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									             International Motor Racing Research Center
                            At Watkins Glen
                          HOLDINGS 1997-2012

           Note: individual lists and detailed finding aids

               may be available for specific collections

97A1: Gene Dinkel Collection
  John Castle’s Plaque Board; timing and scoring books, entry lists, grid
  sheets, press kits, 1960s, 1970s; includes a computer simulation of
  the Watkins Glen circuit by the Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory

97A2: William Coykendall Collection
  Flagging paddles used in Watkins Glen Grand Prix, 1953-1954

97A3: Eugene and Constance Birdsey Family Collection
  Photographs, sketches, clippings, newsletters, and other papers
  relating to sports car racing, northeast United States. Also, glass
  trophies.                                 (Denise LeVan and D.J.
  Goebel, donors)

97A4: Ralph Miller Video
  Depicting scenes at a countryside corner of the 1948 Watkins Glen
  Grand Prix

97A5: Twenty Five Years at Speed
  Video derived from original print of a British television documentary
  pertaining to the founding and history of the Watkins Glen Grand Prix,
  narrated by Brock Yates.
  (Cameron and Jean Argetsinger, donors)
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                          page 2

97A6: Cameron and Jean Argetsinger Collection
  Correspondence, photographs, clippings, and other papers,
  documents, and other items. Also Nicholas Watts prints, autographed

97A7: Keith and Alison Harmer Collection
  SAE Transactions, 1929-1961; Tournament of Champions (film) [not
  converted to video]; also, program from the 1960 New York
  International Automobile Show

97A8: Thomas A. Emdy Collection
  German Grand Prix programs and press release, 1961-1965; Watkins
  Glen Classic Program, 1962; also books, periodicals, and programs
  from other venues

97A9: Ian Marwick Photographic Slides, Programs
  Watkins Glen original photography, c.1948-1955

97A9: Ian Marwick Collection (supplement)

  History of the 1926 pontiac Boat Tail Racer “ Hill climber”

  “Butterball”-Miscellaneous 1948-2008 (photocopies)

  Folder (2) Miscellaneous info

  Folder-WGGP 1952

97A10: William Burnett Programs and Tickets
  Watkins Glen Grand Prix programs, and tickets to the viewing area at
  Milliken’s Corner, 1948-1950

97A11: William McDougal Periodicals and Programs
  Numerous titles covering European racing, Formula 1, and stock car
  racing, c. 1968-1995
      RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                             page 3

98A1: Arthur J. Peck Video
  Watkins Glen Grand Prix, 1948-1953; derived from 16mm film,
  depicting pre-race activities, races through downtown, festivities,
  personalities, and race cars

98A2: Robert H. Basso Collection
  1935 Monaco Grand Prix Souvenir program, printed 1979

98A3: Herb Anastor Book Collection
  Historical and reference books, Formula 1 and sports car racing

98A4: Ledyard Pfund Collection
  Rare and reference books and periodicals including
  Sportwagen/Sportscar, ARCA and SCCA newsletters, code books and
  scrapbooks, 1935-1949

98A4: Ledyard Pfund (supplement)

  News clippings 1960-1998

  Scrapbook 1939-1954

  Press Kits WGGP 1972,74 Renault n.d.


  Watkins Glen Historic Races 2000

  International Racing 1961

  Sparkplug 1997

  Letter to Susan Berresford President of Ford Foundation from Rep.

  Plaque (Milliken), post card racing logo drafts for International Racing
Research library, Ledger with signatures 1988, Adirondack Adventure
Park Plans 1964

  Race car photos 1965-early 1970’s

98A5: John Gorsline Collection
  Press releases and team publicity packets, 1965-1990
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                          page 4

98A6: Randy Malbone Collection
  Rare and reference books chiefly concerned with Formula 1 drivers
  races, and history; European race posters, ephemera, calendars,
  correspondence, tickets, press releases; slides; videos of F1,
  Indianapolis, and other races and venues; also, elements from
  Formula 1 cars (Stewart and Peterson)

98A7: Dick Knudson Collection
  Volumes relating exclusively to the MG; also technical drawings,
  correspondence, subject files, and photographs relating to the Kurtis
  Kraft roadster; MG works drawings; oral history CD transcripts from
  Knudson’s MG book; photographs; Sacred Octagon and Safety Fast
  periodicals. Photographs of Jim Clark and Count Carel de Beaufort,
  and an essay on the Colliers and “The Birth of the American Sports Car
  Culture: When Motor Racing Was a Sport.”

