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									Selena Gomez & Paris Hilton Join the Custom Cupcake Craze - Celebrity Diners Club, Paris Hilton, Selena Gomez :

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                                   Selena Gomez & Paris                                                                                           ADVERTISEMENT

    Practically Family
                                   Hilton Join the Custom
    Melanie Griffith:
    Antonio Was
                                   Cupcake Craze
    'Amazing' During My            By Jennifer Garcia
    Health Struggle
                                   Friday February 19, 2010 02:05 PM EST

    Heather Locklear
                                                                                        Cupcakes – they're sweet,
    Arrested for Hit-and-
    Run                                                                                 indulgent and totally
    Tiger a Swinging
    Single While Elin &                                                                 During her recent visit to New
    Kids Go to Sweden                                                                   York City, Selena Gomez
                                                                                        received a personalized treat
    Duchess Fergie
                                                                                        from Crumbs Bakery: Two dozen
    Offers Marriage
    Advice for Kate
                                                                                        cupcakes covered in pink, light
                                                                                        purple and red Skittles, which
                                                                                                                              Today's Latest Photos

                                                                                        she enjoyed before an
    Kate Gosselin: I Was                                                                appearance on Late Night with
    'Facing My Fears' on                                                                Jimmy Fallon. As for the cake
                                                                                        itself, Gomez received six
                                                                                        flavors, specially designed for
                                                                                        Valentine's Day, including vanilla
                                                                                        and chocolate-filled cupcakes,
                                                                                        topped with pink, red or white
                                     Selena Gomez                                       icing and the candy.
                                     Gilbert Flores/Celebrity Photo

                                                                                         The same week in Hollywood,
                                                                                         Jessica Biel and three girlfriends
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                                                                              dug into the bakery's holiday-flavored
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                                                                              her romantic comedy Valentine's Day. And
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    Prince William &                 Artery Clearing Secret
                                                                              festive treats to-go for her daughters,
    Kate Middleton                   Nobel Prize Winning
                                                                              Violet and Seraphina.

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                                                                                                                                                        Meet the Petite
     Most Read Stories                                               And cupcakes aren't just a favorite
                                                                                                                                                        Piglets of Little Pig
     This Week                                                       premiere snack. Recently, Kate Beckinsale
                                                                     stopped into L.A.'s Yummy Cupcakes to
                                                                                                                                                        SEE PHOTOS
                                                                     buy a variety to bring along for a party.
                                                                     The actress was joined by her director
                                   husband Len Wiseman, and the two handpicked flavors for their guests.
                                   And Paris Hilton, who just rang in her 29th birthday at L.A.'s Tea Room
                                   with beau Doug Reinhardt and close friends and family, had an
                                   untraditional birthday cake with sparklers. The heiress's boyfriend picked up
                                                                                                                              Around the Web
                                   a gigantic, bubble gum pink treat from The Great Dane Baking Company in,,20345671,00.html[22/04/2010 1:26:54 PM]
Selena Gomez & Paris Hilton Join the Custom Cupcake Craze - Celebrity Diners Club, Paris Hilton, Selena Gomez :

    1    Bullock's Sister
         Sets Record
         Straight on
                                     Los Angeles.
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    2    Sandra Bullock
         Not Wearing
         Wedding Ring                Flavor of Choice?

                                     Another couple, Katy Perry and fiancé Russell Brand, celebrated their
    3    Kelly Ripa: My
         Husband Pays Me
         to Keep My
                                     engagement by splitting a cupcake from Crumbs bakery. Their flavor of
                                     choice? Red velvet, which, according to a source at the bakery, is a
         Clothes On                  celebrity favorite. Among the stars who have ordered the flavor recently:
                                     Chace Crawford, Justin Timberlake and Lauren Conrad, who split a giant

    4    Bachelor Bob                one with her party guests at her 24th birthday bash inside the Hollywood
         Guiney's Wife               Roosevelt Hotel recently.
         Files for Divorce
                                     Reporting by Lisa Ingrassia

    5    Tara Reid Calls
         Off Wedding

                                                                                                  Paris Hilton's
                                                                                                  29th birthday
    Breaking news, bigger
    photos and 200 full
    celebrity profiles, all at the
    tap of a finger!                                                Kourtney Kardashian: From Post-Baby
                                                                    Body To Bikini (PHOTO)
                                                                    Lindsay Lohan: Sam Ronson Spit In My

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                                                10 PM          Sat 4/24           Paris Hilton's British Best Friend

                                                11 PM          Sat 4/24           Paris Hilton's British Best Friend

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Selena Gomez & Paris Hilton Join the Custom Cupcake Craze - Celebrity Diners Club, Paris Hilton, Selena Gomez :


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