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					volume 50 | number 1                                                    spring 2011

Cincinnati and Israel
through innovation
Chamber delegation gains
relationships, best practices

New Ohio governor shares   New Chamber chair          New program designed to help
plans with Chamber >2      steps up to the plate >6   residents explore region >18
       Gov. Kasich meets
       Cincinnati USA business leaders

             hree weeks after taking office, Ohio Governor                                                                                     A primary area of focus is the Ohio
                                                                                                                                          Department of Development, the
             John Kasich and Ohio’s interim director of                                                                                   state’s top economic development and
                                                                                                                                          job-creation agency, which he said
             economic development, Mark Kvamme, met                                                                                       is “calcified.” He proposes creating
                                                                                                                                          JobsOhio to replace it, a public-private
       with 60 Chamber Board members and business                                                                                         agency to be run by Kvamme, a long-
                                                                                                                                          time Kasich friend and California
       leaders at the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber.                                                                                    venture capitalist.
                                                                                                                                              JobsOhio would have the ability
                                                                                Kasich and Kvamme spoke for more                          to make deals with companies using
                                                                            than an hour regarding creating new                           state grants and tax credits to drive
                                                                            jobs and fostering a better business                          job creation and retention efforts.
                                                                            climate in the state. They covered a                          The agency would do most of its work
                                                                            wide range of topics, including Ohio’s                        privately with the goal of moving at the
                                                                            competitiveness and economy, CVG,                             speed of business instead of the speed
                                                                            rail, universities, health care, taxes and                    of government.
                                                                            tech transfer.                                                    The change is designed to make
                                                                                “Gov. Kasich has a clear focus                            Ohio more competitive and able to
                                                                            on restarting job growth and wants                            drive more job growth. At present, the
                                                                            big changes in the state to cut costs                         Ohio House has approved the plan and
                                                                            and quicken the pace of economic                              it is expected to receive speedy passage
                                                                            development,” said Ellen van der                              in the Senate.
                                                                            Horst, the president and CEO of the                               Kasich also said the state needs to
                                                                            Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber. “We                          get rid of the red tape that makes it
                                                                            look forward to working with him to                           hard for companies to locate here.
                                                                            help these goals come to fruition.”                               “We, at times, can’t seem to get
                                                                                Kasich said, at a high level, his goal                    out of our own way with seemingly
                                                                            is to restructure the state to provide a                      workable issues such as zoning laws,
                                                                            better product.                                               bureaucracy at different levels of

       Gov. Kasich addresses issues of importance to
       the Chamber and Cincinnati USA business leaders                      “Gov. Kasich has a clear focus on restarting job growth
       during a visit in February.
                                                                            and wants big changes in the state to cut costs and
                                                                            quicken the pace of economic development. We look
                                                                            forward to working with him to help these goals come to
                                                                              Ellen van der Horst, the president and CEO of the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber

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Gov. Kasich talks with John Mok, CEO of Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport.

government and turf battles. We can’t                      Kasich said he’ll work with Kentucky
do that,” he said.                                      officials and Ohio Senator Rob Portman
   Gov. Kasich also expressed interest                  to reverse the declining number of
in another focus of the Chamber—                        flights at CVG. The same sentiment has
improving air service in the region. The                been previously expressed by Kentucky
governor said he’s heard from many                      Governor Steve Beshear.
top executives that a strong airport is                    Kasich acknowledges the great
needed for them to remain competitive.                  assets of Ohio, but believes the state
   “I think it’s become a global                        can improve to advance economic                   Gov. Kasich and Mark Kvamme, Ohio’s interim
marketplace. You better get this airport                development and drive job creation.               director of economic development, take a question
                                                                                                          from the audience.
fixed. I’ll help you. We can’t take no for               He said he needs input from business
an answer,” he said.                                    leaders on what’s needed to change the            business climate in the state.
                                                                                                              “You need to tell me what you need,
                                                                                                          and I need to remove barriers that get
                                                                                                          in the way of Cincinnati becoming one
                                                                                                          of the greatest cities in the world,”
                                                                                                          Kasich said.
                                                                                                              The governor said one change that is
                                                                                                          sorely needed is in the state’s collective
                                                                                                          attitude to restore a can-do spirit,
                                                                                                          entrepreneurship and a sense that Ohio
                                                                                                          can outperform anyone.
                                                                                                              “I don’t want to scare anybody. I
                                                                                                          don’t want to frighten them. But I think
                                                                                                          Ohio can do a little better and we’re
                                                                                                          looking at ways to get that done.”
                                                                                                              This event opens the opportunity
                                                                                                          for an ongoing dialogue with Gov.
                                                                                                          Kasich and his administration. The
                                                                                                          Chamber will continue this dialogue
                                                                                                          and continue to advocate on behalf of
                                                                                                          businesses at the Columbus Drive-In on
George Vincent, Chamber board chair, and Ellen van der Horst, Chamber president and CEO enjoy a lighter   March 29. For more information, visit
moment during the presentation.

                                                                                                                                                              3                                                                                                                         spring 2011
    Cincinnati USA Partnership
    secures retention grant

                                                                   he Cincinnati USA Partnership was
                                                                   recently awarded a $250,000 grant from
                                                                   the State of Ohio to enhance business
                                                             retention efforts in Southwest Ohio through a
                                                             program called the Early Warning Network.
                                                            Currently, regional retention efforts     and barriers to growth. With assistance
                                                            are centered on the Regional Business     from the Early Warning Network Grant,
                                                            Retention Committee (RBRC), the           the Partnership plans to improve
                                                            Partnership’s all-volunteer group of 30   the current infrastructure to include
                                                            individuals from the public and private   the expertise of regional workforce
                                                            sector who proactively meet with the      investment boards, additional
                                                            business community to understand          community partners and ODOD staff
                                                            and recognize their needs, challenges     located in Southwest Ohio.
                                                                                                          “A top priority of the Cincinnati USA
                                                                                                      Partnership has always been retaining
                                                                                                      existing businesses and helping them
                                                                                                      grow in Cincinnati USA. This grant
                                                                                                      is significant because in the 20 years
                                                                                                      we’ve done this critical retention
                                                                                                      work, it is the first considerable capital
                                                                                                      infusion we’ve received,” stated Doug
                                                                                                      Moormann, vice president of Economic
                                                                                                      Development at the Cincinnati USA
                                                                                                      Regional Chamber.
                                                                                                          The Early Warning Network
                                                                                                      allows for a more proactive approach
                                                                                                      with companies that are in need
                                                                                                      of assistance. This, in turn, helps
                                                                                                      companies get the appropriate
                                                                                                      resources needed to keep their
                                                                                                      employees on the job.
                                                                                                          The Early Warning Network funds
                                                                                                      three types of programs: Retention
                                                                                                      Programs, Labor-Management
                                                                                                      Cooperation Programs and an
    The Regional Business Retention Committee tours construction at Xavier University.                Employee Ownership Center.
                                                                                                          “This enables the Partnership
                                                                                                      to significantly expand our current
                                                                                                      retention efforts and work more

