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									                   Warid Telecom
Internship Report:
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  Virtual University Of Pakistan

             Internship Report: Warid
2. Letter of Undertaking

      Internship Report: Warid
3. Scanned copy of the internship certificate

      Internship Report: Warid
4. Dedication

I dedicated this report to Allah Almighty who bestowed me honor of gaining
knowledge and made me a useful person in society.

5. Acknowledgement
I acknowledge here that I have finished this report with the blessing of Allah Almighty. I am also thankful
to my colleagues and friends who have helped me to execute this report. I pay my heartiest tributes to
Miss Fozia A. who helped me a lot to prepare this report. Also, the collaboration with the team of Warid
organization, where I have finished my internship is really remarkable as they have provided me detailed
information about the organization and its projects running in Pakistan. I would like to acknowledge the
contribution of my parents, my family and friends whose affection and endorsement always a great help
and support to me. I am also grateful to my instructor of ………….. Who help me and provide guidance to
finish this report in every respect to meet the requirement.

            Internship Report: Warid
6. Executive Summary

This report provided a brief introduction of WARID services in different areas provided in Pakistan.
Warid is rapidly growing and popular group of United Arab Emirates who mainly provide GSM services in
Pakistan and being honored as the largest foreign investor Group in the field of telecom in Pakistan. In
this report we basically discuss the organizational structure of WARID TELECOM, their product and &
service and competitive analysis.
Besides, we will focus on the marketing potential of WARID services in the current Pakistan market
where mobile services are entered into a new era with a huge business prospect. The objective of this
report is to measure the current status of WARID in Pakistan with practical experience of studying its
system. This report will also provide a comprehensive overview of the functions performed within the
organization like to correspond with customers, financial activities, and new product & service offers.

            Internship Report: Warid
7. Table of Contacts
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11       Training program                                           17

12       Ratio Analysis                                             20

13       Future Prospects of the Organization                       38

14       Conclusion                                                 38

15       Recommendations for Improvement                            39

16       Reference & Sources used                                   39

17       Annexes                                                    39

18       Glossary                                                   40

      Internship Report: Warid
8. Brief introduction of the organization’s business


WaridInternational is a relatively new mobile investment firm who entered in the telephony business in
2004.Warid initially started their services in Pakistan, Congo and Uganda. This Abu Dhabi based telecom
claims more than one million users soon after its first launch in Pakistan. Warid is one of the leading
investors in Pakistan in Telecom field. Initially Warid has started its operation individually but later, in
2007 it became a partner with SingTel, a Singapore based Telecommunication Company.
 With the entry of Warid in Pakistan Telecom horizon, modern and more enhanced changes have taken
place. Warid followed modern strategies with the aim to offer competitive services to customers. With
the universal approach of the provision of services to both residential and corporate customers, Warid
applied many new trends and adapted latest technology in telecom sector with respect to high
customer service as well as innovative product & services. The key objective is to provide user friendly
services in the field of telephony industry. Warid employs a top-notch team on their penal to ensure
quality and professionalism. With they adopt the latest trends to provide clear connectivity and
maximum network coverage for their customers.

Abu Dhabi Group, one of the largest groups in the Middle East leading a number of operations
in the following fields;

       Telecommunications
       Banking and financial Services
       Oil and Gas Exploration,
        Automobile Industry,
       Property Development
       Hospitality Services,

            Internship Report: Warid
Abu Dhabi enjoys a huge success in diverse business sectors with the following sub-companies:

 1. Alfalah Exchange Company

 2. Iranian Sanden Industries PJS Co

 3. J.C. Maclean and Co (Furniture Manufacturing)

 4. National Telesystems and Services (NTS)

 5. Neo Pharma LLC(Pharmaceutical products Manufacturers)

 6. Al Jazira Management Mall

 7. Abu Dhabi Vegetable Oil Company (Manufacturer of edible oils)

 8. Nama Development Enterprises (Representation of leading companies in the UAE)

 9. Le Royal Meridien Hotel, Abu Dhabi

 10. Dhabi Contracting (construction company)

 11. Dhabi Drilling

 12. Dhabi Enterprises Leasing

 13. Al Ain Palace Hotel

Abu Dhabi Group, one of the top foreign groups in Pakistan who invested a huge amount here.
Here it is associated with leading companies and Banks including:
Bank Alfalah Limited
(A growingly popular bank with over 70 branches in all over the country)
United Bank Limited

           Internship Report: Warid
A top commercial bank in Pakistan with national and international branches, affiliates and
representative offices in different countries including UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Yemen, Egypt, Iran,
Switzerland, UK and USA with around 1,100 branches including 23 international branches.

    Product lines and brand
The main product of Warid is prepaid and post-paid connection SIM that offers varied benefits
and features. Product or services of Warid are value-added services together with Location
based service (LBS), Ring tone download,GPRS, bundle service plans and much more.

   Zem prepaid
   Warid Generic
   Glow

                                      Life ka network

           Internship Report: Warid
Social Networking interface

New offers

           Internship Report: Warid
Internship Report: Warid
Warranties and Services

In telecom sector, particularly, in mobile connections, it is hard to provide any warranties given
in written. However, company tried hard to maintain promising standard to attract new users.
If the customer is satisfied with the service, he/she will be the tool of promoting the said
company and hence the scope of the company will be increased. If the company is not able to
meet the requirement, then simply they will fail to achieve their target.

