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									                                                                                        King-Bruwaert House
                                                                Legacy and Leaders
                                                                             King-Bruwaert House, 6101 S. County Line Road, Burr Ridge, IL 60527
                                                                                                            Julie Milam, Director of Development
                  Fall 2010                                                  / 630-230-9520
Legacy and Leaders is a newsletter produced by the Development Department. The purpose of the publication is to recognize the volunteers, donors, and organizations that
support King-Bruwaert House.

K-B Honors Board Member Bob Harbour and Woods Resident
Hank Messerschmidt at Annual Legacy & Leaders Dinner
In the elegantly appointed Great Lounge on a beautiful spring evening, the fourth Annual Legacy & Leaders Dinner was
celebrated. On Thursday, May 13, 2010 about 50 Board members, residents, and friends of K-B House were present to
recognize the generous donors who have designated K-B to be in their estate plans and/or made a significant donation in
 the past year. We also honored two distinguished members of the K-B community, Bob Harbour and Hank Messerschmidt.
Board Member Robert Harbour was presented with a Board Service Award for his dedicated leadership on the Board
while serving on the Buildings and Grounds Committee and the Finance Committee. Hank Messerschmidt, a Woods
resident for the past 10 years, was presented with the Spirit of K-B Award recognizing his volunteerism, generous
donations and his willingness to embody the spirit of K-B House.
Former Board Member Jim Haugh summarized that in Bob’s long tenure on the Board, he was a man of vision. Bob had
the ability to foresee the direction that K-B needed to go and undertook projects that moved us in that direction. Jim
recounted the countless construction and renovation projects Bob coordinated, including the Geriatric Clinic, Fitness
Center and Healthcare Unit and the 23-acre Woods of King-Bruwaert cottage homes. Bob played a major role in
designing, constructing, and coordinating financing for these projects that were both cost-effective and timely in serving
the needs of past and future residents.
Although Bob was out-of-town for business and could not attend the dinner, he agreed to make a personal video that was
played during the evening. During his video, Bob recounted his “love for the residents, people who work here, and other
Board members. He felt like K-B was part of his family…”
The program continued with Director of the Woods of King-Bruwaert and Godair Park Barbara Schafer’s introduction of
Hank Messerschimidt. Barbara touched upon the variety of projects in which Hank has been involved for the 10 years he
has been associated with K-B House. He has directed the Woods Council (formerly known as the Steering Committee) in
his role as President. He has created and repaired items in the Wood Shop, plays organ at Sunday service, spearheaded a
fundraising campaign to purchase the organ and assisted with the Posit Science Brain Exercise Computer Program (for
which he provided the leadership donation).
                                                                                                                   Please see Legacy & Leaders on page 2

     Board Member, Jim Parsons; Cheryl Harbour, wife of honoree                              Honoree Hank Messerschmidt and new Legacy Club Member
    Bob Harbour, Marge & John Kayser, K-B House Board President                                                  Fred Huebner
  FALL 2010                                                                                                                PAGE 2

Legacy & Leaders Dinner from page 1
Barbara concluded her tribute to Hank by singing a personalized version of “Who could ask for anything more?” with
this sentiment, “You’ve got rhythm. You’ve got music. We’ve got Hank. Who could ask for anything more?”

Hank was very moved by his award and modest about his contributions. He commented that he feels lucky to be part of
the K-B family and that it is only natural for him to give back to the community that has done so much to enhance his life.
He feels his years at K-B House are truly his golden years. We’re lucky that he’s brought his Midas touch to us.

John Kayser then recognized three individuals who were added to the Legacy Society this year by naming K-B House
as a beneficiary in their estate plans. The members include: Mr. Fred Huebner, the late Mr. Ken Kinney, and Mrs. Lee
Smithwick. The donors or their family members each received a crystal paperweight etched with a cameo image of
Suzanne King-Bruwaert.

