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Base residents must protect both pets and predators
    Bobcats attacks on family pets con-      ment, base officials stress the removal
tinue in base housing and coyotes roam       of food, water and shelter from hous-
base backyards and side streets with a       ing areas ultimately protects the wild
common purpose - gathering food.             animals by encouraging them to live
    Why base housing? Because, base          within the natural environment offered
officials say, some residents have           by the high desert.
taught them that that’s where the food          According to Edward’s biologists
is.                                          residents need to eliminate food and
    For the sake of both pets and preda-     water sources for smaller animals like
tors, it’s a lesson that has to stop.        rabbits and squirrels as well, as they are
    “We live in a desert environment         part of the desert ecosystem and will
that we share with a large number            attract larger predators to the housing
of wild animals that are very good at        areas.
foraging for food, said Col. Nancy              Base biologists have done a number
Reeves-Flores, 95th Air Base Wing            of surveys in and around the housing
vice commander.                              areas in past months. In addition to
    “We cannot remove the animals            identifying problem animals they have
from their natural habitat and, if we        noted many instances of people care-
tried, others would move in to take          lessly, and perhaps sometimes know-
advantage of the easy access to food,        ingly, attracting wild animals.
water and shelter. We must cut off that         As the biologists were doing their
supply if we’re to safely coexist.”          surveys they noticed many instances
    However, that alone does not solve       where food and water bowls were left
the immediate problem.                       out in front yards. Many people feed
    “Since the animals know the food         their pets in the backyard and that
and water are there, they will continue      will quickly attract wild animals of all
to return for awhile,” she said. “Re-        types.
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Courtesy photograph
gardless of who’s been feeding them,            “They noticed garbage left at the
predators may make unprotected fam-          curb in nothing more than plastic bags,      A Bobcat, similar to the ones inhabiting Edwards licks its lips. Officials say, Bobcats roam base housing,
ily pets in the neighborhood their next      sometimes for days, said Mark Hagan,         gathering food. They choose base housing because residents have taught them that’s where the food is. It is
meal.”                                       a base biologist in Environmental Man-       unlikely a coyote or bobcat will attack, they will however, defend themselves.
    “In this situation we have few attrac-   agement.
tive choices; we must trap and relocate         “Ravens, squirrels and other ani-         animals will usually try to avoid people   become more aggressive. Attacks on        in the desert,” said Mark Bratton, a
the predators, or shoot and kill them,”      mals would rip the bags open and             at all costs. They may stop and stare      humans by coyotes and bobcats are         contract biologist in EM. “But we need
Reeves-Flores said.                          scatter the garbage around. We really        for a few seconds, but from a safe dis-    rare, but they do sometimes happen.       to do all we can do to discourage them
    While the immediate benefit of trap-      need residents to make the connection        tance.                                        The key is to eliminate as many        from lingering.”
ping and euthanizing these predators is      that these actions cause wild animals to        These same animals, however, are        attractants as possible to all forms of      Base biologists offer the following
the safety of people and pets on Ed-         lose their fear of humans and go for the     often attracted to the conditions that     wildlife.                                 suggestions to base residents to dis-
wards, they are last-resort options. As      easy pickings,” he said.                     people create. And if they begin to           “There will always be some contact     courage visits from coyotes or other
good stewards of our natural environ-           Bobcats, coyotes and other desert         associate humans with food they can        between humans and the wild animals                        See BOBCAT, Page 2

Criss Angel visits Edwards, takes ‘7-level test’
   Criss Angel, star of the television show “Mind-            him. It’s great that he came here it’s an honor he
freak” filmed an episode of his show at the Ex-                would take time to visit the military and say what
plosive Ordinance Disposal compound here June                 he said.”
15.                                                              Similar to other Hollywood visits, the cast and
   The celebrity also took time to visit with his             crew of Mindfreak used Edwards facilities and
fans and sign autographs in the Oasis Community               service members for authenticity of their produc-
Center’s Stripes Lounge.                                      tion.
   “Edwards personifies the future of the military,”              “Everyone’s been so hospitable, opening their
said Angel. “To me, doing a stunt here has al-                arms and facilities for Mindfreak. And it’s just
ways been something that’s been in my mind I just             been a dream come true,” said Angel.
didn’t know when I would be able to get here.”                   “The Air Force has been extraordinarily cooper-
   Angel made a special visit to talk with some of            ative,” added David Baram, executive producer of
the families of deployed service members.                     Mindfreak. “We coordinated this on short notice.
   “The men and women who serve this country,                 This is a very dangerous stunt that Criss is go-
not only do they make a huge sacrifice, but their                                              See ANGEL, Page 7
families and friends do too,” said Angel. “If your
brother or wife or husband gets deployed for a                                             Air Force photograph by Mike Yncera

long period of time you don’t get the opportunity             Criss Angel, star of the television show
to see them or to simple things with them.”                   Mindfreak, autographs a motor cycle helmet for
   Angel visited with more than 200 fan fans talk-            TSgt. Chad Callahan, F-22 Raptor Combine
ing with them and signing autographs                          Test Force crew chief, during his visit. More than
   “I’ve been a Criss Angel fan for years. When               200 fans attended the autograph signing. The
I found out he was going to be here I had to be               show is scheduled to premiere on the Arts and
here to check it out and get an autograph and meet            Entertainment network in August.
          2      Desert Eagle                                                                                                                                                                 June 19, 2009

BOBCAT, from 1
wild animals.                                                            “Eliminating food, water and shady areas around your home will        It is unlikely a coyote or bobcat will attack a human, base biolo-
   • Do not put food or water outside. Cat and dog food attracts      discourage a coyote from hanging around,” Mr. Bratton said. “The     gists said. The animals will, however, defend themselves if they
hungry coyotes and other animals.                                     less comfortable coyotes feel around us, the better. We want them    feel trapped or to protect their young.
   • Do not leave small pets, including cats, domestic rabbits and    to maintain their wariness of humans.”                                  If a coyote or other predator is threatening to harm a pet or family
small dogs, outside and unattended, especially at night.                  Anyone who encounters a coyote or bobcat in one of the housing   member, Security Forces is prepared to respond. Base residents can
   • Trim bushes and shrubs to minimize hiding places or shady        areas should keep the following tips in mind:                        contact Security Forces at 277-3340.
spots.                                                                   • Do not panic or run.                                               Other concerns or biological questions may be referred to Envi-
   • When trash is not being collected, secure garbage cans so they      • Stand straight and make yourself appear tall and large.         ronmental Management at 277-1401.
cannot easily be knocked down or rummaged through. Use rope or           • Be careful not to corner the animal.                               More information about coyotes and bobcats can be found on
elastic cord to secure the can to a fence or other immovable object      • Turn your body sideways and slowly walk away from the ani-      the California Department of Fish and Game Web site at http://
or use one to keep the container closed.                              mal.                                                                 www.dfg.ca.gov/news/issues/coyote.html.

Remembering why we serve
by Lt. Col. Victor Moncrieffe                       his parents were serving or had served in the       been lost to an improvised explosive device             To this day, the picture of Spec. Dane R.
Aviano AB, Italy                                    military.                                           attack in Iraq ... it was the young man I had        Balcon remains a permanent fixture on my
                                                       His mother explained that her son wanted         met in the elevator almost a year earlier, killed    desk to remind me that freedom is indeed not
   In the summer of 2006, while assigned to         to join the Army as his father did and I could      in action at 19 years old.                           free, but has a price. That price is paid in the
the U.S. Air Force Academy, I met a young           tell he was excited about the opportunity of           Although very difficult for me, out of re-         air, land and sea by the men and women in
man who reinforced the reason why I serve.          serving as well. However, by the expressions        spect I attended the wake and stood in line          uniform who serve our great country around
   I was about to enter an elevator when he         on the mother’s face, I could also tell she had     to provide my condolences to the family. It          the world making sacrifices every day to
and his mother, an instructor at the academy,       concerns about her son’s plans of service. She      was a closed casket. When it was my turn,            preserve our nation’s values and our way of
walked in to ascend to the upper floors of the       knew we were a nation at war and there was          the mother saw me and immediately screamed           life.
academic building. The mother introduced me         no doubt in her mind that her son would do          out “You know, you know” repeatedly as I                While there may be various personal reasons
to her son and I could already size him up as       his part.                                           embraced her and shared in her grief.                why some serve, (finances, education, opportunity,
an upright young man who was a poster child            As we stopped at the designated floor, I            In the five-minute meeting inside the eleva-       travel, etc.), I believe we ultimately serve because
for military service.                               once again shook this young man’s hand, re-         tor she knew that I could tell what kind of man      of the belief that there is something bigger than our-
   As I shook his hand, he informed me that         minded him that the Air Force was still hiring,     her son was and to what lengths he would go          selves that’s worth defending. Call it patriotism, a
he was about to graduate high school and was        but ultimately wished him the best of luck in       to serve his country. She knew that I knew           way of life, freedom, the fact remains that those
contemplating a life in uniform. I took the op-     his future endeavors. His smile and firm hand        that her son didn’t serve for prestige, money,       of us in uniform, regardless of specialty, serve for
portunity to try to recruit the young man into      shake said it all.                                  or medals, but did what thousands of young           the greater good. That’s what Specialist Balcon
the Air Force and that’s when I learned that           On Sept. 5, 2007, the news spread that a         men and women across our nation do every             believed and that’s what I believe as well.
he came from a proud military family as both        child of an Air Force Academy instructor had        day: serve the greater good.                            So I ask you, why do you serve?

