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2012 Advertising Solutions
 Addressable Advertising
 Award Winnning Interactive Features
 3D Television, and more!

             RIGHT HERE. RIGHT NOW.™
                    ABOUT US
                    DIRECTV Ad Sales introduces and implements the most innovative ideas and technologies in the field
                    of Television Advertising. We are inspired by our deep commitment to the enrichment of viewer expe-
                    rience and growth of advertiser returns.

                    By designing industry-defining interactive products such as Mix Channels and Dynamic Ad Units, and
                    by expanding our unparalleled alliance of networks and partners, DIRECTV Ad Sales dynamically con-
                    nects advertisers with their most passionate audiences nationwide. DIRECTV delivers quantifiable and
                    actionable results. DIRECTV Ad Sales. RIGHT HERE. RIGHT NOW.™

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                    TABLE OF CONTENTS
                                           TARGETED CLUSTERS           4
                                           DIRECT RESPONSE             6
                                           AUDIENCE NETWORK™           7
                                           DIRECTV CINEMA              8
                                           SPORTS ADVERTISING           9
                                           LIVE SPORTS                 11
                                           ENHANCED SPORTS             12
                                           DIRECTV BLIMP               16
                                        INTERACTIVE ADVERTISING
                                           DIRECTV ACTIVE™             17
                                           STATIC AD UNIT              17
                                           DYNAMIC AD UNIT             18
                                           OVERVIEW                    19
                                           STATS                       20
                                           USAGE                       21
                                           MEASUREMENT & REPORTING     24
                                        COMMERCIAL COPY REQUIREMENTS   25
                                        CONTACT US                     27

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                    TARGETED CLUSTERS
                    DIRECTV 2012 General Entertainment Clusters represent a national footprint with coverage in every major DMA. With 85+ net-
                    works segmented into 11 demographically targeted clusters, DIRECTV assures to enhance your campaign in the national spotlight.
                    Measured by Nielsen, Kantar Media, and EDI capable.

                    Adult Cluster

                    Female Cluster

                    Lifestyle Cluster

                    Kids Cluster

                    Male Cluster

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                    Young Adult Cluster

                    News Cluster

                    Sports Cluster

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                    DIRECT RESPONSE
                    Direct Response Advertising consists of two components, short form and long form. Short form units range from :15 to :60 seconds
                    in length. Long Form units are 30 minutes in length. All Direct Response ads need to have a method of response; either an 800 num-
                    ber and/or a web address.

                    DIRECTV is the destination for Short Form and Long Form Advertising Sales. There
                    are many options for short form agencies and advertisers. These include our 11
                    demographically targeted clusters, live sporting events, regional sports and inter-
                    active advertising. We accept :15, :30, and :60 second units on all clusters and live

                    Our Long Form Advertising Sales opportunities consist of twenty one channels that
                    are dedicated to infomercials, live shopping and programming which can be viewed
                    in all DIRECTV residential households. Time is sold in blocks ranging from a ½ hour
                    to a full 24/7 branded channel, where a total of 10,248 half-hour long form adver-
                    tising is available per week. Packages can be customized based on a client’s needs.

                    For more information, please contact the following:

                    Short Form               Amy Leifer         212-205-0932
                    Long Form                James Vargas       212-205-0609

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                    AUDIENCE NETWORK™
                    The AUDIENCE Network™ Pure premium advertisement—reaching over 30 million viewers. The exclusive home for the smartest,
                    most daring entertainment on television, and it’s still included with any DIRECTV package. Viewers tune in to catch critically-ac-
                    claimed original series, concerts by today’s hottest artists and special events you can’t see anywhere else.

                    Challenging the norm, pushing the envelope, and even sometimes taking risks,
                    the AUDIENCE Network brings together the best variety of critically acclaimed
                    programming available only to DIRECTV customers.

                      • Damages
                      • Call Me Fitz
                      • Celebrity Beach Bowl
                      • Less Than Kind
                      • The Dan Patrick Show
                      • The Box Score
                      • Mutual Friends
                      • The Wire
                      • Underbelly: The Golden Mile

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                    DIRECTV CINEMA
                    DIRECTV Cinema DIRECTV subscribers are heavy movie consumers and advertisers can now reach them in the most natural
                    and uncluttered environment through DIRECTV Cinema, DIRECTV’s quality pay-per-view film service that features 400 of the
                    newest movie releases.

