Evaluation of Emerging Wave Energy Converting Technologies for by hcj


									        Evaluation of Emerging
Wave Energy Converting Technologies
 for Climate Change Adaptation and
   Mitigation in Pilot Rural Coastal

     ACP Caribbean & Pacific Research
       Programme for Sustainable
           Location of Actions
• The proposed action will cover pilot coastal
  communities in three Caribbean Countries
  (Dominican Republic, Saint Lucia, and Antigua
  & Barbuda).
• There will be two pilot project communities in
  each country
1. Environment Division, Ministry of
   Agriculture, Lands, Housing & The
2. Total Assessment and Management Solutions
   Incorporated, St. Lucia
3. The Dominican Institute for Integral
4. HINICIO (Mgt Consultants in Sustainable
   Energy), Belgium
1. Predicting (using appropriate numerical modeling tools), the
   morphological coastline changes due to different engineering
   coastal interventions (different arrays of wave energy
   converters of different energy extractions) ;
2. Determining desalinized water production and distributed
   electric power generation potential of different arrays of wave
   energy converter breakwaters;
3. Estimating socioeconomic benefits derived from beach
   rehabilitation, protection for tourism and distributed clean
   electric power and desalinized water generation due to the
   use of wave energy converters as breakwaters;
4. Proposing short term wave energy strategies for coastal rural
   development in target countries.
         Intended Beneficiaries
The rural coastal communities exposed to the
  risk of high waves, especially during storms
  and hurricanes, and sea level rise.
              Estimated Results
• Establishment of appropriate configurations of wave
  energy conversion breakwater arrays in pilot coastal
  rural communities;
• Predictions on advancement of coastlines of the
  beaches due to wave energy conversion breakwaters
• Baseline and future estimation of socioeconomic
   – estimated tourism activity increase,
   – desalinated water and distributed electric power
     generation, and
   – economic data about the impacts of climate change
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