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					                                                                                                  Volume 21 w Issue 3 w Fall 2009

                                              Friends of

                  Updates, insights and editorials from inside the Institute for our Friends

Integrity, Authenticity,                                                                              Message from
and Accountability                                                                                    the President:
By Tricia mcenTee, cFO & ceO-elecT

                      When I joined Esalen three years ago, I was longing for a deep
                                                                                                      Welcome to
                      engagement with a competent and diverse group of people who
                      were passionately committed to the grand endeavor of personal
                                                                                                      our New cEO!
                      and social transformation. I am happy to proclaim that I found just             By GOrdOn Wheeler, PresidenT & ceO
                      such a group among the many people who come here to work, to
                                                                                                      Transitions mean new challenge, new
                      study, to teach…and to grow. I would first like to thank all of these
                                                                                                      opportunity—and always some element
                      precious souls who have contributed to mine and others’ ongoing
                                                                                                      of poignancy, a goodbye to something left
                      journeys, and to the miracle that is Esalen.
                                                                                                      behind. For me, as I complete six years
I am immensely humbled and yet feel deeply empowered to be selected as Esalen’s next                  serving as CEO of Esalen, and welcome in-
CEO. It was a strangely synchronistic chain of events that first landed me at Esalen, and             coming CEO Tricia McEntee into that chal-
has since propelled me to where I now find myself. From my first workshop at Esalen on                lenging role, I’m filled with amazement,
Business and Spirituality to the recent passing of my father, it has been an arduous and              some exhaustion, and deep gratefulness.
inspirational journey of growth. As the new CEO-Elect one of my primary focuses will                  Gratefulness to Esalen, for this opportunity
be to foster, maintain, and expand the unique atmosphere here at Esalen that allows for               to serve and learn, and for its remark-
such growth to take place. I plan to do this through strongly promoting positive engage-              able mission in the world; gratefulness
ment, authentic passion, creative freedom, and deep spirituality within our ever-widening             to all the dedicated team members who
leadership team and throughout the broader Esalen community.                                          make Esalen possible; and gratefulness
There is a new style of leadership that is just beginning to emerge in the world as a more            to all of you, the Friends of Esalen, here
heart-centered, more holistic, and ultimately more effective style of leadership. Since               and around the world, who enable us to
arriving here, my personal and professional work has required me to deepen my under-                  multiply our mission impact, transform into
standing of these qualities—cultivating self-awareness as the foundation for personal                 a model sustainability campus, and support
growth, leading with authenticity and a strong spirit of collaboration, honoring the gift of          all our mission-driven programs and initia-
diversity and, true to Esalen’s human potential vision, empowering people to realize their            tives, year in and year out.
highest potential.                                                                                    Through these years, my service to you
One of the essential elements of this empowerment is accountability. Since our goals are              and to Esalen has been guided by a few
so lofty, our mission so important, accountability takes on a moral dimension for us. It is a         central goals and values:

