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					KQED celebrates
Lesbian Gay Bisexual
Transgender Pride Month
Program and Resource Guide • June 2009
                                                                                                           Sunday 7
                                                                                                           2:00am KQED 9HD | Celluloid Closet | P | RR 6/6
                                                                                                                  8pm | R 6/9 9:30pm, 6/10 3:30am (9HD)
                                                                                                           4:30am KQED 9HD | The Castro | q | P | RR 6/4
                                                                                                                  7:30pm | R 6/14 7pm, 6/15 1am (9HD)

           KQED public television proudly                                                                  EVEn in G
           celebrates the diversity of our                                                                 10:30pm World | God and Gays: Bridging the Gap
           community with a special lineup                                                                         explores the religious struggle reconciling
           in June on KQED Channel 9 and                                                                           sexuality and spirituality, and the lives of the
           and HD (the high-definition                                                                             people who have found homosexuality and
           channel, Comcast 709, digital 9.1).                                                                     the bible as their self-defining work.
                 This guide also lists programs
           airing on the following digital                                                                 Tuesday 9
           channels, which are available to
                                                                                                           EVEn in G
           viewers on Comcast digital cable
                                                                                                           9:30pm KQED 9HD | Celluloid Closet | P | RR 6/6
           and/or via a digital receiver:
                                                                                                                  8pm | R 6/10 3:30am (9HD)
           Life (Comcast 189, 54.3),
           World (Comcast 190, 9.3), and
           Kids (Comcast 192, 54.4).                                                                       Wednesday 10
           Some of these programs repeat
                                                                                                           3:30am KQED 9HD | Celluloid Closet | P | RR 6/6
           additional times on these channels.
                                                      The Castro. Photo: Dong Lin.                                8pm
           Visit for the
           complete digital program schedule.
                                                      Thursday 4                                           Sunday 14
                                                      E V E ni nG                                          EVE nin G
           P R o G R a m m i n G S ymb o L S
                                                      7:30pm KQED 9HD | The Castro | q | P | This Pea-     7:00pm KQED 9HD | The Castro | q | P | RR 6/4
           q    This program is a KQED                                                                            7:30pm | R 6/15 1am (9HD)
                                                             body award–winning installment of KQED’s
                production or presentation.
                                                             neighborhoods series chronicles the saga of
           H    This program is airing on KQED               how a quiet, working-class San Francisco
                for the first time.                          neighborhood of European immigrants gave
                                                                                                           Monday 15
           P    This broadcast will be interrupted           way to a new community that has become        EaRLy
                by pledge intermissions.                     an international symbol of gay liberation.    mid      KQED 9HD | Great Performances Dance
           R    This program will be repeated on             | R 6/5 1:30am, 6/6 10:30pm, 6/7 4:30am,               in America—Beyond the Steps: Alvin Ailey
                the date noted.                              6/14 7pm, 6/15 1am (9HD)                               Dance Theater follows the dance company
           RR   This program is a repeat. See                                                                       during a pivotal period in its history, as it
                noted date and time of original
                broadcast for program description.
                                                      Friday 5                                                      ventures abroad and establishes new roots
                                                                                                                    at home.
                                                      E aR Ly
                                                                                                           1:00am KQED 9HD | The Castro | q | P | RR 6/4
                                                      1:30am KQED 9HD | The Castro | q | P | RR 6/4               7:30pm
           Programs are subject to change.
                                                             7:30pm | R 6/6 10:30pm, 6/7 4:30am, 6/14
           For the latest information, call                                                                EVEn in G
                                                             7pm, 6/15 1am (9HD)
           415.553.2215 or view our listings                                                               7:00pm Life | InnerVIEWS with Ernie Manouse
           at For a list of                                                                         Rita Mae Brown looks at the life and career
           changes only, visit          Saturday 6                                                  of the author and poet, who was instrumen-
           tvchanges. if you are recording a          aFTE R noon                                                 tal in the feminist movement.
           program, please allow five minutes                                                              7:30pm Life | InnerVIEWS with Ernie Manouse
                                                      1:30pm World | Freedom Files Freedom to Marry:
           for early starts and late finishes.               Same-Sex Couples. This episode features              Terrance McNally. Tony award winner Ter-
                                                             three couples who are part of a lawsuit in           rence mcnally has written some of the most
                                                             maryland seeking to overturn state law that          recognizable theater works of our genera-
                                                             bars lesbians and gay men from marriage.             tion, from “Kiss of the Spider Woman” to
                                                                                                                  “Ragtime” and “master Class.” but it has not
                                                      E V E ni nG
           Cover: Independent Lens: Ask Not airs on                                                               always been smooth sailing.
           KQED 9HD, monday, June 16, at 10pm.        8:00pm KQED 9HD | Celluloid Closet | H | P | With
                                                                                                           8:00pm Life | Rufus! Rufus! Rufus! Does Judy!
