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The 19th Annual Silent & Live Auction
      Saturday, April 16, 2011
        Saddle Up, 6:00 p.m.
           The 19th Annual Silent/Live Auction

    Wild Wild West Shore
       West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church
                  Rocky River, Ohio

•   There are so many fabulous items being offered this
    year. Please take the time to read this brochure cover
    to cover before the evening of the performance.

•   Many of these events are “family friendly” so make sure
    you look for age ranges in the item description.

•   Events offered in this catalogue begin in April 2011
    and run thru April 2012. We have tried to put the Big
    Events, Dinners and Events in chronological order.

•   NOTE: It is IMPORTANT that you remember to bring
    this catalog with you on Saturday evening. Your bid
    number will be written on the back!

•   Enjoy the evening and have fun!

                 SILENT & LIVE AUCTION

                   TABLE OF CONTENTS

General Guidelines .............................................. Page 6

Take Away Table Items........................................ Page 6

Events of the Evening .......................................... Page 7

Trinkets & Treasures (Arts & Crafts) .................... Page 8

Hoedowns (Big Events)........................................ Page 17

Hootenannies (Dinners) ...................................... Page 22

Rootin’ Tootin’ Times (Events)............................. Page 28

Vittles & More (Foods & Baskets) ....................... Page 32

How To, Pardner (Instructions)............................ Page 35

Lend A Helpin’ Hand (Services)............................ Page 37

Beyond The Prairie (Getaways) ........................... Page 40

The Buck Stops Here (Live Items) ........................ Page 41

Food Sponsors..................................................... Page 43

              GENERAL GUIDELINES                                             EVENTS OF THE
            FOR THE SILENT AUCTION                                                      SILENT AUC
                                                                                     Doors open at 6:
•   Very Important - Please write legibly and use the correct
                                                                         Grazing stations will be avail
    bidding number. We cannot stress this enough!
                                                                                Silent Auction closes
•   Each person will be given a bidding number at the sign-in
                                                                                         LIVE AUCT
    table. If you want to bid as a couple, choose one number to
                                                                            Live Auction begins prom
    use throughout the evening.
                                                                       Desserts and coffee/tea availab
•   No fixed bids. All items are minimum bids so pay attention to        HAPPY TRAILS UNTIL W
    the bid cards. All bids MUST be in whole dollars.
                                                                                 Live Auction ends a
                                                                         Take away items will be avail
•   You will find items posted, one per card and arranged by
    category. Write your bid number, number of units, and bid
                                                                                   STAGE COACH
    amount per unit on the bottom blank line. Again, please,
                                                                                      Joe Hannum, Auc
    please, please write legibly!!!
                                                                             Rachel Emery & Bonnie V
                                                                                    Tom Hughes, Anne
•   To raise the bid on minimum bid items, enter your bid number
                                                                              Jeff Johnson & Chuck H
    and new bid on the next available blank line. To increase your
    own bid, cross off only your previous bid.
                                                                                           1 Ticket $2
             TAKE AWAY TABLE ITEMS                                                         2 Tickets $
                                                                            50% of every ticket sold w
All items will be invoiced. We will not take any money the evening
                                                                                    The Cleveland Fo
of the event. If you are the winning bidder on an item that is
displayed, we expect you to take the item home with you.
Winning bidders will be posted on the tables in the Rotunda as
                                                                              WET YOUR WHISTL
                                                                          Serving beer and wine throu
soon as we determine the winners. If you are a guest, please make
                                                                            Soft drinks and water are
sure the check-in people have your full name, address and phone
                                                                                          1 Ticket $
                                                                                          2 Tickets $
                                                                                          5 Tickets $
Invoices will be distributed at church following the worship service
on Sunday, April 24. If you do not attend the worship service, an
invoice will be mailed to you. We accept cash, check, Visa or
                                                                                         50/50 RAF
                                                                          $3 per ticket; $5 for 2 ticket
                                                                           Winner will receive 50% o

                Wild Wild West Shore
             TRINKETS & TREASURES &

A101 Baby Blanket
A lovely crocheted pink, lavender and white blanket for that special
baby! One offering. Minimum Bid $20.
Jodith Janes, 216-221-0437

A102 Crocheted Baby Blanket Made to Order
You select the colors, and Jodith will crochet an adorable baby blanket
for you! One offering. Minimum Bid $20.
 Jodith Janes, 216-221-0437

A103 Chinese Peasant Print
Colorful Chinese peasant print, hand-painted in China, in a black
lacquer frame. One offering. Minimum Bid $50.
Karen Kircher, 440-572-8485

A104 Framed Original Szutter Print of Cleveland's Flats
Framed original print 29" x 25" of Cleveland's Flats by Martin Szutter
valued at $200. One offering. Minimum Bid $50.
Marie Grossman, 216-221-1256

A105 Four Seasons of Cleveland Framed Prints
Four Seasons of Cleveland framed prints (3 in. x 4 in. each) in a frame
that is approximately 20" high and 11" wide. Valued at $100. One
offering. Minimum Bid $35.
Marie Grossman, 216-221-1256

A106 Silk Floral Arrangement
This beautiful silk floral arrangement is donated by Peter Plant, who
designs West Shore’s weekly Sanctuary flowers. One offering.
Minimum Bid $75. Peter Plant, 216-357-9705

A107 Versatile Baby Carrier
Versatile baby carrier valued at $40 hand-made to your specifications
from four color choices. Great to use from newborn to 35 lbs; easy to
use for breast-feeding; capable of adjusting to four different carry
positions. One offering. Minimum Bid $20.
Ahmie Yeung, 440-922-0118

A108 Pregnancy/Child Age Tracker Necklace
A special necklace made of sterling silver and semi-precious stones -
just move the pendant charm to track how many more weeks until
your special day! Valued at $50. One offering. Minimum Bid $25.
Ahmie Yeung, 440-922-0118

A109 Copper Garden Sprinkler
Copper Garden Sprinkler from Aqua Garden Art. "Cosmic Beauty"
design with a center globe valued at $130. One offering.
Minimum Bid $50. Glendalee & Tom Burns, 440-933-3021

A110 Limited Edition Print: 1
11 in. x 20 in. limited edition print, unframed, signed by the artist. One
offering. Minimum Bid $50. Mike Gold, 440-582-2452

A111 Limited Edition Print: 2
11 in. x 20 in. limited edition print, unframed, signed by the artist. One
offering. Minimum Bid $50. Mike Gold, 440-582-2452

A112 Limited Edition Print: 3
12 1/2 in. x 15 in. limited edition print, unframed, signed by the artist.
One offering. Minimum Bid $50. Mike Gold, 440-582-2452

A113 "Hunter's Star" Table Runner
Table runner in orangey/brown/black. 17 in. x 36 in. One offering.
Minimum Bid $45. Karen Auer, 440-777-1269

A114 Ohio Lighthouses Wall Hanging
Wall hanging features Ohio lighthouses from Vermillion and Lorain
and kites on Beverly Beach. Twig-loop hanging option.
13 in. x 32 in. One offering. Minimum Bid $30.
Karen Auer, 440-777-1269

A115 Braid Table Runner
Braid Table Runner in beiges/browns. 17 in. x 52 in. One offering.
Minimum Bid $35. Karen Auer, 440-777-1269

A116 Sunday Morning Reserved Parking Space
Reserve your own Sunday morning parking space for every Sunday
morning from April 23, 2011 to April 22, 2012. One offering.
Minimum Bid $75. West Shore UU Church, 440-333-2255

A117 WSUUC BUUK Store Gift Certificate - $50
Use this certificate to purchase anything in the store, including books,
shirts, jewelry, games, etc. One offering. Minimum Bid $25.
Roy Prentiss, 440-801-1759

A118 Hand-Knitted Baby Clothes - Crème
Adorable sweater, hat, mittens & booties, size 1- 2 yrs, crème colored.
$35 value. One offering. Minimum Bid $17.
Joyce Oliver, 440-331-1202

A119 Hand-Knitted Baby Clothes - Aqua
Handsome aqua baby sweater, hat and booties. $30 value.
One offering. Minimum Bid $15. Joyce Oliver, 440-331-1202

A120 Multi-Colored Hand-Knitted Baby Clothes
Outfit your favorite baby in this pink multi-colored cap, sweater and
booties. $30 value. One offering. Minimum Bid $15.
Joyce Oliver, 440-331-1202

A121 Antique Leaded Glass Window
This antique leaded glass window is in the Art Deco design from the
1920's - 30's. It has greens, golds, and clear glass of different textures
and measures 15 in. x 21 in. One offering. Minimum Bid $35.
Suzanne Rusnak, 440-334-3336

