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					                      SEPTEMBER &
                     OCTOBER 2011

Atlanta Pride


  Xanna Don’t:
   Faceless on

 What would Skylar White do?
        text messages from hell
about this publication
     Previously published in the 1990‟s in
Austin, Texas, this humble „zine began simply as
my band‟s newsletter and unintentionally evolved
into a regional Texas publication.
     Since relocating to Atlanta, I was the
Entertainment Editor of Atlanta‟s lesbian
magazine, Labrys, until its demise in 2009, and
had an adventurous stint as Contributing and then
Interim Editor for the GLBT news weekly, ATL Free
Press, defunct in 2010.
     Amidst the ever changing landscape of
Atlanta‟s gay media scene, I‟ve revived Don’t
Label It! and the concept of cross-pollinating on
paper and online the worlds I‟ve always lived in:
the live music scene, film happenings, and the
gay community. Within these pages, they coexist
in harmony.
     Thanks for picking us up!
                                                 Xanna Don’t
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Beverly McClellan has The Voice
by Xanna Don’t

When the booming yet flexible voice of Beverly
McClellan hits Atlanta Pride, every head in
Piedmont Park will turn like Christina
Aguilera‟s cockpit chair on NBC‟s hipper
version of Idol, The Voice. Her talent demands
it. Beverly possesses an undeniable sincerity
that instantly relates in her performances.
Now, she has finally arrived.

Xanna Don’t: This year you had an amazing
breakthrough on NBC‟s new singing talent show,
The Voice. Did it surprise you? Were you
surprised that you received the most votes in
the semi-finals on Christina Aguilera‟s
impressive vocal team?
Beverly McClellan: Absolutely! America is
growing up to pass a girl like me through.

XD: Much to NBC‟s credit, they don‟t have an
age cutoff for contenders on The Voice. But
you mentioned a couple of times on the show
that you were the oldest contestant to make
it. Having two decades of experience under
your belt must have contributed to your
ability to shine under pressure, but did you
worry being older could cost you votes? Was
your age ever a concern for you?

BM: I don't feel my age negatively impacted
my chances on the show. I was never concerned
that I might not connect with audiences based
on my age. Music transcends age boundaries, I
believe. My many years of experience
definitely added a confidence on stage, but
experienced or not, we were all there to
connect with America as performers.

XD: At what point in the audition process did
you become excited about the possibility of
national television exposure?

BM: I was excited for the possibility of
national exposure from the very start when I
auditioned in Miami. It is difficult for local
artists to break through. Whether that was
ever my destiny, I wanted to give my music the
chance to be heard outside of South Florida.

XD: The Voice emulates the process record
companies used to employ: find talent based on
hearing it first and then groom it, not mold
it. For so long, the recording industry has
based who they sign on image or on how many
albums an act is able to sell independently
(which isn‟t always a reflection of talent).
Do you think The Voice can influence the way
labels sign artists?

BM: I do. The whole premise negates the trend
of sex symbols behind a microphone. It
embraces artists for their individuality and
talent first. The success of the show stands
as a model of the importance to let music
shine above all else.

XD: It was fabulous that you, Vicci Martinez,
and that big loveable bear, Nakia—all openly
gay performers—were embraced by the show‟s
producers and the thousands of fans who voted
for all of you. Would you have participated if
they‟d asked you to downplay being a lesbian?

BM: I would not have been involved with the
program if I or anyone else was asked to hide
who they are. I've always lived expressing
myself truly; I could never hide that and
would never want anyone to be influenced to,
for that matter. The second song on my latest
self-titled record was written with that very
idea in mind: I Can't Hide Me.

XD: You seem like the kind of person who
won‟t be changed by your “overnight” success.
What‟s your philosophy? How do you approach
life as a musical performer?

BM: I never forget where I came from. I have
my Grandmother's seed planted inside of me.
Like roots, that mentality and her memory are
a part of who I am. When everyday life grows
faster than we do, I think we have to embrace
our beginnings to catch up.

XD: Did you get married yet? Will your
fellow Aguilera teammate Frenchie Davis sing
at your wedding, as reported?

BM: The wedding hasn't happened yet, but
there will be many from my Voice family there
to embrace our union.