                    CINEMA SPONSORSHIP
                    Cinema Sponsorship The DIRECTV Cinema Sponsorship is a unique opportunity
                    to exclusively air content up to 2:30 minutes. One exclusive :30 commercial or full
                    trailer up to 2:30 minutes will be placed at the start time of every available DIRECTV
                    Cinema pay-per-view film. Mimicking a theater experience, viewers will see the
                    advertiser’s spot first, followed by the :10 DIRECTV Cinema opening, then directly
                    into the start of the film.

                    The sponsorship also lends advertisers the chance to utilize the DIRECTV Cinema
                    on demand and DVR platforms. Advertiser’s poster will be prominently placed on
                    the home channels of DIRECTV Cinema on demand (channel 1000) and DIRECTV
                    DVR’s Showroom (channel 1999). Once selected, the poster enables immediate
                    playback of the 2:30 trailer.

                    Reach millions of movie and entertainment enthusiasts each week through this
                    unique sponsorship!

                    DIRECTV Cinema Sponsorships are sold on a 1 week basis and require a media

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                    SPORTS ADVERTISING
                    DIRECTV’s sports advertising platform features enhanced programming and targeted sponsorship opportunities. We broadcast your
                    message emphatically and clearly to optimize awareness of your brand.

                                                         NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ [Exclusive]
                                                         Everyone knows DIRECTV is the undisputed leader in sports, and with exclusive rights to the NFL SUNDAY
                                                         TICKET™, DIRECTV lets loyal subscribers and Fantasy Football players score more with interactive apps like
                                                         Player Tracker & Alerts, Standings and NFL Trivia. Viewers never miss a play watching RED ZONE CHANNEL®
                                                         (hottest plays, shown live on channel 703) or the Game Mix channel with up to eight games on one screen.* With a
                                                         subscription to NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ To-Go fans get all the games no matter where they are — on their smart-
                                                         phone, tablet or computer.

                                                         NASCAR HotPass™ [Exclusive]
                                                         Every NASCAR® race is available in HD - with picture so crisp and lifelike that viewers will “feel the thunder”
                                                         in their living room. NASCAR HotPass™ in HD offers a full-sensory experience of being at the track, in pit
                                                         row and behind the wheel. This is the best way to watch a NASCAR® race on TV. And back for another lap,
                                                         the DIRECTV Head to Head Knockout bracket connects fans to NASCAR like never before.

                                                         NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament
                                                         Viewers can access up to 68 live games of the NCAA Division 1 Men’s tournament, all in HD. Advertising sold
                                                         in the first three rounds of action, totaling 56 games. Game Mix allows viewers to catch the excitement and
                                                         edge-of-your-seat action of up to four games on one screen. With the Interactive Bracket, viewers can pick
                                                         favorites and track their progress. Real-Time Updates provide scores on other games without missing the
                                                         action of the game that viewers are tuned into.

                                                         MLB EXTRA INNINGS®
                                                         Viewers can follow their favorite team no matter where they live with up to 80 out-of-market games a week.
                                                         Game Mix allows viewers to see up to eight games on one screen or select any one of them to see full screen
                                                         action. Number of games varies by market. Blackout restrictions and other conditions apply to all sports
                                                         *For full Mix Channel and interactive functionality, a D10 (or later) model interactive DIRECTV receiver is required.

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                                                          NHL® CENTER ICE®
                                                          With NHL® CENTER ICE®, viewers can follow their favorite teams and players from outside their local area,
                                                          no matter where they live! Up to 40 exciting games each week, including up to 20 games a week in blazing
                                                          HD, plus dual feeds (choose between home and away broadcasts) when available, as well as select Stanley
                                                          Cup playoff games. NHL® CENTER ICE® also gives access to the NHL Network™, a 24-hour all-access pass
                                                          to the most comprehensive hockey coverage, both on and off the ice. NHL® CENTER ICE® is the ticket to the
                                                          best ice action on TV!

                                                          TENNIS GRAND SLAM EVENTS
                                                          DIRECTV is your ticket to scoring a courtside seat. DIRECTV’s Interactive services offers access to the most
                                                          live Grand Slam season matches—all in razor-sharp HD. With the Mix channels, you can watch six matches
                                                          simultaneously on mini-screens and use your interactive remote to hear live audio from the match of your
                                                          choosing. With a single click, any one of the six matches can be enlarged on the full-screen Court Channel.
                                                          “Match Guide” provides you with live scoring from matches in progress plus the ability to tune directly to
                                                          the match you want by selecting it with your remote. “Recent Results” offers a real-time view of completed,
                                                          in-progress and upcoming singles matches from the current and prior day. Finally, the “Men’s Draw” and
                                                          “Women’s Draw” interactive features show how players are progressing throughout the tournament.

