  1919 / 37     Thomas Finnegan      Erica A Berczynksi
 University of Illinois at Chicago   194 / Theta Kappa            1994 / 13     Leonard Soffer       Tiffany Clarito
                                                                                Brian Leventhal
 Illinois State University           235 / Kappa Delta            2000 / 17     Wendy Duffy          Mark M Kazzaz
 Indiana State University            190 / Theta Epsilon          1993 / 7      Joseph Sanders       Mallory Kirchner
                                                                                                     April Huey

                                                         2006 ANNUAL REPORT

                                       Chapter               Chapter Dates/   Faculty Advisor
School                                 Number/Name           Initiates        Co-Faculty             President              Awards
Indiana University                      48 / Beta Alpha         1957 / 45     David Greene           Robyn Hunter           Superior
                                                                              Patrick Hopkins
University of Iowa                      39 / Alpha Pi           1954 / 29     Joyce Berg             Svetlana Goubanova     Superior
Iowa State University                  210 / Iota Beta          1997 / 49     Marvin Bouillon        Rachel E Tenley
                                                                              William Dilla
James Madison University               166 / Eta Delta          1985 / 10     Molly Brown            Travis L Garlock       Superior
                                                                              Luis Betancourt        Shawn Harrison
University of Kansas                   254 / Lambda Alpha       2004 / 83     Alee Phillips          Lindsey Koelling
Kansas State University                123 / Epsilon Theta      1978 / 44     Kimberly Charland      Roger Seiler           Superior
                                                                              Johanna Lyle
Kennesaw State University              226 / Iota Tau           1999 / 23     Richard Clune          Eric Downey
Kent State University                  69 / Beta Psi            1964 / 16     Donald McFall          Matthew G Fifolt       Superior
                                                                              Wendy Tietz
University of Kentucky                 35 / Alpha Mu            1952 / 34     Sean Peffer            Daniel Richardson      Superior
                                                                                                     Cory Bailey
Lamar University                       157 / Zeta Tau           1983 / 0      Howell Lynch
                                                                              Carol Sullivan
Lehigh University                      51 / Beta Epsilon        1959 / 26     Karen Collins          Matthew Wisser
Long Island University–                245 / Kappa Omicron      2002 / 11     Christie L. Comunale   Harold Castro          Superior
CW Post Campus
University of Louisiana at Lafayette   239 / Kappa Theta        2001 / 21     Suzanne Ward           Jennifer M Zerangue    Superior
University of Louisiana at Monroe      179 / Eta Sigma          1990 / 11     Patti Roshto           Krystal A Bradshaw     Superior
                                                                                                     Robin Richard
Louisiana State University             21 / Phi                 1939 / 43     Jessica Rakow          Melvin Schneider
                                                                              Ronny Daigle
Louisiana Tech University              45 / Alpha Chi           1956 / 18     Carol Shaver           Anna B Gleason         Superior
University of Louisville               165 / Eta Gamma          1984 / 22     William Stout          Katie Kunkel           Superior
Loyola College in Maryland             181 / Eta Upsilon        1991 / 18     Alfred Michenzi        Joseph S Honer
                                                                              Kermit Keeling
Loyola University–Chicago              55 / Beta Iota           1960 / 42     Brian B. Stanko        Zarik A Khan
Loyola University New Orleans          52 / Beta Zeta           1960 / 11     Chandra Schorg         Sarah Kross
                                                                              Melissa Walters
Manhattan College                      268 / Lambda Pi          2006 / 45     Ahmed Goma             Jennifer T Gazzingan
Marist College                         260 / Lambda Eta         2005 / 15     Tom Geurts             Michael Trepal         Superior
                                                                              Rob Walsh
Marquette University                   23 / Psi                 1942 / 20     Michael Dole           Samantha M Gorny       Superior
Marshall University                    250 / Kappa Phi          2003 / 25     Jeffrey Archambault    Jered Green            Superior
                                                                              Scott Denning
University of Massachusetts–Amherst    105 / Delta Nu           1975 / 0      Richard Asebrook       Steve Alden
McNeese State University               222 / Iota Omicron       1998 / 14     Edward R Walker        Adam M Benoit
University of Memphis                  91 / Gamma Chi           1971 / 17     George Minmier         Shawna Thomas          Superior
                                                                              John Malloy
University of Miami                    60 / Beta Xi             1961 / 31     Seth Levine            Cathleen Barkett       Superior
                                                                                                     Jessica Pouza
Miami University                       24 / Omega               1942 / 40     Clayton Hock           Laura K Kocelko

