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					                                                                                                                              April - July, 2009

                                      Along the Coast
                                             to Labrador
                        Corporate Headquarters: Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada A0P 1C0

                Going Live with new Digital Mammography Technology
                                                              In May 2009, the Diagnostic Imaging Department at the Labrador Health
                                                         Center (LHC), in Happy Valley-Goose Bay went live with a new GE Essential Digi-
                                                         tal Mammography System, followed closely in June 2009, by the Diagnostic Im-
                                                         aging Department at the Captain William Jackman Memorial Hospital (CWJMH)
                                                         in Labrador City.
                                                              The new digital mammography equipment was an instant success with the
                                                         Diagnostic Imaging Mammography Technologists, allowing them to cut the
                                                         time it takes to conduct a mammogram by one half, within the first few days.
                                                         The image quality has been described as excellent by the Radiologists reading
                                                         the mammogram images and the turnaround time for a report to be returned to
                                                         the ordering physician or the health care provider at either LHC or CWJMH has
                                                         been significantly decreased. This has improved the quality of the mammogra-
                                                         phy service for these two sites and has significantly reduced the patients’ anxiety
associated with longer reporting times.
     The digital mammography image can be manipulated like any digital image, thereby allowing the Radiologist and Technolo-
gist to view structures deep inside the breast tissue in addition to areas on the surface of the breast, with only one radiation ex-
posure being made. Repeat mammograms are reduced with this new digital technology, as the post-processing software allows
the Technologist or Radiologist to highlight areas of interest and zoom in on areas that they want to see in more enhanced detail.
They can also change the parameters to view the image in various imaging formats. The digital mammography image manipula-
tion reduces the need for another radiation exposure, which is a significant improvement in patients’ radiation safety.
     Another huge improvement with a digital mammogram is that multiple health care professionals can view the image, at
one time, anywhere in the province. This allows the Technologist to consult with the reading Radiologist, the ordering physi-
cian or health care provider and to discuss the mammography images with a Surgeon or a Radiologist, etc. The two new digital
mammography machines are interfaced to the Provincial Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS) and can be
                                                             transferred on the secure network to the Radiologist in seconds after the Technologist
                                                             sends the image across into the PACS. Being able to share the digital mammogram is
   What’s Inside?                                            a major improvement to the mammography service. Now images can be retrieved by
                                                             a physician who is seeing the patient anywhere in the province, nearly eliminating the
 Foundation Update . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2             potential for mammograms to be lost or delayed.
 Worthy of Note . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4              Digital mammograms are now being stored indefinitely in the long-term storage
 Wellness Programs Available . . . . . 5                     archives in the province and past images can be retrieved in seconds by the Radiolo-
 Volunteer Week. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6         gist for comparison with current images. This has significantly improved the quality of
 Around the Region . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8             the mammography service in Labrador. High quality film digitizers have been installed
 Thank You . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9     at the two Diagnostic Imaging Departments to allow the previous film mammo-
 National Nursing Week. . . . . . . . . . . 10               grams to be digitized and sent to the Provincial PACS for Radiologists and Surgeons
 From the Homes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12           to compare previous mammography studies with the digital mammogram being
 Focus on Staff . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14     currently performed. Digitizing the previous mammogram film image speeds up the
 Employee Wellness . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15            turnaround time for a report from the Radiologist, as they no longer have to wait for
 Professional Development . . . . . . . 17                   images to arrive in the mail. Comparing the previous and current mammogram stud-
 Service Awards . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19       ies is a key element for a reporting Radiologist.
 Retirements . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20              Digital mammography installation at the two Labrador sites has been a sig-
 Obituary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 nificant improvement for everyone involved. A new Digital Mammography Unit will
 Comings and Goings . . . . . . . . . . . . 23               be installed at the Charles S. Curtis Memorial Hospital in St. Anthony in the fall of 2009.
 From the Past . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24
                                                       Wendy Christenssen, Regional Director of Diagnostic Services

    Heritage Day 2009
        Heritage Day 2009 celebrations, held in St. Anthony on Tuesday, July 14, 2009, started with thunder and lightning and ended
    with fireworks! The annual Grenfell Foundation (South Chapter) fundraiser and celebration of the Grenfell Legacy began with
    breakfast at the St. Anthony Lion’s Club at 7:00 a.m. By mid-afternoon, the clouds had cleared and the Teddy Bear Picnic got
    underway. Children of all ages flocked to the Grenfell Park with their Teddy Bears to enjoy an afternoon of fun and games. The
    evening events kicked off at 6:00 p.m. and young and old came together to enjoy a time of mingling with family and friends,
    both old and new, while listening to music and enjoying traditional Newfoundland foods. Ticket sales were brisk and the evening
    ended with fireworks near the harbour front… a great ending to a perfect day. Thanks to all volunteers, as well as to those who
    came out in support of the Grenfell Foundation’s continued fundraising efforts.

              A large crowd gathers at Grenfell Park to enjoy the festivities.   People gather around an open fire to sample a Newfie Mug-
                                                                                 up (roasted capelin, molasses bread and tea).

              L-R: Medical staff members, Dr. K. Aravind (Pediatrician)          (L-R): Kayla Carroll, Miss Teen Achievement New-
              and Dr. Mahesh Guntamukkala (Anesthesiologist) volun-              foundland and Labrador, spends time with Haley
              teer with ticket sales.                                            Keats and Emma Rumbolt.

                                                                                                                        Julie Nicholas,
                                                                                                                        COO (South)
                                                                                                                        everyone to
                                                                                                                        the evening’s
                                                                                                                        events while
             Miss Teen Newfoundland and Labrador, Chelsea                                                               emcee, Dave
             Squires (right), poses with Erica Pilgrim and her                                                          Elms looks on.
             mom, Kristen at the Teddy Bear Picnic.
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New Ophthalmology Equipment for Labrador West
                                                                                                     Thanks to funds raised during the 2008 Le-
                                                                                                gion Telethon in Labrador West, and to contribu-
                                                                                                tions from the Odd Fellows, the Hospital Auxiliary
                                                                                                and residents of Labrador West, three new pieces
                                                                                                of ophthalmology equipment are available at the
                                                                                                Captain William Jackman Memorial Hospital. In
                                                                                                the same way that Radiologists interpret x-rays on
                                                                                                a computer, it is now possible to screen for and
                                                                                                diagnose many diseases of the eye with the new
                                                                                                equipment, thereby improving quality and access
                                                                                                to care.
                                                                                                     A NIDEK AFC-230 Fundus camera has been
                                                                                                purchased. This is a “non-mydriatic” camera used
                                                                                                to examine the retina. These cameras were devel-
Displaying the new ophthalmology equipment are (l-r): Jocelyn Young, Tammy Turpin, Karen Old-
                                                                                                oped in the 1990’s, for ease of use in the develop-
ford, Eleanor Fowler, Dr. W. Arsenault, Vida Connors, Muck Connors, Ozette Simpson, Mike Tobin, ing world, where diabetes continues to be the
Bernie Denief, Patsy Ralph and Nazarie Simon.                                                   leading cause of blindness. For diabetes clients in
                                                                                                Labrador City and Wabush, this camera is meant
 to prevent unnecessary trips to larger centres and to ensure timely treatment, appropriate follow-up and reduced wait times for
 patients. The same applies to patients with chronic glaucoma. An OCULUS visual field machine has been donated, in addition to
 a hand-held Tonopen, which will enable safe, timely, accurate follow-up.
       The Ophthalmic station at Captain William Jackman Memorial Hospital is rounded out with the BQ 900 slit lamp video cam-
 era. Diseases such as keratitis, corneal foreign bodies and cataracts can be seen.

Encountering Grenfell   Grenfell Collection of Books Donated
on Display at The Rooms                   Francis Rowe, a native of St. John’s, NL, was a me-
                                                                                    teorologist by profession. It was in this capacity that
      On June 12, 2009, Encountering
                                                                                    he spent a year in Goose Bay during World War II. Mr.
Grenfell: A Life and Legacy, an exhibi-
                                                                                    Rowe was widely known as a collector of Newfound-
tion featuring Dr. Wilfred Grenfell and
                                                                                    land and Labrador books. He had, as well, a large
his life’s mission in Newfoundland and
                                                                                    collection of Newfoundland coins and stamps.
Labrador, opened at The Rooms in St.
                                                                                          Following his death ten years ago, Mr. Rowe’s
John’s, NL. Embracing the people and
                                                                                    substantial library passed into the hands of his sister,
harsh environment of Labrador and
                                                                                    Mrs. Louise Lambiase, who herself was an avid col-
the northern regions of the island,
                                                                                    lector of books and stamps. Recently, she decided to
Grenfell’s efforts extended far beyond
                                                                                    move out of the large family home and to sell much
medical care. Providing education,
                                                                                    of the library.
skills in arts and crafts, and self suf-
                                                                                          I knew the library well, for I had reason to make
ficiency in agriculture and animal
                                                                                    frequent use of it during the writing of several books
husbandry, he sought to improve the
                                                                                    dealing with Labrador. Among the collection were
socio-economic condition of those in
                                                                                    25 books written by Dr. Wilfred Grenfell. My hope was
the region. Encountering Grenfell looks
                                                                                    that they would find a home in Labrador and to that
at the work of the International Gren-
                                                        end, I called Mr. Boyd Rowe to inquire as to whether Labrador-Grenfell Health
fell Association, the Grenfell Industrial
                                                        would be interested in purchasing the Grenfell collection. He was very interest-
and the man whose vision began it all.
                                                        ed and wondered if I might act as an intermediary and see what kind of deal we
For information on how to view this
                                                        might arrive at. It was a “deal” that surprised us both: Mrs. Lambiase always had
exhibit, visit
                                                        an interest in Labrador and told me she was prepared to donate the Grenfell
                                                        books, as well as several framed photographs, to Labrador-Grenfell Health in
                                                        Happy Valley - Goose Bay.
                                                                                                               Archdeacon Francis Buckle