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June 19, 2009                                                                                                                                                                        Desert Eagle            3

                Briefs                                    We graduated another Air Force Test
    Channel 6
       On The Edge-The History of the
                                                              Pilot School class June 13
                                                      by Maj. Gen. David Eichhorn                            fourth point. While the best things in life may        make it all worthwhile.
    Air Force Flight Test Center. This
                                                      commander, Air Force Flight Test Center                be free, the people who keep them free have               Colonel Borman spoke of why we fly - for
    documentary, produced by the Ed-
    wards History Office, uses historic                                                                       had to sacrifice. They lived service before             Family, Country and Religion. And what al-
                                                         The USAF Test Pilot School Class 08B                self for the greater and the long-term good.           lows us to enjoy and celebrate those three
    video and photographs to tell the                 graduated June 13.
    story of the development of the Air                                                                         As with all service, there is Risk - Colonel        elements of our lives? Freedom! Without
                                                         The class picked Lt. Col. Pete Everest as
    Force Flight Test Center at Edwards                                                                      Borman’s last point.                                   freedom, people are wrenched from their
                                                      their distinguished alumni and asked retired
    Air Force Base. Running time is 56                Col. Frank Borman to be their guest speaker.              To the military, it’s literally life and death.     families, the populace is suppressed and re-
    minutes.                                          Both really great choices!                             But in flight test, we’ve all seen these last           ligion is viewed as a threat to the state. Free-
       Airs daily at 1 and 7 p.m. Also,                  Lt. Gen. Allen Peck, the Air University             three months, it takes all of us, civilian as          dom is what it’s all about! Colonel Borman
    look for look for Dateline Edwards                Commander, joined us and did the honors                well as military, to keep us safe to fly another        said it better than I ever could, but I hope
    News Briefs and other programming                 “by the powers granted him by Congress” in             day. No pain - no gain! No risk - no reward!           you’ve caught the flavor of his remarks.
    at the top of each hour. Nightly: see             awarding the class a masters degree in Flight          There will be days such as we’ve had lately,              Which brings me back to: IKMSR - F, C,
    the Pentagon Channel from 8 p.m.                  Test Engineering. The fifth such award we’ve            where the pain is greater than the gain. When          R -> Freedom! That’s how I remembered
    to 5 a.m.                                         made - three during graduation and two ret-            the risk is realized and it’s no longer a “risk,”      Colonel Borman’s insightful comments.
                                                      roactive. Fantastic!                                   It’s a reality. Keep the big picture in mind.             God bless America and the Air Force Flight
    Estate notice                                        Then General Peck recognized Colonel                No one, and I mean no one, is better suited to         Test Center. We are the Flight Test Nation!
      Col. Jerry Gandy, 95th Air Base                 Borman. He told us of Colonel Borman’s                 take the risk than us and the gains over time          manage the risk and be safe!
    Wing commander, has appointed                     space exploits, such as how his crew was
    Capt. Robert Volesky, 411th Flight                the first to orbit a celestial body other than
    Test Squadron, as the summary                     Earth (the moon). Can you imagine the thrill
    court officer to assist in settling               and the stress of the first multiple orbits of
    Maj. Graziano’s estate.                           the moon made by his crew and being the
      To make a claim or to pay off a                 first in history to view “earth rises?” General
    debt to Graziano’s estate, call 275-              Peck and Dr. Bruce Murphy, AU chief aca-
    4606.                                             demic officer, presented an honorary degree
                                                      to Colonel Borman. Awesome!
    Operational Readiness                                Colonel Borman, as the guest speaker,
    Exercise                                          then spoke to the class about what’s really
      An Operational Readiness Exer-                  important.
    cise will be held June 22-26. The                    He started with Integrity.
    emphasis of the exercise will be                     You have to call it like it is with the inten-
    Force Protection and Antiterrorism,               tion of serving the greater purpose, which in
    which may cause delays at the gates               the early days of flight test, was about sav-
    and base services.                                ing lives. Today, I’d argue it’s equally about
      Base Employees are reminded                     saving money. Think about it; getting more
    to be vigilant for slow-moving or                 bang for the buck means more can be bought
    stopped traffic as they approach the               for the same amount. That also saves lives by
    gates and allow extra time to get to              ensuring as much of the proper equipment,
    work.                                             as is possible, is bought.
                                                         Then Colonel Borman spoke of Knowl-
    Career Fair                                       edge.
      The Edwards Air Force Base De-                     You can have all the integrity in the world,
    fense Technology and Intelligence                 but if you don’t have the knowledge (i.e.
    Career Fair is 10 a.m.-2 p.m., June               you don’t know what you’re talking about)                                                                                           Air Force photograph by Mike Yncera
    23 at the Oasis Community Cen-                    you’re not credible. This leads to wasting
                                                                                                                                                                                        Col.(ret) Frank Borman,
    ter.                                              people’s time and distracting them from go-
                                                                                                                                                                                        Test Pilot School
      The career fair is being sponsored              ing after the things that really matter. Getting
                                                                                                                                                                                        graduation guest speaker,
    by the Edwards Top 3, and is only                 a masters degree from the world’s premier
                                                                                                                                                                                        stands before the
    open to job seekers that already have             flight test school certainly shows we’ve pro-
                                                                                                                                                                                        audience June 13. The
    access to a government military site              vided the base for knowledge, and we don’t
                                                                                                                                                                                        graduating class received
    (military ID or CAC card).                        distract.                                                                                                                         a masters degree in Flight
      For a list of exhibitors, jobs be-                 Next, he spoke of Mission. Mission is what                                                                                     Test Engineering. In his
    ing offered and to pre-register, visit            supplies the focus to our efforts. There’s only                                                                                   speech, Colonel Borman
    www.transitioncareers.com.                        so much time in the day and scattered efforts                                                                                     addressed Family, Country
                                                      dilute if not completely derail progress on                                                                                       and Religion, things he
                                                      what’s important. If it’s important it’s worthy                                                                                   said are the reason we fly.
                                                      of Sacrifice, which was Colonel Borman’s

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         4      Desert Eagle                                                                                                                                                  June 19, 2009
Reducing energy usage saves Edwards money
by Diane Betzler                                               California electrical grid, an event that threatens the golden   power if they reduce that usage during peak demand hours.
staff writer                                                   state every summer.                                                 Peak hours most often run from noon to 8 p.m., Monday
                                                                  Ron Ryan, who manages the Supervisory Control and Data        through Friday, and are the hours most frequently bid on.
  With the cool and breezy days we’ve been enjoying so far,    Acquisition and the Energy Management Control Systems on            “We consider base activity and weather when determin-
most folks aren’t yet thinking about the sun-baked swelter-    base, explained just what civil engineering and people who       ing our bid,” Ryan explained. He said if they can reach 50
ing days ahead that summer 2009 is sure to bring to the high   live and work on base can do to help combat the anticipated      percent of their bid, they win.
desert and Edwards Air Fore Base.                              problem.                                                            “For each kWh we reduce from the baseline, SCE gives
  The spring-like conditions, however, aren’t fooling the         For starters, Ryan explained, the base has entered into a     Edwards a credit of 50 cents,” Ryan explained. He said dur-
civil engineering folks who manage the energy and utilities    Southern California Edison-sponsored program called the          ing the last DBP event, which occurred on June 4, Edwards
usage on base. It is their job to do what it takes to reduce   Demand Bid Program. The DBP is a program that offers a           garnered $11,526 in direct credits by reducing consumption
the power consumption and help prevent an overload on the      financial incentive to customers that use a large amount of       by 23,052 kWh in just four hours. “That’s enough electricity
                                                                                                                                to run 23 homes for one month,” he said.
                                                                                                                                   Ryan said that last year Edwards saved more than $35,000
                                                                                                                                for their participation in the DBP. He said this year they are
                                                                                                                                expecting to have about 12 DBP events, which, he said, could
                                                                                                                                earn Edwards a tremendous savings on its total utility bill, a
                                                                                                                                bill that normally runs about $20 million a year.
                                                                                                                                   “Therefore any kind of reduction can save Edwards a lot
                                                                                                                                of money,” he said.
                                                                                                                                   “We approach management of our reduction using real time
                                                                                                                                metering and controlling air conditioning systems throughout
                                                                                                                                the base to achieve our goal,” Ryan said, adding that the most
                                                                                                                                important element in reducing energy consumption is the
                                                                                                                                participation of Team Edwards.
                                                                                                                                   The “Team Edwards” Ryan is talking about includes the
                                                                                                                                folks who live on base and the companies that operate their
                                                                                                                                businesses here as well.
             Photograph by Diane Betzler
                                                                                                                                   Base residents, contractors and other business operations
Ron Ryan from civil engineering                                                                                                 can help tremendously by becoming more energy conscien-
who manages the EMCS and                                                                                                        tious, Ryan said. He said there are a lot of little things people
SCADA systems, checks the                                                                                                       can do to help the cause.
energy being used on base at a                                                                                                     “One sure way to help conserve energy would be to switch
given time through a monitoring                                                                                                 from using regular light bulbs to using the energy-saving
                                                                                                                                                                           See ENERGY, Page 5

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June 19, 2009                                                                                                                                                  Desert Eagle        5

                                               ENERGY, from 4
  AAFES holiday hours                          compact fluorescent bulbs, which are more           Ryan said trimming 15 minutes from dif-         “Be aware of the energy that you’re us-
    The Edwards Army and Air Force             commonly known as CFL bulbs.”                    ferent sources saves a lot of money and said   ing, air conditioning, televisions, lights, etc.,
  Exchange Facility will observe the              Ryan asks that folks restrict the use of      when rotating the sources that they cut con-   do you turn them off when not in use?” he
  following                                    large appliances during peak hours and con-      sumption from, people don’t even notice.       questioned.
    operating hours over the Fourth of         serve on their water usage as well. “After         Ryan and his team ask that people become        He said another big help would be for peo-
  July Weekend.                                all, it takes electricity to pump the water      aware of their energy footprint at any given   ple to report anything they see that’s out of
                                               throughout the base,” he pointed out. An-        timej.                                         the norm, “If you see outside lights on during
     The Edwards Main Store, Armed             other energy-conserving tip is that people                                                      the day, if you’re aware of a building being
  Forces Bank, Car Care Center, Pop-           should wait for the evening hours to turn on                                                    cooled or heated at night or on weekends,
  eye’s,                                       their dishwashers and should wash clothes                                                       or if you notice landscaping being watered
     Charley’s, Taco Bell and Baskin           on weekends or after 8 p.m.                                                                     during the heat of the day, those are the type
  Robbins will be open from 10 a.m.               He asks folks to set their home and busi-                                                    of things that should be reported,” he said, so
  to 4 p.m., July 3 and 4.                     ness thermostats to 78 degrees during sum-                                                      that those events can be readjusted.
     The Shoppette will be open from 7         mer and to 68 in winter, and said if your                                                          Ryan also said if people want help on how
  a.m. to 9 p.m., and the Pizza Hut            residence or office is unoccupied, then set                                                      to reduce their energy footprint they can con-
     will be open from noon to 6 p.m.          the thermostats to 85 degrees in the summer                                                     tact civil engineering and someone will work
     Burger King will be open from 8           and 55 degrees in the winter.                                                                   with them to come up with an energy-saving
  a.m. to 2 p.m. Starbucks will be open           Using SCADA and EMCS, which is an                                                            plan.
  from                                         industrial control system, a computer sys-                                                         A good way to communicate with civil en-
     6 a.m. to 1 p.m., July 3, and will be     tem that collects data from various sensors                                                     gineering is through Eddie Kilowatt, “Send
  closed July 4.                               in buildings and sends that data to a central                                                   an email to eddie.kilowatt@edwards.af.mil.
     The base theater will be open July        computer which then manages and controls                                                           The team of engineers are also open to
  3, but closed July 4.                        the data, Ryan and his team - which consists                                                    suggestions, “If someone has a good idea, we
     The following AAFES facilities            of two control technicians, Jay Vincelette and                                                  want to know about it,” Ryan said, he said
  will be closed on both days: Troop           Ken Harnos, and Minta Huddleston, who                                                           civil engineering doesn’t have a monopoly
  Store,                                       also manages EMCS and SCADA - together                                                          on good ideas and urged folks to share their
     Anthony’s Pizza, Robin Hood,              monitor energy usage throughout the base all                                                    energy-saving concepts.
  Mary’s Place, South Base, NASA               year round.                                                                                        Ryan also wants people to understand that
  Food Court and all Concessions.                 “During demand reduction events, we can                                                      anytime they can reduce their use of energy,
                                               control the systems and reset the thermo-                                                       they are also reducing our dependency on oil
                                               stats,” Ryan said.                                                                              and are reducing pollution as well.

