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									Welcome to the real estate investing guide! Real estate investing can be a very
difficult thing to learn. In order to help you with the learning curve, we have
established this guide. The purpose of this guide is to help you identify the key
aspects of becoming a real estate investor so that nothing is missed.

Print out this guide and check off the items as you complete them. As you
complete this list, you will have a great start for your real estate investing

Understanding the Real Estate Cycle

          Read the section on the real estate cycle on our web site and
          understand what drives the cycle.
          Obtain the key indicators for your market. Make sure you read the page
          that discusses how to find the key indicators.
          Determine what stage of the cycle your market is in based on the
          Based on this information, create a customized business plan for your
          market and your goals.

Investing Basics

          Learn to find the types of motivated sellers that investors look for. This
          is critical to your success.
          Learn how to evaluate properties. You must know what makes a good
          profitable property.
          Build your power team. You will need at least one real estate agent,
          one lender, and one closing agent.
          Follow the three keys to making offers to protect yourself. You should
          be making offers each week as an investor.
          Learn how to negotiate as a real estate investor.

Creative Financing

          Raising capital for your deals is a must have skill as an investor. You
          need to review this section carefully.
          Begin interviewing lenders that can give you a traditional loan. It is best
          to have at least two lenders that can help you.

                               Real Estate Investing Guide
        Locate several hard money lenders that can give you a hard money
        Build a database of wholesale buyers that will purchase contracts from
        you. An ideal starting database would be around 20 buyers.
        Begin working with your connections to identify financial partners and
        private financing. Raise enough money for your next deal.


        Understand that the purpose is to get motivated sellers to call you. The
        more you do in marketing, the easier it will be to get great deals.
        Create a marketing budget.
        Get business cards created and hand them out to everyone.
        Place an ad in the newspaper.
        Send postcards to vacant properties.
        Create flyers and place them where you can.
        Start networking with other people so that they begin to refer deals to
        you. Create a list of at least 100 people you know and start networking.
        Join a real estate investment club to increase your networking


        Understand the foreclosure process and the three stages of
        Learn about the different times to purchase properties in foreclosure.
        Learn the two types of pre foreclosures and how to assemble a short
        sale package.
        Learn about the various strategies associated with buying properties at
        the auction.
        Find REO properties and begin making offers on them.

Creative Techniques

        You must learn multiple ways of structuring deals. Learn about the
        strategies that will work in your current market based on the real estate
        Learn about sandwich leases and how powerful they are to an investor.
        Learn how to structure seller financing deals to provide you with an
        alternative to traditional financing.
        Learn about rehabbing and how to select a contractor.
        Review the other methods of making money in real estate through
        commercial investing, mobile homes, tax liens, notes, and IRA
        Learn how to do the research on probate properties to find other deals.

                           Real Estate Investing Guide

          Review the benefits of owning rental property.
          You must know the Tenant Landlord Act and the laws for your state.
          Review the rental forms and use them as necessary. Make sure that
          you have your attorney review all contracts prior to using them.
          Learn how to select a property manager that will help you with your
          Learn how to screen tenants and select the right one.


          Learn how to use real estate investing clubs. Join at least one
          investment club in your area.
          Review the real estate statistics and see how the latest trends can be
          used to your advantage. Real estate investing is all about numbers and
          you must know them.
          Having trouble with implementing this information or getting your first
          deal? Get a free consultation from one of our real estate consultant to
          see how we can help you with your goals.

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The important part of this Real Estate Investing Guide is to realize the steps
involved with building your business. You must be moving forward in your
business. If you are not moving forward, contact us so that we can help you
towards your goals of financial independence.

                              Real Estate Investing Guide

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