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									                                     Bug Beat
   October                                                                                                                       The student
                                                                                                                                   voice of
    2011                                                                                                                          St. Cecilia

The Monster Ball                                                                                                             Inside this
By Maggie Mech                                                                             It‟s so fun to dress up
                                                                                           with your friends.”
  Bring out your Hallow-                                                                   Abby is planning to               Page 2:
een costumes and start                                                                     dress as Spiderman                Second Quarter
practicing your dance                                                                      this year and she is
                                                                                           very excited to unveil            Grades
moves because the annual
Fall Combo is almost                                                                       her classic dance                 Halloween
here. The Sophomore                                                                        move, the running                 New Translation
Class once again is spon-                                                                  man.
soring this year‟s Fall                                                                    Freshman Claire
Combo dance. “Monster                                                                      Francescon is also very           Page 3:
Ball” is the theme for this                                                                excited for her first             Feature Athletes
year which allows atten-                                                                   Fall Combo. She plans             Team Updates
dees to come wearing any                                                                   on inviting lots of
Halloween costume they                                                                     friends and showing
desire.                                                                                    off her “sweet” moves.            Page 4:
For those who do not                                                                       Claire said, “I‟m pretty          St. Cecilia Day
know, Fall Combo is a                                                                      excited to show off my            Singing into fall
fun SCA function that                                                                      dance skills. I don‟t
allows Scarabs to invite                                                                   really have a bad dance
friends from all schools                                                                   move.”                            Page 5:
and dance the night away.                                                                  For more information              Avery one listen
“We are going to have a                                                                    on prices, times, and
                                                                                           such, contact any
                                                                                                                             Bug Beat Asks
bunch of raffle prizes,
really cool decorations, a                                                                 Sophomore Class Offi-
good DJ, refreshments,                                                                     cer.                              Page 6:
and we are going to ad-        gym which will be deco-        bash with all things         Annelise said,                    Fall TV Preview
vertise a lot, especially to                                                               “Everyone should
                               rated top to bottom in         spooky.
                                                                                           come! It‟s going to be            College conundrum
other schools,” said           Halloween décor includ-        Many Scarabs are looking
Sophomore Vice Presi-          ing pumpkins, cobwebs,         forward to this event in-    so fun, you can bring             Haiti
dent, Annelise Yackow.         and smoke machines.            cluding Senior Abby          all your friends, and
The sophomores plan to         They hope to turn it into      Coakley. Abby said, “I       you may just win a
have the event held in the     the ultimate Halloween         really like Fall Combo!      prize.”

Lights, camera, Scarabs!
                                                                                           members in the musical,
                                                                                           especially the freshmen. I        Who’s
                                                                                           also really like how we
                                                                                           are focusing on more of a
                                                                                           traditional musical com-
By Hannah McClure                                                                          pared to the more imagi-
                                                                                           nary, fictional produc-
  For many, fall is a time                                                                 tions we have been doing          By Reed Goodrum
of spooky treats and                                                                       in the past,” said Lizzie.        This mystery Scarab is su-
pumpkin scented candles.                                                                     Lane Vaughn added, “I           per involved at SCA. She
Throughout the commu-                                                                      am really excited about           loves to play volleyball, she
nity, people decorate                                                                      the musical because per-          is involved in Mock Trial,
houses and bake sweets                                                                     forming on stage is so            Math Team, Science Olym-
filled with spices, in an-                                                                 thrilling to me! I also           piad, and Pep Club; and she
ticipation for the upcom-                                                                                                    is dedicated to the Theatre
                                                                                           really enjoy the sense of
ing holidays. Fall can                                                                                                       Guild. She loves to eat
                                                                                           family that comes about           chicken and her favorite
thus be identified as a        and four girls is the main     child in the family, falls   with the musicals.”               color is blue. Her favorite
time of relaxation and         focus. Throughout, both        in love with the boy next      Lizzie Harless said,            class is Pre-Calculus Hon-
comfort, traditions reviv-     family and social drama        door, and later finds out    “Although Meet Me in St.          ors, but what makes the
ing neighborhoods and          appear, packing the show       that he actually likes her   Louis is not as bright and        class even better is the
shops. However, for thes-      with emotional and logi-       too, despite her pessimis-   colorful as other musi-           teacher, Sister Nicholas
pians, fall has a different    cal appeal.                    tic thoughts. The produc-    cals, it is still a fun filled,   Marie.
meaning. It means that it                                                                  energetic production that           Outside of her busy school
                                 In the middle of the mu-     tion ends with the family                                      day she is involved in a
is the beginning of a year     sical, the father of the       deciding to remain in St.    younger kids will enjoy.
