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Period: ___                                                                                 Honors English II

                                      Frankenstein: Chapters 6-12
                                                   Chapter VI-VII
Pa rt I: Use the word ba nk below to complete the sentences. Some words ma y be used more
tha n once. Some words ma y not be used a t a ll.

Fettered          Placid              Vivacity            Dissipate       Antipathy         Salubrious
Diffident         Tedious             Promontory          Venerable       Alleviate         Prognosticate
Deposition        Candor              Perverse            Vacillating     Eulogy            Perambulations

1.) In first and second period, it is typical for students to lack _______________________________.
2.) Some people still refuse to wear seatbelts because they feel _______________________________ by them.
3.) The lawyer took extensive notes as the witness gave her _______________________________.
4.) Exercise and a good diet are essential to living a(n) _______________________________ lifestyle.
5.) Being with nature helped to _______________________________ Victor‟s grief over the death of his brother.
6.) Victor sees the creature climbing a _______________________________ on the mountain during a
7.) Many students feel _______________________________ when asked to speak in front of the class.
8.) The narrow bridge looked like it was _______________________________ in the very strong winds.
9.) When you are testifying under oath, complete _______________________________ is required.
10.) Victor feels nothing but _______________________________ towards his creation.
11.) The police used tear gas to _______________________________ the mob that was looting the store.
12.) While some considered the lecture on how stem cells work to be _______________________________, I found
    it to be fascinating and exciting.
13.) Victor and Henry would go on long _______________________________ through the streets of Ingolstadt.
14.) Victor now feels that the impulses that lead him to the creation of the creature were very
15.) Tarot cards, astrology, and palm readings are some methods that people use to
    _______________________________ the future.
Pa rt II: Select the a ntonym of ea ch word in CAPS.
16.) ____ DIFFIDENT         (A) Shy              (B) Confident    (C) Bashful      (D) Modest
17.) ____ PLACID            (A) Calm             (B) Scared       (C) Disturbed    (D) Peaceful
18.) ____ CANDOR            (A) evasive          (B) forthright   (C) objective    (D) honesty
19.) ____ VIVACITY          (A) languor          (B) joyful       (C) melancholy (D) lively
20.) ____ ANTIPATHY         (A) hatred           (B) bitterness   (C) apathy       (D) affection

21.) ____ FETTER             (A) free            (B) restrain        (C) refrain         (D) expensive
22.) ____ SALUBRIOUS (A) healthy                 (B) inimical        (C) wholesome       (D) beneficial
23.) ____ DILLATORY          (A) prompt          (B) tardy           (C) late            (D) retained
24.) ____ DISIPATE           (A) dispel          (B) unite           (C) scatter         (D) disperse
25.) ____ ALLEVIATE          (A) allay           (B) ease            (C) cure            (D) aggravate

                                                     Chapter VIII-IX
Part I: Use the word bank below to complete the sentences. Some words may be used more
than once. Some words may not be used at all.
Ignominious        Exculpate             Countenance         Execrates          Indignation       Wantonly
Guile              Absolution            Obdurate            Perdition          Lamentations      Timorous
Conjecture         Remorse               Perceptible         Augmenting         Malice            Abhorrence

1.)     If the creature really did murder William and frame Justine, then he is very intelligent and has tremendous
2.)     Before he speaks to the creature, Victor‟s belief that the creature killed William is based on pure
        ___________________________, and he has no solid evidence to support this theory.
3.)     Victor describes the creature‟s ___________________________ as being full of twisted rage and evil.
4.)     Elizabeth‟s speech on the behalf of Justine is unable to ___________________________ Justine for the
        murder of William.
5.)     The judges believe that Justine ___________________________ killed William for the Caroline‟s necklace.
6.)     After the deaths of William and Justine, Victor feels immense ___________________________ for creating
        the creature.
7.)     Justine confesses to the murder of William in hopes of ___________________________ for her sins.
8.)     The ___________________________ instincts of deer help protect them from predators.
9.)     Elizabeth and Victor are full of ___________________________ at the guilty verdict against Justine.
10.)    Flyers fans should remember the many years of ___________________________ defeat they have suffered
        at the hands of the New Jersey Devils.
11.)    The negative political commercial spent 30 seconds ___________________________ the incumbent‟s
12.)    Many suspect that Barry Bonds has been ___________________________ his strength with steroids.
13.)    His form was barely ___________________________ in the very dim light of the moon.
14.)    After we hear the story of the creature we will be able to judge whether he is benevolent or full of
15.)    While he began his endeavor with benevolent intentions, Victor creating the creature began his path to
Part II: Select the antonym of each word in CAPS.
16.)    ___ TIMOROUS                     (A) Timid           (B) Reticent       (C) Extroverted (D) Introverted

17.)     ___ IGNOMINOUS                  (A) Glorious          (B) Malicious      (C) Shameful    (D) Disgraceful
18.)     ___ GUILE                       (A) Cunning           (B) Slyness        (C) Candor      (D) Respectful
19.)     ___ MALICE                      (A) Evil              (B) Spite          (C) Malicious   (D) Benevolence
20.)     ___ OBDURATE                    (A) Flexible          (B) Stubborn       (C) Rigid       (D) Terror
21.)     ___ ABSOLUTION                  (A) Forgiveness (B) Condemn              (C) Repentant   (D) Apology
22.)     ___ EFFACE                      (A) Create            (B) Destroy        (C) Eliminate   (D) Conceal
23.)     ___ ABHORRENCE                  (A) Admiration (B) Loathing              (C) Horror      (D) Benevolent
Part III: Complete the analogy.
24.)     ___ Timorous : Shy :: Remorse :
         A. Regret             B. Malice                       C. Benevolence             D. Conjecture
25.)     ___ Ignominious : Defeat :: Abhorrence :
         A. Enemy              B. Ally                         C. Nightmare               D. Daydream
26.)     ___ Execrate : Abhor :: Eulogize :
         A. Defame                       B. Blame              C. Rejoice                 D. Praise
27.)     ___ Conjecture : Adduce :: Alleviate :
         A. Ameliorate                   B. Aggravate          C. Fetter                  D. Augment

