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					                                                                                                 -----------------Feature • April Macie ----------------

                                                                                                 Leave ’Em Wanting
                                                                                                       By Deborah Kennedy
                                                                                                      There’s a common misconcep-
                                                                                                 tion about female comedians. Most
                                                                                                 people think that if you’re a woman
                                                                                                 and you’re funny you also probably
                                                                                                 have a face or body for radio. Of
                                                                                                 course, funny women like Tina Fey,
                                                                                                 Amy Poehler and Sarah Silverman
                                                                                                 have belied that stereotype for years
                                                                                                 now, and up-and-coming Titian tal-
                                                                                                 ent April Macie is basically blowing
                                                                                                 the whole idea out of the water. She’s
----------------Feature • Alan Parsons ---------------                                           funny, she’s vulgar and she’s hot. She
                                                                                                 is, in entertainment industry parlance,

Recording Artist
                                                                                                 a triple threat, and she’s also coming
                                                                                                 to Snickerz Thursday-Saturday, June
                                                                                                 23-25 with Twin Cities-based comic
                                                                                                 Mike Brody.
                                                                                                      When I caught up with Macie via
                                                                                                 phone, she was sitting in the Sacra-
                                                                                                 mento airport, waiting on her third
                                                                                                 early morning flight of the week. The
         By Michele DeVinney                   many made inquiries about how I did this          woman is in high demand, and that’s
                                               or how I did that, and I had numerous re-         just fine with her, although she said
     One of the biggest changes in the mu- quests for internships. I thought this was a          the life of a standup comic is a tough
sic industry over the past two decades has great opportunity to do something differ-             one, particu-
been the opportunity for artists to do more ent, something more professional. So it was          larly “for a                  APRIL MACIE
than create their music but also to produce, three years of very intensive work as well as       broad.”
engineer and distribute it. Technology has a lot of post-production. It was all scripted              “It’s still                   w/Mike Brody
put more control into the hands of those who and very well thought out.”                         very back of              Thurs., June 23 • 7:30 p.m.                tures of Mr. Bolton, I
want to get their music out to the masses, but     The DVDs are part of what bring Par-          the bus,” she                                                        wondered, but forgot to
with such opportunities has also come the sons to Fort Wayne, and promoting them to              said,     allud-      Fri.-Sat., June 24-25 • 7:30 p.m.              ask). “My grandma lost
responsibility of learning the science of mu- the gathering at Sweetwater Sound’s Gear           ing to the fact                     & 9:45 p.m.                      her speech and only re-
sic. Where there                                                            Fest 2011 is a       that comedy                   Snickerz Comedy Bar                    tained about five swear
were once teams                  ALAN PARSONS                               perfect    chance    remains, and                                                         words, and my dad was
of tech geeks to                                                            for him to talk to   perhaps       al-      5535 St. Joe Rd., Fort Wayne                  so strange and smart he
run boards and           Saturday, June 25 • 9:30-11 a.m.                   both like-minded     ways will be,          Tix: $10.50, 260-486-0216                     gave this pervy clown
understand      the                Sweetwater Sound                         professionals and    one big boys’                                                        I worked for my phone
inner workings                                                              fledgling artists.   club. “When you go on stage the guys still number so, I don’t know, he could stalk me?
on the production           5501 U.S. 30 W., Fort Wayne                     Having     started   introduce you like you’re something differ- It’s all wacko and sad and completely true.”
end, now there          free,                   his career at Ab-    ent. It’s like, ‘Tonight we’ve got a real treat      Before the Easton, Pennsylvania native
are     sometimes                                                           bey Road in          for you: a lady.’ You feel like a Bundt cake took to the stage she took to promiscuity
only band members left to sink or swim on 1969, Parsons abandoned whatever perfor-               half the time.”                                 and, an apparent method actor, she used her
their own.                                     mance aspirations he might have had in fa-             “It’s a lonely, sad life on the road,” she abundant experience to pad her act, which
     Alan Parsons has been on both sides of vor of learning a new craft and sitting on the       continued. “Where are the violins? Seri- traffics quite a bit in potty humor and jokes
that equation. He’s worked as a musician other side of the studio glass. Having started          ously, it’s hard to hold down a relationship. about genitalia.
and as the tech guy with his hands on the out as a blues musician in England, he gave            You’re always going from one place to an-            Penis jokes aren’t just for guys anymore.
