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             Our Vision: To bring Christ and His message, in all its richness, into the hearts and lives of all.

Term 3                                                  Week 6                                                   24 August 2010

          DATES TO REMEMBER                    Dear Parents                               diseases are currently making their way
                                                                                          around St Therese’s children – chicken
 August                                        Today the school was abuzz with            pox and slapped cheek. Please take
                                               children having their photos taken and I   note of the following information from
 24th: McDonalds Year 6 Fundraiser,            do have to say how beautiful they all      NSW Health.
       5.30-7.30pm                             looked in their full school uniform.
                                               Amazingly, 99% of children had the         Chicken Pox
 26th: Year 4 Mass, 9.30am                     right uniform today. It would be good      Time from exposure to illness: 2 to 3
       Choir Practice, 11.00am                 if everyone was to wear the correct        weeks
                                               school uniform every day. Next week        Symptoms: Slight fever, runny nose
 27th: 3A Liturgy, 9.15am                      the photographers will be back on          and a rash that begins as raised pink
       Girls Tag Gala Day                      Monday, 30 August to catch up on           spots that blister and scab. Can be
                                               individual photos of children who were     severe in pregnant women and
 30th: Photo day for children who were         away. A total school photo will also be    newborns.
       absent                                  done at 9.15am.                            Do I need to keep my child home?
                                                                                          Yes, for 5 days from the onset of the
 31st:   Netball Gala Day                      Any family photos that cannot be done      rash and the blisters have dried.
                                               due to illness, a time can be organised    How can I help prevent spread?
         Abermain Eisteddfod
                                               with the photographer to reschedule.       Immunise your child at 18 months of
 September                                     FATHER’S DAY BREAKFAST: As                 age. Immunisation is recommended for
                                               is tradition here at St Therese’s, dads    children at 12 years if they are not
 1st:    Rubbish Free Day                      are invited to a Father’s Day Breakfast    immune.
         Newcastle Permanent Maths Test,       to be held on Friday, 3 September
         Years 5 & 6                           commencing 7.00am until 8.30am. So         Slapped Cheek
         Year 1 Creative Play recommences      as to help with catering please fill in    Time from exposure to illness: 1 to 2
                                               the slip below and return to school no     weeks
 2nd:    Year 3 Mass, 9.30am                   later than Tuesday, 31 August.             Symptoms: Mild fever, red cheeks,
         Father’s Day Stall                                                               itchy lace-like rash and possibly cough,
                                               KNIGHTS WORKSHOPS: Over the                sore throat or runny nose. Can cause
 3rd:    Father’s Day Breakfast, 7.00-         coming weeks the Newcastle Knights         foetal disease in pregnant women if
         8.30am under COLA                     will be holding workshops here at          they have not been previously infected.
         Holy Trinity Parish Spring Dinner     St Therese’s for children from Kinder      Do I need to keep my child home? No
                                               to Year 6. I’d like to thank the Knights   as it is most infectious before the rash
 7th:    Alternative Day – Netball Gala        who have donated 500 footballs to the      appears.
         Backyard League Clinic                school and these will be sent home         How can I prevent spread? Careful
         P & F Meeting, 7.00pm in staffroom    with your children next week.              hand washing; avoid sharing drinks.