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           6         Desert Eagle                                                                                                                                                                June 19, 2009

Air Force officials release technical sergeant selections
   Air Force officials selected 7,724 of 37,172                      nical sergeant will be promoted according to      promotion release date. AFPC officials will      taken to deliver personnel services via 24/7
eligible staff sergeants for promotion to tech-                     their promotion sequence number beginning         notify airmen, via military personnel flights    Web-based personnel information.
nical sergeant for a selection rate of 20.78                        in August.                                        and military personnel elements, if their se-      For more information, visit the enlisted
percent.                                                               As a reminder, the selections are tentative    lection is in question.                         promotions page on AFPC’s “Ask” Web site
   The average score for those selected was                         until the data verification process is com-          The virtual promotion release is one of       or call the 24-hour Total Force Service Cen-
319.69, with an average time in grade and
                                                                    plete, which is no later than 10 days after the   the many technological initiatives AFPC has     ter at (800) 525-0102.
time in service of 5.68 and 10.85 years respec-
tively. The average score was based on the
following point averages: 133.29 for enlisted
performance reports, 67.67 for the promotion
fitness exam, 56.78 for the specialty knowl-
                                                                                 Thirty-seven Edwards E-5s selected
edge test, 40.54 for time in grade, 23.95 for                            Thirty-seven Edwards staff sergeants           Dustin A. Hurlbut - 412th LTS                   John R. Laurence - 31st TES
time in service and 5.36 for decorations.                              have been selected for promotion to tech-        David P. Irons - 412th AMXS                     Akisha W. Liggens - 95th Medical Op-
   The technical sergeant promotion list will                          nical sergeant. The selectees are:               Daphne L. Jaehn - 412th AMXS                  erations Squadron
be released publicly Jun 18 at 8 a.m. Central                                                                           Jarrod A. Krasutsky - 412th LTS                 Luis R. Magana - 95th Aerospace
Time on the Air Force Personnel Center’s                                  Robert J. Alford - 412th Aircraft Main-       Dustin P. Krueger - 31st TES                  Medicine Squadron
public Web site and on AFPC’s “Ask” site at                            tenance Squadron                                 Nicholas C. Lage - 412th AMXS                   Mitchell S. Mason - 31st TES
Spotlight and Enlisted Promotions.                                        Patrick S. Arndt - 416th Flight Test                                                          Christopher Miller - 95th CS
   “This release has special significance be-                           Squadron                                                                                         David A. Ogden - 412th LTS
cause it is the first time in 12 years that the                            Jonathan R. Baker - 95th Security                                                             Joshua R. Renick - 412th MXS
Air Force has not released the master ser-                             Forces Squadron                                                                                  Joshua L. Rickard - 31st TES
geant and technical sergeant selection lists at                           Joseph V. Barnes - 95th Communica-                                                            Bobby S. Rodriguez - 31st TES
the same time,” said CMSgt. Michael Hall,                              tions Squadron                                                                                   Laron D. Russell - 95th AMDS
the enlisted promotions and military testing                              Martin Bermudez - 412th AMXS                                                                  James W. Shepherd - 95th Air Base
branch chief.                                                             Kenji L. Blackwell - 412th AMXS                                                             Wing
   In 1997, the master sergeant and technical                             John K. Campos - 95th CS                                                                      Timothy J Sparrow - AMC Test &
sergeant promotion release dates were com-                                Jessica R. Carper - 412th Logistics                                                         Evaluation Squadron
bined to streamline the release procedure.                             Test Squadron                                                                                    Stephanie Spiegel - 412th LTS
However, since the inception of the virtual                               Bryce C. Davis - 412th LTS                                                                    John W. Strausbaugh - 412th Flight
Enlisted Promotion Release Application, Air                               Jason W. Detullio - 412th LTS                                                               Test Squadron
Force Personnel Center officials have made                                 Maria A. Ferrer - 95th CS                                                                     Anthony Lee Ta - 412th AMXS
great strides to improve the promotion re-                                Kenneth E. Gettler - 412th LTS                                                                Larry L. Walthour - 95th Force Sup-
lease process.                                                            Dayna R. Greene - 95th Medical Sup-                                                         port Squadron
   At 9 a.m. CST on June 18, airmen can ac-                            port Squadron                                                                                    Thomas C. Watts - 31st TES
cess their score notices on virtual MPF and                               Eduardo Herrero - 95th SFS                                                                    Daniel A. Wowk - 412th FTS
the Air Force Portal. Those selected for tech-

       George Dracopoulos, D.D.S., Inc.
                  • Cosmetic Dentistry • Invisalign
                                                                                        OPENING SOON                                                      Dr. Robert Haze
                  • Dentures/Partials • Orthodontics                                                                                                    Welcomes you to our office
                  • Periodontics       • Relines & Repairs
                  • Crowns & Bridges • Most Insurance Accepted                                              Eagle Eye Optical                                                                 Voted
                                                                                                                                                                                        AV’s Best Dentist

     42544 10th St. West, Suite A               119 South Gold Canyon                                    Main Exchange Mall (EAFB)
      Sonora Professional Plaza                         Ridgecrest
       (661) 949-3505 (760) 371-4263

                                                                                         “PCS With                                                                                 Dr. Robert Haze, DDS
                                                                                                                                                         We are pleased to offer Military Dependents of
                                                                                                                                                               Edwards Air Force Base
                                                                                        Your Pets”                                                      ◆ FREE Laser Teeth Whitening* ($600 Value)
                                                                                                                                                          when you receive a checkup & cleaning or
                                                                                                                                                        ◆ $50 Gas Card** (one per household) or
                                                                                                     APET Rescue                                        ◆ Children’s Electronic Toothbrush**
                                                                                                                                                        *Offer is Limited to First Time Patients Only with PPO

                                                                                                     and Kennels                                        or Indemnity Dental Insurance. One per household
                                                                                                                                                           Preventative, Cosmetic and General
  ONGOING SERVICE FOR 10 YEARS AND GROWING                                                            at Edwards                                           Dentistry for Adults and Children
  OR CALL TOLL FREE 1-877-824-0321                                                                     can help.                                       Valleywide Dental, Inc
                                                                                                                                                              1021 West Ave. M-14
 Coverage not available everywhere. Available features & services will vary
 by phone/network. Nextel National Network reaches over 274 million people.
                                                                                                          For More Information Call                              Palmdale, CA
 Offers not avail. in all markets/retail locations. Add’l terms & restrictions apply.

 Subject to credit approval, $36 activation & $200 early termination fee
 apply per line. Deposit may be req’d. Add’l terms & restrictions apply. See
 store or Sprint.com for details. © 2008 Sprint Nextel. All rights reserved.
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 Patent & Trademark Office.                                                                                                                                           **WHILE SUPPLIES LAST
June 19, 2009                                                                                                                                                                                        Desert Eagle          7

                                                                                                 ANGEL, from 1
         Construction site                                                                       ing to attempt tonight. The base has been fantastic, probably
                                                                                                 the experience we’ve ever had working with any military
                                                                                                                                                                         “We wish the best of luck to all personnel and their fami-
                                                                                                                                                                      lies,” said Baram. “We would like to ask them to watch our
          driving safety                                                                            For the stunt, Angel was to walk across seven levels of a
                                                                                                 mine field; an act which he said would be more dangerous
                                                                                                                                                                      premier Aug. 12 on (The Arts & Entertainment channel)”
                                                                                                                                                                         Before leaving the autograph signing, Angel talked about
    As many of you are aware, many roads on base                                                                                                                      how much he appreciates the sacrifices made by everyone in
                                                                                                 than anything he’s ever performed.
  are under construction with many more upcom-                                                                                                                        the Armed forces as well as their families.
                                                                                                    “I’m going to try to avoid literally being blown up by an
  ing.                                                                                                                                                                   “To all the men and women who are serving this country
                                                                                                 IED,” said Angel. “I’m going to try to walk over seven levels
    Rosamond, Lancaster and Fitzgerald Boule-                                                    of mines and not get blown up. Usually, when I do a stunt,           throughout the world, I would like to say thank you from
  vards as well as the South Gate and North Gate                                                 if I’m wrong it’s a huge embarrassment, but this time it’s a         the bottom of my heart for your sacrifice dedication and for
  all currently remain operational while under con-                                              life or death situation.”                                            your love and passion for this amazing country,” said Angel.
  struction.                                                                                        The material filmed here will air during the Criss Angel           “I’m just honored and privileged to be an American and be
    While keeping those roads open avoids large                                                  Mindfreak season five one-hour season premiere Aug. 12.               here today.”
  detours and makes traveling around base more
  convenient, when driving in construction zones
  drivers need to focus your attention to the road
  and the potential dangers at hand.
    When driving in a construction zone, the driver
  should do the following:

    · Dedicate your full attention to the road.
    · Disengage from distracting activities, such as
  changing the radio stations, adjusting the air con-                                                                                                                                                                Air Force photograph by
  ditioner or using a hands free calling device.                                                                                                                                                                                 Mike Yncera

    · Concentrate on driving rather than passengers                                                                                                                                                               Criss Angel, star
  do not let interruptions take the attention from                                                                                                                                                                of the television
  the road.                                                                                                                                                                                                       show Mindfreak,
    · Pay attention to signs, cones and flaggers.                                                                                                                                                                  shakes hands with
    · Watch out for workers in the zone and their                                                                                                                                                                 the family member
  equipment.                                                                                                                                                                                                      of a deployed
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  spouse. Angel
    Construction zones are well coned, signed and                                                                                                                                                                 visited Edwards
  visible from a distance. It is up to the driver to                                                                                                                                                              June 15 to film
  make the decision to be proactive. Slow down,                                                                                                                                                                   the one-hour
  obey the signs, allow extra time to get to your                                                                                                                                                                 season premiere
  destination and above all, focus on the road.                                                                                                                                                                   of his show’s fifth