                                                                   B E TA A L P H A P S I

                                             Chapter                Chapter Dates /   Faculty Advisor
 School                                      Number / Name          Initiates         Co-Faculty             President              Awards
 University of Michigan–Flint                175 / Eta Xi               1988 / 21     Clement Chen           Kathleen McDonald      Distinguished
 Michigan State University                   38 / Alpha Omicron         1954 / 36     Dewey Ward             Justin Campbell
 University of Michigan-Dearborn             248 / Kappa Sigma          2003 / 10     Michael Harkness       Jim Alexander          Superior
 Middle Tennessee State University           142 / Zeta Gamma           1980 / 1      G. Robert Smith, Jr.   John P Baker
 Millsaps College                            191 / Theta Zeta           1993 / 18     Kim Burke              Thomas C Kirkpatrick   Distinguished
 University of Minnesota                     17 / Rho                   1931 / 8      Paul Gutterman         Stephanie Chan         Distinguished
 University of Mississippi                   31 / Alpha Theta           1951 / 0      Suzanne McCaffrey      Tyler Williams
 Mississippi State University                56 / Beta Kappa            1960 / 25     Mark Lehman            Samantha Baker         Superior
 University of Missouri–Columbia             77 / Gamma Theta           1967 / 62     Ken Shaw               Bryce Johnson
                                                                                                             Matthew Sutorius
 University of Missouri–St. Louis            92 / Gamma Psi             1972 / 30     D. James Tiburzi       Claudia Stuppy         Superior
                                                                                      Michael Brown
 Missouri State University                   200 / Theta Pi             1995 / 34     Debra Oden             Samuel J Bass          Superior
                                                                                      Michael Hammond
 University of Missouri–Kansas City          120 / Epsilon Delta        1977 / 21     Lavern Krueger         Andrew Hinrichs        Distinguished
 The University of Montana                   102 / Delta Kappa          1974 / 16     Stan Jenne             Rob Buchan             Superior
                                                                                      Barbara Reider
 Montana State University                    183 / Eta Chi              1991 / 8      Christie Johnson       Janet Cybulski         Superior
 Morgan State University                     232 / Kappa Alpha          2000 / 8      Huey-Lian Sun          Katrina Scott          Superior /
                                                                                      Orville Wright                                Most Improved
 Murray State University                     128 / Epsilon Nu           1978 / 9      Rob Seay               Nillie Djassemi        Superior
 University of Nebraska–Lincoln              107 / Delta Omicron        1976 / 28     Deb Cosgrove           Nicole R Hanson        Superior
 University of Nebraska at Omaha             79 / Gamma Kappa           1967 / 57     Judith Watanabe        Rene Prince
                                                                                      Laura Ilcisin          Jamie Anderson
 University of Nevada, Las Vegas             199 / Theta Omicron        1994 / 11     Tommy Moores           Susanna J Yoo          Superior
 University of Nevada, Reno                  147 / Zeta Iota            1981 / 17     Betty Cossitt          Estrella Coulter       Superior
 The University of New Mexico                198 / Theta Xi             1994 / 11     Craig G. White         Jacqueline Varela      Distinguished
 New Mexico State University                 103 / Delta Lambda         1974 / 26     Russell Calk           Amanda Oler            Superior
                                                                                                             Sarah Clifford
 University of New Orleans                   87 / Gamma Sigma           1971 / 14     Mark Reid              Bonnie Nee             Superior
                                                                                      Ronald Young
 New York University                         12 / Mu                    1926 / 110    Aaron Hipscher         Farah Sheriff          Superior
 Nicholls State University                   225 / Iota Sigma           1999 / 16     Michele Guidry         Melissa Fremin
                                                                                      Catherine Gaharan
 North Carolina A&T State University         156 / Zeta Sigma           1983 / 9      Gwendolyn              Andrea S Broadhurst    Superior
 University of North Carolina at Charlotte   163 / Eta Alpha            1984 / 27     Robert Guinn           Alicia N Bess          Superior
 University of North Carolina                160 / Zeta Chi             1984 / 31     Jane Livingstone       Amber Watson
 at Greensboro                                                                        Avery Harrison         Andrew Esses
 University of North Carolina                209 / Iota Alpha           1997 / 41     Rebecca Sawyer         Laura A Heinlein       Distinguished
 at Wilmington
 North Carolina State University             231 / Iota Omega           2000 / 46     Roby Sawyers           Amy L Stafford         Distinguished
                                                                                      Katherine Hansen
 University of North Dakota                  6 / Zeta                   1923 / 23     Steve Carlson          Crystal K Coons
                                                                                                             Gina Hatzenbuhler
 University of North Texas                   62 / Beta Pi               1962 / 25     Neil Wilner            Ken Garetson           Superior

                                                       2006 ANNUAL REPORT

                                    Chapter               Chapter Dates /   Faculty Advisor
School                              Number / Name         Initiates         Co-Faculty            President              Awards
Northeastern University             82 / Gamma Nu            1968 / 25      Michael Cottrill      Nader Maroun
Northern Arizona University         112 / Delta Upsilon      1977 / 17      Kay Pitt              Andrew S Wilson        Superior
University of Northern Colorado     207 / Theta Psi          1996 / 13      Allen McConnell       Lisa K Hertneky        Superior
                                                                                                  Karen Krogmeier
Northern Illinois University        85 / Gamma Pi            1971 / 50      Donald Tidrick        Brian C Schramm
                                                                                                  D Zorea
Northern Michigan University        262 / Lambda Iota        2005 / 30      Charles Rayhorn       Steve Koinis
University of Notre Dame            64 / Beta Sigma          1962 / 95      Janet L. O'Tousa      Andrew Sawyer          Distinguished
Oakland University–Michigan         182 / Eta Phi            1991 / 13      Sandra Pelfrey        Jessica Conway         Superior
The Ohio State University           15 / Omicron             1929 / 8       Richard Young         John Drum              Superior
Ohio University                     33 / Alpha Kappa         1952 / 31      Connie Esmond-Kiger   Kristin A Meyer        Superior
University of Oklahoma              220 / Iota Nu            1998 / 18      Carol Knapp           Christopher M
Oklahoma State University           22 / Chi                 1939 / 62      Patrick Dorr          Blake Lowry            Superior
Old Dominion University             154 / Zeta Pi            1982 / 11      Patricia Doherty      Smruti K Desai
                                                                            Randall Spurrier
University of Oregon                2 / Beta                 1921 / 58      Joel Sneed            Patrick Meadows        Superior
                                                                                                  Jonathon Campo
Oregon State University             5 / Epsilon              1922 / 5       Jeff Wong             Kali Miller            Superior
                                                                            Roger Graham Jr.
Pace University                     218 / Iota Lambda        1998 / 40      Daniel Tinkelman      Thommy Guerrero        Superior
University of the Pacific           217 / Iota Kappa         1998 / 11      Stephen Wheeler       Patricia Garcia
                                                                            Cindy Eakin
Pacific Lutheran University         109 / Delta Rho          1976 / 6       Glenn Van Wyhe        Candace Howard
The Pennsylvania State University   54 / Beta Theta          1960 / 21      Robert Koehler        Brian W Henry
                                                                            Stephen Jablonsky
Pittsburg State University          256 / Lambda Gamma       2004 / 15      David O'Bryan         Lindsey N Carter
University of Pittsburgh            249 / Kappa Upsilon      2003 / 15      Madeleine Carlin      Christopher Mulderig   Superior
Portland State University           117 / Epsilon Alpha      1977 / 2       Rodney Rogers         Parker J Baldwin
                                                                            Cherie Francisco
Purdue University                   140 / Zeta Alpha         1980 / 26      Tony Greig            Amanda Goodnight
University of Rhode Island          89 / Gamma Upsilon       1971 / 15      Henry Schwarzbach     William Loring
                                                                            Alan Graham
Rider University                    236 / Kappa Epsilon      2000 / 20      Drew Procaccino       Dan Gray
                                                                            Maria Sanchez
Rutgers University–Camden           234 / Kappa Gamma        2000 / 56      Jongsoo Han           John J Laplante        Distinguished
Rutgers University–New Brunswick    196 / Theta Mu           1994 / 37      Marjorie Yuschak      Matthew Rolleri
Saint Louis University              151 / Zeta Nu            1982 / 12      Leslie Vaughan        Justin J Bishop        Distinguished
                                                                            Debbie Barbeau
Salisbury University                223 / Iota Pi            1998 / 28      Robert Dombrowski     Teri K Overington      Superior
Sam Houston State University        242 / Kappa Mu           2001 / 21      Jeff Strawser         Jason Toombs
                                                                            Martha Sale           Stephen Pearce
                                                                            Ross Quarles