Market coverage

Warid covers 28 cities of country, but still there is need to a lot in the field to cover maximum
area of the country.

           Internship Report: Warid
Distribution Channel

Warid is developed its products itself .Its central warehouse is located in Lahore with 3 regional
warehouses in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad respectively.

Logistics/physical distribution

Logistic and physical distribution criteria of Warid are as follows:

   Production/Retailer/ Vendor to Company ---- Inbound Logistics
   Company to final consumer ---- Outbound Logistics

Pricing and offers

The best aspect of Warid is its pricing system. Since its launch, it always introduced new products and
offers to gain competitive edge over their competitors. With the specific pricing strategy they draw a
huge numbers of customers within the short time after its launch.

Warid, considering the importance of pricing factor in marketing mix gives its user cost-effective
packages particularly, for youth and lower class public.

            Internship Report: Warid

Discount or allowance in Warid are visible however, certain packages are available for the following:

   business Clients
   Special pricings for particular events such as expo, matches, shows etc.
   Post-paid customers

Warid’s system is based on GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) technology and
“Ericsson” is the basic technology to provide telecom services in Pakistan by Warid. The basic
criteria of billing and subscription are as following:

· Warid to Warid call
· Local Calls to Other Operators
· International calls
· Local SMS with mobile no. and locality
· Incoming Calls
· Non charge able calls like emergency nos. & others
· Incoming SMS
· Warid information services

            Internship Report: Warid
Warid Pakistan offers SIM of 64K (64 kilo byte) and a diverse range of packages for customers
including both post-paid and pre-paid connection plans. The post-paid plan of Warid is
commonly known as Zahi Post-paid whereas the pre-paid system is marketed under the brand
name Zem Pre-Paid. Both Zahi and Zem provided lots of innovative features for users like SMS,
MMS, 64K SIM, Dual SIM product,GPRS and Corporate packages for marketing purpose along
with a variety of value added services(VAS).Lots of SMS packages with comparatively low price
are introduced during last years.Warid is particularly innovative in introducing packages and
brands for youth.A great example of this is Glow.This wholly youth oriented brand offers
competitive services like free online contents and tariff made it popular among youth due to its
huge range of offering.Glow becomes immensely popular among users and soon after its
launch, it claims more than one million subscribers and a major revenue generator for the
organization.The marketing campaign of Glow is done very carefully through various means.For
this purpose,Warid has been signed Atif Aslam as Warid’s Brand Ambassador to lead this
campaign.Most of Warid’s operation are highly user friendly.Even they allow users from other
network to join Warid’s quality network freely. Social & Demographic Trends are the key factors
of Warid services.Therefore,they introduced family package named “ FRIENDS AND FAMILY”.
This pakage offers the following:

Friends and Family are On-net minutes only.All free Airtime/ Value in post paid is one-time.No
upfront line rent will be deducted on any post paid customer.Post-Paid connection costs will be
Rs. 300.Other packages by Warid basically focus income level of its users as Warid’s post-paid
connections are meant for low-income segments of society. Whereas for youth it offers SILVE &
GOLD packages. Warid promise very simple procedures to ensure smooth and fast service as
well as provide information links to satisfy users.

A brief description of the products and services of Waridin Pakistan based on 4 major divisions
Diamond,Platinum,Gold and Silver is as given below:


Package:                              Silver         Gold
Connection,                           Postpaid        Postpaid,
Monthly Line Rent,                     0             150
No. of Friends &Family members          5             10
Monthly VAS Subscription               50              0

This included many free of charge services like free minutes, SMS packages, MMS and free
internet etc.

           Internship Report: Warid

Package:                              Platinum        Diamond
Connection                             Postpaid        Postpaid,
Activation Tax                        150             0
Monthly Line Rent                      500             2,500
No. of Friends &Family members           20             Unlimited
Monthly VAS Subscription                0              0

This package is also included many Free of Charge Services like free minutes, SMS packages,
MMS and free internet etc.


For lower-lower income level Warid has introduced its incredible pre-paid connection i.e. ZEM.

Package                                           Silver
Connection                                         Prepaid
Activation Tax                                    300
Free Airtime Rs. (On Activation)                   150
No. of Friends and Family Members                    5
Monthly VAS Subscription (Optional)                 50

Note: In Sindh Rs. 50 is levied as stamp duty on new connection sales.

ZAHI FEATURES: Basic Services
Basic Services included the following features:

Caller Line Identification (CLI):
Conference Call:
Call Waiting & Call Hold:
Call Divert:
Short Messaging Service (SMS):
Value Added Services:
Voice Mail:

           Internship Report: Warid
Picture Messaging & Multi-media Messaging Service (MMS):
Surf Now (Mobile Internet):
64K SIM:
Warid Zone

Zem features:Basic Services
Caller Line Identification (CLI)
Conference Call
Call Waiting & Call Hold
Call Divert.
Short Messaging Service (SMS)
Value Added Services
Voice Mail
Picture Messaging & Multi-media Messaging Service (MMS)
Surf Now (Mobile Internet)
Warid Zone
Zem Scratch Cards
value: Rs. 100, 250, 500, 1000

Pakistan have relatively highly competitive market in telecom sector. Four major GSM cellular brands
are popular in current economy in Pakistan that included Mobilink, Ufone, Telenor and Warid.

