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October 22, 2011

                                    And the Envelope Please…
          The 35th Annual Mid-America Emmy® Awards Announced Saturday Night
                   at the Renaissance Grand Hotel in Downtown St. Louis
St. Louis, MO. October 22, 2011 – The Mid-America Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts &
Sciences (NATAS) awarded the 35th Annual Mid-America Emmy® Awards Saturday night at the Renaissance
Grand Hotel in downtown St. Louis.
For the third consecutive year, the Emmy Awards were held in the Majestic Ballroom of the Renaissance Grand
Hotel. A crowd of more than 400 attended the cocktail reception, dinner and awards gala. This year’s ceremony
was hosted by actress and St. Louis native Nikki Boyer from Yahoo! TV.
During the evening, NATAS honored three television veterans for their decades of service in the industry. Rod
Gelatt from the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Journalism was inducted into the prestigious Gold Circle,
honoring those with 50 years or more in the TV industry. Two new inductees were also welcomed into the Silver
Circle which honors 25 years or more in the television industry. Those inductees included Jack Harry from KSHB-
TV in Kansas City, Missouri and Dave Shaul from WDWS-AM in Champaign, Illinois.
In addition, NATAS presented veteran media analyst Michael Kupinski with the Governor’s Award. Kupinski, a St.
Louis native, received the honor for his work in the broadcast journalism industry.
NATAS also congratulates each of the 2011 Emmy® Award winners in the following categories:

Newscast-Morning/Daytime 1-49               KTVI                   Kimberly Woodard
Newscast-Morning/Daytime 50+                KYTV                   Maria Neider, Debbie Enlow, Patrick Shehan,
                                                                   Dave Snider
Newscast-Evening 1-49                       KMOV                   Tracie McKinney, Joe Poelker
Newscast-Evening 50+                        KATV                   Chris Scott
Newscast-Weekend                            KTVI/KPLR              Kimberly Stallworth
General Assignment Report-Within 24hrs      KMBC                   Dan Weinbaum, John Woods
General Assignment Report-No Time Limit     KTHV                   Craig O’Neill, Kenny Reynolds, John Young,
                                                                   Kelly Tibbit
Breaking News                               KSDK                   Frank Wiley
Spot News                                   KLRT                   Kelly Dudzik, Chance Horner
Investigative                               KCTV5                  Dana Wright
Feature News Report-Light Feature           KSDK                   Mike Bush, Eric Voss
Feature News Report-Serious Feature         KNWA                   Neile Jones
Team Coverage                               KMOV                   Sean McLaughlin
Continuing Coverage                        KSHB                    Ryan Kath, Lisa Benson, Jill Jensen,
                                                                   Fernando M. Ochoa
News Special                                  KMOV                 Craig Cheatham, Jasmine Huda, Diane Duenez
Arts/Entertainment: News Story                KSDK                 Mike Bush, Eric Voss
Arts/Entertainment: Feature Segment           HEC                  Sarah Thompson, Boyd Pickup
Arts/Entertainment: Program/Special           HEC                  Kathy Bratkowski, Paul Schankman,
                                                                   Boyd Pickup
Business Consumer: News Story           (Tie) HEC                  Nancy Pasternak, David Bryant
                                        (Tie) KCTV5               Stacey Cameron
Education/Schools: News Story                 HEC                  Brenda Kimberlin, David Bryant
Health/Science: News Story Feature            KSDK                 Mike Bush, Eric Voss
Environment: News Story/Program               KTVI                 Paul Shankman, Dave Sharp, Steve Meyers
Historical/Cultural: News Story/Feature       KOMU                 Megan Murphy, Scott Schaefer
Historical/Cultural: Program/Feature          KCPT                 Pamela James, Randy Mason
Politics/Government: News Story/Program KSHB                       Jenn Strathman
Religion: News Story/Program Feature          Univ. of Arkansas    Hayot Tuychiev
Human Interest: News Story/Feature            KYTV                 Paula Morehouse, Robin Yancey
Human Interest: Program Feature         (Tie) Kansas City Chiefs Jodain Massad
                                        (Tie) Kansas City Chiefs Jodain Massad, Wil Blackwell, Robert Alberino
Human Interest: Program Special               KSDK                 Mike Bush
Specialty News Series                         KSDK                 Mike Bush
Specialty Program                    26:46       Kelly E. Reed, Dylan Damian, Susan Shircliff
Sports: News Single Story                     KMOV                 Mark Hadler, Chris Nagus
Sports: News Feature or Program Feature Kansas City Chiefs Robert Alberino, Wil Blackwell
Sports: Regularly Schedule Program            Univ. of Kansas      Micah Brown
Sports: One Time Special                      Metro Sports         Erik Ashel, Mick Schaffer
Sporting Event/Game – Live/Unedited           Fox Sports Kansas City       Kevin Shank
Weather                                       KSHB                 Ryan Kath, Andy Pollard
Documentary – Cultural                        Univ. of Arkansas    Larry Foley, Dale Carpenter
Documentary – Historical                      INVERSION            Gregory Sheffer
Informational/Instructional: Feature          Beckman Institute   Steve Drake
Informational/Instructional: Program          KTVI/KPLR            Susan Brubaker, Kevin Pope
Interview/Discussion: Program                 HEC                  Angie Weidinger, Peter Foggy
Magazine Program                              Spot Creative        Tim Tialdo
Public/Current/Comm Affairs: Feature          Kansas City Chiefs Adam Pellegrino, Robert Alberino
Public/Current/Comm Affairs: Program (Tie) KCPT                    Nick Haines, Sean Holmes
                                        (Tie) KMOV                 Craig Cheatham, Jim Thomas, Gary Womack
Special Event Coverage                        KMOV                 Tom Zupanci
Community/Public Service (PSA)                Coolfire Media       Tim Breitbach, Mike Rohlfing
News Promo: Single Spot                       KMOV                 Jason Holloway
News Promo: Campaign Image                    WDAF                 Tye Murphy
Program Promo: Single Spot or Campaign KETC                        Jim Kirchherr, Frank Popper
Commercial: Single Spot                       Coolfire Media       Patrick Vaughan, Mike Kuhn
Commercial – Campaign                   (Tie) Coolfire Media       Jason Stamp, Kevin Johnson, David Johnson
                                        (Tie) Coolfire Media      Jason Stamp, Patrick Vaughan
Station Excellence                            HEC                  Dennis Riggs

