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					                Minutes of the Republican Party of Benton County
                               Committee Meeting
                                October 25, 2011

1st Vice Chairman, John Carr called the Committee Meeting to order at 7:10 PM on October
25, 2011. The meeting was at the Community Service Building in Bentonville. An invocation
was given by 3rd Vice Chairman, Leon Caster followed a moment of silence for the Troops.
The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Russ Anzalone. Secretary, Leigh Nogy determined that
a quorum was not present with 18 members out of 131 total members present.

Guests that are Elected Officials: Alderman Randy Noblett, State Representative Debbie
Hobbs, State Representative Mary Lou Slinkard, State Senator Cecile Bledsoe

Guests: Jack Avery, Kelley Cradduck, Niki Cung, Kim Greehey, Bart Hester, Jim Parsons,
Jim Reavis, Tom Smith

Candidates: Cecile Bledsoe for State Senate Dist. 3, Kelley Cradduck for Sheriff, Niki Cung
for Court of Appeals, Bart Hester for HR Dist. 93, Duane Neal for HR Dist. 93, Jim Parsons
for HR Dist. 92, Mary Lou Slinkard for HR Dist. 92, Tom Smith for Juvenile Court Judge

Treasurer’s Report: Jim Kippen gave the treasurers report.

Nominations for New Membership: none

Previous nominees from August includes: Kelley Cradduck Previous nominees from August
includes: Mike Jones, Octavio Sanchez, Jr. Previous nominees from April includes: Carlos
Chicas Nominees from January include: Paul Dreyer, Marjorie Kahler, Barbara
Ludwig, Hunter Petray and Fritz Steiger. Nominee from December include: Bart

Allied Group Announcements:

Republican Women of Bentonville (RWB) - will meet November 10, 2011 at 6:30p.m. in the Rotary Room
at the Bentonville Public Library, 404 South Main Street, Bentonville, AR. There will be a forum for
candidates running for Prosecuting Attorney, Judge Brad Karren will be present as well as Paul Morris
who will be speaking for Prosecuting Attorney, Van Stone. Olga Berg will be speaking about what she
learned at the National Federation of Republican Women Convention, including a workshop on Sharia
Law for Non - Muslims.

RPBC Committee Meeting Minutes, October 25, 2011 Page 1
Benton County Republican Women (BCRW) - Meeting being held Tuesday, November 15th at 12 p.m. at
Golden Corral Restaurant located at 2605 Pleasant Crossing, Exit 81, Hwy 540 Rogers, AR. Buffet lunch
which includes drink and gratuity is $8.99 or $7.99 for Seniors, or by the pound for smaller portions.
Please bring a guest. The slate of proposed officers for the Benton County Republican Women’s club for
the calendar year 2012 will be presented Congratulations and thank you to all of the nominees and a
special THANK YOU to the nominating committee for all their hard work… Important Meeting:
November is our annual membership meeting to vote on officers for the upcoming year. Guest
Speakers: Single Parent Scholarship Fund of Benton County representatives SPSF/BC Board Member
Barb Smith and student Laura Carlsen.

Republican Men of Benton County (RMBC) - will meet Friday, October 28th. This month we are having a
Sheriff Candidate forum with Mike Jones and Kelly Cradduck. Our meeting place is Bud's Family Style
Chicken Restaurant, 2505 S. Walton, Bentonville, at 12 noon on the 4th Friday of the month. Meal cost
for non-members is $13, members is $12, & dues are $15 from Jan to Dec. We meet for one hour or
more as needed. Women are very welcome. For more information contact Gene Luber.

Bella Vista Republican Women (BVRW) - Meeting Monday, October 24th at Concordia Retirement
Village, 9 AM Social, 9:30 AM Business Meeting. Speaker will be Julie Harris, Arkansas Federation of
Republican Women President. Please call 640-7493 with questions. Contact Deanna Ratcliffe for more

Siloam Springs Republican Women(SSRW)- Membership Tea, Saturday, November 5th . For further
information contact Carrie Chastain. There will be no regular business meeting this month.

AR Republican National Hispanic Assembly (AR RNHA)-will be no meeting in November, but there will be
in December. Contact John Eves.

State Representative, Debbie Hobbs announced that Terry Rice from Waldron, AR would be
running for Speaker of the House and there is a reception for her at the Holiday Inn
Convention Center, Nov. 4th, 4:30 – 6:00.

Old Business – Sue Scott thanked everyone for coming to the Fall Rally and thanked the
Cradduck crew for cleaning up. It was a great turnout!

New Business –

Sue Scott has been appointed to the Events Chairman position. The Executive Committee
will vote on a rule change next month to give the Events Committee Chairman a vote on the
Executive Committee.

RPBC Committee Meeting Minutes, October 25, 2011 Page 2
Jim Kippen distributed information about the Internet Equity Bill that Congressman Womack
is supporting. There was a small amount of debate as to whether the Committee should
endorse or oppose the bill. Lucas Robuck spoke about the competitive disadvantage for
larger corporations with the current state tax laws. Duane Neal spoke about the divisive
nature of taking sides and how it can destroy a Committee. He recommends not getting
into issues as a Committee.

Program: Young Republicans – Jack Avery, State Chairman

There are many frustrations to young Republicans, namely, seeing our President get
lectured by France, the huge deficit being left to our children, and that Social Security will
not be around when they are retired.

The Young Republicans have been around awhile and are trying to change things. There are
5 groups in Arkansas and one at the U of A Law School in L.R.

The 4th District is most active now since Congressman Mike Ross is vacating his position.
They see the opportunity forming.

Besides commonality, there is more of a social atmosphere, social networking and career
support among the Young Republicans. Each group has its own personality.

The Young Republicans group is for people under 40, although older people can help in
certain ways, like introducing younger people to it, and financial support.

It takes 5 people to start a group.

There will be a 5K run in Little Rock soon.

Next Meeting: Spotlight on the Elected Candidates

When: Tue, November 22nd, 7pm – 9pm
Where: Benton County Services Center, 1204 SW 14th Street, Bentonville, AR, Hwy 102 West of

Adjourn: Jim Kippen made a motion to adjourn. The motion was seconded by Leon Caster.
Motion carried unanimously. 1st Vice ChairmanJohn Carr adjourned the meeting at 8:00

Respectfully submitted,

Leigh Nogy, Secretary

RPBC Committee Meeting Minutes, October 25, 2011 Page 3

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