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									         Central Times
                                                                         Volume 3 No. 1
Central Times Staff
                      Mrs. Cinnamon
 Eleanor Black
 Emmi Benton
 Chanel Cadette          By: Emmi Benton
 Ryan Collins
 Rachel Crosley        Q. How and why did you come to Central?
                       A. Mrs. Cinnamon had a principal’s certificate but never really thought
                       about using it. She previously knew Mr. Mollet and he told her that
                       there was an opening here. She went through the long process of
 Julie Ettelson        interviews and fortunately, got the job.
 Sami Goldman
 Ethan Harris          Q. What has been your best experience at Central so far?
 Lucas Harris          A. The faculty and staff were very welcoming, but when the students
 Andrew Keefe          finally came in the fall she was the happiest and “the building came
 Eric Kogan            alive.”
                       Q. What did you do before coming to Central?
                       A. Before coming to Central Mrs. Cinnamon taught music in Winnetka
 Ryan Malone           for 14 years. She taught kindergarten through fourth grade.
 Clint Mondi
 Gabe O’Connell        Q. What did you want to do when you were younger?
 Justin Roth           A. “I always wanted to be a mom.” She also wanted to be some sort of
 Ryan Ting             teacher. She loves working with kids.
 Jason Weber
                       Q. Have you always lived in Illinois? If not, where did you live?
 Martha Wexler
                       A. Mrs. Cinnamon has always lived in Illinois. She even went to New
                       Trier and loves working at a school that feeds into New Trier.
Faculty Advisor:
 Mrs. Dalleska                     Welcome continues on page 2
 Q. Do you have any siblings?
 A. Mrs. Cinnamon has a brother,
 Adam in Tucson who is a school
 psychologist and has a sister, Erin,
 in Seattle who is about to have a

 Q. If you could go back and change
 anything about your life what would
 it be?
 A. Mrs. Cinnamon feels extremely
 lucky in life and has everything she
 wants: kids, husband, and a great
 job. She doesn’t regret anything.

 Q. What do you do in your free time?
 A. “ I like to run, spend time with family and friends, and I’m in a book club that I enjoy. I’m
 very thankful for those relationships.”

 Q. What would you like the students of Central to know about you?
 A. “ I want the students to know that I am a resource. If they need anything, I’m here to help.
 My secret goal is to know everyone's name.”

                 Hurricane Katrina and its Aftermath
      On August 29th, 2005, one year ago, Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans,
Louisiana, Biloxi and Gulfport, Mississippi, Mobile, Alabama, and the northern Florida coast.
Levees, or walls that keep water out of the low-lying city, gave way, flooding about 80% of
New Orleans.

I traveled to New Orleans in June, 2006. At that time, some ten months later, the city was
still in distress. Trees were missing from street corners, mountains of furniture and debris
were lying on the curb, and hundreds of houses were destroyed.

The day before the hurricane struck, New Orleans Mayor, Ray Nagin, ordered a mandatory
evacuation of the city’s 500,000 residents. About 26,000 of those fled to the Louisiana
Superdome, home of the New Orleans Saints, a football team. The Superdome was badly
damaged and is still under reconstruction. Another heavily damaged location was the
working class neighborhood called the Lower Ninth Ward. The floods totally destroyed
these homes.
Just recently, residents have started to receive money from FEMA, a government
agency, to start rebuilding. Still today, most hospitals remain closed, and schools in
damaged areas are slowly reopening. Hurricane Katrina is the costliest natural
disaster in United States history, totaling a whopping 81.2 billion U.S. dollars in
damages. It also took the lives of at least 1,836 on the Gulf Coast. In Biloxi, MS, a
city that had over a dozen casinos, only six have reopened. The casinos brought
millions of dollars into the city. About two million people in the Gulf Region were
displaced. The Gulf Region includes southern Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama,
and northwestern Florida. These are some pictures that I took while in New
Orleans in June, 2006. ~ photos and article by Justin Roth


                                        Movie Review: A Poseidon Story
                                                         Lucas Harris
                                                  Movie Review: A Poseidon Story
                                                                     Lucas Harris