    spring 2011                                                                                                    
                                                                                                        2010 Partnership
                                                                                                        Retention Results
                                                                                                        The Regional Business Retention
                                                                                                        Committee conducted 406
                                                                                                        retention surveys with companies
                                                                                                        representing more than 32,000

                                                                                                        Areas of emphasis included:

The Regional Business Retention Committee is an all-volunteer group of 30 individuals from public and
private sectors.

fully with organizations such as the                    the work,” said Julia Muntel, director
Southwest Ohio Regional Workforce                       of investor relations and business
Investment Board (SORWIB) and                           retention at the Cincinnati USA
Workforce One” Moormann said.                           Regional Chamber.
“With the continued economic
challenges we all face, this expansion of               Goals:
our efforts could not be better timed.”
   The intent of the Partnership is to
use the proven methods and practices
of the RBRC to strategically reach
out to at-risk businesses in order to                                                                   Overall impressions
retain their company and employee                                                                       Cincinnati USA’s business
base in the region. The connection to                                                   Julia Muntel    community is stable and
workforce providers will now ensure                                                                     experiencing moderate
that businesses receive the full support                                                                employment growth. Those hiring
services needed to retain employees,                                                                    are looking for specialized workers
train the current and future workforce,                                                                 and have partnered with workforce
and ultimately, grow within Ohio.                                                                       providers and universities to fill
   “We are thankful to the state for this                                                               gaps in their talent pipeline. A
opportunity and are excited to begin                                                                    slow economy, high taxes and
                                                                                                        government red tape serve as
                                                                                                        potential barriers to growth for
                     “A top priority of the Cincinnati USA                                              local businesses.
                     Partnership has always been retaining
                     existing businesses and helping them grow
                     in Cincinnati USA. This grant is significant
                     because in the 20 years we’ve done
                     this critical retention work, it is the first
                     considerable capital infusion we’ve received.”
                     Doug Moormann,
                     vice president of Economic Development, Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber

                                                                                                                                                 5                                                                                                              spring 2011
    Chamber’s sights set on strong 2011
    New board chair ready to start the game
    When George Vincent describes his          inform our work and drive value for our
    outlook for Cincinnati USA in baseball     members, the business community and
    terms, his confidence is immediately        Cincinnati USA.”
    evident.                                       A goal of the Chamber every year
       “Cincinnati USA has a lot of young      is to promote regionalism in our
    talent that, when mixed with seasoned      15-county, three-state area – a strategic
    veterans, can be a perennial pennant       imperative that Vincent embraces.
    contender,” Vincent said.                      “Much the way the Chamber strives
       Vincent, a lifelong baseball fan and    to meet the many and varied needs
    managing partner at Dinsmore and           of its members, we as a community
    Shohl, is the 2011 chair of the Chamber.   also must strive to meet the needs of
    With decades of experience and an          everyone who calls Cincinnati USA
    intimate knowledge of the region,          home.”
    he brings a unique and multi-faceted           And what are Vincent’s objectives
    viewpoint to the post.                     for the coming year?
       “I see things from many perspectives        “The Chamber has done a great job
    – as a business owner and employer,        maintaining its relevance in a tough
    community supporter, counselor to          economic climate. We must work to
    businesses and as an advocate for          remain the voice of business in the
    causes. These varied experiences           region, but at the same time employ            “I’m very familiar with other cities,
    enable me to bring a unique point of       a variety of methods and avenues            and I can tell you we have so much
    view to the Chamber.”                      to educate our members about the            more optimism compared to cities
       Ellen van der Horst, the president      Chamber’s array of programming and          we compete against – and justifiably
    and CEO of the Chamber, feels that         benefits. And above all else, we must        so. We have a diverse economy, great
    these perspectives will be a boon to the   remain focused and aggressive in            workforce and a unique blend of strong
    Chamber.                                   economic development and making it          attributes. And so much of this is due
       “George is uniquely positioned          easy to do business in our community.”      to the work of the Chamber; the region
    to lead the Cincinnati USA Regional            Vincent also senses the palpable        would be much poorer without the
    Chamber in these evolving times,” van      good feeling in the region right now –      Chamber’s contributions. I’m excited
    der Horst said. “He has an intimate        a hopeful sentiment reminiscent of the      about this opportunity.”
    knowledge of our community that will       first day of spring training.