                                                          GOLF GRAND SLAM EVENTS
                                                          Experience the ultimate coverage of the Golf Grand Slam Events. Viewers can follow their favorite players
                                                          with the mix channels that offer 4 major golf championships hosted by the PGA. See network coverage of
                                                          storied competition plus three additional full-screen channels. Viewers can catch all the action in crystal
                                                          clear HD and keep tabs on all the top golfers with an interactive leaderboard. A range of interactive features
                                                          are specifically designed to enhance your enjoyment of the Grand Slam events: see current scores of Top 5
                                                          players or expand list to see a full leaderboard. Access any golfer’s hole-by-hole stats with the scorecard.
                                                          Plus, viewers can go back through time with a complete list of past champions-or test their knowledge with
                                                          Golf Championship Trivia Quiz.

                                                          ADDITIONAL SPORTS OFFERINGS
                                                            • MLB                            • College Basketball Championship Week          • NHL®
                                                            • MLB Play-offs                  • NFL Network                                   • Big 10 Network
                                                            • MLB Network                    • NASCAR® Nationwide® Series™                   • ESPN GamePlan
                                                            • Monday Night Football          • NASCAR® Sprint® Series™                       • ESPN FULL COURT
                                                            • NCAA Bowl Games                • NASCAR® Camping World® Series™                • Ryder Cup

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                    LIVE SPORTS
                    With over 200,000 out-of-home viewing commercial establishments and more live sporting events than any other network, DIRECTV’s
                    premier advertising opportunities are clearly unmatched against any other network.

                    Q1 SPORTS                                    Q2 SPORTS
                    NASCAR® Sprint® Cup Series™                  MLB
                    NASCAR® Camping World® Series™               NASCAR® Sprint® Cup Series™
                    NASCAR® Nationwide® Series™                  NASCAR® Camping World® Series™
                    NFL Pro Bowl                                 NASCAR® Nationwide® Series™
                    NBA                                          NBA Playoffs
                    NCAA® Basketball                             NHL®
                    NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament             PGA
                    NCAA Bowl Games                              The Masters
                    BCS Bowls & National Championship            US Open Golf
                    NHL®                                         Wimbledon Tennis
                    PGA                                          French Open Tennis
                    Australian Open Tennis                       Cricket
                    Cricket                                      UEFA Champions League
                    UEFA Champions League                        UEFA Europa League
                    UEFA Europa League                           La Liga Soccer
                    La Liga Soccer
                    Q3 SPORTS                                    Q4 SPORTS
                    MLB                                          NASCAR® Sprint® Cup Series™
                    NASCAR® Sprint® Cup Series™                  NASCAR® Camping World® Series™
                    NASCAR® Camping World® Series™               NASCAR® Nationwide® Series™
                    NASCAR® Nationwide® Series™                  MLB Postseason
                    NCAA® Football                               NBA
                    NFL                                          NCAA® Football
                    PGA Championship                             NCAA Bowl Games
                    The Open Championship                        NCAA® Basketball
                    Summer Olympics ‘12                          NFL
                    US Open Tennis                               NHL®
                    Cricket                                      Cricket
                    UEFA Champions League                        UEFA Champions League
                    UEFA Europa League                           UEFA Europa League
                    La Liga Soccer                               La Liga Soccer

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                    ENHANCED SPORTS
                    Offering dedicated interactive options that merge groundbreaking technology with desirable entertainment applications. An interac-
                    tive innovation that offers another valuable way to reach customers.

                    Sports Mix
                    Offers instant, live access to up to eight screens of the best televised sports channels at one time including ESPN, ESPN NEWS, NBA
                    TV, NFL Network, The Golf Channel, Outdoor Channel and Fuel TV. Advertisers now have the ability to “skin” and Brand the Mosaic
                    Channel, which greatly enhances the value of sponsorship. Static Ad Units are accessed off the Mix Channels.

                    News Mix
                    Features an instant glimpse of breaking news, developing stories and daily coverage from the highest-rated news networks such as
                    CNN, Headline News, CNBC, MSNBC, Fox News Channel and The Weather Channel.

                    NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ Game Mix
                    With up to 8 broadcasts on one screen, Interactive channel 702 offers viewers the ultimate NFL experience, as well as opportunities
                    for advertisers to target their messaging. Available in HD.