   Mobilink is certainly a major brand with a market share of 40 percent. Mobilink was launched in
    1994, and the first and foremost company with GSM technology and remained in the highest
    position for the longest time. Innovative as it always was with its Prepaid and Postpaid connection. It
    was Mobilink who first introduced models as brand ambassador on its ATL campaign. All Leading
    super Models have been part of their campaigns.
   Ufone emerged as the greatest competitor of Mobilink, a cellular service brand by PTCL in
    2001.Ufone introduced many innovative aspects of marketing and becomes popular in public. In

            Internship Report: Warid
    2005,Ufone came under the new ownership of Etisalat and it was re-launched with a new logo and
    occupied a significant place in mobile companies.
   Telenor began operations in Pakistan in 2005 with a huge pre-launch nationwide teaser campaign
    that revolved around "something exciting" making its way to Pakistan. Within three years of its
    launch Telenor had claimed 20 percent of the market share and becomes a close competitor of
   Warid Telecom, with a current market share of 19 percent, took a great start but unfortunately;
    later due to many factors lose its position. However, it builds its position as a strong service provider
    with competitive rates.
   Zong, was launched under China Mobile, entered in the market with huge promises and competitive
    approach and certainly occupied remarkable.

Target Market

Since, Warid is a cellular company thus, the target market is almost all the country. Target market
always divided in different segments according to their position, class and income and the product or
services are developed accordingly. Warid has develops its products and services according to these

             Internship Report: Warid
   Masses (Prepaid)
   Youth
   Post-paid
   Corporate
   Female

Buying segment Characteristics in Warid
In Warid the buying segment characteristics are divided in the following:

       Masses Segment
       Youth Segment
       Postpaid Segment
       Corporate Segment
       Female Segment

Market Potential
Currently in our country the population rate is over 17 million and if we exclude approximately 20%
relatively extreme poor population and 20% children (population below the age of 8 years), we get a
potential target market of about 97 million people. According to research, cellular mobile companies
have nearly 63 million subscribers as a whole which is only 61% of their potential target market.
Therefore, it is a huge opportunity to grab more customers by attracting them to Warid services.

PLC Stage
Warid can be currently positioned at the beginning stage with high growth in PLC with 19% market share
in Telecom market. Friends and family culture of Warid and various other significant feature and
relatively lower rates is the cause of its popularity in messes.

             Internship Report: Warid
Important Promotional events Warid did after Launch
   17thMay, 05: World Telecom Day, Lahore.
   4thJune, 05: Fashion Show in collaboration with Faisalabad School of Fashion Design (FSFD).
   9th – 12th June, 2005: Participation in Dawn Lifestyle Exhibition, Karachi.
   22nd – 29th July, 2005:Co-sponsor of All Pakistan Open Squash Championship, Karachi.
   9th – 11th August, 2005: Contribution in ITCN Conference, Karachi.
   13th – 19th August, 2005: Sponsorship of Fashion Show on Independence Day in Lahore, Karachi
    and Islamabad.
   2006: Warid cup hockey tournament, Pakistan v/s India
   2006: Warid Pakistan Open Golf Championship
   2006: Warid Basant Festival
   2007: Mega Musical Concert
   2007: Dawn Life Styles Expo
   2006, 2007, 2008: ITCN Asia Conference and Exhibition
   2007: Album of Jal, The band
   August, 2008: Zem Kabaddi Takkar Series b/w Pakistan and India
   July 21-23,2008: OIC IT & Telecom expo and Conference
   2007, 2008: Warid Floodlight Tape ball Cricket tournament
   2007,2008: Warid Gymkhana Golf League
   2008-SLUMS (Sports at Lums)
   2009: Pakistan Racer Hunt
   2011: SLUMS (Sports at Lums)
   2011: Islamabad Club’s Grand Tombola Night

            Internship Report: Warid
Organizational structure
Top Organizational structure of Waridis as given below:

                            H.E. Sheikh Mohammed Nahayan Al Nahayan
                                           Chairman/Board Director

                                        Mr. Zouhair A Khaliq
                                               Board Director

                                           Mr. Adeel Bajwa
                                               Board Director

                                           Mr. Jinah Haj Ali
                                               Board Director

                                      Mr. Alan Wong Tuan Keng
                                               Board Director

                                       Mr. David Ng Peng Foo
                                               Board Director

                                       Mr. Muneer Farooqui
                                       Board Director & Chief Executive

           Internship Report: Warid
Key Management Team of Warid who manage Warid operations at the top level in Pakistan