                                                             clips from more than 100 Hollywood movies
           Photo: Davina Pardo/iTVS.                                                                              Judy! Judy! Singer Rufus Wainwright sets
                                                             and interviews with many of the filmmakers
                                                                                                                  out to replicate Judy Garland’s 1961 album
                                                             and actors who created them, this docu-
                                                                                                                  Judy at Carnegie Hall. | R 6/27 10:41pm,
                                                             mentary explores how our attitudes about
                                                                                                                  6/28 4:41am (9HD); 6/28 5pm (Life)
                                                             homosexuality and sex roles have evolved.
                                                             | R 6/7 2am, 6/9 9:30pm, 6/10 3:30am (9HD)    9:00pm Life | P.O.V. Wrestling with Angels: Play-
                                                                                                                  wright Tony Kushner. oscar-winning director
                                                      10:30pm KQED 9HD | The Castro | q | P | RR 6/4
                                                                                                                  Freida Lee mock followed Kushner for three
                                                              7:30pm | R 6/7 4:30am, 6/14 7pm, 6/15 1am
                                                                                                                  tumultuous years, from September 11, 2001,
                                                                                                                  to the 2004 presidential election, to delve
                                                                                                                  into the passions that keep him reaching for
                                                                                                                  the great american play.
10:30pm KQED 9HD | The Josh Kornbluth Show                 10:00pm World | Frontline A Hidden Life examines       9:00pm KQED 9HD | American Masters Jerome
        | q | Michael Tilson Thomas, San Francisco                 the two-sided life of conservative mayor              Robbins: Something to Dance About profiles
        Symphony Music Director. | R 6/16 4:30am,                  Jim West. | D |                                       the great choreographer of the broadway
        6/26 1:30am (9HD); 6/16 9:30pm (Life)                                                                            musicals West Side Story and Gypsy. | HD |
                                                           11:00pm KQED 9HD | In the Life | H | 40th Anniver-
                                                                                                                         R 6/26 3am (9HD); 6/26 8pm (Life)
11:00pm KQED 9HD | Truly CA: Our State, Our                        sary of Stonewall. activists young and old
        Stories Emile Norman: By His Own Design                    explore the state of the LGbT movement and
        | q | profiles the self-taught California artist           discuss where it is headed. | R 6/22 5am
                                                                                                                  Friday 26
        who still works with the same passion for life,            (9HD); 6/28 7pm (World)
        nature and freedom that inspired him through                                                              Ea RLy
        seven decades of turbulent times for a gay
        man in america. | R 6/16 5am (9HD); 6/16
                                                           Monday 22                                              1:30am KQED 9HD | The Josh Kornbluth Show
                                                                                                                          | q | Michael Tilson Thomas, San Francisco
        10pm (Life)                                        E aR Ly                                                        Symphony Music Director.
                                                           5:00am KQED 9HD | In the Life 40th Anniversary         2:00am KQED 9HD | Rock Hudson: Tall, Dark and
                                                                   of Stonewall. | RR 6/21 11pm | R 6/28 7pm
Tuesday 16                                                         (World)
                                                                                                                         Handsome | RR 6/25 8pm | R 6/28 12:01am
                                                                                                                         & 7pm, 6/29 1am (9HD); 6/26 7pm (Life)
                                                           EVE nin G                                              3:00am American Masters Jerome Robbins:
4:30am KQED 9HD | The Josh Kornbluth Show
                                                           10:00pm KQED 9HD | Laramie—Inside Out                         Something to Dance About | HD | RR 6/25
       | q | Michael Tilson Thomas, San Francisco
                                                                   Filmmaker beverly Seckinger visits her                9pm | R 6/26 8pm (Life)
       Symphony Music Director. | R 9:30pm (Life);
                                                                   hometown of Laramie, Wyoming, to investi-      EVEn in G
       6/26 1:30am (9HD)
                                                                   gate the impact of matthew Shepard’s 1998
5:00am KQED 9HD | Truly CA: Our State, Our                         murder. | D | R 6/23 4am (9HD); 6/23 9pm       11:30pm KQED 9HD | Spark | q | Django Reinhardt,
       Stories Emile Norman: By His Own Design.                    (Life); 6/28 8pm (World)                              Sean Dorsey, Kerry Laitala. | HD | RR 6/24
       | q | RR 6/15 11pm | R 10pm (Life)                                                                                7:30pm | R 6/27 5:30am (9HD); 6/27 2pm,
                                                                                                                         6/28 11am (Life)
E V En i nG
                                                           Tuesday 23
10:00pm KQED 9HD | Independent Lens | H | Ask
       Not explores the tangled political battles that
                                                           E aR Ly                                                Saturday 27
       led to the infamous “don’t ask, don’t tell”         4:00am KQED 9HD | Laramie—Inside Out | D |             EaRLy
       policy and reveals the personal stories of gay             | RR 6/22 10pm | R 9pm (Life); 6/28 8pm
                                                                  (World)                                         5:30am KQED 9HD | Spark | q | Django Reinhardt,
       americans who serve in combat under a veil of
                                                                                                                         Sean Dorsey, Kerry Laitala. | HD | RR 6/24
       secrecy. | R 6/17 4am (9HD); 6/17 9pm (Life)
                                                                                                                         7:30pm | R 2pm, 6/28 11am (Life)
11:00pm KQED 9HD | It’s Elementary: Talking                Wednesday 24                                           6:00pm KQED 9HD | Only in the Castro with
       About Gay Issues in Schools | q | shows
                                                           E V E ni nG                                                   Trevor Hailey | H | This light-hearted film
       what can happen when teachers address
                                                                                                                         follows renown walking tour guide Trevor
       lesbian and gay issues with their students in       7:30pm KQED 9HD | Spark | q | Django Reinhardt,
                                                                                                                         Hailey as she takes San Francisco visitors
       an age-appropriate, nonjudgmental environ-                 Sean Dorsey, Kerry Laitala includes a visit
                                                                                                                         on a hilarious half-hour romp through the
       ment. | R 6/17 5am (9HD); 6/17 10pm (Life)                 with choreographer Sean Dorsey, who is
                                                                                                                         backstreets of the world’s most celebrated
                                                                  carving out new space for transgender and
                                                                                                                         gay neighborhood.
