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DUBAI              for
                   eid style

                                                       aed 15 - bhd 1.5 - kwd 1 - omr 1.5 - qar 15
                               september 2009 arabia


paris                                    of the
                           Away from the kitsch environs of Los Angeles, PAris HiLton
                                  unveils her grown-up side exclusively to Bazaar
                                      Words by lulu nichol. Photographs by alan gelati
                                                 Styling by Sarah Joan roSS

A sculptured neckline
frames the UAE’s latest
sweetheart. Dress, price
on request, Jil Sander

                                                   he most photographed woman in the world               I would wear to a Halloween party, but when I
                                                   certainly knows a thing or two about being            put it on with all the accessories I just felt like
                                                   camera-ready. Twisting her lithe body into an         I belonged here. I’m getting so many calls from
                                                   ‘S’ shape, one hand on hip, lips suggestively         L.A. saying: ‘You look like Princess Jasmine’.”
                                                   slightly parted, Paris Hilton the icon is as              Surrounded by endless rails of crystal-
                                                   instantly recognisable as her famous blonde           smattered gowns in every shade of pastel; shoes
                                                   muses, Barbie and Marilyn Monroe.                     by Christian Louboutin, YSL and Gina; and
                                                      Unlike many celebrities, whose off-duty            with every flat surface deployed to display
                                                   lives are glimpsed through the long lenses of         trinkets and hair accessories, including her
                                                   paparazzi in blurred candids, it is rare to see       now-signature Louis Mariette headbands,
                                                   a photo of Paris that she has not knowingly           Paris’s temporary home in the UAE is a tribute
                                                   posed for. “Every time I’m going to a red carpet      to her shiny, feminine style – and Emirates’
                                                   event, I’ll try on like 10 different dresses,”        generous new baggage allowances.
                                                   she tells Bazaar from her suite at the                    “I had heard that people were very
                                                   InterContinental hotel in Dubai Festival City.        conservative here and my friends assumed
                                                   “We’ll photograph each one and download it            I was going to be fully covered,” she reveals. “I
                                                   onto the computer to see which looks best.”           was really surprised how fashion forward girls
                                                      For today’s shoot, however, the team is            are here and how modern and contemporary.
                                                   anxious to capture a different side of Paris to       There’s definitely a lot of misconceptions about
                                                   that seen the world over. So, while the fans          the way people dress here. When you’ve never
                                                   desperate to catch a glimpse of her                   been to the Middle East, you don’t know how
                                                   in Dubai are as eager as they would be in             it’s going to be.”
                                                   L.A. (although, unlike in Hollywood, today’s              From camel rides in the desert wearing
                                                   Hiltonites are wearing abayas), Paris’s posturing     Matthew Williamson to modelling new-season
                                                   has got to change. Somehow.                           Nina Ricci and Jil Sander for Bazaar, Paris
                                                      Warhol-esque behind her fixed veneer of            slipped into her queen of the desert role as
                                                   celebrity, Paris Hilton’s never-ending 15             effortlessly as one can when travelling with two
                                                   minutes of fame continues to defy the sell-by         personal stylists and a hair and make-up artist.
                                                   date fated in popular culture. The heiress,               Boutique owner Sarah Belhasa is just one

                                      “i keep a lot of my
                                                                        reality TV show pro,             of the local business managers who invested
                                                                        occasional pop singer and        considerable resources in Paris’s trip. “For me,

                                                                        all-round brand has secured      her endorsement is a good platform for when
                                                                        enduring fame way beyond         I want to expand internationally,” Sarah
                                                                        her TV debut on 2003’s The       explains. And what of Paris’s colourful history?

                                                                        Simple      Life,    surviving   “That’s her personal life. She came here for
                                                                        scandals, break-ups and          a job and I was here to support her. In a way
                                                                        make-ups along the way. It is    her presence is an advertisement for Dubai.”
                                                                        Paris’s chequered past – her         Love her or hate her, Paris’s impact on the
                                       for when i                       repeated run-ins with L.A.’s     local fashion industry – from wearing regional

