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Message from the Chair              1

Corporate Overview                  2

In Development                      3

Recent Production                  11

Sponsored Projects                 19

Feature Films                      20

TV Series                          25

Documentaries                      30

Animation/Drama                    45

Successes                          47
    Background                     47
    Progress and Accomplishments   47
    Employment Creation            47
    Professional Development       48

Challenges and Opportunities       49

Financial Statements               50

Board of Directors                 55

Staff Members                      55
Message from the Chair
Newfoundland and Labrador Film Development Corporation

Dear Industry Professionals:

It is with pleasure that I present the 2006 Annual Report of the Newfoundland
and Labrador Film Development Corporation. A crown corporation, the NLFDC’s
mandate is to promote the development of the indigenous film and video industry and
to promote our film and television products and locations nationally and internationally.
The NLFDC is accountable for the actual results reported; the Corporation has
meticulously followed the goals and objectives of its Strategic Plan.

I also offer heartfelt congratulations to the local industry itself, for a record year
of film and television production activity in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Above and Beyond, Hatching, Matching & Dispatching, Young Triffie’s Been
Made Away With, and Heyday - local dramas made by big crews - led the way
in 2005-2006. A great deal of this production activity occurred outside St. John’s,
generating employment and economic spin-offs in several regions.

Substantial activity was also created through documentaries, half-hour TV shows,
and short films. These smaller-scale productions, such as Rabbittown, developed
future industry leaders and showcased our talent.

Also last year, the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador renewed and increased
the Equity Investment Program and made key improvements to the provincial tax credit
regulations. These investments by the Province, administered through the NLFDC, were
crucial in leveraging money from outside sources into Newfoundland and Labrador.
This outside funding (over 75% of a typical production’s budget) would otherwise
have been spent on film and television production elsewhere in Canada.

There are, no doubt, major challenges ahead for Canadian film and television. At
present, the industry is faced with media conglomerate mergers, distribution woes,
national political uncertainties and a difficult federal funding and regulatory climate
spread across various agencies. These complexities are not unique to our province, and
production activity is always cyclical. But we can, in this competitive environment, take
our share of responsibility to uphold our technology, filmmakers, producers, and crew.

The successes of 2005-2006 were the culmination of a great deal of work done by
many people over many years. Production companies, the staffs and volunteer boards
of local film sector organizations, and a wide variety of professional development
partnerships all paved the way for the accomplishments of 2005-2006. On behalf of
the film development corporation, I thank everyone concerned. As well, my thanks to
the Board of Directors and staff of the NLFDC for all their efforts during a very busy year.

Norm Whalen
Chair, Board of Directors (NLFDC)
    Corporate Overview
                  On a daily basis, the NLFDC facilitates and fosters the local industry. The NLFDC is the front
                  line of the film industry, to the public and, on behalf of Newfoundland and Labrador, to the
                  nation and the world. As such it fields many requests and enquires concerning Newfoundland
                  and Labrador as a shooting location. The NLFDC also advises and counsels local filmmakers,
                  production companies and crew. It provides information concerning all aspects of the film
                  industry, including: its own programs, and those of other local organizations, as well as
                  information regarding national funders, broadcasters, and distributors. The NLFDC partners
                  with local, regional and national organizations and sits on various national committees,
                  including the Association of Provincial Funding Agencies and the National Tax Credit
                  Committee. In this way it helps to shape and influence policy for the benefit of this province.

                  The NLFDC’s Marketing and Human Resource Development Program assists qualified
                  individuals and organizations with small sponsorships which enable them to promote the
                  products of the local industry. As well, the NLFDC has a fulltime Professional Development
                  Administrator who works on behalf of crew, producers, filmmakers, and the industry as a
                  whole to organize and support specific workshops, training opportunities, job placements,
                  and other projects designed to increase the local industry’s capacity.

                  In addition to these daily activities, the NLFDC administers two main programs on behalf
                  of the Province: the Equity Investment Program (EIP), including development, and the
                  Newfoundland and Labrador Film and Video Tax Credit Program. The EIP is a financial
                  contribution, to a maximum of 20% of the total production budget (normally not to exceed
                  $250,000) that shall be repaid from earned income revenue resulting from production.
                  The tax credit is a fully refundable corporate income tax credit administered on behalf of the
                  Department of Finance by the NLFDC. The tax credit encourages the development, training
                  and hiring of Newfoundland film personnel. The credit is based on a calculation of eligible
                  labour, limited to the less of 25% of the total eligible budget or 40% of the total eligible
                  labour expenditures.

                  The NLFDC’s EIP and tax credit are very important to a local film project’s overall financial
                  structure. This funding triggers outside investment that gets leveraged into this province
                  for film productions. These leveraged sources of funding are film industry specific
                  investments that otherwise would not occur here; it is not funding that would go to another
                  industry or cultural sector or to any other government program, but rather, would be spent
                  on film/television production in another jurisdiction. The NLFDC has five employees. It is
                  located at 12 King’s Bridge Road, St. John’s.

                                                                                       In Development
Crackie                                                                   closing? Did that condom come off? In a shocking, heartwarming,
by Kickham East Productions                                               hilarious twist of many fates, the “transfer of the goods at sea”
                                                                          becomes a giant community event, complete with a five boat
Crackie is a story about a relationship between a young woman and         flotilla of cops, townsfolk, the immigration department, fisheries
a dog, the cyclical nature of abuse, and unconventional familial love.    patrol, friends, surfers, and an Old Skipper and his wife who are
                                                                          more wily than all of them put together. Surfing in Newfoundland;
Mitsy is a fourth generation illegitimate child living in a small         it’s great once you’re in!
community in Newfoundland on the Port au Port Peninsula. Her
mother Gwendoline never told anyone who Mitsy’s father was and
left her to be raised by Bride, her grandmother, when Mitsy was           South Coast
two. Bride’s horrible reputation as a prostitute for servicemen on        by Danger Tree Films, Inc.
the American base and her abrupt and cold nature cast ugly
shadows on Mitsy’s childhood. Isolated from society, she grew             The story follows Sean Bennett, a young FBI Agent, as he finds his
up to be extraordinarily introverted and insecure.                        inner hero and confronts a life and death struggle with the lives of
                                                                          his wife and children hanging in the balance. In doing so he finally
Mitsy craves a better family than she’s got, which only consists of       steps out from under the shadow of his highly successful father,
her hateful, scavenging grandmother. She dreams of being with her         Pat Bennett, the newly retired DEA Commander for the South East
real mom, sleeps with an older guy, even gets a dog. So fixated           Region, and a presidential nominee for the position of Director of
on winning over those who reject her, she fails to appreciate the         Homeland Security.
one who never has. You don’t always fit in the place you belong.

Crackie won the Writers Guild of Canada 2004 Jim Burt Screenwriting       Disaster at Sea
Prize. Created to continue the work of the late Jim Burt in recognizing   by Morag Productions
and nurturing new screenwriting talent with a strong sense of identity,
the Prize is presented annually at the Canadian Screenwriting Awards.     The USS Franklin, a secret state-of-the-art nuclear submarine is on
                                                                          its maiden voyage off the icy coast of Newfoundland. A crew member
                                                                          (bribed by a giant computing firm to spoil the smooth running of their
Surfing in Newfoundland                                                   competitors systems’ onboard) unwittingly unleashes a computer virus
by Morag Loves Company (NL) / Cirrus Communications (QC)                  into the submarine’s central computer, closing down its functionality.
co-production. Distributed by Equinoxe Films.
                                                                          Suspecting a Navy-led systems test, the captain and crew work calmly
When a swarthy Italian, Surfer Dude arrives in an isolated coastal        and diligently to rectify the problem.
town in rural Newfoundland, and begins to ride the big waves that
break there, the locals are perplexed. Surfing in Newfoundland? Turns     But, in a panic since the loss of contact, the US Navy is desperately
out the Dude is a smuggler, waiting for a hundred kilo “drop off” of...   searching for their multi billion-dollar investment. The sub is fitted
something. But there’s a problem. The drop off is cancelled. Instead,     with a “cyanide over ride” system that is designed to completely
there will be a transfer of the goods at sea. The Dude must befriend a    self-destruct if the submarine is inactive for 48 hours.
local fisherman, and get that person in on the deal. Enter Christine, a
beautiful young female fisherman. The Dude falls hard; that wasn’t        As the blissfully unaware city prepares for the St. John’s Day
supposed to happen! Christine’s ex, Charlie, vows to crush The Dude,      celebrations, the US Navy and an unlikely ally are in an increasingly
as does Wince, her father. Will The Dude pull off the transfer? Will he   desperate race against time to relocate the sub before it, and a large
get deported? What is he smuggling? Will he get busted for illegal        part of the Eastern Newfoundland Coast, are obliterated.
fishing? Will he survive being lost at sea? Did that visiting American
surfer really drown? Why does The Dude have four passports? Can he
win over Christine’s father? Will the town survive its fish plant

    In Development
    The Sergeant’s Son                                                           Down to the Dirt
    by Rink Rat Productions                                                      by Newfound Films Inc.

    The Sergeant’s Son begins with a body washing up on shore. Who the           Meet Keith and Natasha – two headstrong and charismatic
    body belongs to and why it is there are two questions that will change       individuals sifting through the rubble of their slow dying relationship.
    Mike Carrigan’s life forever. Mike is training to be a cop. His uncle        Set concurrently in St. John’s and Halifax, obsession is the key in
    William has been one for decades. As Mike faces his past to secure           this roller-coaster account of romance and deceit.
    his future, William fights to hide his own past in order to ensure any
    future at all.                                                               Jam packed with tales of shoplifting, abortion, self-mutilation,
                                                                                 inflatable lovers, dead cats, career delusions and budding
                                                                                 alcoholism, Down to the Dirt is a driven black comedy of new
    Atlantic Sound (Phase II)                                                    Newfoundland, containing no salt fish and no ugly sticks.
    by Pope Productions Ltd & Grand Pictures Inc
    (Canada/UK Co-Production)                                                    Down to the Dirt is an adaptation of the highly acclaimed first novel
                                                                                 by Joel Hynes, soon to be re-released by Harper Collins Canada.
    This fish-out-of-water drama follows Matthew Cummins, 34, a tax
    consultant living a safe life in Dublin, whose world is turned upside
    down when his estranged father dies leaving Matthew everything.              Accordion Voices
    The catch? Matthew must return for a year to run a radio station on          by Lazybank Productions
    a remote island off the coast of his native Newfoundland or lose the
    entire estate. The journey to Maiden Island with his girlfriend Hannah       From the Arctic to the Andes, from the Pyrenees to the Himalayas and
    and his son Hank begins a voyage to his past, a reconciliation with          beyond, the accordion has traveled the world and found a home in the
    his father’s memory, and a gradual disconnection from the woman              popular music of people everywhere.
    he loves.
                                                                                 Accordion Voices retraces the extraordinary migrations of this fabled
                                                                                 instrument and celebrates the magic of its music.
    Tempting Providence
    by Pope Productions                                                          Part road movie, part concert film, Accordion Voices travels from
                                                                                 Newfoundland to Texas, from Pangnirtung to Poland, bringing together
    In 1921 Myra Grimsley signed a two-year contract, and boarded a              performances of world class musicians, representing a remarkable
    steam ship from London, England to St. John’s, Newfoundland. Her             richness of musical styles, from conjunto to klezmer, from classical
    charge: to serve as the sole health care provider for three hundred          to jazz, from traditional folk music to rock and roll.
    miles of sparsely settled and greatly ailing coast, on Newfoundland’s
    Great Northern Peninsula. By the time her contract ran out two years
    later, Myra was married to local Angus Bennett, and had given birth to
    their first child, Grace. Part biography, part cultural history, part love
    story, Tempting Providence is a drama about a young British nurse
    who only signed on for 2 years, and the local man for whom she
    stayed for 70.

                                                                                         In Development
Lots                                                                       Water of Life (Phase II)
by Pope Productions, Inc.                                                  by Jim Byrd Productions

The last unrenovated Victorian pile on Cromwell Street has just            A romantic comedy set on the south coast of Newfoundland.
been bought and to the great relief of the yuppie neighbors, by            A community devastated by the loss of the fishery turns to rum
an architect, one Kitty Devereaux. But Patrick Joyce at number 16          running. The mountie sent to deal with this falls in love with the
has seen Ms. Devereaux in his capacity as a lawyer for the City of         daughter of the community leader who is “running the rum”.
St. John’s (she once proposed farming an empty lot downtown)
and suspects everyone may be in for a surprise.
Indeed, when it becomes known that the counter-intuitive carrot-           by Fire Crown Films
topped Kitty plans to redo her house, not in period perfect clapboard
but in modernist sheets of copper, a battle ensues between the “self-      Laughtershock is based on the tried-and-true characters, circus skills,
appointed taste police” and the new kid on the block. The conflict         costumes, props and themes developed over the twenty-year career
can only end up at City Hall. Patrick will have to decide whether he       of Newfoundland’s foremost children’s entertainer, Beni Malone.
is going to fight for his friends, neighbors and fiancée Lynn (she lives
right next door) or the interloper with whom he has fallen in love.        The fabulous jumbled workshop of Benito Zuma, an inventive circus
                                                                           clown, is the setting for this whimsical, action-packed children’s show.
                                                                           Benito’s greatest inspiration comes from his ten year old niece, Zoe,
Man Overboard                                                              who helps him build fantastical circus props. They recycle everyday
by Pope Productions, Inc.                                                  objects into incredible home made inventions: old bikes become
                                                                           unicycles, tin cans become dance shoes, water cooler bottles become
Aaron Fraser is a man running from trouble and heartbreak, leaving         giant juggling jugs and everything under the sun could become part of
Toronto behind to hole up in an abandoned church in the tiny               the fleets of robots that populate Benito’s usual universe. Benito also
Newfoundland outport of Crants Cove, wanting nothing more than to          creates an endless variety of clown characters and shares his circus
be left alone. When Ruth Farrell, a single mother of a “troubled” child,   skills of stilt walking, unicycling, juggling and, of course, lots of
convinces Aaron to hire her unemployed ne’er-do-well brother, Lloyd,       clowning around with Zoe and her friends.
to help renovate the church, everyone gets more than they bargained
for. Against his better judgement, Aaron falls for Ruth. But as the two
become romantically involved, Aaron’s secretiveness about his past         The Breaks
leads Lloyd to harbour growing suspicions. There are the scars Aaron       by Rink Rat Productions, Inc.
refuses to talk about. And he seems to know more about the cove and
its people than he should, including the details of a bizarre community    This engaging half-hour dramatic comedy series is made up of
secret that has been kept under wraps for the last twenty years. Slowly    on-going story lines, family dynamics and the extreme behavior of
it becomes clear to everyone in Crants Cove that this stranger is not      people in a heightened state of dissolution. Each episode of The
exactly who he appears to be. The fear and anger that the truth about      Breaks follows the main characters, Margo, Gwen, Lydia and Joy on
Aaron provokes within the community threatens the unlikely love            a journey to triumph over exhausting people and or circumstances in
between he and Ruth, and possibly his life.                                their lives. In order to solve their problems the women seek answers;
                                                                           spiritual, psychological, supernatural or otherwise.

                                                                           Episodes are sometimes driven by outrageous acts between separating
                                                                           spouses or advice people receive in times of crisis. We watch as the
                                                                           women attempt to work with the wisdom they receive with a
                                                                           combination of poignant and hilarious results.

    In Development
    The Elsie Holloway Story                                                       St. John’s West (Phase II)
    by Fire Crown Films                                                            by Newfound Films, Inc.

    The Elsie Holloway Story will explore the life and photographic work           Set in the world of Canadian politics, this one-hour drama follows the
    of a major photographer. The film will capture an exciting era when            rocky road of a federal election campaign in the riding of St. John’s
    photography was a new phenomenon around the globe. The Elsie                   West. The story focuses on how the lives of three characters are
    Holloway Story will share a history of development of photography              forever changed by the dying campaign they find themselves a part
    from the early era of “painting in photos” (1840s) to the one that             of. Love, politics, facing one’s demons and forgiveness are all key
    would give rise to the moving pictures that created films.                     ingredients of this story.

    The archives in St. John’s, NL hold rare and wonderful 19th century            As the campaign dies a slow death, the characters will discover in
    photographs. The world event of Amelia Earhart’s trans-Atlantic                their own way that love and life are often born out of loss and defeat.
    flight from Harbour Grace was documented by Elsie. Yet her work
    has never been recognized, let alone celebrated. This film will
    explore Holloway’s work at home in St. John’s, Newfoundland                    Reaching Finisterre (Phase II)
    and in London, England.                                                        by Pangur Ban Productions, Inc.