                    Player Tracker and Alerts
                    Track up to 18 players on your fantasy team(s) with real-time individual and sponsored player ALERTS including a :05 display of the
                    sponsor logo. Player Alerts appear across all NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ channels.

                    NFL Trivia
                    Special logo placement gets fans in the game by testing viewers’ knowledge of each game with ten challenging and funny questions.

                    NFL Standings
                    Have your brand settle the score by delivering current divisional and wild-card standings for the entire league with exclusive logo

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                    RED ZONE CHANNEL®
                    Bring your brand front and center in our live sports show with customized features, on-air mentions and studio branding throughout
                    the telecast as the action unfolds live and direct.

                    NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ Short Cuts
                    Bring fans commercial-free recaps of every Sunday afternoon game with this unique sponsorship opportunity with logo placements,
                    :15 billboards, static banners and customized features.

                    NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ Online
                    On a PC, MAC or iPad, stream live video, real-time highlights, and detailed stats for every NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ game, plus the RED
                    ZONE CHANNEL®. Fans can create their own Mix Channel to watch up to four live games at the same time on one screen or utilize
                    Picture-in-Picture to easily switch between two NFL games. Includes a selectable banner which links to a sponsor’s website and is
                    displayed during all Sunday games.

                    NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ Mobile
                    DIRECTV’s mobile app lets fans watch all NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ games and Red Zone Chanel® live, see highlights and get detailed
                    stats on their smartphone and tablet. Advertisers can catch elusive consumers no matter where they are with a 5 second billboard
                    shown while the app loads.

                    NASCAR HotPass™ Driver Channels
                    :30 media and animated billboards are available on four dedicated driver channels to bring your brand for a ride along with exclusive
                    access and behind the scenes footage on pit road.

                    PGA Championship
                    Bring golf fans up to par with unrivaled coverage of the PGA Championship with unique sponsorship opportunities like a Static Ad
                    Unit and branding the PGA Mix Channel, Interactive Leaderboard, Scorecard and PGA Championship Trivia Quiz.

                    U.S. Open Tennis Experience
                    Serve up your brand on the U.S. Open Mix Channel, Match Guide, Recent Results, and Men’s & Women’s Draws with a Static Ad Unit
                    and premiere logo placement to deliver the DIRECTV tennis fan exclusive access to more early round matches, statistics and infor-
                    mation on demand, and the ability to view up to five matches simultaneously.

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                    French Open Experience
                    Providing up to 350 hours of tournament coverage and more than 100 matches, the French Open Experience gives customers first
                    class treatment to one of the most prestigious tournaments in tennis. Customers will have access to the Mix Channel, where they
                    can watch up to six live matches at the same time; the Match Guide, where scores and match schedules can be accessed; Recent
                    Results, a convenient way to view real-time scores, and Men’s & Women’s Draws, featuring a complete round-by-round chart of
                    which players are still in the tournament.

                    Australian Open Experience
                    Australian Open Experience’ and change the body copy to “DIRECTV customers get access to bonus coverage of outer-court and
                    early-round matches, as well as up to 6 live matches at the same time on the Mix Channel – all through the exclusive Australian
                    Open Experience. Other features include the Match Guide, Recent Results, and Men’s & Women’s Draws. These interactive applica-
                    tions allow fans to see scores from matches in progress on the court channels and see real-time scores for both in-progress and
                    competed matches.

                    Wimbledon Experience
                    Customized features, Static Ad Unit and logo placement on interactive applications like Mix Channel, Match Guide, Recent Results,
                    and Men’s and Women’s Draws allow fans to watch up to six live matches at once and see real-time scores for both in-progress and
                    completed matches all while interacting with your brand.

                    UEFA Mix
                    Kick your brand onto DIRECTV’s Soccer Mix Channel with an exclusive skin and Static Ad Unit where viewers can see eight live inter-
                    national matches on one screen or select one to tune to full screen action.

                    Keep viewers up to speed during the Olympics by branding DIRECTV’s interactive applications, including TEAM USA Update, Medal
                    Count, Schedules and Trivia Challenges.

                    MLB Extra Innings Mix
                    The mix allows viewers to see up to eight games on one screen while never losing site of your brand. Take baseball fans out to the
                    ballgame with up to 80 out-of-market games a week with an exclusive banner on the mix screen that can link to a channel, or SAU.