                                     ha daughters”
                                                                        traffic authorities dominated    designers such as Georges Chakra and Aiisha
                                                                        headlines from E! to CNN in      Ramadan to Twittering a picture of herself in
                                                                        the summer of 2007 – that        an ‘I Love Dubai’ T-shirt at Villa Moda – has
                                                   made her a controversial guest in the Middle          been unquestionably positive. “It’s helping the
                                                   East in June, when she spent three weeks              economy by wearing things that are from here,
                                                   filming Paris Hilton’s My Dubai Best Friend           because then they’re in magazines and they can
                                                   Forever. So it is testament to her star power that    sell more,” Paris says. Basic, yes, but if Ms
                                                   during the 21 nights of her Dubai stay, five-star     Hilton knows one thing, it’s how to sell.
                                                   hotels, designer stores, high-end restaurants             There are 13 different lines under the Paris
                                                   and even – in good humour – a driving school          Hilton brand, including bags, sunglasses and
                                                   shelled out six-figure sums for the star to           shoes. A collection of bejewelled headbands
                                                   appear, pose and promote their businesses.            will be launched later this year, along with her
                                                      With so much at stake, TV execs were at            ninth perfume, Siren. “I have design teams for
                                                   pains to point out before filming began that          every line,” she explains. “Every month I’ll
                                                   the Dubai edition of the BFF franchise would          make an inspiration book for each one and
                                                   be adapted to its cultural environment,               they send me back the designs, which I approve
                                                   eschewing the usual pole-dancing, cocktail-           and make any changes I think are needed.”
Stepping out of the shadows                        swigging, bikini-grinding format. On message,         And if her red-carpet appearances and the BFF
in heavy metal accessories.                        Paris set a more demure tone from her very first      shows (Dubai is the fourth she’s filmed this
Waistcoat, Dhs5,200, Nina                          press conference in Dubai by wearing a mint           year) give Paris her party girl rep, it’s the brand
Ricci. Bra top, price on                           green gown by Lebanese designer Zahra, which          extensions that have made her mistress of an
request, Rachel Roy at Villa
                                                   she picked up from Studio 8 on Dubai’s                empire. “My main focus is being a
Moda. Necklace, Dhs10,570,
Dolce & Gabbana. Bracelet,                         Jumeirah Beach Road, and a gold headpiece by          businesswoman,” she says. “BFF just pushes all
stylist’s own. Painting: e/e                       Ef Iz Jewellery, flown in specially from Beirut.      my brands. I’m constantly wearing my bags or
by Alex De Fluvia at Cuadro                        “I’d never worn anything like that before,” she       spraying my perfume during the show. It’s like
Fine Art Gallery 2009                              says. “On the hanger it looked like something         having a commercial for all my products.” ➤

140|Harper’s BAZAAR|September 2009                                                                                   September 2009|Harper’s BAZAAR|141

                                     “every time i go toa
                                        event, i try on

Fringe artist: Paris’s
mainstream appeal gets
a rocky edge. Dress, price
on request, Rachel Roy
at Villa Moda. Pumps,
Christian Louboutin. Belt
and bracelets, stylist’s own

142|Harper’s BAZAAR|September 2009                          September 2009|Harper’s BAZAAR|143
                                                         Breaking cover in full-length
                                                         formalwear. Dress,
   Such business savvy means that everything             Dhs12,770, dVb by Victoria
Paris does is a transaction (want her to dance           Beckham. Belt, Dhs710,
on a table at your nightclub? For a fee, it’ll be        Motif 56 at Villa Moda.
written into the contract), so it’s no wonder            Paintings: Father of Sun by
she’s reaping the rewards of being one of the            Futura and Painting Trains by
world’s wealthiest young women. Prized                   Stash, both at Cuadro Fine
                                                         Art Gallery 2009. All prices
possessions include a custom-made pink                   approximate.
Bentley inspired by Barbie’s Corvette which is           All clothing available at
covered in Swarovski crystals,; a Dolce &                Villa Moda in Dubai and
Gabbana full-length crystallised dress; a Harry          Kuwait. Shot at Villa Moda
Winston diamond necklace which was a gift                and Cuadro Fine Art
from her grandfather; and a 24-carat diamond             Gallery at The Gate Village,
ring from her short-lived engagement to Paris            DIFC, Dubai. Hair and
                                                         make-up: Frederic Aspiras
Latsis, now safely stowed in the bank.
                                                         at Margaret Maldanado
   So far, so Paris. But, at 28 years old, the           Agency. Photographer’s
time is not far off when the Disney-homage               assistant: John Pocock.
chihuahuas, cartoonish clothing ensembles and            Assistant fashion editor:
abundance of pink are going to become tired.             Sally Matthews
What is cutesy on a twenty-something
fast becomes déclassé after the big three-oh.
Fortunately, Paris has a wardrobe of Chanel
suits at home – “when I’m in a board meeting
I’ll dress up and be a little businesswoman” –
and a game plan up her sleeve. “I’m going to

“i was surprised how
 the girls are here”
be producing,” she reveals. “I already have
some show ideas that I won’t be in, but I’ll be
behind the scenes, maybe directing. I also want
to get into real estate and start developing my
own hotels, stores, restaurants and nightclubs.
That’s in my blood from growing up in the
Hilton family – I’ve always watched my
grandfather and my father in the real estate
business. That’s what I want to do when I’m
older and I have a family and children.”
   Now newly reunited with boyfriend
Doug Reinhardt, having a family (ideally a
troupe of little girls) is high on Paris’s to-do list.
“I keep a lot of my couture things for when I
have my daughters,” she says with certainty.
   Day-dreaming of the children she is yet
to have is one of those rare moments of
unguarded vulnerability during which Bazaar’s
photographer captures the real Paris; the
Paris who photographs herself in 10 different
looks before facing the public, the Paris whose
work ethic has so far thwarted her desire for a
family, the Paris who is perhaps not quite as in
focus as she would have us all believe. What a
relief to know that behind the carefully crafted
façade, Paris Hilton is as real as the rest of us.
Sometimes. n

Seeing double: the Marilyn
skirt offers twice the blonde.
Jacket, Dhs2,480, Vivienne
Westwood Anglomania. Skirt,
Dhs8,060, Dolce & Gabbana

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