 Woods resident Vivian Peterson enjoys pre-dinner conversation with   K-B House Benefactors, Georgetta and George Rediehs of Burr Ridge
  Hinsdale residents and K-B House artist-in-residence Hadley Pihl
                         and his wife Carol

          Board Members Carole Pyle and Kathy Sylvester                      Friends of K-B House, Maryjane and George Burditt

  King-Bruwaert House is happy to welcome back, Paul Kasriel, Senior Vice President and Director of
  Economic Research at Northern Trust for a Breakfast Presentation on Thursday, November 11, 2010 at
  8:00am in our Great Lounge. He will address the state of the economy and what we can expect in 2011.
  Formal invitations will be mailed. Seating is limited. Reservations are required.
  FALL 2010                                                                                               PAGE 3

Entertainment Troupe Donates Fountain to K-B
By: Bonnie Kohout, Director of Marketing

The Woods and Godair Park residents enjoy using the elegant brick
and stone patio adjoining The Woods Inn on the north side of our
campus. Throughout the seasons, residents, family members and
friends share conversations, dine on delicious food, listen to
entertainment and appreciate the colorful backdrop of natural trees,
shrubs, annual and perennial plants. Yet the beautiful landscape
was missing a soothing element of water. To add to the ambiance of
the patio, members of The K-B Adorables and Men in Black dance
and fitness troupe decided early summer to purchase and donate a
theme fountain featuring, “Frogs on a Lily Pad.” The lovely
fountain sits comfortably on a large, ornate stone, adding a peaceful
accent to the popular outdoor setting.

Barbara Schafer, Director of The Adorables and Men in Black reflects upon the troupe, “Since the concept of the
K-B Adorables and Men in Black eight years ago, we have made ‘leaps and bounds’ in celebrating life in the
form of motion and music. K-B has allowed us to touch the hearts of so many people, locally and across the
country, and so the troupe wanted to express their appreciation in the form of ‘water music’.”

  Greetings to everyone,

  We are pleased to report that K-B has been experiencing a very successful year and we
  remain cautiously optimistic that the economy will allow us to continue this steady course.
  Although the past year presented a few challenges, we managed all operations with
  prudent fiscal oversight and were able to stay on track with projects and goals. We are
  thankful to have seasoned financial, business, medical and community leaders on our Board who
  graciously share their industry knowledge and expertise. In addition, we take pride in the day-to-day efforts
  of dedicated, tenured staff members who commit themselves to providing exceptional service and care to
  our residents.

  Earlier this year, our Board of Directors recognized a need to begin Strategic Plan discussions as a
  continuation of actions that actually started five years ago. In August, Board members and several K-B
  managers participated in an all-day Strategic Planning session to identify and prioritize potential initiatives,
  plans and services to improve the environment at K-B for the next 2- to 3 years. The session was directed
  and coordinated by a Chicago-based gerontologist/consultant who has experience leading long-range
  planning efforts. Participants identified several services and plans to study and consider – with an eye on
  budgetary considerations. We are pleased to report that staff has opened discussions with residents to
  determine if there is interest and potential support for the services we are pursuing.

  Teamwork certainly makes it all happen and we work together to continue and improve all the operations of
  King-Bruwaert House, The Woods of King-Bruwaert and Godair Park. We give thanks to everyone for their
  support of our fine community and the generous contributions that make our organization so unique and
  FALL 2010                                                                                                     PAGE 4

K-B Nursing Scholarship Recipient Norma Walker Graduates
Under the sunny skies at Elmhurst College on May 30, 2010, Norma Walker
graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. An employee since 1998, Norma
became the first success story of the King-Bruwaert House Nursing Scholarship
Program. This Scholarship Program began in 2005 as a way for grateful family
members to recognize the quality care our nurses and nursing assistants give at
K-B House and to assist them as they further their education.
“Many families want to ‘do something’ for our nursing staff because they see
firsthand the good work these nurses and nursing assistants do everyday,”
related Pat Van Meter, Director of Nursing. “Many of our nursing assistant
would make good registered nurses, but could not go to College because of a
lack of funds. A donation to the Nursing Scholarship helps us recruit and retain
top nurses.”

A Woods resident recognized Norma’s potential when she took care of a family
member. Norma shared her ambitions of returning to school one day for her
Bachelor’s Degree. When this resident spearheaded the Nursing Scholarship and
others donated, an application was created, and Norma applied. Her application
was reviewed and she was awarded the scholarship.

