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									                   WHY YOU
                   ARE POOR
                   AND WHAT TO DO
                   TO BECOME
                         EMEM JULIET

Why you are Poor and
What to do to Become
                      By Emem Juliet

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Emem Juliet

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You should be rich. Yes you should be rich because
the world is leaving you behind. Many people are
getting rich everyday, check the news. People are
finding more and more ways of filling their purses.

There is a place where you can get to know the
richest men and women in the world, have you heard
of Forbes.com. As at the time of writing this ebook,
this is their current list of richest people in the world.
Note their net worth.

      Name Citizenship Age Net Worth($bil)
1     Carlos Slim Helu       Mexico 70 53.5
2     William Gates III United States      54 53.0
3     Warren Buffett        United States 79 47.0
4     Mukesh Ambani       India 52          29.0
5     Lakshmi Mittal        India      59 28.7
6     Lawrence Ellison United States       65 28.0
7     Bernard Arnault France 61 27.5
8     Eike Batista    Brazil 53       27.0
9     Amancio Ortega Spain        74 25.0
10    Karl Albrecht Germany       90 23.5
11    Ingvar Kamprad & family Sweden 83 23.0
12    Christy Walton & family     United States 55 22.5
13    Stefan Persson Sweden 62 22.4
14    Li Ka-shing Hong Kong 81 21.0
15    Jim Walton United States         62 20.7
16    Alice Walton United States       60 20.6
17    Liliane Bettencourt    France 87 20.0

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18 S. Robson Walton United States   66 19.8
19 Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud Saudi Arabia
   55 19.4
20 David Thomson & family Canada 52 19.0

The richest people in the world are people like you
and I. They are not specially made, specially designed
for wealth. They just the learned about money, how
important it is, and decided that they should have a
share and went ahead to get it.

Now check the list again, you can even got o
forbes.com and check the full list. None of them made
their money the wrong way. So you don’t think I’m
advocating getting rich by all means, hook or crook.
No, far from it. That’s not what I’m saying.

I’m talking of making money the good way, the legal
way, the right way. Getting rich in a way that God will
be happy with you, your family and friends will be
proud of you and importantly you will be able to look
at yourself in the mirror every morning without any

One can be rich in many things example you can be
rich in friends, that is have lots of friends who are
there for you. One can be intellectually rich. But the

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rich I’m talking about here is to be rich in money, to
have lots of money.

So why are so many people rushing to get money,
amass wealth and be rich? Because they know what
having money can do in a person’s life and what not
having money can also do to one.

They know the importance of money as I’m sure you
do too. What, you don’t know! You don’t know the
importance of money, don’ t know anything about it.
Ok, let’s check it out. First let’s know about money.


It is just a piece of paper, just paper and coins,
usually made from trees. But the value of that paper
is what we mean when we talk of the importance of
money. It is used as a means of exchange for goods
bought or services rendered.


First you have to understand money and how I t
works. Money is very important in our lives due to the
following reasons

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   1.     Money helps you meet your daily needs
   2.     Money helps in solving problems
   3.     Money helps you to help your loved ones
   4.     You can contribute more to your society by
          being rich.

With all these reasons why are many people still
poor? Majority of people around the world today are
struggling to squeeze out enough money to support
their mere existence day in and day out.

The reason is that they have a lot of things holding
them back form being rich. Mainly their beliefs about
money. Yes their firm beliefs about money is keeping
them from joining the rich in the society.


There are a lot of myths about money which are
keeping people from being their best and achieving
what they should achieve. People even go to the
extent of blaming God for their poverty, imagine!
They include

        God doesn’t want me to be rich. If ever I hear
        about the biggest lie of the millennium this would

Copyright©2010 Emem Juliet www.moneyinayear.com
      be it. Please my dear, God wants you to be rich,
      He said so in His book that He wishes above all
      that you prosper in every way. Check Proverb-

      God has finished his work, and made all that he
      can make, and that the majority of people must
      stay poor because there is not enough to go
      around. There is more than enough to go round.
      Even if the world’s population triple from what it
      is today there is still enough for everyone.