ARNNL Award of Excellence in Nursing Practice
                                                                    On June 22, 2009, during the Association of Registered Nurses of New-
                                                               foundland and Labrador (ARNNL) Annual General Meeting, Sheila Wilson,
                                                               Regional Nurse II, Postville Community Clinic, was officially presented with the
                                                               Award of Excellence by the ARRNL President, Jim Feltham.
                                                                    This award for Nursing Practice is given annually to just one outstanding
                                                               Registered Nurse in the entire province. Sheila was nominated and selected by
                                                               her peers. The Award of Excellence in Nursing Practice recognizes a nurse who
                                                               excels in caregiving, commitment, professionalism, and is a contributor to the
                                                               community. Sheila works tirelessly to meet the highest standards of commu-
                                                               nity care and has resourcefully secured support from the Postville Inland Trust
                                                               Fund to purchase medical equipment for the clinic.
                                                                    Sheila started her nursing career as a Nurse/Midwife with the International
                                                               Grenfell Association at the Charles S. Curtis Memorial Hospital. Her 36 years of
                                                               nursing service has also included responding in disaster situations in Ethiopia,
                                                               Pakistan and Sudan. Her outstanding humanitarian contributions have re-
                                                               sulted in awards like the Meritorious Service Cross (Queen’s Honours, Governor
                                                               General of Canada) and the International Humanitarian Service Award (Interna-
                                                               tional Red Cross). Sheila has brought these leadership skills to the community
                                                               of Postville and to Labrador-Grenfell Health and her kindness, strong team
                                                               spirit and energy are evident in her work.
                                                                    Congratulations, Sheila on this honorable award.
                                                                                                  Kathy Elson
                                                                                                  Clinical Nurse Coordinator (North)

Local Physicians Receive Fellowship in Rural and Remote
Medicine Awards
     Congratulations are extended to Dr. Trudy O’Keefe (Family Physician, St. Anthony) and Dr. Judy Ophel (Family Physician,
 Happy Valley-Goose Bay), who were among five physicians in Newfoundland and Labrador to receive the Fellowship in Rural and
 Remote Medicine (FRRMS) award from the Society of Rural Physicians of Canada (SRPC). The awards were presented this spring,
 during the 17th Rural and Remote Medicine Conference in Halifax. Fellowships in Rural and Remote Medicine recognize doctors
 who have worked in rural and remote Canada for at least 10 years and are a member of SRPC for at least five years. The SRPC cre-
 ated the FRRMS since rural doctors practice a distinct form of medicine that has many challenges and requires a varied skill set
 and an ability to work under sometimes difficult circumstances.

L-R: Dr. Michael Jong, Dr. Trudy O’Keefe and Dr. Karl Stobbe, President of the   L-R: Dr. Michael Jong, Dr. Judy Ophel and Dr. Karl Stobbe, President of the
Society of Rural Physicians of Canada.                                           Society of Rural Physicians of Canada.
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Amazing Race
     The Amazing Race is a program sponsored and developed by the Mental Health Sub-Committee of the Northern Regional
Wellness Coalition. Derived from the hit television show “The Amazing Race”, this program is intended for use by groups or
interested individuals who work with youth and have the capacity to offer such activities (i.e., Youth Centers, Boys and Girls Clubs,
schools, etc.). It promotes teamwork, physical and mental health and thereby increases knowledge and awareness in various
     The package consists of information, instructions and sample materials. Materials may be modified to best suit your com-
munity. A great deal of preparation is required to host this event. It requires a committee and approximately 20 volunteers and
the race is roughly 2 – 2.5 hours in duration. Prizes are awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams and incentives and snacks are
provided to all participants. To date, Amazing Races have been held in Flower’s Cove, St. Anthony and Port Hope Simpson. Fund-
ing is available through the Northern Regional Wellness Coalition.

Caring for Self, Caring for Others
                                The Caring for Self, Caring for Others program is developed and sponsored by the Mental Health
                           Sub-Committee of the Northern Regional Wellness Coalition. It is a workshop designed for home
                           care workers and other caregivers. It consists of three separate presentations focusing on stress man-
                           agement and self care, abuse and neglect of older adults, and mental illness.
                                The package consists of a hard copy manual which includes the presentations. It also contains
                           a sample agenda, posters and publicity plan to assist in planning a workshop. The package also
                           includes a CD containing all Power Point presentations and related information.

The Stars of Mental Health
                                                 The Stars of Mental Health is a program sponsored by the Mental Health Sub-
                                            Committee of the Northern Regional Wellness Coalition and developed by Labrador-
                                            Grenfell Health employees. This program is approximately 50-60 minutes in dura-
                                            tion. It aims to teach children from ages four to eight about feelings of self-esteem,
                                            self-confidence, respect, bullying and many other emotional reactions and respons-
                                            es that affect mental health.
                                                      The sessions are delivered with the assistance of two puppets named Freddy
                                            and Frieda, the “stars“ of the program. Age-appropriate scripts are used to create
                                            discussion and activities about good mental health. Other resources included are
                                            discussion questions, handouts and activities.

Youth Retreat Program
     The Youth Retreat Program was originally developed through a partnership between Labrador-Grenfell Health and the
Community Youth Network and has been supported by the Mental Health Sub-Committee of the Northern Regional Wellness
Coalition and the Labrador Métis Nation. The goals of the retreat program are to engage youth aged 12-16 in a setting whereby
they can form positive relationships, have opportunity for recreational activities, and discuss and learn about issues of relevance
to them such as healthy relationships, assertiveness and drug/alcohol awareness. A facilitator’s guide has been developed for the
small group sessions and is available for distribution to parties interested in facilitating this program.

   For more information about any of the programs listed above, please contact Mental Health Sub-Committee Co-Chairs Janice
Genge at 456-2401 (ext. 246) or Shane Bridle at 960–0271 (ext. 230).


Volunteer Spotlight: Bella Shouse, Happy Valley-Goose Bay
                                                                     Volunteering is the most fundamental act of citizenship and charity that
                                                                impacts virtually every aspect of society, including health, education, social ser-
                                                                vices, youth, culture, sports and recreation, the arts and the environment. While
                                                                the contribution is undeniable, volunteers are rarely recognized for their deeds.
                                                                Recognizing volunteers is something that every organization or coordinator
                                                                of volunteers needs to think about. Volunteers – regardless of any amounts of
                                                                modesty and altruism – like, want and need to be recognized.
                                                                     Bella McLean Shouse is one such volunteer who has been volunteering
                                                                for almost seven decades. She has recently become the first Labradorian to
                                                                be awarded a lifetime membership in the Canadian Association of Hospital
                                                                Auxiliaries in recognition of her decades of volunteering with the local hospital
                                                                     “Aunt Bella,” as she is affectionately known in the community, first started
                                                                volunteering when she worked for the Grenfell Mission in the late 1940s. “The
                                                                Grenfell Mission had a money-raising ‘do’ every April when the trappers came
                                                                home for the spring. That’s when we held our spring fair, which we had been
                                                                working on all winter,” she told me when I interviewed her a few years ago and
                                                                will still tell anyone who would like to listen.
                                                                     “Once a week during the winter, we had meetings in the hospital living
                                                                room where we made articles of clothing to be sold at our spring fair. About a
                                                                week before fair date, which usually was the 21st of April, we got together and
Labrador Health Centre Auxiliary President, Bernice Tracey      made candy, as there was very little candy or sweets to be sold at that time in
(right) presents founding member, Bella Shouse (left), with her the Hudson Bay Store. The young unmarried women of the community would
CAHA Lifetime Membership Certificate while Bella’s daughter
Susie (middle, seated) looks on.
                                                                make baskets to be sold at an auction and the buyer would have supper with
                                                                the young lady, and sometimes the young men would bribe some of the young
                                                                kids to try and sneak a look at the basket so they would know which basket to
  bid on. For the people not involved in baskets, we would put on a baked bean supper, usually with red berry pie for dessert. After
  that we would either have a play put on by the Grenfell Mission staff with the help of the Hudson Bay Company staff, or a dance.”
        Of course, we know that at one of these community socials in North West River, Aunt Bella met her husband Hank. They mar-
  ried in 1947 and moved to the United States. When they returned to North West River in 1952, she continued her volunteer work
  with the United Church of Canada and became part of a group of women in North West River who volunteered to help the Gren-
  fell Mission in the late 1950s and 1960s by spending one afternoon a week helping with the mending of clothing and bedding for
  the patients and also doing spring housecleaning.
        Aunt Bella served on the school board in North West River for a number of years, and then moved to Goose Bay where she
  began with the hospital auxiliary at its inception in 1971. “We had our first auxiliary meeting in the upstairs nurses’ lounge of the
  Harry L. Paddon Memorial Hospital with thirty members,” she recalls. “We had an objective to support the hospital in volunteer
  services, raise funds for equipment, and promote good public relations. In the early days of the auxiliary, we were transporting
  patients to and from the hospital when they came for dressings and other out-patient services, providing tea or Kool-Aid™ and
  cookies to parents and children in the waiting room, and operating a small canteen in the lobby of the hospital. The proceeds
  from the canteen were used to raise funds for equipment.”
        Aunt Bella has been present for all the changes to the hospital auxiliary over the past 38 years. In 1976, the hospital moved
  from the Harry L. Paddon Memorial Hospital (now known as the Elizabeth Goudie Building) to the former U.S. Air Force Base and
  was renamed the Melville Hospital. The auxiliary was called the Melville Hospital Auxiliary. Then in 2000, a new hospital, the
  Labrador Health Centre, was built at 227 Hamilton River Road and once again, the auxiliary name changed to the Labrador Health
  Center Auxiliary, to coincide with the hospital name.
        Aunt Bella represented the hospital auxiliary on the Accreditation Board for a couple of years and was a member of the
  Health Services Board for a time. She has travelled to provincial conventions in Corner Brook and St. John’s and was awarded a
  lifetime membership in the Newfoundland and Labrador Association of Hospital Auxiliaries, as well as the Queen’s Jubilee Award
  and pin for volunteer services in the community, and a pin from the United Church of Canada for 30 years of volunteering with
  them. Last year, Aunt Bella was recognized by the Labrador Health Centre Auxiliary for her accomplishments and achievements
  by being presented with a Certificate of Appreciation and a cake. Yet, she concedes that the feeling of helping her hospital and
  her community rewards her, as well as getting out of the house and socializing with her friends. (Continued on next page...)
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Volunteer Spotlight (Cont’d)
                                                                                               In her 91st year and as the the last founding member,
                                                                                         Aunt Bella, until recently, has been an active member of
                                                                                         the Labrador Health Centre Auxiliary. As a younger recruit,
                                                                                         I was amazed at her articulation in discussing business,
                                                                                         her faithfulness in attendance, baking for the sales and
                                                                                         supporting the hospital auxiliary fundraising projects. Her
                                                                                         volunteer career has come to an end on a high note. On
                                                                                         Thursday, June 11, 2009, the Labrador Health Centre Aux-
                                                                                         iliary members and associate members visited Aunt Bella
                                                                                         where she now resides at the Harry L. Paddon Memorial
                                                                                         Home, to present her with the highest recognition from
                                                                                         the auxiliary – a lifetime membership certificate and pin
                                                                                         from the national association – the Canadian Association of
                                                                                         Hospital Auxiliaries.
                                                                                               Bella McLean Shouse - you have been a mentor, an ex-
                                                                                         emplified volunteer in your community. Thank you hardly
                                                                                         seems adequate.
Labrador Health Centre Auxiliary members gather to present Bella McLean Shouse
with the CAHA Lifetime Membership Award. Back row, l-r: Betty Learning, Marina An-
                                                                                                                        Beverly Nippard
dersen, Josie Gillard, Beverly Nippard, Bessie Michelin and Thelma Allingham. Middle                                    Happy Valley-Goose Bay
row, l-r: Lorraine Jacque, Bernice Tracey, Margaret Newman, Violet Simpson, Hilda
Newman, Ginger Smith and Bride Saunders. Front row, seated, l-r: Sheila Perry, Doris
Clarke, Bella McLean Shouse and Margie McLean.