“We are especially grateful to the Tellabs Foundation for really endowing the Scholarship,” acknowledged Carl Baker,
Executive Director. “Their donation really encouraged others to give and that this scholarship was going to be successful.”

Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Norma is the eldest of six sisters. When she was 12 years old, she went to live with an aunt
who helped pay for her tuition in high school. Later, Norma received scholarships to attend college there and received a
degree in Horticulture. Her uncle, a Zimbabwean diplomat, brought her to the United States, and after he was called back
to his country, Norma began working at K-B House.

“I met the most wonderful people in my life when I began working at K-B House,” said Norma.

Norma began her classes at Elmhurst College in the fall of 2005, returning to school after working for nearly 20 years. She
had to complete many prerequisites, such as English Composition and U.S. History, before she could take nursing classes.
She found her general education classes challenging, but worked diligently so that she could move through them and
embark on nursing classes.

“My nursing classes really helped me in my job at K-B,” Norma stated. “For the families that contributed to the Nursing
Scholarship Fund, I will be forever indebted to them.”

King-Bruwaert House Recognizes Employees
By: Bonnie Kohout

King-Bruwaert House Executive Director Carl Baker offered accolades to staff during the
annual employee recognition breakfast held June 17. More than 25 employees were
recognized for their service anniversaries ranging from 3- to 25 years. Those who
achieved perfect attendance also received praise and an extra vacation day. Baker was
recognized for achieving his 25th service anniversary. He began his career in 1985,
relocating his family from New Jersey to oversee all operations of the continuous care
community in Burr Ridge. During his tenure, Baker has spearheaded a major renovation
of the main building, the construction of 58 independent cottages known as The Woods of
King-Bruwaert, the addition of Suzanne’s Place, a 12-bed memory loss unit, construction
of a geriatric assessment center, the renovation and expansion of two skilled care units
and remodeling of a theater. Baker also completed two solo benefit biking journeys to
raise funds for a year-round greenhouse and a non-denominational chapel.
  FALL 2010                                                                                                                                 PAGE 5

K-B Achieves Highest Annual Fund in 2010
For the first time in our fundraising history, King-
Bruwaert House exceeded $100,000 in donations to
the Annual Fund. We are very thankful to the 181
donors who contributed gifts of all sizes that brought
our totals to $117,960.
Many of our contributors had their donations
matched through the generosity of an Annual Fund
challenge grant from Community Memorial
Foundation (CMF). CMF matched at a ratio of 1:1 any
annual fund donations that was an increase from last
year or a first-time donation. The purpose behind
their challenge was two-fold. They wanted to reward non-profits who were building their base of donors to the
annual fund and to help organizations during this harsh economic climate.
“It is extraordinary to see growth in annual giving during times like these,” commented Jim Parsons, Board
Member and Development Committee Chairperson. “The Annual Fund provides a significant amount of
revenue, which directly benefits residents. The matching grant from CMF was a great incentive and
encouraged our community to contribute as generously as they did.”

Donations Help Maintenance Department
Due to the overwhelming generosity of our Woods and Godair Park
residents, the King-Bruwaert House Maintenance Department is
purchasing a state-of-the-art 2010 Ford Transit Connect Van.
Recognizing the need for this vehicle, Hank Messerschmidt, a Woods
resident, decided to donate seed money to get the fundraising
campaign underway. Woods resident, Mrs. Marilynn Halasz
contributed a sizeable donation in memory of her husband, John.
Twenty-five others followed in their leadership and also contributed.
The van would be used for HVAC work and take the place of the golf cart that is currently being used. The
inside of the van will be customized to our specifications with special shelving for parts and tools and open
space for larger pieces of equipment. The van would be entirely self-contained and locked when not in use so
that supplies would be securely located when needed.
“With this vehicle, we will be able to respond to heating and air conditioning problems in a cost-effective,
timely manner.” Said Paul Stech, Director of Maintenance.

