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                                       “TOXIC MEN is the must have manual to guide today’s woman
                                       away from toxic men. I recommend this book to ALL my female
                                       members and women worldwide. Dr. Lillian Glass rocks the house
                                       by giving the most insightful information on how to steer clear of
                                       toxic relationships by recognizing a good guy from a bad one.”

                                               —Patti Stanger, star of the hit BRAVO show “Millionaire

                                       “Dr. Lillian Glass is a gift to our profession as well as to all
                                       women who want to learn how to make smart choices for
                                       themselves; especially when it comes to men. She brilliantly
                                       highlights the scary reality that ANYONE can be the victim of a
                                       toxic man. Dr. Glass provides women with valuable information
                                       and tools, to protect themselves, especially when it comes to
                                       making dangerous relationship choices, that can destroy their
                                       lives. This is a must read for all women out there!”

                                                        —Dr. Robi Ludwig, renowned media psychologist

                  TOXIC MEN
           10 Ways to Identify, Deal with, and Heal from the Men
                      Who Make Your Life Miserable
                                    BY LILLIAN GLASS, PhD

We are constantly bombarded with “Toxic Men” who make the headlines -- from Mel Gibson, to Jesse James,
Tiger Woods, John Edwards, Chris Brown, Charlie Sheen and alleged serial killer Joran van der Sloot. These
types of men can appear in the life of any woman, they are not limited to women who date and marry the rich,
famous and even infamous.

That is why Dr. Lillian Glass, the author of the bestselling book Toxic People™ now brings you her sequel,
TOXIC MEN: 10 Ways to Identify, Deal with, and Heal from the Men Who Make Your Life Miserable
(Adams Media, November 2010; $21.95). This is not a book about male bashing—rather, TOXIC MEN
contains valuable tools to help women identify the healthy qualities and characteristics in a man and avoid toxic
Dr. Lillian Glass, the world-renowned and respected body language and communication expert known as “The
First Lady of Communication,” identifies each type of Toxic Man by examining: speech patterns, voice, body
language, and facial expressions.

Armed with these essential “people-reading skills,” women can now distinguish for themselves whether any man
      1. The Jealous Competitor
      2. The Sneaky Passive-Aggressive Silent-but-Deadly Erupting Volcano
      3. The Arrogant Self-Righteous Know-It-All
      4. The Seductive Manipulative Cheating Liar
      5. The Angry Bullying Control Freak
      6. The Instigating Backstabbing Meddler
      7. The Self-Destructive Gloom-and-Doom Victim
      8. The Wishy-Washy Spineless Wimp
      9. The Selfish Me-Myself-and-I Narcissist
      10. The Emotional Refrigerator
      11. The Socio-Psychopath

In order to empower women and help them heal, Dr. Glass explains why some women’s early childhood
experiences can cause them to be attracted to certain men and even become a “Toxic Man Magnet.” She teaches
how to “read” a Toxic Man, whether he is in your personal or professional life, in person and online and offers
techniques for dealing with a Toxic Man and unique ways to heal from toxicity. Dr. Glass also explains how to
recognize Mr. Right – the healthy Real Deal – so no woman will ever have to ask again: “Where are all the good

Dr. Lillian Glass is a media personality and regular commentator for the Nancy Grace Show. She is the body
language expert for Swift Justice, Dancing with the Stars, Entertainment Tonight, and the Insider. Dr. Glass has
also used her skills as an expert witness for both state and federal cases in the area of vocal forensics and
behavioral analysis. She has written more than a dozen books, including the bestsellers Toxic People™; He Says,
She Says; and a body language book I Know What You’re Thinking and writes her own popular body language
blog as well as a blog on Psychology Today. In her private practice in Beverly Hills she has helped countless
clients, among them celebrities, politicians, and world leaders. For more information about Dr. Glass, her blog,
products, and services, go to

                                              TOXIC MEN:
                        10 WAYS TO IDENTIFY, DEAL WITH, AND HEAL FROM
                            THE MEN WHO MAKE YOUR LIFE MISERABLE
                                           By Lillian Glass, PhD
                                     Adams Media, November 9, 2010
                               $21.95 US / $24.99 CAN / 978-1-4405-0007-7

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