A122 Print: Lion on Auble Street
This framed print, by artist Robert Tubbesing, is from Jean Andelson's
estate collection. One offering. Minimum Bid $25.
Leslie Andelson, 206-854-2247

A123 Ink Drawing by Choon Thaim
This ink drawing, by Choon Thaim, is a piece from Jean Andelson's
estate collection. One offering. Minimum Bid $25.
Leslie Andelson, 206-854-2247

A124 Lenox Butterfly Meadow Candle Lamp
New, still in the box, never used! Retired Lenox design valued at $50.
One offering. Minimum Bid $25. Jodith Janes, 216-221-0437

A125 Cowan Pottery "Ambassador Bowl," 1929
Own a piece of NE Ohio history with this distinctive octagonal-shaped
bowl designed by R. Guy Cowan himself in 1929 at his Rocky River
studio! It is 11.25 in. wide, with an Azure glaze. The bottom of the
bowl has the circular Cowan mark. At the time it was made, this bowl
was meant to be part of a table setting including a flower figurine and
two candelabras. This can be the start of your vintage setting. Valued
at $50. One offering. Minimum Bid $25. Carol Jacobs, 440-333-2209

A126 "Delta:" Framed Woodcut & Monotype Print, 1982
Woodcut artist Carol Summers is considered by many art historians to
be among a handful of master printmakers alive today. "Delta" has
been displayed in the Fireside Room and was valued at $800 in 2000.
One offering. Minimum Bid $250.
Kenneth & Joan Rasmussen, 440-899-2909

A127 "Drive Past Devil's Tower" Signed Print
Artist Bob Coronato from Wyoming recalls, "I remember the day we
trailed a bunch of cows on the Ipy Ranch near Devil's Tower in the fall
and it was very dry and the cows were shaking the dust off the sage.
The air was full of the pollen and the smell of the sage - just about
killed me. So I thought it would make a good painting!" This 24 in. x 30
in. signed framed print is valued at $200. One offering.
Minimum Bid $75. Chuck Homer & Jeff Johnson, 216-227-9150

A128 "If that dog doesn't kill me…" Signed Print
This 24in. x 30 in. signed framed print is titled: If that dog doesn't kill
me, he's gonna darn sure leave me walkin!" By Wyoming artist Bob
Coronato. Valued at $200. One offering. Minimum Bid $75.
Chuck Homer & Jeff Johnson, 216-227-9150
A129 Rodeo Poster by Bob Coronato
A foam-core mounted poster, titled "Rodeo July 9-18, 2010," by
Wyoming artist Bob Coronato. Valued at $35. One offering.
Minimum Bid $15. Chuck Homer & Jeff Johnson, 216-227-9150

A130 Framed Digital Photo: "Beauty & The Bricks"
This framed digital photo is 17 in. x 21. in. One offering.
Minimum Bid $45. Judy Maruszan, 440-333-2604

A131 Two Ted DeGrazie Framed Prints
This pair of prints approximately 14 in. x 10 in. are valued at $80. One
offering. Minimum Bid $40. Wes & Betty Maynard &, 440-333-1463

A132 Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams Frame
This beautiful 5 in. x 7 in. coquille frame is in an antique silver finish.
One offering. Minimum Bid $20. Chris & Julie Miller, 440-356-9750

A133 Three Tribal Masks
Set of three tribal masks (wood carved wall hangings) in woven basket;
20+ years old. One offering. Minimum Bid $30.
Chris & Julie Miller, 440-356-9750

A134 Wooden Safari Napkin Rings
Set of nine wooden safari napkin rings. One offering.
Minimum Bid $10. Chris & Julie Miller &, 440-356-9750

A135 Bamboo Stainless Steel Flatware
Set of 36 pieces: complete service for six, with two extra large spoons,
small spoons and knives. One offering. Minimum Bid $20. Chris & Julie
Miller, 440-356-9750

A136 Wooden Carved Elephant Napkin Rings
Set of six carved wooden elephant napkin rings. One offering.
Minimum Bid $10. Chris & Julie Miller, 440-356-9750

A137 Wooden Safari Serving Utensils
Set of three wooden Safari Serving Utensils (Sheffield), plus small
wooden giraffe spoon and two wooden zebras. One offering.
Minimum Bid $10. Chris & Julie Miller, 440-356-9750
A138 "Survivor" Band CD w/Autographed Photo
"Eye of the Tiger" CD by the band Survivor; includes autographed
photo of the band. Valued at $50. One offering. Minimum Bid $25.
Fred Franchi, 216-548-9476

A139 Artificial Palm Tree in Wooden Planter
Great for decorating: 4 ft. artificial palm tree. One offering.
Minimum Bid $10. Janet Tracy, 440-243-0613

A140 Batik from the Fiji Islands
A beautiful Batik from Jan's travels to Fiji; approximatley 2 ft. x 2 ft.
One offering. Minimum Bid $25. Janet Tracy, 440-243-0613

A142 Necklace Extender
Extender to match any necklace, made to desired length.
50 offerings. Minimum Bid $10. Janet French, 216-221-2318

A143 Big Sky Dreaming Pendant
Contrailed sky blue glass pendant, blue glass, crystal, metal mask,
sterling beads with hinged magnetic clasp. Length: 25 in. One offering.
Minimum Bid $70. Janet French, 216-221-2318

A144 Desert Dusk Necklace
Rhodonite and glass: gray, gray pink, maroon with sterling clasp.
Length: 22 in. One offering. Minimum Bid $40.
Janet French, 216-221-2318

A145 Flaming Pacific Sunset Pendant
Orange-white-translucent agate pendant, agate beads and chips, glass
beads, shell spacers, copper clasp. Length: 21 in. One offering.
Minimum Bid $40. Janet French, 216-221-2318

A146 Lavender & Silver Lace Pendant
Vintage-earring pendant of sterling-framed faceted lavender glass,
lavender and purple glass beads, sterling spacers and clasp. Length 18
in. One offering. Minimum Bid $25. Janet French, 216-221-2318

A147 Chinatown Memory Pendant
Removable enameled silver pin-pendant, teal and royal blue, with
reticulated fish and wire balls, glass beads, gold-plated clasp. Length:
18 in. One offering. Minimum Bid $45. Janet French, 216-221-2318

A148 Mineral Wealth Necklace
Black lava rock, hematite, jasper, sterling clasp. Length: 22-1/2 in. One
offering. Minimum Bid $30. Janet French, 216-221-2318

A149 Honky Tonk Mood Pendant & Earrings
Black and white painted wood mask pendant, glass beads, brass clasp.
Length: 19 in. Matching earrings. One offering. Minimum Bid $25.
Janet French, 216-221-2318

A150 Trading Post Trinket
Turqouise howlite with turquoise and coral accents, sterling clasp.
Length: 20 in. One offering. Minimum Bid $30.
Janet French, 216-221-2318

A151 Primeval Forest Meditation Pendant & Bracelet
Exotic wood pendant: wood, jasper, tiger-eye, glass, stone and pit
beads with sterling clasp. Length: 23 in. BONUS vintage wood bracelet.
One offering. Minimum Bid $35. Janet French, 216-221-2318

A152 Flight of the Copper Dragonfly Pendant
Brass/copper dragonfly pendant and clasp: agate, copper and glass
beads. Length: 22 in. One offering. Minimum Bid $30.
Janet French, 216-221-2318

A153 Cactus Flower Pendant & Earrings
Chartreuse stone pendant and chips; jasper, glass and gold metal
beads, gold-plated flower clasp. Matching earrings. One offering.
Minimum Bid $25. Janet French, 216-221-2318

A154 Out of Africa Necklace & Earrings
Qull-and-bead dangles on brass arc (from a Dorothy Faller necklace)
paired with brass, bone, wood and glass beads. Length: 18 in.
Matching earrings. One offering. Minimum Bid $30.
Janet French, 216-221-2318

A155 Circus Parade
Recycled "gold" metal elephant trio from Shirley Heck's belt; red,
green and blue glass beads, gold-plated clasp. Length: 24 in.
One offering. Minimum Bid $20. Janet French, 216-221-2318

A156 Keys to Happiness Chain
Bugs Bunny 1997 pewter "stamp" pendant, washers, metal rings, glass
and metal beads - big and blowsy. Length: 27 in. The pendant is 4 1/2
in. A steal at half the price! One offering. Minimum Bid $20.
Janet French, 216-221-2318

A157 League of Women Voters 2011 Auction Necklace 1
Red, white and blue glass beads. One offering. Minimum Bid $25.
Janet French, 216-221-2318