               Mr. Zouhair A. Khaliq
               Board Director

               Mr. Muneer Farooqui
               Chief Executive Officer

               Mr. Usman Azhar
               Chief Financial Officer

               Mr. Tariq Gulzar
               Chief Strategy Officer

               Mr. Suhail Jan
               VP Sales & Marketing

               Mr. Muhammad Irfan Chaudhry
               Chief Technical Officer

               Mr. Fuad Khan
               Chief Information Officer

          Internship Report: Warid



   CIO                                              CCO

                           Divisional Manager

                           Assistant Manager


 Z.S.M                                          Sr. Executive

                                                Jr. Executive


Internship Report: Warid
Organizational Departments in Pakistan
Warid has 28 business centers and along with a number of franchises through the country. The
Main/Head office of Warid is located in EFU House Building Lahore. Whereas it’s Business Centre is
in Center Plaza on main boulevard Lahore. All of these business centers and franchises provide
highly professional and customer oriented environment where, highly educated and professional
staff is posted to provide sales and service to customer in a friendly ambience. The division of
department within core of organization is break apart in the subsequent:

1. Marketing

2. Human resource

3. Financial Accounting & Revenue Assurance

4. Administration

5. Sales and customer service

6. Product & Service

7. Procurement & Logistic

8. Legal affair

9. Loyalty Division

10. Audit & Risk management

11. Public Relation

12. International Business

13. Govt. Relations

14. Operations and project Management

The detail of departments within Warid is as given below:

            Internship Report: Warid
1. Marketing Department
The core departments of any Telecom industry is marketing as the all other department are
closely associated with this department. Marketing department in Warid consists of the
subsequent five divisions

1.     Marketing
2.     Segmentation and Strategy
3.     Marketing Finance
4.     Marketing Communications
5.     Marketing Operations
6.     Loyalty

This divided into further sections

1.     Segmentation and Strategy Division
2.     Marketing Operations Division
3.     Marketing Communications Division
4.     Masses Segment
5.     Retail Operations
6.     ATL
7.     Youth Segment
8.     New City Launches
9.     Artworks designing
10.    Female Segment
11.    BTL
12.    Postpaid Segment
13.    Collaterals
14.    Prepaid Segment

           Internship Report: Warid
 15.     Events
 1.      Loyalty Division
 2.      Marketing Finance Division
 3.      Sales Records Signing CEO notes
 4.      Issues related to payments
 5.      Preparing PRs
 6.      Keeping financial records

Segmentation and strategy

Segmentation and strategy division in Warid is divided on the basis of their characteristics with
respect to the behavior of buyers who differ in one or more ways like wants, resources, locations,
buying attitudes and buying practices. Warid employ the fundamental concept marketing
segmentation by dividing large homogeneous markets into smaller segments for more enhanced
approach to customers and efficient distribution of products and services that satisfy needs,
wants, desires of specific segment.

Warid focused in the following segmentation and strategy development areas required in Telecom
industry particularly regarding telephony services in Pakistan:

 1.      Age
 2.      Gender
 3.      Income
 4.      Social class
 5.      Religion
 6.      Culture
 7.      Behaviors
 8.      Population
 9.      Educational background
 10.     Tele density in area to be segmented
 11.     National, regional or other geographical areas of origin

             Internship Report: Warid
Process Flow in Marketing Department

The idea can be development of a product or service; it means how an idea could be
materialized in with the help of Products and Services department to introduce new product and
services in market. I.T and Engineering departments work to develop a product or service. What
event are involved to improve sales, public relations, brand awareness e.g. collaboration with
certain groups and people to promote brand with the help of games, event or campaigns.

Once the idea gets approval of the authorities, it put in the paper for idea conversion costs and
further process.

After this stage, the next step is to apply these ideas for practical use. This step includes
developing a CEO note with the help of departments related to the project.The Artwork,TVCs
begin work soon after this approval.

In Warid Telecom,the segmentation and strategy is divided in these sections.All

           o   Postpaid Segment Section
           o   Masses Segment Section
           o   Female Segment Section
           o   Youth Segment Section
           o   Corporate Segment Section

Marketing Operations Division

This division is responsible to develop marketing ideas, turning scraps into whole and giving best
potential concluding to the idea. Marketing Operations focus on the slogan “we are those, who execute

           Internship Report: Warid
The Warid marketing operations department division into five parts and each part is dependable for
carrying out its related tasks. They create plans from retailer facias to wall chalking, event branding to
billboards, pole signs to panels, road branding to posters, banners to flyers to promote the offering of
the company. Everything is done by great effort. Art department perform Artworks for specific product,
event and campaigns. Here we take a brief look at major sections of this department.

Retail Operations Section

It includes branding done at retail shops; that includes facias, accessibility signs at shops e.g. Easy load
Availability. Retail operations is liable for

    o   Spotting the retail shops
    o   Finalizing the terms and conditions for contracting
    o   Installing Facias / Retail branding

    o   New City Launches Section
This section is liable to promote product and services as well as new retailer shop in a new city. They
create pre-launch hype to draw the attention of people by using City Branding, Shutter Paints, Wall
Chalking, Retail, Fascia’s and events strategies.

    o   BTL (Below the line) Advertising Section
This department focuses on direct means of communication strategies including hoardings, gantries,
billboards, pole signs, and traffic signs at prime locations to attract potential customers.

             Internship Report: Warid
      o   Marketing Collaterals Section
Warid has a well organized collateral section in marketing operations division that is liable to develop
the       following       collaterals      supporting   for   Warid   promotions    and     campaigns.