                                                       Poseidon is about a large cruise ship that might
                                                 be designed within the next five years. Poseidon is
                                               sailing in the North Atlantic on the calm waters while
                                                   many of the people on the ship have gathered to
                                                    greet the New Year in style of the magnificent
    Movie Review: Step Up                         ballroom. But on the bridge, one officer feels that
                                               something’s off.
            by Eleanor Black                              He looks on the scanner and sees it, a rogue
                                                wave over 150 feet tall and building. They try to turn
                                               Poseidon, the ship, and it is too late.
                                                            The wave strikes with tremendous force,
       A few weeks ago, I took my sister             pitching the ship to port (left) before rolling it
                                               completely upside down. The passengers and crew are
and her friend to the movie “Step Up”          thrown into free fall, being crushed by debris or being
starring Channing Tatum as Tyler Gage, a          dragged into the sea as water bursts in from open
                                                 windows. Supports collapse, broken gas lines ignite
tough guy from the wrong side of the            flash fires and lights fail, leaving vast sections of the
tracks and Jenna Dewan as Nora, a ballet       ship in darkness and chaos.
                                                        In the aftermath, a few hundred survivors are
dancer at the elite school “Maryland School     left to huddle in the still-intact Main Ballroom, now
                                                     resting below the waterline. They should stay
of Arts”. Tyler and his friends break in and      together, the captain maintains, and wait here for
trash MSA’s theater, so Tyler has to do 200    rescue.
                                                          As the adventure continues throughout the
hours of community service there. When         movie, so much action and adventure is involved with
                                               the survivors of the capsizing of the S.S. Poseidon.
Nora’s partner for the senior showcase                  When I saw the original movie, The Poseidon
hurts his ankle, she has no choice but to          Adventure, I thought it was very good. But even
                                               though the story is fantasy, it was a real incident. The
choose Tyler as her partner. During the          author Paul Gallico was sailing on the Queen Mary,
rest of the movie Tyler and Nora become           and a rogue wave, not as big in the movie but not
                                                 high enough to make the ship flip over hit the ship.
friends, and they almost completely             The wave was big enough for the crew and the ship
                                               to worry. I learned about rogue waves from Poseidon:
change Nora’s dance for the Senior             Special Features . I saw a documentary on the History
Showcase. Before Tyler, it was mostly                 Channel about rogue waves. In a part of the
                                                  documentary, it tells about how the author of the
ballet, then they mixed ballet and hip hop     book, The Poseidon Adventure (yes, it was a book)
together and end up with an amazing            came up with the idea for the story.
                                                       I didn’t go on a cruise ship until winter break of
dance! This movie has really great music       2005. It was a very big ship, called the Explorer of the
                                               Seas. It had about 15 decks, and was enormous. Every
and dancing and is also very entertaining. I   night before I went to bed I would think,
would definitely recommend this movie!                     “Okay, this is the night my adventure will
                                                          I always thought that a rogue wave would
                                                  come out of nowhere and flip the ship over, and I
                                                would be the hero of it all. But it never did, and even
                                                  if a rogue wave did come, and flip the ship over, I
                                               would be so frightened I wouldn’t be sure of anything

                             Endangered Animals
                             Endangered Animals
                                           by Martha Wexler


 Why: Tigers are endangered because people are hunting them. Tigers are one of the most endangered
animals. Also, because of a loss of habitat tigers are endangered.
Where: Tigers live in China.


 Why: The elephants are endangered too. Hunters are killing the elephants for their tusks.
Where: Elephants live in Asia and Africa.
Fact: Elephants are the largest living land animals.

 Why: The giant panda is one of the world's rarest mammals. The greatest threat to the giant panda is
the loss and annihilation of its natural habitat.
Where: Pandas live in China.
Fact: Pandas spend 12 hours a day eating.