 8th:    St Pius Parent Information Evening,   INFECTIOUS DISEASES: Please be             Duilio Rufo
         7.00pm in St Therese’s Library        aware that two highly contagious           Principal
         Special Needs Mass, St Patrick’s
        PRINCIPAL’S AWARDS: Congratulations to               YEAR 5/6 GIRLS TAG: This Friday girls from Years 5
        the following children who received Principal’s      and 6 will compete in a Catholic Primary Schools Tag Gala
       Awards this week: Pele Kaufusi, Ella Ward, Sam        Day to be held at Hudson Park, Kotara from 9.30am-
      O’Dell, Heather Mahoney, Kieren Stanley, Hayley        2.30pm. If anyone could assist managing a team on the day
       Grey, Luke Prior, Laura D’Amico, Hunter Ellen,        it would be much appreciated.
        Samuel Smith, Emma Giles, Henry Maher, Kent          A Duggan
Thomson, Alyscia Kilpatrick, Claire Carter, Zoe Gould,
Ajok Marial and Ashley Keen.                                 NETBALL GALA: Thank you for returning permission
                                                             notes and bus fares for next Tuesday’s Gala Day to be held
Congratulations also to last week’s recipients: Kilian       at National Park. Thank you to the coaches who have been
McCarthy, Tabitha Janissen, Blake Masson, Emma Lynch,        training the teams. We look forward to a dry day.
Georgia Kelly, Thomas Silcock, Sarah Jones, Alannah          A Duggan
Horne, Malaina Fuller, Keely Hemson, Blake Curtin,
Lochie Rose, Stephen Fityus, Ethan Ptolemy, Olivia           CHOIR NEWS!! We are working towards the countdown
Moscidis, Nicholas Hamilton, Chloe Wilkins, Jack             on Tuesday, 31 August when we will be competing at the
Dawson, Alec Bowen, Chelsea Wilnierak, Chelsea Scully,       Abermain Eisteddfod. On Thursday, 26 August at
Thomas Bertoss, Marnie Bice, Gerome Dykyj, Akucjang          11.00am we will have a final practice in the Church.
Akol and Annabel Gow.                                        Parents are warmly invited to attend.
                                                             C Crawford & M Russ
CONGRATULATIONS to Bailey Wells in 3R who
recently played in a major soccer gala. Bailey’s team won    YEAR 1 CREATIVE PLAY will                        recommence
the field championship and were also the overall             Wednesday, 1 September. Thank you.
champions of the day.                                        Year 1 Teachers
UNSW SPELLING TEST: 31 students participated and
were awarded 4 Distinction, 8 Credit and 19 Participation    CLIMATE CAM: In order to reduce the amount of
Certificates. Students received these certificates at        garbage in our school, we will be having a Rubbish Free
assembly this morning.                                       Day (RFD) once a month. Our first RFD will be on
Participation: Jayden Wiggins, Keaton Dines, Olivia          Wednesday, 1 September. The idea of RFD is to ensure
March, Clare Hughes, Sarah Lynch, Hamish MacDonald,          your child brings their lunch WITHOUT wrappings such as
Noah Smith, Joel Donnelly, Tegan Bryde, Joshua Clark,        cling wrap, aluminium foil, etc. There are many great food
Nicholas Crameri, Liam Dines, Corben Hancock, Darcy          storage containers, easily available that ensure no
Jack, Douglas Lam, Ash-leigh Meyer, Thomas Nolan,            wrappings are required. If you have any difficulty buying
Georgia Rossi, Jack Smith.                                   containers your child’s lunch can be put into a paper bag
Credit: Laura D’Amico, Georgia Cook, Jordan Houston,         which can then be put into compost bins. Our goal is to
Luke Consani, Sophie Willis, Mikaela Coren, Joseph           have an RFD each month to help to reduce our rubbish.
Stanley, Chloe Wilkins.                                      The Climate Committee
Distinction: Cooper Porter-Kay, Benjamin Jones, Liam
Manditch, Thomas Bertoss.                                    FUNDRAISING NEWS
Congratulations to all participants.                         Father’s Day Stall – Thursday, 2 September: Thank you
S Stanbridge                                                 to all who have donated towards this stall. We are still in
                                                             need of more donations to make this stall successful. If you
YEAR 6 MCDONALDS FUNDRAISER – CHANGE                         have not yet sent in your donation and would still like to
OF DATE: The Year 6 Broadmeadow McDonalds                    could we please have them by Friday, 27 August to enable
fundraiser date has been changed to tonight, Tuesday,        us to wrap and price the gifts.
24 August, due to a clash. The time remains the same –
5.30-7.30pm. Sorry for the short notice.                     If you would like to assist on the stall please just turn up at
Anita Pilkington                                             school from 9.00am onwards on 2 September. Although
                                                             this is a Year 5 activity, anyone from any year is welcome
BAND NEWS: Unfortunately, due to sporting                    to help.
commitments on Saturday, 4 September our concert band
won’t be performing at New Lambton Community Sale            Father’s Day Raffle: There was an error on the slip that
