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                       ime PerformanCe Ser

                                     Dance Jam
                       in the Spotlight, Usaama Dance Company,
                          new Jersey Dance Theatre ensemble

    In the Spotlight

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coNTeNTs                                                    With Passport to Culture, Verizon and nJPaC open up a world of
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dance - and drum - Talk          5                well as performers of national and international renown. meet-the-artist
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creating a collage
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                             The resource guide accompanying each performance is designed
                                               • to maximize students’ enjoyment and appreciation of the performing arts;
                                               • to extend the impact of the performance by providing discussion ideas,
                                                  activities, and further reading that promote learning across the curriculum;
                                               • to promote arts literacy by expanding students’ knowledge of music, dance,
                                                  and theater;
                                               • to illustrate that the arts are a legacy reflecting the traditional values,
                                                  customs, beliefs, expressions, and reflections of a culture;
                                               • to use the arts to teach about the cultures of other people and to celebrate
                                                  students’ own heritage through self-expression;
                                               • to reinforce the New Jersey Department of Education’s Core Curriculum
                                                  Content Standards in the arts.

 2      PASSPORT to culture • Dance Jam

                                                             Photo: Chelo Keys

           In the Spotlight                                                      Usaama Dance Company

           Dance Jam features three talented and        New Jersey Dance Theatre Ensemble               Clad in colorful and bright african
           electrifying young dance companies           offers two diverse pieces. Talk to              garb, Usaama Dance Company
           from new Jersey: in the Spotlight,           Her, choreographed in 2006 by Jean              presents a high-powered performance
           new Jersey Dance Theatre ensemble            emile, is an intense and poignant               that includes the following traditional
           and Usaama Dance Company. Their              contemporary ballet that speaks of              drum-based music and dance pieces
           performances introduce the audience          our individuality and the need to               from West africa: Soko, a dance
           to a panorama of choreographic styles        maintain our unique differences.                from the malinke people of central
           in the ever-growing world of dance.          it was inspired by the beauty and               Guinea, is performed by young boys
                                                        passion of the soundtrack from the              after their initiation into manhood.
           In the Spotlight opens its nJPaC             movie Hable con Ella by oscar-                  The Djun Djun Speaks is a drum
            appearance with the dazzling, power-        nominated composer alberto                      piece featuring various rhythms
            packed jazz piece, Ooh La La. next          iglesias. Folk Tales, choreographed             from africa. – (See “Dance - and
             is the lyrical Fix You, a touching         by Katarzyna Skarpetowska from                  Drum - Talk” on page 5.) Yamama,
              tribute to a young boy named              Poland, is inspired by a story of               Goombe, Somonuku, and Triba are
               matthew larson who passed away           the youthful rebellion, love and the            energetic dances of celebration. and,
                at age seven from brain cancer.         coming of age of two young people,              Ekon kon (or Djola) is a communal
                 Then it is back to high-energy         Kasia and Janek. The piece, which               dance performed by the Djola people
                  with Mod Squad, a cutting edge        is set to the percussive music of               from the Sene-Gambia region of
                   hip-hop display, Irresistible        Warsaw Village Band, evokes the                 West africa. Communal dance
                    You, a lively musical theater       delight of folk dancing through the             plays a strong role in educating the
                     piece, and Got Rhythm which        liberating freedom of modern dance.             Djola people about the community’s
                      mixes classic sounds and                                                          history, social behaviors, rites of
                       choreography with those of                                                       passage, and community identity.
                        today’s hip-hop generation.
                         in the Spotlight concludes
                          its performance with
                            Get Up, showcasing
                             competitive youth who
                              wow the audience with
                               their athletic ability
                                and dance technique.