Samford University                  246 / Kappa Pi           2002 / 23      Sharon Jackson        Christopher T
University of San Diego             148 / Zeta Kappa         1981 / 20      Mark Judd             Kalani C Creutzburg    Superior
                                                                            Jan Morris

                                                                B E TA A L P H A P S I

                                          Chapter                Chapter Dates/   Faculty Advisor
 School                                   Number/Name            Initiates        Co-Faculty             President             Awards
 San Diego State University               53 / Beta Eta          1960 / 45        Sharon Lightner        Michael J Sgobba      Superior
 University of San Francisco              124 / Epsilon Iota     1978 / 36        Diane Roberts          Ineca Quiteno         Superior
                                                                                  David Weiner
 San Francisco State University           68 / Beta Chi          1964 / 52        Joanne Duke            Rebecca Dura          Superior
 San Jose State University                83 / Gamma Xi          1969 / 40        Thomas Moschetti       Dana F Rudd           Superior
                                                                                  Howard Turetsky
 Seattle University                       99 / Delta Eta         1973 / 37        Sarah Bee              Justin Muller         Superior
                                                                                                         Fred Eastman
 Seton Hall University                    152 / Zeta Xi          1982 / 10        Joyce Strawser         Megan LaBar           Distinguished /
                                                                                  David Mest                                   Significantly Improved
 University of South Alabama              118 / Epsilon Beta     1977 / 18        Jeanne Sylvestre       John Sudduth
                                                                                  Ko Hsu
 University of South Carolina             72 / Gamma Beta        1965 / 59        Caroline Strobel       David S Goldberg      Superior
                                                                                  Susan Balk             Joseph Esposito
 South Carolina State University          261 / Lambda Theta     2005 / 4         Viceola Sykes          Nayasha Mendez
 University of South Dakota               204 / Theta Upsilon    1996 / 11        Thomas Buttars         Jason Matthew Van
 University of South Florida              96 / Delta Gamma       1972 / 43        Stephanie Bryant       Loren Mottram         Superior
                                                                                  William Stephens
 Southeastern Louisiana University        192 / Theta Eta        1993 / 23        Dean DiGregorio        Khalli Hagan          Superior
                                                                                                         Heather Bellanger
 University of Southern California        9 / Iota               1925 / 57        Rose Layton            Sara Feldman-Grosse   Superior
                                                                                                         Henry Ngu
 Southern Illinois University             75 / Gamma Zeta        1966 / 18        Randall Hahn           Benna Williams        Superior
 at Carbondale
 Southern Illinois University Edwardsville 241 / Kappa Lambda    2001 / 13        Michael Costigan       Erin Pirok
 University of Southern Indiana           264 / Lambda Mu        2006 / 50        Mehmet Kocakulah       Andrew I Eddmenson    Distinguished
                                                                                  Brian McGuire
 University of Southern Mississippi       150 / Zeta Mu          1982 / 27        Patty Munn             J.T. Blalock
                                                                                                         Cheri Mathis
 St. John's University                    173 / Eta Mu           1986 / 40        Patrick R. Colabella   Lauren Castellano     Superior
 St. John's University–                   237 / Kappa Zeta       2001 / 0         Craig Latshaw          Richard Gordon
 Staten Island Campus
 Stephen F. Austin State University       127 / Epsilon Mu       1978 / 17        Treba Marsh            Carla Brown           Superior
 Stetson University                       257 / Lambda Delta     2005 / 13        Judson Stryker
 Suffolk University                       189 / Theta Delta      1993 / 17        Tom Whalen             Kelly M Lindsay       Superior
                                                                                  Lewis Shaw
 SUNY at Buffalo                          146 / Zeta Theta       1981 / 57        Alex Ampadu            Navdeep Parihar       Superior
 SUNY Oswego                              259 / Lambda Zeta      2005 / 5         Florence Kirk          Daniel Grabowski      Superior
 Syracuse University                      14 / Xi                1929 / 68        William Walsh          Tracy Halpin
                                                                                                         Lisa Cahill
 University of Tampa                      255 / Lambda Beta      2004 / 3         Karen Squires          Anthony Scuotto
                                                                                  Barbara Lippincott
 Temple University                        44 / Alpha Phi         1956 / 20        Marco Malandra         Cindy Weston          Distinguished
                                                                                  Steven Balsam
 University of Tennessee at Chattanooga   171 / Eta Kappa        1986 / 31        Rick Turpin            Sharon Atwell         Superior
 University of Tennessee at Knoxville     34 / Alpha Lambda      1951 / 23        Lee Hendrick           Clay Irby             Superior
 Tennessee Tech University                159 / Zeta Phi         1983 / 15        Melanie Earles         Matthew O'Brien       Superior
                                                                                  Jon Booker

                                                              2006 ANNUAL REPORT

                                          Chapter                Chapter Dates/   Faculty Advisor
School                                    Number / Name          Initiates        Co-Faculty             President              Awards
Texas A&M University                      101 / Delta Iota          1974 / 5      Stanley Kratchman      Ashley Albright
                                                                                  Robert Strawser        Rebecca Chesney
Texas A&M University–Commerce             144 / Zeta Epsilon        1981 / 13     Wendell Edwards        Aaron D Hendley

University of Texas at Arlington          90 / Gamma Phi            1971 / 20     Carly Andrews          Derek Smith            Superior

University of Texas at Austin             8 / Theta                 1924 / 27     David Verduzco         Jennifer K Dulay

University of Texas at Dallas             267 / Lambda              2006 / 182    Charles Solcher        Kimberly Kordeleski
                                                Omicron                           Amy Troutman
University of Texas at El Paso            187 / Theta Beta          1992 / 3      Mary Stevens           Sean Scott             Superior

University of Texas at San Antonio        164 / Eta Beta            1984 / 34     Ted Skekel             Travis Maldonado       Superior

Texas Christian University                70 / Beta Omega           1965 / 24     Janice Cobb            Jennifer J Palmer
                                                                                                         Robert Jones
Texas Southern University                 106 / Delta Xi            1975 / 0      Ladelle Hyman          John F Kutesakwe
                                                                                  Carlton L.
Texas State University–San Marcos         238 / Kappa Eta           2001 / 23     Lu Montondon           Heidi Nordstrom        Superior
                                                                                                         Kathryn Eubank
University of Toledo                      74 / Gamma Epsilon        1966 / 21     Diana Franz            Angelique M Dorow      Superior

Towson University                         214 / Iota Zeta           1997 / 29     Kang Cheng             Jessica Bosley

Truman State University                   243 / Kappa Nu            2001 / 20     Laurie Turner          Brian Meyers           Superior