                                                                                   Reaching Finisterre is the story of Ellie Madden. Drawn with lusty
    Duckworth                                                                      strokes on a broad canvass, it travels from the cobblestones of
    by Augusta Productions, Inc.                                                   St. John’s in the nineteen-twenties to occupied Paris of World War II,
                                                                                   from suburban middle-class Halifax of the nineteen-sixties to the
    Duckworth is a gritty half-hour comedy series about a modern day               rekindled fires of Northern Ireland, from spiritual enlightenment of
    but old and beleaguered, overworked, cash-strapped family storefront           the Santiago de Compostela Camino in the eighties to the dawn of a
    law firm in the heart of the legal community of downtown St. John’s.           new millennium. One woman’s journey through the twentieth century,
                                                                                   Reaching Finisterre is a war story, a love story, the story of a life.
    Thomas O’Mara, the patriarch of O’Mara, Linegar, O’Mara, has
    just died leaving the firm to some of the most likely and unlikely
    characters, including his lovely, dedicated and overworked 34 year old         Secrets Whispered
    daughter Clare, one of the best corporate lawyers in town. Clare tries         by Up Sky Down Films
    desperately to keep the firm on track. Another part of the firm goes
    to his law partner, the slick, ambulance chasing, “playboy wanna be”           This film set in St. John’s, Newfoundland in the summer of 1978
    Johnny Linegar, criminal defense lawyer who surprises his opponents            captures a time of innocence and discovery in the lives of two main
    with his hidden intelligence and can rely on his “friends” to help turn        characters, Gordie McAllister and Jimmy Birmingham. Although they
    a case around. Johnny is a volume man, he gets the cases in.                   are very close friends and live in the same neighborhood, the two
                                                                                   young boys are of very different backgrounds. They are bonded by
    Duckworth will take us from the hi-jinx of the courtroom, to the               the untold secrets creeping into their lives from the adult world,
    finagling in the registry, to the local pub. It will play out on the streets   which they are trying to understand while they also try to be boys
    of St. John’s, the circuit court in the outports with the requisite cups of    having fun at the same time.
    tea in the parlour, to wakes and funerals where Johnny “pays respect”
    always in search of more business. The cases and clients will be               Gordie and Jimmy are faced with so many things that summer that
    based on some of the “real” cases from the dockets of the old                  it is hard to remember how simple things were before it. A certain
    courthouse. They will be bizarre, hilarious, touching, outrageous but          innocence is lost, but a new understanding is gained. Gordie sees
    always authentic and with a bit of heart. Because after all who’s legal        how big problems can be resolved, making the little things not so
    matter isn’t of the utmost importance to them? All of this is combined         important and Jimmy sees that there is something good in everything
    with the ongoing drama of the lives of the crowd up at O’Mara,                 bad, even if it takes a long while and a lot of searching to find.
    Linegar, O’Mara.

                                                                                        In Development
Nanobodz (Phase IIl)                                                       The Colony of Unrequited Dreams (Phase ll)
by Nanobody Productions Inc.                                               by Jim Byrd Productions Inc.

On a dusty shelf of a workroom/laboratory, a plasma-ball lamp sits         Set against the rampant beauty and the desolate landscape of
quietly buzzing away, long forgotten and ignored. Somewhere deep           Newfoundland, The Colony of Unrequited Dreams links the history of
inside the vacuumed inner space of electrified inert gas, at a quantum     Newfoundland with the journey of the protagonist Joe Smallwood, the
level, five creatures, out of necessity, have become frontiers-folk on a   ambitious young man who would become the province’s first Premier,
bizarre new terrain. Strangers until now, our “first family” of Nanobodz   and Sheleigh Fielding, a reporter and satirist whose secrets reveal her
bond through their struggles to build themselves a secure future in this   as powerfully engaging. In their hometown of St. John’s, in New York
weird wilderness. At the start, the needs are basic; food, shelter and     where Fielding holes up with a typewriter, cigarettes and a bottle of
harmony but with each episode, another character or group of               Scotch, Smallwood and Fielding torment and intrigue one another. The
characters are zapped down to populate their growing community.            earnest Smallwood and the tart-tongued Fielding harbour a bittersweet
What seems manageable at first, before long becomes a complicated          love, a squelched passion in company with the shame and fury of the
infrastructure of conflict and compromise. With so many opinions and       mystery of an anonymous letter of their school days. The Colony of
needs, it’s hard to satisfy all without disappointing some. Much love      Unrequited Dreams is funny and heartbreakingly sad, teemed with
will be needed from our first five to accommodate all the fantastical      vivid spectacularly flawed sympathetic characters and breathtakingly
guests that continue to arrive yet never leave.                            beautiful virtuoso pieces of the foreboding character of Newfoundland.

Nanobodz is a 3d animated weekly serial that solicits ideas from
its 8-13 year old (target) audience that are incorporated into the         Atlantic Blue
personality and development of this fledging sub-atomic society.           by Dark Flowers Productions, Inc.

                                                                           This movie of the week is the true story of some of the men and
Prophet Sharing (Phase ll)                                                 women involved in, and directly affected by, the sinking of the world’s
by Curzon Village Productions Inc.                                         largest oil drilling rig off the coast of Newfoundland, on February 15,
                                                                           1982. The location of the sinking, the fact that the rig was the largest
This one-hour documentary will explore, through the eyes of                of its kind, a new design, and was described as “unsinkable” all
the host (a young, dynamic actor/social activist, recently turned          combine to give the story a mythical element much like the story
television producer/host), the life of Sir William Ford Coaker.            of the Titanic.
It will attempt to discover if Coaker is a true Newfoundland hero
in need of resurrection (or an anti-heroic/self-serving villain in need
of crucifixion). At the same time, the host will be reflecting upon        Away
and questioning his own ideals, values and identity.                       by Jim Byrd Productions Inc.

                                                                           Away is based on the highly regarded novel of the same name by the
                                                                           well-known Canadian writer, Jane Urquhart. From her home on Lake
                                                                           Ontario, Esther O’Malley Robertson gazes out the window for the last
                                                                           time before her house is swallowed by encroaching industry and tells
                                                                           the story of her family, from their departure from Northern Ireland in
                                                                           the 1840’s, through their years in Canada.

    In Development
    Doctor Olds of Twillingate (Phase lll)                                     Tomorrow will be Sunday
    by Morag Productions, Inc.                                                 by NL Motion Picture Plant

    Morag Productions is developing a made-for-television movie with           Tomorrow Will be Sunday, based on the novel of the same name
    CBC based on the biography entitled Doctor Olds of Twillingate.            by Harold Horwood, chronicles life in the fictional fishing village
    Random Passage writer Des Walsh and director John N. Smith                 of Caplin Bight in the early 1930’s. Its themes of loss of innocence
    reunite to tell the story of Dr. John Olds, a wealthy American doctor      and striving for identity are powerfully evoked through the story of
    from Connecticut, who graduates tops in his class from Johns Hopkins       the intellectual growth of the son of a fisherman, Eli Pallisher. Eli finds
    University in the 1930s and decides to spend the rest of his life in       himself in increasing conflict with the traditional ways of outport life
    a small fishing settlement in Newfoundland. Dr. Olds is not your           and the enlightened view of the local schoolteacher. The repercussions
    typical good country doctor. Olds is a brilliant surgeon and               of this conflict, as well as Eli’s experiencing of sensual love, and his
    passionately committed to his patients, but he is a flawed man.            awakening sense of compassion are portrayed with rare power
    His heavy drinking and immoral conduct lead him into a pitched             and beauty.
    battle between the hospital officials and the people of Twillingate.

                                                                               Media Jam (Phase ll)
    The Boughwolfen (Phase ll)                                                 by Pope Productions, Inc.
    by Kickham East Productions, Inc.
                                                                      is a youth-run media organization dedicated to
    It is the summer of 1953 in the small mill town of Corner Brook,           providing Canadian youth with an active media voice and a community
    Newfoundland. The children of Buckingham Road are dreaming of the          of peers. In an attempt to fill the void of interesting, intelligent media
    heroes of radio and American baseball. The adults are worn out with        aimed at youth, we began a project that would bring professional
    wishing - they wonder where their time went. This community is no          training and experience in the media industries to talented young
    stranger to tragedy, hardened by loss of its people by tuberculosis or     Canadians while they create a new media product for consumption
    the sea. When tragedy strikes twelve year old Jerry Murphy close to        by their peers. is creating an online jam space in
    home it complicates his already difficult transition in to adulthood. In   which to create media for television and web - this is the concept of
    this summer of baseball and boughwolfens, of tragedy and betrayal,         jamming. Through our jamming web application, distinct segments
    Jerry finds his path to adulthood only when he has lost everything         with two components, video and web, both exploring the one idea,
    else. As he puts the events of this pivotal summer behind him, he          are developed. The end product is magazine style episodes of
    must leave his childhood as well.                                          television and web. Each episode is comprised of several of the
                                                                               unique segments.
    The Jack Tales (Phase lll)
    by NL Motion Picture Plant
                                                                               A Show about Cancer
    Having passed through generations in isolated outports along               by Augusta Productions, Inc.
    Newfoundland’s Atlantic coast; the ever-evolving Jack Tales, children’s
    fables that came to Newfoundland from the old country, centre around       A Show About Cancer is a half-hour weekly prime time television
    an innocent named Jack and his fantastic, magical adventures. In           program aimed at a broad-based adult audience. The show will
    adapting these stories to the screen, the producers will create a          feature personal stories of people living and dying with cancer and
    deliberately rough-hewn, multi-layered mix of ancient and modern,          how they and the people they love cope. It’s for people living with
    amazing and amusing - in the manner of the film version of Popeye or       cancer; people who know or love someone with cancer; people who
    of Time Bandits. Set in Newfoundland, this film will appeal to children    are afraid of cancer; people who are curious about cancer; people
    and adults alike.                                                          who work with cancer; people who are pissed off because of the rise
                                                                               in cancer. It will be funny, serious, respectful, irreverent, relevant,
                                                                               topical, probing, mystical, magical, and soothing.

                                                                                        In Development
The Adventures of Cookie Clow                                             Tricksters
by Kickham East Productions                                               by Fire Crown Productions Inc.

Based on the short film script Strangled in A Small Town, this black      Tricksters is a one hour documentary that focuses on the first-ever six
comedy will explore the relationships between three main characters:      day circus festival in Sheshatshiu and Natuashish, Labrador. Shot in
Cookie Clow, Grace, and Indigo. Cookie moves back to her hometown,        their native homeland, we hear elders and young alike speak in their
finds work as a hairdresser, bonds with her newfound family (Grace        native tongue, as a background voice to sharing both their language
and Indigo) and goes up against the dirty little town that shunned her.   and physical aspects of Innu culture, interpreted by circus artists.
From the time Cookie was “run out of town on a rail” at the tender age    Our TV program will feature quality family entertainment provided by
of fifteen for conceiving a child out of wedlock, she has been a victim   popular performers including The Wonderbolt Circus Show and Lisa
many times. Beaten out of the house by her husband, Cookie decides        Odjig, two time world champion hoop dancer extraordinaire. The Innu
to return home to the town she’d left behind years ago.                   challenge themselves to become tricksters as they learn to stilt walk,
                                                                          juggle, hand balance and unicycle by working with top quality circus
                                                                          acts from Canada and Europe.
Love and Savagery (Phase ll)
by Morag Loves Company (NL) / Park Ex Pictures (QC) / Subotica            With Marian Frances White as Director, and the talented eye of
Entertainment (Ireland) international co-production. Distributed by       Bulgarian Cinematographer Ellie Yanova, Fire Crown shot key
Mongrel Media.                                                            segments of this six day event, including boarding unicycles and
                                                                          hoops onto the fifteen-seater aircraft that took us to remote corners of
Love and Savagery is a story of passion, fate, and the                    Labrador. Footage reveals a fusion of Elders storytelling the Innu way
consequences of the two. In 1968, Newfoundland poet, Michael              of life. Innu translators interpret their story that is transformed to art
McCarthy, travels to Dublin, but he is unsettled with his stay there      and entertainment by drumming, hoop dancing with world champion
and longs for a place that is quiet, a place he can think. He finds       Lisa Odjig and the aerial artistry of Anahareo White-Malone (currently
himself in Ballyvaughan. This is the perfect place for quiet and          performing in Berlin). Key acts such as the hoop dancing and aerial
thinking. Until he meets Cathleen, a beautiful woman who                  work show how much the Innu are drawn to this artistry, even local
captures his heart, but because of the path she chose when she            dogs get in the picture
was young she cannot allow him to capture hers. Savagery erupts
when Michael’s persistence collides with the townspeople’s                Fire Crown took on this shoot as a fantastic way of recording this
hostility toward a foreigner’s attempt to intervene with divinity.        convergence of art and culture and ultimately offering it to a broader
Cathleen has to choose between a desire that she has recently             viewing audience. Think outside the box when you picture Tricksters.
discovered and a desire that she has felt throughout most of her
life. Which will she choose? The love of a man, or the love of God?
Can she love both? Is she strong enough to make the right choice?         Grown up Movie Star (Phase lll)
                                                                          by Opportunity Knox Inc.

                                                                          Grown Up Movie Star is the story of Ruby, 13, determined to grow up
                                                                          fast after her mother runs away to become a movie star, leaving Ruby
                                                                          with her hopelessly rural father. Everybody in Corner Brook always said
                                                                          Ruby’s mother Lillian was meant to star on the big screen. But she got
                                                                          pregnant and married in high school. She let her resentment grow until
                                                                          one day, at 35, in a mess of tears, blame and infidelity, Lillian leaves
                                                                          Ruby and Ray to follow her dreams. Ray is left to raise his pre-
                                                                          pubescent daughter alone. Ray is determined to get his little girl
                                                                          through hormone raging adolescence even thought he is terrified of
                                                                          her… Ruby wants to become a woman, one that men look at. One
                                                                          that’s in the spotlight, like she imagines her mother must be by now.

     In Development
     Kicker                                                                        save themselves from a bitter death in the cold Atlantic. Fighting
     by Pope Productions Ltd                                                       tempestuous seas, the frigid wind and the hostile landscape that
                                                                                   is the southwest coast of the island, hundreds of men will die.
     Kicker is based on a true story of an ordinary woman whose
     outspoken advocacy jolted a complacent government into                        King Hunt
     action and brought national attention to the problem of OxyContin             by Newfound Films Inc.
     abuse. With startling candour, Kicker offers a rare glimpse into the
     complex machinations of justice, health and social services as                Sir Robert Nelson, 56, a legendary chess grandmaster, is on his
     one family negotiates their way through the system - a system                 way to Budapest to play a much-anticipated match against his arch
     not without empathy, but riddled with cracks for society’s most               rival (and former pupil) Anotoli Dreyev, 33, a Russian phenom who
     vulnerable to slip through.                                                   has nursed a life-long obsession with beating Nelson, his former
                                                                                   mentor. On route to Budapest, however, Nelson is challenged to a
                                                                                   match by Shane, a mysterious stranger - a match that surprisingly
     Kent and Donny’s Bits and Pieces                                              finds Nelson on the brink of losing. Nelson soon suffers a mental
     by The Giggle Factory Inc.                                                    collapse, hiding in his hotel room, haunted by the sinister Shane.
                                                                                   Learning that his long sought after match against his former mentor
     Kent and Donny’s Bits and Pieces is a 30 minutes sketch comedy                is in jeopardy, Dreyev must help Nelson navigate a game of
     show featuring the comedy of Kent Brown and Donny Goobie.                     psychological cat and mouse that spans the globe and threatens
     This special written for the CBC is full of funny characters and              both their lives.
     ridiculous situations that result is some big laughs.

                                                                                   To Think Like a Composer
     It’s Your Own Damn Fault:                                                     by Rink Rat Productions
     by Newfound Films Inc.                                                        This documentary will follow the writing, development and
                                                                                   performance of a new children’s opera by composer Stephen
     Newfoundlanders make up an unnervingly high proportion of                     Hatfield, who recently moved to St. John’s, Newfoundland from
     professional comics in this country: actors, pundits, media hacks,            Victoria, British Columbia. The opera, commissioned by the
     writers, artists, musicians, filmmakers - all seem to wade knee-deep          Newfoundland Symphony Youth Choir, is based on the celebrated
     in satire, irony, and black, black humour. The whys and wherefore             book in rhyme - ‘Anne and Seamus’ - by the Newfoundland writer
     behind our comic drift are eminently worthy of examination and therein        Kevin Major.
     lies the subject of this documentary film. The Newfoundland backdrop
     of grinding poverty and stoic endurance in the face of mythic odds
     doesn’t appear on its face to be fertile ground for humour, and yet, it is.   Confessions of a Pot Smuggler
     This documentary exploration of humour and its roots in Newfoundland          by Morag Productions, Inc.
     will ultimately broaden into a wider meditation on comedy and the
     human condition.                                                              Brian O’Dea was the infamous unemployed Canadian who placed
                                                                                   a classified ad in the National Post, “Former Marijuana Smuggler
                                                                                   Seeks Legal Employment.” Citing the experience and acumen
     Heaven by the Sea                                                             gained illegally smuggling over 75 tons of pot as credentials for
     by Plain Sight Productions, Inc.                                              legitimate work, the classified ad would have been an amusing
                                                                                   anecdote that was quickly forgotten, until the media discovered that
     On the stormy night of February 18th, 1942, three American Naval              the man behind it (and his life story) is far more intriguing than any
     warships lose their way and tragically crash into the steep, icy              mere advertisement… Confessions of a Pot Smuggler is a Movie
     cliffs of Newfoundland. Over the course of the next 24 hours, the             of the Week about the story of Brian O’Dea.
     crews desperately struggle against unbelievable circumstances to

                                                                       Recent Productions
                                                                       participants as they struggled to re-invent themselves
                                                                       physically and emotionally. Define Yourself was unlike
                                                                       other reality shows in that the participants were not
                                                                       competing against each other and nobody was voted off
                                                                       the show. The focus of the series was to promote awareness
                                                                       on fitness and nutritional issues while following the struggles
                                                                       and milestones of the four participants. Documentary style
                                                                       profiles on the participants provided viewers with insight into
                                                                       their backgrounds and gave them a basis on which to vote
                                                                       for their favorite participant. Created by Sabrina Whyatt, the
                                                                       series was a huge success posting the best ratings for any
                                                                       independent production aired on NTV.