                                                                                             Dance Jam • PASSPORT to culture                3
Dance Jam

                                                                                                                       iN The sPoTliGhT
an offshoot of in the Spotlight        New Jersey Dance Theatre              Usaama Dance Company, under the
Dance Studio, In the Spotlight         Ensemble, which is in residence       artistic direction of Karen L. Love, is
was founded by Broadway                at Drew University in madison,        a pre-professional performing youth
veterans Tom and Jane Karaty in        nJ, was founded in 1964 under         company which ms. love founded in
1988. The Waldwick, nJ-based           the direction of internationally      montclair in 1995. ms. love is also
troupe was formed to offer young       acclaimed ballet master alfredo       the director of the dance program at
dance students quality training        Corvino. it is now under the          Hillside High School in Hillside, nJ.
and performance opportunities.         artistic direction of his former      Her choreography has been presented
Candice mancini, the Karatys’          student, Nancy Turano, who            at universities and performance
daughter, is the company’s artistic    is a dancer, master teacher and       venues throughout the country
director and choreographer. in         choreographer. among her credits,     including aaron Davis Hall, Harlem’s
the Spotlight Dance Studio offers      ms. Turano has performed as           principal performing arts center, and
classes in a variety of dance genres   a principal dancer with Ballet        The Yard, a performing artists’ dance
including jazz, hip-hop, tap,          Hispanico. Her choreography,          colony on martha’s Vineyard. ms.
and ballet. The school’s teachers      which has received numerous           love, a former member of Urban
include lisa Danias, formerly          grants and awards, has been           Bush Women, has studied West
a ballerina with the new York          presented in renowned theaters        african dance and culture for the
City Ballet, and Dan Karaty,           both nationally and internationally   past 14 years. She created Usaama to
who choreographs and judges for        as well as featured on PBS’           help preserve that dance and culture.
television’s So You Think You Can      Channel 13, the New Films/New         Her troupe is currently comprised
Dance and has choreographed for        Directors Series at lincoln Center    of 21 dancers and three musicians
n’Sync, Jessica Simpson, Kylie         and the Tribeca film festival.        ranging in age from 7-17 years old.
minogue, and Usher.                    Under ms. Turano’s direction,         in addition to helping introduce
                                       the company annually premieres        inspiring young dancers into the
                                       new works and maintains a             world of african dance, Usaama
                                       diverse repertory by renowned         (which translates as “Precious” in
                                       choreographers including David        Swahili), strives to help its students
                                       Parsons, robert Battle, Jean emile,   develop respect – for themselves, their
                                       and Twyla Tharp.                      elders, their community, and for the

  New Jersey Dance
  Theatre Ensemble

  4       PASSPORT to culture • Dance Jam
                          All dance has three basic building           call-and-response - a               score - the musical or sound

daNce - aNd drum - Talk   blocks:
                          space - the whole design and use of
                          the place in which a dance unfolds.
                                                                       communication pattern where
                                                                       one party sends forth a message
                                                                       or “call” and another party
                                                                       responds. This pattern is very
                                                                                                           accompaniment to a dance.

                                                                                                           solo - a dance performed by only
                                                                                                           one person.
                          time - a measurable period during            common in african and african-
                          which movement or dance occurs.              american music and dance.           technique - a style or form of
                          Time is indicated in dance in many                                               dance that has its own movement
                          ways that may range from complex             choreography - the arrangement      language.
                          rhythmic patterns to periods of long,        of movement in time and space.
                          unbroken stillness.                                                              A Note on West African Drums
                                                                       composer - a person who writes
                          energy - the intensity, amount or            music.                              Djun djun is the name for a
                          force of the movement. energy                                                    family of three West african
                          is also sometimes referred to as             ensemble - a group of dancers       drums. The kenkeni is the
                          the quality, color or texture of             who perform together.               smallest drum of the family,
                          the movement. adjectives such as                                                 but it has the highest pitch and
                          restless, restrained, unrestrained,          gesture - a movement of the body    usually holds the rhythm together
                          calm, smooth, free, concentrated,            or limbs as a means of expression   with a simple pattern. The
                          furtive, tense, explosive, fiery, etc.       or non-verbal communication;        songba, which is the medium-
                          may be used to describe this aspect          the use of such movements.          sized member, typically defines
                          of dance.                                                                        the rhythm, and doundounba,
                                                                       isolation - the act of moving one   the largest, often serves to add
                          Other relevant terms that will               part of the body without moving     depth with deep, widely spaced
                          enhance understanding and                    the rest.                           notes. This family of drums
                          appreciation of a dance performance                                              was developed to accompany
                          are:                                         pattern - a design made by          the djembe, one of the most
                                                                       dancers in space to create a        popular drums in africa. a skin-
                          artistic director - the creative leader      visual and sometimes dramatic       covered drum shaped like a large
                          of a dance company who may or                configuration.                      goblet, the djembe originated
                          may not be a choreographer (the                                                  in West africa where it is an
                          person who composes or creates the           polyrhythm - the simultaneous       integral part of the area’s music
                          steps and movements for a dance).            overlaying of distinct rhythmic     and tradition.
                          The artistic director makes decisions        patterns that interact to form a
                          about hiring company members,                more complex rhythmic pattern.
                          casting and selecting repertory.
                                                                       repertory (or repertoire) – the
                                                                       dances performed by a company.