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                    U.S. Open Golf Experience
                    In partnership with NBC and ESPN, DIRECTV provides customers with three bonus channels in addition to the national broadcast.
                    Not only do customers get extra coverage – all in crystal-clear HD – they can also watch the exclusive Mix Channel with four chan-
                    nels at the same time. Other interactive features that are part of the U.S. Open Golf Experience include a real-time leaderboard,
                    individual scorecards, Top5 Leaders scores, The U.S. Open Golf Preview and reviews, and The U.S. Open Golf Trivia Game.

                    Open Championship Golf Experience
                    Taking place at the legendary Old Course at Royal St. Andrews, The Open Championship Golf Experience includes a 4 cell mix chan-
                    nel with the network feed plus 3 additional bonus channels of course coverage. In addition, customers can enjoy unique interactive
                    features such as Top 10 Leaders - a convenient view of the top 10 current scores against par. Leaderboard provides information on
                    all golfers in the field. Scorecard provides hole-by-hole stats for each player in the field both for current rounds and previous rounds.
                    Finally customers have access to a 10 question trivia quiz focusing on the history of the event. All offerings will be in both SD and HD.

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                    DIRECTV BLIMP
                    Take advantage of an extraordinary unique media platform that delivers dynamic exposure for your brand at live major sporting
                    events. Offering you customized promotions by region, sport and day of the week.

                          2,100sf LED Screen                                               Impossible To Miss
                          First airship in North America and currently the only one in     Reach large, captive, target audiences with “impossible-to-
                          the world with 2,100sf LED screen.                               miss” video marketing platform at highly affordable rates.

                          Dynamic Exposure                                                 High Profile
                          Capable of displaying full motion, full color TV quality video   Deliver high-profile brand messaging directly overhead pas-
                          day or night.                                                    sionate sports fans in fun environment.

                          Live Event Coverage                                              Custom All The Way
                          HD Aerial Camera System provides live coverage of major          Flexibility to customize promotions by region, by sport and
                          sporting events to TV networks.                                  day of the week.

                          Real Time Action
                          30’ x 70’ screen can also display live video action, concerts,                                See website for an up-to-date schedule.
                          highlights, scoreboards, promotions, interviews, etc.

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                    DIRECTV is the unrivaled innovator in interactive television and is excited to offer a suite of Emmy® Award winning
                    interactive advertising opportunities. Our interactive platform offers advertisers across all major categories the ability to engage
                    consumers, deliver impactful messaging and obtain measurable results. Receive complete metrics reporting including zip code
                    leads after content airs. Since 2005, our business has grown from three original partners to executing more than 200 campaigns for
                    over 60 brands.

                    DIRECTV ACTIVE™
                    DIRECTV ACTIVE is the interactive homepage for DIRECTV subscribers available in
                    18 million households. Advertisers can effectively entice viewers into deeper en-
                    gagement with their brands by utilizing this technology.
                      • Features local weather, What’s Hot on DIRECTV, lottery results, customer support
                      • Recently redesigned for a better interactive user experience
                      • Static and Dynamic Ad Units exclusively showcased
                      • Averages 2.3 million unique HHs, 19.7 million total impressions

                    STATIC AD UNIT
                    Offers a basic and simple level of user interactivity designed to make immediate im-
                    pact on the viewer. Ideal for call to action messages, one-touch RFI/Lead generation
                    and direct “tune-to” functionality.

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                    DYNAMIC AD UNIT
                    An advertiser owned channel which offers enhanced user interactivity designed around
                    advertiser long-form video content. An entertaining and enriched advertising venue
                    where consumers are able to interact and spend time with branded video content.
                    The Interactive Advertising Channel has 3 entry-points.

                    The Interactive Advertising Channel is a 24/7 advertiser-owned interactive channel. Viewers can access this channel through a :30
                    commercial, DIRECTV ACTIVE™, or the EPG. With this exclusive sponsorship, DIRECTV heavily promotes the ad message by driving
                    viewers to the Interactive Advertising Channel through multiple entry points.

                    :30 Cross Channel Media
                    Call to action messaging embedded within an advertiser’s :30 spot can prompt viewers to directly tune to the Interactive Advertising Channel.

                    DIRECTV ACTIVE™
                    Accessed by clicking on video banner on the DIRECTV ACTIVE™ channel.

                    EPG Access
                    The Interactive Advertising Channel is a linear channel available to all DIRECTV subscribers. The channel can be accessed via scroll
                    over while channel surfing using Electronic Program Guide.

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                    DIRECTV represents approximately 20M of America’s most desirable television households. Offering the most unique advertising
                    sales opportunities, DIRECTV delivers televisions most consistent, loyal and heavy viewer.