National Volunteer Week: April 19 – 25, 2009
      April 19 -25, 2009 marked National Volunteer Week. Volunteer Week is an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the great
 work of individuals who volunteer at our sites throughout the Labrador-Grenfell Health region. Their impact on the services we
 provide is invaluable and we appreciate their contributions to health and community services. This year’s theme, Volunteers Light
 up Communities, represents the impact volunteers have on the people of the province. The compassion and dedication of our
 volunteers enriches the lives of the clients, residents and communities we serve. From performing music to fundraising, your
 efforts contribute to the health and well-being of residents in the Labrador-Grenfell Health region, and for this, we are sincerely

Flower’s Cove                                                      Forteau                                           St. Anthony
This year’s volunteer dinner was held at the Dockside Motel, St.   Celestine Earle (left), Treasurer of the Labra-   Two dedicated members of the Charles S.
Barbe, and attended mostly by members of the Strait of Belle       dor South Health Centre Auxiliary in Forteau,     Curtis Memorial Hospital Auxiliary, Wanda
Isle Health Centre Auxiliary. L-R: Julie Nicholas (COO-South),     presents a cheque for $3,000 to the Grenfell      Greenham (left) and Cassandra Penney, cut
Deidre Genge, Judy Applin Poole (Site Manager) and Hazareth        Foundation South Chapter at the Volunteer         the cake at the Volunteer Dinner held in St.
Stevens.                                                           Dinner. Accepting the cheque are Gary Newell,     Anthony in April.
                                                                   Foundation Coordinator and Julie Nicholas,
                                                                   COO (South). These funds will be used to
                                                                   purchase a pressure mattress for the Labrador
                                                                   South Health Centre.

“Jackman Jewels” Support their Colleagues in Labrador West Relay
for Life
                                                                                 “Jackman Jewels” was
                                                                           the name chosen for a Re-
                                                                           lay for Life team comprised
                                                                           of Nursing, Environmental
                                                                           Services, Paramedicine and
                                                                           Management employees at
                                                                           the Captain William Jackman
                                                                           Memorial Hospital. They have
                                                                           all been touched by cancer,
                                                                           either in their work lives or per-
                                                                           sonal lives. On June 13, 2009, a
                                                                           crowd gathered at the Labra-
                                                                           dor Mall to watch as four team
                                                                           members had their heads
                                                                           shaved in support of those
                                                                           battling cancer. This event was
“Jackman Jewels” at the Labrador West Relay for Life. Front row (l-r):      the final part of their fundrais-   (L-R) Jocelyn Young, Josée Morel, Bernie Carol
Jocelyn Young and Catherine Strangemore. Second row (l-r): Eric Foote,
Sonya Dunne, Alice Laing and Brenda Letto. Third row (l-r): Josee Morel,
                                                                            ing efforts for the 2009 Relay      and Sam Coombs (seated).
Debbie Fudge, Bernie Carroll, Denise Foote and Gail Moores. Back: Sam       for Life.
Coombs and Will Letto.

Emergency Preparedness: Mock Disaster held                                                             New Ambulances for
in Port Hope Simpson                                                                                   Flower’s Cove and
                                                                           On Wednesday April
                                                                      1, 2009, the community
                                                                                                       Roddickton Areas
                                                                      of Port Hope Simpson
                                                                      engaged in an emer-
                                                                      gency preparedness/
                                                                      mock disaster exercise.
                                                                      This was a joint effort by
                                                                      the Community Clinic
                                                                      employees, DC Young
                                                                      School, the Junior Rang-
                                                                      ers, RCMP and local Fire
                                                                      Department. This event
                                                                      was part of ongoing
                                                                      disaster planning and
                                                                      preparedness on the
A mock disaster is simulated near the Fire Hall in Port Hope Simpson. coast. Mary’s Harbour
                                                                                                       New road ambulances have arrived for both
held a similar mock disaster in October 2008 and two more are planned for Char-                        the White Bay Central and Strait of Belle Isle
lottetown and St. Lewis for the near future.                                                           Health Centres. Shown here with one of the
                                                                                                       new ambulances are (l-r): Cedric Mallias, Tri-Star
     Overall, the event went quite well, with all those involved carrying out their
                                                                                                       Sales Representative; Hank Diamond, Paramedic;
professional roles as would be required in an emergency situation. In addition,                        Camille Barney, Paramedic and Judy Applin Poole,
areas for improvement that were noted have since been incorporated into future                         Site Manager.
emergency response planning. A special thank-you is extended to all those who
contributed to this valuable learning exercise.

                     Donnie Sampson, Clinical Coordinator (South)
                                                                                              ALONG THE COAST TO LABRADOR - APRIL - JULY, 2009, PAGE 9

Michael Andrew Donates $25,000 to Dialysis Unit at LHC
                                                               In April, 2009, Michael Andrew of Sheshatshiu presented representatives of
                                                          Labrador-Grenfell Health with a $25,000 donation for the Dialysis Unit at the Lab-
                                                          rador Health Centre. Mr. Andrew raised the funds by completing a five-week walk
                                                          from Sheshatshiu to Natuashish in February 2009. The main intent of his 300-kilo-
                                                          metre hike across the wilderness was to raise awareness about diabetes in aborigi-
                                                          nal communities, after witnessing friends and family members struggle with this
                                                          disease. The $25,000 will be used to purchase an additional dialysis machine for
                                                          the Labrador Health Centre, allowing the unit to accommodate additional clients
                                                          in need of dialysis care.

                                                          On hand for the donation were (l-r): Michael Andrew, Cassandra Rich (dialysis patient) and Dialysis
                                                          Nurses Caroline Crawford, Delphine Roberts and Jeanette Kenington.

Leon’s Furnishes Residents’ Lounge at CWJMH
                                                                                       As part of its 100th anniversary celebrations, Leon’s is donat-
                                                                                  ing to more than 100 Boys and Girls Clubs across the country,
                                                                                  as well as to 64 hospitals. It’s a “No Money Miracle” that Captain
                                                                                  William Jackman Memorial Hospital was one of the chosen hos-
                                                                                  pitals, with a donation of $6,000 in furniture. With this contribu-
                                                                                  tion, a dining room table and chairs, a side table, nesting tables,
                                                                                  a hydraulic chair and a reclining chair were made available for
                                                                                  the Long Term Care Residents’ Lounge/Multipurpose Room. As a
                                                                                  result of this “furniture makeover”, Leon’s has helped to make the
                                                                                  hospital experience homier for the clients and visitors alike.
                                                                                       To celebrate its 100th Anniversary, Mr. Terry Leon, CEO and
                                                                                  President of Leon’s will be visiting Leon’s stores across Canada.
                                                                                  On June 10, 2009, during his visit to Labrador City, Mr. Leon
                                                                                  dropped by the hospital to view the room where the donation
Back row (l-r): Mr. Terry Leon, President and CEO of Leon’s; Ken Manstan, Owner
& Operator of local Leon’s Store. Front row (l-r): Wanda Young, Inpatient         was used and he was quite impressed.
Services Coordinator; Eleanor Fowler, Site Manager – Nursing; Ozette Simpson,          On behalf of the Board of Directors, the Senior Executive
COO (West) and Bill Manstan, Owner & Operator of local Leon’s Store.              Team, Labrador-Grenfell Health employees and clients, I thank
                                                                                  Leon’s for their generous donation.
                                                                                                                      Ozette Simpson, COO (West)

Dumaresque Family Donates to Palliative Care Room, CWJMH
                                                  Thanks are extended to the Dumaresque family
                                             for their donation of a beautiful leather rocker/reclin-
                                             er to the Palliative Care Room, Inpatient Services, Cap-
                                             tain William Jackman Memorial Hospital, in memory
                                             of Hattie Dumaresque, a dear wife and mother.

