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					                         Wild Wild West Shore
                                 Silent & Live Auction
                                    Saturday, April 16, 2010


D317    The Magnificent 7 Dinner
        Saturday, November 19, 2011, 6:30 p.m.
Magnificent 7 course meal, good conversation and fun at the Heck Ranch. My pardner, Vicki,
and I hope to see you - we'll have a wild time in Westlake! Adults only. Eight places.
Minimum Bid $35. Kathleen Heck & Vicki Lewis, 440-899-9032

D316    A Time-Warp Dinner
        Saturday, October 22, 2011, 6:00 p.m.
Cocktails in hand, wander between appetizer offerings and scenes of wild and pre-historic
France courtesy of Robert's vacation video playing in another room. Then dine on country food
(Daube d' Avignon), home-made bread, salad and dessert of Barossa cream while feasting your
eyes on a house full of Ruth's modern art! Adults only. Eight places. Minimum Bid $25.
Robert & Ruth Bercaw, 440-331-8743

A112 Limited Edition Print: 3
12 1/2 in. x 15 in. limited edition print, unframed, signed by the artist. One offering.
Minimum Bid $50. Mike Gold, 440-582-2452

D303      True Grits Brunch
          Sunday, June 12, 2011, High Noon
Don't dilly-dally pardners. Round up yer appetite and head on down to the River (Rocky River
that is) for this mighty fine spread of temptin' grub! Pile up your plate with Kit-and-Caboodle Egg
Casserole, Badlands Bacon, Happyfying Hash Browns, Texas Toast, Grits, Maverick Muffins, Fruit
Salad Fixins' and Makin' Tracks Mimosas! And bust my britches - it's all fer a minimum bid of
$20. Adults only. Eight places. Vicki Lewis & Chris Baumhauer, 440-333-3829

D319     Hungarian Dinner XXI
         Sunday, January 15, 2012, 6:00 p.m.
The popular 21st Annual Hungarian dinner with Gary's family recipe of chicken paprikas and
other good Hunky stuff including a great torte by Drina. Dinner at the Nemes' home in Bay
Village. All ages welcome.
Six places. Minimum Bid $25. Gary & Drina Nemes, 440-871-3271

A116 Sunday Morning Reserved Parking Space
Reserve your own Sunday morning parking space for every Sunday morning from April 23, 2011
to April 22, 2012. One offering. Minimum Bid $75. West Shore UU Church, 440-333-2255
D307    A Locavore's Dream: Food from the (local) Garden
         Saturday, August 20, 2011, 6:00 p.m.
Ren and Dawn's Third Annual celebration of local food, featuring vegan, vegetarian and
pescetarian meals. Featuring tasty vegetables and herbs grown in their own garden, eggs grown
from city chickens, fresh Lake Erie fish, Cleveland-brewed beer, and a featured cocktail made
with spirits distilled in Columbus. All ages welcome. 12 places. Minimum Bid $30.
Dawn & Ren Brumfield, 440-488-3410.
Additional hosts: Sonia Di Fiore, Matt & A.J. McCabe, Mary Jo Maish, Marcia Perrins, Brett Watts

D327     Last Dinner on the Titanic
         Thursday, April 12, 2012, 6:00 p.m.
April 12, 2012, marks the exact anniversary when the RMS Titanic headed West and had a fatal
collision with a massive iceberg in the North Atlantic. We will commemorate the extraordinary
bravery and heroism of that night, which many considered the end of the age of innocence, with
dinner and conversation in the manner of the era. You may come as First Class, Steerage, or
anything in between. Feel free to come in costume, even if only a hat or boa! Adults only.
Ten places. Minimum Bid $40. Carol & William Jacobs; Pam & Tom Smith, 440-333-2209

S702 Sermon Topic of Your Choice
This is your chance to choose a topic for a Sunday morning sermon in the 2011-12 church year,
subject to the minister's approval. For an individual, group or committee. One offering.
Minimum Bid $60. Revs. Wayne Arnason & Kathleen Rolenz