                                                      Chapters X-XI
Part I: Use the word bank below to complete the sentences. Some words may be used more
than once. Some words may not be used at all.
Anon                 Reverberated                   Diverted               Pinnacle       Mutability
Commiserate          Opaque                         Impervious             Dormant        Uncouth
Disconsolate         Hovel                          Purloins               Demeanor       Symmetry

1.) The creature soon learns that family is ____________________________ because of their poverty.
2.) The creature ____________________________ food from the cottagers in order to survive.
3.) Even though the family is very sad, at least they have each other to ____________________________.
4.) During the winter most plants become ____________________________.
5.) Despite the wretched condition of the ____________________________ to next to the family‟s cottage, the
       creature is content to stay there.
6.) Failing to send a note expressing your gratitude for a gift received in the mail is the
       ____________________________ of bad manners.
7.) The battles of Concord and Lexington that began the American Revolution are known is the “Shots Heard
       „round the World” because their impact ____________________________ on many other countries that had
8.) The creature is impressed with the kind and gentle ____________________________ of the family in the

9.) Even though the creature remains concealed, he plans on revealing himself to the cottagers
10.) The ____________________________ shades blocked all light from entering the room.
11.) The ____________________________ of the weather as the seasons change amazes the creature.
12.) The blaring stereo in the next room ____________________________ my attention from my work.
13.) It is extremely ____________________________ to chew with your mouth open at the diner table.
14.) The monarch butterfly is famous for the beautiful ____________________________ of its wings.
15.) The creature says that he is nearly ____________________________ to the extreme cold of the mountains.
Part II: Select the antonym of each word in CAPS.
16.) ___ ANON              (A) soon            (B) never             (C) often            (D) shortly
17.) ___ MUTABILITY        (A) changeable      (B) malleable         (C) flexible         (D) fixed
18.) ___ IMPERVIOUS        (A) invulnerable (B) vulnerable           (C) immortal         (D) strong
19.) ___ UNCOUTH           (A) polite          (B) rude              (C) crude            (D) ignorant
20.) ___ PINACLE           (A) acme            (B) peak              (C) trough           (D) climax
Part III: Complete the Analogies
21.) ___ Opaque : Transparent :: Dormant :
    A. asleep              B. awake            C. dreaming           D. resting           E. wishing
22.) ___ Thief : Purloin :: Pedagogue :
    A. pedantic            B. intelligent      C. guile              D. instruct          E. study
23.) ___ Mountain : Pinnacle:: Wave :
    A. acme                B. trough           C. crest              D. nadir             E. peak
24.) ___ Barbarian : Uncouth :: Aristocrat :
    A. wealthy             B. impoverished C. sophisticated D. influential                E. powerless

                                                      Chapter XII
Part I: Use the word bank below to complete the sentences. Some words may be used more
than once. Some words may not be used at all.

Venerable         Viands              Enigmatic           Poignant              Abstain              Articulate
Exhortations      Conjectured         Mortification       Arbiters              Conciliating         Exhilarated

1.) Even though science is able to explain much of the world around us, many natural mysteries—the afterlife, the
    creation of the universe, and the purpose of life—will most likely remain ___________________________.
2.) The ___________________________, old teacher was honored at the retirement dinner.
3.) The ___________________________ Fred felt after he got his first “F” in English motivated him to work
4.) Using the little evidence that I had, I ___________________________ a solution to the problem.

5.) I find that a long walk after a stressful day serves as ___________________________ therapy for my worn
6.) A good public speaker must engage the audience and be able to ___________________________ their ideas in
    a simple and direct manner.
7.) Gourmets specialize in transforming ordinary ___________________________ into great works of art to be
    admired then devoured.
8.) The dramatic finish to the Kentucky Derby ___________________________ the crowd.
9.) I often ___________________________ from voicing my opinion on religion and politics because it is easy to
    agitate deeply held beliefs.
10.) The ___________________________ reunion between the mother and her long-lost child was both joyful and
11.) Despite the ___________________________ of her parents, Jan continued to write letters to her imprisoned
12.) Many think music critics are the sole ___________________________ of art in music, while others think that
    critics are usually wrong and often biased.
Part II: Select the antonym of each word in CAPS.
13.) ___ ENIGMATIC         (A) mysterious    (B) cryptic        (C) puzzling     (D) obvious
14.) ___ ARTICULATE (A) clear                (B) distinct       (C) unclear      (D) trivial
15.) ___ VENERABLE         (A) dignified     (B) honorable      (C) admirable    (D) inexperienced
16.) ___ MORTIFICATION                (A)shamed       (B) honored       (C) ignominious (D) embarrassed
Part III: Complete the Analogies
17.) ___ Chef : Viands :: Painter :
    (A) canvas             (B) paintbrush    (C) museum         (D) paints       (E) critic
18.) ___ Enigmatic : Puzzle :: Venerable :
    (A) Rookie             (B) Veteran       (C) Retiree        (D) Apprentice   (E) Neophyte
19.) ___ Mortification : Shame :: Lamentations :
    (A) Sorrow             (B) Defeat        (C) Failure        (D) Death        (E) Life
20.) ___ Speaker : Articulation :: Counselor :
    (A) Indifferent        (B) Aloof         (C) Sagacity       (D) Apathetic    (E) Courageous


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