                                             Displaying the newly donated rocker/recliner are (l-r): Wanda
                                             Young, Inpatient Services Coordinator; Sharon Miller, RN; Katrina
                                             Dumaresque (daughter) and Allan Dumaresque (husband).

Nursing: You Can’t Live Without It !
    From May 11– 17, 2009, Registered Nurses (RNs), Nurse Practitioners (NPs), and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) in the Labra-
dor-Grenfell Health region joined their counterparts across the country in celebrating National Nursing Week. The theme for this
year, Nursing: You Can’t Live Without It! provided an opportunity to highlight the vital role that nursing plays in our region.

Coffee Break with Minister Wiseman
                                              On May 12, 2009, workplace representatives from each of the Regional Health
                                         Authorities in the province were invited to a coffee break at the Confederation Building,
                                         St. John’s, with the Hon. Ross Wiseman, then Minister of Health and Community Services.
                                         Pat Crotty, Regional Nurse II from the Nain Community Clinic, joined Anita Ludlow, Chief
                                         Nursing Officer, Debbie Forward, NLNU President, Pegi Earle, ARNNL Executive Director
                                         and other nurses from other regions, for this event. Minister Wiseman thanked nurses
                                         across the province for their contribution to the many sectors of health care.

                                         L-R: Pat Crotty, RN; Hon., Ross Wiseman; Sheila Mercer, Workplace Representative; Anita Ludlow, Chief
                                         Nursing Officer and Cheryl Gale, Workplace Representative.

Community Events Held in Hopedale
                                                                                         This year, the nurses at Hopedale cel-
                                                                                    ebrated National Nursing Week with an event
                                                                                    for their community on each day of the work
                                                                                    week. There are four nurses in Hopedale - two
                                                                                    with Labrador-Grenfell Health (Debbie Blois
                                                                                    and Luc Belzile) and two with the Nunatsiavut
                                                                                    Department of Health and Social Develop-
                                                                                    ment (Kim Dicker and Sophie Pamak).
                                                                                         On Monday, Debbie and Kim held a radio
                                                                                    spot on the local radio station, providing
                                                                                    introductions and outlining services provided
                                                                                    by each nurse and how they work together. A
                                                                                    community walk was held Tuesday evening,
                                                                                    with approximately 20 participants. The
                                                                                    walk started at the Clinic and went across
                                                                                    the harbour by road and returned across the
                                                                                    harbour ice. Hot chocolate was served at the
                                                                                    Clinic, along with prizes for all attendees. On
                                                                                    Wednesday, Debbie and Luc held another lo-
                                                                                    cal radio spot, this time promoting awareness
                                                                                    of men’s health issues/topics. On Thursday, a
                                                                                    ladies’ dessert party was held at the clinic in
Nurses and residents at Hopedale prepare to set out on a community walk.
                                                                                    the afternoon, with display booths on various
women’s health topics. There were about 30 ladies in attendance who were very happy to have an opportunity to socialize and
learn more about women’s health. The afternoon ended with prizes for all who participated.
     On Friday, Kim and Sophie held a booth at the local Lab Investments store, screening blood pressure and random blood sug-
ars and distributing health related information. Approximately 40 interested persons took advantage of this opportunity. Prizes
were handed out to all participants.
     A huge thank you is extended to the residents of Hopedale who helped to make this year’s National Nursing Week events a
                                                                                        ALONG THE COAST TO LABRADOR - APRIL - JULY, 2009, PAGE 11


Nursing Week Teas at St. Anthony and Labrador City

Cutting the Nursing Week cake are (l-r): Donna Carter, LPN; Sheila   Captain William Jackman Memorial Hospital staff celebrate Nurs-
Biles-Holloway, Mental Health Nurse; Wavey Loder, LPN, Wayne         ing Week ( l-r): Zena Penney, RN; Amanda Guy, RN; Wanda Young,
Alyward, LPN and Karen Simms, RN.                                    Inpatient Services Coordinator; Catherine Coombs, RN and Karen
                                                                     Andrews, RN.

  GRENFELL OF LABRADOR BACK IN PRINT                                                    PHOTO TRIVIA
                                     The best-selling biography of                     This issue:
                               Wilfred Grenfell, by Ronald Rompkey,
                               is now back in print. To order your                     Q: Name the gentleman shown in this photo. What
                               copy, visit Ronald                     was his role in the facility in which he worked?
                               Rompkey is a University Research Pro-
                               fessor, Department of English, Memorial
                               University of Newfoundland. He is the
                               author or editor of eleven books, includ-
                               ing three others on Labrador.
                                     When British doctor Wilfred Gren-
                               fell arrived in Newfoundland in 1892 to
                               provide medical service to migrant fish-
                               erman, he had no clear sense of who his
                               patients were or how they lived - a few
                               weeks on the Labrador coast changed
 that. Struck by both the rugged beauty of the place and the dif-
 ficulties faced by those who lived there, Grenfell devoted the rest                   Last issue:
 of his life to improving theirs. At first an evangelical missionary of
 the Royal National Mission to Deep Sea Fisherman, Grenfell became
 part of philanthropic movements on both sides of the Atlantic. Rais-                  Q: Name the buildings shown in this picture. Where
 ing funds in Canada and the United States, he founded a network of                       are they located?
 hospitals, nursing stations, schools, and home industries that exists
 in a modified form to this day. In 1908, the story of his survival after
 a night marooned on a drifting patch of ice transformed him into
 a popular hero. He eventually became one of the most successful
 lecturers of his time.
      Ronald Rompkey tells the story of Grenfell’s education, his
 Anglo-Saxonism, and his devotion to broader issues of hygiene and
 public health. Above all, Rompkey shows that Grenfell went beyond
 being a doctor or a missionary to become a cultural politician who                    A: These buildings were known as the Mission Ga-
 intervened in a colonial culture. Grenfell of Labrador provides a                        rages, located in North West River.
 vivid picture of the man himself and the social movements through
 which he worked.


John M. Gray Centre, St. Anthony
World Elder Abuse Day                               Residents and staff at          Summer Gardening
                                                                                                                                                During the
                                               the John M. Gray Centre
                                                                                                                                          Crafty Creations
                                               gathered on June 15, 2009
                                                                                                                                          program, residents
                                               to recognize World Elder
                                                                                                                                          and staff were quite
                                               Abuse Awareness Day. Both
                                                                                                                                          busy preparing and
                                               residents and staff celebrated
                                                                                                                                          planting flowers
                                               this special day with a social
                                                                                                                                          to display outside
                                               and a special presentation by
                                                                                                                                          and beautify the
                                               Darlene Rice (Anti-Violence
                                                                                                                                          grounds of the John
                                               Coordinator for the Northern
                                                                                                                                          M. Gray Centre. A
                                               Committee Against Violence),
                                                                                                                                          special thank you to
                                               focusing on topics pertain-
                                                                                    L-R: Summer student Charlene Kinsella and resi-       all the residents who
L-R: Residents Ralph Hoddinott, Phyllis        ing to elder abuse. Special          dents Boyd Pilgrim and Ambrose Curl prepared          participated in this
Patey and Ada Pynn listened attentively        thanks are extended to all           for an afternoon of planting.                         activity.
to a presentation on elder abuse.              those who made this event a

Baking Buddies                                                                     Fruit Loop Bird Feeders
                                                               The Baking                                                                       Earlier this
                                                          Buddies program                                                                  summer, residents
                                                          continues to be a                                                                and staff made bird
                                                          success. Recently,                                                               feeders to hang
                                                          participants got                                                                 in the trees sur-
                                                          together to try                                                                  rounding the John
                                                          their hand at mak-                                                               M. Gray Centre.
                                                          ing a fruit pizza.                                                               Residents thor-
                                                          The residents                                                                    oughly enjoyed the
                                                          were anxious                                                                     afternoon while
                                                          to receive what                                                                  preparing and
                                                          turned out to be a                                                               constructing these
L-R: Nursing student Joanne Hiller (left), resident       delicious treat!         L-R: Florence Randell, (resident), Joanne Hillier
                                                                                   (Nursing Student), Flossie Cassell (resident), Teena    colorful fruit loop
Flossie Cassell (centre) and PT/OT Assistant Teena
Patey (right) prepared ingredients for a fruit pizza at                            Patey (PT/OT Assistant) and Edna Pilgrim (resident).    bird feeders.
the Baking Buddies program.

A Day at the Cabin
                                                                          Residents at the John
                                                                      M. Gray Centre have been
                                                                      enjoying their day trips to the
                                                                      cabin this summer. The fresh
                                                                      summer air and a barbecue
                                                                      lunch make the day at the
                                                                      Senior’s Cabin near Pistolet
                                                                      Bay complete!

                                                                     Back, l-r: Bertha Simms, James Pardy,
                                                                     Boyd Pilgrim and Alysha Powell (Nurs-
                                                                     ing Student). Front, l-r: Flossie Cassell,
                                                                     Gordon Alyward, Ambrose Curl and
                                                                     Phyllis Patey.
                                                                                   ALONG THE COAST TO LABRADOR - APRIL - JULY, 2009, PAGE 13


Harry L. Paddon Memorial Home, Happy Valley - Goose Bay
Residents Benefit from new Exercise                                Annual Alzheimer’s Awareness Walk
     Residents                                        Eliza
at the Paddon                                         Edmunds
Home have
                                                      a work-
been having                                           out with
lots of fun try-                                      the new
ing out some                                          hand-held
new exercise
Exercise classes
take place
twice a week at
the home.