                                             healthy baby
                                                                                                          You are invited to

                                       ion:                                                                                                                                                          WAYSIDE CHAPEL
                                                                                                     Victory Baptist
                                         e alt
                                   A special pregnancy information program for military
                                   families. Created by the March of Dimes, the VFW
                                                                                                                                                                                                       COMMUNITY CHURCH
                                                                                                                                                                                                          WORSHIP SERVICE

                                   and the Ladies Auxiliary VFW.
                                                                                                            California City                                                                           ®    SPANISH SERVICE
                                   marchofdimes.com/vfw                                                    Ron Smith, Pastor                                                                                   12:30AM
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Sunday School............9:00AM
                                                                                                            10173 S. Loop                                                                             Evening Services.........5:30PM
                                                                                                               Our Services                                                                                • Senior Ministries
                                   a CFC participant Provided as a public service
                                                                                                   • Sunday School 10:00 am • Morning 11:00 am                                                              • Youth Ministries
                                                                                                   • Sunday Evening 6:00 pm • Wednesday 7:00 pm                                                            • AWANA • MOPS
                                                                                                   For transportation from Edwards AFB call
                                                                                                     (760) 373-7314
                                                                                                                                                                                                     2584 Felsite Ave., Rosamond
                                                                                                                                                                                                         (661) 256-9222
                                                                                                       Independent - Fundamental                  To advertise in the Worship Directory                www.waysideweb.org
 The fun begins Memorial Day weekend!                                                                                                              please call toll free (877) 247-9288.

   Take a wet & wild ride down
       Rattler’s Revenge, The
    Wildcatter & Devil’s Punch

                                                                                                                                                                         Bruce Frye
  Bowl! Float on Big Rock River
     and play in Little Miners                                                                        You’re invited to                                  With Special
   Camp. Chow down at Dusty’s
  Grill, shop at the General Store                                                                   The First Baptist                                   Guest Singer
    & have fun in the Wooden                                                                        Church of Rosamond
           Nickel Arcade.                                                                                  Ministries throughout
         OPEN MAY 23, 24 & 25                                                                          the week for the entire family
          MAY 30-AUGUST 16
  Sun.-Fri. 11 am-6 pm • Sat. 10 am-6 pm                                                                                                                             On Sunday, June 28, special guest singer/
                                                                                                    ◆ Sunday School
 dAILY-                        RES. NON-RES.        GREAT FAMILY FUN                                                                                                 songwriter Bruce Frye will be performing
 Miner (9 yrs. or older)       $13    $16           Buy tickets online today!                       ◆ Worship
 Little Miner (3-8 yrs. old)   $8     $11                                                                                                                            patriotic music at the Lancaster Baptist
 Under 2                       Free   Free                     Join us for special                  ◆ Team Kids                                                       Church. Prior to becoming a Christian, Bruce
 Seniors (62 or older)         $8     $11                         Friday Nights!                    ◆ Youth Study
 MILITARY (Mil. ID req’d.)     $11    $11                      July 3•10•17•24•31 &                                                                                   traveled with some of Nashville’s biggest
                                                              Aug. 7 • 6:30-9:30 pm                 ◆ Promise Keepers Fellowship                                      recording artists. Don’t miss his stirring
 VISIT WWW.CITYOFPALMDALE.ORG/DRYTOWN                  Miners $7 •Little Miners $5
                                                      Season Pass Holders – FREE!                   ◆ Women’s Bible Study                                              testimony and music. June 28 at           ,
                                                                                                                                                                                , and          .
                                             SAVE $2 OFF                                             The corner of 20th and Poplar,
                                      GENERAL ADMISSION                                                2 blocks from Post Office
                                3850-B East Ave. S • Palmdale • 661/267-6161                        256-2469 or 256-2244
                                NOT ACCEPTED. OFFER EXPIRES JULY 30, 2009. CODE 0022.
         8       Desert Eagle                                                                                                                                                               June 19, 2009
Airman and Family Readiness                            Child Development Center                       dren’s Buffet (each additional child is $3.95       health; Cardiac health and importance of reg-
  550 S. Bailey Ave., Bldg. 7020, 277-                1208 W. Fitzgerald Blvd., Bldg 6457 275-        and all kids under 6 years old are free). Non-      ular checkups; Prostate health information;
0723                                                8687                                              club members: Children 6-10 years $3.95,            General nutrition/muscle building; Physical
                                                                                                      and all kids under 6 $2. Buffet only - no other     activity/weight lifting; and Other services
   Operating hours - The Airman and Fam-              Healthy Habits Cultural Cookbook - Ends         dining room menu available.                         available to men.
ily Readiness Center hours of operation are         June 19. Attention all CDC Parents, please           Mongolian BBQ Buffet - 5-8 p.m., June              June 24 - 6:30-8:30 a.m. There will be
now 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Monday, Tuesday,           contribute a healthy recipe representing your     25.                                                 an unmanned information table targeted
Thursday and Friday; and 7:30 a.m.-2 p.m.,          cultural and/or family traditions. We will then      Club Scholarship - Get your share of             to Military PT performance improvement
Wendesday.                                          compile our annual CDC Cultural Cookbook          $25,000 in scholarship awards. Accepting            with information such as: Fitness/endur-
   Sponsorship Training - June 23, 11 a.m.          to distribute at the end of the month Parent      essay submissions until July 1. You can             ance/strength improvement; Nutrition for
This training is mandatory for all unit spon-       Snack.                                            be one of 25 students selected to receive a         endurance and fitness performance; and
sors.                                                 Parent Snack - June 26. See individual          $1000 scholarship give away as part of the          Proper form for PT test tasks (i.e. pushups,
   Hearts Apart - June 26, 5-7 p.m. A sup-          classroom for snack times. Parents please         Air Force Club Membership Scholarship               crunches, running.
port group for spouses, family members and          join us for snack and remember to pick up         Program. Current Air Force Club members
friends of deployed military members.               a copy of the CDC Healthy Habits Cultural         and their families (e.g. spouse, son, daughter,     High Desert Lanes Bowling
                                                    Cookbook.                                         stepson, and stepdaughter) who have been
                                                                                                      accepted by or are enrolled in an accredited
Arts and Crafts Center                                                                                                                                       205 Fitzgerald, 275-BOWL
  200 Methusa Rd., 275-ARTS                                                                           college or university for entry during the fall
                                                    Club Muroc                                        of 2009 term as a part-time or full-time stu-
                                                                                                                                                             Wheelchair access - The bowling center
   Inventory Sale - For the entire month              275 Manzanita Way, 275-CLUB                     dent are eligible.
                                                                                                                                                          now has wheelchair ramps available to sup-
of June. We will sell custom made frames                                                                 To enter, just write and submit an essay
                                                                                                                                                          port your perfect game. Call for more details
ranging from $1.50 to $10. Gorgeous custom            Friday Night Splash Night - June 19, 5-8        on CD of 500 words or less, on this year’s
                                                                                                                                                          at 275-BOWL (2965).
frames at give-away prices! We will also be         p.m. Join us for our first SPLASH NIGHT.           topic “The High Cost of Freedom”. Be sure
selling our ceramic molds at $1.50 per mold         FREE swimming for all - Bounce’s for the          to include name, word-count and entry form.
                                                                                                      The Air Force Club Membership scholarship           Information, Tickets and
with more than 800 to choose from! Hurry            kid’s. Cook your own steak - members $7
and stop by soon! These are available on a          and non-members $9.                               program is just one more valuable benefit of         Travel
first come, first serve basis.                          Poolside Refreshments - As well as offer-       your Club Membership. Submit your entry                205 W. Popson Ave., 275 - TRIP
   Instructors and Volunteers Needed - Your         ing our Sonic Splash menu, poolside refresh-      to the 95th Force Support Squadron Muroc
Arts & Crafts Center is looking for instruc-        ments, such as soda, chips, candy, popcorn        Club Manager, Bldg 5600 by July 1, 2009.              La Cereza Wine Tasting in Temecula -
tors or volunteers to teach wood shop and           and ice cold beer, will be offered to Muroc       Final scholarship awards for school year            June 20. Departs at 7 a.m., return 7 at p.m.
pottery classes. We have a wonderful facility       Pool patrons during pool operating hours.         2009-2010 will be announced by Sept. 19,            $60 per person - Minimum of 13 - 15 partici-
for the crafter to be taught and to be inspired.      Father’s Day Breakfast Buffet - 10 a.m.- 1      2009.                                               pants required. Must be at least 21 years old.
Are you crafty in other areas of fun? Please        p.m., June 21; reservations required by June         For rules or entry forms, visit Club Muroc       Join us for a day of wine tasting without hav-
visit us and let’s talk about programs for the      19. Treat Dad and the family to our Father’s      or visit us online at www.afclubs.net.              ing to worry about the drive down. The price
shop. For more information, call Tina Dorff         Day Breakfast Buffet.                                                                                 includes six tastes of wine at La Cereza, six
at 275-ARTS.                                          Dads who are Club Members eat free.             Fitness and Sports Center                           tastes at their sister winery, Maurice Car’rie
                                                    Adults $8.95, members discount is $2. Youth         210 W. Popson Ave., 275-GYM1                      and a complimentary glass. Also enjoy the
Auto Hobby                                          13-16, $4.95; Children ages 5-12, $2.95; kids                                                         vendor booths at the wineries where you can
  Drop Box Program - Auto Hobby has                 under 5 are free.                                   Men’s Health Month                                get food, or bring a picnic basket to enjoy
a new drop box available for your vehicle             Menu: An array of breakfast items, omelet         June 23 - 11 a.m.-1 p.m. There will be a          a nice meal. Sorry no children, strollers or
keys for drop off. The drop box is located          and waffle station Beverage station with cof-      table or two available at the Rosburg Fitness       babies allowed.
outside the Auto Hobby building for your            fee, orange juice and champagne                   Center to present and discuss information             Las Vegas Turnaround - June 26, sign up
vehicle services. Stop by the day before to           Family Night Buffet - 5-8 p.m., June 23.        related to the following subjects: General                              See ANNOUNCEMENTS, Page 9
fill out a work order and drop your keys in          Lots of Pasta Buffet
the drop box next day and we’ll take care             Members only: With the purchase of an
of the rest. For more information, call 275-
AUTO (2886).
                                                    adult meal, up to two children (ages 6-10
                                                    years) can have a free meal from the Chil-
                                                                                                                Book donation offers opportunity
                                                                                                                       for CCAF degree
                           Chapel News
                   Chapels                                 Education office at 277-7363.
        Chapel 1: 15 N. Popson Ave.                    eDGe youth Bible study and fellowship
       Chapel 2 : 10 Park Dr., 277-2110            for grades 7-12 meets 12:30-2 p.m., Sunday
                                                   with lunch provided. For more information,
        Protestant Worship Services                 call the Protestant Religious Education of-
                   Sundays                                        fice at 277-7363.                                                                                                    CMSgt. Mark
          Gospel - 8 a.m., Chapel 1                                                                                                                                                   Brejcha (left),
        Traditional - 11 a.m., Chapel 2                        Catholic Programs                                                                                                      412th Test Wing
       Contemporary - 5 p.m., Chapel 2              Catholic Religious Education Classes for                                                                                          command chief,
                                                   ages 4 plus are 10:30-11:3 a.m., Sunday at                                                                                         talks with Trenea
               Catholic Masses                                      Chapel 2.                                                                                                         Smart, GEICO field
                    Sundays                            Catholic Youth of the Chapel meets                                                                                             representative, as
                9 a.m., Chapel 2                   12:30 p.m., the 1st and 3rd Sunday of the                                                                                          he carries a box
                5 p.m., Chapel 1                               month at Chapel 2.                                                                                                     of books donated
             Monday - Thursday                                                                                                                                                        by the insurance
              11:30 a.m., Chapel 2                               Other Services                                                                                                       company. The books
        Sacrament of Reconciliation                  Muslim Prayer Services are 12:15-12:45                                                                                           were donated to
     Sundays, 4:15-4:45 p.m., Chapel 1.                p.m., Monday-Friday at Chapel 1.                                                                                               the Cerra Cosa
    This is also available during the week,            For Friday prayers, sermon begins at                                                                                           Community College,
      please call for an appointment.                              12:15 p.m.                                                                                                         in support of the
                                                     For more information, call Mr. Elmasry                                                                                           Edwards Year of
               Chapel programs                                    at 277-8657.                                                                                                        the CCAF Degree
             Protestant Programs                     For Jewish Services, call the Jewish Lay                                                                                         Initiative. The
    AWANA meets 6 p.m., Thursday. AWA-              Leader, Lt Michael Rosenof at 275-5534.                                                                                           program is intended
   NA is a Protestant Christian Bible club             Buddhist, Jewish, Islamic and other                                                                                            to encourage airmen
  for children age 3 to grade 12. For more         denominations may call the Chapel at 277-                                                                                          to pursue their
 information, call the Protestant Religious               2110 for more information.                                                                                                  CCAF degree.
                                                                                                                                               Air Force photograph by Mike Cassidy
June 19, 2009                                                                                                                                                                                     Desert Eagle       9