XD: You‟re a Florida native, currently based
in Fort Lauderdale. What does it mean to you
to play Atlanta Pride, the biggest gay pride
celebration in the southeast?

BM: I'm honored to be a part of this event. I
have said it before and I am sure to again: I
will do me no matter what. Our differences are
vast, but music is what brings us all
together. I believe in being the change you
want to see. Pride events mirror the notion of
staying true despite any obstacle.

Beverly McClellan plays the Coca-Cola stage on
Sunday, October 9, at 4:45 pm.

The Voice returns to NBC on February 5, 2012,
following Super Bowl XLVI.
Xanna’s interview with Beverly McClellan also appears in
Pride’s official 2011 magazine guide available online at
more Pride music            by Xanna Don’t

                                    Similarly over-
                                    due for the big
                                    lesbian local
                                    legend Michelle
                                    Malone [left]
                                    was described
                                    by The Village
                                    Voice as being
                                    more than on
                                    par with Sheryl
                                    Crow and
                                    deserving to be
“rubbing shoulders with The Allman Brothers and
Buddy Guys of the world.” She had a break in the
television world this year, too, when her song,
Restraining Order Blues, played within a recent
episode of True Blood. Recently she added a couple
of well deserved wall hangings to her home: Gold
and Platinum records for co-writing with The Indigo
Girls. Tirelessly touring, The Michelle Malone
Banned (cheeky take on “band”) is also deserving of
a big hometown welcome at Atlanta Pride this year.
Tuck some extra cash in your pocket to pick up the
new album, Debris, at the merch booth after their
set on Pride‟s Coca-Cola stage, 10/08 @ 5:30 pm.

     God-des and She are yet another act owing
their momentum to the small screen. In 2006,
Showtime‟s The L Word propelled them to big venue
status with their #1 Logo charting, rap/soul hit,
Love You Better. This year‟s new album, Three,
produced by Brian Hardgroove (Public Enemy, Wu
Tang, Aerosmith) threatens to hoist the duo even
further. But their Atlanta Pride performance on
10/09 @ 5:30 pm should assure their lesbian base
who they love best.

                                           Childhood friends
                                         who reconnected
                                         musically years
                                         later, Louisville,
                                         Kentucky‟s Amanda
                                         Lucas and Audrey
                                         Cecil are as
                                         separately as they
                                         are terrific
                                         together under the
       Photo of Bridge 19 by Patty Henry moniker Bridge 19.
Last year, they won the local performer spot for
Lilith Fair‟s Indianapolis stop. Equal parts pop
and folk, their arrangements creep into Americana
easily as they harmonize like siblings. But mostly
these gals display a clear comprehension of the
value of being working musicians and, like Beverly
McClellan and Michelle Malone, have the attitude
and heart to gracefully ascend as an act. See them
10/09 @ 3 pm on the Bud Light Stage. www.alac-

      Utah‟s buff, wholesome-looking hard rocker
Justin Utley excommunicated himself from The Mormon
Church, publicly denouncing their “conversion
therapy” after undergoing it for two years. Last
year, he appeared in a leading role in the musical
“Our Country” at the New York Theater Festival.
This year, he was chosen as one of Next Magazine‟s
“Who‟s Next.” Activist, musician, singer, and
actor, his self-penned, big sky country-tinged
ballad, Stand For Something, reminds us how
resolutely he does. Justin performs 10/08 @ 2:50 pm
on the Coca Cola Stage.
   “I feel like the gays are always first,” says
New York-born, international pop/dance diva Wynter
Gordon of her appreciation for the LGBT community‟s
                                   taste during a
                                   live web chat
                                   Sitting on a
                                   greaser flamed
                                   car seat
                                   sporting a chic
                                   „70s „fro, she
tells Pride audiences to expect “a lot of soul and
sweat.” Having already written for Mary J. Blige
and Flo Rida, her debut album, With The Music I
Die, dropped in Australia last June and is due in
the states by the end of the year. Its hit single,
Dirty Talk, went triple Platinum down under and
topped the U.S. dance charts as well. Wynter can
likely expect a jubilant audience reaction when she
performs Putting It Out There (Pride), a
promotional single that was the official theme of
Sidney‟s 2011 celebration. In addition to Atlanta
Pride, you can see her as a guest judge on Simon
Cowell‟s upcoming new Fox talent show, The X
Factor. Wynter‟s Pride set is 10/08 @ 7:55 pm on
the Coca-Cola Stage.