filled with musicals and                                                                                                     youth group, loves working
                               family says that they are      Louis, allowing the audi-    Adults and teens will             with autistic children, and
plays.                         moving to New York.            ence to leave with a         especially enjoy the              has a great time dribbling
  This fall, St. Cecilia       This causes much con-          sense of hope.               show.”                            on the court with CYO bas-
Academy will be present-       flict and confusion in the       Lizzie Harless said that     Lane Vaughn agreed,             ketball.
ing Meet Me in St. Louis,      family because they            there are many exciting      saying, “Meet Me in St.             When she is done with all
which takes place in           don‟t want to leave St.        aspects to the upcoming      Louis is full of fun,             her extracurricular work,
1904, during the World‟s       Louis.                         musical.                     peppy dance numbers               she goes home and relaxes
Fair in St. Louis. A fam-                                                                  and exciting music that           to her favorite TV shows,
                                  Meanwhile, Esther, the        “I am really excited                                         Pretty Little Liars, Biggest
ily consisting of a            vibrant second-oldest          about the talented new       everyone will find engag-
mother, a father, a maid                                                                                                     Loser, Victorious, and
                                                                                           ing and entertaining.             Vampire Diaries.
                                                                                           Come and see the show!”             This mystery Scarab and
                                BUG BEAT STAFF                                               The St. Cecilia cast will       her one sister hang together
                                                                                           be performing Meet Me             by playing with their dog
         Betsy Brewer– Editor             Elizabeth Donlon         Reed Goodrum            in St. Louis on the week-         Muffin. She enjoys hanging
         Taylor Ely– Layout Editor        Rachel Earthman          Maggie Mech             ends of November 4-6              out with her friends and she
         Hannah McClure– Copy Editor      Paige Gawley             Chloe Page              and 11-13. Come and               especially loves going over
         Maddie Clark– Photo Editor       Elizabeth Gobbell        Lindsey Tipps                                             to her Grandma‟s house
                                                                                           support your thespian
                                                                                                                             every Sunday to eat break-
                                Mrs. Amie Pike– Adviser
Saving your grades in the second quarter
By Rachel Earthman                                                                                 home. Reviewing at            partner to work with
                                                                                                   school is fine; cracking      you for support. A study
  As a high school stu-                                                                            open a book to study for      buddy is a great thing,
dent, your job isn‟t to be                                                                         the first time at school      but don‟t let it turn into
a star basketball player,                                                                          isn‟t such a good idea.       a social event. Before
Student Council Presi-                                                                               “It‟s important to do       coming to a friend, ask
dent, or the head of a                                                                             your homework the             the person who knows
club. Your primary job                                                                             night before, not right       the material best, your
is to learn. This means                                                                            before class,” said Au-       teacher. They are your
that your grades should                                                                            tumn.                         friend and are there to
be at the top of your pri-                                                                           Another good way to         help you. Their goal as
orities list.                                                                                      keep your grades up:          educators is to help you
  Academically, the sec-                                                                           study, study, study! It       to better understand the
ond quarter is key.                                                                                may seem simple, but          material in the course,
Some students hit their                                                                            forming good study hab-       not to fail you. So get
stride and get into a                                                                              its can save time, en-        to know them and come
rhythm during the sec-        Brady Diaz-Barriga studies diligently to wrap up her first quarter   ergy, and your grades.        in for help whenever
ond quarter, while oth-       classes. Utilizing extra time to study will help improve grades.       “Make sure not to           you feel it is necessary.
ers‟ grades slip with a                                                                            cram for tests,” said Au-       The National Honor
loss of work ethic. Take      2-6 hours on their                 ment skills are key. Fig-         tumn. “I have no set          Society is also available
advantage of the second       homework each night.               ure out the time when             time limit on how much        for tutoring sessions.
quarter; it‟s a time to       That can be so over-               you get your best work            I study, I just study until   Visit their Facebook
boost semester grades.        whelming.                          done. Setting aside a             I know the material.”         page for details.
A bad first quarter can         “I know I could do bet-          specific time to do                 Study early and often.        Bottom line- earning
be compensated for with       ter but I wish I had more          work helps ensure that it         Starting to prepare for a     good grades is important
a great second quarter.       time,” said senior Ali             will be completed, and            test days in advance is a     for your future. It can
Anyone can raise their        Caprioli. With the right           creating a „schedule‟             surefire way to get           create a number of op-
grades a few points, and      time management skills,            will help with time man-          grades up. Everyone           portunities to get into
the central part of that is   you can get everything             agement problems.                 studies a different way;      college and earn de-
done not at school, but       completed.                         Also, it is a good idea to        some people are visual        grees. Don‟t stress your-
at home. Work at home           “If you have a set time          tackle your hardest               while others learn            self out with it too
is the main part of what      to do things, you‟ll get           homework first; it en-            through audio, some           much, though; we‟re
determines your grades.       them done,” said senior            sures that you will com-          people need noise while       still kids and need time
  If there is anything stu-   Autumn Childress. “If              plete it, and you will            others need silence to        to act like it. It‟s time to
dents feel they need          you set your priorities            feel a greater sense of           concentrate. Find what        get through the second
more of, it is time. A        right, you‟ll achieve              accomplishment.                   works best for you and        quarter and keep up our
group of seniors said         what you want school-                You should complete             stick with it.                grades. We‟re halfway
that they spend between       wise.” Time manage-                your homework at                    You can also get a          to Christmas break!