    Dual-membership enhances opportunities for members
       The Cincinnati USA Regional             better grow their business.”
    Chamber and the Northeast Cincinnati          As a result of the agreement,
    Chamber of Commerce have combined          current members of the Cincinnati
    forces to offer a dual-membership          USA Regional Chamber that are
    agreement that will benefit members of      headquartered in Warren County will
    both chambers and the region at large.     automatically become members of the         both chambers hold approximately 230
       “This agreement represents              Northeast Cincinnati Chamber; current       programs and networking events each
    regionalism, collaboration and             members of the Northeast Cincinnati         year.
    partnership in action,” said John          Chamber will have the opportunity to           “Business leaders must adapt to
    Bosse, vice president of membership        join both chambers for one charge and       the fast-paced business environment
    development with the Cincinnati            receive benefits from both groups.           and they expect their chambers
    USA Regional Chamber. “Members                Members of both chambers will            to move as fast, creating new
    of both chambers now have a better         have greater access to programs and         progressive partnerships that broaden
    opportunity to engage with potential       events to learn better ways to do           the members’ ability to function
    business partners and customers both       business, launch the company’s next         regionally,” said John Harris, president
    locally and regionally. In short, this     great idea and get a better return on the   of the Northeast Cincinnati Chamber of
    enables members of both chambers to        membership investment. Combined,            Commerce.

    spring 2011                                                                                        
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                                                                                                                                                                         7                                                                                                                                    spring 2011
    Improving operations
    Ohio metro chambers collaborate on state budget issues
      n a significant re-imagining of state budget
      issues and Ohio government, nine Ohio-based
      metropolitan chambers of commerce, including
    the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber, jointly
    released a report designed to help Ohio improve
    economic performance and reduce costs.
       The report, titled “Redesigning          researched and analyzed a wide variety       hiding excess – and focuses squarely on
    Ohio: Transforming Government into a        of ideas and narrowed them down              producing results for citizens.
    21st Century Institution,” recommends       to those that will best improve the             The Cincinnati USA Regional
    10 long-term, sweeping changes to           performance of the state. To facilitate      Chamber has met with the local
    transform state government.                 this process, the chambers worked            delegation to brief them on the
       “This report is the first collaboration   with author and public policy expert         recommendations of the report. It also
    of the eight Ohio Metro Chambers            David Osborne and former state budget        has been presented to Governor Kasich
    and the Ohio Chamber, which itself          director Greg Browning.                      for review as he begins the budget
    speaks to the importance of the work,”         The first recommendation of the            process.
    said Ellen van der Horst, president and     report also is the underpinning for the         “The budget crisis in Ohio is both
    CEO of the Cincinnati USA Regional          other recommendations. “Budgeting            sobering and a significant opportunity
    Chamber. “Ohio’s unprecedented              for Outcomes” is a process successfully      to fundamentally change the way
    fiscal crisis provides an opportunity,       used in more than 20 jurisdictions           state and local government operate,”
    an impetus. The time is now to work to      nationwide.                                  said Tom Humphries, president and
    drive citizen value, get more for less         In traditional budgeting, leaders         CEO of the Youngstown/Warren
    and improve and transform our state         start with last year’s costs, then add or    Regional Chamber. Humphries leads
    government.”                                subtract. In Budgeting for Outcomes,         the metro chambers coalition. “We
       The recommendations are the              they start with results that drive citizen   believe that if the General Assembly
    culmination of a yearlong process           value. This approach clears away tricks      and the Governor adopt these
    in which the chambers identified,            and games – such as padding costs and        recommendations, state and local
                                                                                             government will be transformed from
                                                                                             systems that maintain the status quo
                                                                                             of inefficient, costly government
                     “The time is now to work to drive citizen                               to systems based on performance,
                     value, get more for less and improve and                                outcomes and accountability.”
                     transform our state government.”                                        > The complete Redesigning Ohio report
                     Ellen van der Horst,                                                      is available at
                     president and CEO Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber

    spring 2011                                                                                           
                                                                             Photo courtesy of the Ohio Statehouse Photo Archive.

  Redesigning Ohio recommendations
     Budgeting for Outcomes:            competition to drive innovation             Pension Benefits: Reduce the
     Adopt budgeting for outcomes       and improvement.                            costs of the public pensions
     as the underpinning for the        Government Regulations: Reduce              system through changing
     government redesign plan.          state regulatory enforcement                contribution formulas,
     Rather than making incremental     costs by designing regulations              consolidating redundant systems
     changes to the status quo, this    that achieve the same outcomes              and increasing cost sharing of
     approach focuses on what           as their predecessors, but are              some benefits.
     matters most: purchasing           easier to comply with and, as a             Health Care: Improve Ohio’s
     outcomes that drive citizens’      result, decrease the likelihood             health insurance value equation
     value. Programs that do not        that they will be violated.                 by using the state’s bulk
     contribute much to those           Tax Expenditures: Implement a               purchasing power to help drive
     outcomes are no longer             comprehensive tax expenditure               down health care costs.
     included in the budget.            review to regularly examine the             Criminal Justice: Significantly
     Charter Agencies: Establish        122 distinct tax expenditures               reduce prison system costs
     charter agencies and               – credits, exemptions and                   by directing more nonviolent
     entrepreneurial management as      deductions – that amount to                 offenders away from adult
     “bureaucracy busting” measures     $7.7 billion in lost state revenue          prisons toward non-residential,
     to save money and/or increase      annually.                                   community-based monitoring and
     revenues while increasing          Civil Service: Adopt civil service          treatment.
     creativity and flexibility for     and compensation reform that                Local Government: Establish new
     managers.                          will give managers freedom to               structures at the state and county
     Entrepreneurial Management:        manage their people; link public            levels and provide both carrot and
     Make state agencies that provide   employee compensation to                    stick incentives and assistance
     support services to govern-        performance; and bring state                to promote local government
     ment accountable to their          pensions into line with private             efficiencies, sharing of services
     customers, and use the power of    sector realities.                           and consolidation.

