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					JUNE 2011

This year has brought many challenges for                            services such as those provided by Well-
the staff at WellSpring. From the loss of a                          Spring are needed. As I witnessed the pain
valued staff, Mr. Carl Weathers, to the re-                          of the young teen mother, grandmother and
cent tragic death of a 14 month old child.                           other family members, my heart was sad-
Death is always hard no matter what the                              den by their loss. However, I am thankful
cause, but when violence is the culprit it is a                      for the concern of that teen mom to get the
staunch reminder of the great work that is                           word out about domestic violence to other
still at hand.                                                       teens. What a price to pay! This incident
The mission of WellSpring is to provide                              alone should be the catalyst to push our
support and crisis services to individuals                           entire community to take a stand against
and families experiencing domestic violence                          domestic violence.
in underserved neighborhoods on the south                            When we say all, it means the entire com-
side of Chicago. As the Executive Director,                          munity including: families, the school sys-
I have had many opportunities to speak at                            tem, after school community centers, day-
various venues to get the message out about                          cares as well as the faith community or
                                                Elouise Spencer
domestic violence and its effect on individu-                        Church. Understanding that, WellSpring
                                                Elouise Spencer
als and families. Recently, I was asked to                           has discerned this is the season to connect
speak about domestic violence at the funeral                         with the faith community.
of a 14 month old baby who was killed by                             We all must take a stand against domestic
the mother’s boyfriend. This was a trau-                             violence or fall prey to it. In order to further
matic experience for me, but I saw it as an                          educate our community we have launched a
opportunity to share our mission in an im-                           new campaign to provide domestic violence
pact way. This was a true testament to why                           training for the faith community.

  Well Spring Board Membership Recruitment
  WellSpring is looking to diversify our current Board, so if you have a background in Marketing or Public
  Relations and can dedicate at least four hours a month we need you.
  Please contact: Attorney Lynette Lewis at (708)425-8883 if you want more information about the board.
                                                                                    Inside this issue:

            What A Difference A Man Makes                                           Partner Spotlight          2

                                                                                    What Do You Say            2
                                  CARL WEATHERS
                                           Case Manager                             New Board Mem-             2

                                  August 2005 – January 7, 2011
                                                                                    Photo Gallery              3

                                     MADE A DIFFERENCE
                                                                                    Accomplishments            iN

    In Memory of our beloved Mr. Carl Weathers for his years of                     Client’s Letter            In
    service to victims of domestic violence – our SAFETY NET
       Program will be renamed “Weather The Storm.”                                 Donors/Partners            in
Page 2
                                                          Partner Spotlight
                                                         Do you enjoy affordable,           with WellSpring Center
                                                         well cooked, made to or-           for Hope. Although they
                                                         der food?      If you an-          have been serving the
                                                         swered yes, this is the            community for less than
  What do you say                                        restaurant for you.                1 year, when asked to
   to a victim of                                        Located in the Auburn-             donate to our April Fund-
 Domestic Violence                                       Gresham Community at               raiser, they put their
                                                         8125 South Halsted, 3              money where their mouth
  There is no excuse                                     Chefs boasts a wide vari-          is and donated a dinner
      for abuse                                          ety of meals ranging from          for 2. That’s why we
                                                         soul to even vegetarian            chose to put you in our
1. You are not alone                                     These guys not only offer          PARTNER SPOTLIGHT!
Nearly 1/3 of women                                      good food and service,
report being physically                                  but they are vested in the              BON APPETIT
or sexually abused by a                                  community as partners
husband or boyfriend at
some point in their lives.

2. I am afraid for you
                             New Board Members
 I know that domestic        Cynthia V. Taylor is em- from Governor State Univer-
violence escalates over      ployed as a professional li-      sity of University Park, a
time and I believe it will   censed mental health thera-       Masters is Professional Coun-
only get worst.              pist for the Counseling and       seling and is pursuing a
                             Health Services and a practi-     Ph.D. in Counseling Studies
                             cum supervisor for the Mas-       at Capella University, Min-
3. It’s not your fault       ter’s of Art Counseling Pro-      neapolis, MN.
                             gram at the Olivet Nazarene       Cynthia is the wife of Dr. Joel
 You are not the cause
                             University in Bourbonnais,        D. Taylor, who pastors the
of someone else’s vio-                                         Greater Mt. Pleasant Mission-
lent behavior.               She has volunteered for the       ary Baptist Church on the
                             Illinois Coalition Against Sex-   west side of Chicago and the
                             ual Assault (I-CASA) South        St. Paul Missionary Baptist
4. You do not deserve        Suburban region, and pre-         Church on the south side of
to be abused.                sented workshops for young        Chicago, Illinois.     Cynthia
You have the right to be     adults and teens on Self-         embraces being a mother of
safe.                        Esteem.                           two; Jasper Paul and Jessica
                             Cynthia holds a Bachelor of       Dominique. She is a product
                             Arts degree in Psychology         of Chicago, Illinois.

5. Help is available.
You have the right to                                    Artis Simpson has been            Organization.
make you own choices.                                    employed for the last             Artis has owned Simpson’s
Support is available; you                                three and a half years as         Realty for the past 20
do not have to go                                        a Financial Representa-           years. He lives in the
through this alone.                                      tive with Country Finan-          South Suburbs with his
                                                         cial Insurance.                   wife and two daughters
                                                         He is also an active              and a special god grand-
                                                         member with the follow-           daughter. Artis is a faithful
                                                         ing boards and organiza-          member of the Belaire
                                                         tions, Chatham Business           Park M. B. Church in Mark-
                                                         Association, The National         ham, IL. His hobbies are
                                                         Association of Realtors,          playing the guitar and
                                                         the Chicago Association           fishing when time permits.
                                                         of Realtors and Well-
                                                         Spring Center for Hope
                                                                                                                  Page 3

                                             Photo Gallery

Elouise Spencer, Executive Director talk-                                           Ms. Elsie Nelson, Program Director talking
 ing with women of Salem Bapt. Church                                              with women regarding services at WellSpring

                                                   Clients Mother’s Day

      Clients making Easter baskets                                                 Executive Director conducting training at
         at April Support Group                                                              St. Paul M.B. Church

                                            Oakdale Women’s Choir Benefit Con-
                                             cert for WellSpring Center for Hope

                                                                                         Clients’ Mother’s Day Luncheon
      ETA Fundraiser Reception
           April 3, 2011

                                             Executive Director accepting award
                                                  from Taliva A. Tillman
                                                     Chapter President
                                                 Chicago Alumnae Chapter
                                              Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.
                                                                                     Executive Director and Board Member,
     Raffle Winner ETA Fundraiser                                                  Freddie Shufford presenting plaque to Rev.
                                                                                    Washington at Oakdale Covenant Church
           “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”
                                                                             Winston Churchill

     As committed donors you have proven your life is rich by all you have given to
     WellSpring. We thank you for that, but we need your financial encouragement
     in order to continue our quality of services that offers HOPE to all we serve.

                   Thank you for your kindness and your consideration.

WellSpring Center For Hope
P.O. Box 368800
Chicago, Illinois 60636

Email: wellspringctrhope1@yahoo.com
Website: wellspringcenterforhope.org

                    ~WellSpring is a Ministry of Covenant Ministries of Benevolence~

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