Halloween in the hallways                                                                          An advent
                              haunted houses, making             plan on attending some            during Advent
                              plans with new and old             sort of haunted attraction
                              friends as well as                 this Halloween season,            By Elizabeth Donlon           States have been par-
                              thoughts for great ideas           and as Angela Ray said                                          ticipating in learning
                              and unique costumes. As            “I‟m so excited to go               November is right           the new translations
                              the weeks go by, the Hal-          Slaughterhouse this year!         around the corner and         with everything from
                              loween countdown be-               I think it will be tons of        with the new month            discussion groups to
                              comes shorter and the              fun!”                             comes new Catholic            learning about it during
                              murmur grows louder.                 Buddy the elf said “We          Mass translations.            Mass.
                                For some, Halloween              elves like to stick to the        These changes are be-          This is even happening
                              brings traditions and for          four main food groups:
                                                                                                   ing made to serve as a        in the St. Cecilia com-
                              others it just brings sheer        candy, candy canes,
                              joy. Maddie Clarke, a              candy corn, and syrup.”           more accurate transla-        munity. For example
Emily Humphreys and           freshman, said “I‟m so               St. Cecilia girls agree         tion to the original          Father O‟Neill taught
Rachel Moss show cos-         excited for all of the Hal-        with Buddy. When asked            Latin texts.                  the students after class
tumes during Spirit Week      loweentown movies on               why they like Halloween             His Holiness Pope           Mass one day and once
that can also be used for     Disney Channel. It‟s defi-         so much each girl inter-          Benedict XVI said, “I         at all school Mass
Halloween.                    nitely my favorite part of         viewed said “I love the           welcome the news that         about the new transla-
                              Halloween!”                        candy.”                           the English translation       tions. He is very joy-
By Betsy Brewer                 But for Abby Locker, a             One of the best things                                        fully preparing for the
                                                                                                   of the Roman Missal
                              senior, “Halloween means           about Halloween is that
  With the leaves chang-                                                                           will soon be ready for        changes in the Mass.
                              the season of fall. It             All Saints Day is always
ing, the weather growing      means pumpkin bread,               the day after. In the             publication, so that the       The new translations
colder, and October near-     cinnamon cider, and                Catholic Church, this             texts you have worked         are amending every-
ing the end, St. Cecilia      really nice weather. I love        means it‟s a Holy Day of          so hard to prepare may        thing from the Creed to
students are more than        the fact that Halloween is         obligation, but it also           be proclaimed in the          the Gloria in order to
happy to enter the season     in the fall.”                      means the day off of              liturgy that is cele-         give Catholics a more
of fall. The month of Oc-       A popular activity this          school. This holy day al-         brated across the Eng-        formal and faithful
tober brings many excit-      fall leading up to Hallow-         lows all to trick or treat                                      Mass experience.
                                                                                                   lish speaking world.
ing things for everyone,      een is gathering big               and watch scary movies
and Halloween is at the                                                                            Through these sacred            One of the goals of
                              groups of friends and go-          for as long as they want
top of the list.                                                                                   texts and the actions         the translations is to
                              ing to haunted houses.             until the early morning; as
  Halloween is on every-      The two most likely vis-           long as we fulfill our du-        that accompany them,          bring awareness of the
body‟s minds. Walking         ited are Haunted Woods             ties to go to Mass.               Christ will be made           sanctity of the Mass.
down the halls of SCA,        in Lewisburg and Slaugh-              The Bug Beat staff             present and active in         This changing time
it‟s common to hear a         terhouse, which is located         hopes that everyone at            the midst of his peo-         will be a refreshing and
constant murmur of scat-      in downtown Nashville.             SCA has a safe and fun            ple.”                         exciting experience for
tered schemes to visit          Girls from every grade           Halloween weekend.                 All the parishes             all who are open to the
                                                                                                   around the United             joys of Christ.