buttons. With several hit songs to his credit up his band in 1969 when he joined Abbey           other, staying in highway rape motels with In fact, Macie’s stated goal is breaking down
under the banner of the Alan Parsons Proj- Road and didn’t perform again until 1995.             weirdos. It’s no place for a proper lady. societal double standards that basically say
ect, including “I Wouldn’t Want to Be Like         “When I went back to the stage [it was]       Thank God I’m not one of those. I’m not sexually explicit humor is the sole property
You,” “Time” and “Games People Play,” he with the sole intention of promoting my al-             even close.”                                    of men. She also aspires to be the mouth-
remains best known for his early work at Ab- bums. I had had the Alan Parsons Project in              Macie was, instead, the girl in high piece for sexually dissatisfied women ev-
bey Road studios, engineering such iconic the meantime, of course, and recorded with             school that everyone loved to spread dirty erywhere. Studies show there are many such
bands as the Beatles and winning a Grammy that from 1976-87. But my intention there              rumors about. Such rumors might have “in- women, and that could, perhaps, explain
for his engineering on Pink Floyd’s master- was never to play live and [I] only did a few        volved a football team, a dog and some pea- some of April Macie’s popularity. But, seri-
piece, The Dark Side of the Moon. With that cameos on the albums anyway. Playing live            nut butter or processed meat.” Who’s hun- ously, look at that picture. With a face like
kind of experience, it isn’t surprising that would have been hard because we had a bit           gry?                                            that, crowned by wavy red hair and perched
musicians and technicians are equally anx- of an identity crisis, a question about what               Speaking of hungry, Macie grew up that as it is above a shirt proclaiming a love for
ious to learn what they can from the master, it would be that I would do. The standard           way. Not literally hungry. Anyway, I don’t wieners, it’s really no mystery why Macie is
and Parson decided a few years ago to share joke back then was that I could tell a few           think she was on the verge of starvation, but taking the standup world by storm.
it all. With his DVD series The Art & Sci- jokes, warm up the crowd before the band              she did have a rough childhood, and that             Macie already has several accolades to
ence of Sound Recording, Parsons shares the played.”                                             helped motivate her to succeed.                 her credit, including being named a finalist
techniques he has learned in more than 40          Even during the lifespan of the Alan               “I’m a very damaged person,” she said, on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing” and the
years behind the board. The three-DVD set Parsons Project, Parsons was content to have           drolly. (Everything Macie said was droll, “Hottest Funniest Chick” by the fans of the
covers a wide range of topics and took Par- others play the music while he manned the            and delivered in a slightly nasal, delicious Howard Stern Show.
sons more than three years to complete. He controls. By the mid 1990s he felt keyboard           deadpan.) “My mom drank every night and              That last honor was a particular boon for
says it was the best way he knew to answer technology allowed for him to recreate what           taped pictures of Michael Bolton to all the Macie who, in lieu of Bolton, has a picture
the questions often asked of him.              he did in the studio on a live stage and began    walls in our house. My aunt was a paranoid of Stern on her wall. It’s a snapshot of the
     “I had a desire to give something back,’                                                    schizophrenic who would come home and
he told me in a recent phone interview. “So                   Continued on page 19               take a mallet to our drywall” (to the pic-                     Continued on page 19
6 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------- June 16, ’11
--------------- Calendar • On The Road ---------------
The Spinners                                                                            July 7              DTE Energy Music Center Clarkston, MI
                                                                                                                                                                           ALAN PARSONS - From Page 6
Stacy Mitchhart w/Bart Walker Band & Josh Garrett & The Bottom Line                     June 17             BBQ Ribfest/Headwaters Park Fort Wayne            making a few appearances. While he doesn’t        having to learn technology quickly in order
Steely Dan                                                                              July 15             Murat Theatre                     Indianapolis    maintain a hectic touring schedule now, up-       to move their careers forward and hopes to
Steely Dan                                                                              July 16             Fox Theatre                             Detroit   coming dates in Europe and South America          help them find that path.