                      • Affluent Households
                      • Professional/Managerial
                      • Tech Savvy
                      • Early Adopters
                      • Demand Superior Television Viewing Experience

                    DIRECTV Ad Sales, the advertising sales division of DIRECTV, helps put
                    the power of HD satellite television to use for national advertisers. We
                    are focused on moving the industry forward in advanced technologies and
                    innovative products to reach audiences most effectively and efficiently.

                    Headquartered in El Segundo, CA with offices in Chicago and New York,
                    DIRECTV has national reach through 85+ entertainment networks and sold
                    in 11 demographically targeted clusters, including exclusive sporting events.

                    DIRECTV represents a national footprint with coverage in each DMA that
                    approximates the percentage distribution, by region, of broadcast television.
                    DIRECTV delivers the most opportunities to advertise your product on
                    television. DIRECTV’s goal is to make HD satellite advertising easy to buy.
                    DIRECTV provides effective integrated advertising applications that only HD
                    satellite television can offer.

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                    The Place For The Upscale Viewer                                      DIRECTV Subscriber Profile: County Size/Region/HH Income
                      Median Household Income                         $67,700               County Size              A/B County             65%
                      Children in HH Index                            112                                            C/D County             36%
                      Audience Composition                            49% (M) & 51% (F)     Region                   Northeast Territory 15%
                      Own Home Index                                  117                                            East Central Territory 10%
                      Household Resides In A/B Counties               65%                                            Pacific Territory      22%
                                                                                                                     Southeast Territory 26%
                                                                                                                     Southwest Territory 13%
                    DIRECTV Subscribers
                                                                                                                     South Territory        16%
                      Employed Fulltime Index                         110
                      Self employed in own business Index             114                 HH Income
                      Self-employed in Professional/Managerial Jobs   21% more likely       HHI $75k+                         37% (Index 113)
                                                                                            Median HHI                        $67.7k (MRI data)

                    DIRECTV Subscriber Profile: Age/Race/Status
                      Age Composition          Age 25-34            12%
                                               Age 35-44            15%
                                               Age 45-54            15%
                      Race                     Caucasian            78%
                                               African Am.          12%
                                               Other                11%
                      Marital Status           The DIRECTV P25-54 Subscriber is 14%
                                               more likely to be married compared
                                               to cable subscribers (67% vs. 53%).

                                                                                            Source: - Nielsen NPower Universe Estimates, 11/7/11-11/13/11, MRI Fall 2011

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                    (Audience composition measured in %)
                    Sports Cluster

                            Men                                  Age 18-34   Children/any     HH    Income    75K+
                            73%                                  21%         46%              48%
                            Women                                Age 35-54   Home owned       Median Age/Income
                            27%                                  38%         86%              44/$72,000
                            Age 2-17                             Age 55+     College Degree
                            10%                                  31%         39%

                    Adult Cluster

                            Men                                  Age 18-34   Children/any     HH Income 75K+
                            46%                                  15%         38%              29%
                            Women                                Age 35-54   Home owned       Median Age/Income
                            54%                                  36%         81%              48/$66,000
                            Age 2-17                             Age 55+     College Degree
                            11%                                  38%         22%

                    Male Cluster

                            Men                                  Age 18-34   Children/any     HH Income 75K+
                            63%                                  20%         43%              36%
                            Women                                Age 35-54   Home owned       Median Age/Income
                            37%                                  38%         79%              45/66,000
                            Age 2-17                             Age 55+     College Degree
                            13%                                  29%         22%
                                                                                                        Source: Nielsen NPower, 7/11/11-7/17/11, primetime MRI Spring 2011

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                   Female Cluster

                            Men                              Age 18-34       Children/any     HH Income 75K+
                            29%                              20%             43%              30%
                            Women                            Age 35-54       Home owned       Median Age/Income
                            71%                              33%             80%              45/$64,000
                            Age 2-17                         Age 55+         College Degree
                            15%                              33%             21%

                   News Cluster

                            Men                                  Age 18-34   Children/any     HH Income 75K+
                            44%                                  5%          22%              33%
                            Women                                Age 35-54   Home owned       Median Age/Income
                            66%                                  27%         91%              62/$67,000
                            Age 2-17                             Age 55+     College Degree
                            2%                                   65%         31%

                   Young Adult Cluster

                            Men                                  Age 18-34   Children/any     HH Income: 75K+
                            42%                                  32%         60%              23%
                            Women                                Age 35-54   Home owned       Median Age/Income
                            57%                                  27%         66%              30/$60,000
                            Age 2-17                             Age 55+     College Degree
                            25%                                  15%         18%