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                                       Message from the President: Welcome to our New cEO!
                                       • the deeper integration of Esalen’s historic integral       of this Plan—thanks to the creative energy and
                                         vision of personal and social transformation, unit-        dedication of our talented staff, our wonderful
         “May we all                     ing personal/spiritual growth with transforma-             interns, and so many of you, who contribute, vol-
                                         tional activism and service;                               unteer, and share your resources and your expertise
       take renewed                    • maintaining and increasing Esalen’s remarkable
                                                                                                    with Esalen. In some other areas we’ve hit a snag,
                                                                                                    made a wrong turn, or encountered unexpected
         energy and                      impact in the world through all our initiatives and
                                                                                                    delays—at times seemingly unavoidably, and at
          inspiration                  • upgrading our basic capacities to meet and deal
                                                                                                    times because I’ve simply learned too slowly on the
                                                                                                    job, in some new area! As a committed learning
            from this                    creatively with the challenges of today’s world            organization, we’ve tried to gain something from
                                         of technology, regulation, communications, and             the successes and the setbacks alike, in the ongo-
       new visionary                     business demands;                                          ing experimental adventure that is Esalen.
          leadership.”                 • the establishment of Esalen as a leader in holistic        And now we’re blessed with new leadership, new
                                         sustainability; and                                        capacities, new energy to meet the challenges of
                                                                                                    a world where dangers and opportunities vie for
                                       • the support and nurturance of our residential
                                                                                                    our attention—whether in reactivity or creative
                                         staff community, who are co-creating a new
                                                                                                    response—at every turn. My own ongoing role
                                         model for living organizational culture and prac-
                                                                                                    as President will continue to be to take the crucial
                                         tices while delivering the mission of Esalen, un-
                                                                                                    message of Esalen out into the world—through
                                         daunted by the challenges of ecology, economy,
                                                                                                    writing, speaking, conferences and publications—
                                         and all the other vagaries of this unique, radical
                                                                                                    and to support Tricia and all the team here in
                                         enterprise on this magic, transformational site.
                                                                                                    taking Esalen’s vision and mission to a new level of
                                       These are the goals I believe in—all of them con-            effectiveness and impact, in our shared world of
                                       tained in the founding vision of Esalen. That vision         challenges, awesome beauty, and terrible need.
                                       rests on our most cherished beliefs that human
                                                                                                    May we all take renewed energy and inspiration
                                       beings are creative, evolving agents in their own
                                                                                                    from this new visionary leadership. Thanks to Tricia,
                                       destiny, and active participants, right here in this
                                                                                                    and all the team here, for taking this challenge on.
                                       precious world, in a grand universal adventure of
                                                                                                    Thanks to you for your support over these past six
                                       evolving Consciousness. At a concrete level, these
                                                                                                    years—of me, of Esalen, and of the great work we
                                       goals and aspirations are expressed in the Strategic
                                                                                                    all share, each in our own way. Thanks even more
                                       Plan exercise we engaged in together, in a whole-
                                                                                                    for your ongoing support to Esalen in the future.
                                       organizational exercise, from Board to interns, four
                                                                                                    With your creative participation, the adventure
                                       years ago at this time.
                                                                                                    goes on.
                                       We’ve made rapid and transformational progress
                                       toward many of the essential goals and objectives

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    Integrity, Authenticity, and Accountability
    hallmark of the business world, allowing business to accomplish so much. Yet, how much more important is
    our mission in comparison to the profit-driven motives of the business world? For us, accountability is far less
    about being “held accountable” than it is about clear expectations, honesty, and self-responsibility. It is about
    integrity, being totally authentic with yourself and others, and doing what you say you will do. Indelibly            “... empowering
    ingraining a unique brand of accountability into Esalen’s collaborative and participatory culture will be a main
    concern of mine.                                                                                                       people to realize
    I would like to thank the members of the Esalen community for their support during this transition, the mem-           their highest
    bers of the Board for giving me this opportunity and Gordon Wheeler for his enthusiastic endorsement and
    continuous wise counsel, and particularly my father for giving me the example of a man who humbly chose                potential”
    to live life to the fullest. It is a great honor to help lead Esalen into its next evolutionary phase of service in
    the world. I cannot think of anything more worthy to which I could devote my life’s work.