Steely Dan                                                                              July 19             Riverbend Music Center              Cincinnati
Steely Dan ($49.50-$79.50)                                                              July 20             Toledo Zoo Amphitheatre                Toledo
                                                                                                                                                              demonstrate that the demand still remains              “Almost all musicians have become
Steve Earle                                                                             July 19             Vic Theatre                           Chicago     for his music. Having whittled down the           technicians in the modern age. I’m hoping
Steve Martin & Martin Short                                                             June 19             Chicago Theatre                       Chicago     size of his entourage over the years (he used     that my DVDs lift the veil of mystery sur-
Steve Miller Band                                                                       Aug. 4              Chicago Theatre                       Chicago     to insist that no two consecutive songs on        rounding the recording process. Every mu-
Steven Curtis Chapman w/Jars of Clay & Francesca Battistelli                            June 26             DTE Energy Music Center Clarkston, MI             any album would have the same singer),            sician on earth eventually has to learn this
Styx & Yes                                                                              July 19             Verizon Wireless Music Center Noblesville         touring has become less cumbersome than           – it’s pretty much inevitable. And I want to
Styx & Yes                                                                              July 20             DTE Energy Music Theatre Clarkston, MI            it would have been had he endeavored to try       help them do so the way I learned my skills
Sublime with Rome & 311                                                                 July 13             DTE Energy Music Theatre Clarkston, MI            in the 70s and 80s.                               from other engineers at Abbey Road.”
Sublime with Rome & 311                                                                 July 14             Charter One Pavilion                  Chicago
Sublime with Rome & 311                                                                 July 16             Riverbend Music Center              Cincinnati
                                                                                                                                                                   But before he heads to Spain in August,           Covering material on the DVDs is a big
Sublime with Rome & 311                                                                 July 17             LC Pavilion                   Columbus, OH        first he makes his appearance at next week’s      part of his presentation for Sweetwater, but
Sugarland w/Sara Bareilles                                                              July 9              DTE Energy Music Theatre Clarkston, MI            Gear Fest where he’ll plug his DVDs and           fans will be happy to know that there will
Taking Back Sunday w/Thursday & Colour Revolt                                           July 23             House of Blues                      Cleveland     introduce the audience to his website, Alan       also be a Q&A session at the end. And Par-
Taking Back Sunday w/Thursday & Colour Revolt                                           July 24             Bogart’s                            Cincinnati    Parsons’ Art & Science of Sound Recording         sons is pretty sure he knows what direction
Taking Back Sunday w/Thursday & Colour Revolt                                           July 26             St. Andrew’s Hall                       Detroit   ( where              that will take.
Taking Back Sunday w/Thursday & Colour Revolt                                           July 28             Orbit Room                     Grand Rapids       some material from the DVDs can be down-               “That’s when everyone asks about the
Taking Back Sunday w/Thursday & Colour Revolt                                           July 29             Murat Egyptian Room               Indianapolis
Taking Back Sunday w/Thursday & Colour Revolt                                           July 31             House of Blues                        Chicago
                                                                                                                                                              loaded for free. Parsons knows that more          Beatles and Pink Floyd,” he said. “That’s
Taylor Swift w/needtobreathe                                                            July 28             Van Andel Arena                Grand Rapids       and more musicians are finding themselves         usually what they want to know.”
Tech N9ne w/May Day, Krizz Kaliko, Calhoun, Steve Stone, Jay Rock Rig Scoob & Shadow    July 15             House of Blues                        Chicago
Tech N9ne w/May Day, Krizz Kaliko, Calhoun, Steve Stone, Jay Rock Rig Scoob & Shadow    July 16             Emerald Theatre             Mt. Clemens, MI
Tech N9ne w/May Day, Krizz Kaliko, Calhoun, Steve Stone, Jay Rock Rig Scoob & Shadow
Tech N9ne w/May Day, Krizz Kaliko, Calhoun, Steve Stone, Jay Rock Rig Scoob & Shadow
                                                                                        July 17
                                                                                        July 18
                                                                                                            Agora Ballroom
                                                                                                            Alrosa Villa
                                                                                                                                          Columbus, OH
                                                                                                                                                                              APRIL MACIE - From Page 6
Ted Leo & The Pharmacists w/Tweak Bird                                                  July 28             Earth House Collective            Indianapolis    wooly-headed radio host mid-guffaw, and it        off when she discovered that her fiancé was
Ted Nugent ($27 adv., $30 d.o.s.)                                                       Aug. 6              Piere’s                          Fort Wayne       was gratifying for Macie to see him in that       renting out their home for porn shots.