                                                                       DIRECTOR                      John Bonnell
                                                                       PRODUCERS                     Sabrina Whyatt, John Bonnell
                                                                       SCRIPT                        N/A
                                                                       PHOTOGRAPHY                   Kevin Hanlon, Gerry Davis
                                                                       EDITOR                        John Bonnell
                                                                       LOCATION                      St. John’s region plus
Define Yourself
                                                                                                     St. Anthony region and
Define Yourself is a personal make-over show that aired in primetime
on Sunday evenings on NTV in the fall of 2005. Produced by Sabrina     FORMAT                        Reality TV series (eight episodes)
Whyatt of Rain Productions with Director and Technical Producer John   PRODUCTION COMPANY            Rain Productions
Bonnell of Killick Productions, the eight part series followed four    RELEASE DATE                  October - December, 2005

                                                                       of “The Rock,” Kent Brown and Donald Goobie, host from
                                                                       George Street in St. John’s, an oasis of action on Canada’s
                                                                       East Coast. George Street TV premieres exclusively on The
                                                                       Comedy Network.

                                                                       DIRECTOR                      Greg Malone
                                                                       PRODUCER                      Kent Brown
                                                                       EX. PRODUCER                  Mary Sexton
                                                                       SCRIPT                        Donny Goobie, Kent Brown,
                                                                                                     Greg Malone
                                                                       PHOTOGRAPHY                   Scott McCellan
                                                                       EDITOR                        Scott McCellan
                                                                       MUSIC                         Darrell Power
                                                                       CAST                          Kent Brown, Donny Goobie
George Street TV (Series)
                                                                       LOCATION                      St. John’s

A figgy duff of foolishness and fun, this new, original six-part       FORMAT                        Mini DV
interactive experience is a combination of street interviews, dares    RUNNING TIME                  22:15
and party-hopping with a distinct Newfoundland flare. The natives      PRODUCTION COMPANY            The Giggle Factory
                                                                       RELEASE DATE                  July 04, 2006
     Recent Productions
     Speaking Volumes:
     A Literary Roar from the Rock

     Speaking Volumes: A Literary Roar from the Rock is a
     one-hour documentary for Bravo! Canada that will feature
     Newfoundland and Labrador’s best novelists including Lisa
     Moore, Michael Winter, Michael Crummey, Ed Riche, Donna
     Morrissey, Wayne Johnston, Joel Hynes, Bernice Morgan,
     Kevin Major, and Leo Furey. Speaking Volumes will explore
     their current status on the national and international scene
     and their creative process that is uniquely Newfoundland _
     part pride, part nostalgia, part celebration _ part Irish wake.

     We will examine what some have called a “renaissance” in
     Newfoundland fiction, and what has inspired them to become
     a part of it. The documentary will travel with the writers to their
     community roots, to their local landscapes, and will visit some
     of the characters who have inspired and informed their work.

     DIRECTOR                        Ken Pittman                           CAST                 NA
     PRODUCER                        Ed Martin                             LOCATION             Newfoundland and Labrador
     SCRIPT                          Ed Martin & Ken Pittman               FORMAT               Digital Beta
     PHOTOGRAPHY                     Christian Sparkes                     RUNNING TIME         47.5 minutes
     EDITOR                          Christian Sparkes                     PRODUCTION COMPANY   Best Boy Productions Ltd.
     MUSIC                           Vaughn Rowsell                        RELEASE DATE         TBD

     Ferry Command                                                         DIRECTOR             John W. Doyle
                                                                           PRODUCER             Paul Pope, Tiffany Martin
     When WWII began, aircraft produced in the United States               SCRIPT               John W. Doyle
     and Canada were sent by ship across the Atlantic. Ever                PHOTOGRAPHY          Mark Thompson
     present submarine and battleship attacks made the                     EDITOR               Lyly Fortin
     crossing dangerous and the supply sporadic. The Atlantic
                                                                           MUSIC                Lori Clarke
     Ferry Organization (Atfero), a civilian aviation team, had the
                                                                           CAST                 N/A
     vision, spirit and determination to devise a way that much
     needed aircraft could be flown from North America to Europe.          LOCATION             Various Canadian and American
     Ferry Command details their efforts and reflects their resolve                             locations, London UK
     in overcoming natural, human and technological obstacles.             FORMAT               Documentary
                                                                           RUNNING TIME         45 minutes
                                                                           PRODUCTION COMPANY   Sky Bridge Productions Ltd
                                                                           RELEASE DATE         TBC

                                                                              Recent Productions
                                                                              which inspires so much of their work. It will trace their personal
                                                                              connections to the Innu, Inuit and Metis cultures and discover
                                                                              how the blues of the southern United States could span a
                                                                              continent and a couple of centuries to find harmony with the
                                                                              music of an ancient aboriginal peoples.

                                                                              DIRECTORS                       Ed Martin, Ken Pittman
                                                                              PRODUCER                        Ed Martin
                                                                              SCRIPT                          Ed Martin, Ken Pittman
                                                                              WRITING CONTRIBUTION            Deborah Collins
                                                                              PHOTOGRAPHY                     Ellie Yonova
The Flummies                                                                  EDITOR                          Christian Sparkes
                                                                              EDIT ASSIST                     Ray Walsh
The one-hour documentary for Bravo! Canada, The Flummies, chronicles          MUSIC                           Vaughn Rowsell
the popularity and longevity of this Aboriginal band from Labrador whose      CAST                            NA
music is inspired by a unique blend of cultural influences _ Innu, Inuit,
                                                                              LOCATION                        Newfoundland & Labrador
and Metis. Their success can be attributed to their passion for music,
                                                                              FORMAT                          Digital Beta
their commitment to culture and their love of a good time. This one-hour
documentary will explore this passion and commitment by documenting           RUNNING TIME                    47.5 minutes
both their history and geography. It will follow the band through rehearsal   PRODUCTION COMPANY              Best Boy Productions Ltd.
and performance, and include spectacular footage of the “big land,”           RELEASE DATE                    Sept. 26, 2006

                                                                              Romancing the Labrador is a journey across both Labrador
                                                                              and the mindsets of an adventurer seen through the eyes of
                                                                              an aboriginal elder. No judgments are offered about their
                                                                              visions of the north, however, the complex ways that people
                                                                              of different cultural backgrounds imagine a place are revealed.

                                                                              DIRECTOR                        Christina Poker
                                                                              PRODUCER                        Jerry Evans
                                                                              SCRIPT                          Christine Poker, Jerry Evans
                                                                              PHOTOGRAPHY                     Nigel Markham
                                                                              EDITOR                          Lyly Fortin
                                                                              MUSIC                           Lori Clarke, Paul Pike
                                                                              CAST                            N/A
Romancing the Labrador
                                                                              LOCATION                        Labrador

We explore, from the prospective of the Innu, the intersection of             FORMAT                          Documentary
two notions of Labrador _ the tradition of the gentleman explorer             RUNNING TIME                    45 minutes
on the one hand and that of the Innu people themselves who held               PRODUCTION COMPANY              Munjij Productions
a fascination with these men who were virtually the first to present          RELEASE DATE                    TBC
them and their home to the world.

     Recent Productions
     Above and Beyond

     Summer, 1940: the Battle of Britain is raging and the RAF
     desperately needs aircraft to fight off German advances. One
     of Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s ministers, Canadian press
     magnate Lord Beaverbrook, suggests flying planes from Gander
     to Europe. North Atlantic aviation is in its infancy and winter
     flying is unheard of. But Britain’s need is desperate and there
     is little left to lose.

     In November, 1940, seven Hudson Bombers, flown by
     civilians, successfully make the flight from Gander to Ireland,
                                                                        MUSIC                Jonathan Goldsmith
     ushering in a new era in aviation history. This Atlantic Ferry
     Organization team became the core of the RAF North Atlantic        CAST                 Liane Balaban, Robert Wisden,
     Ferry Command, which, by 1945, had flown 10,000 aircraft                                Jonathan Scarfe, Kenneth
     from Newfoundland to Britain, helping to turn the tide of war.                          Welsh, Allan Hawco, Peter
                                                                                             MacNeill, Jason Priestley,
     DIRECTOR                      Sturla Gunnarsson                                         Joss Ackland, Richard E Grant
     PRODUCER                      Paul Pope, Scott Garvie              LOCATION             St. John’s, Gander, Hamilton
     SCRIPT                        John W. Doyle, Lisa Porter           FORMAT               Dramatic series
     PHOTOGRAPHY                   Rene Ohashi                          RUNNING TIME         2 x 2 hour
     EDITOR                        Jeff Warren                          PRODUCTION COMPANY   Above and Beyond Inc.
                                                                        RELEASE DATE         TBC


     The final days of WWII are turbulent ones for 16-year old Terry
     Fleming; a sharp young man who yearns to bus tables at the
     airport hotel in Gander, Newfoundland. Boasting the world’s
     longest runway and poised on the eastern tip of the continent,
     Gander provided an unlikely outpost for stars like Gene Tierney,
     Hollywood stars and others who were often fogged-in while en
     route to their USO tours overseas. When his mother becomes
     gravely ill and the family house is quarantined, it is Terry’s
     brilliant imagination carries him on a poignant journey of love
     and longing. Terry fights his fear of loss by holding onto an
     infatuation with his vivacious neighbour Laurie (some ten years
     his senior) and dreaming of encounters with the show business      MUSIC                Ken Whiteley
     legends and local characters at the Hotel.                         CAST                 Adam Butcher, Peter MacNeill,
                                                                                             Deidre Gillard-Rowlings, Joanne Kelly,
     DIRECTOR                      Gordon Pinsent                                            Tom McCamus, Mark McKinney
     PRODUCER                      Anna Statton, Robin Cass,            LOCATION             St. John’s
                                   Paul Pope                            FORMAT               Movie of the Week
     SCRIPT                        Gordon Pinsent                       RUNNING TIME         90 minutes
     PHOTOGRAPHY                   François Dagenais                    PRODUCTION COMPANY   Heyday Productions Inc.
14   EDITOR                        Weibke von Carolsfeld                RELEASE DATE         March 27, 2006
                                                                          Recent Productions
                                                                          PRODUCER               Paul Pope, Maggie Keiley
                                                                          WRITERS                Dorian Rowe, Jordan Canning,
                                                                                                 Louise Moyse, Victoria King,
                                                                                                 Paula Gale, Edgar Blades,
                                                                                                 Todd O’Brien, Ken Pittman,
                                                                                                 Ed Tanasychuk
                                                                          PHOTOGRAPHY            Daniel Grant, Robert Petrie,
Legends and Lore                                                                                 Justin Simms
                                                                          EDITOR                 Dorian Rowe, Ben Smith,
Newfoundland and Maritime history is a deep, rich vein of folklore
                                                                                                 Ed Tanasychuk, Mike Walsh,
and eerie epic tales - both the supernatural and the unbelievably true.
                                                                                                 Edgar Blades
Legends and Lore of the North Atlantic recounts these stories of myth
and mystery, heroes and monsters, shocking facts and true-life tales      MUSIC                  Lori Clarke
more incredible than fiction.                                             CAST                   Gordon Pinsent
                                                                          LOCATION               Newfoundland, Nova Scotia
Guided by our host, Gordon Pinsent, we’ll explore each legend
                                                                          FORMAT                 Hosted Documentary Series
through rich narration, vivid reenactments and revealing interviews
                                                                          RUNNING TIME           13 x 30 minutes
with experts, eyewitnesses and true-believers.
                                                                          PRODUCTION COMPANY     Legends Productions Inc
DIRECTORS                     Dorian Rowe, Justin Simms,                  RELEASE DATE           July 23, 2005
                              Jordan Canning, Baptiste Neis,
                              Paula Gale, Marc Pike, Edgar
                              Blades, Todd O’Brien, David Ozier

                                                                          DIRECTOR               Mary Walsh
                                                                          PRODUCERS              Denise Robert, Daniel Louis
                                                                          CO-PRODUCERS           Barbara Doran, Lynne Wilson,
                                                                                                 Mary Walsh
                                                                          SCRIPT                 Mary Walsh, Ray Guy,
                                                                                                 Christian Murray
                                                                          PHOTOGRAPHY            Eric Cayla
                                                                          EDITOR                 Yvann Thibodeau
                                                                          MUSIC                  Alan Doyle, Keith Power
                                                                          CAST                   Fred Ewanuick, Rémy Girard,
                                                                                                 Andrea Martin, Colin Mochrie,
                                                                                                 Mary Walsh, Andy Jones,
                                                                                                 David Francis, Jonny Harris,
Young Triffie’s Been Made Away With                                                              Cathy Jones
                                                                          LOCATION               St. John’s, NL and Trinity, NL
Young Triffie’s Been Made Away With is a black comedy based on
                                                                          FORMAT                 35 MM
the play by Ray Guy. Set in pre-Confederation Newfoundland, rookie
Ranger Alan Hepditch is sent to Swyer’s Harbour to investigate the        RUNNING TIME           1 X 120
mutilation of sheep only to find himself leading a murder investigation   PRODUCTION COMPANIES   Cinémaginaire and
when the body of 15 year old Triffie Pottle washes up on the shore.                              Morag Loves Company
                                                                          RELEASE DATE           Fall, 2006

     Recent Productions
     Keeping Up With Cathy Jones

     Cathy Jones, the chameleon of comedy and star of This hour
     has 22 minutes, has kept audiences in stitches for more than
     thirty years. She loves to make people laugh and she can’t
     imagine doing anything else. Cathy describes herself as ‘lucky’
     to be able to have the kind of life she does. Jones cherry picks
     her material from bizarre pieces of everyday life. She has an eagle
     eye and a mind as sharp as a tack. When she turns her attention
                                                                           DIRECTOR               Barbara Doran
     to the world around her, no one is spared. She’s quick to spot our
     foibles, our faults and our foolishness. She twists and warps and     PRODUCER               Lynne Wilson
     exaggerates what she sees and throws it all back to us. But what      SUPERVISING PRODUCER   Bart Simpson
     makes her really funny is her way of drawing us in so that we not     SCRIPT                 Barbara Doran
     only see ourselves more clearly, but also are delighted to mock       PHOTOGRAPHY            Nigel Markham
     and laugh at ourselves right along with her.                          EDITOR                 Susan Shanks
     Keeping Up with Cathy Jones is a biographical romp through            MUSIC                  Geoff Panting
     the life and times of this outrageously funny lady of stage and       CAST                   Cathy Jones, Andy Jones,
     television. From the first celluloid glimpses of Cathy at 16, This                           Greg Malone, Rick Mercer
     hour has 22 minutes, her one woman shows and stand-up                 LOCATION               Newfoundland, Halifax, Toronto
     routines to interview clips with Cathy, her family and friends,       FORMAT                 Shot on Xdcam, delivered on Digibeta
     this is a highly charged documentary; a salute to Newfoundland’s      RUNNING TIME           42:55
     comic genius.
                                                                           PRODUCTION COMPANY     Morag Productions
                                                                           RELEASE DATE           July 31, 2006 on CBC’s Life and Times

     The Sun in my Hands

     This documentary is a profile of the French Newfoundland
     painter Jean Claude Roy. The camera follows him wherever he
     paints and as he paints, he gives us a glimpse of how and why
     he does what he does. The coastal villages of Brittany and the
     inland vineyards of Cognac, France, the outport of Conche in
     Newfoundland and the Island of St Pierre serve as a backdrop
     to his colourful and impressionistic approach to painting.

     His trip to Orlando, Florida also shows how his work has
     a broad appeal. His first exhibition in the United States was
     choreographed by an American hotelier who has a love of               MUSIC                  Rick Hollett
     art. On a visit to a Newfoundland art gallery, he instantly fell      CAST                   Jean Claude Roy
     for Jean Claude Roy’s work and proceeded to court him into
                                                                           LOCATIONS              France, St. Pierre, Orlando, Florida,
     having an exhibit at one of his galleries. It was very successful.
                                                                                                  Conche and St. John’s, NL
     DIRECTOR                       Bill Coultas                           FORMAT                 Digital video - DVC Pro - 4 X 3 format.
     PRODUCER                       Bill Coultas                           RUNNING TIME           48:50
     SCRIPT                         Bob Wakeham and Bill Coultas           PRODUCTION COMPANY     Springwater Productions Inc.
                                                                           RELEASE DATE           Fall, 2006
     PHOTOGRAPHY                    Kevin Hanlon, Gerry Davis,
                                    Mike Walsh
                                                                        Recent Productions
                                                                        together. Then Odelette married rich arsehole Jason Payne
                                                                        and left the claustrophobic, small-minded neighbourhood of
                                                                        Rabbittown. While Odelette pretended to be happily married,
                                                                        Louanne found real satisfaction as a big fish in the small
                                                                        hairdressing salon, even if she was a bit of a chicken when
                                                                        it came to leaving the neighbourhood. She even started to
                                                                        seek sobriety.