                                                                                                                                    9                                                                                               spring 2011
     Driving innovation
     and entrepreneurialism
     Trip to Israel fosters market opportunities
       srael has a population the size of the state of New                                 Regional Chamber. “By these firms
                                                                                           sharing their expertise with us, they
       Jersey, has virtually no natural resources and is in                                expedite our collective learning curve
                                                                                           and made our trip more successful.”
       an area of the world that is in a constant state of                                     For example, participants met
                                                                                           with leaders of a business incubator
     tension. And yet, Israel boasts the largest density                                   in Israel that is focused on medical
                                                                                           devices. Upon returning from the trip,
     of start-ups anywhere in the world and the second-                                    the Partnership linked Ethicon Endo-
                                                                                           Surgery with this incubator, along with
     highest number of companies on the NASDAQ.                                            other sources for Ethicon to explore.
                                                                                               Israel’s fast, entrepreneurial culture
                                                   The country has an amazing track        can be attributed to strong government
                                                record of entrepreneurialism, ingenuity    planning and investment, the influence
                                                and technological advancement that         of its defense industry and mandatory
                                                bests more stable countries, including     military service for its citizens. These
                                                China, Japan, Canada, India and the        ingredients created a network of
                                                United Kingdom. But how?                   connections with its universities,
                                                   How has Israel attracted more than      particularly in the sciences, and its
                                                twice as much venture capital per          venture capitalists.
                                                person as the United States, and more          “We also learned more about
                                                than 30 times than that of Europe?         the speed and efficiency at which
                                                   The Chamber led a delegation of         Israelis are able to commercialize
                                                30 regional business leaders to Israel     research. Israeli research institutes
                                                in November for a six-day mission to       have a dedicated approach to tech
                                                explore answers to these questions.        transfer that includes separate entities
                                                   The successful trip lays the            exclusively responsible for tech transfer
                                                foundation for a long-term scope           and developing financial resources,”
                                                of work that involves building             said Moormann. “This learning is an
                                                relationships, business connections        opportunity for us – we have the pieces
                                                and understanding. Ultimately, the trip    in place but the process needs to be
                                                could lay the foundation to drive more     strengthened and accelerated.”
                                                innovation locally and create more jobs.       While on the trip, the group also
                                                   “We are not the first U.S. market        was able to pay a retention visit to an
                                                to initiate working through Israeli        Israeli company with a presence here
     The Isaac M. Wise Temple on Plum Street.   companies, but we believe we               (Teva), learn more about developing
                                                have the potential to be the best.         life science opportunities (Children’s
                                                A big reason for this is our region’s      Hospital) and explore potential new
                                                existing relationships in Israel with      business opportunities with Israeli
                                                organizations such as Cincinnati           companies interested in establishing a
                                                Children’s Hospital Medical Center,        U.S. presence.
                                                P&G, Teva, Standard Textile and                A few of these prospects are
                                                Michelman,” said Doug Moormann,            planning a trip to Cincinnati USA – one
                                                vice president of economic                 of the reasons the Partnership believes
                                                development at the Cincinnati USA          Israel has the potential to turn into

     spring 2011                                                                                        
Schneidler Children’s in Israel is in partnership with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

one of the region’s key international          visit to Cincinnati, building
markets.                                       a relationship with the
   “The content of the many                    Ministry of Trade and further
presentations and conversations was            exploring opportunities in
substantive and actionable,” said              technology investment and
Pete Strange, president of Messer              application – differentiating
Construction and former Chamber                Cincinnati USA as a
board chair. “I came away with                 place where innovative,
action items that will apply directly to       international enterprises
Messer and with some new thinking              should invest.
about opportunities our region could              The Partnership also            The Israeli flag flies over Cincinnati Children’s.
embrace.”                                      connected with leading
   The next steps include following up         water technology experts from Israel                technology innovation cluster in the
with the Israeli businesses planning a         to advance the emerging water                       Cincinnati USA region.
                                                                                                       “The Chamber and our regional
                                                                                                   business community is continuing
                                                                                                   to build on the foundation we have
“By these firms sharing their expertise with us, they                                               established – all focused on leveraging
                                                                                                   these relationships for economic
expedite our collective learning curve and made our trip                                           growth in our region,” summed up
more successful.”                                                                                  Ellen van der Horst, president and
                                                                                                   CEO of the Cincinnati USA Regional
 Doug Moormann, vice president of economic development, Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber            Chamber.

                                                                                                                                              11                                                                                                           spring 2011
     Celebrate small business Nominations open
     for the 2011 Small Business Excellence Awards
     Small businesses play a vital role in the   company – including your own – to
     economic well-being of our region,          be considered for these awards:
     ultimately making Cincinnati USA more
     competitive in an increasingly global
         The Chamber will recognize the
     accomplishments and innovation found
     in this critical business segment at
     its annual Small Business Excellence
     Awards luncheon set for Tuesday, May
     24 from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., at the
     Millennium Hotel downtown.                                                      The 2010 Minority Business of the Year Winner Samir
         Keynote speaker Erin Schreyer,                                              Kulkarni, president of Solica Construction, with Kay Geiger,
                                                                                     chairman and CEO of PNC Bank and John Bosse, vice
     a sought-after motivational                    Winners will be chosen by a      president of membership development at the Chamber.
     speaker, certified leadership and            panel of examiners composed of
     talent management coach and the             business owners and advisors, based           Regional Chamber.
     president of Sagetone Partners, will        upon a close examination of critical
     share her insights into transforming        business success factors listed in the        > SBEA Application Deadline: March 25.
     your organization by leveraging a           applications.                                   For more information and to download
     “leadership lens.”                             Companies can apply or be                    an application, visit cincinnatichamber.
         Help the Chamber honor the              nominated for up to two categories.             com/SBEA.
     contributions small business brings to      All nominated companies must be
     Cincinnati USA by nominating a worthy       current members of the Cincinnati USA

     Region earns Preferred Sustainability Status
     Cincinnati USA has been awarded                “While our region did not receive
     Preferred Sustainability Status by the      a grant in the first round of awards in
     U.S. Department                             2010, we prepared a very competitive
     of Housing and                              proposal that met the scoring range
     Urban Development.                          for funding,” said Mary Stagaman,
     This designation                            executive director of Agenda 360.
     follows the region’s                        “We are optimistic that funding may
     submission of a                             be available to us in future rounds
     planning grant                              and recognize that the application
     proposal to HUD           Mary Stagaman     process prompted an unprecedented
     last fall through its                       partnership between the public
     Sustainable Communities program.            and private sectors that can lead to
        The proposal called for a regional       additional progress for our region.”
     planning process to be led by a                The Preferred Sustainability Status
     consortium of partners including            designation includes a number of
     Agenda 360, Vision 2015 and the OKI         benefits, such as:
     Regional Council of Governments.

     spring 2011                                                                                                  
Sixth C-Change class starts
C-Change, the leadership development                                                              develop and engage young talent in
program designed for emerging                                                                     Cincinnati USA.
professionals managed by the                                                                         “The primary goal of C-Change is
Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber,                                                                  to introduce, expand and encourage
began its sixth class this winter with 54                                                         community engagement opportunities
participants.                                                                                     for participants,” said Julie Bernzott,
   The year-long program features                                                                 manager of HYPE programs for the
a curriculum that combines                                                                        Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber.
personal leadership development                                                                      “Now entering its sixth year,
with community engagement for a                  19 with a kick-off reception, followed           C-Change participants will continue to
program that’s designed to enhance               by a weekend retreat at the Joy                  impact our region – not only through
current leadership roles and prepare             Outdoor Education Center in February.            work on community projects, but also
participants for future ones both                C-Change is a component of HYPE, or              through connecting with business
personally and professionally.                   Harnessing Young Professional Energy,            leaders and each other.”
   The program officially began on Jan.           the Chamber-led initiative to attract,

                                                                                                  The Venture Out Retreat at Joy Outdoor Education
                                                                                                  Center challenged C-Change Class 6 participants.