Texas Hippie Coalition                                                                  June 24             The Gin Mill                     Fort Wayne       state, thanks to a joke she told. And while            You can’t make this stuff up, but you
Those Darlins ($7)                                                                      Aug. 13             CS3 Tiger Room                   Fort Wayne
                                                                                                                                                              she admires Stern, she drew the line at going     can make it funny, and that’s Macie’s stock
Three Dog Night ($25)                                                                   July 15             Foellinger Theatre               Fort Wayne
Tim McGraw w/Luke Bryan & The Band Perry                                                June 24             DTE Energy Music Theatre Clarkston, MI            topless on his show, as many not-so-proper        in trade. To Macie, comedy isn’t simply en-
Tim McGraw w/Luke Bryan & The Band Perry                                                July 16             First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre Tinley Park, IL   ladies have done in the past.                     tertainment; it’s her calling. She even trav-
Tim McGraw w/Luke Bryan & The Band Perry                                                July 17             Verizon Wireless Music Center Noblesville              “I had my excuse all planned on the          eled, with a number of other women comics,
Tim McGraw w/Luke Bryan & The Band Perry                                                July 31             Riverbend Music Center              Cincinnati    plane ride. I was going to tell him, ‘Look,       to Iraq and Kuwait to perform for soldiers as
Tim Wilson w/John Burton ($14.50)                                                       July 28-30          Snickerz Comedy Club             Fort Wayne       I adore you, but I’m not showing you my           part of the “It’s Not That Time of the Month”
Toots & The Maytals ($25)                                                               July 13             Magic Bag                        Ferndale, MI     breasts. I wouldn’t even show them to FDR.’       tour.
The Tossers ($6)                                                                        Aug. 19             Botanical Conservatory           Fort Wayne       But you know what? He didn’t ask. It was               Macie might be on the young side (she
Trace Adkins                                                                            July 16             Fraze Pavilion                  Kettering, OH
Umphrey’s McGee w/Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears                                      June 25             White River State Park            Indianapolis
                                                                                                                                                              lovely.”                                          was born in 1975), but she’s old enough to
Underoath w/Letlive, Times of Grace & Stray from the Path                               July 21             Headliners                             Toledo          In addition to her obviously charming        have figured a few things out. She no lon-
Uriah Heep                                                                              June 17             Fraze Pavilion                  Kettering, OH     appearance on Stern, she’s gone on “Talk          ger worries about bombing on stage because
UV Hippo w/Yamn                                                                         July 31             The Gin Mill                     Fort Wayne       Soup,” E! Entertainment Television and has        she’s gotten enough laughs and enough gigs
Valencia w/With Honors & Don’t Call It a Comeback ($10-$12)                             July 3              Emerson Theater                   Indianapolis    been called “an emerging talent to watch”         to know she’s good at what she does. And,
Vanity Theft w/People at Parties                                                        June 19             The Brass Rail                   Fort Wayne       by the Hollywood Reporter. She’s also per-        instead of trying to compete with her fel-
Veil of Maya w/The Contortionist ($10-$13)                                              June 25             Emerson Theater                   Indianapolis    formed for the troops and is featured in the      low female comedians, she wants to help lift
Volbeat w/Cold & Anchored ($20 adv., $23 d.o.s.)                                        July 28             Piere’s                          Fort Wayne
Warped Tour                                                                             July 7              Verizon Wireless Music Center Noblesville
                                                                                                                                                              new documentary I Am Comic along with             them up.
Warped Tour                                                                             July 8              Comerica Park                           Detroit   comic legends Roseanne Barr, Tim Allen                 “That’s my dream, to have the ability to
Warped Tour                                                                             July 9              First Midwest Bank AMphitheatre Chicago           and Louis C.K.                                    really help other female comics,” she said.