                                                                  queer artists in modern dance. | HD | R 6/25
Wednesday 17                                                      1:30am, 6/26 11:30pm, 6/27 5:30am (9HD);        6:30pm KQED 9HD | Chanticleer: Mission Road
                                                                  6/27 2pm, 6/28 11am (Life)                             Enjoy the beauty of California’s beloved mis-
E aR Ly
                                                                                                                         sions and share the captivating experience
4:00am KQED 9HD | Independent Lens Ask Not.                11:00pm KQED 9HD | Truly CA: Our State, Our
                                                                                                                         of seeing and hearing this music performed
       | RR 6/16 10pm | R 6/17 9pm (Life)                          Stories | q | Frisbee: The Life and Death of
                                                                                                                         in the setting for which it was written.
                                                                   a Hippie Preacher. Lonnie Frisbee was a
5:00am KQED 9HD | It’s Elementary: Talking                                                                        EVEn in G
                                                                   young hippie fully immersed in the 1960s
       About Gay Issues in Schools | q | RR 6/16
                                                                   counterculture when he experienced an          10:41pm KQED 9HD | Rufus! Rufus! Rufus! Does
       11pm | R 10pm (Life)
                                                                   encounter with God while on an acid trip.              Judy! Judy! Judy! | RR 6/15 8pm (Life)
                                                                   The event so transformed him that Lonnie               | R 6/28 4:41am (9HD); 6/28 5pm (Life)
Sunday 21                                                          became an itinerant Christian evangelist.
                                                                   | R 6/25 5am (9HD); 6/25 10pm (Life)
6:00pm World | Bill Moyers on Faith and Reason
       Richard Rodriguez, Sir John Houghton.                                                                      Chanticleer: Mission Road. Photo: courtesy Chanticleer.

       authors discuss their personal beliefs, homo-       Thursday 25
       sexuality, science, and questions about their
                                                           E aRLy
       faith. | R 6/28 1pm (9HD)
                                                           1:30am KQED 9HD | Spark | q | Django Reinhardt,
E V En i nG
                                                                  Sean Dorsey, Kerry Laitala. | HD | RR 6/24
7:00pm World | Anyone and Everyone tells the                      7:30pm | R 6/26 11:30pm, 6/27 5:30am
       stories of families across the country, all con-           (9HD); 6/27 2pm, 6/28 11am (Life)
       nected by a common thread—a gay child.
                                                           5:00am KQED 9HD | Truly CA: Our State, Our
       | R 6/28 2pm (9HD); 6/29 10pm (Life)
                                                                  Stories | q | Frisbee: The Life and Death of
8:00pm World | Out and Proud in Chicago | H |                     a Hippie Preacher. | RR 6/24 11pm | R 10pm
       Hosted by actress Jane Lynch, this program                 (Life)
       profiles the famous and the unsung, those
                                                           E V E ni nG
       who chose paths of activism and those who
       chose to live everyday lives with extraordi-        8:00pm KQED 9HD | Rock Hudson: Tall, Dark and
       nary dignity.                                              Handsome Discover how this dreamer with
                                                                  no experience became the hottest box-office
9:30pm World | Freedom Files Freedom to Parent:
                                                                  property in the world. | R 6/26 2am, 6/28
       Lesbian and Gay Families follows a bill in
                                                                  12:01am & 7pm, 6/29 1am (9HD); 6/26 7pm
       arkansas aimed at preventing gay people
       and straight unmarried couples from foster-
       ing or adopting children.