          1.        Tariffs
          2.        Flyers
          3.        Visual aids
          4.        Web content
          5.        Standees
          6.        Catalogues
          7.        Brochures
          8.        Leaflets
          9.        Posters
          10.       Coupons

      o   Events
Event management is current day’s popular trend to promote a product& services effectively. Warid is
an active participant of such activities and hence is successful in achieving the set goals e.g. develop
public relations, create brand awareness, taking social responsibilities programs. Community
development, help people in disaster and other such welfare activities by organizing events and

                Internship Report: Warid
These events include sponsoring and organizing

1.       tournaments
2.       conferences
3.       parties
4.       seminars
5.       CSR activities
6.       Welfare activities

Marketing Communications Division

Marketing communications in Warid deals with artworks is responsible to create proper campaigns by
using BTL & ATL advertising type strategies and subsequently deliver to print and electronic media and it
is divided into two sub-divisions

     o   ATL Section
The ATL section of marketing communication comprises of team liable to develop the following

Preparing content for

1.       TVCs
2.       Artworks of campaigns
3.       Newsletters
4.       MMS
5.       Press releases for media

             Internship Report: Warid
Contacting with

Electronic    media websites              and
including               webzines           for
Televisions             issues related to
                        broadcasting TVCs
                        and sponsorship
Print         media giving               press sponsoring             special        occasion Iftar   and   sehri
including      news releases                     columns        and such        as    namaz timings
papers           and                             special              timings
magazines         for                            information   such
placing                                          as sports events
advertisement of

     o    Artworks Designing to be used in ATL and BTL
The artwork designing section is especially important because the whole new campaign is depends on
attractive artwork that immediately caught the attention of the customer.. They are responsible for
providing artworks to be used in ATL and BTL advertising by the following:

1.        Design artworks itself

2.        Outsource artworks to different artworks designing agencies

              Internship Report: Warid

HR department is divided into two main divisions responsible for

                1.       Recruitment Division
                2.       Training and Development Division
                3.       Compensation and Benefits Division

These divisions are usually responsible for Ensuring smooth performance and deliverables regarding to:

o       Recruitment Process

o       Interviews

o       Candidate Assessment

o       Training programs for employees

o       Career Development programs

o       Overall Management of HRMS and effective coordination with ERP for the deliverables
pertaining to functionality of the system

o       Timely issuance and record keeping of all salary related employee letters

o       Timely management of related and scheduled confirmations

o       Posting of Status Change documents and maintenance of related records in HRMS and as a

o       Timely execution of Payroll and related reporting pertaining to payroll.

            Internship Report: Warid
o   Handling and management of smooth Payroll Operations & effective related query handling

o   Management of operations related to existing Official Cell Phones (Write Offs, Roaming, etc)

o   Handling of Attendance Management System

o   Overall operations and management of provident Fund

o   Handling of Medical (OPD & Hospitalization)

o   Handling of EOBI

o   Handling of Life Insurance data and premium payments

o   Employee Payroll Taxation (Certificates, E-filling) & related queries

o   Overall effective and up-to-date Leave Management

o   Up to date supervisor Data in HRMS in correlation with existing org charts and reporting lines

o   Timely issuance and management of SSHR (self service HR logins to employees)

o   Timely payment of internship stipends and up-to-date record of internships

o   Posting of non-salary related information of employees in HRMS

o   Employee visiting card data verification through system & coordination

o   Handling of employee advance requests, in coordination with Finance

o   Execution and activation of new employee joining benefits

o   Status change related benefits handling and related execution

o   Issuance and record keeping of all non-salary related employee letters

        Internship Report: Warid
o       Verification of Fuel Cards and entitlement based fuel limits in coordination with Admin

o       Timely conclusion of final settlement and clearance of resigned employees

o       Personnel Management and up-to-date record keeping of all personnel documents in personnel

o       Overall management and handling of 3rd party account for NLI central employees

o       Overall execution and management of 3rd party payroll country-wide

In Warid Finance department is responsible to mange issues related to financial transactions both for
managerial accounting and financial accounting. All issues regarding Finance is looked after within this
department from Financial Accounting, Fixed Assets, Accounts Payable to General Ledger maintenance
and above all related to treasury control. The finance department is further divided in two divisions for
better functioning and results.

Financial Accounting Division

This department consists of four sections

1.      Operations Section

Deals all operations include the financial issues related to franchises operations.

2.      Fixed Assets Section

This section Deals the fixed assets of Warid telecom.

3.      Accounts Payable Section

This section looks after the liabilities to be paid and also work for better credit rating of a company.

            Internship Report: Warid
4.      General ledger Section

General Ledger division is also very important section which is responsible to develop T-accounts which
specify detail of each account separately.

5.      Treasury Control Section

The finance issues are looked after in Treasury Control Section with respect to the budgets and
investments made by country from treasure.

Managerial Accounting

In this division the accounts management and coordinates with the financial accounting division is
usually managed.

