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					Dear Nobody
The moving and very real story of two
teenagers and
unplanned pregnancy.
It is told from two viewpoints-that Helen as she is
writes her thoughts in series of letters to the un-
born baby,The Dear Nobody title.And of Chris as
he reads the letters and
re-lives events as Helen is in labour.

  Never bite a boy on the first date
                   Story of a teenage vampire Kira,Bit her obsessed
                   boyfriend.When he goes around sucking people bone
                   dry,the fingers pointed at her ,but she has to fine
                   out who has caused the trouble,or she will be nailed
                   shut in a
                   coffin and fed through a straw.But in the
                   process she falls in love with a vampire slayer .

Willow, Ffion, Megan♥

               Chris Brown—F.A.M.E.
Chris Breezy is back! With the long awaited album
During the coincidence with Rihanna, C.B lost thou-
sands of fans, but is sure to regain them, with this
   album. It’s full of club, R’n’B and soul music.

                        This album explains the highs and lows of love and
                                   is very emotionally moving.
                        Next time Adele you should consider more upbeat,
                                           happy songs.

             Nicki Minaj—Pink Friday
    Nicki is one of the best rappers out there.
 Her music varies and the lyrics are so powerful.
Nicki also collaborates with many other hit artists.

                                    Jessie J—Who You Are
                        Jessie’s the new kid on the block but is putting her
                                       own stamp on music!
                          She’s original and everyone’s already hooked.
     A woman on holiday meets her ideal
    man,leading then to a marriage back
       home.Howver their perfect life is
destroyed when she discovers her neighbours
could be assassins who have contracted to kill
                 the couple.

                                 Gullivers travels
                       Funny comedy starring Jack Black, is then
                     rushed to the small world of little people and
                     then see him as a giant and as a threat.Until
                             he turns their minds around by
                       lying to them about his ‘true’ view back at

 The 2 people duo actors Nick Frost,Simon Pegg
 star in their latest comedy also starring along
       Seth Rogen as the funny,out of this
  world alien.The film is not only a comedy but
has it’s romantic scenes to but has the rom-com
   twist.They both discover their passion for
                paranormal activity.

                                                 Ffion,Megan and WIllow
Eastenders-Whitney Dean
Whitney was mistreated at home and
disappeared with her boyfriend Rob.But Rob was more interested in
using Whitney for money.We don’t know where or if
Whitney is ok………

Coronation street
Becky and Steve have been through their rough patches but when Becky
announces to Steve that she stole 5,ooo off Dev and Sanita (one of
Steve’s closest friends)…...The story then
reappears when Liz (Steve’s mum) arrives
home to find her little granddaughter Amy in
the care of her mother again…………

    Justin Bieber never say never ,3D
  I found this film to be really interesting and I felt
    like his music was really brought to life in this
  film.The film not only brings music to our screen
from a different view but it tells us more on how he
got to where he is now in the music industry.I would
        to totally recommend this film to all the
                    Justin Bieber fans.

                Albums                                Films

              All time low                  Pirates of the Caribbean

               Lil Wayne                  Harry Potter and the deathly
                                                hallows (part 2)
             Willow Smith                            Limitless

          Nicole Scherzinger                      Puss in boots

         Swedish House Mafia             Transformers Dark of the moon

                  Glee                       Breaking Dawn (part 2)

               Lady gaga                           Anuvahood

                                                                 and WIllow
Willow, Ffion, Megan

     Bruno Mars—Doo-Wops and Hooligans
 Bruno Mars says (sings) everything a girl wants to
  The album’s full of comedy and feel good songs.

                       Willow Smith
   9 year old talented daughter of Will Smith (actor,
singer) and Jada Pinkett Smith (one woman of many
  talents e.g director, actress, business woman, ac-
 tress and voice actress) Willow has extreme singing
   and dancing talents also an actress. She has only
 just released her new single ‘21st Century Girl’ ear-
lier this mouth. We expect to see more of her talents
                    later in the year.

                       The Wanted
  Newly formed boy-band ‘The Wanted’ released a
                  spectacular album.
Appealed to young teenage girls all around the UK.
  Their songs are appealing to one’s of love songs,
 party songs and just girl loving songs, pop songs.
All 5 boys bring a unique voice to the band and they
          all form a band of strong voices.

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