    Sunday 28                                               Monday 29
    E aR Ly                                                 E aRLy
    12:01am KQED 9HD | Rock Hudson: Tall, Dark and          mid       KQED 9HD | Queen Rock Montreal
            Handsome | RR 6/25 8pm | R 7pm,                           This special was recorded at the montreal
            6/29 1am (9HD)                                            Forum in november 1981—the first show
    4:41am KQED 9HD | Rufus! Rufus! Rufus! Does                       was exactly 10 years to the day before Fred-
           Judy! Judy! Judy! | RR 6/15 8pm (Life)                     dy mercury’s death. The band performs “We
           | R 5pm (Life)                                             Will Rock you,” “Pressure” and other hits.

    a F T E Rn o o n                                        1:00am KQED 9HD | Rock Hudson: Tall, Dark and
                                                                   Handsome | RR 6/25 8pm
    1:00pm KQED 9HD | Bill Moyers on Faith and
           Reason Richard Rodriguez, Sir John Hough-        EVE nin G
           ton. | RR 6/21 6pm (World)                       7:30pm KQED 9HD | Singing Life | H | opera diva
    2:00pm KQED 9HD | Anyone and Everyone                          Frederica von Stade narrates this testament
           | RR 6/21 7pm (World) | R 6/29 10pm (Life)              to the joy of singing as expressed by two
                                                                   very different groups of musicians: teenagers
    6:00pm World | No Secret Anymore: The Times of
                                                                   from a California high school and profession-
           Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon follows martin
                                                                   al singers—the internationally known men’s
           and Lyon’s story through half a century, trac-
                                                                   ensemble, Chanticleer. | HD | R 6/30 1:30am
           ing the emergence of lesbians from fear of
           discovery to expectation of equality. | R 6/29
           10pm, 6/30 4am (9HD); 6/30 9pm (Life)            10:00pm KQED 9HD | No Secret Anymore: The
                                                                    Times of Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon
    6:00pm Life | Independent Lens Water Flowing To-
                                                                    | RR 6/28 6pm (World) | R 6/30 4am (9HD);
           gether is an intimate portrait of a remarkable                                                             Out and Proud in Chicago. Pictured: program host Jane Lynch.
                                                                    6/30 9pm (Life)
           dancer, Jock Soto, and the disparate worlds                                                                Photo: courtesy WTTW/Chicago.
           that have shaped him.                            11:00pm KQED 9HD | Truly CA: Our State, Our
                                                                    Stories | q | Screaming Queens: The Riot
    E V En i nG
                                                                    at Compton’s Cafeteria. This documentary
    7:00pm KQED 9HD | Rock Hudson: Tall, Dark and                   introduces the diverse cast of former prosti-
            Handsome | RR 6/25 8pm | R 6/29 1am                     tutes, drag entertainers, police officers, min-
            (9HD)                                                   isters and neighborhood activists that played
    8:00pm Life | American Masters Sweet Honey in                   a part in the events leading up to the 1966
           the Rock: Raise Your Voice, This ensemble of             riot at Compton’s Cafeteria in San Francisco.
           six african american women has raising their             | R 6/30 5am (9HD); 6/30 10pm (Life)               Lesbian Gay Bisexual
           voices against injustice for 30 years.
                                                                                                                       Transgender Pride
    9:00pm World | InnerVIEWS with Ernie Manouse            Tuesday 30
           Judy Shepard. The founder of the matthew
                                                            E aR Ly
                                                                                                                       Month Programming
           Shepard Foundation talks with Ernie about
           the events surrounding her son’s death, and      1:30am KQED 9HD | Singing Life | HD | RR 6/29              on KQED Public Radio
           how her life has changed since his infamous             7:30pm
                                                                                                                       88.5 FM San Francisco
           1998 murder in Laramie, Wyoming.                 4:00am KQED 9HD | No Secret Anymore: The
    9:30pm Life | Independent Lens Billy Strayhorn:                Times of Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon                89.3 FM Sacramento
           Lush Life. as Duke Ellington’s co-composer,             | RR 6/28 6pm (World) | R 9pm (Life)
           arranger and right-hand man, billy Strayhorn     5:00am KQED 9HD | Truly CA: Our State, Our
           wrote some of the greatest american music               Stories | q | Screaming Queens: The Riot at
           of the 20th century. but as a gay man in the            Compton’s Cafeteria.| RR 6/29 11pm                   Making a Difference:
           1940s and ’50s, Strayhorn had to lead a                 | R 10pm (Life)                                      Outright Radio
           discreet existence.                                                                                          Saturday, June 20, 1pm
                                                            E V E ni nG
    9:30pm World | Lily’s Detroit in this semi-exper-
                                                                                                                             Reporter Paul mueller features the
                                                            10:00pm KQED 9HD | P.O.V. | H | Beyond Hatred. a                 story of a surviving gay fireman from
           imental “conversation,” Lily Tomlin recalls
                                                                    gay man’s family struggles to seek justice               Ground Zero at the 9/11 attacks;
           growing up in Detroit.