Residential Education Grows at Esalen
By Eric Moya, DEan of intEgral EDucation

Over the years, Esalen has been a leader in many          Based on contemporary models of adult education,
areas and has been known as a leader in personal          the legacy program departs significantly from the
and social transformation. The public workshops           immersion model of the workstudy program and
have been an Esalen staple for thousands of people        offers our staff/students the opportunity to at-
every year to come to Esalen for the sake of trans-       tend education at more desirable times of the day
formation and growth.                                     (afternoon) twice a week. With more emphasis on
                                                          between class integration and interesting personal
Equally as mission important, Esalen aspires to be a
                                                          growth subjects, the legacy program is a great
cutting edge source of personal and social transfor-
                                                          container for learners to receive education without
mation for its long term students and staff. Loosely
                                                          needing to significantly disrupt work life.
grouped under the term “Residential Education,”
there are a variety of programs that are targeted         Other programs
specifically to the people who are here for lon-          include new certificate
ger than a month at a time. Historically, the idea        programs. The idea
behind Residential Education was simple—if being          behind our certificate
here for five days was good, then being here for a        programs is to give
year or longer was better. Indeed, for many people        some support and
that was the case.                                        structure for growth
                                                          beyond one month.
These days, however, there is a renewed energy
                                                          With focuses on
and vigor for taking a critical look at Residential
                                                          leadership, sustain-
Education. At the heart of this questioning is a
                                                          ability, bodywork,
deep love of humanity and a deep desire to make
                                                          etc., the certificates reflect new opportunities for
the world a better place by championing the
                                                          our internal staff/students as well as the creation
individual and his or her relationships. We are ask-
                                                          of new systems of tracking learning and student
ing philosophical questions such as “how do we
                                                          progress—systems not previously possible here at
create the very best of what we have?,” “how do
                                                          Esalen. In these programs, information synthesis
we know what we know?,” “how can we further
                                                          and integration become vibrant topics of discussion.
Esalen’s mission through our programs designed
for staff and student development?,” and “how             Greater synergy across programs:
do we support those who work here in leaving this         Over the past year and a half, we have also been
place as potent and vibrant world change agents?”         working to bring together and oversee all of the
There is also a healthy expectation that every initia-    Residential Education programs in order to create
tive and action be somehow translatable back to           a more cohesive and complete overall picture of
the litmus test of mission relevancy.                     offerings. Believe it or not, there are actually ten
                                                          different programs, which collectively make up
In a nutshell, it is an exciting time to be part of the
                                                          Residential Education. At times, trying to work all
Residential Education team. Our long range visions
                                                          the programs into a coherent and integrated whole
are plentiful, but let us instead take an opportunity
                                                          is daunting, but our firm belief is the work being
to mention some of the current initiatives:
                                                          done now will have positive ripples outward for
 New Program Creation:                                    years to come.
 Over the past year, we have created several
“containers” which are designed to structure some         If you would like more information on our
 of the opportunities for staff/student develop-          Residential Education programs including
 ment without losing the freedom and autonomy             our Workstudy program, please contact us
 so characteristic of Esalen’s self-directed legacy.      at
 One of these programs is the “Legacy” program.

    The climate of change:
    Sustainability Awareness & Action Grows at Esalen
    By KaT sTeele, esalen lOnG Term develOPmenT and susTainaBiliTy manaGer