Athletes Cover Up Steroid Use                                         Steroid Use
Athletes Cover Up Steroid Use                            Steroid Use
                Ryan Ting                                   Clint Mondi

 To keep competition fair, many sports                Anabolic steroids can be taken
organizations administer drug tests. If an      orally, injected into muscles, or
athlete gets caught using steroids he or she    rubbed on the skin in the form of gels
will not be able to compete in their sport.     or creams. These drugs are often
These drug tests have not been very             used in patterns called cycling, which
effective because since they have started       involves taking multiple steroids over
using them, only a small amount in some         a specific period of time, stopping,
athletes with some drugs has been found.        and starting again. Users also combine
Now, with advancing technology, cover-ups       several different types of steroids in
will also grow. The most common way             a process called stacking. By doing
athletes cover-up is they discontinue the use   this, users believe that the different
of oral steroids days before a drug test. The   steroids will interact to produce an
detection period for injected steroids is       effect on muscle size that is greater
longer than oral steroids. Oral steroids can    than the effects of using each drug
be cleared out of the body in 2 weeks.          individually. Many steroid abusers in
Therefore, that is the most common steroid      sports can be suspended for a number
used in sports. Another way athletes cover      of days according to the number of
up steroid use is they take more drugs which    offenses.
dilute your urine.

Growth Factor 1 - one month supply: $49.95

Growth Factor 1 - one year supply: $249.95


       MLB Standings                                         Swimming
       MLB Standings                                            Swimming
            Jason Weber                                        Gabe O’Connell

      The MLB could not be more exciting                     I like to go swimming. It is
than right know. As of Wednesday                       my favorite activity. During the
August 30,2006 The AL and the NL                       summer, I went to the pool. I like
Wild card teams are separated by 0.5                   to go to the pool with my family.
game. The Minnesota Twins are 0.5 game                 When I am at the pool, I like to
back from the Chicago White Sox in the                 go down the waterslide. I have a
American League. In the National league,               lot of fun. I like to go on the
Philadelphia Phillies and the Cincinnati               waterslide. Swimming is so much
Reds are 0.5 game back from the leading                fun for me.
San Diego Padres. Leading in the East is
the New York Yankees leading 7.5 games
ahead of the Boston Red Sox. In the
Central The White Sox are 5.0 games
back from the Detroit Tigers. In the
West the Oakland A’s are 7.5 games
ahead of the Los Angeles Angels. In the
East the New York Mets are 15.5 games
ahead of the Philadelphia Phillies. In the
Central the St.Louis Cardinals are 5.0
games ahead of the Reds. In the West
the Los Angeles Dodgers are 3.0 games
ahead of the San Diego Padres. All in all,
the standings are really close and with
the season almost over every team is
looking for a playoff spot.


                                Necklace Making
                                      Chanel Cadette
                                Necklace Making
                                      Chanel Cadette

 You only need a few items to complete this necklace. Once you're done, you'll
 have the basic skills necessary to tackle more complex beading and jewelry
   Choose a length for your necklace and purchase that much beading thread, plus
a few extra inches.
   Make sure you have enough beads, including spacer beads (the small beads that
  go between the larger beads). You will also need a clasp and two bead tips,
  which are used to secure the ends of your necklace so that the clasp can be

  Lay your beads out on a flat surface, on top of a towel to keep them from rolling
  away. Determine the design of your necklace and in what order the beads will be
  Knot a thread end and use scissors to trim off the excess thread. The knot should be
  at the very end of the thread, but not so close that it runs the risk of unknotting.  

   Push the unknotted end of your thread through one open end of the bead tip
  and thread it through the hole. Pull the thread all the way through so that the knot
you made rests firmly against the hole.
  Place a small amount of craft glue on the knot to keep it from coming undone,
 and allow it to dry.
   String your beads and then thread on the other bead tip so that the open end of
 the tip faces away from the strung beads.

 Tie a loose knot in the thread end and use a long, straight pin to push the knot
 Tie a loose knot in the thread end and use a long, straight pin to push the knot
down into the open end of the bead tip. The knot should rest securely against the
hole. Trim the excess thread and use pliers to close the bead tip.
 Affix one clasp piece onto one bead tip hook so that the loops at the end of each
are joined. Use the pliers to close one ring over the other. Repeat with the
remaining clasp piece at the other end of the necklace.