                                                                    after he is beaten and killed by skinheads in            Gillian Kendall tells of her work to
    10:00pm World | True Lives Silverlake Life: The View            France. | HD |                                           transform a small methodist college
            from Here. This video diary about living with                                                                    in birmingham, ala., with its first gay
            aiDS documents the challenges with guts                                                                          organization; and barbara bernstein
            and humor.                                                                                                       peers into the twisted masterminds
    11:00pm Life | InnerVIEWS with Ernie Manouse                                                                             of the oregon Citizens alliance
            | H | Jerry Herman. a conversation with the                                                                      (oCa) when she befriends, reveals,
            Tony award–winning composer and lyricist.                                                                        and ultimately defeats them at
                                                                                                                             the polls.
    11:30pm Life | InnerVIEWS with Ernie Manouse
            Michael Feinstein. a conversation with this
            stellar performer, musical historian, and
            Grammy winner.

                                        ADVOCACY                                     The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual,                   National Center for Lesbian Rights
                                                                                     Transgender Historical Society of             415.392.6257;
                                        American Civil Liberties Union,              Northern California                           a progressive, feminist, multicultural
                                        Gay and Lesbian Rights Chapter               415.777.5455;             legal center devoted to advancing the
                                        415.621.2493;                 Collects, preserves, exhibits and             rights and safety of lesbians and their
                                        acts to ensure that gay rights issues        otherwise makes available to the public       families. Committed to creating a world
                                        remain in the forefront of the aCLU’s        historical, cultural and artistic materials   in which all lesbians live freely, without
                                        civil liberties agenda.                      related to the identities and practices of    fear of discrimination.
                                                                                     the LGbT community and other sexual
            Please note that this is                                                 minorities.                                   New Leaf: Services for Our
                                        Bay Area American Indian Two
            only a small portion of     Spirits                                                                                    Community
            the many organizations      415.865.5616;                 GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance               415.626.7000;
            that serve the LGbT         a community-based organization creat-        Against Defamation)                 
            community in the bay        ing forums for the spiritual, cultural and   323.933.2240;                   Helps LGbT, queer and question-
                                        artistic expression of Two Spirit people.    Promotes and ensures fair, accu-              ing individuals and their families lead
            area. To add your
                                                                                     rate and inclusive representation of          healthy and connected lives. Provides
            organization to this list                                                individuals and events in all media as a
                                        Bay Area Bisexual Network                                                                  professional mental health support and
            or update information                                                    means of eliminating homophobia and           substance abuse services.
            for next year’s guide,      Seeks to develop a healthy, vibrant,         discrimination based on gender identity
            please send an e-mail       multicultural bisexual community in the      and sexual orientation.                       The Pacific Center for Human
            to       bay area and to promote better under-                                                      Growth
                                        standing of bisexual lives and issues.       Horizons Foundation                           510.548.8283;
                                                                                     415.398.2333;                                 offers peer support groups, mental
                                        Billy DeFrank Lesbian and Gay                          health counseling, HiV counseling and
                                        Community Center                             Serves the lesbian, gay, bisexual and         referrals, and educational outreach
                                        408.293.2429;                transgender community by making               programs.
                                        Provides community, leadership,              grants, strengthening LGbT organiza-
                                        advocacy, support and services to the        tions and leadership, and increasing          Positive Images
                                        Silicon Valley LGbT community and            philanthropic giving.                         707.568.5830;
                                        their allies. Programs include social                                                      Provides advocacy, support and infor-
                                        activities, youth leadership develop-        International Gay and Lesbian                 mation to gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans-
                                        ment, nutritious lunches for seniors,        Human Rights Commission                       gendered and questioning youth and
                                        support groups, individual counseling        212.430.6054;                  young adults age 12 to 25. its mission
                                        and HiV testing.                             monitors, documents and mobilizes             is to nuture a positive self image and
                                                                                     responses to human rights violations          foster clear understanding of diversity
                                        City and County of San Francisco             on the basis of sexual orientation, HiV       in sexual and gender identity.
                                        Human Rights Commission                      status and gender identity.
                                        415.252.2500;                                                                              Rainbow Community Center of
                                              KidSpace at the Center                        Contra Costa County
                                        Provides free and confidential media-        415.865.5555;                                 925.692.0090;
                                        tion and investigation of complaints                 Promotes and provides services and
                                        about discrimination.                        KidSpace is the San Francisco                 activities for the LGbT community of
                                                                                     Lesbian Gay bisexual Transgender              Contra Costa County.