    With Feel Your Love, Secret Love, and Cry
Tonight (Kiss Me Back), Kim Sozzi is another solid-
voiced diva well acquainted with the rare air at
the top of the dance charts. Her new song, Rated R,
takes on a sociopolitical tone as its video spills
images of high profile women done wrong by their
men. But it‟s not a downer—you‟ll still feel
compelled to dance with abandon as you commiserate
with her observations on 10/09 @ 4:10 pm, Coca-Cola
     Pride‟s Saturday night headliner is the multi-
talented, multi-Platinum recording artist Deborah
Cox. In 1998, her single, Nobody’s Supposed To Be
Here, became the longest running #1 hit in
Billboard‟s R&B chart history. She‟s racked up ten
#1 dance hits since then as well. In other words,
this woman has sold a lot of records. Deborah has
also appeared on Broadway in Elton John and Tim
Rice‟s Aida as the title character and returns to
the Great White Way next year to portray Josephine
Baker in Josephine. Her Pride appearance on 10/08 @
8:35 pm (Coca-Cola Stage) is a true triumph for

     A new line-up of glam outfit The Sexual Side
Effects emerged this year to a vastly increased
audience. Still fronted by Amber Taylor, a
transgendered lesbian rumored to be Ziggy
Stardust‟s baby sister, the backbone of the band is
now fused by straight ax men with one mission: play
her songs really well. They succeed. This summer,
Amber created a theme night called “Gilded Trash”
that was hugely attended at iconic Atlanta music
venue The Masquerade, holding promise of a reprise.
In their newest incarnation, the SSE‟s dreamy rock
sound is more accessible than ever. Catch „em on
10/08 @ 3:55 pm, Bud Light Stage.

     A new side of Promise has also emerged this
year. Her sound is tighter, poppier, and radio-
friendly. She once had a job at Arista Records in
New York City where she learned the ropes of the
business, which no doubt served her well in
securing a role in the choir of the upcoming
Atlanta-filmed Queen Latifah vehicle, Joyful Noise,
with Dolly Parton. Promise has done her homework
and is ready for the test, 10/08 @ 4:40 pm (Bud
Light Stage).
     New Yorker Sir Ari Gold could be described as
the Jewish Lady Gaga; he‟s not afraid to mix up his
musical influences or his fashion choices and is
adept at both. He also DJs at East Village gay bar
The Cock when he‟s not juggling gigs in the
Catskills with his brother, Elon. Let‟s hope Ari
brings his ferocious tiger costume from his The
Human Way It Is video. His is an act that must be
seen, 10/09 @ 6:15 pm on the Coca-Cola Stage.
     Local band The Orkids are a catchy, high
energy synth pop encounter reminiscent of „80s acts
The Human League and The Eurythmics. They have
sharp musical chops, crafty songwriting skills, and
were honored earlier this year as one of the Top 30
Athens Bands by prestigious Paste Magazine. They
play Pride 10/08 @ 3:35 pm on the Coca-Cola Stage.
     Fronted by vocalist and pianist John SH!
Williams, newcomers Hemming and Hawing vault dance-
pop gymnastics with the adroitness of Vince Clark‟s
Erasure. But upon closer listen, it‟s really the
beauty of that band‟s predecessor, Yaz, and their
early „80s contemporaries, This Mortal Coil, that
shimmers in H&H‟s experimental ballads. Their live
shows are known to pause for bombastic, impromptu
“chug fests,” so have a beer at hand to join in the
merriment at their Pride debut on 10/09 @ 4:20 pm,
Bud Light Stage.
     North Carolina transplant Nubia Soul GODdes
embodies a soothing, „1970s vibe. Her relaxed,
nurturing sound lulls and boogies with shades of
disco. An accomplished percussionist, she writes,
arranges, sings, plays and produces her original
music. She is earth mother to her own contagious
sound. Groove along on 10/08 @ 2:20 pm, Bud Light
     Chicago gal moves to Nashville and gets
positive attention from the jaded, ornery country
music industry. That‟s Katie Quick‟s story in a
nutshell. Of her single, Best In Me, “Sweet as
candy,” was Music Row Magazine‟s decree, and we
agree. Play that one again! Hear it 10/09 @ 3:40
pm, Bud Light Stage.
     Young Atlanta country musician Hannah Thomas
brings a full throated approach to her repertoire.
Local openly-gay drummer Clay Cook compares her to
Gretchen Wilson and Shawn Mullins has acerbically
observed, “No auto tune needed for that voice.”
Hear it yourself on 10/08 @ 2 pm, Coca-Cola Stage.