                                                 2011 C-Change participants
  Carlo Alvarez, St. Xavier High School; Kevin Aston, The Hauser Group; Ellen Banks, University of Cincinnati; David Bareswilt, Turner
  Construction; Lisa Barkett, Kendle International; Michael Bergman, LPK; Mike Cappel, Keating Muething & Klekamp; Cory Carlson,
  Contech Construction Products Inc.; Brian Craft, Paycor; Jim Danneman, Fifth Third Bank; Mike Dooley, Bayer Becker; Terry Dukes,
  Cincinnati Police; Megan Elkus, Superior Automotive Group; Abi Evans, EW Scripps Co.; Leah Frank-Finney, LPK; Gina Gartner, Downtown
  Cincinnati Inc.; Ashley Guethlein, ArtsWave; Shadia Haddad, Fifth Third Bank; Erin Halenkamp, Convergys Corp.; Barbara Hauser, Procter
  & Gamble; Peter Hiltz, Wells Fargo Advisors; Andy Holzhauser, Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance; Lou Horn, Messer Construction Company;
  Rachel Huizenga, Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber; Phil Hurak, Ernst & Young LLP; Kim Jauch, Directions Research, Inc.; Pramila Kamath,
  Keating Muething & Klekamp; Liz Keating, University Hospital Foundation; Andy Kwiatkowski, Dinsmore & Shohl LLP; Eric Landen, Frost
  Brown Todd LLC; Annie Longmeier, Macy’s Inc.; Paul Mayes, US Bancorp; Mara McCormick, Landor Associates; Rob McDonald, Taft
  Stettinius and Hollister; Kim Moon, Economics Center for Education & Research, University of Cincinnati; Toya Moore, Greater Cincinnati
  Foundation; Bobby Oestreicher, Baker & Hostetler LLP; Paaras Parker, Macy’s Inc.; Carey Rennekamp, Enquirer Media; Jason Riveiro,
  TSJ Media; Ashley Ruef, Merrill Lynch; Mike Sarow, Procter & Gamble; Todd Schild, Thompson Hine LLP; Jennifer Schwab, Humana;
  Jennifer Sebranek, Al. Neyer, Inc.; Rob Shoemaker, The Christ Hospital; David Slaughter, PNC Bank; Jaime Thompson, Contemporary Arts
  Center; Beth Vice, VonLehman & Co. Inc.; Matt Wallbrown, Accenture; Lucy Wasmund, Performance Auto Network; Lindsay Wilhelm, D.A.G.
  Construction Co. Inc.; Chip Workman, The Asset Advisory Group; Mike Yeazell Robbins, Kelly, Patterson & Tucker.

                                                                                                                                                     13                                                                                                                  spring 2011
     Securing the Future
     2011 conference features local panel of experts
     Learn how to take your nonprofit                Learn how you too can    n
     to “rock star” status by attending              raise your nonprofit
     the Chamber’s 2011 Securing the                 profile by collaborating   g
     Future conference, Star Power for               with those people
     Nonprofits: A Backstage Pass to                 who possess “rock
                            Success, set for         star” reputations.
                            Wednesday,               Panelists include Chad   d
                            April 6, from 8          Williamson, director                          A Backsta
                            a.m. to 1 p.m.,
                            at the Cintas
                                                     of philanthropy for
                                                     Dhani Jones and Bow                           to Successge Pass
                            Center at Xavier         Ties for a Cause;
                            University.              Charley Frank,
                                Hear from            executive director of
                            nonprofit                                         oundation;
                                                     the Cincinnati Reds Foundation; and Liz
                            expert Rosetta           Carter, executive director of St. Vincent    volunteer-led effort, making it
                            Thurman about            De Paul. The session will be moderated       one of the longest surviving Leadership
     what she calls the “New Leadership,”            by Betsy Ross, president and founder of      Cincinnati class projects.
     how to manage social change and                 Game Day Communications.
     “multi-generational” employees.                     Securing the Future is an annual         > For more information on the 2011
     Thurman’s latest book, How to Become            conference dedicated to building the           Securing the Future conference and
     a Nonprofit Rockstar, is free with this          strategic and resource development             to register, visit cincinnatichamber.
     year’s conference registration.                 skills of the staff of Cincinnati USA          com/securingthefuture or call
        Discover how social                          nonprofits. The program typically               513.579.3111.
     entrepreneurship can strengthen your            draws an audience of 200-300                             Presented by
     nonprofit from Paul Carttar, director            nonprofit executives, fundraisers,
     of the Social Innovation                                         board members,
     Fund.                                                            funders and more.
        Also, dive deep into                                          Securing the Future
     the world of athletics                                           started as a project of
     and philanthropy as                                              Leadership Cincinnati
     attendees get up-close                                           Class XXIV (2001). Since
     and personal with our                                            then, the program has
     local celebrity panel.      Rosetta Thurman   Paul Carttar       continued every year as a

     Career coaching program open to women
     Are you getting the results you want           personal and
     from your career? Can you use a
     support team to reach your goals?
        To find the answers to these and
     other career questions, the Chamber
                                                    issues and create a
                                                    culture of integrity
                                                    and accountability
     now offers WE Succeed. This senior             within themselves
     level program is an intensive three-           and their company. Take advantage of          Applications are now being accepted
     month coaching experience that can             this powerful experience of knowledge         for the 2011 sessions.
     guide you to the results you want with a       sharing and development.                      > Visit
     solid team to help you get there.                 In addition to creating unexpected           wesucceed for full requirements and
        WE Succeed works with women                 and measurable business results, WE             application.
     in a small group setting to develop            Succeed will produce a high level of
     exceptional leadership skills, solve           participant engagement.