Tulane University                         59 / Beta Nu              1961 / 13     Beauregard J. Parent   Lauren Caplan
                                                                                  Karen Foust            Katherine Sweet
University of Tulsa                       178 / Eta Rho             1990 / 23     Tracy Manly            Eric Griffin           Superior
                                                                                  Dennis Hudson
University of Utah                        129 / Epsilon Xi          1978 / 32     Marci Butterfield      Jared Ellison          Superior

Utah State University                     116 / Delta Omega         1977 / 27     Richard Jenson         Bryson Smith           Superior

Villanova University                      253 / Kappa Omega         2004 / 35     Wayne Bremser          Stephen Alicanti
                                                                                  David Shaffer
University of Virginia                    104 / Delta Mu            1975 / 0      William Carter         Brian D Siebenburgen
                                                                                  Robert Kemp
Virginia Commonwealth University          121 / Epsilon Zeta        1977 / 30     Roxanne Spindle        Nidhi Mehta            Superior
                                                                                                         Jarod M. Davis
Virginia Tech                             80 / Gamma Lambda         1967 / 17     John Brozovsky         Jarod M. Davis

University of Washington                  4 / Delta                 1921 / 117    Deborah Medlar         Jayson N Wiser         Superior

Washington State University               97 / Delta Epsilon        1973 / 44     Susan Gill             Sarah Burns            Superior

Wayne State University                    136 / Epsilon Phi         1979 / 0      Deborah Jones          Rosina D Jenkins

Weber State University                    203 / Theta Tau           1995 / 27     Jefferson Davis        Chris Pyper

University of West Florida                228 / Iota Phi            1999 / 13     Allen Frank            Jonathan R Warriner

West Virginia University                  46 / Alpha Psi            1957 / 12     Richard Brooks         Lewis J Hardway        Distinguished

Western Illinois University               141 / Zeta Beta           1980 / 4      Susanna Pendergast     Matt Baier             Superior
                                                                                  Cheryl Westen
Western Illinois University–Quad Cities   251 / Kappa Chi           2003 / 13     Martin Coe             Amy Turney

Western Kentucky University               176 / Eta Omicron         1988 / 16     Richard Aldridge       Lauren S Hilgadiack    Superior
                                                                                  Sheri Henson
Western Michigan University               86 / Gamma Rho            1971 / 39     David Rozelle          Christopher D          Superior

                                                                  B E TA A L P H A P S I

                                           Chapter                 Chapter Dates /   Faculty Advisor
 School                                    Number / Name           Initiates         Co-Faculty         President             Awards
 Western Washington University             205 / Theta Phi             1996 / 31     Zite Hutton        Jeff Willoughby       Superior
                                                                                     Audrey Taylor      Zachary Nordwell
                                                                                                        Lisa Hall

 Wichita State University                  134 / Epsilon Tau           1979 / 15     Richard Alltizer   Katherine Ludlow
                                                                                     Michael Flores
 Widener University                        240 / Kappa Iota            2001 / 38     Nicole Santomero   Steven M Reese, Jr.
                                                                                     Frank Lordi
 Winston Salem State University            258 / Lambda Epsilon        2005 / 0      George Johnson     Isaac Trouth
                                                                                     Russell Morton
 Winthrop University                       247 / Kappa Rho             2002 / 13     Michael Cornick    Casey Culjan          Superior
 University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire        153 / Zeta Omicron          1982 / 19     James Rundall      Adam J Jaehnke        Superior
                                                                                     Ingrid Ulstad
 University of Wisconsin–Madison           18 / Sigma                  1932 / 103    Terry Warfield     Jillian E Young
                                                                                     Karla Johnstone
 University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee         169 / Eta Theta             1985 / 17     Sheila Viel        Amanda Keller         Distinguished
                                                                                     Paul Fischer
 University of Wisconsin–Whitewater        132 / Epsilon Rho           1979 / 40     Roy Weatherwax     Andy Willems          Superior
                                                                                     Robert Gruber      Eric Wasieleski
 University of Wisconsin–La Crosse         227 / Iota Upsilon          1999 / 18     Kenneth Winter     Max Gillman           Superior
                                                                                     Barbara Eide
 University of Wisconsin Oshkosh           224 / Iota Rho              1999 / 10     Troy Hyatt         Gina Fochesato
 Wright State University                   184 / Eta Psi               1991 / 21     Jim Greenspan      Adam Koenig           Superior
 University of Wyoming                     94 / Delta Alpha            1972 / 11     Stuart Webster     Erich Kirsch          Superior
                                                                                     Michael Doherty
 Youngstown State University               244 / Kappa Xi              2002 / 15     Raymond Shaffer    Gabriel J Illes III   Superior

Petitioning chapters

                                                                                  Faculty Advisor
 School                                                            Chapter Number Co-Faculty            President             Awards
 California State University, Stanislaus                                 1340        Kim Tan            Sarom S Tea
                                                                                     David Lindsay

 University of California, Los Angeles                                   1343        Julie Ann          Raj Patel             Superior

 Georgia College & State University                                      1110        Catherine Whelan   Robert Majernik

 Niagara University                                                      1339        Al Oddo            Sasha Kaplun

 Seattle Pacific University                                              1131        Ross Stewart       Philip Bayley

 The University of Sydney–Australia                                      1344        Pearl Rozenberg

                                                         2006 ANNUAL REPORT

                                                                               International Advisory Forum
In 1974, Beta Alpha Psi organized the International Advisory                   On behalf of Beta Alpha Psi, the Board of Directors expresses
Forum. The forum consists of leaders from industry, professional               appreciation for the numerous services and hours that Advisory
service firms, and government who serve staggered three-year                   Forum members have contributed during 2005–2006. In addition
terms. The forum members provide input from practicing profes-                 to their financial support, forum members participated in regional
sionals designed to enhance Beta Alpha Psi’s position as a                     meetings, the Thomas J. Burns Undergraduate Student Seminar,
dynamic, scholastic and professional business financial informa-               the Graduate Case Seminar, and made themselves available for
tion organization. The service and advice of these individuals is              chapter meetings.
invaluable to Beta Alpha Psi.

