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									    P R INT	ADVERT I S I N G	 R AT E S	& 	 DATA	 	 	 	 	 	 	 		                                                                                                   2 01 2
      R AT E	 CARD	 #43                                               Date Issued: September 2011                                              Effective Date: January 2012

	     P U B L I S H E D 	 B Y :	

      83 General Warren Boulevard
          Suite 100
      Malvern, PA 19355
      Tel: (800) 237-7285
      Fax: (888) 686-0391

	     KEY	CONTACTS                                                   R AT E S
      Vice President/Group Publisher                             1. Effective Date and Agency Discount
      Christopher Ciraulo
      (610) 560-0500, Ext 311 /   	     (a) Effective rate date: January 2012. No conditions other than those set forth in this rate card shall be
      Publishing Director                                                  binding upon HMP Communications, LLC unless specifically agreed to by HMP Communications in writing.
      Jill Bresnick                                                    (b) Agency commission: Fifteen percent of gross billing on space, color, cover, and preferred position
      (610) 560-4144 /
                                                                           charges. Noncommissionable charges, such as production charges, are not subject to an advertising agency
      National Sales Manager                                               commission. Agency commissions are not payable on invoices which are not paid within ninety (90) days of the
      Joe Cannarella
      (347) 371-1357 /                   date of the invoice.
      Associate National Accounts Manager                              (c) At the request of agency and advertiser, arrangements will be made to directly bill the advertiser.
      Mary Paglione
      (215) 431-2795 /           2. Earned Rates
      Group Editorial Director                                   	     (a) Full run: Earned rates, according to the rate card in force, are given to advertisers based on advertising
      Julie Bowen                                                          frequency within a 12-month period. Earned rates are based on total number of full and fractional pages, and
      (610) 560-4174 /                        all page sizes are counted in determining frequency discounts.
      Editorial Director
      Linda Geisler                                                    (b) Frequency rates: Any product that advertises to the FULL-RUN circulation will receive double frequency value
      (610) 560-4191 /                      toward corporate frequency discount in Consultant. Any product that advertises to the DEMO 1 or DEMO 2 circulation
      Production/Circulation Director                                      will receive single frequency value toward corporate frequency discount in Consultant. All pages of a parent company
      Kathy Murphy                                                         and subsidiaries are combined to determine the earned rate. Earned rates apply to Consultant only.
      (610) 560-0500, Ext 252 /          (c) Demographic/split-run rates: Available on a limited, priority basis. See section 16.
      Circulation Manager
      Bonnie Shannon                                             3. Discounts
      (610) 560-0500, Ext 246 /   	     (a)	 Discounts will be taken in the following order: Space charge based on frequency discount;
      Production Manager                                                    less Combination Discount; less Corporate Discount; less Continuity Discount (upon request, Corporate and
      Mary A. Hlavac                                                        Continuity Discount may be combined for single percentage discount: i.e., 3% Corporate Discount plus 5%
      (610) 560-4192 /
                                                                            Continuity Discount equals 8% discount); less 15% agency commission.
      Media Kit & Production Specifications                                            (b) HMP Combination Discount: Any product that is advertised in two HMP Communications journals
                                                                           in the same month qualifies for a $200 per page discount against each journal’s earned page rate. Any product
                                                                           that is advertised in three HMP Communications journals in the same month qualifies for a $300 discount
                                                                           against each journals earned page rate. Ad units and product indications may differ from journal to journal;
                                                                           however, the savings are earned on a page-for-page basis with the ad unit appearing in the other journal. Any
                                                                           insertion to Consultant’s FULL-RUN (or list match), DEMO 1, or DEMO 2 circulation is eligible for the Combination
                                                                 	     	    1 Page: $200              2
                                                                                                          ⁄3 Page: $150         1
                                                                                                                                    ⁄2 Page: $100         1
                                                                                                                                                              ⁄3 Page: $50
                                                                            Consultant                              Clinical Geriatrics                Annals of Long Term Care
                                                                            Consultant For Pediatricians            First Report Managed Care          Skin & Aging
                                                                       (c) Corporate Discount: The combined total net advertising spend in Consultant and Consultant For
                                                                           Pediatricians is credited in determining your corporate discount level. Discounts are for advertising only. The
                                                                           corporate discount for 2012 will be based on 2011 spend level. Please contact publisher for more information.

