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									Derrick Thompson:
The evoluTion of Music Publishing
                                        What projects are you most proud of?             of two guys—Shaliek Rivers and Cashus

                                                                                         C.R.E.A.M.—who are lyric melody writers
    errick Thompson is behind           The Lupe Fiasco project is one I’m most
                                                                                         known as The Hitterzz. They have been
                                        proud of because as far as being a true
    some of the industry’s biggest                                                       signed to a boutique publishing company
                                        artist—in terms of being innovative and
success stories. As Senior VP for                                                        called Primary Wave that took a chance
                                        what he has to say—I believe he is one of
                                                                                         on my writers, and it is starting to pay off.
BMG Music Publishing, he was            the top emcees. He’s so underrated, but I
                                                                                         They have had small successes already.
                                        am proud to say I signed him when nobody
                       instrumental     knew him.
                                                                                         They worked with Day 26 and just recorded
                       in developing                                                     a song with Nicole Scherzinger of the
                                        Your company focuses on a unique niche,          Pussycat Dolls. They have been working
                       BMG’s U.S.       can you tell us about it.                        with a new indie artist named Britni Elise
                       urban music      We just met with Peer Music about a joint
                                                                                         whose song “Hello” is getting major play at
                                                                                         stations in the Midwest, so I think it is going
                       department       venture for a unique concept: a publishing
                                                                                         to break through eventually. The second
                       that became      partnership to nurture and develop up-and-
                                                                                         is a new young producer named Remo
                                        coming lyric and melody writers. Usually, the
                       a leader in                                                       The Hitmaker who produced the Nicole
                                        producers or track guys get all the glory, but
                                                                                         record “Nobody Can Change Me.” She has
music publishing. Derrick’s artist      lyric writers are equally important. Too many
                                                                                         been talking up the record on shows like
signings included Erykah Badu,          times publishers only want writers with
                                                                                         Good Morning America and Ryan Seacrest,
                                        money in the pipeline and songs on the radio.
Mobb Deep, Angie Stone, Xzibit,                                                          so hopefully, we should be hearing it as a
                                        What role does your business play in             single on radio soon.
Rhymefest, Keyshia Cole, Nelly,         terms of new talent?
                                                                                         What’s next for you?
and Lupe Fiasco. His writer and
                                        My company helps writers reach their full
producer signings included Grammy                                                        To inspire the next generation of lyric and
                                        potential. For example, as part of the Peer
                                                                                         melody writers and help create timeless hits.
winner Manuel Seal (Mariah Carey,       partnership, lyric melody writers would
                                        be my main focus. I will be allowed to sign      What are three of your favorite timeless
Usher), Chad Hugo (of the Neptunes),    a few new ones and give them what I call         hit songs?
and Harvey Mason Jr.                    mini- or baby-publishing deals. In addition
                                                                                         “Crazy In Love” hands down. “Hot in Herre”
                                        to the advance, they would also get access
                                                                                          because no matter what summer is coming
Now Derrick has stepped out on his      to writers that can help them establish their
                                                                                          along, you will hear it and it will still be
own to impact the business in a         craft, so it’s like a mentoring program.
                                                                                          hot. And last but never least: “Don’t Stop
distinctly visionary way. For the       Who are some of the writers you are              ’til You Get Enough”—one of my all-time
                                        working with?                                     favorites!!
past year and a half, Derrick has
been focused on managing and            I’m concentrating on three guys that             » Contact Derrick Thompson
                                        represent two entities. The first is a team
developing writers. As a result, the
talent he manages is experiencing                                                                             The Hitterzz are one
breakout success.                                                                                             of Derrick Thompson’s
                                                                                                              newest success stories.
Additionally, his company is in talks
with Peer Music to set up a
publishing partnership that will
focus on discovering and developing
young songwriters just embarking
on their careers.
The Frequency sat down with
Derrick to get a peek at this
proven heavy hitter’s next
strategy for success.

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