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Best friend auditions:
  Some reality shows are great, others are humiliating and degrading
but, let’s face it, we all watch them. The difference between Generation
Y and everyone else in the audience is that Gen Y grew up on reality
shows. They drank it with their mother’s milk. They soaked it up to the
point where some young people today believe their life will not be
complete without making it to a reality show!
  My recent trip to Dubai (not associated with reality television)
coincided with Paris Hilton touring the Middle Eastern region while
shooting My New BFF (My New Best Friend Forever) – a reality show/
casting in which she chooses her new best friend.                                                                               Photo: Rahul Kumar Singh

   People’s reaction to Paris’s arrival in the Middle East showed she was
                                                                                  Is ‘My New BFF’ successfully tapping into an already existing trend
not worshipped there as she is elsewhere. Nevertheless, apparently 400
                                                                                amongst the young generation to downgrade friendship to just an
girls applied to be in her show!
                                                                                audition? Or is this reality series just an awkward entertainment concept
   Choosing an Arab country as a next location for ‘BFF’ required changes       Gen Y will never buy into? Why then do so many young girls participate?
to be introduced to the show’s format due to the cultural differences.
                                                                                  We have had our first New Zealand’s Next Top Model, a couple of
This saved the Middle Eastern wannabe BFFs from having to compete
                                                                                Idols and So You Think You Can Dance champions, so when Paris Hilton
in outrageous and humiliating challenges, which the girls in the United
                                                                                chooses New Zealand as her next exotic ‘BFF’ shoot location, will your
States and United Kingdom versions of the show had to take on to stay
                                                                                daughter audition? What if her best friend auditions to become one
in the running for the title of Paris Hilton’s best bud.
                                                                                of Paris Hilton’s Best Friends Forever? Will she run her own casting in
   Reality shows have their footprint in shaping the attitudes of the           revenge?
young generation. Impatience, overconfidence and unrealistic career
                                                                                   Is there something deeply wrong in holding a casting for a best
progression expectations can all be traced back to reality TV. Where else
                                                                                friend, or am I just being old fashioned with preconceived ideas about
can you get to the top of the world in just 12 weeks? Gen Y may be fickle
as employees but, as friends, they are known to be loyal and committed.
Or are they really? I don’t want to overestimate the powers of Paris’s little   By Zuza Scherer
reality show but maybe things are about to change?                              Visit: www.zuza.co.nz

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                                                                                                                          HER MAGAZINE | September 2009 | 55

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