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					             Healthy Beginnings                                                                   1000 Cornelia Street, 2nd Floor
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                        Volume XIII, Issue 4 Summer 2011                                              Phone: (315) 732.4657
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   August is National Breastfeeding Awareness Month!
                                                                                                         Diana Haldenwang
                                                                                                         Executive Director
The Truth About Breastfeeding:                     Fact: Babies who are held often cry fewer             Ext. 225
from Myth to Fact                                  hours a day and show that they are more
Myth 1: A mother only needs to nurse four to       secure as they get older.                             Theresa Gorgas
six times a day to maintain good milk supply.      Myth 4: Some babies are allergic to their             Director of Finance and
Fact: Research shows that when a mother            mother's milk.                                        Administration
breastfeeds early and often, an average of 9.9     Fact: Human milk is the most natural and the          Ext. 227
times a day in the first two weeks, her milk       easiest food for baby to digest. If a baby
production is greater, her infant gains more       shows sensitivities related to feeding, it is         April Miller
weight and she continues breastfeeding for a       usually a protein from the mom s food that got        Perinatal Coordinator
longer period. Milk production has been shown      into the mother's milk, and not the milk itself.      Ext. 222
to be related to how often the mother              This is easily handled by removing the
                                                                                                         Cheri Elefante
breastfeeds, and milk supply goes down when        problem food from the mom s diet for a time.
                                                                                                         Perinatal Associate
mom breastfeeds less often.                                       Lisa Marasco LEAVEN April-May 1998
                                                                                                         Ext. 228
Myth 2: A mother must drink milk to make
milk.                                                                                                    Lynne Gates
Fact: A healthy diet of vegetables, fruits,                                                              FE Coordinator
grains and proteins is all that a mother needs                                                           Ext. 224
to provide the proper nutrients to produce milk.
Calcium can be obtained from many nondairy                                                               Cheryl Perkins
foods like dark green vegetables, seeds, nuts                                                            FE Co-Coordinator
and bony fish. No other animal needs to drink                                                            Ext. 244
milk to make milk.
Myth 3: Mothers who hold their babies too                                                                Noreen Wiater
much will spoil them.                                                                                    Project Facilitator
                                                                                                         Ext. 229
   Nursing will bond you to your baby deeply, so deeply. You ll soon
  begin to regard milk as magic because it calms your baby,                                              Susan Heitz
                                                                                                         Floating Enroller
  soothes her, nourishes her, protects her. Stephanie 8/09                          Ext. 242

 How Dads Can Help With                            You are the cheerleader. If you offer a lot of
                                                                                                         Gerda Mortelette
 Breastfeeding                                     encouragement and appreciation, not only
                                                                                                         Floating Enroller
 Would it surprise you to know that the single     will mom be more likely to hang in there past
                                                                                                         Ext. 243
 most important factor in a new mom s              the rough part, she ll remember you were
 success with breastfeeding is the support         there for her when she needed you.                    Magda Chodkowska
 she gets from her partner? Dads-to-be are         Positioning and latch-on are key. Since               Clerical Support Asst.
 usually surprised to hear that they have this     you re seeing mom and baby from a different           Ext. 221
 influence, and are all ears on how they can       angle than she is, you ll probably have
 help the process. Here's some great advice        suggestions about positioning or maybe
 from veteran dads about how dad can help          adding a pillow here or there to make things
                                                   a little more comfortable for her. Men have           The mission of
 with breastfeeding:
 Breastfeeding is natural but not easy. Just       a natural ability to see angles and that can            the Mohawk
 like learning to drive a car, it takes time and   come in handy here.                                   Valley Perinatal
 practice to really get the hang of it. The        Help mom relax. This can be anything from              Network is to
 emotional support that you offer during this      a shoulder rub to bringing her a glass of              improve birth
 time is so important.                             water or something to eat while she is
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                                                                                                          outcomes and
                                                                                                         maternal, child
Published with funding from NYS Department of Health, Division of Family Health                         and family health.
 How Dads Can Help With Breastfeeding continued from page 1
 nursing. When she s relaxed, the milk will let down. An           Lower her stress levels. You ll both be surprised at the
 engineer in Daddy Boot Camp had a good check list for             amount of time breastfeeding takes. Anything you do
 problem solving breastfeeding: Mom relaxed? Milk letting          around the house is going to take a weight off mom.
 down? Baby calm enough to suck? Well positioned? Baby             Otherwise she ll sit there nursing, but making mental notes
 getting enough?                                                   of everything that needs to be done around the house.
 Dad can feed a breastfeeding baby too. After 3-4                  And getting stressed.
 weeks, mom can start pumping milk, giving dad a chance            Be the protector. New fathers are often surprised at how
 to feed his baby a bottle from time to time. This may be in       protective they feel towards their new family. If mom
 the middle of the night so mom can sleep (although some           needs help with visitors that don t know when to leave, or
 moms report engorged breasts if the baby misses a                 needs a buffer from a questioning grandma (who might
 feeding) or during the day so mom can get out for a while         not have breastfed), you re in the perfect position to have
 without worrying about the baby getting hungry while she s        her back.
 gone. Feeding is a key bonding time, so now dad gets to           Find outside help. Maybe you do everything humanly
 share the experience with his little one. Even if mom is          possible and mom still has trouble. It happens. Luckily,
 breastfeeding during the night, you can share the load by         there are certified breastfeeding counselors around.
 getting up and bringing the baby in to her. Sometimes             Find one though La Leche League or the International
 waking up and not having to get out of bed is really              Lactation Consultant Association's search page. They ve
 appreciated. One veteran dad thought that even though             heard it all sore nipples, not enough milk, breast
 his wife had said that she could get up and do it on her          infections, you name it. As the family resource finder,
 own, he felt that it would still help if he got up occasionally   you will have scored again.   4/11
 to support her and the baby.