ANNOUNCEMENTS, from 8                                                                       Pro Shop Inventory Sale - Entire month of June. Every item               Seven days a week, 11 a.m.- 7 p.m.
by June 23. Depart 1 p.m.; return 6 a.m., June 27. Cost is $30                              in the Pro Shop is on sale! Stop by and check out our super
per person - Minimum of 13- 15 participants required.                                       blow out specials.                                                       Muroc Pool Hours
                                                                                                                                                                     Tuesday-Thursday: noon-6 p.m.
                                                                                            Oasis Community Center                                                   Friday: noon-8 p.m.
Children’s Library                                                                                                                                                   Closed on Mondays and weekends
  1100 Kincheloe Ave., Bldg. 7210, 275-READ                                                    205 W. Popson Ave., 275-CNTR

                                                                                               Father’s Day Cookout - June 20, noon-5 p.m. Come join                  Landsailing - June 20 - Depart noon, returns at 5 p.m. Cost
   Summer Reading Program - June 19-Aug. 7. Wednesday’s                                                                                                            is $25 - includes transportation and basic safety equipment.
at 10 a.m. there will be story time with special events happen-                             a day of fun where there will be a barbecue and Sports &
                                                                                            Hobby Shop vendors on site - Doodle Dragons & Collect-                 Join us for a day of landsailing on Roger’s Dry Lakebed on
ing on Friday’s at 10 a.m. Flyers will be given out weekly at                                                                                                      South Base. Bring drinking water, sun screen, eye protection
the Children’s Library for each week’s event.                                               ibles, Battle Grounds Comics and more.
                                                                                               Chess Club Meeting - June 24, 6 p.m. Open to all ages.              (i.e. sunglasses or goggles) and a lunch or snacks. Sign up
                                                                                               Call Of Duty 4’ Xbox Tournament - June 27, noon. Cost               early at Outdoor Recreation, group size is limited and these
Muroc Lake Golf Course                                                                      is $5 - Sign up by June 24. This is an individual competition          trips fill up fast.
  111 Crest Dr., 275-PUTT                                                                   where the winner and runner up will receive a prize - with                Silverwood Lake Father’s Day Fishing Trip - June 20
                                                                                            the winner receiving a trophy.                                         - Depart 8 a.m., return at 6 p.m. Cost is $30 and includes
  New Carts - The golf course has two new carts for those                                                                                                          transportation. Come out for a day of fishing at Silverwood
with handicaps. The cart is a solo-rider that is used by am-                                                                                                       Lake where you can catch Largemouth Bass, Striped Bass,
putees or people with disabilities who have trouble with                                    Outdoor Recreation                                                     Crappie, Trout, Catfish, Bluegill and Carp. (Fishing poles and
mobility. There is a lift seat that swivels around allowing                                    1100 Kincheloe Ave., 275-CAMP
                                                                                                                                                                   nets can be provided but supplies are limited - fishing permits
the golfer to stand in an upright position in order to swing                                                                                                       are required at Silverwood Lake and are not included)
and hit the ball. Contact Muroc Lake Golf Course at 275-                                       Lemonade Monday’s at Sonic Pool - Mondays in June,
                                                                                                                                                                      Tehachapi Mountain Park Day Hike - June 26, departs
PUTT (7888)                                                                                 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Sonic Pool is offering free lemonade to pa-
                                                                                                                                                                   7 a.m. Cost is $10 and includes transportation. Join us for
  Father’s Day Golf Tournament - June 21, 7:30-11:30 a.m.                                   trons.
                                                                                                                                                                   a hike on the Nuooah Nature Trail, part of the Tehachapi
Cost: $45 - includes green fees, golf cart and breakfast/lunch.                                Flotation Friday’s at Sonic and Muroc Pools - Every
                                                                                                                                                                   Mountain Park. Bring drinking water, sun screen, eye protec-
Format: Two-man scramble.                                                                   Friday in June. Come float around Sonic and Muroc Pool
                                                                                            with your own floats. No water wings allowed.                           tion (i.e. sunglasses) and a lunch or snacks.
                                                                                                                                                                      SCUBA Classes - SCUBA classes are from beginner to
Sandbagger Grill                                                                                                                                                   advance through Outdoor Recreation. Contact Dan Reinke at
  Father’s Day Breakfast Special - 6:30-11 a.m., June 21.                                     Oasis Aquatic Center Hours
                                                                                                                                                                   (661)609-3803 for more information on class schedules.
Muroc Lake Golf Course & Sandbagger Grill would like                                          Lap swim Monday - Friday 6-8 a.m., 11 a.m.-1 p.m., and
to wish all father’s a very Happy Father’s day by honoring                                  3-7 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                                   Rod and Gun
them with a FREE breakfast. Come on in and celebrate the                                      Closed on weekends & holidays
                                                                                                                                                                     “Big 50” - Every Thursday in June. The “Big 50” is an
day with us. Fathers will also receive FREE driving range                                                                                                          ATA Registered shoot in which each participant shoots 50
tokens and FREE carts for their round of golf.                                                 Sonic Pool Hours
Pro Shop                                                                                       Starting June 5                                                                                  See ANNOUNCEMENTS, Page 10

 Your friendly, courteious

                                                             Sharethepowerofawish ®
neighborhood Auto Service
                      Repair                                                                                                        ®
     Foreign & Domestic
 Auto Service & Repair Center
 Full Automotive Services                                                                      A CFC participant. Provided as a public service.                        WESTSIDE    DENTAL CARE
 •Tune-ups            •Engines
 •Air conditioning    •Transmission
 •Clutches                                                                                                                                                                Your Neighborhood
 •Alternators         •Starters                                                                                                                                           Gentle Dental Care
 •Cooling Systems     •Timing Belts
  Service             •Valve Jobs                                                                                                                                       Adora Okam, D.D.S
 •Scheduled Service                                                                                                                                                   1431 Rosamond Blvd., Suite 12
                                     20th St. E.

 •Brakes                                                                                                                                                                  Rosamond, CA 93560
Rides Available locally.
  40 yrs experience      Ave. Q                                  Daily Room Rate $42.98 and up                                                                          (661) 256-2560
38917 20th St. East, Palmdale
                                                         Weekly Specials Available • Monthly $750 and up
                                                             Free Utilities and Cable TV: HBO, ESPN, Showtime
266-0064 Ask for Greg or Sheila
 Mon-Fri 7:30AM - 5:00PM                                    Wireless Internet Access Available • Large Pool
                                                                Nightly Entertainment in our Lounge.
  CALLED TO SERVE                                           Sun. – Thur. • Karaoke • Fri. & Sat. • Live Band
                                                          44219 Sierra Hwy, Lancaster CA Between Ave J and Ave K
                                                               Call 661 942-8401 or 877-942-8401                                                                               PALMDALE CAMPUS