                                                                                            1                                                                                                     
R AT E S 	 c o n t i n u e d
   (d) Prepayment/noncancellable space discount: Available.
       Contact Publisher.
                                                                                           5. 2012 DEMO 1 RATES: PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIANS
   (e) Continuity discount: Advertise the same product with 8 insertions                      (black-and-white)
       in Consultant, regardless of unit size, and earn a 3% discount off the
                                                                                           	      Total Circulation: 176,083 Primary Care Physicians (includes 20,865 Residents)
       earned rate for that product in every issue during the 12-month period.
       Run 10 insertions and receive 5% off every insertion. Run 12 insertions in
       Consultant and receive 10% off every insertion.                                     Scheduling Code: CONSULTANT DEMO1 - PCP
   (f) Double frequency discount: Any product that advertises to the                           Frequency         Full Page        2
                                                                                                                                      ⁄3 Page     1
                                                                                                                                                      ⁄2 Page        1
                                                                                                                                                                         ⁄3 Page
       FULL-RUN circulation receives double frequency value toward corporate
       frequency discount in Consultant. Any product that advertises to the DEMO               1 Time             $10,810          $7,700          $6,620                $4,210
       1 or DEMO 2 circulation receives single frequency value.                                6 Times             10,655             7,580           6,530              4,140
   (g) New Product Launch Program: Run a new launch unit in five                               12 Times            10,405             7,390           6,370              4,040
       (5) issues within a six-month period and receive the next (6th insertion)               24 Times            10,235             7,270           6,255              3,965
       for FREE. Free ad unit size must be the same size unit or smaller than one
       of the paid ad units. New products, new molecular entities, new product                 36 Times            10,190             7,245           6,235              3,950
       indications, or new formulations are eligible for this program. Free ads will           48 Times            9,930              7,070           6,070              3,845
       count towards earned frequency and may be combined to help achieve the
                                                                                               60 Times            9,815              6,975           6,040              3,820
       Continuity Discount.
                                                                                               72 Times            9,740              6,910           5,970              3,780
4. 2012 FULL-RUN RATES (black-and-white)                                                       96 Times            9,230              6,540           5,640              3,595
   Total Circulation: 250,307 Primary Care Practitioners (includes 176,083                     120 Times           8,980              6,375           5,495              3,485
   Physicians [DEMO 1] and 74,224 Prescribing NPs and PAs [DEMO 2])                            144 Times           8,845              6,290           5,425              3,430
                                                                                               180 Times           8,730              6,210           5,330              3,395
Scheduling Code: CONSULTANT                                                                    216 Times           8,645              6,160           5,305              3,365
Frequency         Full Page         2
                                        ⁄3 Page      1
                                                         ⁄2 Page       1
                                                                           ⁄3 Page             252 Times           8,580              6,110           5,260              3,335
1 Time            $14,420           $10,255           $8,820           $5,620                  288 Times           8,505              6,045           5,200              3,305
6 Times            14,195           10,100               8,695             5,515               320 Times           8,320              5,910           5,095              3,225
12 Times           13,870               9,865            8,500             5,400               380 Times           8,170              5,820           4,995              3,185
24 Times           13,635               9,685            8,350             5,300               420 Times           8,020              5,695           4,915              3,105
36 Times           13,580               9,655            8,315             5,285               480 Times           7,860              5,600           4,820              3,060
48 Times           13,225               9,400            8,105             5,145               520 Times           7,710              5,475           4,730              2,995
60 Times           13,080               9,320            8,020             5,100               600 Times           7,610              5,430           4,675              2,970
72 Times           12,970               9,225            7,935             5,050
96 Times           12,295               8,775            7,535             4,795           Color: In addition to earned black-and-white rates.
120 Times          11,965               8,520            7,345             4,665
                                                                                           	 pply to FULL-RUN and DEMO 1
144 Times          11,780               8,385            7,215             4,590           Charge per color per page or fraction:
180 Times          11,630               8,270            7,135             4,530                Standard SWOP color                                             $1,075
216 Times          11,520               8,185            7,060             4,485                Matched (two-color)                                              1,510
252 Times          11,440               8,135            7,015             4,455                Three- or four-color                                             2,985
288 Times          11,325               8,040            6,920             4,405
                                                                                                Five-color                                                       4,070
320 Times          11,085               7,880            6,775             4,315
                                                                                                Four-color plus metallic or fluorescent                           5,090
380 Times          10,885               7,730            6,650             4,235
420 Times          10,685               7,565            6,505             4,140
480 Times          10,470               7,415            6,375             4,060
520 Times          10,280               7,275            6,260             3,985
600 Times          10,145               7,175            6,185             3,925