                                                                        Then suddenly, but not unexpectedly, Jason dumps Odelette.

                                                                        On Hair by Harriet’s doorstep.

                                                                        With all of her bags, no money, and no self-esteem.

                                                                        Home again.

                                                                        And the competitive, back-biting, back-stabbing, low-blowing
                                                                        friendship continues…

                                                                        Happiness is being one step ahead of your best friend.

                                                                        DIRECTOR                     James Genn
                                                                        PRODUCER                     Jennice Ripley
                                                                        SCRIPT                       Adriana Maggs & Sherry White
                                                                        PHOTOGRAPHY                  Derek Rogers
                                                                        EDITOR                       Thorben Bieger
                                                                        MUSIC                        Duane Andrews
                                                                        CAST                         Sherry White, Adriana Maggs,
Rabbittown                                                                                           Andy Jones, Brenda Bazinet,
                                                                                                     Steve Cochrane, Joel Hynes,
Rabbittown is vinyl siding and linoleum floor heaven. Picturesque                                    Matt Lemche, Phil Churchill,
ponds are marred by discarded appliances and cars. Attempts at                                       Blair Harvey
condos have met with arson; snot-nosed kids roam the streets until      LOCATION                     St. John’s
dark. Dogs bark incessantly. Faces poke out of windows. Gawkers
                                                                        FORMAT                       Digital Betacam
huddle. They smile as you’re coming and slag you as you go by.
                                                                        RUNNING TIME                 00:22:19:00
Louanne Lush is enjoying being the flamboyant, charming (if             PRODUCTION COMPANY           Small Pond Productions Inc.
somewhat obnoxious) main attraction in Hair by Harriet, the only        RELEASE DATE                 January 3, 2006
salon in the neighbourhood. She has a slew of regular customers
and wows them with a psychic ability to “see” the haircut that would
look the best with their face. But Odelette Bishop-Payne comes back,
to the old neighbourhood and Louanne’s stability as star hairdresser
is challenged. Not because Odelette is any good, but because she
sucks all the air out of the room, at all costs.

Odelette and Louanne. Best friends since junior high. Co-dependents.
Party Animals. Notorious sluts. Fierce competitors. Each measured
her own success by the other’s failure, therefore they did everything

     Recent Productions
     Homegrown (Season l)

     A thirteen week television series that will concern itself with the
     gardening challenges specifically inherent to Newfoundlanders
     and Labradorians.

     DIRECTOR                       Bill Coultas
     PRODUCERS                      Bill Coultas, Cle Newhook
     SCRIPT                         Bill Coultas                           LOCATION             Eastern and
     PHOTOGRAPHY                    Kevin Hanlon & Gerry Davis                                  Western Newfoundland
     EDITOR                         Mike Walsh & Mike Crotty               FORMAT               Panasonic DVC Pro
     MUSIC                          Sandy Morris & Frank Maher             RUNNING TIME         29:50
     CAST                           Wilf Nicholls, Debbie Preston,         PRODUCTION COMPANY   Springwater Productions Inc.
                                    & Tim Murray                           RELEASE DATE         January 23, 2005

     Life With Derek (Season l)

     Life with Derek is about family, a family by marriage, but a
     family nonetheless: a group of entirely different kids of various
     ages who have next to nothing in common except a shared
     living space and two besotted parents who have made a
     unilateral decision to join forces.

     On the surface, Life with Derek is about one skirmish after
     another between two demented teenagers who both want
     control. But really it is about family members testing each
     other and learning how far to go, it’s about having a sense
     of humour about the territorial struggles every family
     endures when sharing isn’t an option but a survival skill.

     DIRECTOR                       Ron Murphy                             LOCATION             Corner Brook, Newfoundland
     EXEC. PRODUCER                 Christina Jennings                     FORMAT               Digital Beta
     PRODUCERS                      Scott Garvie & Paul Pope               RUNNING TIME         13 half hour episodes
     SCRIPT                         Daphne Ballon                          PRODUCTION COMPANY   Shaftesbury Films Inc. &
     PHOTOGRAPHY                    Milan Podsedly                                              Pope Productions
     EDITOR                         Peter Light, Vesna Svilanovic          RELEASE DATE         Fall/Winter, 2005
     COMPOSER                       Gary Koftinoff
     CAST                           Ashley Leggat, Michael Seater,
                                    John Ralston, Ariel Waller,
                                    Kit Weyman, Joy Tanner,
                                    Daniel Magder, Jordan Todosey,
                                    Shadia Simmons & Arnold Pinnocl

Sponsored Projects
The King Hunt
By: Newfound Films

By: Art Star Productions

Car Insurance and the
Divine Tragedy of Thought
By: Lois Brown

Mary Power Documentary
By: Michelle Jackson

Torn From The Sea
By: Dave Quinton

Anatomist in Situ
By: Lori Clarke

By: Newfound Films

Pretty Big Dig
By: Anne Troake

     Feature Films
     The Breadmaker

     Honey Reddigan is a celebrity at the Sweet Bea baking factory
     where she works. She just published her first romance novel.
     Carmen the Bee Keeper’s Lover, Carmen Delroy, Honey’s
     fictional heroine, is independent, sexy, perfect, universally
     admired and wanted by every man. Carmen is everything
     Honey ain’t. In walks Edmund Goobie - a charming,
     commitment-phobic local TV personality. They begin a hot
     affair that quickly approaches relationship status. But happily-      PRODUCERS            Anita McGee, Jennice Ripley
     ever-after is not in the cards for this quirky couple. The affair     SCRIPT               Sherry White
     comes to an abrupt end when they purchase a bread maker               PHOTOGRAPHY          François Dagenais
     together and realize that they want different things. The             EDITOR               Lyly Fortin
     monumental fight over this household appliance forces Honey
                                                                           DESIGN               Patricia Christie
     to change
                                                                           CAST                 Honey (SHERRY WHITE),
     her life. She quits drinking, goes on a writing binge to complete
                                                                                                Edmund (JONATHAN TORRENS),
     her new novel, The Breadmaker, and incorporates Carmen’s
                                                                                                Honey’s Dad (RICK BOLAND)
     self-sufficient traits into her own life.
                                                                           LOCATION             St. John’s, NF
     DIRECTOR                        Anita McGee                           FORMAT               Mini DV - 35MM
                                                                           RUNNING TIME         90 minutes

     Making Love in St. Pierre

     The time is winter, 1993. The place is a small fishing village in
     Newfoundland. Sebastian, a handsome, hardworking fisherman
     in his early thirties, is in a slump of bitterness and despair. The
     previous spring, the Government had shut down the cod fishery
     on the Atlantic Coast, putting Sebastian and anyone involved
     in the fishery out of a job. One day, to rekindle their strained
     relationship, Sebastian’s girlfriend, Jenny, suggests a trip to
     Halifax. However, a twist of events finds the couple headed,
     not to Halifax, but to the French island of St. Pierre, off the
     Newfoundland coast. No sooner are they on the French island
     than they become entangled with another couple, Marie and
     Michael. What ensues puts Sebastian and Jenny’s relationship
     to the test, and prompts Sebastian to make a decision that alters
     his life.
                                                                           EDITOR               David Woodrow
     DIRECTOR                        John Vatcher                          CAST                 Nicole Underhay, Allen Hawco
     PRODUCER                        John Vatcher                          LOCATION             St. Pierre
     ART DIRECTOR                    Debbie Vatcher                        FORMAT               30mm
     ASSOCIATE PRODUCER              Barry Cameron                         RUNNING TIME         90 minutes
     SCRIPT                          Ken Pittman                           PRODUCTION COMPANY   Pierre Fils/Plain Sight Pictures
     PHOTOGRAPHY                     John Vatcher                          RELEASE DATE         Fall, 2003
                                                                                      Feature Films
                                                                    The Shipping News is a vigorous, darkly comic, and at times
                                                                    magical portrait of the contemporary American family.

                                                                    DIRECTOR                     Lasse Hallström
                                                                    SCRIPT                       Robert Nelson Jacobs,
                                                                                                 Laura Jones, Ron Bass,
                                                                                                 Beth Henley
                                                                    PHOTOGRAPHY                  Oliver Stapleton
                                                                    EDITOR                       Andrew Mondshein
                                                                    DESIGN                       David Gropman
The Shipping News
                                                                    CAST                         Kevin Spacey, Julianne Moore,
At thirty-six, Quoyle, a third-rate newspaperman, is wrenched                                    Cate Blanchett, Dame Judi Dench,
violently out of his workaday life when his two-timing wife                                      Scott Glenn, Rhys Ifans,
meets her just desserts. He retreats with his daughter to his                                    Pete Postlethwaite, Jason Behr,
ancestral home on the starkly beautiful Newfoundland coast,                                      Katherine Moenning &
where a rich cast of local characters all play a part in Quoyle’s                                Gordon Pinsent
struggle to reclaim his life. As three generations of his family    LOCATION                     Trinity Bight area, Nfld
cobble up new lives, Quoyle confronts his private demons _          FORMAT                       35 mm
and the unpredictable forces of nature and society _ and            PRODUCTION COMPANY           Miramax Films
begins to see the possibility of love without pain or misery.       RELEASE DATE                 December, 2001 (limited release)
                                                                                                 January, 2002 (wide)

                                                                    Behind the Red Door

                                                                    An estranged brother and sister reunite when he takes ill.
                                                                    They re-examine their youth and rediscover the bonds of family.

                                                                    DIRECTOR                     Mattia Karell
                                                                    PRODUCERS                    Carlo Liconti, Mary Sexton
                                                                    SCRIPT                       Mattia Karell
                                                                    PHOTOGRAPHY                  Bob Elswit
                                                                    EDITOR                       Barry Farrell
                                                                    DESIGN                       Pam Hall
                                                                    MUSIC                        David Fleury
                                                                    CAST                         Keifer Sutherland, Kyra
                                                                                                 Sedgewick, Stockard Channing
                                                                    LOCATION                     New England, Newfoundland
                                                                                                 and Labrador
                                                                    FORMAT                       D Beta
                                                                    RUNNING TIME                 TBC - 98 minutes
                                                                    PRODUCTION COMPANY           Red Door Films Inc.
                                                                    RELEASE DATE                 March, 2002

     Feature Films
     Rare Birds

     Dave Purcell is ready to call it quits on his marriage and his
     restaurant, The Auk. His wife has left for a job at a “right
     leaning” Washington, DC think-tank and the restaurant, like
     the ill-fated bird for which it was named, has never really taken
     off. All seems lost until Dave’s neighbour, Alphonse Murphy,
     proposes a mad, yet ingenious scheme to save The Auk.
     They will announce the presence of an extremely rare duck,
     attracting bird watchers from the world over. Soon, the
     restaurant is crawling with well-heeled gastronomes, vain
     celebrities and bellicose politicos. Phonse has been up to
     some other tricks, including the salvage of some cocaine and
     the secret manufacture of a “recreational submarine vehicle”,
     the revelation of which threatens to expose the duck hoax.
                                                                         MUSIC                Jonathan Goldsmith
     DIRECTOR                      Sturla Gunnarson                      CAST                 William Hurt, Andy Jones, Molly Parker
     PRODUCER                      Paul Pope                             LOCATION             St. John’s
     SCRIPT                        Ed Riche                              FORMAT               35mm
     PHOTOGRAPHY                   Jan Kiesser                           RUNNING TIME         95 minutes
     EDITOR                        Jeff Warren                           PRODUCTION COMPANY   Rare Birds Production Inc.
     DESIGN                        Pam Hall                              RELEASE DATE         April, 2002

     Extrodinary Visitor

     It is 1999 on the eve of the New Millennium and the Blessed
     Virgin appears to the Pope and tells him that God has decided
     to destroy humanity. But, being the mother of mercy, she has
     interceded and has decided to send Saint John the Baptist to
     earth to look for a sign of hope. He comes to St. John’s
     because it is the land of simple fisher folk.

     DIRECTOR                      John Doyle
     PRODUCERS                     Paul Pope, Jennice Ripley
     SCRIPT                        John Doyle
     PHOTOGRAPHY                   Brian Hebb
     EDITOR                        Lara Mazur
     DESIGN                        Pam Hall
     MUSIC                         Eric Cadesky, Nick Dyer
     CAST                          Raoul Bhanja, Andy Jones,             FORMAT               35mm
                                   Mary Walsh                            RUNNING TIME         85 minutes
     LOCATION                      St. John’s                            PRODUCTION COMPANY   Film East Inc.
                                                                         RELEASE DATE         February, 1999

                                                                                           Feature Films
                                                                            DIRECTOR             Nils Gaup
                                                                            PRODUCER             Sigve Endresen
                                                                            SCRIPT               Sigve Endresen, Kenny Saunders
                                                                            PHOTOGRAPHY          Erling Thurmann-Anderson
                                                                            EDITOR               Barry Vince
                                                                            DESIGN               Karl Juliusson
                                                                            MUSIC                Joa Chim Holbek
                                                                            CAST                 Nikolaj Coster Waldau, Anneke
                                                                                                 Von Der Lippe, Stuart Graham,
                                                                                                 Graham Green, Bjonn Floberg,
Misery Harbour                                                                                   Hywel Bennett, Margot Finley,
                                                                                                 Stig Hoffmeyer, Lars Goran
Misery Harbour portrays the adventures of a teenage boy in the                                   Persson, Mats Helin
early 1900s who boards a schooner in Oslo harbour and sets sail
                                                                            LOCATION             St. John’s, Gander
for Newfoundland. His voyage is a steady stream of mistreatment
                                                                            FORMAT               35 mm Feature
and narrow escapes. Near Fogo Island he jumps ship and swims
ashore where he spends the next phase of his life. Later, having            RUNNING TIME         100 minutes
become a famous writer, he tries to make sense of the dramatic              PRODUCTION COMPANY   Red Ochre Productions
events of his entry into manhood.                                           RELEASE DATE         August, 2000

                                                                            DIRECTOR             Rosemary House
                                                                            PRODUCER             Mary Sexton
                                                                            SCRIPT               Rosemary House
                                                                            PHOTOGRAPHY          Nigel Markham
                                                                            EDITOR               Trevor Ambrose
                                                                            DESIGN               Stephen Osler
                                                                            MUSIC                Paul Steffler
                                                                            CAST                 Mary Walsh, Peter MacNeill,
                                                                                                 Andrew Younghusband,
                                                                                                 Susan Kent, Barry Newhook,
                                                                                                 Jody Richardson, Raoul Bhanja
                                                                            LOCATION             St. John’s
                                                                            FORMAT               35 mm
                                                                            RUNNING TIME         105 minutes

When Violet O’Brien’s brother dies suddenly at the age of 55,               PRODUCTION COMPANY   Dark Flowers Productions Inc.
Violet feels the hand of fate upon her. Both her parents died at that       RELEASE DATE         August, 2000
age and Violet is about to enter the lethal year herself. She goes into
an existential tailspin as her fractured family gathers round, or circles
round in the case of her crazy cousin Lynda. Violet has a lot to live
for, including a hot romance with farm manager Rusty. But it’s a
dangerous world, as Violet is about to find out.

     Feature Films
     The Divine Ryans

     Set in St. John’s, this film is about sex, religion, love and
     hockey. The story line concerns Draper Doyle, age 9, who
     sets out to solve the mystery surrounding the death of his
     father and with the help of his strange Uncle Reg, seeks to
     free himself, his mother and sister from the grasp of the
     Ryan family history.
                                                                       CAST                 Pete Postlethwaite,
     DIRECTOR                      Stephen Reynolds                                         Wendel Meldrum, Mary Walsh,
     PRODUCER                      Christopher Zimmer, Robert Petrie                        Robert Joy, Rick Boland,
     SCRIPT                        Wayne Johnston                                           Jordan Harvey
     PHOTOGRAPHY                   Alwyn Kumst                         LOCATION             St. John’s, Halifax
     EDITOR                        Jeff Warren                         FORMAT               35 mm
     DESIGN                        Jim Phillips                        RUNNING TIME         106 minutes
     MUSIC                         Denis Carey, Dave Keary,            PRODUCTION COMPANY   Petrivision Communications
                                   Ray Fean                            RELEASE DATE         November, 1999

     The Danger Tree

     Memory and history mingle in this moving account of one
     family’s journey through WWI and the events leading up to
     Newfoundland’s confederation with Canada.

     David MacFarlane narrates this story of his great grandparents,
     Josiah and Louisa Goodyear, and their seven children, who,
     at the turn of the century left behind the hardships of the cod
     fishery along the northeast coast and moved to Grand Falls,
     a boom town founded around a brand new paper mill. When
     Newfoundland decides to contribute an entire regiment to the
     war effort, five Goodyear sons go off to fight in Europe. Their
     story is paralleled with that of the country of Newfoundland,
     which risked and lost more than it could afford in contributing
     to the war effort.