still more Pride music
Fresh faced Good Girl Alexis Jordan mixes Taylor Swift
aesthetics with a Beyonce-influenced pop sound; she may
be only 18 years old, but she‟s already scored a dance
hit with Happiness.
Billboard‟s Breakout Act of 2005, Atlanta hip hop/new
wave duo Slick & Rose prove they‟re still relevant after
a decade of performing (
while Tupelo‟s Dusty and The Robodrum take a jamming,
Dave Matthews approach to blues rock.
Established Atlanta funksters Gurufish play Prince-
inspired patter with percussive guitar riffs. Atlanta vocalist Shade sings
silky electro pop with rap breaks. And returning to
Pride‟s stages this year, Michel Jons Band brings the
wedding reception experience to the park as Demizes, a
#1 IAIRA recording artist, shakes his well received
Onion in tight undies and satin shirts.

Xanna’s full Pride music preview also appears in Pride’s
official 2011 magazine guide. View it online at
encounters                                 TUESDAY   September 27
                                           Miller Light Concert Series presents
SUNDAY  September 18
                                           Lily of The Suburbs [pictured], The
16th Annual Fall Garden Party benefiting
                                           Canvas Waiting, and Mike Killeen
Atlanta Lesbian Health Initiative
                                           @ Smith‟s Olde Bar, ATL
@ Einstein‟s , ATL 4—8 pm

The Prime Time Emmy Awards
on Fox

Equally Wed Magazine presents
Love Is Love Wedding Show
@ W Hotel Midtown ATL
                                           September 29—October 6
                                           OUT ON FILM GLBT Film Fest
MONDAY  September 19
                                           @ Midtown Art Cinema, more
Season 13 premiere of
Dancing With The Stars on ABC
with Chaz Bono, Nancy Grace, more
                                           SATURDAY   October 1
                                           Party At Ponce featuring
                                           Shawn Mullins [pictured with Xanna
                                           Don‟t], Francine Reed, and The Indigo
                                           Girls with food samples from
                                           Watershed, Rathbun‟s, Yeah! Burger,
                                           more @ Ponce City Market 7—11 pm

FRIDAY September 23
Atlanta Food Rave 7 pm
@ Andrews Entertainment Complex
                                     MONDAY October 10
SATURDAY  October 1                  The Rosie Show debuts on OWN
Atlanta Field Day benefiting
C.H.R.I.S. Kids 9 am—1 pm
@ Westminster Presbyterian Church

                                     SUNDAYOctober 16
SUNDAY  October 2
                                     AIDS Walk Atlanta
Dexter returns on Showtime
                                     FRIDAY October 16
                                     Frisky Monkey CD RELEASE
                                     @ Red Light Café, ATL 8 PM

MONDAY October 3
Candye Kane @ Sister Louisa‟s, ATL

WEDNESDAY   October 5
The Lemonheads performing
“It‟s A Shame About Ray”
@ The Earl SOLD OUT
                                     TUESDAY  November 1
                                     LGBT Town Hall Meeting with
October 6—8                          Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed and
A3C Hip Hop Festival                 Atlanta Police Chief George Turner
@ Masquerade, ATL                    @ St. Mark‟s United Methodist          
OUT on the big screen
by Xanna Don’t

Atlanta‟s OUT ON FILM returns September 29—October 6 at Midtown Art
Cinema. Here are some highlights for Don’t Label It! readers.