                                                                                       2                                                                                           
 R AT E S 	 c o n t i n u e d
6. 2012 DEMO 2 RATES: NP/PA (black-and-white)                                                Color: In addition to earned black-and-white rates.
     Total Circulation: 74,224 Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants
     (breakdown:  56,507    NPs     and      17,717      PAs     qualified                    Apply to DEMO 2
     via primary care specialty and/or prescribing activity)                                 Charge per color per page or fraction:
                                                                                                Standard SWOP color                                            $995
Scheduling Code: CONSULTANT DEMO2 – NP/PA
                                                                                                Matched (two-color)                                            1,330
                                                                                                Three- or four-color                                           1,730
 Frequency          Full Page         2
                                          ⁄3 Page      1
                                                           ⁄2 Page       1
                                                                             ⁄3 Page
                                                                                                Five-color                                                     3,500
 1 Time              $5,175           $3,705            $3,195           $2,020
 6 Times              5,105               3,645            3,140             1,990              Four-color plus metallic or fluorescent                         4,255

 12 Times             4,975               3,570            3,070             1,940           7. Bleed: No charge.
 24 Times             4,900               3,500            3,025             1,915           8. Covers and Special Positions (premium on one page only):
 36 Times             4,880               3,480            3,015             1,905                (a) Covers:
 48 Times             4,770               3,405            2,935             1,875                     Second cover: Earned rate plus 35% and color charge.
 60 Times             4,700               3,375            2,900             1,835                     Third cover: Sold in combination with fourth cover only; no premium
                                                                                                       on third cover.
 72 Times             4,655               3,335            2,875             1,815
                                                                                                       Fourth cover: Earned rate plus 60% and color charge.
 96 Times             4,405               3,160            2,710             1,735
                                                                                                  (b) Special positions:
 120 Times            4,305               3,070            2,650             1,685
                                                                                                       Page facing first editorial: Earned rate plus 10% and color
 144 Times            4,235               3,035            2,615             1,665
 180 Times            4,185               2,990            2,570             1,635
                                                                                                       Page facing first table of contents: Earned rate plus 20%
 216 Times            4,145               2,955            2,550             1,620                     and color charge.
 252 Times            4,105               2,940            2,535             1,610                     Page facing second table of contents: Earned rate plus
 288 Times            4,070               2,920            2,515             1,600                     10% and color charge.

 320 Times            3,980               2,850            2,460             1,555                     Photoclinic section: Earned rate plus 10% and color charge.

 380 Times            3,910               2,800            2,405             1,530                     What’s Your Diagnosis?® section: Earned rate plus 10% and
                                                                                                       color charge.
 420 Times            3,845               2,750            2,370             1,500
                                                                                                       Positions cancellable on 60 days notice.
 480 Times            3,765               2,695            2,335             1,475
 520 Times            3,680               2,645            2,280             1,435
 600 Times            3,640               2,595            2,250             1,420

9. Availability and Acceptance                                                                    (c) Example of such inserts must be submitted to publisher for approval 1
     (a) Availability: Two- to 10-page inserts available to FULL-RUN, DEMO 1,                         month prior to closing date.
         and DEMO 2 circulations. Demographic and/or geographic inserts to the               12. Sizes and Specifications
         FULL-RUN circulation available on a limited, priority basis.
                                                                                                  (a) Stock weights: Maximum acceptable thickness of paper stock is
     (b) Acceptance: A full-size stock sample must be submitted to the                                .004”. The stock weight shall be governed by that commonly available in
         Publisher for approval.                                                                      a .004” sheet, coated or uncoated. Allowable variation to the standard is
10. Insert Charges                                                                                    5% to encompass unevenness found in commercially produced coated and
                                                                                                      uncoated stock.
     (a) All FULL-RUN, DEMO 1, and DEMO 2 inserts charged page for page at the
         earned black-and-white rates.                                                            (b) All inserts (full-size stock samples) must be submitted to the Publisher for
                                                                                                      approval. Inserts to be supplied untrimmed, printed, folded, and ready for
     (b) Tip-in charge: Not applicable.                                                               binding. No device other than standard varnishing may be used to make
11. Insert with Gatefold/Flap: Upon Publisher’s approval, Consultant                                  stock heavier or less flexible than as sold by its manufacturer.
    may also accept inserts with a gatefold or “flap” submitted by individual
    companies/products. Calculation of the cost for such ads is based on the FULL-
    RUN earned frequency rate.
     (a) Space charge: Calculated as actual unit size without the flap, plus
         a minimum of one additional page. Cost based on the advertiser’s earned
         page rate. A single flap larger than 50% of a single page will be billed at a
         rate of two additional pages.
     (b) Mechanical charge: Regardless of the insert size, a flat
         noncommissionable/nondiscountable mechanical charge of $750 is

