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									            Credit Reports & What the Numbers Mean
Credit scores can be complicated and can plague us for a very long time if not handled accordingly.
Credit scores measure your past and current pattern of paying lenders, or not paying. It shows other
lenders the probability of what can be expected if they are to give you a loan with their company. This
number is determined by a formulation. Yes the formulations seem complicated.

So what does this all really mean?

 What do the numbers mean? How does this affect you and your plans? There are a few different
                                  categories in dealing with credit they are very good credit, below
                                  average, and sub-prime. Ultimately your score will determine your
                                  loan eligibility, financing, and credit cards. It is vital to know what
                                  your credit score is and make the necessary movements towards
                                  credit repair. If you do not know your credit score, or haven’t seen a
                                  report in a few years, you can access the score and reports via many
                                  free online reporting systems, such as My Free Credit Report. You
can also access the three important and combined reports to show you the reports from each of the
major credit reporting companies to ensure you have not over looked any older or hidden debts.

 The hidden debts can be quite dangerous so it's important to thoroughly look into the reports from the
credit agencies and do the proper research. Your credit affects so much of your life, if your credit is poor
there are so many tools today to help nurture you through credit repair. Poor credit can put a damper
on your progression in life and make it impossible to move forward. Do your best to be on time with
payments and redeem your relationship with damaged loan agencies or creditors. Many times this can
all be confusing and extremely overwhelming and you feel as if you will never come out of this. Don't
give up - help is available!

 Any of the free online credit reports can refer you to live help to answer any of your questions, The 3 in
1 credit reporting systems can refer you to debt repair agencies to help navigate through the logistics of
your credit score. They can explain what you may be eligible for or what you need to improve on. If you
need help repairing your credit they can help set goals with you and try to accommodate settlements
with the lenders you owe money too. Allowing our past financial decisions (good or bad) to dictate our
future is no way to live. Take control today of your finances and credit by educating yourself on your
score, eligibility, and accessibility. You may be able to get the home you always dreamed of and opt
even know it was possible. Take the steps to secure the rest of your life by understanding you credit,
check out 3 in 1 credit reports today.

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