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					Assessment: What’s Your Story?

Things don’t always go as planned. Look at the following statements and apply them to the
vignettes about the Teen Mom and Teen Dad’s Day. How would these events change the
story? Pick 5 of these scenarios and rewrite the story. How could they overcome the
situation presented? Also, include the following words in the story: priority, planners,
procrastinates, multi-task, self-regulate. You may use the Teen Mom or Teen Dad’s Day to
build your story or start with a new parent and setting.

   1. What if he/she didn’t have transportation because the car wouldn’t start?

   2. What if he/she had to serve a detention after school?

   3. What if he/she had to take a detour because of construction?

   4. What if he/she lost a wallet?

   5. What if an appointment lasted longer than planned?

   6. What if the student’s parent worked 2nd shift?

   7. What if the other parent was not cooperative?

   8. What if he/she was failing school?

   9. What if he/she didn’t make time to do the homework before bed?

   10. What if he/she overslept?

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