                                                                                                         Source: Nielsen NPower, 7/11/11-7/17/11, primetime MRI Spring 2011

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                    Lifestyle Cluster

                            Men                                  Age 18-34   Children/any     HH Income 75K+
                            35%                                  15%         37%              38%
                            Women                                Age 35-54   Home owned       Median Age/Income
                            65%                                  37%         83%              43/$67,000
                            Age 2-17                             Age 55+     College Degree
                            12%                                  37%         28%

                    Kids Cluster

                            Men                                  Age 18-34   Children/any     HH Income 75K+
                            50%                                  18%         75%              33%
                            Women                                Age 35-54   Home owned       Median Age/Income
                            50%                                  17%         64%              13/$61,000
                            Age 2-17                             Age 55+     College Degree
                            59%                                  6%          18%

                                                                                                        Source: Nielsen NPower, 7/11/11-7/17/11, primetime MRI Spring 2011

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                    MEASUREMENT & REPORTING
                    DIRECTV and Kantar Media team up to create The Kantar Media DIRECTView™service, a national audience measurement panel of
                    100,000 anonymous DIRECTV households - the largest US national audience measurement panel ever.

                    This system, which measures the total viewing, including the live and time-
                    shifted (DVR) viewing of programs and commercials at a second-by-second
                    interval, offers advertisers and programming partners an unparalleled level
                    of measurement accuracy and accountability when partnering with DIRECTV.

                    For more information or questions on Kantar Media DIRECTView™ service,
                    please contact:

                                   DIRECTV                        Kantar Media
                                   Rich Forester                  Bud Breheney
                                   212-205-0602                   212-991-6080

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                                                                     DELIVERY INSTRUCTIONS
                                                                      Electronic delivery is the preferred method of HD and SD spot delivery.
                                                                      ALL ADS REQUIRE BOTH SD and HD VERSIONS (if HD is available). For ads supplied only in SD format, DIRECTV
                                                                      will air the ad with side matting for HD broadcast.

                                                                     Electronic Delivery
                                                                      DIRECTV can receive SD and HD spots electronically via DG FastChannel, Extreme Reach, Javelin, or Yangaroo
                                                                        • For DG FastChannel, contact 800.324.5672 *
                                                                          Our SD system code is DIRLA-NB. Our HD system code is DTVHD-NB.
                                                                        • For Extreme Reach, contact 877.769.9382 *
                                                                        • For Javelin, go to or contact Blair Lavey at 201.220.7253 *
                                                                        • For Yangaroo, contact 1.866.992.9902 *

                                                                     Tape Delivery
                                                                      All commercials & infomercials must be completely labeled on the outside of each box with the following informa-
                                                                      tion: Client, Product, ISCI Code, Length, and Date. In addition, please include the 800# on all infomercial labels.
                                                                      Run sheet to be included in the tape box identifying the actual spots on the tape.
                                                                      All commercial tapes must be received by DIRECTV-LABC at least 5 business days prior to air.
                                                                      Only one (1) copy of the commercial (extras are destroyed immediately) should be sent to:
                    YOUR CHECKLIST                                            Attention: Media Library
                     1. If sending tape(s), please contact your               12800 Culver Boulevard
                     courier to confirm tape delivery.                        Los Angeles, CA 90066
                                                                              (310) 964-8541
                                                                              PLEASE BE SURE TO INDICATE “AM” DELIVERY.
                     2. Traffic instructions should be faxed to Ad
                                                                      NOTE: SHOULD TAPES ARRIVE MORE THAN “30 DAYS” PRIOR TO THE ACTUAL AIRDATE, THE TAPEWILL BE
                     Sales Traffic (310) 964-3023 or email adsal-     DESTROYED AND A NEW TAPE WILL BE REQUIRED FOR YOUR ORDER.
            no later than 7 days
                     prior to the week of air.                       CREATIVE/CONTENT
                                                                      DIRECTV and any of its trademarks should not be used (verbally, visually, or in written form) within the content
                     3. All traffic-instruction/tape issues should    of the commercial.
                     be addressed to the contacts below.              Screeners or clearance copies should be sent via link to the appropriate sales person and copy Susan Kim at