D328     Gourmet Dinner With A Lakeview
         Saturday, January 7, 2012, 6:00 p.m.
Enjoy a tantalizing seven-course dinner including wine pairings for each course at the home of
Chann and Ed Spellman. This is a gourmet's delight right out of "Travel and Leisure" featuring
such items as Chile Rubbed Shrimp with Avocado Corn Cocktail; Salad of Fennel, Arugala and
Ricotta; Grilled Tuscan Pork Roast w/Rosemary and Red Pepper Relish; White Beans w/Roasted
Tomatoes; and Vanilla Panna Cotta with Mixed Berry Compote. Adults only. Eight places.
Minimum Bid $35. Chann & Ed Spellman, 216-227-8005

D301     A Taste of Burgundy…Beef, That Is
          Saturday, May 21, 2011, 6:30 p.m.
A rich, wine-laden beef bourguignon, a favorite dish from the
Burgundy area of France, is a truly glorious dish, perfect as the
centerpiece of a dinner among friends! All prepared by Roy, who is an excellent chef! Dine al
fresco if weather permits. Adults only. Five places. Minimum Bid $25.
Roy Prentiss, 440-801-1759

D305     Starry Night
         Friday, July 15, 2011
Your favorite food and libations served under the stars! Enjoy a feast in the bamboo forest by
the fish pond at the Streitel's Lakewood home. Adults only. Four places. Minimum Bid $50.
John & Susan Streitel, 216-221-1017
D309      Greek BBQ
          Saturday, August 27, 2011, 6:00 p.m.
Howdy Pardners! Forge the Mighty Cuyahoga to Ellen's Cleveland Heights home for a
Mediterranean BBQ feast. Plenty of great food and strong drinks - spanikopita, grilled lamb,
tzatziki, fresh pita, rice pilaf, Greek salad and more! Adults only. 12 places. Minimum Bid $25.
Erin Gyomber, 216-371-1993

E419 Golf for Three at Firestone Country Club
Join Paul at Akron’s Firestone's North Course for 18 holes of golf
including cart plus lunch or dinner for a maximum of three players. Valued at $200 per player.
Date and time TBD. One offering. Minimum Bid $200.
Paul Youngberg & Marilyn Weske, 440-933-0721

D324    Puttin' on the Ritz
         Saturday, March 3, 2012, 6:30 p.m.
Put on your top hats, white ties and tails! Come for this glittering,
intimate soiree for a five-star dinner in a five-star atmosphere at
Westwood Country Club! This sumptuous meal will include lobster, foie gras and flaming
desserts along with the perfect wine pairings. Adults only. Ten places. Minimum Bid $95.
Cil Knutsen, 216-226-4221

E416 Wine & Food Pairings
Join Bob and Gloria at their favorite wine bar in Rocky River and sample wines and food. Date
and time to be arranged. Adults only. Four offerings. Minimum Bid $25.
Bob & Gloria Bemer, 440-777-9108

F505 Board of Trustees Fine Wine Basket
A collection of fine wines from the Board of Trustees and the Parish Co-Ministers. Each has been
asked to contribute a bottle of their favorite "grape" to make up this exceptional selection of
whites and reds - fit for a connoisseur's wine cellar. One offering. Minimum Bid $75.
West Shore’s Board of Trustees, 440-333-2255

Changes to Catalog

A156 SALE ITEM: Key To Happiness Necklace
     Please note that this is an item offered last year. It is on sale for a minimum bid
     of $20.

A157 League of Women Voters 2011 Auction Necklace 1 – Cancel Item
        No longer offering this item.

A158 League of Women Voters 2011 Auction Necklace 2 – Cancel Item
        No longer offering this item.

D312    Wild Wild West Clam Bake
        Saturday, September 24, 2011, 6:00 a.m.
        No longer offering this dinner.
E406   Picnic at Put-In-Bay – Date Change
       Change date to Sunday, August 14, 2011.

E409   Weekend Getaway at Atwood Lake – Change Offering
       Saturday, September 17, 2010
       Please change the offering from two nights to one night.

I608   “Loopy” Ribbon Yarn Scarf Lessons – Additional Offering
       The donor, Karen Auer, has added a total of 5 offerings.

S715   Costume Jewelry Repair
       No Knotting offered.