     Imaginative narration, still photographs, archival and recent
     footage interweave to form a moving portrait of an almost         EDITOR               John McGreevy
     forgotten period.                                                 MUSIC                John McCarthy
                                                                       CAST                 David McFarlane
     DIRECTOR                      John McGreevy                       LOCATION             Newfoundland
     PRODUCER                      Janice Tufford, Marilyn A. Belec    FORMAT               Television Documentary
     SCRIPT                        David Macfarlane                    RUNNING TIME         50 minutes
     PHOTOGRAPHY,                                                      PRODUCTION COMPANY   National Film Board,
     CINEMATOGRAPHY                Nigel Markham                                            Generic Productions Inc.,
24                                                                                          Nfld Motion Pictures Inc.
                                                                                       Feature Films
                                                                        DIRECTOR             Lois Browne
                                                                        PRODUCER             Dana Warren
                                                                        SCRIPT               Lois Browne, Barry Newhook
                                                                        PHOTOGRAPHY          Dean Skerritt
                                                                        EDITOR               Derek Norman
                                                                        DESIGN               Geoff Younghusband
                                                                        MUSIC                Fur Packed Action
                                                                        CAST                 Lois Browne, Barry Newhook,
                                                                                             Janice Spence, Sheila Redmond,
The Bingo Robbers                                                                            Phil Dinn, Bernie Stapleton,
                                                                                             Liz Pickard, Bryan Hennessey,
Tonight is the “24-hour all night bingo extravaganza”. Nancy                                 Andy Jones, Jody Richardson
and Vallis, friends since childhood, musicians turned petty             LOCATION             St. John’s
thieves, are going to steal the jackpot. After a crazed night
                                                                        FORMAT               Beta SP
of attempted robberies, foiled by their own desperately human
                                                                        RUNNING TIME         90 minutes
need to talk and argue incessantly about their lives and life
in general, they find some shred of personal integrity in their         PRODUCTION COMPANY   Bingo Robbers Inc.
steadfast loyalty to each other. As dawn approaches, they               RELEASE DATE         September, 2000
make away with the real jackpot - love.

                                                                                                TV Series
                                                                        DIRECTOR             John Smith
                                                                        PRODUCERS            Passage Films Inc.
                                                                                             Barbara Doran, Jennice Ripley;
                                                                                             Cité-Amérique Cinéma Télévision Inc.
                                                                                             Lorraine Richard, Louis Laverdière;
                                                                                             Suboptica Entertainment
                                                                                             Tristan Orpen Lynch, Leslie Kelly
                                                                        SCRIPT               Des Walsh
                                                                        PHOTOGRAPHY          Pierre Letarte
                                                                        EDITOR               Jean-Pierre Cereghetti
                                                                        DESIGN               Normand Sarrazin
                                                                        CAST                 Aoife McMahon, Deborah Pollitt,
                                                                                             Colm Meaney, Brenda Devine,
                                                                                             Jessica Pare, Michael Sepieha,
                                                                                             Mary Walsh
Random Passage                                                          LOCATION             Old Bonaventure,
                                                                                             Newfoundland and Ireland
An epic tale of British and Irish immigrants making the trek            RUNNING TIME         8 x 1 hour series
to Newfoundland in the early part of the 19th century, with the
                                                                        PRODUCTION COMPANY   Passage Films Inc., Cité - Amérique
focus on the women’s journey from the workhouses in rural England
                                                                                             and Suboptica Entertainment
to the squalor of St. John’s to the fictional outport of Cape Random.
                                                                        RELEASE DATE         January, 2002                          25
     TV Series
     Dooley Gardens

     Set in the “oldest covered, artificial ice surface” in St. John’s,
     the rink of last resort, this series follows the struggles, the
     triumphs, and more often, the failures of the aged hockey
     rink’s staff and its regular visitors.

     DIRECTOR                       Giles Walker, Henry Sawer-Foner,
                                    Graham Campbell
     PRODUCER                       Mary Sexton
     SCRIPT                         Andrew Younghusband, Ed Riche,
                                    Mary Sexton, Andy Jones
     PHOTOGRAPHY                    Nigel Markham                         LOCATION             St. John’s
     EDITOR                         Brett Sullivan, Glen Neary            FORMAT               Beta SP
     DESIGN                         Stephen Osler                         RUNNING TIME         6 x 22 minutes
     MUSIC                          Paul Steffler, Sandy Morris           PRODUCTION COMPANY   Rink Rat Productions
     CAST                           Mary Walsh, Andy Jones,
                                    Andrew Younghusband,
                                    Nicole DeBoer, Ken Campbell


     Steeplechasing is a six episode half-hour television
     series devoted to exploring beautiful and diverse
     Newfoundland communities, their people, music
     and their breathtaking churches.

     DIRECTOR                       Ken Pittman
     EXEC. PRODUCER                 Barry Cowling
     PRODUCERS                      Ken Pittman, Barry Cowling
     SCRIPT                         Geoff Noble, Susan Shillingford
     PHOTOGRAPHY                    Lloyd Pennell, Kevin Hanlon
     EDITOR                         TBD
     CAST                           Geoff Noble (host)
     LOCATION                       Various Newfoundland locations
     FORMAT                         30 min x 6 tv series
     RUNNING TIME                   42 minutes
     PRODUCTION COMPANY             Steeple IV Productions Inc.
     RELEASE DATE                   January, 2002

                                                                        TV Series

Quest for the Sea

Quest for the Sea is a four one-hour living history documentary
series that follows two families as they return to a lost way of life
in a remote fishing village in Newfoundland. In simple wooden
homes with only the tools, clothing, and supplies of 1937, five
adults and five children will live under a mercantile system and
need to rely on cod fishing for their sustenance and survival.

DIRECTOR                       Don Young
PRODUCER                       Jamie Brown
CO-PRODUCERS                   Paul Pope, Lynne Skromeda
SCRIPT                         Don Young
PHOTOGRAPHY                    Don Young
EDITOR                         David McGunigal & Dan Caldwell
LOCATION                       Newfoundland
FORMAT                         Beta Cam, Mini DV
RUNNING TIME                   4 x 1 hour
PRODUCTION COMPANY             Frantic Films/Quest for the
                               Sea NL Inc.
RELEASE DATE                   January, 2003
     TV Series
     Hatching, Matching & Dispatching                                  DIRECTOR              Henry Sawer-Foner,
                                                                                             Stephen Reynolds
     Hatching, Matching & Dispatching follows the                      PRODUCER              Mary Sexton
     adventures of the Furey family as they ferry the residents        EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS   Mary Sexton, Mary Walsh,
     of their hometown right from the sperm to the worm. Often                               John Brunton, Barb Bowlby
     in outport Newfoundland it is left to one enterprising family     SCRIPT                Mary Walsh, Ed Macdonald
     to literally taxi the residents from the cradle to the grave,     PHOTOGRAPHY           Milan Podsedly
     offering wedding, funeral and ambulance services all under
                                                                       EDITOR                Todd Foster, Mike Lee
     the same roof. The Furey family provides that service to the
                                                                       MUSIC                 Alan Doyle
     residents of Cats Gut Cove with side-splittingly funny results.
                                                                       CAST                  Mary Walsh, Mark McKinney,
     The series stars Mary Walsh (Gemini winner, Best Performance                            Shaun Majumder, Rick Boland,
     in a Comedy for the pilot of Hatching, Matching & Dispatching)                          Susan Kent, Sherry White,
     as the family matriarch, Mark McKinney (Saddest Music in the                            Joel Hynes, Jonny Harris,
     World, Kids in the Hall), Shaun Majumder (This Hour Has 22                              Adriana Maggs
     Minutes, Cedric the Entertainer), Rick Boland (The Divine         LOCATION              Petty Harbour, Torbay
     Ryans), Susan Kent (Violet) Sherry White (The Bread Maker),       FORMAT                DigiBeta
     Joel Hynes (Down to the Dirt), and Jonny Harris (Young            RUNNING TIME          6 x 30 minutes
     Triffie’s Been Made Away With). Guest stars this season           PRODUCTION COMPANY    2M Innovative Inc.
     include Sheila McCarthy, Andy Jones, Ed MacDonald,
                                                                       RELEASE DATE          January 06, 2006
     Bette MacDonald, Linda Cash and Berni Stapleton.

                                                                                                           TV Series
                                                                           George Street TV is a TV comedy variety show that takes its
                                                                           name from George Street, St. John’s, Newfoundland, an oasis of
                                                                           action on Canada’s east coast. George Street is not just a street
                                                                           but a way of living. From the signature lime green couch the boys
                                                                           reach out to the street, the country and the world beyond, taking
                                                                           the Newfoundland party experience with them wherever they go.

                                                                           DIRECTOR                     Greg Malone
                                                                           PRODUCER                     Kent Brown
                                                                           SCRIPT                       Greg Malone, Kent Brown,
                                                                                                        Donald Goobie
                                                                           PHOTOGRAPHY                  Nick Sexton, D’Jango Malone
                                                                           EDITOR                       Pat Dunn
                                                                           MUSIC                        Steve Edwards
                                                                           CAST                         Greg Malone, Kent Brown,
                                                                                                        Donald Goobie
                                                                           LOCATION                     St. John’s, NL and
George Street TV (Season lI)
                                                                                                        Selected Canadian cities
George Street TV is a national party hosted weekly by two easy,            FORMAT                       Mini DV/Beta SP Delivery
fun loving Newfoundlanders, Donny and Kent. Greg Malone’s                  RUNNING TIME                 6 ½ hour episodes
dynamic writing and direction drives the action.                           PRODUCTION COMPANY           George Street TV Productions Inc.
                                                                           RELEASE DATE                 October 2005, The Comedy Network

                                                                           DIRECTORS                    Deanne Foley, Victoria King,
                                                                                                        Jane Adey, David Ozier,
                                                                                                        David Finch, Leon Anthony
                                                                           PRODUCER                     Paul Pope
                                                                           SCRIPT                       Concept - Deanne Foley
                                                                                                        Narration - Dorian Rowe
                                                                           EDITOR                       Dorian Rowe,
                                                                                                        Edward Tanasychuck, Ben Smith
                                                                           MUSIC                        Lori Clarke
                                                                           CAST                         Narrator - Lisa Porter
                                                                           LOCATION                     Canada, U.S. and U.K.
                                                                           FORMAT                       DV Cam
                                                                           RUNNING TIME                 13 episodes (23:04 each)
                                                                           PHOTOGRAPHY                  Ellie Yanova, Leon Anthony, Nigel
                                                                                                        Markham, Keith Burgess, Michael
Going the Distance
                                                                                                        chaffel, Bill Kerrigan, David Ozier,
                                                                                                        Mark Edwards, Michael Wees,
Going the Distance is a thirteen episode documentary that follows the
                                                                                                        Amit Bhattacharya, Deanne Foley,
diverse lives of couples in long distance relationships as they struggle
                                                                                                        Ian K. Hinkle, John Hillis
with the ups and downs, and the less than regular ins and outs of new
style 21st century love.                                                   PRODUCTION COMPANY           Pope Productions Inc./Going the
                                                                                                        Distance Inc.
                                                                           RELEASE DATE                 March, 2004
     Becoming 13

     The moment is electric… girls on the cusp of adolescence
     leaving behind the freedom of girlhood for the shaky self-
     consciousness of their teens. Over a year, Becoming 13
     tracks the changing world of three St. John’s girls against
     the foil of economic class and cultural differences.

     DIRECTOR                      Victoria King
     PRODUCERS                     Geeta Sondhi, Annette Clarke,
                                   Victoria King
     SCRIPT                        Victoria King
     PHOTOGRAPHY                   Ellie Yonova
     EDITOR                        Lawrence Jackman
     MUSIC                         TBA                                  RUNNING TIME         42 minutes
     CAST                          N/A                                  PRODUCTION COMPANY   Girl Culture Productions Inc.
     LOCATION                      St. John’s                                                in co-production with the NFB.
     FORMAT                        X-D Cam - Opti Disk                  RELEASE DATE         September, 2006

     Hard Rock and Water

     In the middle of the Atlantic sit two islands. Born out of rock,
     seldom nourished by the sun, like two willful brothers they hold
     fast against the battering North Atlantic. They are Iceland and

     Hard Rock and Water follows Newfoundland writer Lisa Moore
     on a quest to discover the essence of nationhood. Sixty years
     ago Iceland and Newfoundland were desperately poor places.
     In a bold move, Iceland separated from Denmark in 1944. Five
     years later Newfoundland voluntarily gave up its nationhood
     and joined Canada. Both countries at a crossroads chose
     very different routes and landed in very different places.
                                                                        CAST                 Lisa Moore, Mary Walsh, Brian Tobin,
     DIRECTOR                      Barbara Doran                                             Des Walsh, Vigdis Finnbogadottir,
     PRODUCER                      Lynne Wilson                                              Sigfus Jonson
     SCRIPT                        Barbara Doran                        LOCATION             Newfoundland, Iceland, Denmark
     PHOTOGRAPHY                   Mike Boland                          FORMAT               XD Cam
     EDITOR                        Howard Goldberg                      RUNNING TIME         56 minutes
     MUSIC                         Lori Clarke, Sandy Morris            PRODUCTION COMPANY   Morag Productions Inc.
                                                                        RELEASE DATE         June 13, 2005

                                                                         DIRECTOR                    Tim Wolochatiuk
                                                                         PRODUCER                    Marian Frances White,
                                                                                                     Christopher Gagosz
                                                                         EXEC. PRODUCER              Jennice Ripley
                                                                         SCRIPT                      Jeff Sturge, Christopher Gagosz
                                                                         ADDITIONAL WRITING          Marian Frances White,
                                                                                                     Beni Malone
                                                                         PHOTOGRAPHY                 John Crawford
                                                                         EDITOR                      John Whiticar
                                                                         MUSIC                       Sandy Morris
Stealing Mary                                                            CAST                        Jerry Evans, Jane Maggs
                                                                         LOCATION                    St. John’s, Newfoundland
Stealing Mary is the story of North America’s first recorded genocide,                               and Toronto with Scotland
the demise of the Beothuk Indians of Newfoundland. In a CSI format                                   forensic scientists
we trace the capture of Demasduit and focus on the evidence              FORMAT                      HD
surrounding the crime that coincided with her capture.
                                                                         RUNNING TIME                48 minutes
                                                                         PRODUCTION COMPANY          A Fire Crown Inc. and
                                                                                                     Windup Filmworks Production
                                                                                                     in conjunction with Traces of
                                                                                                     Red Inc. and Stealing Mary
                                                                                                     Films Ontario Inc.
                                                                         RELEASE DATE                September, 2005

                                                                         On Traces the descendents of French fishermen who jumped ship
                                                                         long ago tell their stories and celebrate their French heritage.

                                                                         DIRECTOR                    David Quinton
                                                                         PRODUCER                    David Quinton
                                                                         ASSOCIATE PRODUCER          Ken Pittman
                                                                         SCRIPT                      David Quinton
                                                                         PHOTOGRAPHY                 David Quinton
                                                                         EDITOR                      Cyril Reid
                                                                         MUSIC                       Sandy Morris and
                                                                                                     Les Gabiers D’artimon
                                                                         CAST                        N/A
                                                                         LOCATION                    West Coast, Northern Peninsula
Traces                                                                                               and Baie Verte Peninsula
                                                                         FORMAT                      Digital Beta
For hundreds of years fisherman from Britainy, Normandy and
the Basques country have fished the Western and Northern shores          RUNNING TIME                22 minutes
of Newfoundland. It was a migratory fishery, and settlement was          PRODUCTION COMPANY          Edge of the Earth Productions
forbidden in this English colony. Yet some decided to defy the           RELEASE DATE                September 1, 2005
authorities and begin life anew in this untamed frontier.                                            CBC Atlantic Region
     Boys on the Fringe

     Boys On the Fringe follows the young, hot theatre duo,
     Jerome Sable and Eli Batalion as they try to make it on the
     international theatre scene, having already conquered Canada
     with their fringe hit, Job: The Hip Hop Musical. Earning the
     reputation of the hard-working men in hip-hop theatre, Boys
     On the Fringe is a story of ambition, loyalty, passion, and
     idiocy behind the theatre curtain.

     DIRECTOR                       Deanne Foley                              CAST                   Jerome Sable, Eli Batalion
     EXEC. PRODUCER                 Paul Pope                                 LOCATION               Montreal, Toronto,
     PRODUCER                       Tiffany Martin                                                   New York, Edinburgh
     SCRIPT                         Deanne Foley/Terre Nash                   FORMAT                 DVCAM
     PHOTOGRAPHY                    Nigel Markham                             RUNNING TIME           1 hour
     EDITOR                         Terre Nash                                PRODUCTION COMPANY     Alpha Productions Inc.
     COMPOSER                       Lori Clarke                               RELEASE DATE           August 23rd, 2005

     Pleasant Street

     Pleasant Street is a documentary that follows the lives
     of Ken and Leida as they struggle to fit in all they want to
     do, love all the people they want to love and fight to stay
     alive just that much longer. Both of them are funny, heroic,
     afraid, creative and wanting to open their hearts and lives
     to the camera. It helps them. They get something out of it
     too. Cancer is the antithesis of life and making something
     creative is like an act of defiance in the face of it.