A158 League of Women Voters Auction 2011 Necklace 2
Brown fossilized bead necklace: flat gorget and carved beads of
fossilized coral with other brown, black and dusty rose stone beads.
One offering. Minimum Bid $45. Janet French, 216-221-2318

A159 Western Treasures Gift Basket
This basket is chock full of western flair, with collectibles, games, and
much more! Featuring: Navajo collectible doll, Native American rug,
handmade bracelet w/retro-western characters, incense, cowgirl
votive, West Game for Cowgirls, and much more! Valued at over $90.
One offering. Minimum Bid $50.
Roxanne Janilla & Larry Duerk, 216-570-3179

A160 The Musical Theater Project "Rising Star" Membership
One complementary membership to The Musical Theater Project,
which celebrates American musical history in a seamless blend of
entertainment and education. Founded in 2000, TMTP's colorful multi-
media concerts crack open the Great American Songbook, exploring
marvelous words and music to discover what these songs have to say
about our country and ourselves. "Rise Star" level Membership
Benefits include a t-shirt, TMPT tote, TMPT's Overture newsletter,
discounts on tickets and CDs. One offering. Minimum Bid $30.
The Musical Theater & Heather Meeker, 216-529-9411

A161 Richard Rodgers "Command Performance" CD
Harbinger Records and The Musical Theater project released this
critically-acclaimed CD of the composer's historic piano rolls in 2009.
Valued at $25. One offering. Minimum Bid $10.
The Musical Theater & Heather Meeker, 216-529-9411

A162 Decorative Gold-Framed Mirror
Decorative gold-framed mirror ready for hanging! 12 in. x 16 in. One
offering. Minimum Bid $20. Veronica Davis, 216-548-4176

                    Wild Wild West Shore

B201     27th Annual Trivial Pursuit Party
         Saturday, May 7, 2011, 6:30 p.m.
The dinner, the challenges, the prizes, the trivia! We encourage you to
bring friends from outside the church. Perfect for new members! Join
us at the Mayer's home in Rocky River. Teens & older. 40 places.
Minimum Bid $25. Donald & Mimi Mayer;
Gaile & Joe Schafer, 440-356-6662

B202     Faerie Garden Fantasy
          Saturday, May 28, 2011, 1:00 p.m.
Imaginative fun afternoon with the faeries! Dine on faerie cakes and
faerie punch, listen to faerie music. Make an authentic faerie garden to
take home. We will provide the inspiration and all materials for the
most beautiful little garden you have ever seen. Event held at Dorothy
Faller's home, 6889 Columbia Road, Olmsted Falls. 15 offerings.
Minimum Bid $25 for one adult and up to two children; $35 if one
garden is made for two people. Dorothy Faller, 440-427-0033;
Additional hosts: Tom Hughes, Roxanne Janilla, Heather Macalla, Gaile

B203    Wild, Wild Fireworks
        Monday, July 4, 2011, 6:00 p.m.
Mosey on down to Suite 1305, Winton Place for a 4th of July party at
Charles' Winton Place apartment. What better place to observe the
Edgewater Park fireworks while chowin' down and imbibing in a little
firewater? 25 places. Minimum Bid $30.
Charles Grace, 216-712-4665; Additional hosts: Dottie Brown, Lesley
Hahn, Gaye Laurell, Edie Schwede, Marti Travis

B204     Cantina
         Saturday, July 16, 2011, Chapel/Courtyard, 6:00 p.m.
Hey all you cowboys and cowgirls - it's still the same Cantina that you
have grown to know and love, but it takes on a more western flair this
year! Join us at the "chuck wagon" in the Chapel and Courtyard for
tasty vittles, mighty fine drinks, and line dancing lessons. All ages
welcome! Children under 12 eat free! 50 places.
Minimum Bid $20. Suzanne Rusnak, 440-334-3336; Additional hosts:
Rachel Abernethy, Bonnie Kelly, Cil Knutsen, Anna Mate, Tamara Sims

B205     Ritas & Fajitas Feast
         Saturday, July 23, 2011, 6:00 p.m.
Join us in Lakewood for margaritas, fajitas, rice and beans, and tex-mex
merriment. We'll have multiple varieties of margaritas, soft drinks and
sumptuous chicken and steak fajitas, with lots of Colleen's home-made
salsa! All ages welcome. 16 places. Minimum Bid $35.
Joe Hannum & Coleen Demas, 440-463-5091

B206   16th Annual Tea In The Garden Party
       Sunday, July 24, 2011, 4:00 p.m.
An authentic English tea, in Jodith's authentic English garden.
Cucumber, smoked salmon and egg and cress sandwiches, trifle,
Dundee cake, and oh yes...tea! Teens and older welcome. 16 places.
Minimum Bid $20. Jodith Janes & April Stoltz, 216-221-0437

B207     Slippery Sam's Saloon
         Saturday, August 13, 2011, 7:00 p.m.
Check y'er horse and six shooters at the swinging doors of Slippery
Sam's Saloon - also known as the Riemers' home in Bay Village.
There'll be drinkin' and dealin' in the form of blackjack, poker or
roulette - it ain't gambling, it's gaming! The barkeep will pour your
favorite drink - anything from a shot-n-beer to one of them fancy
martinis. And don't forget the food, too! Adults only. 30 places.
Minimum Bid $25. Lois & Paul Riemer, 440-331-4325

B208    Grub at the Chuck Wagon
        Saturday, September 17, 2011, 6:00 p.m.
Saddle up, pardners, and head for the chuck wagon for some good ole
cowboy grub including chili, steaks, cornbread and all the fixins'. The
Sarsaparilla Saloon will be open for business! Tall tales around the
campfire are sure to be lively. Vegetarians need not apply! All ages
welcome. 50 places. Minimum Bid $30. Cil Knutsen, Chuck Homer, Jeff
Johnson, Suzanne Rusnak, 216-226-4221

B209     Puerto Rican Dinner & Latino Heritage Festival
         Saturday, October 1, 2011, Baker Hall, 6:00 p.m.
Experience the cultures of the Caribbean featuring Puerto Rican
cuisine, art and entertainment from various Latino cultures. Enjoy
dinner and dancing in Baker Hall and in the Courtyard. All ages
welcome. 64 places. Minimum Bid $30.
Danielle & Victor Ruiz, 216-251-4311;

B210 1st Seating: Soup's On! Come 'n Git It!
        Sunday, October 2, 2011, 5:00 – 6:30 p.m.
Hey all you cowpokes, mosey on over to the Bay Village chuck wagon.
We're fixin' to serve all-you-can-eat bowls of soup (six different kinds)
plus hearty bread, dee-licious desserts, and drinks to wet your whistle -
with or without firewater! All ages welcome. 18 places.
Minimum Bid $20. Chris Baumhauer, Anne Osborne & Kathy Strawser,

B211    2nd Seating: Soup's On! Come 'n Git It!
        Sunday, October 2, 2011, 6:30 – 8:00 p.m.
If you missed the first seating, you’re still in luck. Don’t worry…there’ll
be plenty of grub left for you to enjoy. All ages welcome. 18 places.
Minimum Bid $20. Same as above.

B212      Annual Chili Cook-Off III
          Saturday, October 8, 2011, Baker Hall, 5:00 p.m.
It’s the third year for this West Shore Event. Bring your best chili for
the competition. Competition categories include: traditional, white
chili, vegetarian, and exotic. Slaw, cornbread, beer and soft drinks will
be served along with the usual fixin's. All ages welcome. 100 places.
Minimum Bid $25. Philip Reed, 216-941-3791

B213    Clifton Beach Clambake
        Saturday, October 22, 2011, 5:00 p.m.
Come to the Beach - no clam digging required for this traditional
clambake dinner! Enjoy the beautiful lake and feast on sumptuous
clams, corn, lobster, potatoes, and home-made bread. Toast the
sunset at 6:37 p.m. Event begins at 5 p.m. 30 places.
Minimum Bid $45. Cil Knutsen, 216-226-4221; Additional hosts: Dave
Condon, Bill Irvine, Steve Meka, Dave Willett, Chan & Ed Spellman

B214    Minute to Win it
        Saturday, December 3, 2011, Baker Hall, 6:30 p.m.
An evening of fun and challenges based on the popular TV show.
Adults and children ages 10 and up. Minimum Bid $15 adults;
$10 children ages 10 -18. 25 places. Jeff & Edyta Dudzik, 216-226-3287
Additional hosts: Matt & A.J. McCabe, Kevin Ball & Carol Winter