Battling back to back sports
 By Chloe Page                                                                                          She would tell an-          swim after volleyball,
                                                                                                      other student consider-       everyone has been
  Many students at                                                                                    ing playing back to           swimming for two
SCA participate in a                                                                                  back sports, “It‟s really     weeks, but I‟m just
sport and some partici-                                                                               fun to play on different      thrown into swim-
pate in two or even                                                                                   teams and meet new            ming.”
three sports back to                                                                                  people. Go for it and            Spending so much
back. Kathy Hill and                                                                                  see if you like it.”          time practicing and
Michelle Dicks are two                                                                                  Junior Michelle             doing homework, Mi-
Scarabs who accom-                                                                                    Dicks not only plays          chelle uses her week-
plish this task.                                                                                      back to back sports in        ends wisely and takes
  Kathy Hill, a sopho-                                                                                the fall and winter, but      that time to relax.
more, participates in                                                                                 she also participates in        Michelle would tell
both fall and winter                                                                                  a spring sport as well.       an underclassman de-
sports. She is a mem-                                                                                 From volleyball to            bating on whether they
ber of both the cross-                                                                                swim and dive to track        should play multiple
country and basketball                                                                                and field, Michelle is        sports back to back,
team. Playing two                                                                                     always involved in a          “Do it. You won‟t re-
sports is a big commit-                                                                               sport.                        gret it.”
ment and there are                                                                                      The hardest part              Though there are
many challenges that                                                                                  about being so in-            many difficulties that
come along with it.                                                                                   volved in sports for          come with participat-
  The two sports over-                                                                                Michelle is that every        ing in two back to back
                                 Junior Michelle Dicks shows her excitement after the volley-
lap for about a week,                                                                                 day at school is fol-         sports Michelle says it
                                 ball team scores a point during a home game. Michelle
during which Kathy               brings the same excitement to the swim and dive team.                lowed by a practice.          is really worth it.
has to go to from cross                                                                               Another challenge is            “When you win, the
country straight to bas-         for both sports.                   has learned “to use my            dealing with the over-        time that you put into
ketball practice, so she          With all this time put            study hall and use my             lap.                          practice really pays
can put in some time             into practices Kathy               time efficiently.”                  “When I finally go to       off.”

Scarab sport snippets
By Reed Goodrum                  party. “I‟m sure there             Dillon. Not only was this         Perryman. Halle‟s goals        The volleyball team has
                                 will be some tears, be-            her first time to play            are to reach her best         really stepped it up this
                                 cause we‟ve all spent so           golf, but it was also her         time, improve her P.R.        year. Dana Lee said,
                                 much time together and             first sport to play ever.         (personal record), and        “The team‟s biggest ac-
                                 have become a little fam-          Abigail‟s goal was “to            learn how to enjoy run-       complishment this sea-
                                 ily,” said Rachel.                 get all nine holes below a        ning. Some training tech-     son was defeating a big-
                                                                    50 and to just have fun.”         niques that the team uses     ger school.” The team
                                                                    The golf team hopes to            to help them prepare for      has only lost three games
                                                                    grow in players next year         a race are speed, dis-        this season, and they
                                                                    and to continue to im-            tance, and hill work. Af-     have a good chance of
                                                                    prove even more.                  ter her hard work in          going to state. The sub
                                                                                                      practice Halle talks to       state game this past Sat-
                                                                                                      her coach and asks her        urday, Oct. 15 was held
                                                                                                      what she needs to im-         in Knoxville, Tenn., and
Lucy Burt receives a rose from                                                                        prove on.                     that determined what
Rebecca Conners on senior
night for the soccer team.
                                                                                                        “Every practice I see       teams will play against
                                                                                                      what I did wrong and          each other for state.
  For the third year in a                                                                             what I can do better,”         Dana believes that the
row the SCA soccer                                                                                    said Halle. “It sounds        team is prepared for
team is the District                                                                                  cliché, but state isn‟t the   state. The team has been
Champion. Only a few                                                                                  most important thing.         drilled by two great
games have been lost             Senior Maggie Ward concen-                                           We just need to keep          coaches, and “we can
this season, “but they           trates as she sets up to put the                                     supporting each other         take what we learned
                                 golf ball into the hole.                                             and stay positive.”           from both of them and
were mostly due to us
just not getting the balls          The golf team did                                                                               put it into action,” said
in the net,” said senior         really well this season by                                                                         Dana.
