INTRAMURAL SCHEDULE.pdf by censhunay


        (All Games start at 11:55)

 Date            Game             Referee
 Mon.            Saints 7 vs       Mark
 Sep.                             Penner
 26th            Eagles 14
 Mon.                             Andrew
 Sep.           Cowboys 0 vs     Stafford
 26th              Jets 0
 Tue.                              Sean
                 Colts 0 vs
 Sep.                             Marino
 27th              Lions 14
 Tue.                             Tyler
                Patriots 21 vs
 Sep.                            Robidoux
 27th          Buccaneers 0
 Thu.           Saints 14 vs      Stefano
 Sep.                            Frederico
 29th              Jets 14
 Thu.                            Phil Girard
 Sep.           Cowboys 0 vs
 29th            Eagles 14
 Tue.                            Carralina
               Redskins 0 vs
 Oct.                            Serrano
 11th            Saints 21
Tue.                  Andrew
        Jets 7 vs
Oct.                 Stafford
11th    Eagles 7
Wed.                   Sean
       Colts vs
Oct.                  Mariano
12th   Buccaneers
Wed.                  Tyler
       Patriots vs
Oct.                 Robidoux
Tue.                 Julia Mion
       Patriots vs
18th    Cowboys
Tue.                 Nathania
Oct.     Lions vs    AG. Yorke
18th   Buccaneers
Wed.                  Stefano
         Jets vs
Oct.                 Frederico
19th    Redskins
Wed.                   Sean
Oct.   Cowboys vs     Mariano
19th     Saints
Thu                   Tyler
       Colts vs
Oct.                 Robidoux
20th    Patriots
Thu    Eagles vs     Julia Mion
20th   Buccaneers
Mon.                    Phil Girard
Oct.        Lions vs
24th         Jets
Mon.                      Sean
Oct.      Cowboys vs     Mariano
24th       Redskins
Mon.                     Andrew
           Colts vs
Oct.                    Stafford
31st        Eagles
Mon.                     Caralina
          Patriots vs
Oct.                     Serrano
31st        Saints
   More games to follow…

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