Day.                                                         went home with the tickets last week. The price for a book
                                                             is $5. If you have sent in your book with the extra money a
YEAR 6 ST PIUS MEETING: Due to clashes in the                second book of tickets has been added to the draw in your
St Pius timetable, this week’s Year 6/7 Parent Information   name.
Meeting has been changed to Wednesday, 8 September.
The meeting will be held in St Therese’s school library at
7.00pm. We apologise for any inconvenience this may
A Duggan
1st Prize: BBQ, BBQ tool set and apron
2nd Prize: Raised garden bed and voucher for soil and                          FRIENDLY SCHOOLS & FAMILIES: Talking with
plants                                                                         your children if they are bullying others
3rd Prize: Golf pack including round of golf at Newcastle
Golf Course                                                                    All children are capable of bullying at some time and it is
4th Prize: $100 Bunnings Gift Card                                             important for parents to respond in a calm and helpful
5th Prize: $50 Bunnings Gift Card                                              manner.
50c each or book of 10 for $5. Drawn at the conclusion of
the Father’s Day Stall on Thursday, 2 September. Extra                         Encouraging your children not to bully others
tickets available from the office.
                                                                               Parents can:
PLAYGROUP: Friday, 27 August. Please join us for                               • Talk with your children about what is acceptable
playgroup in the school hall this Friday, 9.15-11.15am.                            behaviour and what is not, eg “we should not tease
Only $3 per family which includes a cuppa for mum.                                 people to make them feel bad”.
Please pack a snack and drink for your children. All                           • Work together with your family to establish simple
welcome.                                                                           rules and expectations about how to treat each other
                                                                                   amongst the family members.
CHILDREN’S LITURGY ROSTER: Dennis Nolan will                                   • Encourage and provide opportunities for your children
be leading the Children’s Liturgy this Sunday, 29 August at                        to openly discuss bullying issues with the family.
9.15am Mass.                                                                   • Discuss friendship and help your children make friends
                                                                                   by encouraging them to play with other children at
KM MUM’S NIGHT OUT: Friday, 17 September at the                                    school, at home or in the neighbourhood.
Duke of Wellington at 7.00pm. $20 per head, includes
                                                                               • Invite other children over for visits and help your
main meal and bread. $5 deposit needed so we can book.
                                                                                   children make their guests feel welcome.
Contact Lisa Masson on 0407 787 701.
                                                                               • Encourage your children to share their things with
                                                                                   other children they feel would enjoy them too.
Friday, 24 September from 7.00pm. Where: The Nags                              • Improve your children’s self-esteem by encouraging
Head, Adamstown. RSVP: ASAP as if we have enough                                   them to have a go at new activities and thinking about
people we would like to book the lounge area for a casual                          their abilities in a realistic way.
finger food evening (approximately $12pp + drinks!).
Text/Call: Mandy Mills on 0402 781 388 or Melinda
Stanley on 0424 094 402.


       Wednesday                Thursday                 Friday                         Monday                       Tuesday
       25/8/10                  26/8/10                  27/8/10                        30/8/10                      31/8/10
       Louise Moonen            Adrienne Bice            Julie Bowen                    Veronica Tew                 Sonia Hawes
       Loretta Wilkins          Adrienne Bull            Monica Majerowski              Michelle Wiggins             Alex Sunderland
       Debbie Schmidt           Ingrid Laycock           Tina Levey                     Leah McHugh                  Catherine Carter
       Hollie Boland            Donna Mills              Rachelle McKenzie              Kierin Pollard               Sharlene Wilnierak
       Sally O’Dell             Kellie Russell           Natalie Watson                 Prasha Wijesingha            Emma McCarthy
                                                         Gina Sutcliffe
                                                         Diane Pinkerton


                                                      FATHER’S DAY BREAKFAST

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