THE GREEN, Sunday 10/02 @ 7:25 pm
                                       It‟s difficult to describe The Green as a
                                    gay film because it‟s written on such a
                                    human level that it defies any simple
                                    classification. Its lead character, Michael
                                    Gavin (OBIE Award Winner, Jason Butler
                                    Harner), retreats from New York City with
                                    his lover/partner—not his husband—to a
                                    small Connecticut town to teach high school
                                    while writing a book. But the town and mis-
construed events within it write the story for him. As unintentionally as his
path twists, so slip the words from each well written character‟s lips. Much
like real life experiences, they wish, as we all so often do, that they could take
their misspoken syllables back, often within a breath of their utterance. We
don‟t mean to say the wrong things; we just do. But like the charges of
inappropriate conduct with a student made against Michael, once they‟re out
there, they exist.
    “As far as anyone around here is concerned, you‟re guilty,” cautions Julia
Ormond as the focused yet amicable lesbian attorney who seeks to clear
Michael‟s name. But as alarming as the overall situation is for him, and the
whole town, there are no histrionics in the acting or delivery of this superb
script. The film‟s tone is as smooth and glassy as any day would be in a
bucolic, affluent New England town, which makes for a very ordinary, realistic
witch hunt—the truly scary kind. Ileana Douglas uses her effective, relaxed
brand of humor as Michael‟s fun work friend, gracefully chuckling through
cancer with no Grace Adler stunt work. Even the strident, uptight high school
principal‟s wife, played perfectly by Mary McCann, is never over-the-top;
you‟ve met this woman before and, although she‟s a force, she‟s not a
caricature. The Green is filled with such well pitched performances all around.
It‟s completely believable storytelling.
WISH ME AWAY, Wednesday, 10/05 @ 7:15 pm
     “I‟m so ashamed it‟s taken me so long to come out,” says country vocalist Chely
Wright as she confesses its announcement is being carefully coordinated by a new
manager, a literary agent, and a slew of other industry professionals. It must be the
most elaborately planned self outing ever,
including a record album, a book, an
advance interview with The Advocate,
private (yet filmed) spiritual guidance, savvy
PR “media training,” and this documentary
film, Wish Me Away. But Chely is clearly a
gal who was used to being molded, initially
by her mother‟s failed singing aspirations
and secondly by the country music
establishment itself. She moved to
Nashville from Kansas in 1989 with a
competent pop voice and by 1995 was
                                                          Photo by Tanya Braganti
honored with a new artist CMA. That period
punch lines the film with lots of bad „80s hair and banal, forgettable songs. But it
didn‟t have to; this era was also the dawn of the alt-country movement (now
Americana) that glowed with Dwight Yoakum, Lyle Lovett, Lucinda Williams, k.d.
lang—who came out in 1992—and in 1991, the first country act to be nominated for
a Best New Artist Grammy since the early 1960s, The Kentucky Headhunters. By
1999, Chely‟s #1 hit, “Single White Female (Is Looking For A Man Like You),” clearly
exposes an artist under the influence of the industry machine: it‟s an awful song.
She tells us in her video diary that she‟d planned to come out when she had a chart
topper—but she didn‟t. Instead she publicly, opportunistically dated earnest country
heartthrob Brad Paisley, recording duets and appearing at the Grand Ole Opry with
him. But mostly she amplified her sex symbol image, making videos stuffed with
glamour shots better enjoyed with the sound off, allowing herself to be hard-baked
by the country cookie-cutter mill that eschews everything that‟s cool about the genre.
Enter the legendary Rodney Crowell and both Chely and the audience can sigh with
relief. With her toe dipped in authenticity, his production brought out the best in her
and the music got better. People who love smart country music can also lament that
it took her so long to come out, but we‟re listening now.
                                GONE, Wednesday, 10/05 @ 5:35 pm
                                      If you‟ve been riveted by the sagas of The Eagle
                                  Bar Raid and Amanda Knox, this Tribeca-shown
                                  documentary is for you. Gone is the story of Kathryn
                                  Gilleran, a mother and former police officer who
                                  travels from her home in upstate New York to Austria
                                  to investigate her gay son Aeryn‟s sudden and
                                  inexplicable disappearance from a public sauna in
2007. But Vienna‟s version of Bennie and The Red Dogs has casually concluded,
without a body, that he committed “spontaneous suicide,” as they purport gays
routinely do. They abuse and intimidate her with the same level of hubris inflicted on
Atlanta Eagle patrons in 2009. Navigating her own private inquest in a foreign
country with no authority and little help proves emotionally gut-wrenching, but she
doesn‟t give up. What could make her son run naked into the street, mysteriously out
of sight?