B215    Hostess with the Mostest Holiday Party XIII
        Saturday, December 10, 2011, 6:00 p.m.
Come mingle with old friends and new at this pre-holiday gathering at
the home of Jodith Janes in Lakewood. Adults only. 30 places.
Minimum Bid $25. Jodith Janes, Anna Mate, April Stoltz & Sarajane
Willson, 216-221-0437

B216    Gung Hay Fat Choy 4710
        Celebrate the Year of the Dragon
         Saturday, January 28, 2012, Baker Hall, 6:30 p.m.
Happy Chinese New Year! Fun, fabulous food, and good luck
decorations abound! All ages welcome. 50 places. Minimum Bid $25.
Cil Knutsen, 216-226-4221; Additional hosts: Rachel Abernethy,
Tamara Sims, Maline Ung, Cynthia White & Jan Williams

B217     Hearts With Sweethearts
         Friday, February 10, 2012, Baker Hall, 6:30 p.m.
Come celebrate Valentine's season at our Hearts Tournament. Bring
your sweetheart ...or come on your own to enjoy this lighthearted card
game, complete with shooting the moon (not for the faint-hearted)
and the cold-hearted Queen of Spades. We'll have big-hearted snacks,
hearty desserts, heartwarming wines, stout headed stout, softhearted
soft drinks and prizes! Teens & older. 36 places. Minimum Bid $20.
Daniel & Joyce Stock; Additional hosts: Melinda Stock & Fluffy Raiford,

B218    Spaghetti Western
        Saturday, February 18, 2012, Baker Hall, 5:00 p.m.
Spaghetti and Western movies, horseshoes and other games for all
ages! Bring your western talk and cowboy walk! Adults and teens.
Minimum Bid $10. Children can eat free! 100 places.
David Willett & Steve Meka; Additional hosts: Karen Kircher & Kevin
Keefe, 216-221-4288

B219     Button & Bows: Vintage Fashion Show & Tea Party
         Sunday, March 18, 2012, Baker Hall, 3:00 p.m.
Attend this Tea Party & Fashion Show featuring designer clothing from
the 1880s to the 1980s brought to you by VIVA! This event gives twice
- your money will support the Church and the HUUG Family will donate
to VIVA, an off-shoot of Goodwill Industries,who hosts the show. Bring
a friend, a daughter or granddaughter. Dads bring your girls and enjoy
an afternoon to remember! Ages 8 and older. Minimum Bid adults
$20; children $10. HUUG Extended Family, 440-333-2255; Additional
hosts: Karen Auer, Jodith Janes, Lesley Hahn, Roxanne Janilla, Kathy
Kosiorek, Anna Mate, Paula Mealey, Joan Rasmussen, Cathy Ross &
Kathy Woodbridge

                   Wild Wild West Shore

D301     A Taste of Burgundy - Beef, That Is
         Saturday, May 21, 2011, 6:30 p.m.
A rich, wine-laden beef bourguignon, a favorite dish from the
Burgundy area of France, is a truly glorious dish, perfect as the
centerpiece of a dinner among friends! All prepared by Roy, who is an
excellent chef! Dine al fresco if weather permits. Adults only. Five
places. Minimum Bid $25.
Roy Prentiss, 440-801-1759

D302    Diners, Drive-Ins, Chuck Wagons and Dives
         Saturday, June 4, 2011, 5:00 p.m.
Enjoy some great comfort food featuring a few Youel specialties of the
day! We'll challenge you to a Food Quiz and ask that you bring your
favorite comfort food recipe to share. Adults only. 12 places. Minimum
Bid $20. John & Jane Youel &, 440-835-5089

D303       True Grits Brunch
           Sunday, June 12, 2011, High Noon
Don't dilly-dally pardners. Round up yer appetite and head on down to
the River (Rocky River that is) for this mighty fine spread of temptin'
grub! Pile up your plate with Kit-and-Caboodle Egg Casserole, Badlands
Bacon, Happyfying Hash Browns, Texas Toast, Grits, Maverick Muffins,
Fruit Salad Fixins' and Makin' Tracks Mimosas! And bust my britches -
it's all fer a minimum bid of $20. Adults only. Eight places. Vicki Lewis
& Chris Baumhauer, 440-333-3829

D304     Garden Party Brunch
                Sunday, June 26, 2011, High Noon
Sip on champagne, Bloody Marys or whatever is your pleasure while
you enjoy the beautiful summer weather, a lovely brunch, and
stimulating conversation at the Jackson's home in Westlake. Adults
only. Eight places. Minimum Bid $20.
Jerry & Betty Jackson, 440-835-5122

D305    Starry Night
         Friday, July 15, 2011
Your favorite food and libations served under the stars! Enjoy a feast
in the bamboo forest by the fish pond at the Streitel's Lakewood
home. Adults only. Four places. Minimum Bid $50.
John & Susan Streitel, 216-221-1017

D306    Go West - A 70's Disco Party & Event
        Friday, July 22, 2011, 7:00 p.m.
Celebrate with food and drinks retro-style geared to the sound and
excitement of the 70's hit song, "Go West!" Relive the decade dressed
as a member of the Village People or something that captures the
essence of the era. Adults only. 15 places. Minimum Bid $25.
Jerry Devis & Dave Clements, 440-892-8012

D307    A Locavore's Dream: Food from the (local) Garden
        Saturday, August 20, 2011, 6:00 p.m.
Ren and Dawn's Third Annual celebration of local food, featuring
vegan, vegetarian and pescetarian meals. Featuring tasty vegetables
and herbs grown in their own garden, eggs grown from city chickens,
fresh Lake Erie fish, Cleveland-brewed beer, and a featured cocktail
made with spirits distilled in Columbus. All ages welcome. 12 places.
Minimum Bid $30. Dawn & Ren Brumfield, 440-488-3410.
Additional hosts: Sonia Di Fiore, Matt & A.J. McCabe, Mary Jo Maish,
Marcia Perrins, Brett Watts

D308     West Side Market Dinner Sampler
         Saturday, August 27, 2011, 6:00 p.m.
Enjoy sampling the "best of the West" - the West Side Market that is!
From appetizer to dessert, we will serve the freshest and best from
this Cleveland landmark market. Adults only. Seven places.
Minimum Bid $25. Kathy & Andy Kosiorek, Jodith Janes, 216-226-4503

D309    Greek BBQ
        Saturday, August 27, 2011, 6:00 p.m.
Howdy Pardners! Forge the Mighty Cuyahoga to Ellen's Cleveland
Heights home for a Mediterranean BBQ feast. Plenty of great food and
strong drinks - spanikopita, grilled lamb, tzatziki, fresh pita, rice pilaf,
Greek salad and more! Adults only. 12 places. Minimum Bid $25.
Erin Gyomber, 216-371-1993
D310    Workers of the World - Relax
         Monday, September 5, 2011, 9:45 a.m.
Sleep in on Labor Day. Wayne and Kathleen will prepare brunch for
you. Weather permitting, we'll host you in our backyard Zen garden.
Ten places. Minimum Bid $15. Wayne & Kathleen, 440-250-0300

D311     Music & Poetry Dinner
         Saturday, September 10, 2011, 6:00 p.m.
Guests can perform whatever they want - play an instrument, sing a
solo or duet, read poetry or just be part of the adoring audience.
Excellent piano accompanist. Performances begin at 6 p.m. during
cocktails and hors d'oeuvres. Sit-down dinner at 7 p.m. followed by
more performances during dessert. Teens and older. Ten places.
Minimum Bid $18. Charles Grace, 216-712-4665

D312     Wild, Wild West Clam Bake
         Saturday, September 24, 2011, 6:00 p.m.
Sit around the campfire with fellow rustlers and enjoy clams, lobster
and all the fixins' at Karen's home in Strongsville. Wet your whistle
with some home brew! Adults only. 12 places. Mimimum Bid $50.
Karen Kircher, 440-572-8485; Additional hosts: Kevin Keele, Tom
Konkoly & David Soltesz

D313     California Dreamin' Dinner
         Friday, September 30, 2011, 6:30 p.m.
Far beyond the Western badlands lies the Imperial Valley and the great
foods of the Pacific Coast. Join Lesley and Mary Lou for a leisurely
dinner featuring ocean seafood, avocado salad, veggies in season, a
dessert with apples from Washington State and wines from Sonoma
Valley and Oregon. Event will be held at Lesley's home in Rocky River.
Eight places. Minimum Bid $30.
Lesley Hahn & Mary Lou Pollak, 440-333-6252