     spring 2011                                                                                                   
Innovation Awards celebrates
new ideas in business
                                                                                              Easy event registration:
                                                                                                 or 513.579.3111

                                           Pacesetter Awards

                                                                                         Grow your company with the
                                                                                         Chamber’s networking and
                                                                                         education opportunities – all
                                                                                         designed with your business in mind.
                                           > For more information or to register         Learn better ways to do business,
                                             for the event, visit       make valuable contacts and get
                                             cincinnati/. Sponsorship opportunities      a return on your membership
                                             are still available, contact Laura          investment. Whatever your needs,
                                             Chrysler at 513.579.3105.                   the Chamber has a program for you.
                                                                                         For a current list of events, visit

Cincinnati USA gets Hollywood treatment
Lights! Camera! Action!                         writer of NBC’s fictional drama,              16 to hear from these women.
   Cincinnati USA has seen a strong             said he chose Cincinnati because             Undercover Boss: Mayor Mark
increase in the number of television            he was looking for a cosmopolitan            Mallory will be featured this
shows and movies interested in the city.        city.                                        spring on Undercover Boss, the
   “The Ohio motion picture tax                 Ides of March: Cincinnati USA                Emmy-nominated show on CBS
incentive, combined with Cincinnati’s           native George Clooney directs                that follows executives as they
people, support services and                    and stars in this film about a                leave the corner office for an
architecture, make us a great location          Democratic governor campaigning              undercover mission. Mallory will
for productions,” Kristen Erwin,                in presidential primaries. Shooting          be the first government official to
executive director of the Greater               for the film will go into March               appear on the reality TV series.
Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Film           and will include more than 25             And while the productions certainly
Commission.                                     locations throughout the city. And     raise the profile of Cincinnati USA on
   Here’s an overview of some of the            Cincinnatians will have a chance       the national and worldwide stage, there
larger productions that are shining the         at fame as hundreds of extras are      also is a more immediate impact.
spotlight on Cincinnati.                        being used for the production.            “When a production is in town, it
     Harry’s Law: Although the show             Police Women of Cincinnati:            directly equates to jobs and dollars
     tapes on a back lot in Burbank,            This reality show on TLC follows       for our community. From room nights,
     Calif., that is made to resemble           four real-life Cincinnati police       local staff that is hired, dining and other
     Over-the-Rhine, it is the first             officers as they keep the streets       items, they spend a lot of money when
     network show to take place in              of Cincinnati safe while balancing     they come to town,” Erwin said.
     Cincinnati in quite some time.             kids, significant others, and life at
     Emmy-winner David E. Kelley, the           home. Join us at WE Speak on June

                                                                                                                                     15                                                                                                  spring 2011
     MBA portfolio adds two companies
     The Minority Business Accelerator           start-ups to Fortune 500 Companies.                 “When Crystal German and her team
     (MBA) announced in January the                  The company was founded in 2005                 asked us to think about whether we
     addition of two new members to its          by Karen Cooper, a veteran of the IT                would be interested in undergoing a
     portfolio of companies. This brings the     staffing service industry. SmartIT has               review to see if we would qualify as a
     number of portfolio companies to 36.        more than 125 employees and has been                portfolio firm, I told them there was
        LaVERDAD Marketing & Media is an         recognized as an Inc. 500 recipient the             nothing to think about, the answer is a
     award-winning, full-service Hispanic        last two years.                                     resounding yes,” Robinson said.
     marketing firm providing marketing               “I am very excited that SmartIT                     “Going forward, this is perfect
     research, advertising, communications       has been accepted into the Minority                 timing for our agency. Leveraging
     and public relations services.              Business Accelerator program. While                 only organic growth, our business
        LaVERDAD was founded in 2003 by          we have achieved significant success                 has emerged beyond the start up
     Mike Robinson, a former U.S. Army           to date, the support of an organization             and emerging business stage, and we
     Green Beret and global manager              like the MBA is a unique opportunity                expect significant growth in the next
     at Procter & Gamble. LaVERDAD is            to take SmartIT to the next level,” said            few years. When the economy took
     quickly becoming one of the largest         Cooper.                                             a downturn, LaVERDAD experienced
     and most recognized firms bringing               “As our organization matures                    triple-digit growth. Now, with the
     ethnic consumer insights and marketing      and evolves, the MBA’s specialized                  assistance of the MBA, we will amplify
     strategies to Fortune 1,000 companies       expertise will undoubtedly provide                  that growth in a way that we could
     such as Cintas, Toyota and P&G.             ongoing strategic support and vision                not imagine doing if we only grew
        “The first thing I did when I left        which will be invaluable in assisting us            organically. That will be good for us,
     P&G to start my own firm was to join         in this next level of accelerated growth.           but equally good for the Chamber and
     the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber,            The mission of the MBA is to                    the region as we create more jobs and
     as well as the Hispanic and African         accelerate the growth of sizable                    apply our retained earnings to grow
     American Chambers. To be honest, I          minority businesses and expand                      even more,” concluded Robinson.
     did not really know what we would get       the minority
     out of membership, but it seemed like       entrepreneurial
     the right thing to do. The Chamber not      community, thus
     only provided us benefits as a member,       enabling minority-
     but they also partnered with us along       owned firms to create
     the way when there was a good fit,”          jobs and overall
     stated Mike Robinson, president,            wealth for the regional
     LaVERDAD.                                   economy.                   Mike Robinson            Karen Cooper
        SmartIT Staffing Inc. provides
     information technology staffing
     solutions and talent acquisition services
     to organizations of all sizes, from