                                                                    Freshman Halle Perryman
Rachel Duff. The team            qualifying for state; the          runs her best at a recent cross
believes they can “make          team‟s individual scores           country meet.
it to the top” Rachel said,      were improved just like
with their determination,        Coach La Haie had                  The cross country team
teamwork, and SCA                hoped. At first freshman           has dominated this year;
spirit. They expect to go        Abigail Dillon was nerv-           there are not many peo-
far in the state tourna-         ous about joining the              ple who run cross coun-
ment, while the seniors          team, but then she found           try, but the team makes
expect to have a happy           friends for life and that          the most of it. “Their
end to their soccer career       was what made it a great           goal by the end of the
at SCA.                          season for her. “I had a           season is to go to state          Senior Rebecca Jane Neuen-
  Rachel Duff said she is        lot of fun meeting my              and become closer as a            schwander serves the ball
                                                                    team,” said Halle                 during a home game.
expecting a nice team            new teammates” said
                                                                                                                                         Bug Beat 3
Honoring St. Cecilia and moms
By Elizabeth Gobbell          part because my mom            school and letting her
                              is always really excited       meet all of my
  St. Cecilia Day com-        and appreciative that I        friends.”
memorates the death of        got a rose for her and           Emily Butcher, a sen-
St. Cecilia and honors        also because she loves         ior, agrees. In the past
her for standing up for       flowers,” said Angela.         years Emily has been
what she believed in            The day begins with          in performances with
and dedicating herself        a Mass with their              the Chamber Ensem-
to God. Saint Cecilia‟s       guests. After Mass             ble, but when it comes
feast day is on Nov. 22;      there is a fine arts as-       to the Mother Daughter
however, as a school          sembly where multiple          Tea, Emily said, “St.
our commemoration is          performances take              Cecilia Day is nice for
on Nov. 18.                   place. The freshmen,           my mom because she is
  The St. Cecilia Acad-       who have been practic-         able to meet some of
emy community cele-           ing the school pledge          my school friends and
brates its namesake by        in their religion class,       it is a nice day for me      The senior class will sell roses for students to give to moth-
inviting mothers or           recite it and join the         because it is a half         ers and other special guests on St. Cecilia Day. The red rose
other important fe-           entire school body in          day.”                        is associated with many SCA traditions.
males in the student‟s        singing the alma mater.          Freshmen have a lot
life, to join together at       Following the events         to look forward to this
school, to spend time         that occur in the thea-        year. Caroline Sheridan
together and to enjoy         tre, the students and          expressed enthusiasm
the arts, talents, and        their guests, move on          for the upcoming cele-
love of God repre-            towards the gym for            bration. “I am antici-
sented by the young           the Mother Daughter            pating the mother
women of SCA.                 Tea. Here, mothers en-         daughter tea the most. I
  St. Cecilia Day is a        joy meeting each other         am also excited about
fun day for students          and their daughter‟s           officially joining the
and their mothers. It is      friends.                       school community.”
a huge St. Cecilia tradi-       Marcela Gomez, a               When the tea con-
tion. It begins the week      senior, can attest to          cludes, as Emily said,
before, with the senior       this. “St. Cecilia Day is      students are dismissed
class selling roses for       a fun day for mothers          (normally around
students to purchase          and daughters. I per-          noon). Overall, St. Ce-
for their mothers or          sonally enjoy the              cilia Day is a fun relax-
other female relatives.       Mother Daughter Tea            ing event where moth-
  Buying the rose is          and spending time with         ers can see their daugh-
junior Angela Bonvis-         my mom on a day she            ter‟s friends, see the
suto‟s favorite part          would normally be              arts at St. Cecilia, and     Junior Emma MacCurdy plays the harp during the prelude
about St. Cecilia Day.        working. I like show-          spend time with their        at last year’s St. Cecilia Day celebration.
“This is my favorite          ing her around the             daughters.

Singing into fall
                              SCA choral students compete in honors choirs                                                 Scarab
By Hannah McClure
                              about auditioning solo.        calm throughout the audi-    was helpful!”                    is…
  This fall, many members       Caroline Sheridan, a         tions.                         Bridget said, “It was a
of St. Cecilia‟s choir        member of the SCA Intro-         “I have been auditioning   lot of work trying to per-
stepped out of their com-     duction to Choir class and     for honors choir for four    fect the pieces, but there
fort zones and entered        new member of the Fresh-       years now and every time     were good results in the
into a musical competi-       man Honors Choir, did          I go in I am nervous, even   end.”
tion unlike any other. Ten    not let her fears get the      though I know what is          Bridget Simpson pointed
members of the choir          best of her. Because she       coming. Once I start to      out that nobody should be
were awarded the oppor-       had been in a similar          sing, I relax and focus,”    intimidated by the audi-
tunity to audition for ei-    situation for performance      said Bridget.                tion process. She indi-
ther the Freshman Honors      in the past, she felt confi-     Caroline said that prac-   cated that, even if some-
Choir, the Mid-State          dent going into the audi-      ticing the music is the      one does not make it into
Choir, or the All-State       tion.                          best way to prepare for      a choir, the experience is
Choir, expressing St. Ce-       “Last year, I did a work-    the auditions.               one that will never be
cilia‟s long-time legacy      shop at Overbrook                “We learned most of the    forgotten.