                              Larry Oberst                                                                   Kristine “Tina” Caratan
                              BDO Seidman, LLP                                                               Moss Adams LLP
                              Grand Rapids, MI                                                               San Francisco, CA
                              2004–2006                                                                      2005–2006

Chair                                                                          Chair-Elect
Larry Oberst is an assurance partner with the Grand Rapids office of           Kristine (Tina) L. Caratan is currently a business assurance partner at
BDO Seidman, LLP. He has spent 20 years in public accounting, the past         Moss Adams LLP–San Francisco. Tina is the Firm’s Northern California
17 with BDO in Grand Rapids. Larry’s client service responsibilities include   Not-for-Profit niche leader. Prior to rejoining Moss Adams, she was the
clients in the healthcare, governmental, retail, manufacturing/distribution    audit partner at two local San Francisco based CPA firms.
and telecomm industries. He also has responsibility for human resource
                                                                               Tina is a member of the AICPA, California State Society of CPAs and the
matters for the technical staff for the West Michigan practice of BDO.
                                                                               American Woman’s Society of CPAs. She is licensed in the states of
In this role he is responsible for recruiting, compensation administration,
                                                                               California, New York, Massachusetts, Illinois, Georgia, and the District of
career counseling/mentoring, and employee performance evaluation.
                                                                               Columbia. Among her various professional and civic activities, she served
Larry has a B.A. in accounting and an MBA in finance, both from
                                                                               on the California State Board of Accountancy’s Qualifications Committee,
Michigan State University. He currently is BDO’s representative on the
                                                                               which is charged by the Board to review all applications for CPA license,
International Advisory Forum of Beta Alpha Psi. He is a member of the
                                                                               for 15 years, retiring in 2001. She chaired the committee for three years.
Michigan Association of CPAs, the American Institute of CPAs, the
Healthcare Financial Management Association, the Economic Club of              Tina received a BSC degree in 1974 from Santa Clara University.
Grand Rapids, and the Professional Partners Program of the                     In addition to her professional activities, she has been actively involved
Butterworth/Blodgett Foundation.                                               in the Santa Clara Alumni Association and various other community
                                                                               service organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area.

                                                                    B E TA A L P H A P S I

International Advisory Forum

     Nancy Bagranoff                  Ken Bansemer                    Monique Brannon                      Casey Carlson                Katie Foley
     American Accounting           McGladrey & Pullen LLP               Grant Thornton LLP                     Deloitte.                   Protiviti
         Association                  National Director                 Director of Recruiting             National Director of        Senior Consultant
        VP–Education                    of Recruiting                       Cincinnati, OH                 Campus Recruiting              Chicago, IL
          Norfolk, VA                  Bloomington, MN                        2006–2007                     New England, MA               2005–2008
         2005–2008                        2005–2008                                                           2005–2008

       Randy Hultz                   Debbie Michael                    Alexandra Miller                    Barbara Nee             Sandra Richtermeyer
           BKD, LLP                  American Society of                 American Woman’s                 Ernst & Young LLP        Institute of Management
Director of Career Development       Women Accountants                    Society of CPAs                  Campus Recruiter               Accountants
        Springfield, MO                Past President                     National President                   Boston, MA             Professor-in-Residence
                                           Billings, MT                       Tucson, AZ                      2004–2007                  Cincinnati, OH
                                          2006–2009                           2005–2008                                                   2004–2007

       James Specht                  Amy Thompson                        Donald Tidrick                Relmond P. van Daniker          Tom Vangen
PassMatrix Learning Systems      PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP              Academic Relations            Association of Government   Internal Revenue Service
                                 National Director of Faculty and             Committee                       Accountants
    Vice President and CFO                                                                                                            IRS Agent– Recruiting
                                      Foundation Initiatives          Institute of Internal Auditors        Executive Director
        Centennial, CO                                                                                                                    Seattle, WA
                                          Houston, TX                          DeKalb, IL                     Alexandria, VA
         2005–2008                                                                                                                        2004–2007
                                          2003–2006                           2005–2008                        2005–2006

                                                         2006 ANNUAL REPORT

                                                                                              New Member
                                                                                              to The
                                                                                              Advisory Forum
       Terry Fox                 Shawn Harter                   Daniel Hobson
      Association for            Fifth Third Bank           American Institute of CPAs
   Information Systems          Director of Recruiting      Manager of Minority Initiatives
     Baylor University               Operations                     New York, NY
         Waco, TX                   Cincinnati, OH                   2005–2008
       2004–2007                     2005–2008                                                         Photo

                                                                                                Veronica Johnson
                                                                                                     The Institute of
                                                                                                    Internal Auditors
                                                                                              Director of Academic Relations
                                                                                                  Altamonte Springs, FL

    Lynn Sheehan                 Blane Ruschak                   Brian Serafino
    Careerbank.com                   KPMG LLP                  Chevron Corporation
  Executive Vice President      Director of Recruiting           Manager–Finance
       Rockville, MD               Los Angeles, CA             Development Program
       2006–2009                                                   San Ramon, CA

     Tom Vucinic                 Michael Walsh                   Valerie Wendt
Becker Professional Review    Association of Chartered          Bisk Education, Inc.
     Vice President and        Certified Accountants            Product Development
     General Manager         Director–Special Assignments             Manager
       Oakbrook, IL                  London, UK                       Tampa, FL
       2001–2006                     2003–2006                       2005–2008

                                                       B E TA A L P H A P S I

Nancy C. Harke Executive Office
The Nancy C. Harke Executive Office is operated under the direc-    Accountants (AICPA) under the terms of an alliance that has
tion of the Beta Alpha Psi Board of Directors. Support for the      allowed Beta Alpha Psi to streamline the reporting process, and to
office is provided by the American Institute of Certified Public    take advantage of many available resources.

                          Hadassah Baum                                                       Zoë Cheung

Hadassah Baum (Dassie) is responsible for the operation of the      Zoë Cheung joined the Beta Alpha Psi staff as the Reporting
Nancy C. Harke Executive Office, the coordination of board and      Coordinator in December of 1997. She is primarily responsible for
forum meetings, finance, and internal technology for Beta Alpha     chapter reporting and receivables, but her role has expanded over
Psi. Prior to becoming the Executive Director of Beta Alpha Psi,    the past years, especially in the areas of reporting intranet and
Dassie was a technical manager for the AICPA’s New Finance          internal database systems development. She played a key role in
Team for eight years. She prepared the BusInd E-news twice          the recent development of the Reporting Intranet to integrate
monthly, e-mailed to over 70,000 AICPA members. She also            the system with the new Program for Chapter Activities. Zoë
served as the staff liaison to the Business & Industry Executive    graduated with a B.B.A. in accounting, Magna Cum Laude, from
Committee and was involved in planning conferences for              Baruch College in 1997. She is a member of the Beta Alpha Psi’s
members in business & industry, extensive membership                Alpha Gamma Chapter, a member of the Beta Gamma Sigma, a
interaction, and research related to industry members.              national business honor society, and listed on the Dean's List for
Previously, she was the Director of Academic Development for        four consecutive years.
the Institute of Management Accountants. She was responsible        Zoë is married to Jon and they have two daughters, Jane and Ellen.
for promoting careers in management accounting to students
and faculty. Some of her accomplishments were developing IMA
student membership, increasing scholarships, organizing the
National Student Case Competition, and arranging a faculty
symposium each year.
She has had a variety of experience in public accounting,
industry and education.
Her educational background includes being a CPA and CMA,
an MBA from New York University, and a BS in Accounting from
Brooklyn College. In 2005, she was awarded the Certified
Association Executive credential from the American Society of
Association Executives.
She resides in Teaneck, NJ. In her spare time, she enjoys
swimming, entertaining, reading, crossword puzzles, and
community involvement.