                             My DVD Collection
                                        by Ryan Collins

       I started collecting DVD’s and TV seasons about a 3 years ago. When my aunt gave me the DVD
Ice Age for Christmas and ever since then I have been getting about two or three movies a week. By
now I have all eight seasons of The Simpsons. I have all six seasons of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. I
have 5 of the King of the Hill seasons, and lastly, I have over 500 movies. Most of the movies are
comedy and action movies. I am so careful of my DVD’s being scratched so much that I keep all 550
DVD’s in one big wooden DVD holder that is specifically meant for holding DVD’s and their cases. If
a DVD does get scratched or starts to skip we have a little DVD cleaner that you put the DVD inside
and it gets rid of all of the skips and scratches on the DVD. It can fit up to 1,000 DVD’s and TV
Seasons in it. None of my DVD’s have ever had a skip or a scratch as well as their cases. Their cases
are in just as good condition. I always put my DVD’s in their cases after I finish watching them and
then I put them back in the wooden DVD thing. How do I watch all these DVD’s? Well, my parents and
I randomly choose a DVD before we have dinner and then we watch half of it before dinner, and then
we finish the movie in the morning. We watch one movie a day pretty much. We never ever rent
because we know we are just going to buy the movie eventually. My family and I see the movies in the
theater to scout out which ones we want to buy. We usually buy all of the movies we see. If a movie is
really good we say to each other “first day-er” which means it’s so good we buy it at full price when it
comes out on DVD the first day. Or if the movie is just okay we say a “one week-er” or if it’s really
bad we just don’t buy it at all. But if I just go to the movies with my friends when I come home I tell
my parents if it’s a “first dayer” or a “one weeker”. My family and I are REALLY REALLY into
watching and buying movies. Because we can’t just watch a movie once we have to watch an unlimited
amount of times that’s the way my family and I are about movies. This summer our family probobly got
fifty DVD’s including some television seasons. What my family and I want to do is break a record of
the world’s most DVD’s ever.

                The Violet Girl
This is a comedy, drama, action, and mystery series about a
sixteen year old girl named Crystal who faces a life dealing with
a disease called BB Syndrome. Her symptoms all started when
she was eleven years old and she wanted to try out for “Charlie
and the Chocolate Factory -The Musical.” During her audition,
she did a dancing scene as Violet. Near the end of the dance, she
climbed up a pole. When she was near the top, she fell onto a
mat. Crystal said she felt sick and swollen all over, but she was
happy to get the part.

In my next installment you will learn about BB Syndrome and
The Joker.


                                               By: Lucas Harris
TWO THROUGH THE SEAS                                                        By: Lucas Harris

                                              The S.S. Poseidon is in mortal danger…
                                                     Everything will go wrong
                                                       on New Year’s Eve…

                                              CHAPTER I
                                         IT’S FOUND AGAIN

“Sir, we seemed to of found a trail of debris here. 200 yards north was where the debris was in piles
yesterday,” called a worker on the S.S. Seeker. Captain Alexander came down from his stand to see
what they found.
       “You’re lucky that I was nice enough to lend you my ship,” Captain Alexander said, annoyed.
       “We’re searching the S.S. Poseidon, one of the biggest marine disaster to overcome the RMS
Titanic. It’s important,” pointed out Professor Miller.
       There was a trail of debris, including deckchairs, glass, parts of railing, and many other objects.
Professor Miller examined the trail.
       “Follow it,” he demanded.
       “Yes, sir,” answered the worker.
       The little camera followed the trail of debris. Minutes later, Professor Miller looked at the radar.
A large pointed object was about 5 yards from where they were.
       “Lets see that object,” Professor Miller demanded. The underwater camera zoomed ahead. A
pointed bow had appeared on screen. The camera swam up the side. In the fainted red paint were the
letters: POSIEDON. They were stunned by what they saw. They were actually looking at the S.S.
Poseidon’s bow
  cried the workers. Not so long after that moment of glory, the news was out. People were amazed.
                                             The headlines said:

                             The S.S. Poseidon (above) as it looked in 1982.