    Sustainability represents a way of thinking, living, and acting to            that often puts profit ahead of consumer health, the livelihood of
    ensure that our choices do not negatively impact future generations’          the American farmer, the safety of workers and our own environ-
    ability to enjoy a high quality of life. Esalen’s sustainability objectives   ment. Gratefully here at Esalen we produce and consume much of
    encompass environmental progress, social equality, cultural preser-           our produce on site or source it locally.
    vation, and economic savings and growth.
                                                                                  Global and Local Climate Action
    Climate change is here and the science continues to show us that              On October 24th Esalen participated in the Global Day of Climate
    it is not slowing but in fact accelerating more rapidly than ever pre-        Action organized worldwide by Esalen friend, activist and author Bill
    dicted. Even in the microclimate of Esalen we are ever keenly                 McKibben and his We engaged in multiple creative actions
    aware of the threat of climate change to our economic systems,                including blessing the spring water, creating educational signage
    health, and environment. Our efforts together will help solve the             between the New Camaldoli Hermitage and Esalen, singing a 350
    climate crisis. Some of these include:                                        song and gathering at the farm to harvest and dry tomatoes from
                                                                                  350 plants! 350 is the important number of parts per million of car-
    Water Conservation
                                                                                  bon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere that is safe for humans and
    Water continues to be a sacred resource that we honor and con-
                                                                                  the earth to thrive. Presently we have exceeded this number and
    serve as much as possible through reduced towel use, increasing
                                                                                  our day of action helps remind world leaders at upcoming Copen-
    native and drought tolerant landscaping, better utilizing our Tidal
                                                                                  hagen climate talks the goal of 350 ppm reduction!
    Wetlands Living Machine® and inviting our guests to follow our lead
    in taking shorter showers and flushing toilets only when necessary.           The Four Winds Council
                                                                                  Our neighbors and fellow organizations The Zen Mountain Center
    Sustainability Action Circle
                                                                                  at Tassajara, the Esselen Tribe and the New Camaldoli Hermitage
    An inspired team of volunteer staff has formed to take action and
                                                                                  come together quarterly to share and collaborate on the mutual
    complete projects including increasing education and awareness
                                                                                  care of our precious Big Sur bioregion.
    around water use, waste reduction, energy efficiency and climate
    action, creating an eco-Esalen logo, signage, a sustainability news-          Ecoliteracy In Action
    letter and blog, and more.                                                    A new month-long legacy program Ecoliteracy in Action launches
                                                                                  October 25-November 22 and follows up on Benjamin Fahrer’s
    Transition Model, Creating Resiliency for Sustainable Community
                                                                                  two month Permaculture program. If we are to live sustainably we
    The international Transition movement represents one of the most
                                                                                  need a change in our relationship to nature and the basis of how we
    promising ways of engaging people and communities to take the
                                                                                  study science, economics, business, and psychology. Systems think-
    far-reaching actions that are required to mitigate the effects of peak
                                                                                  ing requires thinking in terms of relationships, connectedness, and
    oil, climate change, and the economic crisis. The 7 Principles of
                                                                                  context. This course explores what it means to embody the science
    Transition are positive visioning, help people access good informa-
                                                                                  of Sustainability, art of Permaculture, and culture and economics of
    tion and trust them to make good decisions, inclusion and open-
                                                                                  Transition, and learn key concepts such as self-organization, emer-
    ness, enable sharing and networking, build resilience, inner and
                                                                                  gence, resilience, connectivity and adaptation.
    outer transition, and subsidiarity (self-organization and decision
    making at the appropriate level.) Esalen is sponsoring two Training           Little things we do make a big difference
    for Transition sessions.                                New compostable cups will soon be in our rooms, two worm bins
                                                                                  (vermicompost) at our South Coast residence, reusable food con-
    We received a special visit from Food, Inc. and producer, Robert
                                                                                  tainers soon available at cost for staff and improving educational
    Kenner who toured our farm and garden and met with Shirley Ward
                                                                                  signage throughout the campus are a few of our latest efforts.
    and Pete Huff from our staff. In the film he lifts the veil on our na-
    tion’s food industry, exposing the highly mechanized underbelly and           Things we are already doing:
    the handful of corporations that control our nation’s food supply             •Esalen C.A.R.E.S.(Community, Action, Responsibility, Equity &
  Sustainability)- 1 yr Sustainability Certificate Program • Esalen Eco-     • public programs and workshops on gardening & sustainability •
  literacy in Action Legacy and Permaculture Workscholar Programs            Eco-Demonstration site
  • sustainability site day tours • sustainable agriculture in our organic
                                                                             Some projects on the drawing board for 2010 and beyond:
  farm & garden with apprenticeship program • speaking kindly and
                                                                             habitat restoration and water conservation project • holistic
  listening compassionately, using our gestalt process to grow and
                                                                             energy plan - efficiency & renewables • develop green building/
  communicate clearly and improve presence and relationships • cam-
                                                                             remodeling criteria (adhering to Monterey County Certified Green
  pus wide recycling/composting • reducing chemical use • Eco-waste
                                                                             Business Practices) • eco-educational signage • carpooling program
  water management demonstration project - Living Machine Tidal
                                                                             • eco-footprint data & metrics • sustainability advisory group and
  Wetlands • organic mattresses • eco body soap and laundry soaps •
                                                                             action committees • bimonthly sustainability forum open deck •
  transitioning to recycled carpets • non-toxic cleansers • toilet paper
                                                                             partnerships with BALLE, Bioneers, ADPSR/Urban Permaculture
  and tissues products made from 100% post consumer recycled
                                                                             Guild, UC Berkeley, Presidio Graduate School, Findhorn Foundation
  paper • water conservation on grounds, native & drought tolerant
                                                                             etc.• sustainability social media - web presence, blog, Wiserearth,
  landscaping • Green remodeling practices/energy efficiency • Per-
                                                                             Facebook & Twitter.
  maculture design • Gazebo School-early childhood eco-education

“Our efforts together will help solve the climate crisis.”
  Water conservation Project
  Gains Political Momentum
  In a world where freshwater will soon be as scarce as oil, Esalen’s innovative water conserva-
  tion project has gained the attention of national politicians ranging from Speaker Nancy Pelosi
  to Senator Dianne Feinstein to Congressman Sam Farr. All have invited Esalen’s special project
  development team, led by Jane Hartford, to their offices to discuss this ecological wastewater
  treatment demonstration model. With no known greenhouse gas emissions and low energy
  use, Esalen’s treated wastewater is considerably purer than the tertiary standard and will be
  disposed of though sub-surface drip irrigation of ornamental landscaping—potentially saving
  hundreds of thousands of gallons of freshwater per year. Esalen aims to promote widespread
  replication of this model and other sustainable practices to help conserve freshwater and to
  reduce the global threat of climate change. Once replicated, billions of gallons of freshwater
  and the energy used to transport it can be saved yearly in California and beyond. For more
  information please contact Jane Hartford at 415-459-5438.