A163   “City Image” by Howard Fried
       Matted and framed Mid-Century opaque watercolor by Howard Fried. “City
       Image” was completed in 1963 while Fried attended Cleveland Heights High
       School. The original entry form to a Halle Bros. Co. Cleveland, Ohio sponsored,
       Scholastic art and photography awards show is included with other material
       collected from the Internet. Born in Cleveland Heights, Fried moved to San
       Francisco receiving his BFA and MFA at the University of California, Davis, 1970.
       Soon after, Fried founded the New Genres Department at the San Francisco Art
       Institute working in video and performance. He is associated with the first
       generation of conceptual artists in the San Francisco Bay area. Value $200.
       One offering. Minimum bid $75. Anne Osborne, 440-617-9000

A164   “2 Figures” by Howard Fried.
       Matted and framed Mid-Century etching by Howard Fried. “2 Figures” was
       completed in 1967 when Fried was 22. Material collected from the Internet
       relating to Fried’s involvement in the San Francisco Bay area is attached. Born in
       Cleveland Heights, Fried moved to San Francisco receiving his BFA and MFA at
       the University of California, Davis, 1970. Soon after, Fried founded the New
       Genres Department at the San Francisco Art Institute working in video and
       performance. He is associated with the first generation of conceptual artists in
       the San Francisco Bay area. Value $100. Minimum bid $40.
       Anne Osborne, 440-617-9000

A165   Floral Painting Found in WSUUC Attic
       Gold framed floral painting by Haverty PSA found in the WSUUC attic. Value Priceless!
       One offering. Minimum Bid $30. WSUUC, 440-333-2255

A166   Birdhouse Framed Print
       Colorful birdhouse picture, framed and double matted. One offering.
       Minimum Bid $12. Peter Plant, 216-357-9705
B220   Best of the West Family Feud
       Saturday, August 6, 2011, 7:00 p.m.
       Join us for the tastiest vittles, all the fixings, a bit of moonshine and a classic showdown.
       You will be adopted into the clan of The Barkleys, The Cartwrights, The Ewings or The
       Clampetts for a Western edition of “The Family Feud!” Survey says… YOU’LL HAVE A
       BLAST! Western wear is encouraged, but not required. So mosey down to The Flying P
       (the Palmer Ranch) August 6th and defend the honor of your kin!
       Adults and teens. 24 offerings. Minimum Bid $ . Susan & Jeff Palmer, 440-871-6896

E421   Two Tickets to the North Coast Men’s Chorus Concert
       Saturday, June 18, 8:00 p.m.
       Grab your BFF and treat them to our final concert of the season as we celebrate
       friendship as only NCMC can. Now, just so we’re clear on this, we’re talking about our
       real friends - the ones that can drive you crazy at times; the ones who tell you that, “Yes,
       those jeans do make your butt look big!”; the friends that have been there through
       every hook up and break up we’ve ever had! We’ll sing about the highs and lows of
       friendship and about the worst and best of friends. Waetjen Auditorium, Cleveland
       State University. Minimum Bid $30 on two tickets.

E422   Gift Certificate – Studio Blazon
       Enjoy a haircut and eyebrow waxing at Studio Blazon in Rocky River. Value 45.
       One offering. Minimum Bid $20.

E423   Gift Certificate – Bed Bath & Beyond
       Enjoy this $20 gift certificate to Bed Bath & Beyond. Value $20.
       One offering. Minimum Bid $10. Anonymous

F514   Vegan Cakes from Sonny’s Kitchen
       Enjoy three vegan cakes from Sonny’s Kitchen - Apple Cinnamon, Cherry Coconut and
       Triple Chocolate. You may order them one at a time throughout the year or all at once
       for that special occasion. Must give 7 days notice. Offer expires April 1, 2012.
       One offering. Minimum Bid $30. Raymond Claytor, 440-239-0352

S716   Chiropractic Service – Gift Certificate
       One hour of massage therapy from Refreshing Massage at Leonard Chiropractic. Expires
       May 1, 2012. Value $65. One offering. Minimum Bid $30.
       Kathleen Rolenz, 440-250-0300
       "I have chronic neck and shoulder aches and have frequent need of a
       chiropractor. I can personally attest to Dr. Bob Leonard’s not only professional
       demeanor, but his gentle and sensitive adjustments. After I've had one session
       with him, I feel so much better! I wanted him to donate to the Service Auction
       so that I could tell others about what a great job he does." ~Rev. Kathleen Rolenz

S717   Chiropractic Evaluation – Gift Certificate
       Chiropractic evaluation, computerized SCAN, and adjustment from Refreshing
       Massage at Leonard Chiropractic. Value $179. One offering. Minimum Bid $75.
       Kathleen Rolenz, 440-250-0300

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