                                        The Diversity Center, Santa Cruz             Community Center’s free, high-quality
                                        831.425.5422;        drop-in childcare service. in addition to     The San Francisco Lesbian/Gay/
                                        offers a drop-in safe space, peer            childcare on evenings and weekends,           Bisexual/Transgender Community
                                        groups, potlucks, job and housing            KidSpace brings fun and educational           Center
                                        referrals, business and resource infor-      programming to the bay area’s LGbT            415.865.5555;
                                        mation, a lending library and more.          families.                                     Home to a dynamic range of organiza-
                                                                                                                                   tions and activities that support the
                                        The Federation of Gay Games                  The Lighthouse Community Center               needs of LGbT individuals of every
                                                           510.881.8167;                                 race, gender, age, sexuality and socio-
                                        The quadrennial games help to                       economic status.
                                        empower LGbT athletes through                Serves the LGbT, inter-sex and
                                        fellowship and friendly competition.         questioning community and allies in           Spectrum Center for Lesbian,
                                                                                     Southern alameda County. a resource           Gay, Bisexual and Transgender
                                        Gay and Lesbian Sierrans                     center and catalyst for community             Concerns
                                        415.281.5666; http://sanfranciscobay         building, providing communication,            415.457.1115;
                                                        education, support and social activities
                                        a conservation and outings club for          and programs in a safe and substance-         Strengthens, mobilizes and serves
                                        LGbT people and their friends.               free environment.                             LGbT and questioning people in marin
                                                                                                                                   and Sonoma counties; promotes
                                        Gay Asian Pacific Alliance                   Love Sees No Borders                          acceptance, understanding and full
                                        Dedicated to furthering the interests        Seeks to raise awareness of the issue
                                        of gay and bisexual asians and Pacific       of same-sex immigration.                      TransGender San Francisco
                                        islanders by creating awareness, devel-                                                    415.839.9448;
                                        oping a positive collective identity and     Metropolitan Community Church                 Provides a safe setting and support
                                        establishing a supportive community.         415.863.4434;                   services for transgender people and
                                                                                     a beloved community joining together          educational materials for the transgen-
                                                                                     from diverse spiritual backgrounds. a         der community and the general public.
                                                                                     ministry of peace and social justice in
                                                                                     our congregation and our community.
                                                                                     a house of prayer for all people and a
                                                                                     home for queer spirituality.

    The Women’s Building                       San Francisco Lesbian/Gay                 San Francisco State University,            P-FLAG (Parents, Families and
    415.431.1180;                              Freedom Band                              Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Studies          Friends of Lesbians and Gays)                     415.255.1355;              Program                                    San Francisco: 415.921.8850,
    a vibrant multiservice community           The first openly LGbT/intersex/queer/     415.405.3570                               oakland: 510.562.7692,
    center dedicated to providing women        questioning music organization in         Strives to analyze meanings associated     San Jose: 408.270.8182,
    and girls with the tools and resources     the world. Performs formal concerts,      with homosexuality in various contexts.
    they need to achieve full and equal        marches in parades, and performs at       Examines mixed-gender and cross-           Parents and friends of lesbians
    participation in society. Houses many      civic and special events.                 gender roles and practices.                and gays whose goals are support,
    organizations that support LGbT                                                                                                 education and advocacy.
    women and communities of color.            San Francisco Pride Parade                                                           Support Services for LGBTQ Youth
                                               415.864.0831;             FAMILY/CHILDREN                            School Health Programs
    Women’s Initiative for Self-               Educates the world, commemorates                                                     Department, San Francisco Unified
    Employment                                 LGbT heritage, celebrates LGbT            COLAGE (Children of Lesbians and           School District
    415.641.3460;                              culture and liberates LGbT people.        Gays Everywhere)                           415.242.2615;                                                             415.861.KiDS (5437);        its goal is to provide school site
    Provides low-income women with com-        Voices: Lesbian Choral Ensemble           advocates for the rights of children of    resources and district support to
    prehensive business training, ongoing      510.486.8984;      LGbT parents; promotes acceptance          meet the needs of LGbTQ youth and
    technical assistance and financing.        an all-lesbian singing ensemble that      and awareness that love makes a            families. The program is completely
                                               promotes both lesbian visibility and      family.                                    integrated within San Francisco Unified
                                               musical excellence.                                                                  School District and collaborates with
    ARTS                                                                                 Dimensions Clinic: Health Services         other programs to make schools safer
                                                                                         for Queer and Questioning Youth            for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender
    Frameline                                  EDUCATION                                 415.934.7789;                              and questioning students.
    Supports, develops and promotes            Berkeley Public Library                   Provides health services for queer and     The Trevor Helpline
    LGbT and queer visibility through          510.981.6100;                             questioning youth and young adults,        866.4.U.TREVoR (488.7386);
    media arts.                                   age 12 to 25.                    
                                                                                                                                    a 24-hour suicide prevention hotline for
    Lesbian/Gay Chorus of San                  City College of San Francisco,            Gay-Straight Alliance Network              gay youth.