    Paul Herbert’s new Home
    Paul Herbert, longtime Esalen resident and historian, is thriv-
    ing in his new home at Carmelo Park, a lovely assisted care
    facility in Monterey. Evacuated during the summer fires of
    2008 he did so well there that he decided to stay. He has
    gained weight, can walk about by himself and seems content.

    Born on April 30,1916, Paul lived at the “Hot Springs Lodge”
    in Big Sur before it became Esalen. He was an unofficial
    Esalen historian for years and took many of the photographs
    from the early years. He founded Dolphin Tapes, a library of
    audiotapes of the early speakers at Esalen.

    Friends are welcome to visit Paul in Monterey. Even when he
    does not recognize someone, there is a smile on his face with a
    sense of familiarity and stimulation, which are key to his day.

    conferences at Esalen
    By laura dOherTy, PrOGrams Business manaGer

    After nearly five decades as a leading center for         to experience Esalen together. Esalen massage,
    exploring and realizing human potential through           Gestalt, or yoga sessions led by our onsite faculty
    experience, education, and research, Esalen
    continues to nurture and share the natural heal-
                                                              offer the opportunity to deepen and refine your
                                                              group’s mind/body/spirit experience.
    ing and transformative power of its land and its
                                                              This year, thanks to the support of generous do-       continues
    legacy. In addition to hosting our many catalog
    workshops and residential education offerings,
                                                              nors, Esalen once again hosted the Beyond Words
                                                              organization that brings Arab and Jewish women
                                                                                                                     to nurture
    Esalen makes its facilities available at affordable
    rates to mission-aligned groups and organizations.
                                                              together to build peace in Israel. Naming and          and share
                                                              healing emotional wounds and traumas, partici-
    Conferences, both private and Esalen-sponsored,           pants and facilitators co-created an environment       the natural
    can take advantage of up to 124 bed spaces,               of great support and trust especially as news of
    including 26 bunk and 98 standard bed spaces.             one woman’s family and hometown coming un-             healing and
    Newly remodeled premium rooms with phone and              der the threat of bomb attack found the women
    Internet service are also available. Conference rates     united in a prayer of peace for all.
    include meeting room(s), lodging, access to farm
                                                              Honoring and aware of the powerful transforma-         power of its
    and garden, use of the mineral baths, daily move-
                                                              tions that can occur during conferences such as
    ment classes, and buffet meals from dinner the
                                                              Beyond Words, one of Esalen’s goals is to become
                                                                                                                     land and its
    night of arrival through lunch on departure day.

    Henry Miller once observed of Big Sur that since
                                                              a much greater resource for non-profit organiza-
                                                              tions especially those that emphasize nonviolent
    “there was nothing to improve on in the sur-              communication, personal leadership, sustainabil-
    roundings, the tendency is to set about improving         ity, and overcoming trauma.
    oneself.” Esalen’s naturally nurturing environment
    can draw out and support your group’s potential,          For more information about our conferences
    both in soul and spirit. Be innovative about how          please call 831.667.3028 or email
    your group is here: business development com-   
    bined with family programs allow entire families