THE NIGHT WATCH, Tuesday 10/04 @ 5:35 pm
    Adapted from the lengthy novel by Sarah
Waters, BBC Two‟s The Night Watch is a made-
for-British-television movie that graphically depicts
the horrors of wartime for gays and women as well
as war itself. The film explores in reverse the
intertwined lives of World War II Londoners who
must manage their own personal desperations
while surviving the war. This dichotomy brings out
the best and worst in them, aspects revealed with
suspense through rapid rewind editing, an unusual technique for a period drama.
Shot in faded Technicolor almost akin to a sepia wash, it‟s an edgy take on a well
worn era.

Friday, 09/03 @ 3:50 pm
    The Lulu Sessions is a film
about a lesbian couple who never
were. This documentary depicts a
relationship between its filmmaker,
S. Casper Wong, and her subject,
Dr. Louise “Lulu” Nutter, that never
fully developed because there were always other things that took precedence:
mostly academia, some men, and ultimately, cancer. But this realization does not
unfold wistfully because Lulu, ironically an acclaimed cancer researcher who
diagnosed herself, is a hoot and a half. She‟s brilliant, cantankerous, problematic,
often drunk, funny, and endearing. And she‟s dying.

                                                   Monday, 10/03 @ 5:20 pm
                                                      This French film with English
                                                   subtitles reminds us of the classic
                                                   song from Broadway‟s South
                                                   Pacific, “You Have To Be Carefully
                                                   Taught.” There‟s so much children
                                                   instinctively know until parents and
society unlearn „em. In a new home and neighborhood, prepubescent Laure
introduces herself as Mikael to the local kids and passes for a boy, engaging in
summertime games and swimming. They have a pretty good time until Mikael gets
too aggressive and hurts a chum, causing parental intervention and a cruel outing.
Sensitive performances from a cohesive group of fine child actors make this film
worth seeing.

THAT’S MY NUN, Tuesday, 10/04 @ 4:15 pm
   Well, they‟re not really “our” nuns, but we do have a fine convent of our own in
the ATL! You‟ve seen them in their white mime faces and elaborate habits in the
Pride parade and parading about town doing good deeds. The cloisters of The
Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence depicted in this docu are based in Europe and
San Francisco, but the order‟s purpose internationally is the same: raise awareness
of HIV prevention methods and spread joy. Local sister Gunza Blazin‟ better warm
up her clogs and practice her do-re-me‟s: the Parisian nuns sing! There‟s no limit to
their antics and make-up in the spirit of saving lives. Genuflect in thanks.

Check Don’t Label It!’s blog page at for more film
previews and updates during the festival.

                                   Individual tickets available at Midtown Art Cinema.
                                                    More info and all access passes at