                                                                        On June 8, 2009, residents, family and staff walked from
                                                                   the Paddon Home to the Town Hall in Happy Valley-Goose Bay,
                                                                   where a lunch and refreshments were provided. The weather was
                                                                   great and the residents enjoyed chatting with the town hall staff.
                                                                   This walk takes place annually, in an effort to raise awareness of
                                                                   Alzheimer ’s disease.

                                                                   Canada Day Lawn Festival
                                                                                                                 Abel and Juliana Lidd
                                                                                                            enjoyed the Canada Day
                                                                                                            Lawn Festival, held annually
                                                                                                            at the Paddon Home. The
                                                                                                            residents enjoyed a barbe-
                                                                                                            cue potluck, entertainment,
 Pearl Baikie (L) and Lorraine Saunders enjoy exercises with the                                            bingo, games and prizes for
 new rubber resistance bands.                                                                               all ages.

     This issue:
     Q: Who wrote the book “Northern Nurse”?

     Last issue:
     Q: In which community did Dr. Harry Paddon use a house as a winter hospital prior to building a permanent hospital in
        North West River in 1915?

     A: From 1912-15, prior to building a permanent hospital in North West River, Dr. Harry Paddon used a house in the
        community of Mud Lake to serve as a winter hospital.

  Christy Bussey                                                 Cory Jenkins
                       Christy is from St. Lunaire, NL. She                         Cory grew up in Englee, NL and after gradu-
                  finished high school in 2004 and went to on                  ating high school, moved to Ontario, where he
                  to Corner Brook to complete a Bachelor of                    worked in the industrial field for over seven years.
                  Nursing degree, graduating in 2009.                          After starting a family, he decided to return to his
                       Christy will be working with Labrador-                  roots.
                  Grenfell Health as a Registered Nurse at the                      Cory has accepted an EMR II position, based
                  Charles S. Curtis Memorial Hospital in St.                   at the White Bay Central Health Centre in Rod-
                  Anthony. Welcome Christy and all the best                    dickton-Bide Arm. He notes he is very excited
                  in your new position.                                        to be back in Newfoundland and Labrador with
                                                                               his family and working with Labrador-Grenfell
                                                                   Health. Welcome back, Cory. Best wishes in your new position.

Dulcie White                                                     Gaye Ropson
                    Dulcie is from Reef’s Harbour, NL and is                           Originally from Great Harbour Deep, Gaye
               married with one daughter. In the past, she                        moved to St. Anthony in 2002. She returned to
               has been employed with several local busi-                         school in 2007 and completed a two-year Office
               nesses, carrying out cleaning duties in a fish                     Administration course. She has accepted a
               plant, a hotel and gas bar. She has recently                       position with Labrador-Grenfell Health, working
               accepted a casual Domestic Worker posi-                            in the clerical pool in St. Anthony and will be
               tion with Labrador-Grenfell Health and will                        providing relief in the Diagnostic Services area.
               be working at the Strait of Belle Isle Health                           Gaye noted she completed her on-the-job-
               Centre in Flower’s Cove.                                           training here at Labrador-Grenfell Health and
        Welcome to Labrador-Grenfell Health, Dulcie. We            it was a wonderful experience. She looks forward to working
 hope you enjoy working with us.                                   here and being part of the staff. Welcome Gaye, and all the
                                                                   best in your position.

 Heather Robottom                                                Joy Troy
                      Heather was born in Channel, Port                                  Joy is from Goose Cove, NL. She graduat-
                 aux Basques but moved to Lewisporte as a                           ed high school in 2004 and has been attend-
                 child, where she lived most of her life. She                       ing school in St. John’s since that time.
                 graduated from Western Memorial School                                  Joy has accepted a position as X-ray
                 of Nursing in Corner Brook in 1992. She                            Technologist working at the Charles S. Curtis
                 moved to Alberta in 2006 and worked                                Memorial Hospital in St. Anthony. Welcome
                 there until February 2009. She has work                            Joy. We hope you enjoy working with Labra-
                 experience in both Long Term Care and                              dor-Grenfell Health.
Emergency. Heather moved to Happy Valley-Goose Bay with
her daughter, Laura Lee where she has accepted a full time
float position working on the Inpatient Unit at the Labra-
dor Health Centre. Welcome to Labrador-Grenfell Health,
Heather. We hope you and your daughter enjoy your new

Virginia Parrill
                          Virginia moved to St. Anthony from Eddies Cove East in 1975 and began working at Grenfell Handicrafts
                     until January 2007. After being laid off, she decided to return to school and completed a two-year Office
                     Administration program at the College of the North Atlantic in St. Anthony.
                          Virginia has accepted a position as Clerical Support Worker and is currently working in the Finance De-
                     partment. She notes she is looking forward to this new challenge.
                          Welcome to Labrador-Grenfell Health, Virginia, and good luck in your new position.
                                                                                          ALONG THE COAST TO LABRADOR - APRIL - JULY, 2009, PAGE 15


Curling Fun Night
                                                                On April 6, 2009 Labrador-Grenfell
                                                           Health staff in Happy Valley-Goose Bay
                                                           hosted a curling fun night and potluck.
                                                           Sixteen teams registered, for a maximum
                                                           of 64 people taking part. This would
                                                           normally constitute a two-day bonspiel;
                                                           however, the staff were creative and
                                                           crammed it into three hours of amateur
                                                                When people started arriving with
                                                           their potluck items, it seemed like the
                                                           food would never stop, with enough
                                                           wings, meatballs and dips for everyone!
                                                           Other employees who were not curling
                                                           also dropped by to view the event. It     Leeann Young (left) and Kelly Janes enjoyed an
                                                           was a great night and everyone had        evening of curling.
                                                           an excellent time. There was even one
                                                           very spirited team that arrived in matching track suits and knee-high wool socks!
Team “Rock out with your Socks Out” (l-r): Dr. Ian
                                                                This event was so successful that there will likely be another curling event
Whetter, Dr. Jeff Patterson, Steven Janes and Dr. Gabe
Woolam.                                                    planned for November.

Spring Coffee Break                                                             Canada Health Day
     The Captain William Jackman Memorial Hospital                                    On May 12, 2009, staff at the Captain William Jackman
Social Committee sponsored a Spring Coffee Break and                             Memorial Hospital celebrated Canada Health Day by enjoy-
Secret Pal Gift Exchange on Wednesday April 8, 2009.                             ing a healthy coffee break sponsored by the CWJ Employee
Staff gathered in the cafeteria where they enjoyed coffee                        Wellness Committee and the dietary department. Everyone
and snacks. Surprise gifts were distributed to those who                         enjoyed a variety of foods from the four food groups. Door
participated in the secret pal gift exchange.                                    prizes were donated by the Labrador Regional Wellness Coali-
                                                                                 tion. Many thanks are extended to all those who participated.
                                                                                                          CWJ Employee Wellness Committee

L-R: Tina Elliot, Pat Gould, Danyelle Lavers and Beverly Russell.

                                                                                  Jessica Morey (left) and Karen Bruce choose a healthy snack during the
                                                                                  Canada Health Day coffee break at the Captain William Jackman Memorial


Miles in May                                                                Staff BBQ at Labrador City
                                                                                 The Captain William Jackman Memorial Hospital held its 19th
      From May 1 to 31, 2009, employees at the Captain
                                                                             Annual Staff Barbecue on June 30, 2009. The event was held out-
 William Jackman Memorial Hospital walked to Edmonton,
                                                                             side on the front lawn near the hospital. Thank you to the face
 Alberta! The Miles in May Challenge was a huge success
                                                                             painters and to Ticker Tom who joined in the fun and distributed
 with almost 90 participants walking a total of 2161.545
                                                                             coloring sheets and stickers to children who were in attendance.
 miles (3478.67 km). Congratulations to all those who took
                                                                             The children also enjoyed making ice cream sundaes, received
 part this year.
                                                                             McDonald’s gift certificates and chances to win prizes. The event
                                                                             was reported to be very successful and, thanks to the fantastic
                                                                             weather, was enjoyed by the many staff and family members in
                                                                             attendance – one of the biggest groups ever! Our thanks to all
                                                                             those who helped in the preparation, cooking the meal and the
                                                                             clean-up that day.

  Danyelle Lavers, Primary Health Care Facilitator (left) and An-
  nette Parsons, Community Health Educator (right) present Karen
  Andrews, RN, with a gift in recognition of her achievement. Karen
  recorded the highest personal distance at 430 km.

                                                                             Employees and their families gathered for the 19th Annual Staff Barbecue at the

Social Committee Hosts BBQ in Forteau
                                                   On June 23, 2009 Labrador
                                              South Health Centre’s Social Com-
                                              mittee hosted a barbecue for staff
                                              and their families at Kay Buckle’s
                                              (LPN) cottage. There was a great
                                              turnout for the event and the
                                              weather was wonderful. Enter-
                                              tainment provided Kay Buckle,
                                              LPN; Sabrina Hancock, Dental As-
                                              sistant; Laurie Roberts, RN and Dr.
                                              Knizer, Dentist was fully enjoyed
                                              by those who attended.

                                              These chefs were kept busy at the bar-
                                              becue (l-r): Ron Griffin, Maintenance
                                              Repairer; Darren Buckle, Paramedic; Levi   Employees and their families gathered for the Labrador South Health
                                              Snook, Lab/X-Ray Technician and Joe        Centre staff barbecue.
                                              Hancock, Paramedic.
                                                                                               ALONG THE COAST TO LABRADOR - APRIL - JULY, 2009, PAGE 17


                                                                                              An Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST)
                                                                                          workshop was offered at the Captain William Jackman
                                                                                          Memorial Hospital on June 23 and 24, 2009. Thanks are ex-
                                                                                          tended to Trudy Coles (Flower’s Cove) and Michelle Parsons
                                                                                          (Happy Valley-Goose Bay), the workshop presenters, for
                                                                                          traveling to Labrador West to provide this training.

