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                              2004 HONOREES

                                                    Creative Integrity Award—Lee Rose
                                                    The Creative Integrity Award is presented to a
                                                    woman in the fields of arts or entertainment
                                                    who through her work and personal activism
                                                    has brought positive visibility to the lesbian,
                                                    gay, bisexual and transgender community. The
                                                    purpose of the award is to recognize women
                                                    who    have    supported      civil   rights   and
                                                    humanitarian causes and contributed to the
                                                    betterment of the GLBT community and the
                              greater society.

                              Lee Rose is a highly regarded and prolific writer, producer and
                              director for stage, film and television whose work has been unfailingly
                              honest and compassionate in portraying the lives of women and gay,
                              lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.

                              Rose began her entertainment career at age 19 as an apprentice on
                              the Mary Tyler Moore Show. She later directed               such theater
                              productions as the American premiere of Dario Fo's Female Parts and
                              Triplet, A Little Crisis and Agnes of God. She won a Drama League
                              Award for directing The Triplett Collection. She was also a directing
                              member at The Los Angeles Actors Theater and The Ensemble Studio
                              Theater and sat on the California Arts Commission.

                              Rose's writing credits are numerous and include the feature Rough
                              Trade for Island Pictures, On a Wing and a Prayer for Fox Television,
                              and It's Nothing Personal for NBC. Rose also wrote and executive
                              produced A Mother's Prayer, an event movie for Universal and USA
                              Cable, for which Linda Hamilton won the Cable Ace Award and was
                              nominated for a Golden Globe. Rose won the Gabriel and Chris awards
                              and was a Humanitas Finalist for that film as well. She wrote and
                              executive produced An Unexpected Family for the USA Network, for
                              which Stockard Channing received an Emmy nomination, and wrote
                              and produced the sequel, An Unexpected Life. She wrote and
                              produced the Lifetime movie, Navigating the Heart, which aired in
                              February 2000.

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Women's Night 2004 Honorees                                                       http://www.womensnight.com/honorees_2004.htm

                              Rose wrote and directed The Truth About Jane, Lifetime's most
                              watched movie in five years, for which she received Writers Guild and
                              GLAAD Media award nominations. She wrote, directed and produced
                              A Girl Thing , a four-hour mini-series for Showtime that starred
                              Stockard Channing, Allison Janney, Elle Macpherson, Kate Capshaw
                              and Mia Farrow to name a few. She directed What Girls Learn,
                              starring Elizabeth Perkins and Scott Bakula for Showtime and
                              Paramount as well. She also produced, wrote and directed An
                              Unexpected Love starring Wendy Crewson and Leslie Hope for

                              Most recently she directed Jack, based on A.M. Homes first novel,
                              starring Stockard Channing, Ron Silver and Wendy Crewson, to air on
                              Showtime in June 2004. Rose is currently writing a pilot for
                              Showtime, and will direct an independent feature based on her
                              screenplay My Last Day On Earth in the fall.

                              Rose received the 2001 GLAAD Fairness Award. In addition she
                              mentored the three filmmakers who made D.E.B.S., Give Or Take An
                              Inch and Fly Cherry for Power Up, where she sits on the Honorary
                              Board. She has been an active supporter of PFLAG, GLAAD and HRC
                              for many years.

                                                             Community Role Model Award—Ilene
                                                             Chaiken and Showtime's The L
                                                             The   L.A. Gay   &    Lesbian    Center's   annual
                                                             Community     Role    Model     Award    spotlights
                                                             accomplishments that have greatly enhanced
                                                             the visibility of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and
                                                             transgender community. The purpose of the
                                                             award is to recognize individuals or groups
                                                             whose    extraordinary     contributions      have
                              advanced the cause of freedom and social justice, and who serve as a
                              daily     example        of   community     empowerment        and     enlightened

                              Ilene Chaiken, an executive producer and co-creator of Showtime's
                              highly acclaimed new drama The L Word, has worked extensively as a
                              writer and producer in film and television.

                              Showtime's The L Word
                              has       captured            the
                              attention        of     viewers,
                              critics    and        journalists
                              worldwide         with        its

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Women's Night 2004 Honorees                                                http://www.womensnight.com/honorees_2004.htm

                              depiction     of      the
                              day-to-day   lives   of    a
                              group of West Hollywood lesbian women. The show has courageously
                              tackled the issues of sexuality, fidelity, parenting, family dynamics
                              and the myriad demands of juggling relationships and careers, thus
                              implicitly communicating the concept that all humans struggle with
                              similar issues and conflicts, regardless of sexual orientation. The cast
                              of the one-hour weekly series includes Jennifer Beals, Erin Daniels,
                              Leisha   Hailey, Laurel Holloman, Mia Kirshner,           Karina Lombard,
                              Katherine Moennig, Eric Mabius and Pam Grier. In January, the show
                              was renewed for a 13-episode second season.