 Board of Directors    J. Douglas Cleveland   Lisa Carroll                          Julie Milam                           Paul Stech
                       Robert E. Harbour      Director of Social Services           Director of Development               Director of Maintenance
 Officers              Michael Meagher        Juanita Castro                        Peter Norvid, MD                      Patricia Van Meter
 John P. Kayser        D. Dirk Nelson, M.D.   Director of Food Service Operations   Medical Director                      Director of Nursing
 President             James D. Parsons
                       Carole C. Pyle         Bonnie Kohout                         Judith Sanders                        Bonnie Warden
 John P. Grube                                Director of Marketing                 Director of Finance                   Director of Admissions & Sales
                       Katherine Sylvester
                       Carl F. Baker          Emira Kondic                          Barbara Schafer                       Natalie Zelman
 W.B. Martin Gross                            Director of Housekeeping              Director of The Woods & Godair Park   Director of Landscaping &
 Secretary             Staff                                                        Director of Fitness                   Horticultural Therapy
                                              Mary Meegan
 Directors             Carl Baker             Director of Activities &              Nicole Slightom
 Katherine R. Birck    Executive Director     Volunteer Services                    Director of Human Resources
  FALL 2010                                                                                                                              PAGE 6

                                                  KING-BRUWAERT HOUSE
        Acknowledges Annual Contributions Over $100 — July 1, 2009 – June 30, 2010
                                                                                                       Carol H. Gosselin
Bob & Cheryl Harbour                               Margaret Youssi                                     Don & Jane Gralen
Suzanne King-Bruwaert Society ($10,000 & up)        In Memory of Dorothy Van Zandt

The Estate of Mr. Kenneth P. Kinney                                                                    Mr. Daniel Greenman In Memory of Helen Vesecky
The Estate of Mr. Robert A. Oldenburg                                                                  Mrs. Marion Greenman In Memory of Helen Vesecky
Mr. Arthur Tichenor                                Steve Brodt & Western DuPage Landscaping            Evangeline Haarlow
                                                   Donor ($500-$999)

                                                   Burr Ridge-Hinsdale-Oak Brook Lions Club            Harold & Phyllis Harmet
                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Michael Fiolka                           Mr. & Mrs. John Helms
Alexander Charitable Foundation                    Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Frommelt                         Diane M. Hester
Sponsor ($5,000-$9,999)

                                                   Annette M. & William B. Frymark                     Mrs. A. R. Hurst
Community Memorial Foundation                      Mr. & Mrs. William Gray                             John M. Jacus
  In Memory of Marcia McCormick

Mr. & Mrs. David W. Fox                            Mary & Dave Grohne                                  Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. John P. Kayser                          Mr. Richard F. Holsten, Jr.                         Mrs. Lynn Johnson
The Napleton Family                                Frederick B. Huebner                                Ruth Katz & Barbara Messina
George & Georgetta Rediehs                         Howard & Barbara Jones
Mrs. Lee Smithwick                                 Dr. & Mrs. Dwight Kett                              Connie & Dennis Keller
                                                                                                         In Memory of Helen Vesecky

The Gerald Warner Family                           Emily & Robert King                                 Al & Bonnie Kohout
                                                   Solveig Lamons                                      Rajeev Kumar
                                                   Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence LaPalio                         Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Kupec
Edward Cannon                                      Jane & Bruce McLagan                                Ted & Linda Kraft
Patron ($2,500-$4,999)

Dr. & Mrs. Ronald Eshleman                         Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Meagher                           Helen Jean LaForce Goulding
                                                   Ms. Virginia Monroe                                 David & Anne Loiterman
Mr. & Mrs. W.B. Martin Gross                       Mr. & Mrs. James Nerad                              Shirley Malek
  In Memory of Dr. John Halasz

Mike & Peg Meagher                                 Alden & Joanne Orput                                Jim & Adele Mayer
Mr. & Mrs. Madison Self                            Mrs. Jody Pringle                                   Mary McKay
                                                   Shirley & George Rinder                             Mr. & Mrs. Richard McKay
                                                   Dr. & Mrs. John Ronning                             Mrs. Thelma McKay
Carl & Murnie Baker                                Mr. & Mrs. J. Thomas Schanck                        Hank Messerschmidt
Contributor ($1,000-$2,499)