       The most terrible catastrophe ever since the RMS TITANIC, luxury liner S.S. Poseidon was
found lying on it’s port side with all it’s top decks peeled off, on the ocean floor, about 500 miles off
the coast of Connecticut.
       25 years ago, the S.S. Poseidon was one of the finest vessels of it’s kind, standing more than 20
stories tall, and boasting 800 staterooms and 13 passenger decks. Sailing from Southampton to New
York, this luxury liner would be celebrating New Years on the calm open ocean.
On New Year’s, a couple minutes after midnight, a rogue wave over 150 feet tall that came out of
nowhere strikes the ship and sends it pitching heavily to port before rolling it completely upside down.
People on board are thrown into free fall, being crushed by debris or being dragged into the sea as
On New Year’s, a couple minutes after midnight, a rogue wave over 150 feet tall that came out of
nowhere strikes the ship and sends it pitching heavily to port before rolling it completely upside down.
People on board are thrown into free fall, being crushed by debris or being dragged into the sea as
water burst in through shattered windows.Legend says that a small band of survivors made their way
through the ship to the propeller shafts, where they were rescued. But when the ship was helped, only
a 14-year-old named John Clark was rescued.
A voice from the tv says, “If you would like to contact us, please call 1-800-626-5962.”
       “Daddy! Daddy! Weren’t you studying that ship?”
       I slowly looked down at my 6-year-old daughter, Michelle. It was a beautiful sunny morning in
Fairfield. She was holding up a section of the newspaper. Her flowing brown hair was braided and
freckles danced across her face.
I looked down at the picture. I was shocked. I haven’t seen that picture in years. I hesitated. Then my
wife, Clara, and my 10-year-old son, Jason, walked into the den.
       “John, are you okay?” asked Clara.
       “Is dad stressed out again?” asked Jason.
       “I’m not,” I said, “I just need a phone.” As Clara came back from the kitchen carrying her cell
phone I took it and dialed the number on the newspaper ad.
       “Daddy’s calling Domino’s to order some pizza,” sang Michelle.
As the phone was answered, I could hear the operator ask where I would like to send my call. I asked
for a very unusual destination.
       “Sir, phone for you,” said the worker on the S.S. Seeker.
       “Thank you, Jackson,” he said as the worker walked off. “Hello?”
       “Excuse me, but I would like to come aboard, please.”
       “Why, Mr. Goldman? Caller ID. What do you know about the S.S. Poseidon?”
       “I was on the S.S. Poseidon, sir.” For a second I could only hear the captain breathing. Then
finally he said,
       “Can you come aboard soon?”
       “With my family, yes. How about a week?”
       “Yes. My helicopter will bring you to my ship next week. Meet me at the pier in Fairfield.” And
the phone hung up.
       “We’re taking a vacation starting next week.” I said to my family as I put Clara’s cell phone
       “How can we afford it?” asked Clara.
       “It’s already paid for. We’re going on a cruise.”
My family cheered, as we all got ready to eat lunch on that Saturday morning.
       The week went so fast for me. It was work, and work, then finally home. This was my process
for the last week. Finally, we were at the pier, and a large blue helicopter landed and we piled in. We
met the captain and saw the        S.S. Seeker. We entered the examination room after we put our
belongings down and found our cabins.
       “These are the some things that we were able to take from the wreck,” said the captain. I was
looking at a deckchair, a lifeboat, which was right outside, and a leather jacket.
       “What are you actually looking for in this ship?” I asked.
       “History says that a first class girl named Emily Brownly was carrying a priceless necklace that
went down in the ship. Today it would cost over a trillion dollars. That’s what we’re looking for,”
explained Captain Alexander.
       “Emily Brownly… Emily Brownly… I knew her.” Everyone stared at me.
       “Why don’t you tell us, dear,” asked Clara.
       “Okay. It’s going to be long, so take a seat.” Everyone pulled up a chair and I began. I looked
at the screen. I could see Poseidon’s bow slowly rising and appearing at a dock. “The story went like

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