                              Chaiken also wrote the Showtime Original Pictures Damaged Care, a
                              drama about the managed care industry and Dirty Pictures, which
                              won a Golden Globe Award for Best Television Movie in 2000.
                              Chaiken's feature work includes the movie Barb Wire, starring Pamela

                              Before launching her writing career, Chaiken held executive positions
                              with Aaron Spelling Productions and Quincy Jones Productions.

                              Chaiken is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design. A
                              Philadelphia native, she has resided in Los Angeles for nearly 25
                              years. She was one of the early members of the Hollywood Women's
                              Political Committee and testified twice before Congress in that
                              capacity. Today, Chaiken lives in Los Angeles with her life partner of
                              20 years, Miggi Hood, and their two daughters. She serves on the
                              board of directors of her daughters' school and is an active supporter
                              of the Human Rights Campaign.

                                                        Special Tribute—Pioneering Lesbian
                                                        Activist, Jean O'Leary
                                                        Pioneering lesbian activist Jean O'Leary has
                                                        been   in   a leader in   the   gay civil rights
                                                        movement since the early 1970s, creating a
                                                        respected presence for gay and lesbian people
                                                        in Democratic politics and serving for 15 years
                                                        at the helms of two of our movement's most
                                                        important national organizations.

                              O'Leary was responsible for organizing the first meeting of gay and
                              lesbian leaders held at the White House, with help from Midge
                              Costanza, then a member of President Jimmy Carter's administration.
                              O'Leary was the first openly gay or lesbian person appointed to a
                              Presidential Commission (Carter 's Commission on the Observance of
                              International Women's Year and his Advisory Committee for Women).

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Women's Night 2004 Honorees                                               http://www.womensnight.com/honorees_2004.htm

                              O'Leary served as executive director of the National Gay Task Force
                              from 1975 to 1980. During her tenure, she worked with the federal
                              executive branch to advance gay rights in areas such as immigration
                              and naturalization and with the Federal Communications Commission
                              and the U.S. Civil Rights Commission. These meetings are credited
                              with elevating issues of gay equality to a national level in the late
                              1970s. She served as executive director of the National Gay Rights
                              Advocates from 1981 to 1989.

                              In 1976, O'Leary was one of three openly gay or lesbian people
                              elected as delegate to the Democratic National Convention, and since
                              has served as a delegate at every convention except 1984. She was a
                              member of the Democratic National Committee from 1988 to 2002
                              and served on the DNC Executive Committee and was chair of the
                              DNC's Gay and Lesbian Caucus from 1992 to 2002.

                              She is co-founder of National Coming Out Day, first celebrated on
                              Oct. 11, 1989, with a kick-off on the nationally televised Oprah
                              Winfrey Show.

                              Approximately 21 years ago, O'Leary also founded Women's Night,
                              the first large star-studded gala fundraising event for lesbians. Early
                              honorees included lesbian and feminist icons such as Gloria Steinem,
                              Jane Fonda, Bella Abzug, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, author
                              Lillian Faderman and writer/director Donna Dietch ( Desert Hearts).
                              Melissa Etheridge performed.

                              In 1992 Women's Night became an event of the L.A. Gay & Lesbian
                              Center. Since its beginnings at a time when many lesbians were still
                              not comfortable revealing their sexual orientation, Women's Night has
                              provided a yearly opportunity for the GLBT community to celebrate
                              and honor the outstanding accomplishments of remarkable women.

                              Today, O'Leary is president of O'Leary and Associates, a political
                              consulting firm specializing in phones and fundraising. She is an
                              active member of the political fund-raising organization ANGLE
                              (Access Now for Gay/Lesbian Equality). Recently diagnosed with
                              cancer, O'Leary now faces her biggest battle, and her passion for
                              equal rights for gay and lesbian people continues unabated.

                              LACE Honorees

                                                    The Grassroots Activist award goes to a
                                                    local    lesbian,   bisexual    or    transgender
                                                    woman      activist    who   has     distinguished
                                                    herself by making particularly significant

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Women's Night 2004 Honorees                                           http://www.womensnight.com/honorees_2004.htm

                                                    contributions to the local GLBT community.

                                                    ELENA POPP has been a longtime activist
                                                    dedicated to the GLBT community and other
                                                    underserved communities. In her spare time,
                              she helps campaign for GLBT-friendly political figures, such as
                              Antonio Villaraigosa. Popp is a member of Lesbianas Unidas, a
                              grassroots organization that empowers Latina lesbians, and has sat
                              on the board of the Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund. She
                              is the directing attorney for the housing unit of the Legal Aid
                              Foundation of Los Angeles (LAFLA), a 72-year-old organization that
                              provides comprehensive legal services to low-income residents of Los
                              Angeles. She directs LAFLA's team of experienced poverty law
                              advocates who provide representation and community legal education
                              in housing, government benefits, family law, consumer        rights,
                              employment, immigration and community economic development.

                              The Professional Achievement        award is
                              presented to an open lesbian, bisexual or
                              transgender woman who has distinguished
                              herself locally in her profession, to the
                              advancement of the community.