                                                       Offering Programs             • MBA - Master of Business                                        MASTER OF SCIENCE IN
                                                        Online                       • MA-Human Resources Management                                  TECHNICAL MANAGEMENT
                                                       & On Site                     • MA- Management and Leadership
                                                                                     Other programs also available online                              INFORMATION SESSION
                                                       With a 90 year reputation for academic excellence, Webster University                                 THURSDAY, JUNE 25, 2009
                                                       has served the education needs of military and civilians worldwide
                                                       for more than 20 years. Webster University’s degree programs are                                         5:30 PM- 6:30 PM
                                                       accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is a member of                                           REFRESHMENTS SERVED
                                                       The North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, Approved
                                                   ®   for VA Benefits and Licensed by the California State Board for Private                       Find out how to get a Master’s Degree in just 2 yrs-
                                                       Postsecondary Education.
                                                                                                                                                             Program starts August 10, 2009!
 Assistance dogs for veterans
                                                       For Information:
                                                       Webster University                                                                         LIMITED SPACE, PLEASE RSVP TO RESERVE SEAT:
  866-VETDOGS                                          95 MSS/DPE                                                                                     661-947-4025 or palmdale.center@erau.edu
 www.VetDogs.org                                       Education Center, Bldg 2453 www.webster.edu
                                                       140 Methusa Ave.                                                                              40015 N. Sierra Hwy, B-200, Palmdale, CA 93550
          A CFC participant.                           Edwards AFB, CA 93524
                                                                                           661-258-8501                                                         embryriddle.edu/palmdale
     Provided as a public service.
                                                       E-mail: edwards@webster.edu • Fax: (661) 258-8507
         10     Desert Eagle                                                                                                                                            June 19, 2009

single targets, 50 double targets and 50 tar-        Family Advocatey
gets from their handicapped position.
   Scorpion’s Nest - Open Paintball - June           The Dads: In a nutshell course will
20, 2-8 p.m.                                       take place Aug. 12 and 19 for expect-
   Archery - Outdoor Recreation is looking         ant and new dads. For more information,
for interested members (military, civilian,        call 277-5292.
retired, etc.) to re-start the Archery Club at
Rod & Gun. Anyone with Archery experi-               A couple’s communication class is
ence or new comers to the sport is welcome         held on the last Thursday and Friday of
to join. Contact Outdoor Recreation for more       each month. For More Information, call
information.                                       277-5292
   Volunteers Wanted - Outdoor Recreation
is looking for a few good volunteers. Are you        123 Parenting Magic is a humorous
knowledgeable in hiking, climbing, camping,        look at parenting and a serious look at
rafting, kayaking, or any other Recreational       nurturing for the 2-12 year-old child. For
Adventure? Contact Outdoor Recreation at           more information, call 277-5292.
(661) 275-2267.
                                                 tunity to learn and experience basic photog-
Teen Center                                      raphy skills. See Ms. Sarah for details.
  100 Kincheloe Ave., Bldg. 7211, 275-              Cinemark 22 Movie Trip - June 26; Movie
8336                                             and times too be announced. Stop by the front
                                                 desk for a permission slip and more details.                                                                         Courtesy photograph
   Photography Camp - June 22-26, 8 a.m.-           SuperSitters Class - June 29 and 30, 9
noon, daily. Free to ages 13-18 years. Atten-
tion all shutterbugs! Here is your chance to
learn some great photography techniques that
                                                 a.m.-noon, Youth Programs Annex. Course
                                                 cost is $20 - Ages 11-18 years. Sign up at the
                                                 Main Youth Center - Class size limited. The
                                                                                                  AFRC offers some
will help capture great moments just like a
real pro. The camp will be based at the Teen
Center with excursion trips both on and off
                                                 babysitter’s course is to provide youth with
                                                 the information and skills necessary to pro-
                                                 vide safe and responsible care for children
                                                 in the absence of parents or guardians. This
                                                 training will help participants develop skills   Ashley Breen, Edwards 2009 junior miss and Darrel Burns, Airman and Family
Youth Programs                                                                                    Readiness Center chief pose for a picture during a recent community outreach
                                                 in the following five critical areas: leader-
                                                                                                  project. Ashley recently assisted personnel at the Family Readiness Center here
  24 Lathrop Dr., 275-5437                       ship, safety, safety play, basic care and pro-
                                                                                                  prepare diaper bags for families. The project helped displaced foster babies and
                                                                                                  families in need.
  4-H Photography Club - June 24, 3:30-5
p.m., Club Room. outh will have the oppor-                    See ANNOUNCEMENTS, Page 11

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                                   MEDIA                                online and in Desert Eagle                                    U.S. military bases online at
                                                                  Call 661.945.5634 Today                                              www.aerotechnews.com
June 19, 2009                                                                                                                                                                            Desert Eagle        11

                                                                    ANNOUNCEMENTS, from 10
       DeCA accepting                                                 Model Building Club - Tuesdays, 3-5 p.m., Club Room.
                                                                    Youth can choose from several plastic models as well as learn
                                                                                                                                                  Youth Center or if you sign up early online, you can receive
                                                                                                                                                  a free jersey shirt at www.challengersports.com
        commissary                                                  building techniques, with the end product being their very
                                                                    own. See Mr. Tony for details and to sign up.
                                                                                                                                                     Soccer registration - June 220 July 31 for children ages
        certifichecks                                                  Open Recreation Swim Days - Tuesday and Thursday,
                                                                    1-3:30 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                     Soccer coaches wanted - The Youth Center is looking for
                                                                                                                                                  highly motivated people to coach soccer this year. The season
    The Defense Commissary Agency will accept out-                    1 pm - 3:30 pm                                                              will start the first weekend of September. If you have any
 standing CertifiCheck gift certificates from authorized                                                                                            questions or would like to sign up, contact Emil Graves at
 customers thanks to a plan approved today by the De-               Youth Sports                                                                  277-8961.
 partment of Defense.                                                                                                                                FitFactor Fridays - Every Friday from 3:15-5 p.m. Join us
    The approved plan allows DeCA commissaries to hon-                British Soccer Camp - Aug. 3-7. Get an early start on The                   in the Gym. Be Active and Eat Healthy to reach the FitFactor
 or CertifiCheck gift checks now through July 31, 2009.              British Soccer Camp - Don’t miss out on this great chance to                  Levels and Earn Prizes! You can find more information at
    “I am happy to report that DeCA and DOD have found              be coached by pros from the United Kingdom. Sign up at the                    http://www.afgetfit.com.
 a way that we can honor our customers’ unredeemed
 certifichecks,” said DeCA Director and CEO Philip E.
 Sakowitz Jr. “We have been deeply concerned about how
 this situation has impacted our customers worldwide, and
 we’re happy that we’ve been able to find a solution.”
    CertifiChecks Inc., the Dayton, Ohio, company that
                                                                                                Men’s Health Month
 has issued the commissary gift checks since 2002, an-
 nounced Feb. 26 on its Web site that it had ceased opera-                July is Men’s Health Month and this year the information is being brought to the guys.
 tions and was filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy.                                The Fitness Center will be hosting a variety of health fair activities over two days.
    Since then, DeCA had been working non-stop with                       June 23, 11 a.m.-1 p.m.
 DOD officials to settle on a legal recourse it could of-                  There will be a variety of tables and give-a-ways representing all the health and wellness-related
 fer its customers left holding the unredeemable certifi-
 checks.                                                                services on base. Topics will range from cardiac and prostate health to nutrition and bodybuilding
    DeCA will be allowed to absorb the losses incurred                  to the wide variety of services available on base for men.
 from honoring the certificates from its Defense Working                   June 24, 6:30 a.m. and 3 p.m.
 Capital Fund, Resale Stocks Account, Defense officials
 said. The DWCF was established to allow the federal
                                                                          The Fitness Center will have an information table about general fitness and weight lifting.
 government purchase and repair activities to account                     During lunch time at the HAWC, the Civilian Health Promotion Service Nurse will present a
 for costs and revenue as if they were commercial busi-                 class covering various men’s health-related topics.
 nesses.                                                                  The focus of this year’s Men’s Health Fair is to provide the information and support needed to
    Since 2002, more than $20 million in gift certificates
 have been purchased for authorized customers, including                achieve individual health and fitness goals.
 more than $3.9 million in fiscal 2008.                                    For more information, contact the HAWC at 277-8480.

                                                   Uplifting and empowering                                   Auto, Home, Commercial & Boat Insurance
                                                   those we serve.

                                                    a CFC participant         Provided as a public service.

                                                                                                                 Low Down Payment!
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                                       Fireworks, a Jimmy Buffett Night,
                                        and a Car Sun Shade Giveaway                                                                                                                35% with Our A+ Rated
                                                                                                                 D.U.I. Tickets SR-22
                                     featured during the next Homestand!                                                                                                             CA Admitted Carriers
                                     June 25 vs. Rancho Cucamonga @ 7 PM:                                        Free Quotes Over the Phone
                                         Cheers $ 1 Beers and $1,000 Thursday’s
                                             presented by Allstate Insurance                                     Savings up to 20% or more by switching to CSE Insurance
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                                    Friday Family Night and Fireworks show presented by
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                                  includes (4) Reserved Section seats, (4) Hot Dogs and (4)
                                    Chips for just $28. Then stick around for a Post Game                        CSE Insurance gives discount to Firefighters, Law Enforcement
                                     Fireworks show presented by Diamond Jim’s Casino                            Officers, Teachers, Government Employees, and all Civil Servants
                                     June 27 vs. Rancho Cucamonga @ 7 PM:
                                                                                                                                                Call for a Free Quote
                                  The fans of Jimmy Buffett present Parrot Head Night and a
                                 Car Sun Shade giveaway presented by the City of Lancaster
                                 DOR/DOC. We will have $2 Beer and Cheeseburgers with                          Tel.    661.999.0299                               Toll Free     888.212.0034
                                   live music from a Jimmy Buffett Tribute band Pre Game.
                                                                                                                 338 E. Palmdale Blvd. Palmdale, CA 93550
                                   Portion of the proceeds benefit the Boys and Girls Club.
                                                                                                                      License #OD48037                                         Se Habla Español
                                                                                                                      *Rates are based on driving record, driving experience and territory. *Some restrictions apply
         12      Desert Eagle                                                                                                                                                                 June 19, 2009