     Pleasant Street is an intensely intimate and dramatic
     documentary that chronicles the pain, confusion, anger,
     surprises and joy in the lives of Leida and Ken set in the
     context of the daily life of their street in downtown St. John’s.
                                                                         EDITOR               Terre Nash
     DIRECTOR                       Gerry Rogers                         LOCATION             St. John’s, Newfoundland
     PRODUCER                       Gerry Rogers                         FORMAT               DVCam
     SCRIPT                         Gerry Rogers                         RUNNING TIME         67 minutes
     PHOTOGRAPHY                    Peggy Norman and                     PRODUCTION COMPANY   Augusta Productions Inc..
                                    Nigel Markham                        RELEASE DATE         September, 2004

                                                                          In the film a group of Canadian Joyceans and performers visit
                                                                          Dublin on a musical mission. They meet up with a group of
                                                                          Irish musicians to document and discover songs from Joyce’s
                                                                          life and writing and then return to St. John’s in Newfoundland
                                                                          to stage an elaborate cabaret of Joycean music. Moulin Rouge
                                                                          meets Bloomsday as Leopold Bloom’s adage is made true:
                                                                          “Music is everywhere”.

                                                                          DIRECTOR                     Rosemary House
                                                                          PRODUCER                     Rosemary House
                                                                          SCRIPT                       Rosemary House
Bloomsday Cabaret                                                         PHOTOGRAPHY                  Nigel Markham
                                                                          EDITOR                       Lyly Fortin
June 16, 2004 was the 100th anniversary of Bloomsday, the day that
Leopold Bloom, Ulysses’ famous everyman, set out on his odyssey           CAST                         Bryan Hennessey,
through the streets of Dublin. Bloomsday Cabaret is an exciting and                                    Mary Lou Fallis, Sherry White,
original new film about music in James Joyce’s life and in his writing.                                Michael Groden
James Joyce lived in song as others live in air. He had a fine tenor      LOCATION                     Dublin, Ireland and St. John’s, NL
voice and never stopped hoping for a professional singing career; his     FORMAT                       Digital Beta
wife Nora famously said: “Jim should have stuck to music instead of       RUNNING TIME                 47.50 (TV version)
bothering with writing”. Popular song was his passion and he put                                       66.30 (feature version)
music into the very heart and soul of his characters. There are over      PRODUCTION COMPANY           Rock Island Productions Inc..
1500 musical references in his work and some episodes in Ulysses
                                                                          RELEASE DATE                 June, 2004
have an almost constant background of music.
                                                                          MUSIC DIRECTOR               Graham Henderson

                                                                          human extravagance. This engaging look at the billion-dollar
                                                                          dog industry and the rise in the social status of our dogs
                                                                          proves... it’s a great time to be canine!

                                                                          DIRECTOR                     Wendy Rowland
                                                                          PRODUCERS                    Annette Clarke & Linda Fitzpatrick
                                                                          SCRIPT                       Edward Riche
                                                                          PHOTOGRAPHY                  Ellie Yonova
                                                                          EDITOR                       Angela Baker
                                                                          LOCATION                     Newfoundland,
                                                                                                       Toronto and New York
                                                                          FORMAT                       Digital Beta
Raising Rover
                                                                          MUSIC                        Jeff Johnston

Over half of all dog owners in North America are more attached to         RUNNING TIME                 51:25 minutes
their pets than they are to another person. The status of the modern      PRODUCTION COMPANY           Ruby Line Productions Inc.
dog has changed from family pet to family member. Raising Rover           RELEASE DATE                 July, 2004
explores this urban phenomenon in a provocative manner through
interviews, statistics and revealing footage of doggy indulgence and

     Hospital City

     Shot at the Health Sciences Centre in St. John’s,
     Newfoundland, Hospital City reveals the workings of a
     contemporary health care facility. Accompanied by hospital
     staff, we travel through labs, pharmacies, supply rooms,
     operating theatres, and patient rooms -- from the maternity
     ward to the morgue.                                              DIRECTOR             Rosemary House
                                                                      PRODUCER             Mary Sexton
     Here, mundane tasks take on new meaning. Dusting an              SCRIPT               Rosemary House
     operating room, sterilizing equipment, correctly reading the
                                                                      PHOTOGRAPHY          Nigel Markham
     dance of cells across a computer screen, getting a victim of
                                                                      EDITOR               Lyly Fortin
     the bends into a pressurized chamber as quickly as possible
     -- these jobs are a matter of life and death. Every day.         MUSIC                Duane Andrews
                                                                      LOCATION             St. John’s, Newfoundland
     The thousands of people who work here, caring for 500 or         FORMAT               Digital Beta
     so patients, say that despite the hours, despite the cutbacks,   RUNNING TIME         50 minutes
     there is no job they’d rather be doing.                          PRODUCTION COMPANY   Dark Flowers Productions Inc.
                                                                      RELEASE DATE         March, 2004


     Bloodlines takes us to two of the most desired locations for
     human genetic research. Newfoundland and Iceland - both
     with economies that cling to the coastline and a dwindling
     fishing industry - have discovered a new natural resource,
     DNA. As Newfoundland races to establish a province-wide
     ethics board, Iceland faces opposition to legislation that has
     already been passed. Can Newfoundland protect what is
     perhaps its most valuable resource and ensure that significant
     benefits return to the people and the province? Has Iceland
     gone far enough in protecting the rights of its citizens? What
     will be the consequence of this new alliance between genetic
     research and the private sector?

     Bloodlines will follow this growing industry as the two island
     populations struggle with complex legal and ethical issues
     that position DNA as common heritage on the one hand and
     incredibly valuable stock on the other.
                                                                      EDITOR               TBD
     DIRECTOR                      Wendy Rowland                      LOCATION             Newfoundland and Iceland
     PRODUCER                      Annette Clarke                     FORMAT               Digital Beta
     SCRIPT                        Wendy Rowland                      RUNNING TIME         50 minutes
     PHOTOGRAPH                    Nigel Markham                      PRODUCTION COMPANY   Ruby Line Productions Inc.
                                                                      RELEASE DATE         Fall, 2002
                                                                            DIRECTOR                       David Quinton
                                                                            EXEC. PRODUCER                 Jim Byrd
                                                                            PRODUCER                       David Quinton
                                                                            ASSOCIATE PRODUCERS            Ken Pittman, Elizabeth Reynolds
                                                                            SCRIPT                         David Quinton, Donald Downer
                                                                            PHOTOGRAPHY                    Howard Pack
                                                                            EDITOR                         David Quinton
                                                                            CAST                           Don Downer, Elizabeth Reynolds
                                                                            LOCATION                       Phase I Argentina, Phase II Nfld
Letters from Eliza
                                                                            FORMAT                         Beta SP / Mono Sound

Eliza Lewis is 100 years old. When she was 13, she left home                RUNNING TIME                   52 minutes
on Fogo Island, Newfoundland and sailed to Patagonia on the                 PRODUCTION COMPANY             Edge of the Earth Productions Ltd.
southern tip of Argentina. By letters for decades, she kept alive           RELEASE DATE                   November, 2001
her friendships, and to her great delight, on her 100th birthday
her loving grand-niece announces she’s off to Fogo to make
sure that Eliza’s friendships are confirmed in the flesh.

                                                                            Frissell’s body was never found and the disaster rocked
                                                                            a continent. The international entertainment world grieved
                                                                            alongside the Newfoundland sealers who walked the ice flows
                                                                            to safety. The brilliantly photographed reality footage remains
                                                                            a remarkable legacy to a people, an era and a controversial
                                                                            way of life.

                                                                            White Thunder uses stunning archival film footage, journal
                                                                            accounts, character narrators, evocative current day footage
                                                                            of the site of the disaster as well as interviews with survivors,
                                                                            family members and historians to provocatively reveal the
                                                                            imagination and spirit of not one individual but a period in
                                                                            history when adventurism and exploration was at its peak.
White Thunder
                                                                            DIRECTOR                       Victoria King
On March 15, 1931, just as night has fallen, a sixty-foot tower of
flame shoots up out of the ocean. The blast cuts the hard silence off       PRODUCERS                      Annette Clarke, Kent Martin
the bleak north-east coast of Newfoundland. Half burnt and fractured        SCRIPT                         Victoria King
bodies dot the ice floes surrounding what’s left of the SS Viking, a        PHOTOGRAPHY                    Nigel Markham
wooden-walled ship which had sailed the frozen arctic seas for over fifty   EDITOR                         Terre Nash
years. Anonymous citizens of an unknown country mourn the death of          LOCATION                       Newfoundland & Labrador,
24 of its sons and one young adopted son, Lewis Varick Frissell.                                           Newport & New York City
                                                                            FORMAT                         Digital Beta
It was the era of Western expansionism in North America when
                                                                            RUNNING TIME                   50 minutes
the “north” signified empty space, abundant resources and endless
opportunity. It was the heyday of the hero and Frissell had all the         PRODUCTION COMPANY             Factory Lane Productions Inc.
right traits. A wealthy and well-connected New Yorker, he was making        RELEASE DATE                   February, 2002
a dramatic film about the sealers off Canada’s north-east coast.
     The Invisible Machine

     The Invisible Machine unravels the mystery of the Bell Island
     “boom” and in doing so, explores the expanding and frightening
     frontier of electromagnetic science. While the US military
     experiments with electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapons or
     e-bombs, the question must be asked: were the bizarre events     EDITOR               Angela Baker
     on Bell Island, Newfoundland in 1978 related to early testing    MUSIC                Lori Clarke
     of these directed energy weapons and if so, what are the
                                                                      CAST                 Mary Lynn Bernard,
     consequences of unleashing this powerful force today?
                                                                                           Roger Maunder, Des Walsh
                                                                      LOCATION             Newfoundland, USA,
     EXECUTIVE PRODUCER            Barbara Doran
                                                                                           Ottawa, Toronto
     PRODUCER                      Lynne Wilson
                                                                      FORMAT               Beta SP
     CO-PRODUCERS                  Jon Whalen and Lee Tizzard
                                                                      RUNNING TIME         46 minutes
     DIRECTOR                      Barbara Doran / Jon Whalen
                                                                      PRODUCTION COMPANY   Morag Productions /
     PRODUCER                      Lynne Wilson                                            Invisible Entertainment
     SCRIPT                        Barbara Doran / Jon Whalen         RELEASE DATE         September 2003
     PHOTOGRAPHY                   Nigel Markham, Mike Grippel,
                                   Eli Yonova, Jamie Lewis

     Fool Proof

     Fool Proof takes us on an international roller coaster ride as
     we explore the history and art of clowning. With professional
     clown Beni Malone as ringmaster, this one hour documentary
     is a visual feast which celebrates the rich history and recent
     renaissance of the most animated of performing arts. The
     journey comes full circle when Malone is joined on stage by
     his aerialist daughter, Anahareo. Fool Proof combines rare
     archival footage with fascinating real life stories, to create
     a springboard into the world phenomena of circus arts.           CAST                 Beni Malone,
                                                                                           Anahareo White-Malone,
     DIRECTOR                      Marian F. White                                         Andy Jones, Karin Alder
     SCRIPT                        Marian F. White                    LOCATION             St. John’s, Petty Harbour
     PRODUCER                      Paul Pope / Marian F. White        FORMAT               16 mm
     PHOTOGRAPHY                   John Vatcher                       RUNNING TIME         48 minutes.
     EDITOR                        Dorian Rowe                        PRODUCTION COMPANY   Codlessco Ltd.
     MUSIC SUPERVISOR              Sandy Morris                       RELEASE DATE         December, 2002

                                                                         dramas (with their ageless renditions of death and resurrection)
                                                                         still annually, lovingly re-enacted in rustic corners of the British
                                                                         Isles and Europe.

                                                                         DIRECTOR                       Peter Blow
                                                                         PRODUCERS                      Peter Blow, Chris Brookes
                                                                         SCRIPT                         Chris Brookes
Mummers and Masks                                                        PHOTOGRAPHY                    Nigel Markham
                                                                         EDITOR                         Glen Neary
Mummers and Masks is a one-hour documentary Christmas                    CAST                           Documentary
Special that explores the ageless world of mummers. The
                                                                         LOCATION                       Nfld, Devon, Philadelphia
producer traces the legacy of mummering from the humble
                                                                         FORMAT                         Beta SP
kitchen parties of the remote outports of Newfoundland to the
wild parades and razzmatazz of the New Orleans Mardi Gras,               RUNNING TIME                   60 minutes
and the gaudy present-day Philadelphia Mummer’s Parade with              PRODUCTION COMPANY             Battery Included/Lindum Films
its swirling batons, clowns and string bands, to the ancient folk        RELEASE DATE                   April, 2002

                                                                         been an extremely important event in this struggle. The ability
                                                                         of the refugees to re-establish their lives in peace and security
                                                                         is seen as a test case for the entire society and is being
                                                                         closely watched both in Guatemala and throughout the world.

                                                                         The film celebrates their courage, determination and

                                                                         DIRECTOR                       Nigel Markham
                                                                         PRODUCER                       Nigel Markham, Mary Sexton
                                                                         SCRIPT                         Nigel Markham
                                                                         PHOTOGRAPHY                    Nigel Markham

Return to Mayalan                                                        EDITOR                         Angela Baker
                                                                         LOCATION                       Guatemala
Return to Mayalan is an hour long film about the return of Guatemala’s   FORMAT                         Beta SP
refugees to their homeland after years of exile in Mexico.               RUNNING TIME                   50 minutes
                                                                         PRODUCTION COMPANY             Lazybank Productions Ltd.
The film’s focus is on one group of refugees, former members of
                                                                         RELEASE DATE                   May, 1999
the Cooperative Communities of the Ixcan Grande who are now
attempting to resume their lives in the land they fled under terrible
circumstances in the early 1980’s. The return of the refugees has

     Jailhouse Romance

     Jailhouse Romance is a documentary about women who
     love and marry men incarcerated for violent crime. What brings
     women on the outside to men serving time, sometimes 25 year
     sentences, inside penal institutions? How do they live with the
     crimes that the partners have committed? And what draws
     the men to these relationships? What kind of love flourishes
     or is sustained within such unusual circumstances and under
     such a demanding and seemingly one-sided set-up?

     DIRECTOR                     Wendy Rowland
     PRODUCER                     Annette Clarke
     SCRIPT                       Wendy Rowland, Annette Clarke
     CINEMATOGRAPHY               Eli Yonova
     EDITOR                       Angela Baker
     LOCATION                     Kingston
     FORMAT                       Video Betacam SP                     PRODUCTION COMPANY   Ruby Line Productions
     RUNNING TIME                 45-50 minutes                        RELEASE DATE         January, 2001

     The Newfoundland Passion

     A film about an artist, his island, and his Jesus.
     The personality of profoundly spiritual Newfoundland
     artist Gerald Squires permeates this film – compassionate,
     yet brimming with ironic humour and intelligence. Sharp
     focus close-ups make his paintings come alive as they
     relate the Passion as a Newfoundland story.

     From a fisherman’s cabin overlooking St. John’s harbour,
     where Jesus and the disciples gather for the Last Supper,
     Squires’ paintings – and the film – follow the Celtic Jesus
     through the stations of the Cross over the bogs and barrens
     of Newfoundland’s harsh landscape, to his Crucifixion on          MUSIC                Emile Benoit, Jim Fidler,
     a cliff overlooking the North Atlantic, to his miraculous                              Michael Parker, Gayle Tapper
     Resurrection above the sea.
                                                                       CAST                 Anita Best, Andy Jones, Terri Andrews,
                                                                                            Mark Critch, Justin Nurse, Sherri Levesque,
     DIRECTOR                     Arnold Bennett                                            Lois Saunders, Christa Borden
     PRODUCER                     Dennis Browne                        LOCATION             St. John’s
     SCRIPT                       Clar Doyle                           FORMAT               Television Documentary
     PHOTOGRAPHY                  Nigel Markham                        RUNNING TIME         60 minutes
     EDITOR                       Ken Pittman                          PRODUCTION COMPANY   Ciné Terre-neuve, Sleeping Giant
     DESIGN                       Arnold Bennett                                            Productions Jim Hanley, Paul McConvey
38                                                                     RELEASE DATE         September, 1998
Closing the Gap: 0.4mg of Prevention

A 25-minute documentary which informs viewers that women
can reduce the risk of Spina Bifida significantly if they take the
B-vitamin Folic Acid.

DIRECTOR                       Sharon Halfyard
PRODUCER                       Sharon Halfyard
SCRIPT                         Carmelita McGrath, Sharon Halfyard
PHOTOGRAPHY                    Kevin Hanlon
EDITOR                         Sharon Halfyard, John Bonnell
DESIGN                         Beth Oberholtzer
MUSIC                          Paul Steffler
LOCATION                       St. John’s and area
FORMAT                         Beta SP 30
RUNNING TIME                   25 minutes
PRODUCTION COMPANY             Curzon Village Productions Inc.
RELEASE DATE                   June, 2000

Seven Brides for Uncle Sam

The story of seven Newfoundland women who married
American servicemen... for better or worse.