                              SURINA KHAN is a courageous and fearless
                              woman     dedicated    to    breaking    down
                              homophobic barriers, even if it means risking
                              her own life. Three years ago, she participated
                              in the first public forum on sexuality issues organized for women in
                              Pakistan for the Sustainable Development Policy Institute. Because
                              Pakistan is a Muslim country and, by Islamic law, sexuality is a
                              forbidden subject, by doing this workshop, Khan, as a Muslim and
                              out lesbian, risked a death sentence if she had been arrested. As a
                              lead spokesperson for Asian and Pacific Islanders for Human Right's
                              (APIHR) Anti-Homophobia Campaign in the United States, she helped
                              reach many Asian and Pacific Islanders who were not out and did not
                              know there were services available to them. Khan also is former
                              executive director of the International Gay & Lesbian Human Rights
                              Commission (IGLHRC). She has received the Anti-Violence Project
                              2002 Courage Award and the Al-Fatiha Foundation for LGBT Muslims
                              2001 recognition.

                                                    The Public Service award is presented to a
                                                    lesbian, bisexual or transgender woman
                                                    locally at some level of civil service or
                                                    government    who has       made   significant
                                                    contributions to advancing the civil rights

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Women's Night 2004 Honorees                                                http://www.womensnight.com/honorees_2004.htm

                                                    of, improving the image of, and/or serving
                                                    as a role model for GLBT people within civil

                              ELLEN WARD has shown extraordinary leadership and incredible
                              support to various communities in more than 30 years of service. Her
                              uncompromising commitment to the women's community, the GLBT
                              community and the HIV-impacted community has continuously
                              placed her in a position where individuals look to her for leadership
                              and solid, thoughtful decision-making. Ward worked in several key
                              leadership positions in more than 25 years of service in city
                              government. She served as a commissioner for the City of Signal Hill
                              for seven years and is in her third year as a member of the Signal Hill
                              City Council. More than 25 years ago, Ward owned and operated Que
                              Sera Sera, one of the first lesbian bars in Long Beach, for over 22
                              years. In addition to being a social outlet for lesbian and bisexual
                              women, Que provided a local venue for lesbian musicians, the most
                              famous being Melissa Etheridge. Ward also is a former executive
                              director of the Long Beach AIDS Walk. During her six-year tenure
                              there, she increased funding and positioned the organization as a
                              central force for funding HIV-organizations within the Long Beach
                              area. On March 30, Ward was inaugurated as mayor of Signal Hill, one
                              of the nation's few openly lesbian mayors.

                              The Spirituality Award goes to an open
                              lesbian, bisexual or transgender woman
                              working within a faith- or spiritual-based
                              organization or community who has made
                              significant contributions to that community
                              and/or improved the image              of, and/or
                              served as a role model            for the GLBT
                              community serving GLBT people.

                              Rev.     KRISTIN    HAWKINS       has      been     an
                              inspiring role model to many in the GLBT community with regard to
                              spiritual and personal growth. She is the founding minister of the
                              Namaste Science of Mind and Spirit Center in Long Beach. Namaste is
                              affiliated with the United Church of Religious Science, which has been
                              described as a life attitude rather than a religion. More than 100
                              people    attend   Namaste    regularly,     with    80   percent     of     the
                              congregation   self-identifying   as    GLBT.     Hawkins   has     played    a
                              significant role in the spiritual lives of GLBT people for many years.
                              She makes herself available to the entire congregation for personal
                              support and counseling and regularly teaches classes at the church.
                              She is repeatedly asked to mentor ministers in training, many of
                              whom are GLBT. She is an out lesbian who has been with her partner

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Women's Night 2004 Honorees                                                 http://www.womensnight.com/honorees_2004.htm

                              for more than 13 years.

                                                      The     Extraordinary        Volunteer     award     is
                                                      presented to an open lesbian, bisexual or
                                                      transgender woman who has performed
                                                      extraordinary service as a volunteer for
                                                      local     GLBT        and/or       AIDS       service

                                                      LEE WERBEL exemplifies the very essence of
                                                      an extraordinary volunteer through her tireless
                                                      efforts and contributions to numerous GLBT
                              organizations     and   gay-    and   lesbian-specific   theatre   and     arts
                              programs in Los Angeles. She has contributed countless hours as a
                              volunteer   for   gay, lesbian    and     bisexual    political, service   and
                              community organizations, such as the Los Angeles Area Dance
                              Alliance, Board of Directors for California Confederation of the Art,
                              Stonewall Democratic Club and Connexxus Women's Center/Centro
                              de Mujeres, to name a few. Werbel's philosophy of life is truly based
                              on social service and grass roots activism. She has held leadership
                              positions at several organizations, including the Gay & Lesbian
                              Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), and has helped raise millions of
                              dollars for HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention at AIDS Service
                              Center and L.A. Shanti. She is the executive director at Congregation
                              Kol Ami, where she oversees a reform synagogue with 400 members.

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