Disabled veteran discusses life after the military
by A1C William O’Brien                                              down the street has become a challenge. Not physically, but                  “I was heartbroken. I was doing a job I loved and worked with
95th Air Base Wing Public Affairs                                   mentally.                                                                 people who respected my abilities,” he said. “But now I would
                                                                       “I am constantly thinking that someone around me is going              have to start over.”
   An Army Specialist at Forward Operating Base Salerno,            blow up their car,” said Ramlu. “At traffic lights, if someone                Unsure where to turn and laden with his disability, Ramlu had
Afghanistan, in 2006 was on a three-vehicle convoy operation        crosses in the crosswalk I think they’re going to blow them-              difficulty finding a job.
when, out of nowhere came a white station wagon slammed into        selves up.”                                                                  “I was overwhelmed,” he said. “I thought ‘what am I sup-
one of the convoy vehicle and exploded.
                                                                       That experience left him uneasy around strangers, but another          posed to do now?”
   As if the vehicle-borne improvised explosive device wasn’t
                                                                    experience from his deployment leaves him uneasy around his                  Through the AbilityOne Program, Ramlu was able to find a
enough, the convoy came under further attack almost imme-
                                                                    own family.                                                               job. AbilityOne is a program designed to help disabled veterans
diately. Attackers were shooting his fellow soldiers as more
explosions could be heard nearby. Former Spec. Alvin Ramlu,            “I was working in the guard tower one morning and a little             into the work force.
called in a medical evacuation, saving the lives of his fellow      girl who looked about 10 to 12 years-old lined up with other                 “The AbilityOne Program hired me through Project Hire,”
Soldiers. For his actions, he was awarded the Combat Action         workers outside the base waiting to be searched to come into              he said. “They allow me to work with few needed accommoda-
Medal, but that wasn’t the only thing he brought back with him      the base,” he recalled. “While (waiting), she exploded killing            tions.”
when he returned from his deployment.                               about 12 to 20 people.”                                                      Though it doesn’t heal any injuries, it offers disabled veterans
   That day at a glance, he seemed lucky as it appeared he had         The flashbacks from that even cause him to be on edge around            the ability to work while they recover.
only sustained a bloody nose from his head striking the seat in     all children; even his own sister.                                           “I’m still going to therapy. And I still go to doctor’s appoint-
front of him. Otherwise there wasn’t a scratch or cut to be seen.      “Now, I get flashbacks of that scene,” he said. “When I am              ments,” he said. “But I can also work and can be a productive
But what he would soon find out was that just because it doesn’t     around my little sister or other children I feel nervous. I try to tell   member of society while I recover.”
bleed, it can still leave scars.                                    myself ‘I’m not there anymore, I’m here.’ I try to control it.”              Ramlu is grateful for his job, and the AbilityOne program that
   Shortly after he returned, Ramlu was diagnosed with Trau-           Ramlu said he doesn’t blame the Army for his injuries. He              makes it possible for him to keep working.
matic Brain Injury, a condition caused by sudden head trauma        said he appreciates what they did for him.                                   “I know that I’ll be alright,” he said. “As long as I can work
that damages the brain. Soon after that he was also diagnosed          “I loved the Army,” he said. “They treated me really good.             and bring home a paycheck and the AbilityOne program makes
with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.                                They fed me, put clothes on my back. When my grandmother                  that possible for me and thousands of others who desperately
   The combination of the PTSD and TBI make it nearly im-           had a stroke they let me take emergency leave to go see her.”             need it.”
possible to stop thinking that day and comparing it to everyday        To his dismay, because of his disabilities, he was medically              For more information about the AbilityOne Program, call
situations back at home. For him, a task as simple as driving       retired.                                                                  (800) 999-5963.


412th OSS makes quick work of 95th FSS
by A1C William O’Brien                                              ship, but we will win a game this year.”                                  tion and excitement.”
95th Air Base Wing Public Affairs                                      The 412th OSS started slowly, only scoring four runs in the               The 412th OSS made a coaching change recently. And with
                                                                    first inning. The 95th FSS responded quickly with a run of their           the change, came success. The new coach is happy with his
   After a recent change and subsequent roster reshuffle the         own, the only one they would score until the third inning.                teams play and he believes his team has the potential to make a
412th Operations Squadron only gave up three runs in four in-          In the second inning, the 412th OSS continued to find their             run deep into the playoffs.
nings, a feat quite uncommon to slow pitch softball.                stride, scoring five runs and six hits. The 95th FSS, on the other            “I brought this team back to the basics,” said Hebler. “We
   “We’ve got a couple of new players that came in and our          hand, was only able to get three batters on-base before the in-           held some much needed practices and I’ve seen major turn-
team has a lot of speed,” said Cliff Hebler, 412th OSS coach.       ning closed.                                                              around by everybody. Our fielding’s improved and so has our
“We’re moving up, right now I’d say were third or fourth best          Increasing their lead, the 412th OSS added five runs to their           batting. If we can continue our progression we can become a
in the league.”                                                     lead jumping ahead 14-1 going into the bottom of the fourth               serious contender.”
   Not discouraged by the loss, the rebuilding 95th FSS coach       inning.
was proud of his team and predicted a win for his team by sea-         The 95th FSS was able to get on track and score twice. It was
son’s end                                                           not enough though, as they were able to score nine and not give
   “We played hard and we didn’t quit,” said Emil Graves 95th       up any in the game’s final inning, winning 23-3.
FSS coach. “I’m proud of our team this is our first year playing        “The lineup changes I’ve made have reenergized the team,”
together. Our team may not be in contention for the champion-       said the 412th OSS coach. “They’re playing with more motiva-

                                                                                                                                              Emil Graves 95th Force Support Squadron coach, runs
                                                                                                                                              to catch a fly ball in the outfield. Despite their best efforts,
                                                                                                                                              the 95th FSS wasn’t able to defeat the 412th Operations
Ernest Nelson, 412th Operations Squadron third baseman swings at a pitch. Nelson had a home run in the game. The                              Squadron, losing 23-3. The 95th FSS coach was proud of
412th OSS recently reshuffled their lineup named a new coach. The 412th OSS won the game 23-3.                                                 his team’s play and predicted a win by season’s end.
                                DESERT EAGLE CLASSIFIEDS
       Homes For Sale                       Homes For Rent                  Apartments For Rent                    Furniture & Appliances                  Misc. For Sale                           Pets

Make Sure Everyone Knows             North Edwards: $575/mo. Nice/       Rosamond, 93560.                        Fridgidaire White Stove, Works     ‘93 Skyline Aljo Travel Trailer,   Free go Good Home, Two 5-Year-
 You’re Selling Your Home.           Clean 2 Bdrm/1 Bath, Laundry        Large Spacious Apartment. Re-           Good. $110. 661-802-2238.          Good Condition. $3,000 OBO.        Old Lab/Shephard Mix Females
   Advertise Here. Call              Inside Porch. Also:                 modeled 2 Bdrm/1 Bath w/Ga-                                                775-772-4288.                      (Sisters). Ver y Sweet, Great
       877-247-9288.                 2 Bdrm/1.5 Bath Plus Extra          rage. With Dishwasher & Stove.                                                                                w/Kids. Trying to Keep Together.
 Aerotech News & Review              Room $585/mo. Big Fenced Yard       Close to Schools & Freeway.                   Announcements                                                   Call 818-626-4627.
                                     & Parking Area. Available Now!      Available Immediately! $750/mo.
                                     714-655-8093.                       Pets Ok. 310-951-6755.                       PLEASE REMEMBER
       Homes For Rent                                                                                                                                                                      Garage & Yard Sales
                                     Rosamond, 5 Bdrm/2 Bath/2                    Rosamond                            DEADLINE FOR ALL                     BARKING LOT
                                     Car Garage Home w/New Carpet          Very Large Duplex Unit.                    CLASSIFIED ADS IS                   Best Grooming in
California City,                     & Paint. RV Access. Water/Trash         2 Bdrm/1 Bath w/Own                      TUESDAYS AT NOON                     Antelope Valley                 One Person’s Junk is
3 Bdrm/2 Bath/2 Car Garage           Paid. $1,200/mo. $800/Security       Entrance, Garage, & Laundry                  FOR THAT WEEK’S                   Dog & Cat Grooming             Another Person’s Treasure!
1644sf Home. New Tile/Paint,         Deposit. 661-942-6573.                  Hookups. Quiet Street,                        EDITION!                          Best Rates!                You’ll be Amazed How Many
Natural Gas, City Sewer. $975/                                             Close to Base. $795/mo.                                                        38438 20th St. E.                Treasure Hunters will
mo. $975/Deposit. Pets Ok.           East Lancaster,                                                                                                          Palmdale                   Respond When you place
                                                                               Available July 1st.                      Misc. For Sale
760-373-5264.                        2 Bdrm/2 Bath/Garage Gat-                                                                                             661-272-0738                   an Ad in the Paper! Call
                                     ed Home. A/C, Dishwasher,                                                                                                                            877-247-9288 Today to
West Lancaster                       Washer/Dr yer, Fridge, Secu-                                                Graco Stroller, Excellent Condi-                                              Place your Ad!
3 Bdrm/2 Bath/2 Car Garage           rity. $1,000/mo Plus Deposit.               Cars & Trucks                   tion, Compatible with Most Graco                                        Aerotech News & Review
Home on 1/3 Acre. Spa. Water         urhome.notlong.com
& Trash Paid. $1,650/mo. Call                                                                                    Carseat/Carriers. Gray/Green,
                                     California City,
                                     3 Bdrm/2 Bath/Attached Ga-
                                                                         2001 Chevrolet Astro Cargo
                                                                         Van. Perfect Commercial
                                                                                                                 Cup Holders, Large Basket, One
                                                                                                                 Hand Fold. $50. 661-400-0625.       Relocating to the Antelope Valley?
                                                                         Work Van. 143K Miles, V6
   HIGHLIGHT YOUR AD IN              rage. Nearly New. Landscaped &      4.3Liter, Automatic AWD.
                                                                                                                 Sheetfed Printing Press. Ryobi             Harold “Bill” Nyholm
    YELLOW TO GET MORE                                                                                           3200PFA - Works (Needs a Little               Harold.Nyholm@Century21Yarrow.com
                                     Fenced. Tile Roof, Covered Patio,   A/C, Power Steering, AM/FM              Work). $1,500. Buyers Pays Ship-
   877-247-9288 TO PLACE
                                     RV Parking. Natural Gas, City       Stereo. Includes Roof Ladder            ping. Please Call Brian 661-949-                       Matt Muthu
                                     Sewer. Spacious Interior w/Many     Rack, $3,000 Worth Built-in             7293 or 661-949-7810.                               mattew_muthu@yahoo.com
      YOUR AD TODAY!                 Deluxe Features. Better See It!     Tool Boxes, $6,000. Make
  Aerotech News & Review             $895/mo On Lease. 661-618-                                                                                                                                          Lic# 01858796
                                                                         Offer. Call 661-274-4975.                                                   44143 20th St. West
Cal City, 3 Bdrm/2 Bath Model        9692 or 661-754-0865.
                                                                         2003 Ford Excursion. XLT,                                                   Lancaster, CA 93534
Home w/Open Floor Plan and           Ana Verde Hills Custom Home. 4
Lots of Extras. 2-Fireplaces,        Bdrm/3 Bath Completely Remod-
                                                                         Seats 9, Excellent Family                                                   Bill – Cell: 949.887.4287
                                                                         Vehicle. 44K Miles, V8
Wrap-Around Porch w/Wiring for
Hot Tub, and Dog Room Built
                                     eled. Easy Highway Access. Best
                                     AV Lake View. Over 1 & Quarter
                                                                         5.4Liter, Automatic, 2WD.
                                                                         A/C, Power Everything,
                                                                                                                        FOR RENT                     Fax: 661.942.8243
into Garage. Pets Ok. $1,000/        Acres. $2,000/mo. 818-455-          Cruise, DVD System, AM/FM                     North Edwards
                                                                                                                                                    Desert Lakes Apartments
mo. Call Katy to See! 760-373-       1463.
                                                                         Stereo/CD/Cassette, Roof                       1 Bed 1 Bath
                                                                                                                                                                                              For Rent
                                                                         Rack, & Running Boards.
New Tehachapi Home, $1,500/
                                     Rosamond, 2618sf
                                                                         Tow Package, Tows 10K-lbs.                $450/mo + deposit
                                     4 Bdrm/2.75 Bath w/Large Mas-
                                                                         Excellent Condition, Very                                                    BACHELOR DELUXE                  FURNISHED
mo. 3 Bdrm/2 Bath w/Large            ter, Family Room, Formal Living                                                     Call                                                  ONE TWO
Den, 9’ Ceilings, RV Access. In                                          Clean! $15,000. OBO. Call                                                     STUDIO STUDIO BEDROOM BEDROOM UNFURNISHED
Orchard Glen Cul-de-sac w/Moun-
                                     Room/Dining Room & Of fice.
                                     Front & Back Beautifully Land-      661-274-4975.                              Marissa Garcia                             $550/mo $650/mo $800/mo
                                                                                                                                                      $450/mo Includes Kitchen         Units Avail.
tain Views. Fridge, Washer/Dryer     scaped w/Large Covered Patio.       Don’t Let it Sit!                           805-701-0646
Stay w/House. Call Stephanie         $1,800/mo. 661-406-9987.            Get it Sold!                                                                 • Pool • Cable TV • Laundry • All Utilities Included
                                                                         Call 877-247-9288
                                                                         to Place your Ad.
                                                                                                                                                       MILITARY DISCOUNTS
Rosamond, 3 Bdrm/2 Bath w/Big              Condos For Rent                                                                                            Located Just 11 Miles From EAFB North Gate
Kitchen, Fireplace, Covered Patio,                                       Aerotech News & Review
and Landscaped Yard. Includes                                                                                                                           760-762-5503
Weekly Gardener. $1,250/mo           California City Condo                                                                                           24147 Twenty mule Team Rd, Boron
Plus Security. Not Section 8 Ap-     1 Bedroom w/Covered Patio
proved. 661-947-7718.                $495/mo. Pool, Shade, next
                                     to Public Park, Golf Course, &
Golden Hills, Tehachapi, Fully
                                     Senior Center. W/T Paid. Credit
Furnished, All New Inside,
                                     Check. Or Own Option $35,000.
3 Bdrm/2 Full Bath/2 Car At-
                                     Also, Studio $425/mo. No Pets.
tached Garage, Contemporar y,
                                     760-373-4519 or       661-435-
One Bedroom is an Office, Gor-
geous Front & Back Yard, Garden-
er & Water Included. 5-Minutes to
Hwy 58. $2,500/mo. Year Lease.           Apartments For Rent
Gayle 661-805-0242. See Pic-                                                                                      NEW FOR CLASSIFIED ADS
tures at www.GayleStewart.com
                                               Rosamond                   8187 California City Blvd.                 You can now get your
California City, New                     2 Bdrm/1 Bath/1 Car              California City, CA 93505
3 Bdrm/2 Bath/2 Car                   Garage Apartment w/Central            (760) 373-8282                            Paid Classified Ads
Garage Home in Excellent               Air, New Paint, & Laundry           RENTALS IN CAL CITY                        highlighted in
Condition. Automatic                  Room. Dishwasher & Stove                        DUPLEX                              Yellow!
Sprinkler System.                         Included. $900/mo.
Water/Trash Paid.                            818-606-2422.
                                                                             8501 Rea, #B, 2/1 $700/mo                    Homes for Rent
$1,000/mo Plus Security                                                     8136 Quezon, #A, 2/1 $700/mo
Deposit. Available in July.          North Edwards, Spacious Queen
                                                                           8917 Lupine Loop #B, 2/1 $700/mo         Beautiful and Spacious 2
310-647-4046 or                      1 Bdrm/1 Bath $375/mo. 2
                                     Bdrm/1 Bath $475/mo. Water                                                     Master Bedrooms/2.5 Baths/2
                                     & Trash Paid. Plus Security. Call           APARTMENTS                         Car Garage. 1332 sq. ft. in
Closest Neighborhood in Ro-                                                                                         Gate Community. Appliances
                                     Richard 213-200-9184.                7525 Walpole #4, #7, 2/1 – $550/mo
samond to EAFB Boundar y. 3                                                                                         included. Fenced Yard,
Bedroom plus Bonus Room/2               FILL YOUR VACANCIES!              7601 Walpole #3, #8, 2/1 – $550/mo        Community Pool. $995/mo.
Bath, Walk-in Closet in Master          REACH THOUSANDS OF
Bedroom. Dining Room, Refrig-         READERS! HIGHLIGHT YOUR
                                                                                     HOUSES                               Homes for Rent
erator. $1,350/mo Plus Security          AD IN YELLOW TO GET                                                           Apartments for Rent
Deposit. Includes Garbage Re-           MORE ATTENTION! CALL                8937 Nipa, 3/2 – $850/mo                Employment Opportunities
                                        877-247-9288 TO PLACE
moval & Gardener. Not Section                                             7600 Dogbane, 4/2 – $850/mo                      Cars & Trucks
8 Approved. 661-256-0178 or                YOUR AD TODAY!
                                       Aerotech News & Review              8461 Ironwood – $800/mo                   Furniture & Appliances
805-260-1692.                                                                                                               Yard Sales
                                                                           8772 Aspen, 4/2 – $950/mo
                                                                          21910 Conklin, 4/3 – $1400/mo             Services and many more…
 A special online community
 for families of babies                         Find help and hope at     To see our other homes or apartments    For information, call Judy
 in neonatal intensive care                        shareyourstory.org      visit www.ClearViewRE.com              toll free 877-247-9288
14 Desert Eagle                                                                                                       June 19, 2009