for success in the fine       School. Lots of other          music at home on the           “The auditions will be
arts.                         schools came and we all        internet, listening to re-   the most amazing thing
  All of the choirs offer     sang together as a whole.      cordings that corre-         someone will probably
the opportunity for teen-     This definitely helped me      sponded to our pieces,”      ever do. I don‟t know
agers to be a part of a       to overcome my nerves,         Caroline said. “Towards      where I would be if I did-
large, unified ensemble       for I had already been in a    the time leading up to the   n‟t have people pushing
devoted to singing. Stu-      position where I was be-       auditions, we started us-    me as a freshman to try
dents sing in a room be-      ing judged,” said Caro-        ing class time, and we       out,” Bridget said. “It is a
hind a curtain, while         line.                          later did a mock audition    rough, tiring process, but
judges on the other side of     Likewise, Bridget Simp-      to see how we would do       totally worth it at the
the curtain critique the      son, a member of the Ad-       singing in front of other    same time. Singing in
performance. This can be      vanced Choir and new           people. Mrs. MacCallum       front of people is not
both overwhelming and         member of the All-State        gave me a lot of good tips   easy, and challenging
exciting for students, de-    Choir, was nervous, but        that I used to make the      oneself will help a person
pending on how one feels      she made sure to stay          piece sound better, which    to grow individually.”

4 Bug Beat
Avery one listen
                                                        By Lindsey Tipps             noticed, “Her maturity,      they are answered ac-
                                                                                     her love of her faith, her   cording to Catholic
                                                          Between Girl Scouts,       openness to St. Cecilia,     teaching from a teen‟s
                                                        Lifeteen at Holy Family      and her cheerful nature.     perspective. Sometimes
                                                        Catholic Church,             I saw her give a presen-     there are guests featured
                                                        school, Sodality, Ven-       tation at the Nashville      on the show ranging
                                                        ture Crew, teaching reli-    Catholic Business            from missionaries to
                                                        gious education to           Women‟s League about         authors.
                                                        fourth graders, and run-     her life and faith jour-       “Lead Me Along” is
                                                        ning, it is hard to be-      ney; she captivated eve-     the title of Avery‟s blog.
                                                        lieve that sophomore         ryone.”                      This is a collection of
                                                        Avery Grant ever has           Avery has had quite an     photos, thoughts, medi-
                                                        any free time.               impact outside of St.        tations, and lessons that
                                                          She somehow manages        Cecilia. She has a faith-    she has learned.
                                                        to find some time in her     based blog and podcast         Even though it in-
                                                        busy schedule, but she       that she frequently up-      volves a lot of work, it‟s
                                                        chooses to use it to help    dates.                       worth it.
                                                        make a difference.             Avery said, “I realized      Avery said,
                                                          Avery transferred to       that there weren't a lot     “Sometimes, just with
                                                        St. Cecilia this fall from   of good resources out        all of the normal stress
                                                        Brentwood High               there for Catholic teens     and pressure that comes
                                                        School. Avery said, “I       who wanted to learn          with being in high
                                                        had heard a lot about        more about and draw          school, it's hard to find
                                                        SCA and I really liked       closer to Jesus. I prayed    the time to do it. But it's
                                                        the fact that it had such    about it and discerned       absolutely worth it.
                                                        a great Catholic atmos-      what it was God wanted       Good thing I'm not do-
                                                        phere. Everyone that I       me to do, and it sort of     ing it on my own....God
                                                        talked to who went there     just started from there.”    has a great way of mak-
Avery Grant spoke at a Nashville Catholic Business      seemed to really love it.      Her podcast is called      ing everything He wants
Women's League function in August. She spoke about      Plus, the teachers are       “Live Out Loud.” The         to work out, work out.”
her life story and faith journey. Her speech captured   incredibly passionate        show gives listeners the       You can check out
the attention of everyone in the room.                  about what they teach.”      opportunity to send any      Avery‟s blog by visit-
                                                          When they met this         faith-based questions        ing:
                                                        summer, Mrs. Bader           that they may have, and

                                                                                         If you could travel anywhere
                                                                                         in the world, where would it
                                                                                         be and why?