DIRECTOR                       Anita McGee
PRODUCER                       Kent Martin
SCRIPT                         Anita Mcgee
PHOTOGRAPHY                    Nigel Markham
EDITOR                         Angela Baker
MUSIC                          Sandy Morris
LOCATION                       St. John’s, Stephenville, Argentia
FORMAT                         Beta SP
RUNNING TIME                   47 min / 52 min (two versions)
PRODUCTION COMPANY             National Film Board of Canada
RELEASE DATE                   November, 1997

     Messiah from Montreal

     Critics called Abraham Moses Klein Canada’s greatest poet
     ever. He was the first person to write significant Jewish poetry
     in the English language. Today, a half century after he won the
     Governor General’s Award, a quarter century after his death,
     he is nearly forgotten. His disappearance from memory was
     presaged by the tragedy that engulfed Klein during his lifetime.
     In his mid-forties, at the height of his talents, he plunged into
     a spiritual crisis that silenced him. For the last eighteen years
     of his life, silence prevailed. Al Waxman tells Klein’s story,
     exploring Klein’s inner crisis as the film searches for the poet
                                                                         CAST                 Al Waxman, Jim Fidler,
     in dramatic performances of his poetry, some set to music
                                                                                              Damhnait Doyle, Greg Malone,
     and sung by Jim Fidler, Damhnait Doyle and others.
                                                                                              Berni Stapleton, Kevin Lewis,
                                                                                              Terri Andrews, Paul Bendzsa,
     DIRECTOR                       Arnold Bennett                                            Rufus Cappadocia, Fred Hawksley,
     PRODUCER                       Ken Pittman, Arnold Bennett                               Lori Heath, Morris Hodder,
     EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS            Jim Hanley, Paul McConvey,                                Joel Hynes, Tara Manuel-Rigler,
                                    Nancy Bennett                                             Martin Vallée, David Wall
     SCRIPT                         Arnold Bennett                       LOCATION             St. John’s, Montreal,
     PHOTOGRAPHY                    Ricardo Diaz                                              Toronto, Ottawa
     EDITOR                         Arnold Bennett                       FORMAT               Betacam SP
     DESIGN                         Pam Hall                             RUNNING TIME         90 minutes
     MUSIC DIRECTOR                 Jim Fidler, David Wall,              PRODUCTION COMPANY   Ciné Terre-Neuve
                                    Rufus Cappadocia, Paul Bendsza       RELEASE DATE         October, 2001

     Hebron Relocation:
     A Move Toward Healing the Pain

     In 1959, the Inuit from Northern Labrador were uprooted and
     relocated to various communities in the south. The relocation
     turned out to be a traumatic and disruptive experience in the
     lives of these people and their descendants. Families were
     separated from each other, bonds of kinship and marriage
     were broken. The social and economic equilibrium that they
     had known in the north was shattered, and was never
     recovered. The decision to relocate Hebron was to have
     consequences for northern Inuit that continue to this day.

     DIRECTOR                       Nigel Markham                        LOCATION             Hebron, Nain, Hopedale,
                                                                                              Makkovik, St. John’s
     PRODUCER                       Fran Williams
                                                                         FORMAT               Betacam SP
     SCRIPT                         Carol Brice-Bennett
                                                                         RUNNING TIME         60 minutes
     PHOTOGRAPHY                    Nigel Markham, Sarah Abel
                                                                         PRODUCTION COMPANY   Okalakatiget Society
     EDITOR                         Sarah Abel
40                                                                       RELEASE DATE         October, 2001
                                                                                 For the better part of two decades, Dr. Priscilla Renouf has searched
                                                                                 in vain for the settlement site of these ancient aboriginal people.
                                                                                 Discouraged but not defeated, she re-evaluated her strategy during
                                                                                 the summer of 1996.

                                                                                 With increasing dramatic tension, this engaging documentary
                                                                                 weaves the stories of a passionate human journey and methodical
                                                                                 scientific exploration. It reveals a place and its peoples; and the
                                                                                 amazing connection between the community of Maritime Archaic
                                                                                 Indians who lived in that place four thousand years ago and the
                                                                                 community of Newfoundland fishers who call it home at the end
                                                                                 of the twentieth century.

                                                                                 DIRECTOR                        Sharon Halfyard
                                                                                 PRODUCER                        Sharon Halfyard
                                                                                 SCRIPT                          Sharon Halfyard,
                                                                                                                 Fred Hollingshurst
Quest for Ancient Footsteps                                                      PHOTOGRAPHY                     Kevin Hanlon
                                                                                 MUSIC                           Paul Steffler
The four thousand year old Maritime Archaic Indian cemetery in Port au
                                                                                 LOCATION                        Port au Choix
Choix, discovered in 1967, is one of the richest archaeological burial sites
                                                                                 FORMAT                          Betacam SP
in the world. Filled with elaborate grave goods, the cemetery is suggestive
of a thriving and successful culture. But what of the habitation site of these   RUNNING TIME                    49:45 minutes
people who buried their dead with such care and obvious ceremony?                PRODUCTION COMPANY              Curzon Village Productions Inc.
The life of these inhabitants has eluded archaeologists for years.               RELEASE DATE                    October, 1998

                                                                                 Joey Smallwood:
                                                                                 Between Scoundrels and Saints

                                                                                 Joey Smallwood: Between Scoundrels and Saints is a
                                                                                 one-hour documentary for the CBC National “Life and Times”
                                                                                 series on Joey Smallwood’s childhood, upbringing, personal
                                                                                 life, political life and role as the tenth Father of Confederation
                                                                                 and first Premier of Newfoundland.

                                                                                 DIRECTOR                        Barbara Doran
                                                                                 PRODUCER                        Linda Fitzpatrick
                                                                                 SCRIPT                          Barbara Doran
                                                                                 PHOTOGRAPHY                     Nigel Markham
                                                                                 EDITOR                          Peter Wintonnick
                                                                                 MUSIC                           Sandy Morris
                                                                                 CAST                            Kevin Noble
                                                                                 LOCATION                        Newfoundland, Ottawa,
                                                                                                                 Halifax, New York
                                                                                 RUNNING TIME                    1 hour
                                                                                 PRODUCTION COMPANY              Morag Productions                       41
                                                                                 RELEASE DATE                    March, 1999
     I Remain, Your Loving Son

     The film tells the story of the military disaster of Beaumont
     Hamel, France, where, out of 801 soldiers, only 68 returned
     for the role call the next morning. All were soldiers of the
     Royal Newfoundland Regiment.

     EXECUTIVE PRODUCER            Bob Wakeham
     PRODUCER                      Bill Coultas
     SCRIPT                        Bob Wakeham
     PHOTOGRAPHY                   Ty Evans
     EDITOR                        Gerry MacDonald
     MUSIC                         Sandy Morris
     LOCATION                      France, St. John’s,
                                   Little Harbour, Bay Roberts
     FORMAT                        Betacam SP
     RUNNING TIME                  46:50
     PRODUCTION COMPANY            Springwater Productions
     RELEASE DATE                  November, 1999

     My Left Breast

     My Left Breast is the personal story of Gerry Rogers and
     her experience with breast cancer. In June 1999, Gerry was
     diagnosed with invasive, infiltrating, ductal carcinoma. In
     early July 1999, she had a modified, radical mastectomy and
     underwent 6 months of chemotherapy after which she had 6
     weeks of daily radiation, to be followed by years of Tamoxifen.

     DIRECTOR                      Gerry Rogers
     PRODUCER                      Paul Pope
     SCRIPT                        Gerry Rogers
     PHOTOGRAPHY                   Peggy Norman et al
     EDITOR                        Terre Nash
     MUSIC                         Paul Steffler
     CAST                          Narrator Gerry Rogers
     LOCATION                      St. John’s and Carbonear
     FORMAT                        Beta SP
     RUNNING TIME                  1 hour
     PRODUCTION COMPANY            Pope Productions
     RELEASE DATE                  October, 2000
                                                                   Cooper lampoons and scrutinizes modern-day images of sexiness
                                                                   and femininity.

                                                                   DIRECTOR                      Anita McGee
                                                                   PRODUCERS                     Annette Clarke & Linda Fitzpatrick
                                                                   PHOTOGRAPHY                   Ellie Yonova
                                                                   EDITOR                        Dorian Rowe
Portrait of a 70 Foot Artist                                       LOCATION                      St. John’s, Newfoundland
                                                                   FORMAT                        DV cam
Fed a steady diet of Barbies and perfect B-cups since childhood,
St. John’s based multi-media artist Andrea Cooper realized early   RUNNING TIME                  24 minutes
on that she, and the women around her, didn’t look much like the   PRODUCTION COMPANY            Ruby Line Productions Inc.
women she saw on television. In Portrait of a 70 Foot Artist       RELEASE DATE                  August 2003

                                                                   Now it’s Our Turn

                                                                   A one-hour video documentary of this unique and widely
                                                                   celebrated annual festival that explores the role of culture
                                                                   isolation and the creative process among young people
                                                                   from remote northern communities. Through live original
                                                                   performance and visual art, Labrador youth tell the stories
                                                                   of their lives and the Labrador community. With interviews,
                                                                   footage of workshop activity, and archival material from
                                                                   25 years of festival participation, young adults and
                                                                   community leaders express what it is to live and
                                                                   create social awareness in Labrador.

                                                                   DIRECTOR                      Marion Cheeks
                                                                   PRODUCER                      Marion Cheeks
                                                                   SCRIPT                        Marion Cheeks, Monique Tobin
                                                                   PHOTOGRAPHY                   Jamie Lewis
                                                                   EDITOR                        Lyly Fortin
                                                                   LOCATION                      Labrador
                                                                   FORMAT                        BETA
                                                                   RUNNING TIME                  50:00 minutes
                                                                   PRODUCTION COMPANY            Water Land Sky Productions Inc.
                                                                   RELEASE DATE                  November, 2001

     Ron Hynes: The Irish Tour

     The story of “Sonny’s Dream” (the song) provides the initial
     motivation for this film documentary. But essentially it is the
     story of Newfoundland meeting Ireland, of Ron Hynes coming
     face to face with himself and his music in another incarnation,
     another country. Newfoundland was almost exclusively settled
     by people from Ireland and the west country of England. There
     is an obvious connection between the Irish love for lyrical
     expression and the songs of Ron Hynes.
                                                                       CAST                 Ron Hynes, Mary Black,
     DIRECTOR                     Rosemary House                                            Christy Moore
     PRODUCER                     Mary Sexton                          LOCATION             St. John’s, Dublin, Galway, COBH
     SCRIPT                       Rosemary House                       FORMAT               Beta SP
     PHOTOGRAPHY                  Nigel Markham                        RUNNING TIME         48 minutes
     EDITOR                       Derek Norman                         PRODUCTION COMPANY   Rink Rat Productions Inc.
     MUSIC                        Paul Steffler                        RELEASE DATE         March, 2000

     The Untold Story

     A story of women struggling to get a succession of
     governments to take their demands for the vote seriously,
     as well as the story of the men who supported their
     struggle, and those who stood in their way.

     DIRECTOR                     Greg Malone
     PRODUCER                     Marian Frances White,
                                  Mary White
     SCRIPT                       Marian Frances White
     PHOTOGRAPHY                  David De Volpi
     EDITOR                       Greg Malone
     DESIGN                       Codlessco
     MUSIC                        Sandy Morris
     CAST                         Ruth Lawrence, Kay Anonsen,
                                  Janice Spence, Cathy Jones,
                                  Brian Hennessey, Pete Soucy,
                                  Greg Malone
     LOCATION                     St. John’s
     FORMAT                       16 mm
     RUNNING TIME                 1 hour
     PRODUCTION COMPANY           Codlessco Limited
     RELEASE DATE                 September, 1999

                                                                   DIRECTOR                     Mary Lewis
                                                                   PRODUCER                     Mary Lewis
                                                                   SCRIPT                       Mary Lewis
                                                                   PHOTOGRAPHY                  Mike Jones
                                                                   EDITOR                       Mary Lewis, Derek Norman
                                                                   MUSIC                        Matthew Glover
When Ponds Freeze Over                                             CAST                         Eva Crocker, Bonnie Dean,
                                                                                                Jim Allodi, Mary Lewis,
A dramatic film about memory which combines live-action                                         Gabe Williams
with animation. Mary tells a bedtime story to her daughter         LOCATION                     St. John’s
about one winter day when, as a teenager, her father went          FORMAT                       16 mm
through the ice of a frozen pond and, in an attempt to save        RUNNING TIME                 26 minutes
him, she went through. As she struggles to get free from           PRODUCTION COMPANY           From Here Productions
under the ice, glimpses of the lives of her ancestors swirl
                                                                   RELEASE DATE                 August, 1998
about her. She is finally pulled from the ice by the ghost
of her grandfather, as she witnesses her own parents’
wedding party before her on the frozen pond.

                                                                   Clothesline Patch is a delightful coming-of-age story set
                                                                   in 1960s Newfoundland. It portrays the times, is strongly
                                                                   evocative of place and captures the personal challenges
                                                                   of living in a small Newfoundland town.

                                                                   DIRECTOR                     Mary Lewis
                                                                   PRODUCER                     Anita McGee, Robert Petrie
                                                                   EXECUTIVE PRODUCER           Christopher Zimmer
                                                                   SCRIPT                       Donna Morrissey
                                                                   PHOTOGRAPHY                  David De Volpi
                                                                   EDITOR                       Lara Mazur
                                                                   DESIGN                       Marty Sexton
                                                                   MUSIC                        Geoff Panting
                                                                   CAST                         Robyn Lundrigan, Susan Stacey,
                                                                                                Sara Meyer, Christopher Downey,
Clothesline Patch                                                                               Berni Stapleton, Jacqueline
                                                                                                St. Croix, Sheila Redmond,
Clothesline Patch is the story of a young girl trying to keep                                   Glenn Downey
a secret in a small Newfoundland outport, an unlikely setting      LOCATION                     St. John’s and surrounding area
for keeping secrets. The central focus is the clothesline patch,   FORMAT                       Digibeta, Beta SP
the communal clearing where washing is set out to dry. It is       RUNNING TIME                 23:00 minutes
also the place where gossip is shared. Ten year old Hannah         PRODUCTION COMPANY           Patch Productions Limited
is determined that her secret of becoming a woman must
                                                                   RELEASE DATE                 March, 2000
never reach the clothesline patch. To ensure this, she goes
to extraordinary lengths to hide the fact that she has entered
puberty, sometimes with amusing results.
     Wind Over Dark Tickle                                        EDITOR               Derm Carberry
                                                                  DESIGN               David Woodrow
     Music, animation and live-action adventures at the           MUSIC                Eric West
     Newfoundland seaside reveal the story of a child who         CAST                 Heather Walter, Eric West,
     wonders, “Where have the fish all gone?”. Based on                                Hilarie Vatcher
     the literary work written by Heather Walter and Eric West.
                                                                  LOCATION             Northeast Avalon
                                                                  FORMAT               Beta cam SP
     DIRECTOR                      Sharon Smith
                                                                  RUNNING TIME         22 minutes
     PRODUCER                      Sharon Smith, John Vatcher
                                                                  PRODUCTION COMPANY   Companion Films
     SCRIPT                        Sharon Smith
                                                                  RELEASE DATE         October, 1999
     PHOTOGRAPHY                   John Vatcher