& October
                      What would Skylar do?                       What would Xanna don’t?
                  I wanted the carwash to launder              Don‟t overdue it. Use just the right
  VIRGO           Walt‟s money for our family and with         amount of pressure and effort for
                  patience and determination, I got it.        winning results. All in good measure.
                  My dalliance with Ted was an angry,          Don‟t fall for free flowing flattery. It‟s
  LIBRA           confusing time. I love Walter and I‟m        nice to hear, but keep it real as you
                  committed to him and my family.              bat your eyes with appreciation.
                  I bail Ted out of his tax troubles and       Don‟t bet the farm! Don‟t bet anything
 SCORPIO          he leases a Mercedes? You got a              at all. Money pitfalls can be long and
                  friend you can never help enough?            deep these days. Spend cautiously.
                  I don‟t always see eye to eye with           Don‟t assume you have all the
SAGITTARIUS       Saul, but he can be a resourceful            answers. Is there someone better
                  attorney at times. Worth a listen.           versed on the issue who could help?
                  Sometimes you‟ve gotta put on a              Don‟t leave your bank statement on
CAPRICORN         push up bra, fluff up your blond             the coffee table for nosy neighbors to
                  locks, and beguile the IRS agent.            see. Commit it to memory and shred!
                  Inventing the successful gambling            Don‟t be shy when people notice your
AQUARIUS          cover story for Walt‟s money was a           abilities. Enjoy your accomplishments
                  genius way to help Hank and Marie.           and revel in the future you‟re building.
                  A surprise pregnancy at 40 will              Don‟t whack those donkeys into the
  PISCES          make you slow down and evaluate              wee hours of the morning. It‟s fine to
                  your life. My kids always come first.        leave the party when you‟re tired.
                  Slow and steady hides the money.             Don‟t have the attention span you
  ARIES           Just ring in those car washes, one           used to? Is ADD contagious? Of
                  here, one there, then another…               course not. Be methodical and focus.
                  The cash is coming in faster than I          Don‟t let success spoil the beautiful
 TAURUS           can hide it! And now the car wash is         flow of your everyday life. Make your
                  turning a profit? Busy, busy, busy!          fans work around your schedule.
                  It would appear to anyone that I‟m a         Don‟t accept what people say at face
  GEMINI          cashier at a car wash. “Please give          value. If you want to know what they
                  this to your car care professional.”         really mean, examine their motives.
                  “Married couples can‟t be compelled          Don‟t go it alone. There‟s so much
 CANCER           to testify against one another.” This        ahead and you‟ll need somebody you
                  all works so much better together.           can trust as you go through it.
                  I understand why Hank did what he            Don‟t refuse acknowledgement or
   LEO            did. He wanted to provide for his            praise. Always consider its source,
                  family after his death from cancer.          but you still know you deserve it.
      Anna Gunn portrays Skylar White on Breaking Bad.
      [These forecasts are the author’s interpretation of what the onscreen personality might say.]
Faceless on FACEBOOK
by Xanna Don’t

                                         On August 11, my only
                                         Facebook page
                                         disappeared. It was
                                         completely hidden from
                                         view. For two weeks
                                         prior, my page had been
                                         visible to others, but my
                                         access to it had been
suspended due to “inauthentic name.”
    During that time, I sent the nameless FB folks emails,
letters, and voice mails (no one answers the phone in their
Palo Alto offices) appealing to be deemed an authentic person
in their faceless eyes. Then I finally received a reply from
“Barry” in their User Operations department. Here is what
Barry-with-no-last-name had to robotically say:
Facebook is a community where people use their real identities. We require
everyone to provide their real first and last names and real birthday so
you always know who you’re connecting with.
Please reply to this email and attach a digital image of one of the acceptable
documents outlined below so we can verify your account information. We
will permanently delete our record of this digital image from our servers
after we use it to confirm your identity.
If you have a government-issued ID (ex: passport or drivers license) please
attach that.
If you do not have a government-issued ID, please attach copies of at least
TWO documents that:
- Are from a respected institution (ex: business, school, university)
- Combined show your full name, birthday, and picture
Some examples of acceptable documents include:
- School or work ID
- Utility bill
- Marriage license
- Legal name change paperwork
- Credit card (with the number blacked out)
- Birth certificate
Be sure to black out any personal information that is not needed to verify
your identity (ex: address, license number, credit card number). If possible,
please save this file as a JPEG.
Note that we won’t be able to assist with this account you until we receive
your identification.
Thanks for your patience,
User Operations

A portion of my original appeal:

From: Xanna Don’t
To: The Facebook Team
Subject: Re: My Personal Profile was Disabled

Please restore my account.
Xanna Don’t is not an inauthentic name. It’s my name.
I have been Xanna Don’t for more than three decades. It was my stage
name for 20+ years. It has been my pen name as well. It is the name my family
calls me. No one knows me by my birth name. My bank even accepts checks
made out to Xanna Don’t for deposit. I am Xanna Don’t.
    Other celebrities have personal pages as their stage names; Elvis Costello is
one. Please allow me access to my Facebook page again. It is my ONLY
Facebook page. I have almost 1400 friends who obviously know me as Xanna
Don’t. I even have a wife listed on my page who knows me as Xanna Don’t.
It is my name in every practical way imaginable…