 Celebrate World Breastfeeding Week August 1st - 7th!

  Breastfeeding Problems Solved                                     inet, soaps, alcohol, lo-
  Problem #1: Latching pain                                         tions, and perfumes are
  It s normal for your nipples to feel sore when you first          no good -- clean
  start to breastfeed, especially if you re a                       water is all you need to
  first-timer. But if baby has latched and                          wash with. Try letting
  the pain lasts longer than a minute into                          some milk stay on your nipples to air dry after feeding
  your feeding session, check the                                   (the milk is actually great to help them heal).
  positioning.                                                      Problem #3: Mastitis
  Solution: Try to get a good latch where                           Mastitis is a bacterial infection in your breasts that makes
  baby s mouth covers more of the areola                            you feel like you have the flu. You may have a fever and
  (the area around the nipple) below the                            pain in your breasts. It s common within the first few
  nipple rather than above. To reposition                           weeks after birth (though it can also happen during
  him, place your pointer finger inside ba-                         weaning) and is caused by cracked skin, clogged milk
  by s mouth to take him off your breast.                           ducts, or engorgement.
  Tickle his chin and when his mouth is wide open guide             Solution: The best way to treat the infection is with
  him to your breast. When he is correctly positioned, his          antibiotics from your doctor, hot compresses, and most
  chin and nose touch your breast, his lips spread apart            importantly, nursing often. Use hands-on pumping
  and you can t see your nipple or part of the lower areola.        (breast massage in between pumping), making sure the
  Problem #2: Cracked nipples                                       red firm areas of the breast and the surrounding area are
  Cracked nipples can be the result of many different               softened. It s safe and actually greatly recommended that
  things: thrush, dry skin, pumping improperly, or most like-       you continue breastfeeding when you have mastitis.
  ly, latching problems. During the first week of breast-           Problem #4: Engorgement/high milk supply
  feeding, you may see some blood when your baby is just            Engorgement makes it difficult for baby to latch on to the
  learning to latch or you are just beginning to pump. A little     breast because it becomes swollen and harder to hold.
  blood, while kind of gross, won t harm baby.                      Solution: Try hand-expressing a little before feeding to
  Solution: Check baby s positioning -- the bottom part of          get the milk flowing and soften the breast, making it
  your areola underneath your nipple should be in baby s            easier for baby to latch and get milk. Of course, the more
  mouth. Also, try breastfeeding more frequently, and at            you nurse, the less likely your breasts are to get
  shorter intervals. The less hungry baby is, the softer his        engorged.                        Dara Pettinelli
  sucking will be. As tempting as it is to treat your cracked       If problems continue or get worse, contact a
  nipples with anything you can find in your medicine cab-          breastfeeding counselor or your doctor.

Page 2                                         Published with funding from NYS Department of Health, Division of Family Health
  Breastfeeding: Did You Know?