Freshman:                    Sophomore:                 Junior:                      Senior:                      Teacher:
Neyda Calixto                Christine Wehby            Asia Jolly                   Angellena                    Mrs. Schultheiss
“I would                     “My dream va-              “I would most                                             “I would say
                             cation would be            definitely want              “I would like to             Florence, Italy
want to go                   to travel                  to go to Canada              go to England                because I love
to Australia                 around the                 because it’s                 to see all the               art history and I
                                                        amazing, so                  history and go               enjoyed going to
because I                    world but                                                                            Florence before
                                                        pretty, and I just           to all the muse-
want to see                  spend the ma-                                                                        with my hus-
                                                        really want to go            ums, it would
                             jority of my
kangaroos                    time in Japan,
                                                        there. When I                not cause me to              band. The food
                                                        think Canada I               have to learn a              was delicious and
and it has a                 kicking it with                                                                      the shopping was
                                                        think of classi-             new language,
very differ-                 Master Shin. I             ness and I really            and there are
                                                                                                                  great! But I es-
                             love noodles!                                                                        pecially would
ent culture                                             like the maple               very nice look-              like to go again
                             Peace, Love, &             leaf on their
than ours.”                  Chopsticks.”
                                                                                     ing men there.”              for the art.”
                                                                                                                  5 Bug Beat
Shows to fall into                                               because of Nathan Fillion‟s
                                                                                                 time to catch up. Though
                                                                                                 the dancing takes place on
                                                                                                 Mondays at 7 p.m. there is
                                                                                                 also a results show on
                                                                                                                                  exaggerates the problems
                                                                                                                                  that most families face in a
                                                                                                                                  mocking, but real way. The
                                                                                                                                  Middle airs Wednesday
                                                                 (Castle) and Stana Katic‟s      Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. on      nights at 7 p.m. on ABC.
                                                                 (Beckett) on screen dy-         ABC.                               The new show that makes
                                                                 namic. They play off each         Next, we move from spar-       our list this fall is Charlie’s
                                                                 other beautifully and the       kles, ball gowns, and lights     Angels. The show itself is
                                                                 sarcastic wit is definitely     to The Middle. The Middle        new, though the concept is
                                                                 what makes the show.            is a sitcom that follows a       not new. It started in the
                                                                    Senior Elizabeth Gobbell     family who is in the mid-        1970s with a similar TV
                                                                 agrees, “Their chemistry is     dle. They live in the Mid-       show that followed Farah
                                                                 amazing. I really enjoy         west (Indiana), have a mid-      Fawcett, Kate Jackson, and
                                                                 Castle‟s humor as well.”        range house, mid-range           Jacqueline Smith. The idea
                                                                    Do not let the crime stuff   jobs, and a mid-range car.       appeared again with the
                                                                 scare you as Castle is often    They are normal...well,          release of a movie in 2000
                                                                 more of a comedy than a         kind of. The family in-          with three new Angels:
                                                                 drama.                          cludes Frankie (Patricia         Drew Barrymore, Cameron
                                                                   Junior Mary Marshall          Heaton) and Mike Heck            Diaz, and Lucy Liu.
                                                                 Anderson said that Castle is    (Neil Flynn) and their three       This fall, three new An-
                                                                 “so suspenseful and funny.”     children Axl (Charlie            gels took over: Minka
                                                                 Castle is on Monday nights      McDermott), Sue (Eden            Kelly, Rachael Taylor, and
                                                                 at 9 p.m. on ABC.               Sher), and Brick (Atticus        Annie Ilonzeh. The three
                                                                   From here we go about as      Shaffer).                        girls are ones that have
The Middle airs at 7 p.m. on Wednesdays on ABC. The show         far from crime as we can,         Axl is the typical teenager    previously had trouble with
                                                                 to the ballroom. Dancing        who does nothing more            the law. Now, they have the
focuses on a family living in middle America.
                                                                 with the Stars (DWTS) is a      than play football, hang out     chance to work for Charlie
                                  the work for you and com-      ballroom dancing competi-       with friends, and watch TV.      as private detectives. Their
By Paige Gawley                                                  tion that follows celebrities   Sue is the middle child with     job frequently takes them
                                  piled a list of the top four
                                  shows on this fall.            (and their professional         scraggly hair, braces, and a     undercover and across the
  Fall means the end of             Castle is a good twist on    dancing partners) as they       questionable wardrobe.           globe. The show is filled
summer. It means back to          normal crime dramas that       learn the ins and outs of       Brick is the youngest. He is     with fashion, action, adven-
school. Fall also means a         can be scary and gross. The    ballroom dance. Past win-       quite odd and enjoys read-       ture, and even some jokes.
number of new and return-         show follows Richard Cas-      ners of the show have in-       ing. One of his quirks is        It can be seen Thursdays at
ing TV shows. These               tle and Kate Beckett who       cluded Donny Osmond,            that after speaking he fre-      7p.m. on ABC.
shows can be (and are) eve-       are in pursuit of the bad      Jennifer Grey, and Brooke       quently whispers a word            These shows have all
rything from reality to           guys. Pretty standard right?   Burke. Contestants this         quietly to himself to com-       proved to be “hit worthy.”
