A Definitive Long Term Solution For Denture

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            A definitive long-term solution
                   for denture liners
                                                                       NOVUS Resilient Denture Liner
                                                                       from Lang Dental
                                                                        In my practice, I have found the soft
                                                                        denture liners are great for relining
                                                                        my patients’ dentures. The in-office
                                                                        types of materials work well for short
                                                                        periods of time such as during heal-
                                                                        ing of an immediate denture. For
                                                                        long-time service, I have found that
                                                                        lab-processed soft liners are the best.
                                                                        The best resilient liner has been ab-
                                                                        sent from the market for more than 10
                                                                        years due to the key compound losing
                                                                        its primary user — the U.S. military/
                                                                        NASA. Recently, NOVUS has been
                                                                        reintroduced by Lang Dental to solve
      multiple problems dentists have had with other resilient liners. Unlike popular intermediate- and
      short-term liners, NOVUS has no plasticizers to leach out of the material, so it remains as resilient
      years from now as it was on the first day. It features no rebound. This makes chewing easier and more
      comfortable for the patient. It is a lab-processed liner that is truly the definitive long-term solution
      for denture liners. NOVUS has many other features and benefits: a) denture stays clean using normal
      hygiene methods with less odor and stain, and sore spots are minimized with healthy tissue under the
      denture, b) because the surface wets easily, the denture retention is superb, c) easy adjustment and
      polishing with rotary instruments chairside, d) engagement of deep anatomical undercuts, e) moldable
      around overdenture abutments or implant heads and bars to provide denture retention, stability, and
      support, f) allows denture movement toward the abutments and tissues, g) excellent bonding to acrylic
      denture bases, excellent adhesive strength, permanent bond with no delaminating, h) X-ray-opaque
      (can be identified if parts are swallowed or inhaled), i) permanent resiliency; it will not harden, even
      during extended time periods. More information is available on or by calling
      Lang Dental at (847) 215-6622. NOVUS is processed by labs. Ask your dental lab technician to use it
      on denture relines or purchase NOVUS from a favorite distributor.

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