Marketing Finance Division

This Division in Warid is responsible for financial activities incurred associated to marketing promotions,
campaigns, and events. Its key purpose is to act as interface b/w marketing and finance departments. It
is responsible for

1.      Preparing PRs

2.      Issues related to payments of vendors as per invoices

3.      Keeping financial records of costs incurred

4.      Signing CEO notes from authorities

            Internship Report: Warid

Administration department is key department responsible for administration and general management
tasks of the whole company including:

1.      Office Maintenance and management

2.      Local Government Relations

3.      Office Building Locations / Civil Works

4.      Coordination with Architects / Contractors

5.      Transportation office


This department is divided into four divisions.

6.      Direct Sales

7.      Contact and Support Centers

8.      Customer Service Operations

9.      Credit & Collection

10.     Personal Selling

11.     Telesales

            Internship Report: Warid

Products and services department of Warid consists of two divisions

     1.      Voice related products & services division
     2.      Data related products & services division

This department looks after all Logistics and Procurement-related matters.

Procurement Division

Procurement division of Warid consists of following divisions

1.        Outbound Logistics

2.        Inbound logistics

3.        Vendor Profiles management

Logistics Division

This Division consists of five sections.

1.        Cost Management Section
2.        Warehousing Section
3.        Inventory Management Section
4.        Order Processing Section
5.        Transportation section

              Internship Report: Warid

    Legal Affairs and Contract Management department of Warid is divided into two divisions:

        o   Legal Affairs
        o   Contract Management
    Both of these sections are responsible to looks after all corporate and legal affairs regarding company’s

These divisions are responsible to look after the following legal issues as well as legal implications of PTA
and other governmental authorities.

            1.        Financial institutions
            2.        Procurement
            3.        Leasing
            4.        Property matters
            5.        Media contracts
            6.        International agreements
            7.        Litigation (court cases)
            8.        Contract Management
            9.        prizes of marketing campaigns winners

                  Internship Report: Warid
9. Loyalty Division

This division is responsible to designs marketing programs to benefit the loyal customers that can be
prepaid customers, but in most cases Post-paid and corporate clients. Loyalty programs prepare such
marketing efforts that encourage such users by reward and gifts such as McDonalds Campaign.

Loyalty division is liable to

1.      Carrying out regular campaigns for the post-paid and corporate clients

2.      Keeping up-to-date profiles of loyal customers: their buying records and patterns

3.      Designing marketing programs to benefit the loyal customer

             Internship Report: Warid

Audits and risk management department are an essential part of any big organization c to ensure the check
and balance and budgetary control on expanses of each department. In Warid this department             is
responsible for :

    1.      Expanses
    2.      Check and Balance
    3.      Risk Services
    4.      CSR activities
    5.      Corporate Governance as per Government obligations


    Public Relations Department of Warid is the key department to establish and maintain positive
    understanding and liaison building between company and public including customers, shareholders,
    employees etc.

                Internship Report: Warid

International Business department of Warid look after the following issues regarding:

1.      Globalization
2.      International Roaming
3.      Using methods and ways to meet global standards
4.      Comparing already existing system with international systems
5.      Liaison with foreign vendors according to the needs of different departments
6.      Liaison with Warid in other countries


This division is liable to maintain an efficient liaison of company’s corporate policy objectives and
activities with the Government institutions, Agencies, Telecom Operators, Electronic Regulatory Bodies
and Print Media.


This department is responsible for ensuring business and projects and site building, fraud management,
revenue assurance and such other related issues for the successful completion of a quality project
within requisite time.

            Internship Report: Warid
10: Internship Activity Plan:
A brief introduction of the branch:
Branch is small but beautiful. And atmosphere of branch is so cooperative. There are many illegible
worker works in branch. And all members are greatly cooperative with me.

            Internship Report: Warid
  I have found the opportunity to gain a great experience and practical knowledge based on real
experience and Warid make proud to work in such a friendly and highly professional environment with
a great cooperation. There are many things that I have learned during this training that are really
important for our practical as well as professional life that help greatly to solve any problem. As a
student of Masters of Business Administration I get the opportunity to learn a great deal of new ideas
and things that must be helpful for me in practical life. Great saying that practice makes a man perfect,
learning books alone cannot make able to work in practical life but it required real time practice to lead
a professional life. I have been given a chance to work in different departments for six weeks. I must say
that this internship is essentially the great practical implementation of that theoretical course which I
have studied during my courses of MBA marketing. I got my internship training in Abdullah Pur Canal
Road Ahmad Arcade, Abdullah Pur Canal Road, Faisalabad


During the six week of internship, I had to work in different fields and have to perform different duties.
Duties were varies as follows:

1.      Prepare report on branding
2.      Taking quotations from special Vendors for guarantee production
3.      Directing communications to design artworks for marketing campaigns
4.      Taking Artworks from Marketing Communications and giving it to Procurement to give orders to
        vendor for production managing
5.      Marketing Events
6.      Press Conferences
7.      Expo
8.      Preparing reports regarding new city launche

            Internship Report: Warid
     Surveys about BTL advertising and BTL branding in our city in the following categories:

1.       Billboards
2.       Hoardings
3.       Pole Signs
4.       Vertical Panels
5.       Directional signs
6.       Bus stand
7.       Some documents preparation

Knowledge Acquired

Although, I have spent short time in this internship program, I have found the opportunity to observe
the following departments.