  Breastfeeding in Public is your Right                             babies. You may also meet a mom at the local library
  New York State law states: a mother may breastfeed                story hour or at a playgroup in a community center.
  her baby in any locations, public or private, where the           Many veteran moms enjoy supporting new mothers.
  mother is otherwise authorized to be
  NY CLS Civ R§79-e(Article 7 Miscellaneous Provisions). 1994       Support is Available from a Postpartum Doula
  N.Y. ALS 98; 1994 N.Y. Laws 98; 1994 N.Y. S.N. 3999               You may also want to have a Postpartum Doula which is
  For more information on nursing in public visit:                  a trained professional that assists moms during her first                             6-8 weeks home with baby for a fee. If you would like
                                                                    more information on Doulas, contact the Mohawk Valley
  Support is Available through your Hospital                        Perinatal Network at 315-732-4657 ext. 228.
  The hospital where you have your baby has trained
  Lactation Consultants to                                          Resources are Available
  give you information and                                          The Mohawk Valley Perinatal Network has a Resource
  support to help you                                               Lending Library with such books as: The Ultimate
  succeed. There are also                                           Breastfeeding Book of Answers; Nursing Mother,
  Breastfeeding Classes                                             Working Mother; The Milk Memos; The Nursing Moth-
  that you and your                                                 er s Herbal and many more. DVDs such as: Breast-
  partner can attend when                                           feeding Comprehensive and Breastfeeding and Return-
  you are preparing for                                             ing to Work are also available. Please come in and
  baby. Check with the                                              check them out. The Perinatal Network also has other
  hospital where you will                                           materials available and a private space where you can
  deliver your baby for a                                           nurse your baby or pump your milk.
  list of their classes.
  Once you and your baby                                            There is Breastfeeding Support on the Web
  leave the hospital, you                                 
  may also receive                                        
  follow-up phone calls from the hospital s               
  lactation consultants so you can ask them any questions 
  or share any problems that may have come up. Here       
  are phone numbers to the maternity and lactation        
  departments for the local hospitals:                    
  Faxton St. Luke s 624-6090 and 624-6762                 
  Rome Memorial 338-7200 and 338-7124                     
  Bassett Healthcare 1-800-227-7388 and 607-547-3456      
  Support is Available through WIC                        
  WIC offers peer counselors for your support. At your    
  WIC appointment you can receive one-on-one help from    
  a WIC Lactation Counselor. WIC can be reached at                  Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine
  Utica/Rome 798-5066 and Herkimer County WIC at                    The American Academy of Pediatrics
                                                                    There is Phone Support
  Support is Available through a Friend                             The Breastfeeding Helpline 1-800-994-9662
  Reach out to a friend or relative that have breastfed their       Growing Up Healthy Hotline 1-800-522-5006

                      Brooke Burke                                  Holly Robinson                       Christina Aguilera

 Jada Pinkett Smith                     Courtney Cox-Arquette                             Gwen Stefani

 Famous Breastfeeding Mamas           

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Facilitated Enrollment                                                    Mohawk Valley Breastfeeding Network s
                                                                               The Breastfeeding Cafe
The Mohawk Valley Perinatal Network offers families the
                                                                   Our Lady of Lourdes Church at 2222 Genesee St. Utica
opportunity to apply for Health Insurance through Child
                                                                                1st Wednesday from 4-6pm
Health Plus, Family Health Plus and Medicaid. Our
                                                                               2nd Wednesday 12noon-2pm
Facilitated Enrollers will help complete the application
                                                                               3rd Wednesday 12noon-2pm
process. Appointments can be made in Utica and
                                                                  4th Wednesday with La Leche League from 5:30-7:30pm
throughout Herkimer, Madison and Oneida counties.
                                                                  The Breastfeeding Café has a lending library, free items,
For more information or to schedule an appointment, call                     guest speakers and a light meal.
MVPN at 315-732-4657 or toll free at 1-877-267-6193.
                                                                   For more information contact Susan at (315) 335-2735
                                                                        or visit on Facebook at Breastfeeding Café.

New DVDs this Month in our                                                           Join us for the
Resource Lending Library:                                                     Mohawk Valley Perinatal Network
                                                                         COMMUNITY BABY SHOWER!
·     Positive Discipline: Without Shaking, Shouting
                                                                                     Wednesday, July 27
      or Spanking
·     Single Parenting: The Family in Harmony                                        Monday, August 15
·     Footprints on Our Hearts: How to cope after
      miscarriage, stillbirth or newborn death                                 Information for pregnant and
·     The Dad Difference: Raising Children Birth to                      parenting families, refreshments and gifts!
      Five                                                        This program is FREE. Parents who are expecting or have
·     Newborn Care: A guide to the first six weeks                     children under 1 year old are welcome to attend.
                                                                         Call Cheri Elefante 732-4657 x228 to RSVP.

                      Prenatal Care - Medicaid Prenatal Services Program/MOMS
                      Early and regular check-ups are important to you and your baby s health.
  Protect             Medicaid Prenatal Services Program offers complete pregnancy care and other health care services
yourself and          to women and teens who live in New York State.
 your baby.           The Medicaid Obstetrical and Maternal Service (MOMS) Program provides complete pregnancy
                      services in areas of the state where Prenatal Services centers are not located.
     Get early        And there s no cost to eligible women who participate in MOMS or Medicaid Prenatal Services!
       care.          Call MVPN at 732-4657 or toll free at 1-877-267-6193 for more information.

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