      I am too old or too young. Please never allow
      your age to be a barrier to your success. The
      owner of Kentucky Chicken became a millionaire
      at an old age after he had retired from active
      duty. In fact go to forbes and their list of
      youngest millionaires and oldest millionaires and
      try to find your age there.

      I am poor because of the rich people of the
      world. Some people think that because so few
      are rich that’s why they majority are poor. I’m
      sure you have heard the story of how of a city
      with few rich men and many poor folks. The
      wealth was taken from the wealthy men and
      shared equally among the poor people of the
      town. After twenty years all the wealth of the

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      town came back into the hands of the former few
      men and the rest were poor.

      I don’t have the ability to make wealth: Jim Rohn
      said that “human beings have the remarkable
      ability to turn nothing into something. They can
      turn weeds into gardens and pennies into
      fortunes”. So there you have it, you can do
      anything you want to do, anything. You have all
      the ability and quality and strength needed.

      Not that I blame them for having these thoughts
      about money. Our world was conditioned that
      way. I mean from the time we are born we start
      developing poverty consciousness, from parents
      and relatives.

      Not that they mean any harm, that is how they
      too were taught. You know the usual go to
      school, graduate with a good grade get a
      wonderful, work hard save and retire peacefully.

      Not any more. Those conditions no longer apply.
      There are no jobs any more so we need to adapt.

      Also some of these myths came from the media
      who portray the rich as crooked, bad, wicked and
      selfish. We tend to think that because they are
      rich we are poor.

Copyright©2010 Emem Juliet www.moneyinayear.com
      We hear news of impending famine, drought and
      starvation. We also about disasters, floods
      epidemics and they all combine to scare us into
      believing that there is enough n this world for all
      of us.

      We need to clear our minds of these myths once
      and for all and live like God wants us to live. He
      loves us so much that he won’t allow anything
      bad to happen to you. I believe that.

      Now that we’ve take care of the myths let’s
      address a very popular statement in wealth
      building I’m sure you’ve heard many times.


      1-    Your attitude: Yes it is true. It doesn’t take
            money to make money. You only need a
            good attitude. With the right attitude you
            can make any amount of money you want in
            the world, but with the wrong attitude about
            money you won’t get it. It’s that simple.

      2-    Rich not wealthy: The statement is also true
            in case of being rich as having lot money

Copyright©2010 Emem Juliet www.moneyinayear.com
            and being wealthy as having money plus
            knowledge and experience. If someone who
            have never studied about money, doesn’t
            know the value, how to save or manage
            money suddenly inherits a million dollars, it
            will finish within one year. When he had the
            $1m he was rich but not wealthy. He had
            money but he couldn’t make more from that
            effectively proving the statement.

      3-    Not your own money: Wealth teachers use
            this statement because its true. They say it
            doesn’t have to be your own money. As my
            mentor Robert Allen will say, you can buy
            real estate with no little or no money down.
            He explains that you can do it with
            someone’s money. That way it doesn’t take
            money to make money.

      4-    Knowledge and experience matters: All in all
            that is what matters. The knowledge and the
            experience is what you should strive for first
            in your quest for making money and
            acquiring wealth. After that the money will

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I’m sure that you may have heard it said that around
five percent of the people today either partially
control or outright own in excess of ninety-five
percent of the resources of the world. You can join
the select few. Many people go through life in abject
poverty, because they either don’t know that they can
be rich or they are not willing to do what’s necessary.

There are some countries where less than five
percent of their population holds all the wealth. But
despite the shocking facts that as few as five out of
every one hundred people that you pass on the street
control most of the wealth, the truth is that this is no
accident. No it isn’t.

It is due to the poor attitude you have of yourself that
made you poor. When you decide that you want to be
rich then you can be rich.

That’s right it is your attitude or mindset that is
holding you back. As Zig Ziglar say your attitude
rather than your aptitude determines your altitude.

Zig, tell them that again.

Your attitude rather than your
aptitude determines your altitude.

Copyright©2010 Emem Juliet www.moneyinayear.com
When you have the right attitude about money you
will have been halfway to getting it. The rich have the
right attitude about money.

Attitude is what makes all the difference between the
rich and the poor of this world. To put it simply, the
wealthy prove to be those individuals who understand
the importance of having a positive attitude towards
the attraction of money, while the poor don’t have
that attitude.