                          General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. (GA-ASI), which provides comprehensive unmanned aircraft and radar
                          solutions for military and commercial applications worldwide, is seeking employees to fill our available positions:

                                  Headquarters                      Flight Operations Facility                 R&D Facility
                                  (San Diego, CA)                   (Palmdale, CA)                             (Adelanto, CA)
                                  • Program Managers                • Avionic Technicians                      • Composite Technicians
                                  • Software Engineers              • A&P Specialists                          • Project Engineers
                                  • Project Engineers               • UAV Pilots                               • Stress Engineers
                                  • Propulsion Engineers            • Sensor Operators                         • Engineering Supervisors
                                  • Mechanical Engineers            • Operations Leaders
                                  • Composite Technicians           • Training Developers                      Predator Maintenance
                                  • Imagery Analysts                • Quality Engineers
                                  • Sensor Operators                • Document Control Supervisors             (Creech AFB, NV)
                                  • Electrical Engineers                                                       • Avionic Technicians
                                                                                                               • A&P Specialists
                                                                                                               • Munition Technicians
                          To apply, please visit our website at www.ga-asi.com. U.S. citizenship is required. Positions may be subject to government
                          security investigation and must meet eligibility requirements for access to classified information.
                                                                       You may fax your resume to GA-ASI:
                                           San Diego Facility Fax: (858) 525-6360               Adelanto Facility Fax: (760) 530-2598
                                            Palmdale Facility Fax: (661)789-5686              Creech AFB Facility Fax: (858) 525-6360

                                                                           Equal Opportunity Employer.
June 19, 2009                                                                                Desert Eagle 15



                                                               America’s disabled veterans don’t walk
                                                                 alone with a VetDog at their side.
                1(800)772-SHIP www.mercyships.org                        www.VetDogs.org

                aCFCparticipant • Providedasapublic service   A CFC participant. Provided as a public service.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              3%DISCOUNT FOR OUR HEROES
                DISCOUNT                                                                    *

             For Veterans, Members
             Of The Armed Services,
              First Responders Plus
             Medical Doctors, Nurses
                   or Teachers!

                                  K. Hovnanian® Homes® is making the American dream a reality for those
                                 who serve or have served in the U.S. Armed Forces or as First Responders.
                                                     You’re our heroes, and we’re saying
                                   ‘Thanks!’ with big savings on the K. Hovnanian® home of your dreams.

  Simply present proof of service in any of the U.S. Armed Forces or current employment
                                                                                                                                         HERE’S TO YOU,
                                                                                                                                         our HEROES
  documentation for the Police, Sheriff, Fire, Paramedic or similar emergency service departments,
  Medical Doctors, Nurses or Teachers and the price of your new K. Hovnanian® Home® will be
  reduced by 3%. To show just how much we appreciate your service, you can take advantage of
  the 3% discount available at El Dorado Ranch in Rosamond. With El Dorado Ranch being just 8
  minutes from Edwards Air Force base... homeownership is right around the corner.
                  EL DORADO RANCH                                                                                                                                                (Approx. 1 mile)

      4 distinctive 1 & 2 story detached designs                                                                                                            (approx. 5 minutes
                                                                                                                                                                entire route)

         Approximately 1,608 to 2,756 sq. ft.                                   TO LEARN MORE VISIT
          3 to 6 Bedrooms, 2 to 3 Bathrooms

          Custom options to fit your lifestyle
                   From the $100,000s                                                                                                                                              Palmdale

                                                                                                                                               Sales Office Open Daily: 10 a.m.- 6 p.m., Wednesday: 2 p.m.-6 p.m.

K. Hovnanian® at El Dorado Ranch II, LLC reserves the right at its sole discretion to make changes or modifications to maps, plans, specifications, materials, features and exterior colors without prior notice. Square
footage is approximate. Pricing and product availability are subject to change without prior notice. Models do not reflect racial preference. Please see a sales consultant for a monthly assessment fact sheet and facility
completion dates. *Active, Reserve, Retired and Veteran personnel with service in the U.S. Armed Forces qualify upon presentation of validly issued current Armed Forces identification or DD214 evidencing such service.
Current employees of Police, Sheriff, Fire, Paramedic and similar emergency service departments of City, County, State and federal public agencies who serve in police officer, sheriff deputy, firefighter or dispatcher
positions qualify upon verified proof of current employment. Individuals who are currently employed as medical doctors, nurses and teachers, whether for a public or private entity, qualify upon verified proof of current
employment. Buyer must execute a contract for the purchase of a home by no later than July 31, 2009, and close escrow by October 31, 2009, in order to be eligible for the 3% discount. This discount can only be used
                   for the purchase of a primary residence; only one discount per home purchased. The Broker Co-Op program can not be used in connection with the Here’s To You, Our Heroes program when purchasing
                   a home. K. Hovnanian® Homes® reserves the right at its sole discretion to withdraw, terminate or make changes or modifications to any discounts described herein, including terms and conditions, at
                   any time without prior notice.

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