   In my appeal, I also attached my professional bio and listed
some press quotes. As emails between me and Barry-with-no-
last-name progressed, he elevated my status from “disabled”
to merely “suspended,” and then back to disabled again. At
one point, I faxed 22 pages of my 100+ page press kit to him.
If The Boston Globe thinks I‟m Xanna Don‟t, why not
  If you have an           Why does this happen? The suspicion
     additional        is that Facebook wants “real” names
  Facebook page        because they are going to sell our
   for your cat,       information. When you post a note or a
 advertisers balk.     photo, their terms stipulate that they then
   Fluffy has no       own it. And they need to substantiate
  buying power.        their member numbers to advertisers: if
                       you have an additional page for your cat,
advertisers balk. Fluffy has no buying power of her own in the
    But again, I have only one page and I wondered how it was
chosen for scrutiny. Some speculate that there is a specific
algorithm that winds its way around the Facebook universe
looking for abnormalities. Online publication Silicon Valley
Watcher found Arabic and Asian names that were targeted and
questioned if Facebook‟s “real name” policy is racist. I wonder
about drag queens, roller derby girls, transgendered people;
such an algorithm could be discriminatory on many levels.
Domestic violence victims, while not likely to choose a name
that would call too much attention to itself, could also be
victims of the “real” name policy if they don‟t have the means
to pay for a legal name change.
                                In my case, there‟s another, more
  Without access to
                            likely way I was victimized by this
    Facebook, I’ve
                            policy. I was reported. It‟s a vicious,
   essentially been
                            underhanded way to shut somebody
    bulldozed from
                            up. If I don‟t have the ability to
 Atlanta’s gay media
                            research, friend people, receive and
                            send event invitations, or post what‟s
going on with this „zine to Facebook, I‟ve essentially been
bulldozed from Atlanta‟s gay media landscape. It‟s a
McCarthy-like tactic that largely removes me from society.
Nowadays, public lives are lived on Facebook with our public
names, and my public name has been killed.
    What‟s truly mournful is that my time in Atlanta
represents a nanosecond of my life and the friends I made
during it. Cherished contacts regained from those very
meaningful years in my hometown of Boston, Massachusetts,
and my adopted hometown for a decade, Austin, Texas, have
been lost, too. In my efforts to craft an Act 2 for my life, access
to the talented cast of my hard-earned Act 1 has been
wrongfully obliterated. No one should have the ability to do
that to an individual by exploiting a disputable technicality.
Certainly no one who cares about the First Amendment and
considers themselves a journalist should. Someone is playing
a very, very dirty game.

ADDENDUM: As of 09/15, Facebook restored my page.
Here’s what Barry-with-no-last-name concluded via email:

Hi Xanna,

You'll be pleased to hear that our policies have
recently been updated, and since you have proved to
me already that you use this name in your everyday
life, I may give you access back to this account under
the name Xanna Don't. I want to thank you for your
patience and compliance through our correspondence
and this process. Enjoy the site!

Thanks for contacting Facebook,

User Operations

                 You can find Xanna Don’t on Facebook again at
               text messages from hell
me (08/21, 2:03 pm):                        me (08/21, 2:13 pm):                                   me (08/21, 2:22 pm):
I just tried to look up                     It‟s so bizarre. Why                                   We knew they fought
their “deputy editor”                       would she block you                                    dirty (“anonymous
through your Face-                          but not me? Why                                        source” sabotage;
book page and she                           now? They‟re covering                                  using children to call
has blocked you from                        their tracks.                                          me a bigot), but this is
finding her.                                the wife (08/21, 2:16                                  a new low. They sell
the wife (08/21, 2:05                       pm): Yes they are.                                     the idea of respect-
pm): What?                                  me (08/21, 2:18 pm):                                   ability, yet have none.
me (08/21, 2:08 pm):                        That‟s why Mr. PQ                                      the wife (08/21, 2:30
LDB herself has also                        was so expressionless                                  pm): This is
blocked you, but she                        at that benefit when I                                 inexcusable.
had never blocked                           told him I was kicked                                  me (08/21, 2:41 pm):
me. It was them.                            off FB for inauthentic                                 If they‟ll go this far to
They DEFINITELY                             name. He froze like I                                  get rid of me, imagine
did it.                                     was reading My Pet                                     what they‟ll do to TD if
the wife (08/21, 2:10                       Goat to a classroom;                                   he accepts the latest
pm): Omg!                                  he knew it wasn‟t                                      overtures from SoVo.
                                            random.                                                It never ends…

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