News Excellence                            KMOV                   Sean McLaughlin
Community Service                          KOMU                   Sarah Hill, Martin Siddall, Scott Schaefer
Journalistic Enterprise                    KYTV                   Paula Morehouse, Taka Yokoyama
Audio: Live or Post Production             Avatar Studios         Jim MacMorran
Musical Composition/Arrangement            Coolfire Media         Brent Johnson
Director: Live or Live to tape             Fox Sports Midwest     Tom Mee
Director: Post-Production            (Tie) Antidote/      Scott Huegerich, Bob Miano
                                     (Tie) INVERSION              Gregory Sheffer
Editor: Program                            Kansas City Chiefs     Jodain Massad
Editor: Short Form (Promo/PSA)             Kansas City Chiefs     Jodain Massad
Editor: News                               KOMU                   Scott Schaefer
Editor: Sports                             Metro Sports           Erik Ashel
Graphic Arts: Graphics – Program/News      Kansas City Chiefs     Jodain Massad, Brad Young, Wil Blackwell
Graphic Arts: Animation                    Coolfire Media         Patrick Vaughan, Mike Kuhn
On Camera Talent/Anchor: News              KSDK                   Mike Bush
On Camera Talent/Anchor: Weather           KMOV                   Steve Templeton
On Camera Talent/Anchor: Sports            KSDK                   Frank Cusumano
On Camera Talent: Performer/Host           Spot Creative          Tim Tialdo
On Camera Talent: Sports Announcer         Fox Sports Midwest     Rick Horton
On Camera Talent: Commentator              KSDK                   Jamie Allman
On Camera Talent: Reporter                 KSDK                   Ashley Yarchin
Photographer: Program                      INVERSION              Gregory Sheffer, Issac Alongi
Photographer: Short Form (Promo/PSA)       KNWA                   Chuck Mere
Photographer: News                         KOMU                   Scott Schaefer
Photographer: Sports (Single Camera) (Tie) KSHB                   Andy Pollard
                                     (Tie) Metro Sports           Erik Ashel
Writer: Program/Program Feature            Food For Thought       Jan Thompson
Writer: News                               KTVI                   Paul Shankman
Video Journalist                           KSDK                   Dana Dean

Student Production: News            (Tie) Eastern Illinois Univ. Katie Glaze
                                    (Tie) KOMU                   Jonah Javad
Student Production: Non-News Program      Univ. of Arkansas      Jesse Abdenour

The Mid-America chapter was chartered in 1962 and began honoring outstanding achievement in this region with
local Emmy Awards in 1976. The Mid-America chapter includes the television markets primarily in Missouri,
Arkansas and Illinois and surrounding DMAs: St. Louis, Kansas City, Little Rock, Springfield (MO), St. Joseph,
Columbia-Jefferson City, Joplin-Pittsburg, Quincy-Hannibal-Keokuk, Ottumwa-Kirksville, Davenport-Rock Island-
Moline, Paducah-Cape Girardeau-Harrisburg, Champaign-Springfield-Decatur, Fort Smith-Fayetteville-Springdale-
Rogers, Jonesboro, Monroe-Eldorado and Shreveport (LA).

About NATAS Mid-America Chapter:
The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences is dedicated to the advancement of the arts and sciences of
television and the promotion of creative leadership for artistic, educational and technical achievements within the
television industry. It recognizes excellence in television with the coveted Emmy Award. For more information
please visit


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