1.       Event Management
2.       Marketing Collaterals
3.       Media role in marketing
4.       Market segmentation
5.       Marketing communications
6.       Public Relations
7.       Press Conference arrangements
8.       Problems      faced     while   executing
         marketing activities
9.       People from different areas

             Internship Report: Warid
Great Experience Regarding potential Career

It is a great opportunity for me to observe closely the marketing basics and practices in real time
environment. As an internee in marketing department we have rarely find such environment of
multinational cellular company like Warid and it is really a great start to enter in the world of business
with a clear vision and ideology.

Since, I have done six months internship and it is not enough time to work in the whole departments of
the big company like Warid so, I will describe here the overall functioning of different department within
the organization as a whole.

Cellular Market Comparative Industry Analysis

In Pakistan telecom sector, Mobilink occupy the status of high market growth and high relative market
share. However, according to a recent research, Warid which is a GSM cellular company showed a
significantly high growth rate within the short time of five years after its launch in the market. Similarly,
Telenor, another GSM based company also stunned people with its remarkable growth with relatively
low market share. On the other hand,

Ufone also is the GSM cellular company but with low market growth.However,it showed its huge
performance with its high relative market share.Whereas,Zong , another the GSM cellular company is a
little below with low market growth and low relative market share as compare to its
successors.Therefore,the role of Warid in current telecom business horizon is significant and

               Internship Report: Warid
                                  14: SWOT ANALYSIS:
This SWOT analysis is providing a brief overlook of Warid’s current situation in telecom sector in
Pakistan. Several efforts have been done and others are still in progress to attain the set goals as well as
to occupy the same position in the market. SWOT analysis is an essential device to evaluate and analyze
the situation in internal and external environment. SWOT stand for Strengths, weaknesses,
opportunities and threats. It is a tool to make assessment of issue that effect on business in internal and
external form. Here is given the SWOT analysis of Warid.

1.      It is the largest investor in Pakistan in Telecom field whose growth is highest since 2005 till date.
2.      It is concerned to both commercial and general public.
3.      It is engaged with international level telecom companies to provide Top product quality for
4.      It is a fine class and well-equipped company where networking is competently faces both
        domestic and international markets.
5.      The growth rate of Warid is significantly high per year as compare to other telecom companies.
6.      Warid is aggressively contributing in global telecom marketplace with its exiting and newly
        introduced features.
7.      Warid has strong financial back up by a top investor group Abu Dhabi group.
8.      Warid has broader network and more coverage.
9.      Warid provided lots of new packages for every class of society from upper to lower strata
10.     Warid has wide ranges of network and varieties of cards.
11.     Warid has strong perception and high level customer service for the users.

             Internship Report
1.    Relatively new in market as compared to other competitors
2.    Less coverage as compared to competitors
3.    Struggling to achieve edge over competitors
4.    Have network in only 28 cities
5.    Less experienced employees than competitors
6.    Fear of new strong competitors like Zong
7.    Fear of strong competition in sales of new product and service due to the same offers from
      major competitors.

1.    An excellent opportunity for the growth of Warid’s network is to pay more attention on offering
      business class packages.
2.    Growing strategies or polices of new packages and competitive rates can draw more customers.
3.    There is a great opportunity is development of international telecom technology and online
4.    Offerings of additional value added services and new products
5.    Increasing its coverage area by opening new business centers in other cities
6.    Becoming cost-effective for customers as compared to other mobile phone companies
7.    Providing best service for mobile internet area.
8.    Build relations with other companies by joint ventures or strategic alliances
9.    Enlarge the scope of company to overseas
10.   Decline of major competitors
11.   Technologically better environment

           Internship Report
1.   Growth of technologies and variation of new style of product & services by competitors in
     telecom sector
2.   Competitors are running the companies which have wide-ranging promotional programs.
3.   Emerging companies in the same market
4.   New companies entered in the same market
5.   High public expectations with respect to competitive rates
6.   Low prices of other companies and competing brands
7.   Minor level of income prevent public to stop using services, geo political adverse conditions,
     spiritual issue, political unsteadiness are a few of the additional main threats.

          Internship Report
                            15: RECOMMENDATION:
According to my analysis, these are recommendations:

1.     Network should be enhanced to much more cities for potential business.
2.     More consistent approach for brand ambassadors and other related issues should be followed.
3.     Seth Culture should be avoided.
4.     The official website of Warid needs to include certain data about the history and development
       of the company within the passage of time.
5.     Also, it should provide information on major updates as well as keep the past data for research
       purpose. If possible add a blog to maintain daily or weekly updates.
6.     The website should also provide information about the business centers and key franchise, their
       departmental activities etc.

Warid is operated by Abu Dhabi Group in Pakistan May 2005. Since then Warid successfully
launched the services covering 28 cities with a total population of around 32 million people.
Warid with low rates to capture the market with already giants operating the cellular world of
Pakistan is the major task for Warid key competitor is Mobilink with already 10 million
subscribers it is not a easy task to break the market.

Warid took a great start when launched for the first time; however, it didn’t get the attention of
the subscribers initially. But after one to two month after the launch, people started purchasing
the connection and attracted by its Friends and Family feature with rates of 1.90/mins. The
rates are the cheapest in the market and with 30 sec billing feature makes it valuable to try

Warid has some features as low calling rates 30 sec billing. Coverage is improving and hope will
be improved as the company grows. Warid is basically focusing the student class rather than
business men. Some of the features are good but still there are some major improvements that
Warid higher management team should look into.