    Francisco                                  Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender          415.552.4229;
    415.295.4469;                Studies Department                        a youth-led organization that works
    open to lesbian, gay, bisexual, straight   415.239.3876;                             to end sexual orientation and gender       HEALTH/SAFETY
    and transgender people who love to                  identity harassment and discrimination
    sing. Seeks to build and enrich the        The first academic department in the      in schools.                                CUAV (Community United Against
    LGbT community through the universal       United States dedicated to LGbT/queer                                                Violence)
    language of music.                         studies. Provides diverse accredited      Go Program—Richmond Village                415.777.5500, 415.333.HELP (4357)
                                               courses in life skills, art, history,     Beacon Center                              (24-hour crisis line);
    New Conservatory Theatre Center,           psychology, relationships,                415.750.8554;                              a multicultural agency whose mission
    Pride Season                               community and theater.                                     is to prevent and respond to violence
    415.861.8972;                                                         Seeks to create a safe space for LGbT,     against and within our diverse LGbT,
    a performing arts complex of three         Gender Equity Resource Center,            queer and questioning youth at George      queer and questioning communities.
    theaters, rehearsal studios and an art     U.C. Berkeley                             Washington High School.
    gallery. Pride Season is now entering      510.642.4786;                                                                        Gay and Lesbian Medical
    its 10th year of subscriber-based gay                 Lambda Youth Group                         Association
    theater.                                   Provides events, programs,                510.247.8200;              415.255.4547;
                                               services and resource information         a Project Eden LGbT youth counseling       Works to maximize the quality of health
    Queer Cultural Center                      (particularly for college students)       service.                                   services for LGbT people and to foster                that increase knowledge, awareness                                                   a professional climate in which our
    a multidisciplinary arts–presenting        and understanding of gender, sexual       Lavender Youth Recreation and              members can reach their full potential.
    organization that conducts artistic and    orientation, sex and gender identity,     Information Center (LYRIC)
    interpretive programs exploring issues     relationship violence, sexual violence,   415.703.6150,                              Gaylesta (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual,
    of queer identity.                         and bias-related incidents. most events   800.246.PRiDE (7743) (toll free youth      Transgender Therapists
                                               are free and open to the public.          talkline);                   Association of the Bay Area)
    QueLaCo (Queer Latina/o Artists                                                      offers daily drop-in, dances, support      510.433.9939;
    Coalition)                                 The James C. Hormel Gay and               groups, job training, and other social,    a professional, nonprofit organization                            Lesbian Center,                           recreational and informational services    addressing the diverse needs of
    Latino/Latina LGbT artists dedicated       Main Branch, San Francisco                for LGbT and questioning youth.            its multidisciplinary members and
    to promoting the arts within our diverse   Public Library                                                                       the community. activities include
    community.                                 415.557.4499;                Our Family Coalition                       educational programs, peer
                                               Devoted specifically to the               415.981.1960;            consultation groups, a speaker’s
    San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus             documentation of LGbT culture.            Provides support for families and          bureau, social events, a newsletter
    415.865.2787;                                                          prospective parents, including regular     and more.
    an award-winning ensemble that             Piedmont Avenue Branch Library,           social events, workshops, speakers,
    celebrates gay pride through musical       Oakland Public Library                    peer support, prospective-parent           The Last Drag
    excellence.                                510.597.5011;      education, adoption information,           415.339.SToP (7867);
                                               Has the largest collection of LGbT        referrals, newsletters and e-mail lists.
                                               materials in the East bay.                                                           offers free quit-smoking classes
                                                                                                                                    for LGbT, intersex and HiV-positive
                                                                                                                                    smokers. Held in San Francisco in
                                                                                                                                    a confidential and supportive group

Open Enterprises/Good Vibrations            Continuum and TARC (Tenderloin              Ward 86 Clinic—HIV/AIDS Division           MAX Men’s Associated Exchange
415.974.8990, 800.289.8423;                 AIDS Resource Center)                       of San Francisco General Hospital                           415.437.2900;              415.206.3154 (eligibility)                 a gay men’s social and philanthropic
a cooperative providing access to           a nonprofit community-based public          415.206.2400 (scheduling)                  organization that support a positive
accurate sex information and to sex         health organization born of the recent      The Positive Health Program’s primary      identity in the community through
toys, books and videos to promote           merger between the TaRC and                 clinic, Ward 86 is one of the oldest and   activities that create an environment of
healthy attitudes about sex.                Continuum HiF Day Services, whose           largest HiV/aiDS clinics in the United     fellowship and camaraderie.