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                    CONTACTS                                     TAPES – HIGH DEFINITION
                                                                 • One (1) copy per spot. D5, HDCAM or HDCAM-SR tape, with ascending and continuous drop frame time code. No multi-
                      Paris                                        reel tapes will be accepted.
                      General Traffic                            • All spots must have bars and tones at the head of each tape along with video slates and at least 30 seconds of post-roll.
                                                                 • Exterior labels must match the video slates.
                                      • Video must be 1080i with a 59.94-field rate.
                      (310) 964-5597                             • Aspect Ratio – 1.78 Full Frame preferred.
                                                                 • Closed Caption Ancillary data should be on Line 9.
                      Tony Flores                                • Commercial audio must be either Stereo (L&R on AES 1/2) or Dolby AC3 plus stereo (AES 1/2: AC3, AES 3/4: Lt/Rt). If
                      Tape Issues/General Traffic                  AC3 is provided, each spot should have at least 10 seconds of AC3 pre- and post-roll, and the complete data stream
                                     must be uninterrupted.
                                                                 • Average PCM audio levels shall be -24 LKFS (+/- 2 dB), as measured per ITU BS.1770.
                      (310) 964-6136
                                                                 • AC-3 audio shall be encoded using a 3/2L encoding mode at 384kbps. Dialnorm shall be equal to the average audio
                                                                   level, as per ATSC A/85.
                      Eric Figueroa
                      Sports Traffic
                                 TAPES – STANDARD DEFINITION
                                                                 • One Copy per Spot. Digibeta or Beta SP standard tape, with ascending and continuous drop frame time code. No multi-
                      (310) 964-4628                               reel tapes will be accepted. All spots must have bars and tones at the head of each tape along with video slates and at
                                                                   least 30 seconds of post-roll. Exterior labels must match the video slates.
                      Mia Crawford                               • All tapes must be in NTSC with a 29.97 field rate.
                      InfomercialIssues                          • Aspect Ratio – 4:3 full frame. If “letterboxed” version is provided, there must be black at the top and bottom, with the
                                    picture centered vertically. Anamorphic video will not be accepted.
                      (310) 964-4861                             • Closed Caption data should be on Line 21.
                                                                 • Commercial audio must be either Stereo (Ch 1 left, Ch 2 Right) or dual-channel mono.
                                                                 • Average PCM audio levels shall be -24 LKFS (+/- 2 dB), as measured per ITU BS.1770.
                                                                 • Any questions regarding these requirements should be directed to Brian Timm, LABC Media Prep Department (310) 964-8539.

                                                                 OPERATIONAL SPECIFICATIONS
                                                                 Video and audio material shall be produced using industry standards and accepted practices. Audio must be in compli-
                                                                 ance with the ATSC A/85 audio loudness standard. DIRECTV will make any necessary audio corrections to a commercial
                                                                 in order to meet this standard.
                                                                   Slates shall contain the following information:                Tapes shall be formatted as follows:
                                                                   • Sponsor or Product                                           • :15 to :30 seconds of black/silence
                                                                   • Title                                                        • :60 seconds of test signals
                                                                   • ISCI number                                                  • :10 seconds of black
                                                                   • Recording date                                               • :10 seconds of slate and countdown
                                                                   • Audio format: Stereo / Mono / 5.1                            • Commercial material
                                                                   • Audio channel information                                    • At least :10 seconds of black/silence following material
                                                                   • Duration
                                                                   • Closed captioning (if supplied)
                                                                   • Time code at the start of commercial material is
                                                                     preferred to start at 01:00:00:00.

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                    General Market                               Keith Kazerman                                212-205-0605
                    Sports Offerings                             Brad Van Nostrand                          212-205-0756
                    Direct Response                              Amy Leifer                                      212-205-0603
                    Spanish Language                             Dan Casey                                  323-965-3002
                    Research                                     Holly Goldstein                              212-205-0747
                    Advanced Services                            Steve Silvestri                              212-205-0610
                    Original Programming                         Kerri Thornblad                              310-964-1434
                    V.P. West Coast Sales                        J.C. Kawalec                                   310-964-5792
                    V.P. Midwest Region Sales                    Steve Fish                                         312-923-4701
                    Political Advertising                        Noelle Slomich                                 212-205-0633
                    High Definition                              Alison Pascola                                  310-964-4746

                            For Customer Services issues please go to and click on customer service link at the bottom of the page.

                                   El Segundo Headquarters                         New York Sales Office                    Chicago Sales Office
                                   2230 E. Imperial Highway                        One Rockefeller Plaza 5th Floor          444 North Michigan Ave Suite 1970
                                   El Segundo, CA 90245                            New York, NY 10020                       Chicago, IL 60611

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                                                                 THANK YOU

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