D314     Danish Lunch
         Saturday, October 15, 2011, High Noon
An authentic Danish lunch - cheaper than flying to Copenhagen! Learn
how to make and enjoy Danish open-faced sandwiches, complete with
Danish beer, Akavit and Royal Copenhagen porcelain. Teens & older.
Eight places. Minimum Bid $30.
Soren & Mary Jane Hansen, 440-871-6626

D315      Aw Shucks! Charades!
          Saturday, October 15, 2011, 6:30 p.m.
Join us at the Rusnak Ranch for a friendly game of charades "chuck-
full" of fun and surprises. Team Ponderosa will face off against Team
Big Valley while chowing down on appetizers, drinks and desserts.
Adults only. Twelve places. Minimum Bid $20. Suzanne Rusnak, 440-
334-3336; Additional hosts: Karen Kircher & Kevin Keele

D316     A Time-Warp Dinner
        Saturday, October 22, 2011, 6:00 p.m.
Cocktails in hand, wander between appetizer offerings and scenes of
wild and pre-historic France courtesy of Robert's vacation video
playing in another room. Then dine on country food (Daube d'
Avignon), home-made bread, salad and dessert of Barossa cream while
feasting your eyes on a house full of Ruth's modern art! Adults only.
Eight places. Minimum Bid $25. Robert & Ruth Bercaw, 440-331-8743

D317    The Magnificent 7 Dinner
        Saturday, November 19, 2011, 6:30 p.m.
Magnificent 7 course meal, good conversation and fun at the Heck
Ranch. My pardner, Vicki, and I hope to see you - we'll have a wild
time in Westlake! Adults only. Eight places. Minimum Bid $35.
Kathleen Heck & Vicki Lewis, 440-899-9032

D318     Lose Those Shoppers' Blues
         Saturday, December 17, 2011, 6:00 p.m.
After a full day of holiday shopping, what better way to say "bye bye"
to the shoppers' blues and recuperate than with a casual feast at
Nancy's home in Westlake. Take the evening off and relax with us.
Enjoy a casual feast of finger foods, wine and cheese, and dessert
fondue. We'll lift your spirits with some "spirits!" Adults only.
Ten places. Minimum Bid $25. Nancy Juergens, Chuck Homer & Jeff
Johnson, 440-871-8261

D319     Hungarian Dinner XXI
         Sunday, January 15, 2012, 6:00 p.m.
The popular 21st Annual Hungarian dinner with Gary's family recipe of
chicken paprikas and other good Hunky stuff including a great torte by
Drina. Dinner at the Nemes' home in Bay Village. All ages welcome.
Six places. Minimum Bid $25. Gary & Drina Nemes, 440-871-3271
D320    Prairie Puzzlers
        Saturday, January 21, 2012, 6:30 p.m.
No cattle rustlers allowed! Mosey on over to the Rusnak Ranch to see
who will be the fastest puzzle solvers in Wild, Wild Westlake! Snacks,
drinks and desserts will be served as one team tries to ambush the
other for bragging rights to the title, "Fastest Puzzlers in the West!"
Adults only. Twelve places. Minimum Bid $20. Suzanne Rusnak,
440-334-3336; Additional hosts: Karen Kircher & Kevin Keele

D321     Gravestone: A Wild West Murder Mystery Dinner
         Saturday, February 4, 2012, Chapel, 6:00 p.m.
One guest is dead and you need to put the clues together and find the
murderer. Is it you or the person you least suspect? The West Shore
Chapel is transformed into the Gravestone Saloon for a Wild West
mystery themed dinner. Your invitation will come with
recommendations for costumes and character details. The object is to
stay in character while interrogating others and having fun! Full
dinner will be served. Adults only. Fourteen places. Minimum Bid $25.
Byron & Hollie Brubaker, 330-933-0497

D322     Wild Tripoley Game Night
         Saturday, February 11, 2012, 7:00 p.m.
Join us at Karen's home, 12189 Park Cliff Drive, Strongsville for an
evening of appetizers, drinks of all kinds and "Tripoley" - an easy game
of chance! A friendly game with friendly folks; no six-shooters allowed.
No experience necessary and pennies will be provided! Adults only.
Ten places. Minimum Bid $20. Karen Kircher, 440-572-8485;
Additional host: Kevin Keele

D323     Soup, Salad & Serendipitous Scrabble @ Sarjane's on Sunday
         Sunday, February 12, 2012, 1:30 p.m.
Enjoy a lunch of salad, along with Sarajane's famous vegetarian soup
and bread followed by dessert and games of Scrabble for the social-
Scrabble player. Fun and Prizes! Teens & Older. Eight places.
Minimum Bid $20. Sarajane Willson, 440-503-6363

D324    Puttin' on the Ritz
        Saturday, March 3, 2012, 6:30 p.m.
Put on your top hats, white ties and tails! Come for this glittering,
intimate soiree for a five-star dinner in a five-star atmosphere at

Westwood Country Club! This sumptuous meal will include lobster,
foie gras and flaming desserts along with the perfect wine pairings.
Adults only. Ten places. Minimum Bid $95. Cil Knutsen, 216-226-4221

D325     Bangers and Mash
         Saturday, February 25, 2012, 6:00 p.m.
Jodith will explain why her popular, proper English dinner has such a
funny name. Teens & Older. Eight places. Minimum Bid $25.
Jodith Janes, 216-221-0437

D326    Vegetarian Comfort Food & Modern Art
        Saturday, March 3, 2012, 6:00 p.m.
Dine on Tom's vegetarian meal featuring comfort food surrounded by
David's abstract art! All this amidst the ambience of their Japanese
garden style Berea condo! BYOB. Nine places. Minimum Bid $15.
Thomas Konkoly & David Soltesz, 440-239-9910

D327     Last Dinner on the Titanic
         Thursday, April 12, 2012, 6:00 p.m.
April 12, 2012, marks the exact anniversary when the RMS Titanic
headed West and had a fatal collision with a massive iceberg in the
North Atlantic. We will commemorate the extraordinary bravery and
heroism of that night, which many considered the end of the age of
innocence, with dinner and conversation in the manner of the era.
You may come as First Class, Steerage, or anything in between. Feel
free to come in costume, even if only a hat or boa! Adults only.
Ten places. Minimum Bid $40. Carol & William Jacobs; Pam & Tom
Smith, 440-333-2209

D328     Gourmet Dinner With A Lakeview
         Saturday, January 7, 2012, 6:00 p.m.
Enjoy a tantalizing seven-course dinner including wine pairings for
each course at the home of Chann and Ed Spellman. This is a gourmet's
delight right out of "Travel and Leisure" featuring such items as Chile
Rubbed Shrimp with Avocado Corn Cocktail; Salad of Fennel, Arugala
and Ricotta; Grilled Tuscan Pork Roast w/Rosemary and Red Pepper
Relish; White Beans w/Roasted Tomatoes; and Vanilla Panna Cotta
with Mixed Berry Compote. Adults only. Eight places.
Minimum Bid $35. Chann & Ed Spellman, 216-227-8005

                   Wild Wild West Shore
                 ROOTIN’ TOOTIN’ TIMES

E401    Olde Towne Theatre Party VII
        Friday, April 29, 2011, 7:15 p.m.
Assemble at the Bliss home in Avon and carpool to the Olde Towne
Theatre to see "The Diary of Anne Frank." Return to the Bliss' home
afterward for sandwiches and dessert. 20 offerings. Minimum Bid $20.
George & Liane Bliss, 440-937-6167

E402    Cleveland Indians' Game Tickets
        Sunday, July 10, 2011, 1:05 p.m.
A block of four prime location seats for this Sunday afternoon game
between the Cleveland Indians and the Toronto Blue Jays. Seats are in
Sec. 131 Lower Box: Row A, seats 3 &4; Row B, seats 3 &4. Parking is
in the Community College lot right across Carnegie from the Carnegie/
Ontario gate. Face value of the tickets plus parking pass is $160. One
offering. Minimum Bid $80. David & Gloria Brown, 330-725-7403

E403    Dinner & Theater
        Saturday, July 30, 2011, 6:00 p.m.
Dine with the Blomgrens at Lakewood's Dragon's Kitchen
followed by an evening of theater watching a rousing version of
"Hairspray" at the Beck Center. Adults only. Four offerings. Minimum
Bid $45. George & Gerry Blomgren, 216-221-4478

E404     See the North Coast on Two Wheels
                 Saturday, July 30, 2011
We will enjoy the sights and sounds of Cleveland while cycling from
Lakewood to Little Italy and back - 25 miles! Bonnie is a
knowledgeable and experienced bike trip leader. We will stop at
Presti's for lunch or a snack (not included in bid price) for an hour
before returning to the West Side. Bring your cell phone. Minimum of
3 to maximum of 6 riders. Six offerings.
Minimum Bid $10 per person. Bonita Vargo, 216-226-5918