     WE Celebrate Awards recognize achievements
     In December, the Chamber hosted
     a crowd of more than 650 at the fifth                              WE Celebrate award winners
     annual WE Celebrate Awards at the             Woman-Owned Business of the Year                  Business Mentor of the Year
     downtown Hyatt.                               Abstract Displays (Carla Eng)                     Melvin Gravely, Institute for
        The event honored women in                 Best New Product/Service of the Year              Entrepreneurial Thinking, Ltd.
     business, woman-owned businesses              Steller Accessories LLC, dba Purse                Woman of the Year – Nonprofit
     and their advocates for achievement,          Perfector (Lyn Marsteller)                        Lisa FitzGibbon, Easter Seals Work
     innovation, social responsibility and         Marketing to Women:                               Resource Center
     mentoring.                                    Best Campaign of the Year                         Woman of the Year – Entrepreneur
        The event featured a keynote               The Kroger Co., Giving Hope a Hand                Mary Miller, JANCOA Janitorial
     address from Beth Comstock, chief             Community Impact:                                 Services Inc.
     marketing officer with General Electric.       Business of the Year                              Woman of the Year – Corporate
                                                   Elyse Camulli Jarard,                             Karen Maier, Frisch’s Restaurants Inc.
        There were 32 finalists in eight
                                                   Venus Fitness for Her
     categories this year.
                                                               For a complete list of honorees, visit\wecelebrate

     spring 2011                                                                                                        
Minority development groups continue to add value
Representatives from 25 local              the forum showcased the effectiveness                 setting minority spending goals and
companies came together in January         of the two strategies in creating                     26 corporations and other institutions
to learn about two regional economic       tangible, measurable impact in the                    setting minority spending goals, the
development programs: the spend-           region that has resulted in growing                   local spend goal campaign offers the
goal campaign of the Minority Business     the capacity of several minority firms.                region a unique opportunity to leverage
Accelerator (MBA) and the corporate        The success of these firms has spurred                 good business principles while creating
membership of the South Central            additional opportunity as minority                    a positive impact.
Ohio Minority Supplier Development         firms are adopting the best practices                     For 2011, the MBA has goals of
Council (SCOMSDC). Since the               of supplier diversity and reaching out                increasing the participation of its
inception of an MBA spend-goal             to diversify their own supply chain,                  portfolio firms to 50 percent and adding
campaign, over $1.6 billion has been       thereby creating opportunities for                    four corporations to the campaign. To
spent with local minority companies in     smaller firms.                                         learn more, please call the Minority
Cincinnati USA.                               With 25 percent of the minority                    Business Accelerator at 513.579.3100.
   Hosted at Great American Ball Park,     businesses in the MBA portfolio

                                           ABOVE Representatives from 25 companies participated in the January event at Great American Ball Park.
                                           LEFT Robert Castellini, Cincinnati Reds president and CEO, spoke at a forum on economic inclusion.

Gold gets richer Reap the benefits with an upgrade
You now have the unique opportunity          days ($400 value)
in 2011 to upgrade your membership to        VIP tickets to the P&G Taste of
the new Gold Membership. With Gold           Cincinnati and Oktoberfest-Zinzinnati
Membership your business gains access        Gold Member Spotlight feature on
to a variety of tools and resources
throughout the year.                         Red listing of your business on our
Here’s what you’ll receive:                  popular Search-for-a-Business page
  FREE admission to every event the          on ($100
  Chamber hosts that’s priced at $99 or      value)
  less (more than a $2,800 value)            VIP Seating at events
  Customized business list generated         Company mention on Fountain                         TERMS & CONDITIONS Your choice of benefits
  from your choice of specifications, up      Square LED board                                    must be redeemed by Dec. 31, 2011. The
                                                                                                 Chamber reserves the right to determine and
  to 1,500 records ($310 value)            With your continued support, we can
                                                                                                 change the eligibility of products and services at
  Receive three FREE local event           keep the Cincinnati USA region a great
                                                                                                 any time.
  postings on the Chamber’s Local          place to live, work and play. And by
  Events Calendar ($75 value)              choosing a Gold Membership upgrade,
  Complimentary conference room            your business can benefit even more.
  rentals for two full days or four half   Call 513.579.3111 and upgrade today!

                                                                                                                                                      17                                                                                                                 spring 2011
     New program appeals to newcomers, lifers
     Did you move to Cincinnati in the last           Each time the program is offered,         chance to learn more about Leadership
     two years or have you lived here your         the topics will change to reflect the         Cincinnati, C-Change and WE Lead, as
     whole life? Do you live in West Chester       evolving priorities of our regional plans,   well as individual programs for leaders,
     and feel out of touch with what’s going       Agenda 360 and Vision 2015.                  like CincyChat, Bold Fusion and WE
     on downtown? Or do you live in Clifton           In April, the program will explore        Speak.
     and would like to better understand           efforts to build Quality Places in              Discover Cincinnati USA offers both
     your way around Northern Kentucky?            revitalized downtown Covington               newcomers and lifers a great way to
        It doesn’t make any difference where       neighborhoods and suburban Fairfield.         expand their horizons and learn about
     you are starting, the Chamber’s new           In October, attendees can find out            where we are today, how we got here
     Discover Cincinnati USA is a compact,         how the partnership between Taft             and the efforts to guide us into the
     reasonably priced way to explore the          High School and Cincinnati Bell              future.
     dynamics shaping the place we call            transformed an inner city school, as
     home.                                         well as the effort to re-imagine the role    > Visit
        Offered in the spring and fall,            of the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky            discovercincinnati for more
     Discover Cincinnati USA is comprised          International Airport.                         information.
     of three evening sessions, in addition to        Discover Cincinnati USA is also the
     a whole day with noted local historian        perfect gateway into the platform of
     Dan Hurley on one of his famous               leadership programs offered by the
     walking and bus tours.                        Chamber. Attendees will have the

              p i 4,        p.m Chamber ffices
     Monday, April 4, 7 - 9 p.m., Chambe offi

       turday, April 9, 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m., Cinc
     Satu                  0 a.m.        p                      g /Bus To
                                                 ncinnati Walking /Bus Tour
               o nt:      w Tow
     Starting Point : Carew Tower

      e i             y                                                   K
     Session 3 – Monday, April 25, 7 - 9 p.m., Molly Malone’s, Covington, KY
     Session 4 – Monday, May 2, 7 - 9 p.m., Fairfield Town Center