                                                                                           Participating in the ASIST workshop were: (front,
                                                                                           l-r): Deneice Haines and Pam Coombs; (second
                                                                                           row, l-r): Shirley Canning, Carla Kennedy, Karla
                                                                                           Richards, Shelley Cormier, Florence Ballard
                                                                                           and Michelle Parsons (Presenter). Back ( l-r):
                                                                                           Bernadette Myles, Nicole Northcott, Trudy Coles
                                                                                           (Presenter), Debbie Pickett, Peggy Muggridge,
                                                                                           Dena Hobbs and Robert Patten.

Promoting Food Safety                                                                                  TCI
       On May 14, 2009, the Director of Environmental Health, Gwen El-                                       Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI)
 liott, delivered the Not-for-Profit Organization’s Guide for Food Safety                               training was held in St. Anthony on June 17
 presentation with thirteen of the Nunatsiavut Government’s health                                      and 18, 2009, with 10 people in attendance.
 employees in Happy Valley-Goose Bay. This training is provided by                                      This two-day workshop provides partici-
 Labrador-Grenfell Health, upon request, in an attempt to provide key                                   pants with increased knowledge and skills
 messaging on safe food practices for volunteer organizations within                                    on how to intervene in situations where
 the region. This is the fifth such presentation offered in the region over                             a person is at increased risk of aggressive
 the past two years.                                                                                    behavior.

Participating in the food safety training were (clockwise, l-r): June Chiasson, Jennifer Hefler-
Elson, Sadie Wolfrey, Debbie Blake, Janice Allen, Kelly Jacobs, Justine Obed, Heather Barnes,
Paula Williams, Bessie Allingham, Sheila Wentzell, Peggy Rosie and Carla Blake.
                                                                                                       Practicing their newly-learned techniques are (l-r):
                                                                                                       Sheranne Hann, RN; Jennifer Hillier, RN and Bernice
                                                                                                       Bartlett, LPN.


Fire and Emergency Services Training
     Fire and Emergency Services training was held in St. Anthony from June 16 to 18, 2009. Greg Lynch from Fire and Emergency
 Services instructed managers, regional coordinators, fire marshals and deputy fire marshals at the three-day event. Training
 involved an overview of:
     • Health Care Facility Codes and Standards
     • Fire and Life Safety
     • Fire Problem – Events and Causes
     • Fire – what are the consequences?
     • National Fire Code and Life Safety Code Emergency Planning Requirements
     • Emergency Planning
     • Evacuation of Health Care Facilities
     • Fire Protection Features
     • Staff Fire Prevention
     • Hands-on with Portable Fire Extinguishers

                                                                                                            Participants in the Fire and
                                                                                                            Emergency Services training
                                                                                                            included: (front, standing,
                                                                                                            Harold Butt and Ronald
                                                                                                            Griffin; (front, kneeling, l-r):
                                                                                                            Randy Cull, Judy Applin
                                                                                                            Poole and Carl Kippenhuck.
                                                                                                            Second row (l-r): Gary
                                                                                                            Richards, Cornelia Linstead,
                                                                                                            Julie Nicholas, Barbara Elliott,
                                                                                                            Daryl Scott, Wanda Pilgrim,
                                                                                                            Rita Reardon, Roxanne
                                                                                                            Elliott, Glenda Patey, Anne
                                                                                                            Alyward and Marcella Sim-
                                                                                                            monds. Third row (l-r): Hank
                                                                                                            Diamond, Jason Carroll,
                                                                                                            Christopher Patey, Jamie
                                                                                                            Carroll, Ted Rumbolt, Maurice
                                                                                                            Simms, Gerald Chubbs, Josée
                                                                                                            Morel, Leaton Johnson and
                                                                                                            Sharon Penney.

 PALS                                                                 On May 26 and 27, 2009, Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) training
                                                                    was conducted for the first time at St. Anthony. Instructors for the course
                                                                    were Dr. Padma Guntamukkala, Valerie Rowsell, RN, and Denise Reardon,
                                                                    RN. The objectives of the course were to:

                                                                    •    Learn/review Pediatric Basic Life Support.
                                                                    •    Learn to recognize and manage an infant or child at risk for cardiopul-
                                                                         monary arrest.
                                                                    •    Learn strategies for the prevention of cardiopulmonary arrest in infants
                                                                         and children.
                                                                    •    Perfect the cognitive and psychomotor skills necessary for resuscitation
                                                                         and stabilization of the infant or child in respiratory failure, shock or
                                                                         cardiopulmonary arrest.

                                                                    The training is intended for all health care professionals caring for Pediatric
 Participants in the PALS training (l-r): Dr. Kofi Amu-Darko, Dr.
 Hoi Kwan Lee, Monica Sinyard (RN) and Dr. Padma Guntamuk-
                                                                    patients and will be conducted twice yearly in St. Anthony.
 kala, Pediatrician.
                                                                                             ALONG THE COAST TO LABRADOR - APRIL - JULY, 2009, PAGE 19

Southern Labrador
     This summer, Julie Nicholas, COO (South) had an opportunity to visit the Community Clinics and Health Centres in the
 southern part of the region, to present employees achieving milestones in service with their annual service awards. The awards
 took place during the annual staff barbecues at each location.

 Joanne Bridle (Public Health Nurse, Port Hope              Elizabeth Hicks (Personal Care Attendant, Port
 Simpson) accepted her five-year service award from         Hope Simpson) accepted a 15-year service
 Donnie Sampson (left), Clinical Coordinator- South         award.
 and Julie Nicholas, COO (South).

Annie Poole, Personal Care Attendant, St. Lewis (left), Ted Rumbolt, Maintenance Repairer, Mary’s Harbour (centre) Carl Kippenhuck, Maintenance Repairer, Char-
lottetown were presented with 20-year service awards. Missing from photos: Gerald Chubbs (Maintenance Repairer, St. Lewis - 25 years).

 Flower’s Cove                                                                 Roddickton

                                                                               The annual staff barbecue and presentation of service awards was held at the White
                                                                               Bay Central Health Centre in Roddickton on June 25, 2009. During this event, Cindy
 Employees at the Strait of Belle Isle Health Centre gathered for their an-    May, Registered Nurse (left), was presented with a 10-year service award while Trent
 nual staff barbecue and presentation of awards: (back row, standing, l-r):    Decker, Paramedic (right) was presented with a five-year service award.
 Jarvis Canning, Richard Dempster, Dr. A.F. Yass, Madonna Coates, Dorothy
 Dredge, Georgette Tatchell, Beulah Gibbons, Bernadette Lake, Anne Cot-
 ton and Hank Diamond. Sitting (l-r): Julie Nicholas, Darlene McLean (15
 years service), Margie Rossiter and Peggy Gibbons.

Carol Roberts                                                            Cora Snow
                                 Carol Roberts (nee Pearce) retired                                                   Cora Snow retired
                           from her position as Lead Laboratory                                                  from Labrador-Grenfell
                           Technologist III at the Charles S. Curtis                                             Health on June 30, 2009
                           Memorial Hospital on June 30, 2009,                                                   after 37 years of service.
                           after working in the Medical Labora-                                                  Cora has been through
                           tory Department for over 31 years.                                                    the various transi-
                           During Carol’s work life at CSCMH, she                                                tions and the changes
                           had held positions as a Medical Labora-                                               from the International
                           tory Technologist I and II, moving up                                                 Grenfell Association
                           to the Assistant Chief Technologist in                                                to Grenfell Regional
                           the department, and finally filling the                                               Health Services, and
                           Lead Medical Laboratory Technologist                                                  now Labrador-Grenfell
                           III post for several years until her recent                                           Health. During her time
                           retirement.                                                                           with the organization,
      Carol started work in the Laboratory at CSCMH on De-                                                       she worked in several
 cember 17, 1977. Prior to her employment in St. Anthony, she                                                    departments, beginning
 worked in the St. Joseph’s Hospital in London, Ontario for two                                                  in the Medical Records
                                                                         Cora cuts her retirement cake with her
 years in their Biochemistry Department. Carol had completed             supervisor, Dr. Kweku Dankwa.
                                                                                                                 Department, then in the
 her training as a Medical Laboratory Technologist in 1974-75 at                                                 Purchasing Department
 the Fanshawe College in Ontario and successfully completed              and eventually in Pathology, where she stayed for 29 years.
 her Canadian Society of Medical Laboratory Science registra-                  During her time as Secretary with the Pathology Depart-
 tion exams in 1975.                                                     ment, Cora participated in the transformation and expansion
      Although she has retired, Carol is extremely busy with her         of the department. In addition, she has held a number of
 other career as a local artist. Her work can be seen in local gift      other responsibilities outside her role as Secretary. She has
 shops and is part of the Newfoundland heritage that she fully           been involved with and played an active role in Continuing
 adopted several years ago when she married and raised her               Medical Education and in coordinating programming for Medi-
 children in St. Anthony. Carol’s rock houses, lighthouses and           cal Students and Residents for the past several years. Cora
 buildings can now be found all over the world, and will never           will be greatly missed and we wish her the very best in her
 wear out or fade with time. Good luck, Carol. We all wish you a         retirement.
 wonderful retirement and many happy hours of painting.
                                                                                          Dr. Kweku Dankwa
                  Wendy Christenssen                                                      Associate VP, Medical Services/Pathologist
                  Regional Director of Diagnostic Services

Felix Simmonds
                                Felix started working at the Curtis Memorial Hospital in St. Anthony in February 1975. He initially
                           began as a Security Guard and in1982 he transferred to the Outpatient Department to work as an Ambu-
                           lance Driver and Bus Driver, which included transporting patients and staff to and from the airport. In
                           1984, he attended the Emergency Medical Attendant training program at the Health Sciences Center
                           and worked as a Paramedic in the Emergency Department. In addition to this role, in January 2000, he
                           began providing temporary relief to the Air Operations Department as an Aircraft Dispatcher. In 2002,
                           Felix accepted a full-time position as an Aircraft Dispatcher and continued in this role until his retirement
                           in April 2009.
                                Felix is certainly well known for his sense of humor. His combination of dependability and willing-
                           ness to work hard made him a very valuable member of our team. Felix volunteered on various commit-
                           tees and was also a First Aid and CPR Instructor. I am sure that retirement will mean many days at the
                           cabin, moose hunting and salmon fishing. We all wish you a long and healthy retirement, Felix.