                                                     2006 ANNUAL REPORT

Contacting the Executive Office
E-mail:   bap@bap.org
Phone:    (212) 596-6090
Fax:      (212) 596-6288
Mail:     1211 Avenue of the Americas, 19th Floor
          New York, NY 10036–8775

                            Valerie Page                                                           Genette Tellado

Valerie (Val) Page, Beta Alpha Psi Communication Coordinator,            Genette Tellado, Beta Alpha Psi Conference Planner, is responsible
is responsible for serving as the initial contact for faculty advisors   for producing all Beta Alpha Psi Meetings including the Annual,
and chapters officers. Some of her duties include preserving             Board of Director and Regional Meetings. Genette has been
the BAP Web site, communicating with Board members,                      with the AICPA for 6 years, planning committee meetings and
Forum members, and International and Regional Associates,                conferences for the Institute. Prior to joining the AICPA, she was
maintaining the membership and chapter information sections              a Conference Assistant, planning two annual conferences a year
on the Reporting Intranet, coordinating the production of the            for the Advertising Research Foundation in New York. She has
Annual Report and Annual meeting registration Web site, and              been a member of the professional organization MPI (Meeting
assisting with the Annual Meeting information and registration.          Professionals International) for the past 4 years, actively
Val handles all petition requests for schools wishing to start new       participating in industry events and committees. Last year
BAP chapters as well as responds to chapter supply requests              she was on the Special Interest Committee, which received the
and membership certificate orders.                                       special recognition of MPI Committee of the Year award. She is
Valerie graduated Cum Laude from Marist College in May                   working to earn her Certified Meeting Professional designation,
of 2002, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in                 which recognizes those who have achieved the meeting industry’s
Communications.                                                          highest standards of professionalism.

                                   B E TA A L P H A P S I

New Chapter Installations

     Lambda Iota Chapter                          Lambda Xi Chapter
     Northern Michigan                            Elon University
                                                  Installing Officers:
     Installing Officers:                         Donna Street
     Ken Bouyer                                   Past President
     President Elect                              Charles Alvis
     Sally Webber                                 Regional Director
     Regional Director
                                                  Charter Members: 60
     Charter Members: 30

     Lambda Kappa Chapter                         Omicron Chapter
     Coastal Carolina University                  University of Texas– Dallas
     Installing Officers:                         Installing Officers:
     Ken Bouyer                                   Teri Conover
     President Elect                              Director of Administration
                                                  and Development
     Charles Alvis
     Regional Director                            Charles LeFlar
                                                  Regional Director
     Charter Members: 43
                                                  Charter Members: 45

     Lambda Mu Chapter
                                                  Lambda Pi Chapter
     University of
     Southern Indiana                             Manhattan College
     Installing Officers:                         Installing Officers:
     Karen Pincus                                 Ken Bouyer
     President                                    President Elect
     Roann Kopel                                  Ed Coffman
     Incoming Regional Director                   Regional Director

     Charter Members: 51                          Dassie Baum
                                                  Executive Director
                                                  Charter Members: 45
     Lambda Nu Chapter
     Belmont University
     Installing Officers:
     Karen Pincus
     Charles Alvis
     Regional Director
     Charter Members: 80

                                                                  2006 ANNUAL REPORT

                                                                                                                                  Regional Meetings
Objectives For Regional Meetings
Regional meetings focus on (1) promoting inter-chapter activities,                             Regional meetings were attended by individuals representing
(2) encouraging student interest in emerging business issues,                                  chapters. Workshops for chapter activities were held by/for
(3) providing students the opportunity to develop communication                                members. The Nancy C. Harke Executive Office funded over
skills, both written and oral, (4) providing members with the                                  $35,000 for eight regional meetings. Each of the regional
opportunity to exchange ideas concerning chapter operations and                                meetings was supported by members of the Advisory Forum and
activities in both formal and informal settings, (5) providing the                             attended by at least two board members and the respective
opportunity for general leadership training for officers and                                   Regional Director. A summary of regional meetings is as follows:
members, and (6) fostering innovative and unique activities to
promote and share best practices.

                                                                                                                     Papers and
  Region                                                               Student Participants                         Presentations       Chapters Represented
  Atlantic Coast                                                                     232                                     22                  38
  Midwest                                                                            204                                     22                  35
  Missouri Valley                                                                    119                                     16                  16
  Northwest                                                                           89                                     13                  13
  Rocky Mountain                                                                      94                                     11                  13
  Southeast                                                                          196                                      6                  45
  Southwest                                                                          161                                     20                  34
  Western                                                                            182                                     12                  21

Members of the Board extend their appreciation to each student, faculty advisor and professional who contributed to the success
of these programs. A special thanks to the faculty advisors and students who hosted the regional meetings.

                                             B E TA A L P H A P S I

Best Practices Awards Competition

Each year, Beta Alpha Psi sponsors regional “Best Practices” competitions at its regional and annual
meetings. Deloitte. has again provided funding for the Best Practices Awards with $500, $250, and $125
awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers in each category at the regional meetings and $1,000 for 1st,
2nd and 3rd place in each category at the annual meeting. The Best Practice categories are determined
each year by Beta Alpha Psi’s president.

This year the award categories were (1) Professional/Service, (2) Strategic Planning and (3) Chapter
Operations. See the listing of the chapters that were winners at this year’s regional meetings.
Only those first place winners will compete at the annual meeting.