98A8: Herrick A. Smith Photographs
  Photographs of unique cars at the Watkins Glen Grand Prix, c. 1948;
  photographs taken at the 1956 New York Auto Show

98A9: Graham Hill Tribute Video
  (David Rose, donor)

98A10: Bob and Sandra Leitzinger Book Collection

98A11: William Hartong Book Collection

98A12: Sally Swart — Jim Clark Collection
  Photographs, correspondence, and Clark ephemera

98A13: Greg Rickes Periodical, Program, and Book Collection

98A14: Bob Woodward Collection
  Books, manuscripts relating to Woodward’s Cooper and J-A-P; also file
  on 1960 Huffaker-BMC MK1; also Cooper Club Newsletters; 1959-1963
  Formula III Racing Notes; 1991-1992 Brabham Newsletters;
  programs, periodicals, and photocopies relating to Lotus; chassis
  drawings for the Brabham BT-19
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                         page 5

99A1: Nick Fraboni Collection
  "The Corvette and Watkins Glen"; also programs, clippings, annuals

99A2: Fred Gamble Collection
  Three distinct concentrations: “Fred Gamble’s Racing Career”
  documents Fred Gamble’s personal involvement in racing from 1947 –
  1967 as a journalist, driver and corporate executive; “CAMORADI USA”
  documents the history of America’s first industry-backed racing team
  in World Championship racing that consisted of works Maseratis and
  Chevrolet Corvettes; “Goodyear: the Early Years” focuses on Gamble’s
  role in winning sponsorship from Goodyear in 1959 for the CAMORADI
  USA racing team through Gamble’s career as Director of International
  Racing, 1963 – 1967. Includes correspondence, photographs, and
  other printed material. Also, a Brabham/Hulme steering wheel display
  case commemorating Goodyear’s first two Formula One wins, 1966
  and 1967                                            INDIVIDUAL

99A3: Darrell Dean Video
  Narrated video taken at Watkins Glen pit and paddock, 1954-1980

99A4: Joe Tierno Videos
  MG, Allard, Lister Banquet, 11 Sept. 1998 at Watkins Glen
  International; also 1996 tour of Nuvolari Museum, Ferrari Museum,
  Alfa Romeo Museum, and the Leonardi DaVinci Museum

99A5: Werner Winter Collection
  Nürburgring magazines and programs, 1927-1979 and editions 1 and
  2, 1971 and edition 2, 1972 of Hockenheimring magazine

99A5: Werner Winter Collection Supplement, 03/12

  Box 1:

  Binder containing Nurburgring programs, posters and tickets 1973-79

  Binder containing Nurburgring programs, posters and tickets 1979-87

   Mid 1970s Nurburgring magazines and original photos and slides used
in the magazines
      RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                            page 6

  1971-72 Hockenheimring magazines and original photos and slides
used in the magazines

  Box 2:

  Hockenheimring Magazines 1970s

  Nurburgring Magazines 1970s

  Original photos used in above magazines

  1979 FIA Handbooks, German and English

  1 ea book on Hockenheimring and Nurburgring in German

  NurburgringMagazine small banner 1970s

  50 Years Nurburgring medal

  Alfa Romeo Musueum visitors guide

  Nurburgring Programs, bound and loose, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s

  Nurburgring area and track maps

99A6: Edwin C. Waterhouse Collection
  Periodicals and books, 1912-c.1950; scrapbooks, clipping file and
  subject files, 1920-c.1950, including Indianapolis articles; engineering
  files. Also booklets of regulations and competition rules for various
  sanctioning bodies, with yearbooks and summaries; Indianapolis
  programs and Floyd Clymer yearbooks
                           INDIVIDUAL GUIDE AVAILABLE

99A7: Bud Mack Collection
  Periodicals, programs, brochures, grid charts and other printed
  material; also miscellaneous manuscripts, brochures, correspondence,
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                            page 7

99A8: Mal and Charlotte Currie Collection
  Films and videos, Watkins Glen races, including Formula 1, Motorcycle,
  SCCA, Indycar, NASCAR and others, 1952-1979; [not converted to
  video] Also, proclamations relating to racing at Watkins Glen; books, a
  video, and periodicals; and photo-scrapbooks on Watkins Glen races
  and cars. Also, audiocassette 1972 (Cevert, Economaki, Revson,
  Fittipaldi) and photo-finish film, 1972

99A9: Bill Milliken Collection:
  Books, periodicals, code and rule books, clippings, programs, race
  posters, and other printed material relating to racing in Europe and the
  United States, c. 1930 and following; also a photograph of Bill and
  Doug Milliken in his Bugatti at the 50th Anniversary celebration at
  Watkins Glen; also, Milliken’s helmet visor (1940s and 1950s); and a
  transcript of a talk by Milliken “Four-Wheel Drive Miller Car.”