Warped Tour                                                                             July 20             Tower City Amphitheatre             Cleveland          “There’s all these really great comedi-      “I don’t think women champion women
Weird Al Yankovic ($15-$35)                                                             July 2              Meadow Brook Music Festival             Detroit   ans and then one who drives a Toyota Echo.        enough. I mean, after ‘Last Comic Standing’
Whitechapel w/Oceano & Within Ruins ($15-$18)                                           July 15             Emerson Theater                   Indianapolis    Me.”                                              I finally got to the point where I was head-
Whitney Cummings                                                                        June 16             Vic Theatre                           Chicago          Macie’s website URL is aprilmacie-           lining gigs, but if you’re a middle woman,
Widow w/Argonaut, Sacred Dawn, Vindicator, Draekon, Age of Distrust & A Tortured Soul   June 17             Frontier Ranch                 Petaskala, OH
                                                                                                                                                    , and she is hilarious. Don’t      if you’re in the supporting role, chances are
Yellowcard & Good Charlotte                                                             June 18             Murat Egyptian Room               Indianapolis
Yes & Styx                                                                              July 19             Verizon Wireless Music Center Noblesville
                                                                                                                                                              believe me? Check out the video of Macie          you can only [book] club dates if you’re on
Yes & Styx                                                                              July 20             DTE Energy Music Center Clarkston, MI             playing a deaf prostitute on hand to service      the road with some guy who’s perving on
                                                                                                                                                              a white gorilla and you’ll get an idea of her     you. And you have to tolerate that because
                                                                                                                                                              natural gifts. Aiding her God-given talents is    no one will book two women in one night.
                                               Road Tripz                                                                                                     her aforementioned checkered past which, in
                                                                                                                                                              addition to some high school-age indiscre-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                They’ll book two guys until the cows come
                                                                                                                                                                                                                home, but not two women, and that has to
                              BackWater                                         June 18................................Charlie’s, Hicksville, OH              tions, includes work as a Hooters waitress, a     change.”
July 1 .............. Salamonie Summer Festival, Warren                                                     My Lost Tribe                                     nanny, a clown’s assistant and a telemarket-           She sighed and paused for a moment. “I
Aug. 18-21 ............Indiana Beach Resort, Monticello                         June 25................................... Remedy, Convoy, OH                 er. She was fired from most, if not all, of her   guess it’s up to me to fix it. I want to be the
Aug. 27 ............... Jellystone Campground, Plymouth                                                Out From Darkness                                      jobs. And she was engaged once but broke it       Betty Friedan of my generation.”
      Dan Dickerson and the Harp Condition                                      June 24.............................Planet Rock, Battle Creek
July 1-4 ..................... Grateful Fest, Garretsville, OH                                     Spike and the Bulldogs
                           Grave Robber                                         June 24................. Putman County Fair, Ottawa, OH
June 28................Cornerstone Festival, Bushnell, IL                       June 25......... Blackford County 4-H Fair, Hartford City
July 15 ........................... Sonshine Fest, Wilmar, MN                   June 25...... Covered Bridge Festival, Centerville, MI
Aug. 19 .................State Theatre, St. Petersburg, FL                      July 4 .................................... Maconaqah Park, Peru
Aug. 20 ................................. Godzfest, Palmetto, FL                July 17 ............Friends of the Arts, Ft. Recovery, OH
                            The J Taylors                                       July 18 ...................Madison County Fair, Alexandria
June 24.......... Willshire Days Festival, Willshire, OH                        July 22 ........... Randolph Nursing Home, Winchester
                               KillNancy                                        July 30 ...Hickory Acres Campground, Edgerton, OH
July 15 ..................... Rehab Bar & Grill, Indianapolis                   Aug. 6 ..........................Stateline Festival, Union City
                           Kill The Rabbit                                                                   Start Me Up
June 18...................... Rockford Days, Rockford, OH                       July 8 .................................. The Shed, Maryville, TN
June 24................... The Blarney Stone, South Bend                        July 9 ...........Wild Cat Harley Davidson, London, KY
June 25................................ Greazy Pickle, Portland                                          Taylor Fredricks
July 4 .........Van Wert County Fairgrounds, Van Wert                           June 17.................................. The Gear, Franklin, IN
July 8 ........................................Yeehas, Orgeon, OH                Fort Wayne Area Performers: To get your gigs on
July 30 ......................The Ugly Monkey, Indianapolis                       this list, give us a call at 424-4200, fax your info to
Aug. 11 .......................... American Legion, Van Wert                       424-6600, e-mail or mail
Aug. 20 ................................ Greazy Pickle, Portland                 to whatzup, 1747 Saint Marys Ave., Fort Wayne, IN
                             Meanstreak                                                                           46808.

June 16, ’11 --------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 19

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