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									                          Burton Gilliam
                          Talk About a Hollywood Success Story!

                        Imagine being plucked from the relatively obscure but satisfying life of
                        a 14 year veteran Dallas firefighter/Golden Gloves boxing champion
                        and being cast in two Academy Award-winning films in a row!
                        Incredible ... and that is exactly how you would describe the acting
                        career of Burton Gilliam ... INCREDIBLE! From Paper Moon, Blazing
                        Saddles, Honeymoon In Vegas, Fletch, Back to the Future III, and more
                        than 40 other films, Burton has worked with heavy weights Mel
                        Brooks, Steven Spielberg, Clint Eastwood, Gene Wilder, Harvey
                        Korman, Nicolas Cage, Burt Reynolds, Andy Griffith, Jeff Bridges, Hilary
                        Swank, Chevy Chase, Sarah Jessica Parker, Alec Baldwin Michael J. Fox,
                        Willie Nelson, James Caan, Charles Bronson and more. He's also
worked with legendary luminaries Jimmy Stewart, Roy Rogers and Madeline Kahn.

Move over to television and the list of landmark, trend-setting work and co-stars and TV credits
builds to a American pop-culture crescendo: Everybody Loves Raymond's (and Young
Frankenstein's) Peter Boyle; All In The Family's Carroll 0' Conner, The Dukes of Hazzard, David
Hasselhoff in Knight Rider, the hit comedy, Alice, Fall Guy with Lee Majors and George Peppard
& Mr. T in The A-Team. Burton's credits include nearly 200 other television show appearances.
Add to that over 250 TV commercials and four films to be released this year and whatta ya got?
BURTON GILLIAM! He is one of Hollywood's iconic character actors for 35 years.

Other television credits include the shows Flo, Mama's Family, Love American Style, Best of the
West, Hail to the Chief, Soap, The Jericho Mile and many others. For three years he played the
role of "Virgil Mosely" on the hit show Evening Shade, alongside his pal, Burt Reynolds.

How It All Happened.

At the fire station in Dallas, one day in 1972, Burton saw a newspaper ad casting for "extras" for
the Peter Bogdanovich, Academy Award-winning film, Paper Moon, starring Ryan O'Neal. He
went to the open audition and impressed Mr. Bogdanovich. So much so, that instead of an
"extra", Burton was cast as "Floyd, The Desk Clerk", the sixth· largest part in the movie and a co-
starring role. Burton felt that being cast in Paper Moon was just a "lucky, one-shot-deal", and
after filming wrapped, he went back to the fire station ... putting out fires and saving lives in
Dallas. He also enjoyed (and still does!) the local celebrity of his record-setting work as a top
Golden Gloves boxing champ (many of Burton's national records stand to this day). This would
be a great story, even if had ended then and there.

But it didn't end there. Three months later, Mel Brooks called the fire station in Dallas looking
for Burton. He had seen a rough cut of Burton's work in Paper Moon. He wanted Burton to fly
to Los Angeles (all first class expenses paid, of course) to consider a key role - "Lyle" - the
comedic nemesis and bungling sidekick to actor Slim Pickens' character, "Mr. Taggart", in
Blazing Saddles! The rest is history. Blazing Saddles became one of filmdom's most-notable,
most-quotable, Academy Award-winning comedies! Well, there was no looking-back for Burton
after his work in this ground-breaking, stereotype-bashing cowboy picture spoof ... especially
the "campfire scene!" So, key roles in two Academy Award-winning films in a row, was no
"lucky, one-shot-deal" after all!

What's Happening Now?

In great demand, Burton is very busy. He has recently completed co-starring roles in four
feature films, "Drop Dead Sexy", "Killing Down", "Blue Eyes" and "Cake."

One of only 1,500 voting, distinguished actor members of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts
and Sciences (Academy Awards), Burton was nominated to that post by friends Burt Reynolds
and veteran actor Charles Durning. He was then unanimously voted into the most prestigious
organization of actors. He is also a member of The Screen Actors Guild and The American
Federation of Television Arts and Sciences.

Burton's commercial and voice work includes major products such as Ford Motor Company,
Coco-Cola, Quaker State Motor Oil, Taco Bell, and McDonald's. He was the national
spokesperson for Pace Picante ("Hey, that stuff's made in New York City!") for twelve years.

If he wasn't busy enough, Burton is also a much sought-after motivational speaker, as well as an
avid golfer. Burton is consistently busy on the celebrity golf tour in support of many charitable
causes. He was the celebrity host of The Burton Gilliam Celebrity Golf Classic in Pismo Beach,
California for thirteen years and the Burton Gilliam Golf Classic in Dallas for four years.

Burton and his wife Susan now reside in Allen, Texas. They have two children and four
grandchildren who also live close-by.

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