Think like the rich, act like the rich, do what the rich
do, and you will be rich. These persons who have
money are never content with settling for only a little
of something when they can utilize it to gain more
substance in their lives.

You have to develop a good attitude/mindset about
money for you to go about acquiring it. Change your
mindset, change your bank account. It’s as simple as
that. Let me repeat it


The rich believe in their hearts that they possess a
right to be wealthy. Their thoughts and actions dwell
on riches and money. Those millionaires and

Copyright©2010 Emem Juliet www.moneyinayear.com
billionaires know that abundance is out there for the
taking, if only one is willing to put forth the effort to
make it happen.

A lot of it has to do with MINDSET. With the right
mindset, you can see OPPORTUNITY where other
people cannot. You can look around and find ways,
means and routes that you would not have normally
taken, and you can suddenly make your financial life
a little better.


Do you need to be rich? Well after all said and done
only you can answer that question. Because you have
in your own hands the power to change your financial

Who is the person that told you to give up when your
plans didn’t work out very well? Who told you that it
can’t work? You did. You told yourself that it is of no
use, that it won’t work. And so only you can pick
yourself up again and work hard and get rich.

Financial freedom is the goal of ninety-eight percent
of the world’s population today. Even a child of three
years knows the importance of money.

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Financial prosperity comes next to good health in the
list of most wanted needs of human beings. This is
according to some research carried out some years

You want sound health to enable you put action
behind your wealth-generation idea when it comes.
So if you don’t want money you are practically alone.
Every other person will live you behind.

Because as you’ve learnt the ball is on your court
nobody can help you if you don’t want to be helped.
If you are in a ditch you have to stretch out your
hands for you to be rescued.

There is a saying in my place that it is only when you
know where the rain started beating that you will
know how to evade the rain. Now that we’ve found
out why you are poor, let’s get to what to do to
change the situation; from poverty to wealth.

There are many things, good things you can do to get
money and be rich. It is always best to have multiple
streams of income, because depending on one stream
of income will not make you rich.

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1.    Use the KISS principle. Keep it simple, stupid.
      That’s the principle I like and always use. Don’t
      make it complicated when you are just starting

2.    Accept responsibility for your financial status.
      Stop blaming your parents, colleagues or your
      boss for your woes in money matters. You and
      you alone are responsible.

3.    Change your thinking. About your life, your
      finances, your values, your emotions. Expect the
      best from yourself everytime. Change your
      poverty mentality to wealthy mentality. Expect to
      win big in any investment you enter.

4.    Pick out 3 or 4 wealthy people in your area of
      specialization and emulate them. Do what the
      rich do and you will be rich. Simple.

5.    Set goals, it’s very important. Set goals everyday,
      set goals for success. Goal setting helps you
      focus on what you want and achieve it.

There are many avenues of making money and
becoming rich genuinely but the ways I’m advocating

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are through these two ways- Start a business and
start investing, that all.

For investment you can choose from any of these.
  1. Stock
  2. Real estate
  3. Internet
  4. Forex trading

Businesses include but not limited to
  1. Stock
  2. Marketing
  3. Real estate
  4. The popular retail (buy & sell)

Means of making money is not limited to the above
means there are many other means.

You might wonder why stock and internet are both in
investment and business. Just keep a date with us as
we will be expounding each of these ways of getting
rich in our website. To be sure you don’t miss any
topic subscribe to our powerful newsletter at

Moreover there are free ebooks and reports to help in
every step of the way so that you don’t miss
anything. That way you will get all the help you need
to be rich and wealthy.

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With all these I am sure you will make, you get as
rich as you want. I will with the quote of Robert
Collier when he says: “You can do anything you think
you can. This knowledge is literally the gift of the
gods, for through it you can solve every human
problem. It should make of you an incurable optimist.
It is the open door to unlimited possibilities.”

I love to hear your comments. What do you think of
this ebook, did it help you in any way? What would
you like to see in future free ebooks? Any questions
at all? Write me at info@moneyinayear.com

Feel free to pass this book to your friends, use as a
bonus for your products or a freebie on your site.

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