                                            mission is to optimize the health of the    States. in addition to providing medical
WOMAN Inc. (Women Organized to              Tenderloin’s homeless, poor and most        care services, the clinic also offers      Out and Equal Workplace
Make Abuse Nonexistent Inc.)                vulnerable residents.                       crisis intervention and management,        Advocates
415.864.4777 (office),                                                                  counseling and referrals for community     415.694.6500;
415.864.4722 (24-hour crisis line) or       Healing Waters                              services.                                  Champions safe and equitable
877.384.3578 (toll free);                   415.552.1190;                                                          workplaces for LGbT people.                            Provides wilderness activities for men,                                                advocates building and strengthening
Confronts violence against women            women and teenagers living with HiV/        MEDIA                                      successful organizations that value
and assists battered women. Provides        aiDS, including whitewater rafting,                                                    all employees, customers and
a 24-hour crisis line, legal assistance,    kayaking, hiking, camping and a             Bay Area Reporter                          communities.
individual and group counseling,            summer camp for HiV+ teenagers.             415.861.5019;                 Valley Rainbow Pages
community education and outreach,                                                                                                  510.271.1814;
Latina-bicultural services, and a lesbian   Meals of Marin                              San Francisco Bay Times                    online and print directory of businesses
domestic violence program                   415.457.4666                                415.626.0260;           and services, meeting the needs of
                                            a nonprofit organization that provides      a gay and lesbian newspaper                the LGbT community of northern
                                            nourishment, hope, comfort and              published every Thursday; has a            California.
HIV/AIDS                                    dignity to people battling HiV/aiDS         comprehensive events calendar.
                                            and other life-threatening illnesses
AIDS/HIV/HCV Nightline                      throughout marin County. Provides                                                      SENIORS
415.434.aiDS (2437) or 800.628.9240;        daily preparation and home-delivery of      PROFESSIONAL                        freshly cooked, nutritious, appetizing                                                 Lavender Seniors of the East Bay
Provides emotional support,                 hot dinners and bag lunches.                Ally Action                                510.667.9655;
information and referrals to people with                                                925.685.5480; 
concerns about HiV and hepatitis C          Positive Resource Center                    Educates teachers, students,               improves the quality of life of older
when other agencies are closed: 5 p.m.      415.777.0333;                               administrators and the public at large,    LGbT residents of alameda and Contra
to 5 a.m. every night.                                striving to ensure that safe, inclusive    Costa counties through community
                                            Through culturally appropriate              and effective for all, regardless of       outreach, advocacy and education.
AIDS Emergency Fund                         counseling, education and advocacy,         sexual orientation or gender identity/
415.558.6999;                               assists people who are affected by or       expression.                                New Leaf Outreach to Elders                   at risk for HiV/aiDS in making informed                                                415.626.7000;
Provides financial assistance to            choices that maximize available             Bay Area Lawyers for Individual  
men, women and children living with         benefits and employment opportunities.      Freedom (BALIF)                            Provides social support services to
disabling HiV/aiDS.                                                                     415.865.5620;                elderly LGbT communities.
                                            Project Open Hand                           Founded in 1980, baLiF is the nation’s
Asian and Pacific Islander                  415.447.2300, 510.622.0221,                 oldest and largest bar association
Wellness Center                             800.551.mEaL (6325) (client services);      of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and        WEBSITES
San Francisco: 415.292.3400,                                  transgender persons, representing
415.292.3410 (Tyy),                         Delivers meals and groceries to people      its members’ interests in the San          Betty’s List
San mateo: 650.669.0482;                    who have symptomatic HiV and aiDS,          Francisco bay area. membership is          415.503.1375;                         the elderly, the homebound and the          open to anyone with a shared interest      an online directory for the LGbT
Educates, supports, empowers and            critically ill.                             in LGbT issues.                            community.
advocates for asian and Pacific
islander communities, including people      San Francisco AIDS Foundation               East Bay Voice
living with or at risk for HiV/aiDS.        800.FoR.aiDS (367.2437) (trilingual         510.271.1814;
                                            hotline), 415.487.8000 (client services);   Supports local LGbT business owners
Berkeley Free Clinic                                              and professionals with a monthly
510.548 2570, 800.6.CLiniC                  Provides services and information to        open house, a monthly newsletter and
(625.4642);      people affected by and concerned            professional development groups.
Provides free and anonymous HiV             about HiV and aiDS; sponsors the            offers an East bay LGbT business
testing in a sex-positive and queer-        aiDS Walk and other events.                 directory.
friendly environment. also offers STD
testing, hepatitis testing and education,   Shanti                                      GGBA (Golden Gate Business
and peer counseling.                        415.674.4700;                Association)
                                            Provides effective, culturally relevant,    415.865.5545;
Black Coalition on AIDS                     client-centered, nonjudgmental,             The nation’s first business organization
415.615.9945, 415.568.2082(TTy);            responsive service to the changing          founded by gay and lesbian                                needs of HiV/aiDS clients.                  entrepreneurs; a dynamic and active
aims to stop the spread of HiV/                                                         voice for the bay area’s LGbT and
aiDS in the black community through         Stop AIDS Project                           supportive business and professional
education, service and advocacy.            415.575.0150,                               community.
Promotes collective, comprehensive          415.575.0747 outreach Center;
and compassionate care for those  
affected by the disease.                    Educates through multicultural,
                                            community-based workshops, forums
                                            and special events.

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