                                                                                         3                                                                                           
 I N S E R T S 	 continued
13. Trimming: Ship folded to 8” x 11”. Trimming for oversize inserts will be                                          (b) Minimum space charges may apply, depending on unit size and circulation
    charged at cost. Keep live matter 1⁄4” from trimmed edges and 3⁄16” from gutter                                       match. Any match below the following circulation ceilings will incur a
    trim. Book is jogged to head, head trim is 1⁄8”, allow 1⁄8” for perfect bind. Final                                   minimum space charge.
    trim is 73⁄4” x 103⁄4”.
                                                                                                                    Unit Size            Minimum Percent Charge             Circulation Ceiling
14. Quantity Required: FULL RUN: 280,000 inserts; DEMO 1 (GP/
    FP/IM/DO/CARD): 194,000 inserts; DEMO 2 (NP/PA): 91,000 inserts.                                                1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 pages          50%                          125,154
15. Shipping Instructions:                                                                                          6 or more pages                 35%                            87,607
     Ship inserts to:
     Consultant                                                                                                  For example, if company B plans to run a two-page insert to office-based internists
     RR Donnelley                                                                                                only, the match would be 61,598, or 25% of the entire circulation. However, this
     100 Banta Road                                                                                              percentage falls below the 50% minimum for two-page inserts, so the rate would be
     Long Prairie, MN 56347                                                                                      calculated using the 50% minimum.
     Attention: Bob Toews                                                                                             (c) Mechanical charges: Inserts only. A $750 flat
     Phone: 320-732-7966                                                                                                  noncommissionable/nondiscountable mechanical charge will be added to
16. Demographic/Split Runs: The Consultant FULL-RUN circulation totals                                                    the space charge, regardless of the insert size or size of the match.
    250,307 health care practitioners. This includes primary care physicians, nurse                                   (d) Frequency credit: Earned frequency credits are calculated based
    practitioners, and physician assistants. Consultant offers two demographic buys                                       on the full unit size. Using the example of a four-page insert, the earned
    as alternatives to the FULL-RUN circulation.                                                                          credit would be 4 pages.
     DEMO 1 includes all office-based primary care physicians, requesting                                             (e) Quantity of demographic/split-run inserts required:
     cardiologists, requesting hospital staff physicians, and primary care residents.                                     List match/split run of 50,000 or less: actual number plus 10%; more than
     Total circulation is 176,083.                                                                                        50,000: actual number plus 8%.
     DEMO 2 includes all nurse practitioners and physician assistants that practice
     in a primary care setting. Total circulation is 74,224.
     Consultant also accepts demographic/split-run buys submitted by individual
     companies/products. Demographic/split-run calculations are always based
     on the FULL-RUN pricing structure. FULL-RUN pricing structure is always
     used to determine cost regardless of circulation size or specialty within
     the split. Minimum demographic/split-run charges may apply. See below for
     minimum levels.
     (a) Space charge: Calculated as a percent of the advertiser’s earned
         page rate proportional to the circulation match. For example, company A
         is earning the 48x rate and plans to run a four-page insert to Consultant’s
         office-based FP/IM/DO audience. Under this scenario, the match equals
         133,368, which is 53% of the entire circulation. The FULL-RUN page rate
         of $12,840 is then multiplied by 4 (unit size) and again by 53% (match)
         to yield the space charge of $27,220.80 In addition to the space charge,
         a noncommissionable/nondiscountable mechanical charge of $750
         is added.

