Basement Waterproofing Belfast – Waterproofing a New School by AneetaHari


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									                                                                                                                  WATERPROOFING SYSTEMS

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                                                                     BASEMENT WATERPROOFING CASE STUDY
                                                                                     New School, Belfast
  Newton System 500 used to waterproof to Grade 3
  habitable environment in accordance with BS8102

  Project Details
  The main contractor O Hare & McGovern were commissioned to build a
  brand new school in the Belfast area.

  As a part of the major works a new reinforced concrete part basement area
  was designed to house the dining hall areas for the student body. Newton
  Specialist Basement Contractor Ulster Damp Proofing Group (UDPG) were
  commissioned by the main contractor to provide a waterproofing design
  and installation to create a Grade 3 Habitable environment in accordance                 3D visualisation of the project (courtesy of
  with BS8102:2009.                                                              

  Once the reinforced concrete superstructure was built, UDPG installed
  the Newton System 500 drained cavity system to all retaining walls. The
  membrane was “curtain hung” with minimal fixings and terminated at the
  wall floor junction. As a means of removing any water that did ingress the
  structure, Newton Basedrain was installed into a shuttered of margin of
  100mm x 80mm.

  The wall membrane (Newton 508) was tucked down behind Basedrain
  and, because the property was only “retaining” on two elevations, any
  water ingress could be managed by gravity out to the open elevations on
  both flanks. As the water was being captured at the wall floor junction in a
  margin, a liquid vapour barrier was applied to the floor area.                           Application of BBA certified Newton 508 Cavity Drain
                                                                                           Membrane to the RC concrete retaining walls

  •   This prestigious project was protected by an internal “maintainable”
      waterproofing system which was not dependant on dry conditions - as
      is the case with external waterproofing options.

  •   The unique dimpled profile of the Newton 508 waterproof membrane
      means for ease of jointing the material with no negative pressure
      being able to push the membrane of the wall as with internal applied
      barrier system.

  •   The open elevations available means no mechanical extraction was
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      required the ingress could simply be removed via gravity.

                                                                                           Newton System 500 installed prior to block and beam
  NSBC Contractor: Ulster Damp Proofing Group (UDPG)                                       first floor landing and internal finishes

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