                         Heartfelt Thanks
                         to Our Generous Friends of Esalen
                            We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to the         • The Castagnola Family Fund of the Santa Fe Community Foundation (Renée
                             many wonderful Friends of Esalen who generously      Castagnola) • Edwin and Michele Sayres • Schwab Charitable Fund • Gary and
                            support our operations and special projects. The      Lynne Shamshoian • Silicon Valley Community Foundation • Donald and Jill
following is a list of friends who have given $500 or more from January 1, 2009   Spuehler • Nancy and Bob Stone • Jack Sunday and Kathy Huston • Nancy Tew
– October 23, 2009. Bold below indicates a lifetime donation and/or pledge of     • William and Patricia Thurston • Paul Valva • Shirley Ward • Gordon Wheeler
$100,000 or more. Italics below indicate the commitment of a multi-year gift.     and Nancy Lunney Wheeler • Rhonda Williams • Cynthia Wood and Herb
Partners Circle – gifts of $15,000+ Andrew and Courtney Berlin • Ken and          Hindler • Jerry and Lee Wyker • David Zebker
Maddy Dychtwald • Mary Ellen Klee • Paul Matthews and Maria Cardamone             Sustainers Circle – gifts of $500+ Wendy Ablon • Deanna Allen • Anonymous
• Sheila Newton • Roy A Hunt Foundation (Marion and Terry Hunt) • Swig            • Tony Bardol • Robert and Erika Barnhart • Sylvine Beller • Dean Bernal •
Foundation (Steve and Mary Swig)                                                  Phyllis Blees • Merle Boyd • Ann Bradney • Marcia Brandwynne • Reza Bundy •
Founders Circle – gifts of $5,000+ Anumodana Fund • Olivia Boyce-Abel •           Marina Bystritsky • Geraldine Champion • Glea Citron • Nora Clow • Elizabeth
Judy Crawford • Estate of Richard J Dacey • Alyce Faye Eichelberger-Cleese        Danes • Carmen Dove • Jane Dunaway • Susan Fast • Claude Fenner • Julie
• Tracy and Mark Ferron • Sandy Fortier and Milton Chace • Goldman Sachs          Fletcher • Bonnie Gelb • Joy Glenwright • Laurie Glerum • Hewlett-Packard
Philanthropy Fund - Adrian and Penny Bellamy Fund (Robert and Sarah               Company Foundation • Greg Hodge • Hugh Huddleson • Scott Hunter •
Hildreth) • The Betsy Gordon Foundation • The Jackson Family Foundation           The Aaron Marks Foundation Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation
(Michael Jackson) • Raimie and George Kriste • La Fetra Foundation (Suzanne       (Mark and Jane Walton) • Michael Jordan • Anton Jungherr and Lori Chinn
La Fetra) • Lehrer Family Foundation (Karen Lehrer and Steve Sherwin) •           • Bill Kerr • Silicon Valley Community Foundation (Bob and Edie Kirkwood) •
Omega Point Institute (Rinaldo and Lalla Brutoco) • Gary Owens • Colby            Glenn KnicKrehm • Ivan and Ann Kruglak • Mitch Lau • Mai Lindberg • Rory
Sandlian • Marilyn Tuft-Holtz                                                     Little • David Lustig • Anonymous • Dana Masuda • Anisa Mehdi and Peter
                                                                                  Zimmermann • Karin Meng • Payne Middleton • Linda Molnar • Judith and
Benefactors Circle – gifts of $1,000+ Anonymous • John Baker • Edmundo            Daniel Murr • Russ Nash • Rob Novotny • Thomas Olsen • Robert Pohlad •
Barbosa • Joyce and Ken Beck • Barbara Bell • Big Sur International Marathon      Ann Porter • Noshene Ranjbar • Nancy Rose • Harry and Orsolya Salzberg
• Aleesa Bolton • The Beverly H Bremer Charitable Lead Unitrust • Nancy           • Margaret Shoaf • Susan Stangl • Deborah Stern • Orest Taraban • Tides
Brown • J Speed Carroll • Jean and Mike Couch • Karen and David Crommie           Foundation (Mark Bloome) • Betty Toole • Touch for Peace • Wachovia
• Kristin Crosby • Jim Curley • Corla Davis • Fremont and Isabelle DeArmond       Foundation • Duke and Deborah Wagner • Seth Weingarten • Mason Wood •
• John Densmore and Ildiko Sinnappan • Candra Docherty • Harvey Eng •             Jean Zlotkin
Cody Gillette Kirkham • Willie Gordon and Isabel Allende • Virginia Hamilton
• Adelaide Hixon • Robyn Holt • Bill James • Jewish Community Foundation          In Kind Gifts Valued at $500+ Michael Ackerman • Brenda Andersen • Michael
of Los Angeles (David Haspel) • Ashley and Parker Johnson • Reese Jones •         and Carolyn Balaban • Daniel Bianchetta • The Carneros Inn • Carmel Laser
The Kalan Foundation (Jeffrey and Susan Kalan) • Jay Krause and Debbie Wu •       Aesthetics • Carmel-by-the-Sea Soap Company • Carissa Chappellet and Archie
Steve Krause and Tara Samuels • Larry and Ivonne Kuechler • Mary Lamprech         McLaren • Clift Hotel • Irene Ericksen • Jerome and Anne Front • Nancy Grace
• Vance Landis • Amy Laughlin • Susan LeCraw • Jose Leopoldo Figueiredo           • Jack Healey • Hilton Garden Inn • Chungliang Al Huang • Garrett Jacobs •
and Renata Define Oliveira • Lori Lewis and Ron Perry • Laura McCabe-             Charly Kleissner • David Lunney and Lucy Lamkin • Corey Maas (The Maas
Edgar • Terry McGeehan • Mac Murphy • Fred Murphy • Jerrilyn and David            Clinic) • Michelle Magdalena • Michael Mayer • Erlinda Montano-Hiscock •
Nathanson • Dodi Nesbit • Lewis Perkins • Alan Perlmutter and Nancy Sanders       Post Ranch Inn • Christine Price and Steve Waldrip • Gustavo Rabin • Rancho
Perlmutter • Carole Pertofsky • Lynn Ritchie • Barry Robbins • Keith Rothberg     La Puerta • Alan Schwartz • Patrice Vecchione • Gordon Wheeler • Sam and
                                                                                  Julie Yau • Dave Zaboski • Christabel Zamor • Dana Zed