                                         2006 ANNUAL REPORT


University Name                                           Chapter Name            Chapter Number
California State University–Northridge                    Epsilon Chi Chapter           137
Louisiana Tech University                                 Alpha Chi Chapter              45

University of Colorado–Boulder                            Nu Chapter                     13

Western Washington University                             Theta Phi Chapter             205

Pace University                                           Iota Lambda Chapter           218

Indiana University                                        Beta Alpha Chapter             48

Belmont University                                        Lambda Nu Chapter             265

Missouri State University                                 Beta Kappa Chapter            200

Strategic Planning

University Name                                           Chapter Name            Chapter Number
University of Arizona                                     Beta Omicron Chapter           61
University of Louisiana–Lafayette                         Kappa Theta Chapter           239

Seattle University                                        Delta Eta Chapter              99

Pace University                                           Iota Lambda Chapter           218

Kent State University                                     Beta Psi Chapter               69

University of South Florida                               Delta Gamma Chapter            96

University of Iowa                                        Alpha Pi Chapter               39

Utah State University                                     Delta Omega Chapter           116

Chapter Operations

University Name                                           Chapter Name            Chapter Number
California State University–Northridge                    Epsilon Chi Chapter           137
Utah State University                                     Delta Omega Chapter           116

University of Houston                                     Gamma Delta Chapter            73

University of Washington                                  Delta Chapter                  4

Pace University                                           Iota Lambda Chapter           218

Eastern Michigan University                               Epsilon Omega Chapter         139

Tennessee Technological University                        Zeta Phi Chapter              159

Missouri State University                                 Beta Kappa Chapter            200

                            B E TA A L P H A P S I      112,500
Financial Statements                                      81,302
     Report on Financial Statements                   $926,277
     Years Ended April 30, 2006 and 2005               $386,915
                                                 2006 ANNUAL REPORT

                                           Report of Independent Public Accountants

To the Board of Directors
Beta Alpha Psi

We have audited the accompanying statements of financial position of Beta Alpha Psi as of April 30, 2006 and 2005, and the
related statements of activities and cash flows for the years then ended. These financial statements are the responsibility of the
Organization's management. Our responsibility is to express an opinion on these financial statements based on our audits.

We conducted our audits in accordance with auditing standards generally accepted in the United States of America. Those
standards require that we plan and perform the audit to obtain reasonable assurance about whether the financial statements are
free of material misstatement. An audit includes examining, on a test basis, evidence supporting the amounts and disclosures
in the financial statements. An audit also includes assessing the accounting principles used and significant estimates made by
management, as well as evaluating the overall financial statement presentation. We believe that our audits provide a reasonable
basis for our opinion.

In our opinion, the financial statements referred to above present fairly, in all material respects, the financial position of
Beta Alpha Psi as of April 30, 2006 and 2005, and the changes in its net assets and cash flows for the years then ended,
in conformity with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America.

Roseland, New Jersey
June 2,2006

                                                 B E TA A L P H A P S I

 Statements of Financial Position

 Years Ended                                                        April 30, 2006   April 30, 2005
 Current assets:
 Cash and cash equivalents                                          $     991,580    $    811,133
 Accounts receivable                                                      136,490         218,294
 Prepaid expenses and other assets                                         13,895          22,821
 Total current assets                                                   1,141,965        1,052,248
 Furniture and fixtures, net of
 accumulated depreciation of $5,629 and $5,067                                                562
 Web site development, net of
 accumulated amortization of $33,756 and $0                               118,144          67,168
 Totals                                                             $ 1,260,109      $ 1,119,978
 Liabilities and Net Assets
 Liabilities — Accounts payable                                     $     185,088    $    136,121
 Net assets:
     Undesignated                                                       1,001,221         905,886
     Board designated                                                                       4,171
     Total unrestricted                                                 1,001,221         910,057
 Temporarily restricted                                                    73,800          73,800
     Total net assets                                                   1,075,021         983,857
 Totals                                                             $ 1,260,109      $ 1,119,978

 See Notes to Financial Statements.

                                               2006 ANNUAL REPORT

Statements of Activities
Years Ended                                                  April 30, 2006   April 30, 2005
Revenue and support:
Initiation fees                                              $    403,585     $    408,510
Associates program contributions                                  147,750          115,000
Chapter maintenance fees                                           50,685           51,425
Annual student convention                                         157,348          152,435
Charter and petition fees                                            7,000          11,405
Regional meetings                                                  81,707           81,302
Interest income                                                    28,552             7,717
Contributed services                                              178,955          182,007
Community Service Day                                              15,000           25,000
Net assets released from restrictions                             120,000          120,000
Miscellaneous                                                      23,126           20,859
Total unrestricted revenue and support                           1,213,708        1,175,660
Board of Directors:
 Annual student convention                                        279,956          247,532
 Board of Directors meetings                                       48,269           43,277
 Chapter installations and visitations                               6,283            8,552
 Community Service Day                                             15,000           27,600
Local chapter:
 Performance awards                                                  1,000            1,500
 Banners and gavels                                                  5,417            5,252
Special projects:
 Regional meetings                                                116,899          114,020
 Superior chapter awards                                           46,400           52,500
 Best practice awards                                              30,650           28,250
 Student seminar                                                   68,424           64,481
 Faculty advisor awards                                            20,000           20,000
 Total program expenses                                           638,298          612,964
 General and administrative                                       484,246          485,116
 Total expenses                                                  1,122,544        1,098,080
Change in unrestricted net assets                                  91,164           77,580
Change in temporarily restricted net assets:
 Contributions                                                    120,000          100,000
 Net assets released from restrictions                            (120,000)        (120,000)
 Change in temporarily restricted net assets                                        (20,000)
Change in net assets                                               91,164           57,580
Net assets, beginning of year                                     983,857          926,277
Net assets, end of year                                      $ 1,075,021      $    983,857
See Notes to Financial Statements.

                                                     B E TA A L P H A P S I

 Statements of Cash Flows

 Years Ended                                                            April 30, 2006    April 30, 2005
 Operating activities:
 Change in net assets                                                   $      91,164     $    57,580
 Adjustments to reconcile change in net assets to net cash
 provided by (used in) operating activities:
     Depreciation                                                                 562             563
     Amortization                                                              33,756
     Changes in operating assets and liabilities:
     Accounts receivable                                                       81,804          (97,209)
     Prepaid expenses and other assets                                           8,926          (7,799)
     Accounts payable                                                          89,167          (77,753)
     Net cash provided by (used in) operating activities                      305,379         (124,618)

 Investing activities—Web site development                                    (124,932)        (26,968)

 Net increase (decrease) in cash and cash equivalents                         180,447         (151,586)

 Cash and cash equivalents, beginning of year                                 811,133         962,719

 Cash and cash equivalents, end of year                                 $     991,580     $   811,133

 Supplemental disclosure of noncash investing activity:
 Purchase of amortizable assets financed through
 accounts payable                                                                         $    40,200

 See Notes to Financial Statements.