                                       Usaama Dance Company

                                         Westminster Jubilee Singers

                                                                                        Dance Jam • PASSPORT to culture                        5
Creating a Collage of Dance Genres

                                                                                                                                       DID YOU KNOW?
Ballet                                                                                    20th century (a fertile and tumultuous
Ballet is characterized by disciplined,                                                   time for the arts), isadora Duncan
formal movements with the dancer’s                                                        fascinated and shocked the public
body generally held erect, the feet                                                       with her free-flowing, improvisational
pointed and, for many movements, the                                                      movement. Dancing bare foot, her
legs rotated open from the hip joints.                                                    dancers wore loose, revealing dress
Ballet has evolved since louis XiV                                                        – all quite different from serious and
of france, an accomplished dancer,                                                        formal ballet. other early innovators
founded the royal academy of Dance                                                        also combined movement and light
in 1661. louis XiV’s dancing master                                                       to create new images. By the mid-
is credited with codifying the five                                                       1930s, a generation of modern dance
basic positions of the feet that are the                                                  choreographers, including martha
basis for all ballet technique. Until the                                                 Graham, Doris Humphrey and Hanya
18th century, movement was refined,                                                       Holm emerged. They developed their
                                             New Jersey Dance Theatre Ensemble
presentational and slow. in the 19th                                                      own individual, distinctive movement
century, lightness and grace were            Jazz dance                                   languages and created techniques that
stressed, leading to the development of      according to The New Grove                   have become the basic movement
the tutu or short ballet skirt and the       Dictionary of Jazz, jazz (music) was         vocabulary for all modern dancers.
pointe shoe with a hard toe. Since that      “created mainly by black americans           Since the 1960s, modern dance has been
time, ballet has evolved into its present-   in the early 20th century through an         constantly evolving. The work is always
day dynamic, sophisticated incarnation.      amalgamation of elements drawn from          challenging to audience and artist,
                                             (both) european-american and african         never formulaic, and springs from a
Hip-Hop dance                                music. a unique type (of music), it          commitment to individual expression.
Hip-hop culture started in the Bronx         cannot safely be categorized as folk,        8
in the early 1970s as both outdoor and       popular or art music, though it shares       West African dance is profoundly
indoor partying to the turntable mix         aspects of all three.” To some degree        connected to everyday life in West
of the DJ accompanied by “hype” men          this definition also applies to jazz dance   africa. Dance is used to mark special
who excited the crowd with simple            which is a relatively new dance genre.       occasions – births, marriages, funerals
rhymes. The best dancers in the crowd,       Before the 1950s, jazz dance meant tap       – and it is always seen as life-affirming.
called b-boys/b-girls or breakdancers,       dance, and tap dance – largely inspired      However, one of the challenges of
would dance to the extended percussion       and created by african americans –           describing West african dance is its
break beats created by the DJ using          reigned as one of the greatest forms of      immense diversity. West africa is
two records. Breakdancing owes a great       popular entertainment america had ever       a region comprised of many ethnic
debt to the Puerto ricans of the Bronx.      seen. Since the 1950s, tap has continued     groups, and each dance in africa has a
in this historically multi-ethnic new        to develop independently, while jazz         specific history with specific costumes,
York borough, Puerto ricans extended         dance, which grew out of ballet and          songs, rhythms, and techniques.
the black b-boys party moves of the          modern, has evolved and come into            Despite differences, there are some
early 70s to new depths of acrobatic         its own. Pioneers such as Katherine          common characteristics: fast, intricate,
virtuosity. B-boying athleticism was         Dunham, for example, took the essence        repetitive footwork with knees bent,
linked with another revision of these        of Caribbean traditional dance and           a relaxed back, bare feet, and use
african-based dance forms called             made jazz dance into a performing art.       of the whole foot kept close to the
“popping.” The latter’s emphasis on          With the growing domination of other         ground; isolation of different parts
torso isolation includes specializations     forms of entertainment music, jazz dance     of the torso; use of polyrhythms;
like “electric-boogaloo” and “ticking,”      continued its evolution on Broadway.         and close work with drummers.
both demanding incredible muscular           it developed into a new, smooth              african dance arrived in america
isolations and torso control. another        performance style that is popularized        in 1619 with the first african
form, “locking,” was closely associated      in works such as Jerome robbins’             slaves. However, african dance
with gang competition as an alternative      West Side Story, Bob fosse’s Chicago         was not seen on the concert
to actual combat. The popping styles         and Cabaret and michael Bennett’s A          stage until the early 20th
and locking originated, according to         Chorus Line. like jazz music, jazz dance     century. in the 1960s, the
scholar robert farris Thompson, in           is extremely eclectic and continuously       Civil rights movement
fresno and los angeles, Ca. With the         evolving – drawing not only from             spurred an intense period
popularity of dance-oriented television      ballet and modern, but also from social      of african nationalism.
shows and films in the 70’s and 80’s,        dancing, acrobatics and ethnic dancing.      many african and
dance styles simultaneously emerging on                                                   african-based dance
the two coasts were easily disseminated      Modern dance developed during the            companies were
and copied into the breaking-pop-            20th century, primarily in the United        established. Today,
locking dance culture we now call            States. it celebrates each individual        african dance
hip-hop dance.                               choreographer’s creative voice and           influences all forms
                                             is based on the natural movement             of american
                                             of the body. around the turn of the          dance.