                                                                           Ben Farrell, Regional Director of Air Operations
                                                                                     ALONG THE COAST TO LABRADOR - APRIL - JULY, 2009, PAGE 21

Gertie Pilgrim                                                           Donna Simms
                                             Gertie started work                                                   Donna worked as a Nursing
                                        with the St. Anthony In-                                              Aide with the IGA from 1963-68.
                                        terfaith home in Novem-                                               During this time she performed
                                        ber 1978. During her time                                             a variety of duties, including
                                        there, she carried out do-                                            food services, domestic and
                                        mestic and laundry duties.                                            laundry. She later worked at the
                                        When the Interfaith Home                                              St. Anthony Interfaith Home as
                                        amalgamated with GRHS,                                                a Nursing Assistant I. In 1997,
                                        Gertie moved to the John                                              Donna transferred to the John
                                        M. Gray Centre and con-                                               M. Gray Center as a Domestic
                                        tinued these same duties                                              Worker and in 2007, she moved
                                        at that facility. Gertie later                                        to a position in the Laundry De-
                                        moved to the Laundry De-                                              partment at the Charles S. Curtis
                                        partment at the Charles S.                                            Memorial Hospital. Donna was a
                                        Curtis Memorial Hospi-           Donna Simms and her grandson         loyal and dedicated employee.
Arthur Kinsella (left) presents Gertie
                                       tal, where she remained           Cameron accept a retirement gift     She retired at the end of June,
Pilgrim with a retirement gift.                                          from Julie Nicholas, COO (South).
                                       until her retirement. Gertie                                           2009. We wish her all the best in
 always performed her work very well and was pleasant to                                                      her retirement.
 clients and her coworkers - she will surely be missed. We
 wish Gertie all the best for a long healthy retirement.                                                 Arthur Kinsella, Manager
                                                                                                         EVS/Laundry (Aramark), CSCMH
                             Arthur Kinsella, Manager
                             EVS/Laundry (Aramark), CSCMH

 Janet Baikie                                                            Mary Flynn
                                   On April 30, 2009, Janet                                                            Mary graduated from the
                              Baikie retired from her posi-                                                       Central Newfoundland Hospital
                              tion as a Licensed Practical                                                        as a Nursing Assistant in 1975
                              Nurse at the Harry L. Paddon                                                        and initially worked at the
                              Memorial Home. Janet was                                                            Janeway from November 1975
                              very proficient and took great                                                      to September 1976, followed
                              pride in her work. She was                                                          by a stint in Halifax, Nova Scotia
                              known for her professional-                                                         with Comcare Canada. In 1978,
                              ism and thorough nursing                                                            she joined the International
                              care. Having worked for 15                                                          Grenfell Association and has
                              years as a dedicated member                                                         been working with the organi-
                              of the nursing team, she will                                                       zation, in its various forms, ever
                              be missed by her fellow work-                                                       since.
  ers and residents of the Paddon Home. Thank you, Janet,                                                              During her career as a
  for your contributions to our health care team and to the              Mary Flynn (left) receives a retirement Licensed Practical Nurse, Mary
                                                                         gift from Barbara Elliott, Resident Care worked in various areas at the
  organization as a whole. We all wish you the very best in
  your retirement.                                                                                                Charles S. Curtis Memorial
                                                                          Hospital, including Obstetrics, Surgery, OPD Reception, Mental
                    Kimberley White                                       Health, the General Unit and finally, at the John M. Gray Centre.
                    Regional Director, Long Term Care Services                   Those who have worked with Mary over the years com-
                                                                          ment on her quiet personality and organized efficiency, noting
                                                                          that she always put clients first.
                                                                                 Mary retired on July 31, 2009. We wish her well as she
                                                                          moves to Corner Brook and hope she continues to enjoy an ac-
                                                                          tive lifestyle of biking and skiing.

                                                                                                                 Barbara Elliott
                                                                                                                 Resident Care Manager

Tom Simms                                                                     Marie Hillier
                                                       Tom Simms started                                                     Marie was hired in
                                                  working with the former                                               August, 1959 and worked
                                                  GRHS on September                                                     with the organization until
                                                  17, 1985 as a temporary                                               her retirement on May 29,
                                                  Security Guard/Equip-                                                 2009 – nearly 50 years!
                                                  ment Operator and on                                                  That is something that
                                                  October 21, 1985 he                                                   few, if any, have ever done.
                                                  moved into the position                                               The majority of Marie’s
                                                  of Aircraft Dispatcher.                                               career was spent as an
                                                  This was in preparation                                               LPN with Surgical Services,
                                                  for the new aircraft, GWT                                             and more specifically,
                                                  and the service it would                                              in the Operating Room.
Tom Simms (centre) accepts a retirement gift provide. As a former pilot,                                                Marie is described by her
from Ben Farrell (left), Regional Director of Air Tom brought a wealth                                                  colleagues as competent,
Operations and Julie Nicholas, COO – South        of knowledge to the         Marie Hillier takes a moment to relax at  dependable, pleasant,
(right).                                                                      her retirement tea, following 50 years of
                                                  position. He had a unique                                             conscientious, courteous,
                                                                              service with the organization.
  understanding of the challenges that the pilots and engineers                                                         reliable, and most impor-
  would face on a day-to-day basis. His stories of flying through-            tantly, an excellent Nurse. Words such as these speak volumes
  out Newfoundland and Labrador, in a time when weather                       about her, both as a professional and as a person. We have
  information and services for the support of the planes left a lot           been very fortunate to have her with our Nursing Department
  to be desired, certainly added to the daily routine.                        for this length of time and we will miss her excellent work
        Tom retired from Labrador-Grenfell Health on January 31,              ethic and her quiet, steady ways. On behalf of the Nursing
  2009. Ironically, this also coincided with the retirement of the            staff, we thank her for her years of service and extend our best
  Commander GWT. On behalf of the staff in Air Operations and                 wishes for a healthy, happy retirement.
  throughout Labrador-Grenfell Health, we would like to wish
  Tom a healthy and happy retirement and hope that the kettle                         Sharon Penney, Nursing Site Manager and
  boils many more times in his cabin at Bartlett’s Pond.                              Kerry Decker, Nursing Unit Coordinator, Surgical Services

                    Ben Farrell, Regional Director of Air Operations

Ruth (Trees) Sampson
                      Ruth Sampson passed peacefully away at the Labrador Health Centre in Forteau on June 8, 2009.
                      Born and raised in England, Ruth completed her basic nursing and midwifery education there and went
                 on to do Nurse Practitioner/Outpost Nursing training at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. She joined
                 the International Grenfell Association (later Grenfell Regional Health Services) in 1977 and accepted her first
                 posting at Port Hope Simpson, Labrador. She worked at the clinic for approximately three to four years before
                 taking a position with Memorial University, mentoring outpost nursing/midwifery students in the field.
                      In 1983, a new Health Centre opened in Forteau and Ruth was one of the first five nurses to work there.
                 She became very active in her nursing career and took her responsibilities willingly. She soon built a lasting
reputation with the people from the area and they were happy to have her as their caregiver. She continued to work at the
Labrador South Health Centre until her retirement in 2001.
     Ruth was a special person who touched so many people with her loving and caring disposition. Those who worked with
her knew that her patients were her priority. She worked tirelessly to provide the best care for them in many trying circum-
stances. Her strong clinical skills and judgment, combined with her caring spirit, proved her work ethic to be second to none.
She will be dearly missed by all the staff at the Labrador South Health Center, not only as a colleague and mentor, but also as a
friend. Ruth is survived by her husband Larry and son Jonathan.