Jennie Barlick                                     Mr. William F. Shean, Jr.                           Mike & Julie Milam
Jean, Sandra, & Connie Borcherding                 Maureen Smith                                       Mrs. Elizabeth Miller
                                                   Mrs. Richard E. Stitt                               Harriet Jane Moeller
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Birck                           Richard Snyder                                      Virginia Moran
  In Memory of Charles H. Borcherding

Mr. & Mrs. Harold Brackett                         Sandra Snyder-Pietz                                 Mary Mortimer
Mrs. Edward Brennan                                Anonymous In Honor of Viola Malmgren
Charles & Nancy Brickman                           Mr. & Mrs. Charles Usher                            Anonymous
                                                                                                         In Memory of Dick Stitt & Noel Johnson

Mr. Robert Carqueville                             William & Jennifer Voss                             Marie Nelson
                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Peter Whiteside                          Pat Newell
Mr. & Mrs. J. Douglas Cleveland                    Nancy & Bill Whitney                                Peter Norvid & Christina Pignataro
  on behalf of Barbara Carqueville

Mrs. Jane Foster In Memory of Chuck Foster                                                             Diane Oliver
Robert & Janet Grisemer                                                                                Miles H. Osborn In Memory of Dr. John Halasz
Mr. & Mrs. John P. Grube                           Jean Alvarez                                        Mr. & Mrs. John Paisios
                                                   K-B Friend ($100-$499)

Mrs. Marilynn Halasz                               Walter & Milly Alvarez                              Seymour & Jane Perkins
Dusty & Carol Hanson                               Mary H. Baldwin                                     Hadley & Carol Pihl
                                                   Robert & Diane Barnes                               Mr. & Mrs. Richard Pinto
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard F. Hester                       Mr. & Mrs. Edward Bonnema                           Yolanda Pope
  Celebrating 30 years at Godair Park

Mrs. Virginia Hickey                               The Boys & Girls Club In Honor of                   Susan Powers
Joseph & Rebecca Jarabak                                                                               Chuck Radke
Mrs. Elizabeth Johnston                            Richard & Andrea Burridge                           Mary & Don Randa
                                                     Mr. Everett Barlow & Mr. Arthur Tichenor

Dan King                                           Eileen Caggiano                                     Evelyn Salvador
Judy & Michael Mason                               Dr. & Mrs. David Chiang                             Judith Sanders
Judy Jacobs Miller In Memory of Lou Tice Jacobs    Goodwin & Marilyn Clark                             Corinne Schlueter
Dr. & Mrs. D. Dirk Nelson                          H. & Callie Anne Clark                              Garth & Judith Smith
Lloyd & Thelma Palmer                              Dave Clink & Profinish Painting                     Robert Snyder
Barbara R. Parsons                                 Gary & Barbara Coop                                 Mr. & Mrs. George H. Starmann
James D. Parsons                                   Mr. Bruce Danielson                                 Mary Stella
Mrs. Vivian Peterson                               Sara Ann Davis                                      Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Stout
Mrs. Carole Pyle                                   Mr. & Mrs. Richard K. Decker                        Mrs. Betty Jean Stroup
John & Pat Shutack                                 Paul & Kathleen Dobill                              Donald Strumillo
Thomas H. Story                                    Tom & Agnes Donlon                                  Tom & Midge Sullivan
Kathy & E.Q. Sylvester                             Pam Edwards                                         Mr. Dean Timson
The Arthur Tichenor Family                         David P. Eller                                      Jim & Florrie Tuthill
                                                   Rosemarie P. Erdmann                                Ruth & Bob Vogele
The Robert E. Walsh Family                         Mr. & Mrs. John Farrell                             Mr. & Mrs. Peter VonEschen
  In Memory of Marj Tichenor

                                                   Jack & Sally Foster In Honor of Anne & Allen Rose   Patrick West
Nancy White                                        Mr. & Mrs. Charles V. George                        Virginia P. White
  In Memory of Shirley R. Walsh

Patricia Van Meter                                 Mark & Kathleen Gleason                             Mrs. Sanford Wood
The Van Zandt Family                               Linda Goddard                                       Elizabeth Youmans

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