Writing Love Letter to your Boyfriend

					                        Writing Love Letter to your Boyfriend

Writing a love letter to boyfriend is probably the most romantic thing for a long distance
relationship. When you both are closer in location, you can meet up and do special things like
making something for him to eat or doing some embroidery on his shirt, help him paint his
room or the fence, or even better, his bike. But as they say, distance makes the heart grow
fonder and you have a chance to prove it right by using words as your tool.

Your boyfriend might not be into letter writing, but a loving letter can always be a good dose of
reminding him that he has you in his life and that he is special. Well, you can start off the letter
by writing something that is given here:

1. I wished to gift you something and wanted to see the twinkle in your eye when you received
it. I wanted to hold you close and tell how much you mean to me, I wanted to look into your
eyes and see if you really cared for me, I wanted to hug you tight and feel secured, but then
there is this distance between us which restricts me from doing all these.

But, thanks to the telecoms service provider that gives us the only tool to express ourselves, a
medium of sound. To listen to words and to listen to each other. Today that has failed me too
because of battery failure. So I took recourse to the good old way of communication, writing

2. I hope you are in the best of your health and spirits and find time to read this little letter. I
wished to tell you that you are special even though I do not see you emote when you talk; you
are special in spite of the differences we have and the rough patches we endure.

3. I see couples fight here who stay together and yet not realize what they have. I do, because
you are far from me and only I know that I would be ready to kill to just be with you. Just
wanted to let you know that you are special and not because I love you but because you are a
special human being, even without me.

Writing a love letter to him is not something to be taught, but it has to come from within and
the reason can be any. It may be an event or just a reminiscence of something. Be genuine and
start writing whatever comes to your heart; yes, heart and not your mind.

The most romantic thing that you can do is sending a handwritten letter to your boyfriend that
can be filled with romantic words and genuine feelings. A heartfelt letter can be something that
can be a perfect gift on a valentine's day. Nonetheless, it should not be limited for specific days;
in fact you can write him letters whenever you feel like and share the deepest feeling and
emotion you have for him. In the true sense, love letters really do not need a reason to express
your feelings for your partner.

For most guys, love letters from their girlfriend is enough to make them feel they are cared and
loved. These romantic letters to your boyfriend will certainly spark up your relationship.

They can express your love and convey your emotions when you are in a long distance
relationship. If you feel love letters may be thought of being mushy by guys then you may
probably have to think twice. According to a survey, even the toughest looking guy melts after
reading a touchy love letter.

If you are interested in writing one and make your man feel loved again then get down with the
following tips that will surely help you write an everlasting love letter for your guy.

First and the foremost thing you could do is get in the mood. As most writers, feel that what
you write in the letters is greatly affected by the mood and the surrounding. Perhaps, you could
play a soft music or light incense that will help you pen down your thoughts and feelings in the

The writing pads also play a vital role in making your letter all the more special. So select
beautiful stationary to write the letter.

The next thing you need to do is make the letter substantive with a real good content. If this
gets a little difficult, I can suggest you to select a specific theme and stick to it throughout the
letter. For instance, themes such as recalling the time when you two met first or recounting a
special dinner you both had together.

If you really excel at poetry, writing your own poems can make it all the more special. Your
letter should focus primarily on how he makes you feel and how you make him feel.

Using flowery language will help to make your letter romantic. Using phrases such as, "deep
feelings," "our love" and "true to you" can be quite impressive as well. Such words will add to
the overall ambiance of the letter.

Before you plan to send it, read it once. This is because it may happen that the love letter may
not be perfect the first time you write it, and it may take a couple of times before you feel it
sounds write.

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