E405    Circle the Wagon: Walking & Driving Tour of Cleveland
        Saturday, August 13, 2011, High Noon
Enjoy a guided tour of the "Old West" - the West Side of Cleveland!
Not quite Dodge City but enjoy a walking and driving tour of
important architecture and sculpture guided by your hosts. The
Wagon Train will stop to cool off at an area saloon followed by a late
afternoon chuck wagon meal. Adults only. 59 offerings.
Minimum Bid $25. Jerry Devis & Dave Clements, 440-892-8012

E406    Picnic at Put-In-Bay
         Saturday, August 13, 2011
Enjoy a picnic at Margery's cottage, "Wee House," built in 1910. You
can bike or hike, relax or go sight-seeing. Carpool right after church or
travel on your own to Put-In-Bay. Margery will provide transportation
to and from the ferry. Adults only. 12 offerings. Minimum Bid $20.
Margery Ventresca, 440-244-5891

E407    "Man of La Mancha" at the Huntington Playhouse
         Friday, August 26, 2011, 6:30 p.m.
Follow the trail to Marty's house, 4276 W. 217th Street, Fairview Park,
for dessert. Then, we're off to Huntington Playhouse for the 8:00 p.m.
performance of "Man of La Mancha." Teens & older. Six offerings.
Minimum Bid $25. Martha Wiersma & Anne Osborne, 440-356-6923

E408    Two Cleveland Indians Tickets
        Monday, September 5, 2011, 1:05 p.m.
Great seats in Section 136, first row, next to the camera bay, just
beyond the 1st base dugout! Each ticket comes pre-loaded with $4
towards concession purchase. One offering. Minimum Bid $40.
Brad Davidson & Rebecca Ross, 440-871-2114

E409     Weekend Getaway at Atwood Lake
         September 17, 2011
Two nights at a fabulous 1890 country home near Atwood Lake
overlooking a beautiful country meadow. Includes Saturday dinner
and Sunday brunch, two twin rooms and one queen. Adults only.
Six offerings. Minimum Bid $100. Marg Gobeille; Jim & Shirley Heck,

E410    Opera at Oberlin Conservatory
        Sunday, November 20, 2011, High Noon
Enjoy Sunday buffet lunch at Kendal at Oberlin, followed by "A
Wedding," a new opera by William Bolcom. Lunch at noon; opera
begins at 2 p.m. Adults only. Two offerings. Minimum Bid $20.
Peggy Reid, 440-775-1061

E411 Four Tickets: Instrumental Evening for the Earth
Two tickets to a silent auction and chamber music concert performed
by members of the world-renowned Cleveland Orchestra. Date and
time to be held in November 2011 at West Shore. Value $200.
Two offerings. Minimum Bid $65. Scott Sanders, 440-725-6251

E412    Dave Blazer & The Divas
         Thursday, March 8, 2012, Chapel, 7:00 p.m.
West Shore's own version of The Back Room with jazz standards sung
by Kathleen and accompanied by Dave, and joined by other West
Shore Divas. In addition to jazz, performances include torch songs,
cabaret and a spot-on imitation of Marlene Dietrich! Adults only.
40 offerings. Minimum Bid $20. Kathleen Rolenz, 440-250-0300

E413 Film Buff Special
Enjoy lunch and a film at the Cleveland International Film Festival, to
be held in March 2012. This wonderful event has annually sold over
60,000 tickets! Transportation from church to Tower City Center
included. Date to be mutually determined. Teens & older. Two
offerings. Minimum Bid $50 per couple. Lesley Hahn, 440-333-6252

E414 Cleveland Zoo Family Membership
A one year membership to the Cleveland Zoological Society. Admits up
to two named adults in the same household and their children (18
years and under) to the Zoo and Rainforest. Also, you will receive free
or discounted visits to 130 other zoos. Value $68. One offering.
Minimum Bid $40. Rachel Abernethy, 216-521-2158

E415 Golf at Westwood Country Club
"Camp Neverstop" - valet parking and bag handling; fitness center
preparation for activity plus golf with cart (54 holes max); use of
swimming pool; tennis (75 minutes max); cocktails and light snacks;

locker room with shoe service and steam room shower. Minimum Bid
$150 without golf instructions from host. Adults only. Date and time
TBD. One offering. Minimum Bid $150.
Philip Alexander, 440-333-2654

E416 Wine & Food Pairings
Join Bob and Gloria at their favorite wine bar in Rocky River and
sample wines and food. Date and time to be arranged. Adults only.
Four offerings. Minimum Bid $25. Bob & Gloria Bemer, 440-777-9108

E417 Great Lakes Theater Tickets
Two "A Level" tickets to one production of Great Lakes Theater
Festival's 2011-12 season. Performance choices include: Cabaret,
Taming of the Shrew, The Mouse Trap, Romeo & Juliet. Tickets are
subject to availability. Value $120. One offering. Minimum Bid $60.
Phil & Kelly Florian, 216-228-3230

E418 Cocktails & Broadway for Four
Call the Beck Center Box Office to reserve four seats for a play of your
choice during 2011-12 season. Check the date with Lynda and then
attend a cocktail party for you and your guests at her Rocky River
home preceding the show. Value $125. One offering for four people.
Minimum Bid $75. Lynda Sackett, 440-333-6186

E419 Golf for Three at Firestone Country Club
Join Paul at Akron’s Firestone's North Course for 18 holes of golf
including cart plus lunch or dinner for a maximum of three players.
Valued at $200 per player. Date and time TBD. One offering.
Minimum Bid $200. Paul Youngberg & Marilyn Weske, 440-933-0721

E420    Four Tickets to "Optimistic Voices" Concert
        Sunday, May 22, 2011, 3:00 p.m.
The Musical Theater Project celebrates American musical history in a
seamless blend of entertainment and education. Founded in 2000,
TMTP's colorful multi-media concerts crack open the Great American
Songbook, exploring marvelous words and music to discover what
these songs have to say about our country and ourselves. Four tickets.
Teens & older. Value $72. One offering. Minimum Bid $30.
The Musical Theater & Heather Meeker, 216-529-9411

                      Wild Wild West Shore
                       VITTLES & MORE

501     Three Fruit Marmalade
Three fruit marmalade is a combination of oranges, lemons and
grapefruit. Sold by the jar. A jar will be on display at the service
auction. Delivery will be at a mutually agreeable date or you can pick
up your jars at the church. 40 offerings.
Minimum Bid $4. Jodith Janes, 216-221-0437

F502 The Pub $30 Gift Certificate
Enjoy dinner, lunch or drinks at the popular Pub in Rocky River. Gift
certificate valued at $30. One offering. Minimum Bid $15. The Pub,

F503 Assorted Christmas Cookies
We will bake 8 dozen assorted holiday cookies to be delivered on a
mutually agreeable date in December. Please contact us by November
20, to make arrangements for this delectable holiday treat! One
offering. Minimum Bid $20.
Buffy DeWitt & Kathy Bollin, 216-226-5414

F504 Homemade 9” Pie Made to Order
Savor a homemade pie made to order with your choice of filling -
seasonal fruit, cream or meringue. Barbara must be given at least one
week's notice. Buyer must pick up at Barbara's home, 18500 High
Parkway, Rocky River. One offering.
Minimum Bid $25. Barbara Doenecke, 440-331-4889

F505 Board of Trustees Fine Wine Basket
A collection of fine wines from the Board of Trustees and the Parish
Co-Ministers. Each has been asked to contribute a bottle of their
favorite "grape" to make up this exceptional selection of whites and
reds - fit for a connoisseur's wine cellar.
One offering. Minimum Bid $75.
West Shore’s Board of Trustees, 440-333-2255

F506 Kitchen Starter Bin
From West Shore’s Craft Ministry, a plastic-lidded bin chock full of
linens and gadgets to outfit a new kitchen. Includes hand-knit oven-
handle towel and dishrag, flour sack towels, dish liquid, Barkeepers
Friend and sponge, stain stick, handmade bar soap and holder, bottle
brush, heat-proof spatula, paring knives and bamboo board, kitchen
scissors, measuring cups & spoons, whisk, stirring spoon, stainless
bowl, timer, funnels, two cookbooks, a freezer chart, pot holders,
sieves, a steamer, knitted scrubbers and more. One offering.
Minimum Bid $50. West Shore Craft Ministry, 440-333-2255;
Additional donor: Janet French