Formula (using example cited above)
   (48x FULL-RUN earned rate)                                                   $12,840.00
   x 4 (unit size)                                                 =             51,360.00
   x 53% (match) Space charge*                                     =             27,220.80
   – (15% agency commission)                                       –               4,083.12
   Net space charge                                                =             23,137.68
   + Mechanical charge (see below)                                 +                  750.00
   Total charge                                                                $23,887.68
   *Color charges, if applicable, would be added at this point, based on full-run color rates (see “Charge
    per color per page or fraction” for sections 4 and 5).

                                                                                                             4                                                                                         
17. Sizes and Specifications: For client supplied, or printed by HMP                         (f) Shipping Instructions: Client supplied printed Cover Tips should
    Communications, 2-page or 4-page Cover Tip without attachments (prescribing                  be shipped to the following address:
    information).                                                                                 Consultant
    (a) Size: 7" X 5" (trim size) can be positioned vertical or horizontal. Glued                 RR Donnelley
        and tipped to the cover parallel to the foot. All copy should be at least                 100 Banta Road
        1/2" from trim (see the diagram below).                                                   Long Prairie, MN 56347
    (b) Cover Basis Weight: 80lbs                                                                 Attention: Bob Toews
    (c) Pages: 2-page or 4-page, can be double sided.                                             Phone: 320-732-7966
    (d) Quantity: Full run - 280,000, PCP demo - 194,000,                                    (g) Supplied Artwork: All artwork for printing of Cover Tips by HMP
        NP/PA demo - 91,000. For all other quantities, please contact Publisher.                 Communications should be in the form of a PDF/x-1a file uploaded to
    (e) Materials Due: 15th of the month prior to the issue date.

18. First Issue: 1960.                                                                  (c) Cancellations and changes: Cancellations or changes in advertising
19. Frequency: 12 times a year.                                                             by the advertiser or its agency may not be made after the closing date for the
                                                                                            publication or product unless otherwise agreed between the parties in writing.
20. Closing Dates:                                                                          HMP Communications is under no obligation to revise advertising materials not
    (a) Space commitment: 1st of the month prior to the issue.                              received by the HMP Communications production department by the closing
        Send insertion orders to Jill Bresnick: fax (888) 686-0391; phone                   date and such advertisements may not be subject to approval by the advertiser
        (610) 560-4144.                                                                     or its agency.
    (b) Materials due: 15th of the month prior to the issue.                            21. Mailing Class: Periodicals class. HMP Communications is not liable for
                                                                                            any delays in the production or delivery of the publication or product due to any
                                                                                            conditions beyond HMP Communications control.

                                                                                    5                                                                                           
22. Index Issue: December.                                                                   24. Peer Review: All manuscripts are reviewed by members of Consultant’s
23. General Editorial Direction: Consultant offers primary care                                  Editorial Board and by other specialists and primary care physicians. When an
    practitioners authoritative, practical help in solving real-life clinical problems           article is accepted for publication, it is then edited and revised as appropriate
    seen in daily office practice. Consultant presents peer-reviewed articles on pre-            before publication.
    tested topics that address the “how to” of diagnosis and therapy with succinct
    text and carefully chosen illustrations. Monthly interactive service features
    emphasize self-quizzes with top-quality color photographs to help clinicians
    hone their clinical skills. Features include consultations with experts, Primary
    Care Updates, photo essays and quizzes, Dermclinic, “What’s Your Diagnosis?®,”
    Photoclinic, “What’s the ‘Take Home’?,” Cases in Point, Pitfalls in Prescribing,
    Practical Pointers, and Photo Finish.