                                                      2006 ANNUAL REPORT

                                                                          Notes to Financial Statements

Note 1—Purpose and summary of                                             involves acquiring or developing hardware and software to operate
accounting policies:                                                      the Web site, are capitalized. Fees paid to an Internet service provider
                                                                          for hosting a Web site on its server(s) connected to the Internet are
                                                                          expensed over the estimated period of benefit. Other costs incurred
Purpose: Beta Alpha Psi (the "Organization") is organized
                                                                          during the operating stage, such as training, administration and
and operated for the encouragement and recognition of scholastic
                                                                          maintenance costs, are expensed as incurred. Costs incurred during
and professional excellence in the fields of finance, accounting
                                                                          the operating stage for upgrades and enhancements of a Web site
and information systems. The Organization's objectives are
                                                                          are capitalized if it is probable that they will result in added function-
accomplished through the activities of its Chapters. Financial
                                                                          ality. Capitalized Web site development costs are amortized on a
resources to promote these activities are provided by the Chapters
                                                                          straight-line basis over their estimated useful life. During 2005,
and various public and private firms.
                                                                          the Organization began working on a new Web site which was not
Accounting method: The accompanying financial statements are              in operation as of April 30, 2005. The new Web site went live on
prepared on the accrual basis of accounting.                              September 1, 2005. The Organization has deferred costs of
                                                                          approximately $152,000 related to this project. As of April 30, 2006,
Use of estimates: The preparation of financial statements in con-
                                                                          approximately $34,000 has been amortized.
formity with accounting principles generally accepted in the United
States of America requires management to make estimates and               Net assets: The Organization’s financial resources have been
assumptions that affect certain reported amounts and disclosures.         combined into two net asset classes (unrestricted and temporarily
Accordingly, actual results could differ from those estimates.            restricted) based upon stipulations imposed by donors.
Cash and cash equivalents: Cash and cash equivalents include              Unrestricted net assets include expendable resources over which the
highly liquid debt instruments purchased with a maturity of three         Organization’s Board of Directors has discretionary control and are
months or less. The Organization maintains its cash and cash              used to carry out the Organization’s operations in accordance with
equivalents in bank deposit accounts which, at times, may exceed          its by-laws.
Federally insured limits. At April 30, 2006, the Organization has cash
                                                                          Temporarily restricted net assets include resources expendable only
balances in excess of Federally insured limits in the amount of
                                                                          for those purposes specified by a donor or grantor. The restrictions
approximately $117,000.
                                                                          are satisfied by specific expenditures of the Organization.
Accounts receivable: Credit risk with respect to accounts receivable
                                                                          Contributed services: The Organization recognizes contribution
is limited because the Organization deals with a large number of
                                                                          revenue for certain contributed services received at the fair value of
members in a wide geographic area. The Organization closely
                                                                          those services. Those services include facilities and organizational
monitors the extension of credit to its members while maintaining
                                                                          support valued at $154,135 and $154,007 for the years ended April 30,
allowances for potential credit losses. On a periodic basis, the
                                                                          2006 and 2005, respectively, furnished by the American Institute of
Organization evaluates its accounts receivable and establishes an
                                                                          Certified Public Accountants. In addition, a significant amount of
allowance for doubtful accounts, based on a history of past write-offs
                                                                          time, for which no value has been assigned as it does not meet the
and collections and current credit considerations. Consequently, as
                                                                          criteria for recognition, was volunteered by professors and students
of April 30, 2006, the Organization has no significant concentrations
                                                                          to the activities of the Organization.
of credit risk from accounts receivable.
                                                                          Contributed property and fixtures: Contributed property and fixtures
Furniture and fixtures: Furniture and fixtures are carried at cost less
                                                                          are recorded at fair value at the date of donation. If donors stipulate
accumulated depreciation which is provided using the straight-line
                                                                          the use of the assets, the contributions are recorded as restricted
method over the estimated useful lives of the assets of ten years.
                                                                          support. In the absence of such stipulations, contributions of
Web site development costs: The Organization accounts for costs           property and fixtures are recorded as unrestricted support. No
incurred in connection with the development of its Web site in            contributed property or fixtures were donated for the years ended
accordance with Statement of Position 98-1, Accounting for Costs of       April 30, 2006 and 2005.
Computer Software Developed or Obtained for Internal Use and
                                                                          Initiation fees: Initiation fees are recorded as revenue in the period
Emerging Issues Task Force Issue No. 00-2, Accounting for Web Site
                                                                          when the fees are due.
Development Costs. Accordingly, all costs incurred in planning the
development of a Web site are expensed as incurred. Costs, other          Reclassifications: Certain amounts in the 2005 financial
than general and administrative and overhead costs, incurred in the       statements have been reclassified to conform with the current
Web site application and infrastructure development stage, which          year’s presentation.

                                                           B E TA A L P H A P S I

Note 2—Temporarily restricted net assets:                               Note 4—Tax status:

Temporarily restricted net assets were received and released            The Organization is a not-for-profit agency exempt from Federal
from restrictions in fiscal 2006 and 2005 in fulfillment of the         income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and
following purposes:                                                     has been classified as a charitable organization qualifying for the
                                                                        maximum charitable contribution deduction by donors.

                                       2006                 2005

                                                                        Note 5—Net asset transfers:
 Best practice awards             $ 30,000              $ 30,000

 Faculty advisor awards              20,000                20,000       During the year ended April 30, 2006, Board designated unrestricted
                                                                        net assets were transferred to unrestricted net assets as a result of a
 Superior chapter awards             50,000                50,000       Board Meeting held in June 2005.

 Student seminar                     20,000                20,000

 Totals                           $120,000              $120,000

During fiscal 2003, the Organization received $100,000 from the
Andersen Foundation to fund the Outstanding Faculty Advisor
Awards. The Organization will award $20,000 per year beginning
in fiscal 2004 through fiscal 2008 for faculty advisor awards. During
fiscal 2006, four awards were given to faculty advisors totaling

Ernst & Young will provide an annual award of $1,000 for up to
ten chapters who have made an impact on diversity within
Beta Alpha Psi and/or their respective school/community.
During 2006, a contribution of $20,000 was contributed to fund
Diversity Initiative.

Note 3—Related party:

General and administrative expenses include charges from the
American Institute of Certified Public Accountants for payroll and
benefits, consistent with an annual agreement, which amounted to
$191,500 and $180,660 for the years ended April 30, 2006 and 2005,
respectively. At April 30, 2006, the Organization owed the American
Institute of Certified Public Accountants $75,430 which amount is
included in accounts payable. At April 30, 2005, the American
Institute of Certified Public Accountants owed the Organization
$89,859, which amount is included in accounts receivable.

           1211 Avenue of the Americas, 19th Floor, New York, NY 10036
          Phone: (212) 596-6090 • Fax: 596-6288 • E-mail: bap@bap.org

B A P i s a n a f f i l i a t e o f t h e A m e r i c a n I n s t i t u t e o f Ce r t i f i e d P u b l i c A c c o u n t a n t s .

                                                                       ISO Certified                                  9625-332

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