F507 Peanut Butter & Chocolate Buckeyes for the Holidays
The Hannum children will make and deliver 4 dozen of their
scrumptious peanut butter and chocolate Buckeyes for the holidays!
Perfect for your holiday party, re-gifting, or just for indulging on your
own. Date and time TBD. One offering. Minimum Bid $25.
Joe Hannum, Kai, Min & Kit Hannum, 440-463-5091

F508 Coffee Hour Goodies
Sarah will provide homemade baked goods (cookies, muffins, cakes)
once per month for twelve months. That's an entire year of your
favorite goodies every month! Request your favorite. One offering.
Minimum Bid $25. Sarah Piotrowski, 216-226-4488

F509 My Friends Restaurant Gift Certificate - $20
My Friends is open 24 hours for your dining pleasure! One offering.
Minimum Bid $10. My Friends, 216-221-2575

F510 Homemade Crab Cakes with Mustard Basil Sauce
Eight delicious crab cakes prepared at a future date to be determined
by the purchaser. Pick-up at church. Two offerings. Minimum Bid $20.
Carol Savarda, 440-333-5754

F511 Gift Certificate to Green Island Restaurant - $25
Tucked into a little street off Sperry Road in Bay Village, Green Island is
a homey spot to haul anchor! One offering. Minimum Bid $15.
Rosemary & Walt Halun, 440-871-5908

F512 Heinen's Gift Card - $25
Grocery certificate to Heinen's. One offering. Minimum Bid $15.
Sue Clark, 440-356-0524

F513 Baby Shower Gift Bin
From West Shore’s Craft Ministry, the Perfect Starter Basket for the
New Mother and Baby! Includes fold-up fabric storage bin; white hand
knit baby blanket, jacket, bonnet & booties; three-piece green/white
cotton Pooh motif outfit (6-9 months) with gift receipt; two pacifiers;
chime-crinkle hanging toy; spin-shine rattle; "Flutterby" teether; plate,
bowl and flatware set; collage picture frame; plastic squeaker Pooh
bath book; baby shampoo; and baby powder. One offering.
Minimum Bid $75. WSUUC Craft Ministry, 440-333-2255
Additional donor: Janet French

                   Wild Wild West Shore
                   HOW TO, PARDNER

601     Fused Glass Pendant Workshop
Unleash your creative energies and design your own one-of-a-kind
fused glass pendant in Dan's artist studio - no experience necessary.
Includes instruction and cost of materials per person to fashion a fused
glass pendant, findings, and neck cord. Mutually agreeable date to be
determined. Limited to two adults or one parent and child. Two
offerings. Minimum Bid $35. Daniel Pruitt, 216-521-8939

I602 Bridge Instruction
Doug, a life master, will explain bridge strategy and coach you on
bidding and playing your hand. Includes two sessions of 3 hours each.
No experience necessary. Time and place TBD.
Four offerings. Fixed Price $25. Doug Henderson, 356-2825

I603 Brew for Two
Craft beer brewing for beginners. An expert home brewer will show
you how to have it your way! Lunch provided with all supplies you will
need to make 5 gallons of your favorite brew style. Mutually agreeable
time in late August. Adults only.
Two offerings. Minimum Bid $100.
John & Susan Streitel, 216-221-1017

I604 Learn to Make 100% Natural Hand Soap
Experience the art of making your own soap! You will learn how soap is
made using Nature's own skin loving ingredients; how aromatherapy is
used to create your own essential blend; and
Why handmade soap is better for your skin than store-bought.
Take home 12 beautifully handcrafted bars of soap with your own
label. Date TBD mutually by participants. Teens & older.
Six offerings. Minimum Bid $50. Steve Meka, 216-221-4288

I605 PhotoShop Lessons
Puzzled by the ridiculous number of tools and menus in Photoshop?
Want to learn how to make dark photos light or faded-looking photos
darker? You decide what you want to learn: Image Correction
techniques, Paintbrush Tools, Layer and Blend Modes, and more! Jeff
is an instructional media specialist who will offer 2 hours of lessons at
your home. Date & time TBD. Winning bidder must have an Adobe
PhotoShop program installed on his/her computer. Teens & older.
One offering. Minimum Bid $35. Jeff Richards, 216-252-0505

I606 Bring Treasured Photos Back to Life!
Jeff, an experienced photographer, who will take your 8” x 10” (or
smaller) prints and either restore or repair them. RESTORATIONS are
for removing a few dust spots, small stains, restoring faded or shifted
colors. REPAIRS are for more serious problems: large stains, torn, cut
or creased photos, or dust and/or spots over much of the photo.
Color or B&W prints (no colorization offered). 13 offerings.
Restoration: Up to 10 photos at $15 per photo.
Repairs: Up to 3 photos at $30 per photo.
Jeff Richards, 216-252-0505

I607 Guitar Lessons
Guitar lessons for the intermediate or beginner level. Includes a total
of four lessons lasting 30-45 minutes each. Time and date TBD.
All ages. One offering. Minimum Bid $40. Barry Irvin, 440-356-9184

I608 "Loopy" Ribbon Yarn Scarf Lessons
One hour of instruction to fashion knit, 2” x 48” "loopy" ribbon yarn
scarf. Ability to knit stitch required - not for the beginner! Requires
med-large needles. See samples provided. Teens 13 older and up.
One offering. Minimum Bid $10. Karen Auer, 440-777-1269

I609 Knitting 101: "Purls" of Wisdom
Learn the timeless craft of knitting in a relaxed, fun atmosphere! A
total of five classes where you will gain the "purls" of wisdom to
enable you to cast-on, knit and purl! We will discuss different yarns
and needles, and combine our knowledge to complete a small project.
Some supplies required. Time and date TBD. Teens & older. Six
offerings. Minimum Bid $25.
Cynthia Viskocil & Judy Rumsey, 440-933-2609

                   Wild Wild West Shore
                  LEND A HELPIN’ HAND

S701 Set of 4 Steig Larsson Books & Glass Mouse
Great detective novel series plus hand-blown green glass mouse
paperweight. Valued at over $100. One offering.
Minimum Bid $60. Nancy Meyer-Emerick, 216-267-5713

S702 Sermon Topic of Your Choice
This is your chance to choose a topic for a Sunday morning sermon in
the 2011-12 church year, subject to the minister's approval. For an
individual, group or committee. One offering.
Minimum Bid $60. Revs. Wayne Arnason & Kathleen Rolenz

S703 Genius with Computer
Augie is a computer whiz and loves to teach. Schedule a two-hour
session so he can show you how to get your e-mail, navigate the web
or even use him to unpack the computer boxes and set everything up!
Value $80 each. Two offerings.
Minimum Bid $40. Augie Cintron, 216-926-7166

S704 Save-Around-Cleveland Entertainment Book
Enjoy up to $6,100 in discounts for popular restaurants,
services and more! One offering. Minimum Bid $20.
Barry Irvin, 440-356-9184

S705 Medication Counseling by Registered Pharmacist
Bob, a registered pharmacist, will review your medication lists and
meet with you individually to answer your questions during a one hour
meeting. He will call you prior to the meeting to obtain your health
history and list of medications. Date and time TBD. Ten offerings.
Minimum Bid $50.
Bob Nemcek, 216-381-6731

S706 Comprehensive Physical Fitness and Dietary Assessment
This comprehensive analysis is available for sedentary and
recreationally active individuals, as well as for athletes. Service is
provided by Kathy Little, an Associate Professor of Exercise Science at
CSU. Testing will be scheduled in the morning - see brochure for more
details. To qualify, you must not be at high risk or diagnosed with
cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or other metabolic diseases or be
pregnant. Adults only. One offering. Minimum Bid $75.
Kathy Little, 216-570-8097

S707 Massage or Spa Service at Your Home
Cheri is a licensed massage therapist and will provide your choice of
spa services or massage therapy at your home! Her office is located in
North Royalton. Date and time to be mutually determined. Valued at
$100. One offering. Minimum Bid $50. Cheryl Polk, 440-260-0971

S708 Lamp Repair
Don't throw your old lamps out - Stan will repair your favorite them!
Value $35. Two offerings. Fixed Price $10. Stan Levine, 440-331-8489

S709 Childcare - A Weekend Evening of Your Choice
Lori is a certified Early Childcare teacher. She will care for your
children at your home for one Friday or Saturday evening of your
choice. Date TBD. One offering. Minimum Bid $25.
Lori Burk, 440-714-1794

S710 Gas & Car Wash Gift Certificates
Two gift certificates: $30 Get-Go Gas Certificate and $10 Bee Clean Car
Wash Certificate. One offering. Minimum Bid $20.
Jeff & Dorothy Richards, 216-252-0505