25. Description of Circulation Parameters: Consultant circulates                             NP and PA Circulation Breakout by Specialty:
    to the universe of office-based physicians in the following categories: General
                                                                                                Specialty	                             NP                      PA                   Total
    Practice, Family Practice, Internal Medicine, and Osteopathy. Also included
    in the circulation are all residents in those specialties, and hospital staff               Primary Care                       1,849                     1,547                 3,396
    physicians and medical school teachers in those specialties (request only).
                                                                                                Adult Medicine                     5,308                      483                  5,791
    Universe coverage of office- and hospital-based primary care Physician
    Assistants and Nurse Practitioners or those prescribing primary care products.              Emergency Medicine                    388                     921                  1,309
    In addition, requesting Cardiologists (office-based, hospital staff, and medical
                                                                                                Family Medicine                   35,579                     7,455               43,034
    school teachers) receive the publication.
26. Circulation Verification:                                                                    Internal Medicine                     969                    2,646                 3,615
     (a) Audit: BPA.                                                                            Ob/Gyn                             2,267                      297                  2,564
     (b) Mailing houses: Direct Medical Data, LLC.                                              Women’s Health                     5,650                      274                  5,924
27. Coverage:                                                                                   SUB-TOTAL                        52,010                     13,623               65,633
2012 Circulation Breakout by Specialty:                                                         Other requesters*                  4,497                     4,094                 8,591
                                                         Other                                  TOTAL (NP + PA)                  56,507                     17,717               74,224
                                                    (Hospital Staff +                           (DEMO 2)
   Specialty                   Office     Residents Medical Teacher) Total                      *100% request.
                                                                                                Publisher’s projected 2012 circulation based on current (08/17/11) Direct Medical Data Inc, physician
   General Practice             5,096            3             195          5,294               counts and current (08/17/11) SDI nurse practitioner and assistant counts. Total qualified BPA July
                                                                                                2011 circulation is 249,639.
   Family Practice             52,083       7,334            2,563        61,980
   Internal Medicine           61,598      11,767            3,294        76,659             28. Bonus Distribution*:
   Osteopathy                  19,687       1,660            1,278        22,625                  Meeting                                                                                 Issue
   Cardiology                   3,102         101              163          3,366                 American College of Physicians (ACP)                                                    April
                                                                                                  American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA)                                         May
   Other requesters                                                         6,159
                                                                                                  American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (AANP)                                          June
   SUBTOTAL PCP              141,566      20,865            7,493       176,083
   (DEMO 1)                                                                                       American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP)                                            October
   Nurse Practitioners                                                    56,507                  *Subject to change, contact Publisher for confirmation.

   Physician Assistants                                                   17,717
   TOTAL (NP + PA)                                                       74,224
   TOTAL - FULL RUN                                                     250,307

 G E N E R A L 	 I N F O R M AT I O N
29. Requirements for Advertising Acceptance: All orders are sub-                             32. Ad Format and Placement Policy
    ject to acceptance by HMP Communications. Professional and nonprofessional                    (a) Format: Editorial material is placed next to advertising whenever and
    products or services are accepted provided they are in harmony with the policy                    wherever possible.
    of service to the medical profession under which the magazine is published,
    and they are subject to Publisher’s approval. Copy for nonprofessional products               (b) Placement: Advertising units are rotated throughout the magazine.
    and service ads should be submitted 2 weeks prior to closing date..                               Positioning of advertisements is at the sole discretion of HMP Communications
                                                                                                      except where a specific position has been agreed to by HMP Communications
30. New Product Releases: No.                                                                         in writing. HMP Communications assumes no liability for any errors or
31. Editorial Research: Editorial surveys are conducted on a regular basis                            omissions in key numbers appearing in advertisements.
    to determine physician reading habits and to learn which clinical topics would           33. Ad:Edit Ratio (estimated): 55:45.
    be of greatest interest to readers in future issues.

                                                                                         6                                                                                                              
    G E N E R A L 	 I N F O R M AT I O N 	 c o n t i n u e d
34. Services                                                                                                         35. Association Memberships: Consultant is a member of Business
        (a) Mailing list: Contact Publisher.                                                                             Publications Audit (BPA).

        (b) Editorial reprints: Available.                                                                           36. Educational Activities Opt Out: We value our relationship with our
            Contact for pricing information.                                              readers. Recipients of Consultant occasionally receive additional educational
                                                                                                                         activities as supplements or in other formats. All recipients of Consultant can
        (c) Advertiser index: Back of publication.                                                                       opt out of receiving the journal and the accompanying educational activities at
        (d) Sponsorship opportunities: For details on opportunities for                                                  any time by contacting the Circulation Department.
            sponsoring supplements, clinical reprint series, “best of” collections,
            newsletters, CD-ROMs, DVDs, or custom publications, contact Jill Bresnick
            at (610) 560-4144.