                                                                                                                     Photo by Philip Groshong
     spring 2011                                                                                            
    Festival time is closer than you think

          arty in the Park, the original            incinnati USA has always
          social network, rocks                     been known far and wide
          the river with Cincinnati                 as a great foodie town,
    USA’s hottest bands and the            because it boasts signature tastes
    coldest beer in town. Mark your        for every course of every meal
    calendars                              – breakfast, lunch and dinner.
    and plan to                            And the best
    put a little                           chance to take
    weekend                                in all these
    in your                                delectable
    Wednesday! The Party starts in         delights is,
    April and runs through August.         naturally, at
                                           the P&G Taste
                  2011 Party in the Park   of Cincinnati USA, slated for
                        April 20 & 27      Memorial Day weekend, May
                        May 11 & 25
                         June 8 & 22       28–30.
                          July 6 & 20
                        August 3 & 17
                                                      P&G Taste of
                                                     Cincinnati USA
                                                   Memorial Day Weekend
                                                     May 28, 29 & 30

                                                                                        19                                                     spring 2011
           300 Carew Tower
            441 Vine Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202-2812

Find us on:

  For information on exclusive advertising opportunities in future issues of Chamber Connect, call Cynthia Oxley at 513.579.3193.
Calendar of Events
The 2010 Minority Business of the Year Winner Samir Kulkarni,
president of Solica Construction, with Kay Geiger, president
of PNC Bank and John Bosse, vice president of membership
development at the Chamber.                                     June
Upcoming Signature Events
>April 6 Securing the Future, keynote
 speakers are Rosetta Thurman,
 author and nonprofit expert and                                August
 Paul L. Carttar, director of the Social
 Innovation Fund, Washington DC                                 September
>May 24 Small Business Excellence
 Awards, keynote Erin Schreyer,                                 October
 president, Sagestone Partners
Reservations can be made by
or calling 513.579.3111.
                                        M A R C H
      MON                       TUE                    WED                       THU                      FRI

                                 1                        2                       3                        4
                                                  Reduce your               Navigating             Introduction to
                                                 Property Taxes            your Chamber             Social Media
                                                       9 – 11 am             8:30 – 9:30 am             9 – 11 am
                                                      Boy Scout             Sibcy Cline NE           QFact Market
                                                    Achievement             Office, Blue Ash       Research, Blue Ash
                                                   Center, Evendale

         7                       8                        9                      10                      11
                            Overcome                                                                WE Succeed
                         Price Objection                                                            Applications due
                              9 – 11 am
                          Formica, Evendale
                                 6 pm
                             The Penguin

     WE Lead
                               15                       16                       17                      18
                             Speed                                                                    Advanced
     Applications          Networking                                                                  Google
      available                                                                                       Analytics
                              3 – 6 pm
                            Tano’s Bistro,                                                            9 am – noon
                              Loveland                                                               Various Views
                                                                                                   Research, Blue Ash

       21                      22                       23                       24                      25
                           Fifth Third                  Drive             Morning Mixer                WE Link
                           Leadership               Consistent               8:30 – 9:30 am
                                                                                                    Athena Powerlink
                           Symposium               Sales Results                                    applications due
                           7:30 – 9:30 am         from your B2B              Photography,
                         Duke Energy Center
                                                    Sales Team                Clermont
                                                       9 – 11 am             Members only
                                                   Holiday Inn I-275,

       28                      29                       30                       31
                            Linked In
                              9 – 11 am
                          Chamber Offices

                     Register at
*events are subject to change, please visit for the most up-to-date calendar listings
                                       A P R                          I L
      MON                       TUE                    WED                       THU                      FRI

                                                                                                    Social Media
                                                                                                        9 – 11 am
                                                                                                    Chamber Offices

         4                       5                        6                       7                        8
                          Navigating               Securing the                                        Google
                         your Chamber                Future                                           Optimizer
                           8:30 – 9:30 am             8 am – 1 pm                                     9 am – noon
                             Sibcy Cline             Cintas Center                                   Various Views
                             NE Office,                                                            Research, Blue Ash
                              Blue Ash

       11                       12                      13                      14                       15
                                                                                5:30 pm
                                                                          Duke Energy Center

       18                      19                       20                      21                       22
                          Finance 101:                Party in            Morning Mixer
                           Finance for                the Park               8:30 – 9:30 am
                          Non Financial             5:30 – 10:30 pm           Apple Spice
                            Managers                 Sawyer Point          Junction, Blue Ash
                            8 am – noon                                      Members only
                             Flynn & Co.,
                               Blue Ash

       25                      26                       27                      28                       29
                                                      Party in
                                                      the Park
                                                    5:30 – 10:30 pm
                                                     Sawyer Point

                     Register at
*Events are subject to change, please visit for the most up-to-date calendar listings
                                               M A Y
      MON                       TUE                    WED                       THU                      FRI

         2                       3                        4                       5                        6
  Leadership              Navigating                                                                 Strategies
Cincinnati USA           your Chamber                                                               that Achieve
  Applications due         8:30 – 9:30 am                                                          Extra Ordinary
                          Chamber Offices
                                                                                                        9 – 11 am

         9                     10                       11                       12                      13
                                                  Linked In Basics
                                                       9 – 11 am
                                                       Blue Ash
                                                    Party in the
                                                    5:30 – 10:30 pm
                                                     Sawyer Point

       16                      17                       18                       19                      20
                                                                                                   Making Better
                                                                                                     11:30 am – 1 pm
                                                                                                    Chamber Offices

       23                      24                       25                      26                       27
                              Small                   Party in            Morning Mixer                Taste of
                            Business                  the Park               8:30 – 9:30 am           Cincinnati
                           Excellence               5:30 – 10:30 pm          Innerwood &
                                                                                                    this weekend
                             Awards                   Sawyer Point             Company,                May 28 – 30
                           11:30 am – 1 pm                                     Clermont              Downtown, Fifth
                                                                             Members only          Street from Race to
                          Millennium Hotel

       30                      31

                     Register at
*events are subject to change, please visit for the most up-to-date calendar listings

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