  6        PASSPORT to culture • Dance Jam
                                                                                 Teaching Science Through
IN THE CLASSROOM   Before the Performance
                   1. Discuss various types of dance – ballet, modern, jazz,
                   West african, tap, hip-hop, and ballroom. How do they
                                                                                 Dance (Grades K-8)
                                                                                 by Sharon J. Sherman, ed.D.
                   differ? What do they share in common? Create a dance
                   bulletin board. Have students bring in articles, statements   Using dance to teach science makes students active and
                   and pictures that reflect all areas of dance. (1.1, 1.3,      engaged in lessons as they experiment, solve problems
                   1.4)*                                                         creatively, and use their imaginations. in the classroom, stu-
                                                                                 dents can create dances to illustrate scientific principles.
                   2. “Why Dance?” is an arts integrated resource of
                   Verizon’s in this lesson, one of a multi-    The nJ Core Curriculum Content Standards for Science state
                   part unit from arTSeDGe, students identify reasons            that by the end of Grade 4, students will recognize that mat-
                   why people dance. Centers are set up to research various      ter can exist as a solid, liquid, or gas and can be transformed
                   kinds of dance. after exploring three centers, students       from one state to another by heating or cooling. Dance can
                   create a dance, poem, report, or collage to explain why       be used to simulate the motion of molecules in these states.
                   people dance.         explain to students that matter is made up of tiny particles
                   (1.1, 1.2, 1.3)                                               that move in different ways depending on the state of matter.
                                                                                 The particles composing a solid stick rigidly to one another.
                   After the Performance                                         The particles of a liquid cohere firmly, but not rigidly, so they
                                                                                 have a great deal of mobility while maintaining close contact
                                                                                 with one another. a gas has no fixed shape or volume and
                   1. Communication through movement is central to the
                                                                                 eventually spreads out to fill its container. as gas particles
                   human experience. Have students discuss what each of
                                                                                 move about, they collide with each other and the walls of
                   the companies in Dance Jam was communicating. Could
                                                                                 their container.
                   they identify the dance genres? How? How did the music
                   help highlight the dancing? (1.4)
                                                                                 Select six students to be dancing molecules. first, they will
                                                                                 be ice cubes. They will stay close, sticking rigidly to one
                   2. ask the students to choose one or several numbers
                                                                                 another. another group of students will be the flame, the
                   from the performance and write a poem or tell a story
                                                                                 source of energy. as the flame heats the cubes, they melt and
                   that conveys what the dance(s) expressed. (1.1, 1.2, 1.3)
                                                                                 begin to move more freely, jiggling a bit. Soon the ice cubes
                                                                                 form liquid water. They move more quickly, dancing around
                   *number(s) indicate the nJ Core Curriculum Content
                                                                                 one another, but still maintaining contact. The flame con-
                   Standard(s) supported by the activity.
                                                                                 tinues to heat the molecules. Some leave the liquid state and
                                                                                 become gas molecules. They dance more quickly and spread
                   additional Before and after activities can be found
                                                                                 apart, filling the container, gently colliding with one another
                   online at Click on education, then on
                                                                                 and the walls of the container. Soon no liquid remains. all
                   Performances. Scroll down to “Download Teacher Guide
                                                                                 of the molecules have turned to gas. now remove the source
                   in adobe acrobat PDf format” and select desired guide.
                                                                                 of heat and let the gas molecules lose energy and return to
                                                                                 the liquid state. They slow down, and the dance changes.
                                                                                 ask students how the dance would change if the liquid were
                                                                                 placed in a freezer.