drama to comedy. What             Wrong. Richard Castle is       year include Ron Artest,        fort him.                        They have the ability to
makes them even better is         not a detective, but a mys-    Rob Kardashian, and               Do not let the oddity of       play with your emotions.
that they are all appropri-       tery writer who is friends     Nancy Grace. DWTS al-           the show scare you. The          Everybody wants a differ-
ate. With the world the way       with the mayor and, there-     ways chooses celebrities        actors are all very good and     ent thing when watching
it is today it can be difficult   fore, gets to shadow detec-    whom you do not expect          make it seem as if this          TV, for Elizabeth she hopes
to judge if a show is going       tive Beckett. Frequently       and who frequently have no      could be a real family. For      to get “laughter and enjoy-
to be both good and appro-        however, Castle ends up        dance experience. The           the half hour it is on you       ment.” These shows are a
priate. Well, lucky for you,      solving the crimes. This       thirteenth season kicked off    are in the Hecks‟s world. It     must see for everyone in
the Bug Beat has done all         show is very entertaining      Sept. 19, so there is still     is truly hysterical because it   your family.

College conundrum
By Elizabeth Donlon
  Everything from resumes
                                    On the other side of the
                                  telescope, Mrs. Connolly
                                                                 Haiti is abundant
                                                                 By Taylor Ely
to recommendations is in          said, “It is a busy time and
full swing in the senior          students have been schedul-      It was 12:45 a.m. and         no people in sight,              few steps downward
class. Seniors are                ing appointments left and      our tire had just burst.        trees were dying, and it         on the mountain were
„surviving‟ through these         right. Many of them begin      It was about time. We           is debatable whether             three dogs wrestling in
fall months as they reach         to doubt during this time of
                                  year, especially after Red
                                                                 had been driving for            the roads were even              the dust, and the most
the peak of the college ap-
plication process.                Carpet Week.”                  three hours straight on         roads. Haitian re-               genuine smiles I‟d ever
  College Counselor Mrs.            Even though the college      rough Haitian moun-             sources are usually              seen from my father
Connolly said, “We are            process is mainly for sen-     tains back to our main          wonting, and in this             and my other peers
heading into October and          iors, Mrs. Connolly and        hospital in La Vallée.          case for example, all            working on the flat
November which are the            Abby Beasley have some
                                                                 Flat tires are routine in       four tires had been              tire.
busiest month for the stu-        advice to share with the
dents and me. I have to           underclassmen as well.         Haiti, but all four of us       bald of treads for                 Haiti was overflow-
send in over 500 transcripts        Mrs. Connolly said, “The     got out of the car to           months.                          ing with life, I just
by December first.”               seniors in the past have       inspect the damage un-            Haiti is saddled with          hadn‟t realized it.
  Being the month of appli-       always said that the under-    der moonlight. I                poverty, slapped with              I looked back at my
cations, many students have       classmen should start visit-   watched as our driver           earthquakes, and                 troupe and everybody
their college list down and       ing colleges early, during
are ready to apply.               their breaks and vacations.”   carelessly yanked a             seized with disease. I           was goofing off as they
  Though many seniors are           She also said not to start   leverage rod out of the         couldn‟t help feeling            fixed the tire, mind you
stressing over their scores       stressing out because you      trunk and started on            useless and anonymous            it‟s 1 a.m. now, and
and schools, senior Abby          have time to prepare.          the lug nuts.                   in the seemingly colos-          not a complainer in
Beasley said, “I‟ve applied         Abby Beasley said, “Visit      At that moment, to an         sal mess of Haiti, but           sight. We later fixed
to one school, Auburn, and        colleges early and take your
I‟m not too stressed out          SAT and ACT tests first        unaffected eye, Haiti           then I looked up at the          the tire and headed
because I am only applying        semester junior year so that   was desolate. I hadn‟t          stars. There were more           home, but that memory
to six schools altogether.”       you can find your favorite.”   realized it while we            stars than I had ever            has never left me.
                                                                 were driving, but those         seen in my life. Just              Now that I‟m back in
                                                                 headlights had been the         grosses of stars.                Nashville, every time I
                                                                 only artificial light in          All of the sudden I            slug myself into bed
                                                                 hundreds of miles, and          heard chatter and                and look up at the ceil-
                                                                 at first, with the car          laughs coming from               ing at night I think
                                                                 off, the darkness was           the darkness in the              about those stars and
                                                                 frightening and                 trees beside us and no-          wonder how I can be
                                                                 strange. Other than the         ticed all of the children        just as filled with life
                                                                 four of us, there were          playing in the dark. A           as the people of Haiti.
Taylor Ely talks and plays with children from an orphanage in

6 Bug Beat

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