Background                                                         Significant film and television projects such as Above and
                                                                   Beyond, Hatching, Matching, and Dispatching, Random
When the Newfoundland and Labrador Film Development                Passage and Rare Birds have been made possible in
Corporation (NLFDC) was created, the province's film               the province through the marketing efforts and financial
industry was in its infancy. There was minimal activity.           assistance of the NLFDC. The local industry has also
Locally, the industry had developed neither the management         demonstrated Newfoundland's capacity to successfully
(i.e. producer community) nor the staffing (production crew)       host large guest productions such as The Shipping News.
upon which to build. The infrastructure of production and          By the end of fiscal year 2005-2006, the NLFDC had invested
post-production facilities and equipment was outdated,             a total of $16.8 million into motion picture production activity
inadequate, or non-existent.                                       through the EIP and tax credit since its inception. This support
Prior to the establishment of the NLFDC, the local film            leveraged $81.6 million in outside investment, for a total of almost
industry struggled with little in the way of a formalized          $93.1 million in production activity since the NLFDC was created.
local support structure. Other provinces had established film      Chart 01: Outside Funding Leveraged by NLFDC
corporations and were providing financial assistance, which
leveraged funding from broadcasters, the Canadian Television
Fund, Telefilm Canada and other sources. But in this province,
no organization had a mandate to promote the development                                                      $93.1
                                                                    $80,000,000                                Total
of the film and video industry, or to promote nationally and                                      $81.6     Production
internationally Newfoundland and Labrador as a location for                                     Leveraged
film, television and commercial productions, or to act as a
liaison between the industry and various levels of government.
Given the scope of the task, and the complexity of the
industry it has been responsible for developing, in its             $20,000,000
relatively short lifespan the NLFDC has been very                                    $16.8
successful in fulfilling its objectives.                                    $0
                                                                                       Total NL production 1998-2006
Today, in addition to the successful projects that have already                                   (millions)
happened, this province has built a solid foundation for future
                                                                   Between 1998-1999 and 2005-2006, on average, 78% of
growth in film production.
                                                                   total production spending was new money coming from
                                                                   outside sources into Newfoundland and Labrador, leveraged
Progress and Accomplishments                                       by the NLFDC’s investment.
The NLFDC has two main methods to stimulate Newfoundland
and Labrador production activity: equity investments and tax
                                                                   Employment Creation
credits. Since their inception, the Equity Investment Program
                                                                   The development of the Newfoundland and Labrador film and
(EIP) and the Newfoundland and Labrador Film and Video
                                                                   television industry and the leveraging of outside film investment
Industry Tax Credit have created a context in which the
                                                                   into this province has created substantial employment since the
Newfoundland and Labrador film sector has been able
                                                                   formation of the NLFDC.
to grow substantially, and develop into a bona fide industry.
Since 1997, the new environment in NL film has been                In a 2002 study, Fulltime Employment Equivalents (FTEs) were
increasingly one of viable local production companies, more        calculated, based on the $30,513,213 in NL film production that
skilled local crew, new technical capacities and infrastructure,   took place between 1999 and 2002. Direct, indirect, and induced
and larger productions. This in turn means the incentive           FTEs from film production for the 1999-2002 period totaled 667.
and potential for more and more large productions, more
employment, more economic activity. All this was previously        Using this yardstick, we estimate that in the 2004 to 2006
impossible. Production activity has dramatically increased         period, when the production total for the largest seven projects
since the NLFDC was established, jumping from $2 million           was $28,095,631, the FTEs from these projects alone amounted
dollars in the 1997-1998 fiscal year to over $27 million in        to 614. Using the same methodology, given a total film industry
the 2005-2006 fiscal year.                                         production activity of $93,114,264 since the Province founded
                                                                   the NLFDC, 2035 direct, indirect and induced Fulltime
                                                                   Employment Equivalents have been created.                              47
     A preliminary review of the crew lists of the seven largest          2005-2006 was a busy period of professional development
     productions between 2004 and 2006 added up the number                activity for the NLFDC. In anticipation of the major productions,
     of NL hires and the number of production weeks worked.               in the spring of 2005 the NLFDC and its partners offered
     On average, a major production hires 55 NL residents and the         the following workshops: Entertainment Insurance; Music
     total weeks of fulltime production work between October 2004         Composing for Film and TV; Set Protocol/Set Safety; St. John’s
     and December of 2005 was 40.                                         Ambulance Standard 1st Aid; Introduction to the Art Department;
                                                                          Grip & Lighting. As well, many enquiries regarding work in film
     The actual employment created by each of these seven
                                                                          were fielded during this period. During 2005-2006, the NLFDC
     projects, when the development phase, pre-production prep,
                                                                          also sponsored a variety of workshops and panels during both
     and post-production are considered, was actually even greater.
                                                                          the Nickel Film Festival and the St. John’s International Women's
     Also not included here is other work done outside this province
                                                                          Film Festival. Other workshops were held in early 2006: the
     on these projects by Newfoundland film workers, or work done
                                                                          2nd Annual Short Scriptwriting Competition; Lens, Space
     in NL by non-residents on these projects. Also, crew members
                                                                          and Image; and Continuity/Script Supervision.
     employed on an occasional, daily basis were not included in
     these numbers.                                                       In the fall and winter, following the unprecedented flurry
                                                                          of production activity, interviews were conducted with key
     What is indicated, however, is a core group of skilled
                                                                          personnel from the major shoots to identify priority areas
     Newfoundland film workers who are constantly employed
                                                                          for future skills development. This informed the initiatives
     and paid well, in a good production year.
                                                                          undertaken in the winter of 2006 and will continue to be
     Perhaps the most tangible information concerning employment          taken into account.
     from the film industry in this province comes from the NLFDC
                                                                          The NLFDC encourages professional development efforts
     tax credit data. From the tax credit figures, what NL resident
                                                                          between organizations. Highlights in 2005-2006 included:
     film workers earn can be calculated.
                                                                          discussions with Telefilm Canada concerning training gaps
     Between 2004 and 2006, the same seven largest projects               in New Media, and work with the Canadian Film and Television
     combined paid writers $495,378, paid actors $818,935, and            Production Association (CFTPA) and the Cultural Human
     paid crew $6,331,598, for a total of $7,645,911 in salaries          Resources Council (CHRC) to formulate a National Strategy
     paid out to NL residents on these projects alone. These figures      on Professional Development in film.
     are only for the productions listed, and do not include additional
                                                                          Another professional development priority of the past year
     salaries earned by NL filmmakers working on documentaries,
                                                                          has been outreach to the province's West Coast region.
     smaller projects not listed here, projects in development, as
                                                                          Meetings in Corner Brook with potential stakeholders led to
     staff with organizations or festivals, or on any other film and
                                                                          an Introductory Scriptwriting Workshop there in January 2006
     television activity.
                                                                          and an Intermediate Scriptwriting Workshop in Corner Brook in
                                                                          March. Much production activity in NL has traditionally occurred
     Professional Development                                             outside St. John’s and the NLFDC is committed to continuing
                                                                          to address the film professional development needs of the whole
     Regular work on industry productions is the best possible
                                                                          province. Future initiatives being developed include outreach
     way to develop the skills of film professionals in this province,
                                                                          to the Discovery Trail Region (Clarenville/Trinity/Bonavista)
     and 2005-2006 was a year of unprecedented activity for
                                                                          and Gander.
     Newfoundland and Labrador filmmakers and crew.
                                                                          Production activity on the scale of last year tends to point out
     With heightened activity, many newer and intermediate personnel
                                                                          problems of success. There is general consensus that the skills
     were able to achieve positions of responsibility and leadership.
                                                                          gaps the local industry must bridge in the future should be, most
     Creators, production companies, funders and workers together
                                                                          importantly, those which can graduate already proficient talent,
     made the 2005 shoots a reality - but so too did the many film
                                                                          producers, and technicians into local industry leadership.
     community professional development initiatives and partnerships
     in advance of these big shoots.

                                                      Challenges & Opportunities
2005-2006 was a record year for indigenous production                  •   the proposed merger of two of the four main broadcasters
activity, totaling over $27 million. However, the nature of the        •   an uncertain federal policy and funding climate
industry is cyclical, and so a slow year ahead is anticipated.
                                                                       •   the challenge of transition to high-definition television
There are a number of outside factors contributing to this,
beyond the control of the NLFDC and local producers.
                                                                     Despite these immediate issues, it is nevertheless very much
                                                                     to the advantage of Newfoundland and Labrador to develop the
The Canadian motion picture industry, in comparison to
                                                                     local film industry and to compete for its share of the national
traditional resource industries, other cultural industries,
                                                                     funding that will be spent (regardless of NL participation).
and even the film industries of other countries, is unique.
The intricacies and challenges of Canadian and world film,
                                                                     Work in film is labour-intensive, well-paid, knowledge-based, and
television, and media production and marketing are ever-
                                                                     highly skilled. Film is: eco-friendly, international, not competitive
changing. These complexities are not specific to our province’s
                                                                     with other industries. It creates large economic spin-offs, leaves
film sector. The Canadian industry will continue to undergo
                                                                     a large tax footprint, and brings into the region investments that
difficult realignments in the near- to mid-term. Newfoundland
                                                                     would not otherwise be made here. Across the nation and in this
and Labrador’s rightful future in this context needs to be
                                                                     province the film and television production industry has been
championed and the NLFDC will continue to do so.
                                                                     an engine of job creation. Nationally, its record of job creation
                                                                     has outpaced that of the overall economy and several related
One recent area of difficulty and confusion for the national
                                                                     industries. In 2004-2005 the film and television industry was
industry has been the merger or partnership of the Canadian
                                                                     worth $4.5 billion in Canada.
Television Fund with Telefilm. All jurisdictions in the country
compete for the same funding, but recent changes have
                                                                     Film production activity will always be cyclical and large projects
resulted in an even greater centralization of production. It is,
                                                                     need to be viewed over a three year period - from inception,
however, important that all worthy projects in the country have
                                                                     through development, production, and post-production, and
fair access, and it has been a tenet of Canadian policy that all
                                                                     into marketing. Nevertheless, it is clear that real employment
regions be justly served. This problem is even more ironic
                                                                     growth in well-paid, skilled, creative jobs are the result of an
given that a disproportionate share of the most successful
                                                                     active NL film industry. We also know that most of our large
Canadian production content has traditionally come from
                                                                     scale production tends to happen outside St. John’s, to the
outside central Canada.
                                                                     benefit of the economies of several regions of the province.
Other current national industry challenges that will unfortunately
                                                                     Today, we have built a Newfoundland and Labrador film industry
impact NL production activity are:
                                                                     - but much work still remains, to increase it to its full and proper
  •   the rising cost of production, while funding has not risen     potential. The NLFDC believes that a goal of $25 million in
      sufficiently - this problem has been ongoing for a number      annual production activity should be ultimately sought. This
      of years now. Production companies have to absorb the          would be the mark at which a full complement of crew workers
      cost, causing drastic reductions of profit margins, to a       and other necessary services can be properly maintained from
      national average of only 1.6%, and making the business         year to year.
      model for the entire industry problematic
  •   the declining international marketplaces                       Understanding the economic impact of the industry as it exists,
  •   the increased exchange rate of the Canadian dollar             and planning the way forward, are crucial. In 2006-2007 an
                                                                     in-depth economic assessment of the local film industry will be
  •   the challenge of competition from new multi-media
                                                                     undertaken in a full-scale study by the Department of Tourism,
      entertainment formats and delivery systems
                                                                     Culture and Recreation. The study will make recommendations
  •   despite the funding crisis, an increased demand                that prioritize industry growth.
      for Canadian content from broadcasters in order
      to satisfy federal regulations
  •   the decline in Canadian indigenous feature film production
     Balance Sheet
     As At March 31, 2006                                 Note         2006          2005

     Current Assests
          Cash                                                   $ 424,041     $ 151,843
          Accounts receivable                                       16,035        26,655
          Prepaid                                                    6,633         8,768

          Total Current Assets                                       446,709       187,266

     Property, plant and equipment                                    10,193        12,545

          Total Assets                                           $ 456,902     $ 199,811

     Current Liabilities
          Payables and accruals                                  $    32,930   $    36,934
          Equity investment program payables                         272,945        39,533
          Holdbacks payable - Equity investment program              122,759       111,971

          Total Current Liabilities                                  428,634       188,438

          Total Liabilities                                          428,634       188,438

     Share Capital                                                         3             3
     Surplus - end of year                                            28,265        11,370

          Total Equity                                                28,268        11,373

          Total Liabilities & Equity                             $ 456,902     $ 199,811

Statement of Operations
For the Year Ended March 31, 2006                       Note         2006            2005

     Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency -
        Business Development Program (BDP)                     $ 180,488      $ 420,000
     Government of Newfoundland and Labrador -
        Department of Tourism, Culture and Recreation              315,000        180,000
     Interest income                                                     _          1,573

Total Revenue                                                      495,488        601,573

    Advertising and promotion                                        2,215          1,144
    Amortization of tangible assets                                  3,872          4,228
    Office administration                                           72,999         94,320
    Professional fees                                               13,545         12,830
    Salaries and wages                                             267,932        326,802
    Municipal taxes                                                  2,064          2,064
    Miscellaneous expense                                            1,288          3,950
    Conferences and travel                                          66,604        102,882
    Sponsorships                                                    57,054         41,427
    Guest productions                                                1,688              _
    Printed materials                                                2,101          1,863
    Promotional materials and publications                           9,336         14,567

Total Operating Expenses                                           500,698        606,077

NET (LOSS)                                                     $    (5,210)   $    (4,504 )

     Schedule of Receipts & Commitments -
     Equity Investment Program
     For the Year Ended March 31, 2006                               Note           2006           2005

       Government Funding                Equity Investment Program          $   1,975,000   $ 1,500,000

       Recoupment                        Equity Investment Program                 5,906         18,399

       Red Door Films Inc.               Red Door                                      _         89,045

       Best Boy Productions Inc.         Deaf Defying                                  _         18,000

       Factory Lane Productions Inc.     The Karluk                                    _          8,000

       Rink Rat Productions Inc.         A Woman Between Two Islands                   _          6,880

       Rink Rat Productions Inc.         Dark Tickle                                   _          9,315

       Springwater Productions Inc.      Mina Hubbards Way                             _         23,000

       Upskydown Films                   Heber Peach                                   _         10,380

                                                                                1,980,906     1,683,019

       2M Innovation Inc.                Hatching Matching & Dispatching         251,696        212,735

       Above and Beyond Inc.             Above and Beyond                        399,322        151,222

       Alpha Productions Inc.            Boys From the Fringe                          _           300

       Augusta Productions Inc.          Girl on the Road                          9,000             _

       Best Boy Productions Inc.         The Flummies                             10,000             _

       Best Boy Productions Inc.         Speaking Volumes                         10,000             _

       Danger Tree Films Inc.            South Coast                              10,000             _

Schedule of Receipts & Commitments -
Equity Investment Program cont’d
Edge of the Earth Productions Inc.   Traces                               _          11,412

Edge of the Earth Productions Inc.   Birds Eye View                    4,109             _

Edge of the Earth Productions Inc.   The Berry Pickers                 4,115             _

Factory Lane Productions Inc.        Girl Culture                         _          20,250

Fire Crown Productions Inc.          Stealing Mary                        _          89,000

Fire Crown Productions Inc.          Kamataukatshuit Explored          4,750             _

Fire Crown Productions Inc.          Tricksters                       36,000             _

George Street TV Productions         George Street TV                     _          54,929

Girl Culture Inc.                    Girl Culture                     13,250         40,500

Hey Day Productions Inc.             Hey Day                         100,000             _

Kickham East Productions Inc.        Crackie                              _          11,100

Kickham East Productions Inc.        Salt Fish & Molasses              6,750             _

Lazybank Productions                 Accordion Voices                     _           7,040

Legends Productions Inc.             Legends and Lore                 44,008             _

Life with Derek Inc.                 Life with Derek                 250,000        750,000

Morag Productions Inc.               Destinies Apart                      _          14,679

Morag Productions Inc.               Disaster at Sea                      _          15,000

Morag Productions Inc.               Love and Savagery                25,218         18,284

Morag Productions Inc.               Surfing in Newfoundland          12,587         13,500

Morag Productions Inc.               Confessions of a Pot Smuggler    20,216             _

Muinjij Productions Inc.             Romancing the Labrador           17,186             _

Nanobody Productions Inc.            Nanobodz                          5,000         16,751

Newfound Films Inc.                  Down to the Dirt                     _           6,389

     Schedule of Receipts & Commitments -
     Equity Investment Program Cont’d
     Newfound Films Inc.            St. John’s, West                    8,000        _

     Newfound Films Inc.            The King Hunt                       6,532        _

     Newfound Films Inc.            A Humorous History of NL            8,066        _

     Opportunity Knox               Grown Up Movie Star                11,538        _

     Pope Productions Inc.          Above and Beyond                       _    171,457

     Pope Productions Inc.          Legends and Lore                       _      5,922

     Pope Productions Inc.          Atlantic Sound                      9,245    11,215

     Pope Productions Inc.          Hey Day                                _     13,457

     Pope Productions Inc.          Tempting Providence                    _      7,519

     Pope Productions Inc.          Kicker                             12,704        _

     Rain Productions Inc.          Define Yourself                    15,000        _

     Red Ochre Productions Inc.     Making Love in St. Pierre              _      6,825

     Rink Rat Productions Inc.      Maudie                             32,248        _

     Rink Rat Productions Inc.      The Sergeant’s Son                 22,777        _

     Rink Rat Productions Inc.      To Think Like a Composer           46,346        _

     Sky Bridge Productions         Ferry Command                      30,000    11,404

     Small Pond Productions         Rabbittown                         89,494    12,408

     Springwater Productions Inc.   Homegrown                          24,858    25,272

     Springwater Productions Inc.   Jean Claude Roy                    15,952     4,049

     Springwater Productions Inc.   Breaking Ground                    29,475        _

     Strong Language Inc.           Grangeways                          7,515        _

     The Giggle Factory Inc.        Kent and Donny’s Bits and Pieces    5,727        _

     The Giggle Factory Inc.        George Street TV                   50,000        _

Schedule of Receipts & Commitments -
Equity Investment Program Cont’d
  Ruby Line Productions Inc.          Girl Culture                             _                350

  50796 Newfoundland & Lab. Inc.      Keeping Up with Cathy Jones          59,438                  _

  522721 Newfoundland & Lab. Inc.     Young Triffie                       240,680                  _

                                                                        1,958,802          1,702,969

  (COMMITMENTS OVER RECEIPTS)                                       $      22,104      $     (19,950)

OPENING BALANCE                                                     $      (9,389)     $     10,561

CLOSING BALANCE                                                     $     12,715       $      (9,389)

Board of Directors
Chair       Norm Whalen

Vice-Chair Noreen Golfman

Directors   Colleen Kennedy
            Chris O’Dea
            Brent Meade, Dept. of Tourism, Culture & Recreation

Staff Members
Leo Furey, Executive Director

Chris Bonnell, Director of Programs

Catherine Bailey, Business Analyst

Suzanne Williams, Program Analyst

Sharon Halfyard, Professional Development Administrator

Newfoundland & Labrador
Film Development Corporation
12 King’s Bridge Road
St. John’s, NL Canada
A1C 3K3

Telephone: (709) 738-3456
Facsimile: (709) 739-1680
Toll Free: 1-877-738-3456

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