Major drawback: The GPRS service is quite slow and costly. Email service is weak and probably
you may not ever receive a reply if you request for help. It seemed the IT staff at Warid is rather

            Internship Report
consists of immature worker that can’t handle the huge requests nor designed a proper

Warid to Warid call rates are cheap in night sometimes you will have network busy error other
than that it works fine.

Warid should look into the problems currently facing to capture more market as their calling
rates are promising. Over all Warid still targeting student class improve services to reach
business class.

           Internship Report
17: Reference& Sources used:
I obtain data from,













The brochure of Warid Pakistan

18: Annexes:


The brochure of Warid Pakistan

Interview with Operational Manager

             Internship Report
ATL (Above-the-line advertising)
Term refers to main media expenditure, TV, print, radio, outdoor, cinema and its traditional
accounting treatment. Now used for all traditional media expenses incurred through an agency;
mainly used to create, maintain brand awareness/interest.
BTL (Below-the-line advertising)
Expenditure on promotional activities which are used to be managed within the company (now many
specialized agencies take on these task); promotional activities other than 'above the line' e.g. sales
promotion, POP, direct response are examples of BTL.
Marketing Communications
The formal and informal messages that sellers transmit to buyers; that can be systematic (planned) as
well as the unsystematic (unplanned) promotion by a firm of its products to its markets.

Noun. Purchase, sale, acquisition
Activities involved with the orderly and timely acquisition and transportation of materials required for
production, and
With the storage, handling and dispatch of finished goods to customers.
Noun. Price, rate; protective tax
A mass circulation advertising leaflet or pamphlet dropped through the letter box or put loosely inside
magazines or newspapers.
Noun. Billboard (British usage); temporary tall fence made of boards enclosing a construction site;
fence made of hurdles; temporary balcony made of wood that is hung from the upper walls from
which missiles could be dropped
Noun. Act of operating; working, performance, handling; venture, undertaking;
Act or process of buying or selling at a market; development of a strategy for the sales of a certain
product; promotion and selling services; distribution of goods
Human resources
Noun. Manpower, human work force, human labor; field of business that deals and handles personnel
matters (such as hiring, training, firing, etc.)

             Internship Report
Financial Accounting
Collection of basic (raw) data, as in management accounting, but treated in a prescribed and statute
enforced format which emphasizes the historic, custodial and stewardship aspects of the business.
Total revenue amount collected for goods and services provided; see also gross sales, net sales, return
on sales. Sales charge - same as commission
Customer Service
The process of meeting every customer need, before, during and after the sale; the dept. responsible
for looking after the customer.
Noun. Management (of an office, project, etc.); execution of managerial duties; people in charge of
directing or managing, supervisors, leadership
An examination into the current business situation; it can be both internal and internal.
Risk Services
Providing services of analyzing exposure to risk and determining how to best handle such exposure.
Quality Assurance
The name given to the procedures used to ascertain that measurement data are good enough for their
intended purpose. It involves
1. Quality control: those procedures and activities utilized to verify that the quality control system is
operating within acceptable limits and to evaluate the quality of the data; and
2. Quality assessment: those procedures and activities utilized to verify that the quality control system
is operating within acceptable limits and to evaluate the quality of the data.

Public Relations
A deliberate, planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain positive understanding, good
image, between a company and its publics. Such publics include customers, shareholders, employees
Project Management
Tracking and supervision of the tasks which must be done in order to complete a project (especially
the production of a system)
Noun. Work intended to have artistic value
Noun. Sign board (of a shop); dashboard, instrument panel of a car (British)
A long, narrow sign with a message in bold type hung across open area, window, or doorway.
Noun. Salesman; supplier, equipment salesman (for example in the field of computers, etc.);
automatic machine for selling goods

             Internship Report
The extent to which customers repurchase a particular product or brand.
Noun. Act of renting out property for a specified period of time; possessing or occupying under the
terms of a lease.
General Ledger
The master file in which a record is maintained for each and every account in the organization’s
accounting system.

Treasury control
Control of finances, dealing with money, work of a treasurer
Franchise Verb. Grant a franchise to an individual or group; grant the right to vote
Corporate Governance
1. The control structure of a corporation.
2. The term used, following recent Government sponsored reports, to describe the policies and
procedures that the company’s directors’ employ in their conduct of the company’s affairs, and their
relationships with shareholders to whom they are responsible as managers of the shareholders
interests in the company, and of its assets.
Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
The total market value of all final goods and services produced in a country in a given year; equals
total consumer, investment and government spending, plus the value of exports minus the value of
Demand-Pull Approach
Developing new products on the basis of market demand rather than on that of company-generated
RSM: Regional Sales Manager
ZSM: Zonal Sales Manager
GM: General Manager
CIO: Chief Information Officer
FM: Franchise Manager
BCM: Business Centre Manager
BEC: Board Executive Committee
CEO: Chief Executive Officer
 Warehouse :Storage for goods and services prior to customer purchase

            Internship Report
Internship Report

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