                                                                                 The Science Standards state that by the end of Grade 8, stu-
                                                                                 dents will know that all matter is made up of atoms that may
                                                                                 join together to form molecules and that the state of matter is
                                                                                 determined by the arrangement and motion of the atoms or
                                                                                 molecules. Students in middle grades can examine substances
                                                                                 other than water and illustrate arrangement and motions of
                                                                                 atoms and molecules through dance.

                                                                                 Sharon J. Sherman is a science and mathematics education pro-
                                                                                 fessor at The College of New Jersey and co-author of Science
                                                                                 and Science Teaching: Methods for Integrating Technology in
                                                                                 Elementary and Middle Schools (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 2004).

                                                                                 The Teaching Science Through the Arts content of this guide is made
                                                                                 possible through the generous support of Roche.

                                                                                 Dance Jam • PASSPORT to culture                                   7
Delving Deeper                                                                acknowledgments
                                                                                                                                                         just imagine

                                                                              as of 02/25/08
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artsedge.html - “african odyssey interactive:
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is an arts integrated resource of Verizon’s                                                  For even more arts integration resources,
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Faye Competello . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . associate Director for arts Training
Verushka Spirito . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . associate Director for Performances
André S. Gleaton . . . . . . . . . . . . .associate Director of Professional Development, Curriculum and evaluation
Kristin McDonald . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Program Coordinator for arts Training
Mary Whithed. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Program Coordinator for residencies
Sharon Uyar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Program Coordinator for residencies
Yolonda Cyprian . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Program assistant for arts education & Special Projects
Marie Thompson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . arts education Sales associate & Program administrator
Joanna Gibson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .manager of Wachovia Jazz for Teens
Caitlin Haughey . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Consultant for Jeffrey Carollo Scholarship
Mary Louise Johnston & Laura Ingoglia. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . editors of Teacher’s resource Guides

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