giving Back to Esalen:
including Esalen in your Estate Planning
Esalen’s Legacy Circle is a special circle of friends who, with special generosity and foresight, have elected
to include Esalen Institute in their estate plans either through a deferred gift or bequest.

While Esalen very much depends on annual gifts to help underwrite programs and maintain the land and
facilities, sometimes the greatest opportunity to make a significant charitable contribution can occur when
you are making other important business, personal and financial decisions such as writing or rewriting a
will, planning for retirement, contemplating the sale of a business or other appreciated asset, or having
received a financial windfall.

The special value of these gifts which include bequests (wills), securities, charitable trusts, retirement plans,
life insurance, real estate and others is that they enable Esalen to plan its programs, services and even its
facilities far into the future. At the same time, these deferred gifts allow you—during your lifetime—to
make a statement of support that will ultimately become a lasting legacy to Esalen and the members of our
extended global community.

We invite you to invest in Esalen’s future by becoming a member of Esalen’s Legacy Circle. Simply contact
Nancy Worcester at (831) 667-3032, or email indicating that you have includ-
ed Esalen Institute in your estate plans or would like more information about our charitable gifts program.

                                                                                                          Non Profit Org
                                                                                                           US Postage
Esalen Institute                                                                                             PAID
55000 Highway One                                                                                          Marina, CA
Big Sur, CA 93920                                                                                          Permit #33

Address Service Requested

Printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper

                                                            Michael Murphy & Dick Price
                                                            Esalen Board of Trustees
   Esalen Institute was founded in 1962 as an educational   Alyce Faye Eichelberger-Cleese, Mary Ellen Klee, David
                                                            Lustig, Anisa Mehdi, Michael Murphy, Lyle Poncher, Mari-
      center devoted to exploring and realizing human       lyn Mandala Schlitz, Gordon Wheeler, Sam Yau (Chairman)
   potential through experience, education, and research.   Ex-officio members: Nancy Lunney-Wheeler, Carolin Phillips
                                                            Executive Management
                                                            President/CEO: Gordon Wheeler
                                                            CFO and CEO-Elect: Tricia McEntee
                                                            Executive Director of Programming: Nancy Lunney-Wheeler
                                                            Development Committee
                                                            Corinne Bourdeau, Alyce Faye Eichelberger-Cleese, Marion
                                                            Hunt, Mary Ellen Klee (chair), David Lustig, Lyle Poncher,
                                                            Marilyn Mandala Schlitz, Gordon Wheeler
                                                            Advisors: John Cleese, Ken Dychtwald, Jeremy Tarcher,
                                                            John Vasconcellos
                                                            Development Office
                                    Director of Development, Annual Giving: Nancy Worcester                                 Director of Development, CTR: Jane Hartford
                                                            Development Assistant: Alfred Tao
  Development Office: 831.667.3032                          Esalen Photos: Daniel Bianchetta

  Reservations Office: 831.667.3005

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