S711 Financial Planning Services
Sara Robechek is a certified financial planner who has provided
financial planning and investment advice since 1981 as a fee-for-
service only provider; e.g., no financial products are sold by the
company. Sara will meet with you at your home for up to four hours
to help you strategize your financial future. Time and date TBD.
Valued at $620. One offering. Minimum Bid $100.
Robechek Company, 216-561-2006

S712 Your Own "Geek" Will Come to Your Home for a PC Check
A total of up to 1.5 hours for a computer "tune-up" for one Windows-
based personal computer at your home or business. Does not include
hardware or installation of hardware services unless prior agreement
with seller. Value $75. Three offerings. Minimum Bid $25.
Mark Cook, 216-862-0531

S713 Chess Lessons & Strategy
A beginner can learn to play chess. A novice can learn basic strategy
and tactics. An accomplished player can get some competition. A
really good player can just beat up on me! Three, five-hour sessions of
lessons and gaming. Value $70. One offering. Minimum Bid $30.
Jeffrey Martin, 440-360-7185

S714 Mother's Helper Services
Sophie will provide two, two-hour sessions as a Mother's Helper,
helping you to watch your little ones, ages 2 - 7 years old, while you
get things done at home. One offering. Minimum Bid $20.
Sophie Spellman, 216-227-8005

S715 Costume Jewelry Repair
Do you have a necklace that's broken, too short or too long, or a
double-strand you wish was one longer strand? Janet will re-string
your necklace. There's an extra charge for knotting, adding beads or a
new clasp. She will also convert appropriate earrings from clip to wire.
Minimum Bid $20 per item. 50 offerings. Janet French, 216-221-2318

                    Wild Wild West Shore
                   BEYOND THE PRAIRIE

V801 Five Day Vacation Danish Cottage
Vacation in the Hansen family's straw-thatched cottage on the island
of Sealand, about an hour and 15 minutes from the
Copenhagen airport! Includes a pre-vacation meal at the
Hansen's house to introduce Danish culture to the winner. Time and
date TBD (excludes summertime). All ages.
Cottage will hold maximum of eight people. One offering.
Minimum Bid $500. Soren & Mary Jane Hansen, 440-871-6626

V802 A Week at Chautauqua
Enjoy a week at the Summer House Inn in beautiful Chautauqua New
York. One bedroom with twin beds on 2nd or 3rd floor and
community living room and kitchen. Full program of arts, music and
lectures (tickets are buyer's responsibility).
Contact Jane for available dates. Valued at $685.
Two offerings for two people each. Minimum Bid $300.
Jane Hawthorne, 216-226-6934

              Wild Wild West Shore
                         ~ Live Auction Items ~

A112        Mike Gold Limited Edition Print: 3
A116        Sunday Morning Reserve Parking Space
D301        A Taste of Burgundy, Beef, That Is
D303        True Grits Brunch
D305        Starry Night
D307        A Locavore’s Dream: Food from the Garden
D309        Greek BBQ
D316        A Time-Wrap Dinner
D317        The Magnificent 7 Dinner
D319        Hungarian Dinner XXI
D324        Puttin’ on the Ritz
D327        Last Dinner on the Titanic
D328        Gourmet Dinner with a Lakeview
E416        Wine & Food Pairings
E419        Golf for Three at Firestone Country Club
F505        Board of Trustees Fine Wine Basket
S702        Sermon Topic of Your Choice

       (Not in the order they will be presented.)

 Wild Wild West Shore
is brought to you by these Fine Eateries

           Wild Wild West Shore
         is brought to you by these Fine Eateries


     Wild Wild West Shore
   is brought to you by these Fine Eateries

24961 Detroit Rd.• Westlake, OH 44145 • 440-871-3445

              Wild Wild West Shore
        :      is brought to you by this Fine Eatery

        18120 Sloane Avenue Lakewood, OH 44107
                     Phone 216- 521-4600

          Since 1975, Nature’s Bin has been committed to
bringing fresh produce, a friendly atmosphere, and a better way
of life to the West Shore community. We understand the
goodness and health benefits that organic produce and natural
foods can offer. Nature’s Bin always brings you the freshest,
most wholesome foods in the region.
        At Nature's Bin catering we bring nature to the table
with the freshest, finest ingredients, always natural, organic and
local whenever possible, our dishes reflect a wide range of
choices. We will gladly accommodate all your special menu
needs with delicious vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.

                                9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
                               9 a.m. - 8 p.m.
                                 9 a.m. - 7 p.m.

 Wild Wild West Shore
is brought to you by these Fine Eateries

 DUET is North East Ohio’s premier caterer for
    social, corporate and special events.

          From intimate dinners and elegant
   weddings to business lunches and corporate
              cocktail get-togethers,
         Duet’s customized menus and
  décor will make your next affair memorable.

         Stop by our Rocky River retail store for
freshly prepared entrees, hors d’oeuvres, desserts,
    fine wines & one-of-a kind culinary gifts.

          Duet specializes in weddings, holiday
           menus, box lunches, buffets,
           corporate affairs, birthdays,
         anniversaries, bar/bats mitzvas.

           2252 WOOSTER ROAD
   ROCKY RIVER, OH 44116 440-333-2220

              Wild Wild West Shore
             is brought to you by these Fine Eateries

            Don's Lighthouse
The Cleveland restaurant to go for Fresh Seafood
selections along with Certified Angus Beef, Chops,
           Signature Salads and Pastas.

       8905 Lake Avenue Cleveland, Ohio

 Wild Wild West Shore
is brought to you by these Fine Eateries

              Wild Wild West Shore
            is brought to you by these Fine Eateries

GRUMPY’S is a local Tremont Favorite that sits in a
  renovated building with bold colors to offset the
ever-changing artwork on the walls of our two dining
    We boast a menu featuring American and
  Southwest cuisines. Our goal is to have customers
       leave with a smile and come back often!
              We’d love to see you soon!

               2621 W. 14th Street
              Cleveland, OH 44113

                    BYOB & WI-FI
            Mon 7 -3 · Tues - Thurs 7-9
           Fri 7 -10 · Sat 8 -10 · Sun 8 - 3

      Wild Wild West Shore
  is brought to you by these Fine Eateries

Dish deli uses        as
many local companies and
farmers as we can. All of
our food is made in season
utilizing only the freshest
and peek season foods.

Our chef, DONNA CHRISZT is a nationally recognized
accomplished chef. She understands the meaning of
fresh and quality. These standards are always
reflected in our menus and service. Everything is
made by hand, from scratch. We use fresh baked
breads with no preservatives as well as a line of deli
meats that also have no preservatives.       This allows
everyday deli clientele to enjoy the same quality and

                DISH Deli is located at
            1112 Kenilworth, Cleveland, OH
          in the historic Tremont neighborhood.
                   ( 2 16 ) 523-7000

     Wild Wild West Shore
    is brought to you by these Fine Eateries

         LATITUDE 41°n
           5712 Detroit Ave.
          Cleveland, OH 44102

where to watch the world go by

Wild Wild West Shore
   is brought to you by this Fine Eatery

Dolce Wraps serves quality wraps, paninis and
  Middle Eastern fare at reasonable prices.

Take a break from shopping and try the chicken
        rotisserie wrap—it's a customer
     favorite. Not a meat eater? Order the
  vegetarian chili, it's hearty and full of flavor!

 Call us for take-out or come on in!
    3510 Westgate ☼ Fairview Park, OH 44126
             440-333-WRAP (9727)
               Visit us on the web at:
     Monday – Saturday 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.
          Sunday 11 a.m. – 9 p.m

                  Our Mission
           Our Mission is to inspire more people
to lead lives of meaning and purpose. We do this through:

•   transcendent worship;
•   a nurturing, inclusive community;
•   lifespan faith development;
•   service to others within our congregation, our
•   local community and the world beyond;
•   spreading the news of Unitarian Universalism
    and our church.

       Principles and Purposes
       jx vÉäxÇtÇà àÉ tyy|ÜÅ tÇw ÑÜÉÅÉàx A A A
•   The inherent worth and dignity of every person;
•   Justice, equity and compassion in human relations;
•   Acceptance of one another and encouragement to
    spiritual growth in our congregations;
•   A free and responsible search for truth and meaning;
•   The right of conscience and the use of the democratic
    process within our congregations and in society at large;
•   The goal of world community with peace, liberty, and
    justice for all;
•   Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of
    which we are a part.

      20401 Hilliard Boulevard Rocky River, Ohio 44116
     phone 440.333.2255 fax 440.333.2287 www.wsuuc.org


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