37. Ad Sizes and Bleed Sizes                                                                                         38. Type of Binding: Perfect bound; jogged to head.
        (a) Hold live matter: 7” x 10” centered, ⁄4” from the gutter trim for
                                                                                                                     39. Reproduction Requirements: Consultant is printed heatset web
            spreading pages.                                                                                             offset. Follow Specifications for Web Offset Publications (SWOP) booklet, revised
         (b) Trim size of journal: 73⁄4” x 103⁄4”.                                                                       2001.
                                                                                                                     40. Disposition of Material: Files will be held 1 year from date of last
	                                                  				Non-Bleed                       Bleed                             insertion and then destroyed unless HMP Communications is specifically
                                                     Width x Depth                 Width x Depth                         instructed to do otherwise.
      1 Page                                              7 x 10                         8 x 11                      41. Digital Ad Uploading Instructions: Upload digital files to the
      2/3 Page                                         4 ⁄4 x 10
                                                                                         5 x 11                          HMP Communications ad portal: The file
                                                                                                                         format must be PDF/x-1a.
      1/2 Page (vertical)                              31⁄8 x 10                         4 x 11
                                                                                                                            IMPORTANT: You must press the submit button in order for your ad to be
      1/2 Page (horizontal)                               7 x 4 ⁄4
                                                                                         8 x 53⁄8                           received.
      1/3 Page                                           2 x 10                       29⁄16 x 11                            Once the ad has been submitted, an email confirmation will be sent to you and
        (c) It is important to prepare ads with common offsets on all four sides                                            the appropriate Production Manager.
            (e.g., 1” from bleed all around).                                                                        42. Proofs: Proofs aren’t mandatory but if you submit them please send to:
        (d) Spreading pages must be supplied as single pages.                                                            Mary Hlavac, HMP Communications, LLC, 40 Richards Avenue, 5th Floor,
                                                                                                                         Norwalk, CT, 06854.

    1. Positioning of advertisements is at the sole discretion of HMP Communications, except where a specific position has been agreed to by HMP Communications in writing.
    2. HMP Communications assumes no liability for any errors or omissions in key numbers or facts appearing in advertisements. The advertiser is responsible for the content of the advertisement.
    4. HMP Communications is not liable for any delays in the production or delivery of the publication or product due to any conditions beyond HMP Communications control.
    5. The advertiser hereby represents and warrants to HMP Communications that the advertiser has the right to publish the advertising materials or other information provided hereunder (“Ad Materials”) in the form
       delivered and manner published without infringing or violating the rights of any third party or violation of any law, rule or regulation. The advertiser agrees, at its own expense, to indemnify, defend and hold
       harmless HMP Communications, its employees, officers, directors, representatives, agents and affiliates, against any and all claims, demands, suits, actions, proceedings, damages, liabilities, costs, expenses and
       losses of any kind (including attorneys’ fees and costs) arising out of or related to (a) the printing, publication or distribution of any Ad Materials hereunder, (b) the Ad Materials or any matter or thing contained
       in any Ad Materials and/or (c) third parties’ access to advertiser’s website and/or use of advertiser’s products and services (including but not limited to, claims of trademark or copyright infringement, libel,
       defamation, breach of confidentiality, privacy or data protection violation, false, deceptive or misleading advertising or sales practices).
    7. HMP Communications reserves the right to hold the advertiser and its agency jointly and severally liable for all monies that are due and payable to HMP Communications.
    8. Advertising in HMP Communications online products and services is subject to the terms of the applicable online insertion order.
    9. All payments are due within thirty (30) days of the invoice date. Advertiser shall pay a late charge of 1% per month (12% per year) on all invoices not paid within thirty (30) days of the date of such invoices. In
       case advertiser is in default with payment of one or more invoices, HMP Communications is entitled to hold back the publication of further orders until all amounts due are paid. If Advertiser fails to make timely
       payment, Advertiser will be responsible for all reasonable expenses (including attorneys’ fees) incurred by HMP Communications in collecting such amounts. HMP Communications reserves the right to suspend
       credit and/or performance of its obligations if Advertiser fails to make timely payment. Fees are exclusive of all. Advertiser shall be responsible for payment of all taxes, duties and similar charges assessed in
       connection with the Services or on any payments made by Advertiser hereunder, excluding taxes on HMP Communications net income.

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