                                                                                                   Cornelia Linstead, Nursing Coordinator
                                                                                                   Labrador South Health Centre
                                                                                 ALONG THE COAST TO LABRADOR - APRIL - JULY, 2009, PAGE 23


  WELCOME TO:                                                          GOOD-BYE & GOOD LUCK TO:
  Flower’s Cove                                                        Happy Valley-Goose Bay
  Jarvis Canning         EMR II (Temporary Casual)                     Janet Baikie          Licensed Practical Nurse
  Carla Lawless          Laboratory Assistant (Temporary)              Vanessa Edison        Social Worker II
  Dulcie White           Domestic Worker                               Tracey Humber         Licensed Practical Nurse
  Forteau                                                              Pearl Mackinnon       Nurse I
  Cindy Dumas            Regional Nurse I (Casual)                     Olive Michelin        Licensed Practical Nurse
  Megan Pike             Community Health Nurse I                      Nathaniel Pollock     Social Worker II (Temporary)
  Happy Valley-Goose Bay                                               Keith Russell         Maintenance Repairer I
  Robert Andrews         Manager of Accounting                         Tracey Ward           Behavior/Child Management Specialist
  Roger Briffett         Trades Helper (Temporary)                     Pamela Watson         Social Worker II
  Danette Fox            Social Worker Assistant (Temporary)           Hopedale
  Rebecca Fudge          Nurse I                                       Charlotte Courage     Social Worker II
  Patricia Gill          Nurse I                                       Nain
  Ken Grant              Health Emergency                              Dorothy Bragg         Nurse Practitioner
                         Management Coordinator                        Katie Dicker          Clerk III
  Kerri Lynn Hann        Nurse I                                       Sheshatushiu and North West River
  Corwin Hayter          Trades Helper (Temporary)                     Lisa Pastuck          Community Health Nurse
  Mandy Hope             Youth Care Counselor                          Labrador City
  Shelley Mcafee         Nurse I                                       Bradley Brazill       Diagnostic Imaging Technician (Temporary)
  Melissa Parsons        Nurse I                                       Marnie Daigle         Admitting Clerk
  Megan Riggs            Nurse I                                       Anna Filippi          Licensed Practical Nurse
  Heather Rowbottom      Nurse I                                       Barbara Hancock       Nurse I
  Gail Savoury           Nurse I                                       Maisie Hoben          Nurse I
  Anne-Marie St. Germain Nurse I                                       Diane Lyon            Stenographer II
  Jessica Wall           Social Assistance Worker (Temporary)          Sheila Oates          Community Health Nurse
  Amy Warren             Nurse I                                       Heather Vincent       Nurse I
  Janice White           Community Injury Prevention                   Joan Wicks            Nurse I
  Jenna Williams         Lab Technologist I                            St. Anthony
  Hopedale                                                             Marie Hillier         OR Nurse (Retired)
  Ben Mitsuk             Community Service Worker                      Carol Roberts         Laboratory Technologist III (Retired)
  Labrador City                                                        Donna Simms           Domestic/Laundry Worker (Retired)
  Lindsay Brown          Nurse I                                       Cora Snow             Secretary, Pathology/Laboratory (Retired)
  Sarah Frank            Clinical Dietitian (Temporary)                St. Lewis
  Janice Rose Hann       Nurse I                                       Debra Lee Ropson      Regional Nurse I
  Selina Parsons         Nurse I
  Mary’s Harbour
  Shirley McCarthy       Regional Nurse
  Nain                                                                  Summer Students
  Hilary Blake           Social Work Assistant (Temporary)              The following is a list of summer students working with Labrador-Gren-
  Basil Todd Hynes       Behavior/Child Management Specialist           fell Health. We thank them for their contributions to our organization
  Regina Scholte         Social Worker II                               and wish them every success as they continue their studies.
  Port Hope Simpson                                                    Flower’s Cove                         St. Anthony
  Larry Sampson          Trades Helper I (Temporary)                   Terri Lynn Toope  Nursing             Natalie Blake        Nursing
  Roddickton                                                           Forteau                               Chrisoula Budgell    Nursing
  Kirby Hancock          Trades Worker I (Temporary)                   Tracey Trimm      Nursing             Sarah Bussey         Nursing
  Cory Jenkins           EMR II (Temporary Casual)                     Maggie Maxwell    Nursing             Natania Campbell     Nursing
  Sheshatushiu and North West River                                    Kimberley Swan    Nursing             Terri Lynn Flynn     Nursing
  Natasha Hurley         Social Worker Assistant (Temporary)           Happy Valley-Goose Bay                Courtney Gibbons     Nursing
  Kristine Jack          Clerk I (Temporary)                           Kristin Williams  Nursing             Dinah Hedderson      Nursing
  Ashley Rideout         Community Health Nurse                        Andrea Hughes     Nursing             Joanne Hillier       Nursing
  St. Anthony                                                          Ashley Keefe      Nursing             Stacey Kean          Nursing
  Joetta Adams           Laboratory Assistant (Temporary)              Amanda Neville    CYFS                Trudy Kearney        Nursing
  Brenda Best            Clerical Support (Temporary Casual)           Giselle Russell   Diagnostic          Samantha Keats       Nursing
  Marie Byrne            Licensed Practical Nurse (Temporary Casual)                     Imaging             Erica Parr           Nursing
  Sabrina Cull           Registered Nurse                              Alex Ryan         Pharmacy            Ryan Patey           Nursing
  Michelle Dean          Registered Nurse                              Nicole Blake      Nursing             Genista Pike         Nursing
  Jim Decker             Trades Worker                                 Nancy Burton      Pharmacy            Alysha Powell        Nursing
  Karen Dunphy           Registered Nurse                              Labrador City/Wabush                  Samantha Ricks       Nursing
  Virginia Parrill       Clerical Support ((Temporary Casual)          Stephanie Decker  CYFS                Kathryn Smith        Social Work
  Sabrena Parsons        Lab Assistant (Temporary)                     Ryan Joy          Nursing             St. Lewis
  Joyce Richards         Clerical Support (Temporary Casual)           Nicole Northcott  CYFS                Nicole Strugnell     Healthy
  Gaye Ropson            Clerical Support (Temporary Casual)           Brittany Rowe     Diagnostic                               Living
  Lana Whalen            Clerical Support (Temporary Casual)                             Imaging
  Angela White           Respiratory Therapist (Temporary)             Roddickton
                                                                       Danielle Patey    Social Work

                 FROM THE PAST
                                                      CAPTAIN ROBERT A. BARTLETT
                                  By Albert T. Gould - Excerpts from Among the Deep Sea Fishers - January 1946
       When Captain Robert Abram Bartlett died suddenly in New York                When the “Neptune” swung to her anchor, MacMillan rowed
 on April 28, 1946, the Grenfell Mission lost a true and greatly loved       off to her and saw a familiar figure pacing her bridge. He hailed
 friend.                                                                     the bridge with, “Is that you, Bob?” An immediate answer came
       When Captain Bob came back from the Arctic in 1898 at                 back in Bob’s unmistakable, high-pitched voice: “Of course! Who
 the age of 22 as mate of Peary’s ship “Windward,” he sailed                 in the blazes do you think it is?”
 right into the hearts of the American people, a place he held                     In addition to his veneration of Admiral Peary and his stal-
 for the rest of his life. He was born to the sea in the rocky,              wart support of him during the trying months until Peary’s claim
 windswept fishing village of Brigus in Conception Bay, New-                 to the discovery of the Pole was firmly established, Captain Bob
 foundland, and came of good seafaring stock. Although his                   had two great loves in his life - one was his mother and the other
 mother, who influenced his life more than any other person,                 his love of the schooner, “Effie M. Morrissey.” He was a devoted
 wanted him to be a minister, he could not resist the call of the            son and never sailed north without putting into Brigus to visit
 sea.                                                                        his mother as long as she lived. Always he brought her a pres-
       Many years ago, Captain Bob and Sir Wilfred (Grenfell) became         ent, sometimes a cow, once a piano, always a gift he knew would
 fast friends. Each recognized in the other those sterling qualities which   please her. During the 22 years he owned the 2-masted, 98-foot
 bind men together in the brotherhood of the sea. In conversation and        Essex-built schooner “Effie M. Morrissey,” she was, as he said, his
 on the lecture platform, Captain Bob never missed an opportunity to         “home, office, and magic carpet.” Together they faced danger
 express his admiration of Sir Wilfred and the work of the Mission. For      unafraid and explored icy fastnesses that scarcely any white men
 many years, he was a valued director of the Grenfell Association of         had ever penetrated. In the epilogue to Bob’s book, “Sails over
 America.                                                                    Ice,” he said he loved the old “Effie M.” as a man loves the ship he
       In conferring an honorary degree of Master of Arts on Captain         owns and sails in and with which he has shared common dan-
 Bob in 1920, President Sills of Bowdoin College referred to him as the      gers and pleasures. Then he added, “She’s not as young as she
 “loyal and brave companion of Peary on the trip to the Pole, reach-         used to be, but neither am I.” The “Morrissey” will miss his hand
 ing the farthest North of any man of the white race except the great        on her wheel and his ringing voice shouting orders to the crew.
 explorer himself; courageous seafarer and explorer.”                              An excellent editorial in the New York Times states that
       Though honoured by many scientific societies, and even offered        “although Bob Bartlett was born in the nineteenth century he
 knighthood by the King of England, he always remained the modest,           was in truth an Elizabethan.” Certainly the lusty sea dogs of the
 friendly Bob Bartlett who had early endeared himself to all of us.          sixteenth century would have recognized him as one of their
       Captain Bob commanded a troop transport and an ammunition             own; but in spirit and in deed he was also truly a child of the Ho-
 ship during the First World War and held a commission as lieutenant         meric age. He was in fact a modern Odysseus who wandered far
 commander in the United States Naval Reserve. During World War II,          by land and sea and had many adventures. He knew the depths
 the“Morrissey,”under Captain Bob’s command, rendered valuable ser-          of the sea and its powers. Undaunted, he faced the wrath of the
 vice to the country in establishing military bases in the far North. On     gods when Poseidon stirred its mighty waters. It was by no mere
 many occasions, Captain Bob had to negotiate uncharted channels             coincidence that for many years he kept on board the “Morrissey”
 leading to these bases.                                                     George Palmer’s translation of the Odyssey. He read it frequently
       Combined with his superb seamanship, he had a keen sense of           during his watches below and often quoted from it.
 humor. Once, when MacMillan had been isolated in the Arctic for four              Captain Bob had faced death so often during his adventur-
 years, and two other ships, which had been sent North to bring him          ous life that he did not fear it when it came at last. He had a
 and his companion out, had to turn back on account of the ice, Bob          cheerful philosophy of life and courage to meet whatever befell.
 Bartlett was finally engaged, for everyone knew that like Peary, Bob        In a recent letter he wrote: “When we leave, as we came, all we
 would either find a way or make one. In the old Newfoundland sealer,        brought in and out is what we hold in our clenched fists.”
 “Neptune,”Bob successfully bucked the ice of Baffin’s Bay and Smith
 Sound and anchored off MacMillan’s base.

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