99A10: Jim Scaptura Collection
  Periodicals, programs, special editions, press packets and photo packs,
  1953-1984. Posters and prints. Includes photographs by Ray Harrow
  of cars, personalities, and scenes at Watkins Glen races. Also an essay
  describing Scaptura’s growing up in Watkins Glen and his impressions
  of the Grand Prix, and an interview of John Cafaro by Jerry Burton
  relating to the Corvette

99A11: Guy Abbate Collection
  Including books, videos, manuscript material, programs and
  peridocals. Also, extensive material relating to Abbate’s sponsorship
  of the Century Race and Motorsports team

99A12: Robert Tarlach Collection
  Instant Replay periodicals; photographs; also painting by W.K. Gilbert
  (West McLaren-Mercedes F1: David Coulthard). Includes videos of
  shows in which Tarlach’s work has appeared, a show catalog, and a
  Tarlach press guide
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                           page 8

99A13: Spence Periodical Collection

99A14: Pettengill Collection
  Periodicals, press kits, programs, and other printed material

99A15: Robert S. Critchell Collection
  Periodicals and programs (includes "The Story of Lotus" by Ian H.
  Smith) [photocopy]

99A16: Robert N. Edgett Films
  1961-1965, Bridgehampton and Lime Rock

99A17: Mike Rand Video and Audio Collection
  [not converted to video] includes slides.

99A18: Double Fifty Program
  Multiply autographed program of the 1998 "50 Years of Porsche" event
  celebrating Watkins Glen’s fiftieth year of racing
  (Frederick Schwab, donor)

99A19: Ray Boldt Photography Collection
  Photographing the Racers; Peter Helck invitations; original

99A20: Ron Nelson Photographs
  Featuring Stirling Moss, Jack Brabham and Phil Hill, Dan Gurney,
  Graham Hill

99A21: Life Magazine Article
  Text and photographs describing the fatal 1952 accident at Watkins
  Glen Grand Prix

99A22: Charles Button Scrapbook
  Scrapbook of newspaper clippings, 1948-1959, relating to the Watkins
  Glen races
  (Kay Drake, donor)
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                             page 9

99A23: Helen Taylor Gascon Collection
  Two photographs and several autographs obtained at the 1950 and
  1951 Watkins Glen Grands Prix, including the Colliers and Dave

99A24: Alan Isselhard Collection
  Watkins Glen dash plates, 1972-1980; a photograph of Tex Hopkins
  racing; and a Jack Kochman Hell Drivers poster; also, photocopies of
  the program from the Alexandria Bay “Round the Houses” Road Races,
  1936, 1938; includes six photographs of the 1953 ‘Middle course’
  races at Watkins Glen; and the Daytona Beach News-Journal of 19
  February, 2001 relating to the death of Dale Earnhardt.

99A25: Mrs. Byron Spence Periodicals
  Bulb Horn and Antique Auto Magazine

99A26: Colorado Area Racing Scrapbook
  1939-1940 scrapbook of newspaper clippings, relating chiefly to the
  Lakeside Amusement Park Racing Stadium, Denver Colorado
  (Shelley R. Seaholm, donor)

99A27: Peter Helck 1950 Calendar Prints

99A28: Watkins Glen Grand Prix Committee/Corporation Records
  Correspondence, requests for tickets and press credentials, etc.

99A29: Watkins Glen Motor Racing Research Library Opening
Brochure Autographed by Jackie Stewart, Helen Stewart, et al.

99A30: George J. Miller Collection
  Correspondence from Briggs Cunningham and Carroll Shelby;
  Photographs. (photocopies)

99A31: Bob Gillespie Collection
  Thunder in the Glen coloring book, and an interview with Bill Milliken.
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                           page 10

99A32: Jim Stayton Collection
  Prose fiction; "Chicken Marengo," a fanciful account of the personal
  reflections of a series of motor racing adventures; autographed USGP
  program, 1965; broadsides; and race programs, 1952-1957 (Sullivan
  County, Giants Despair, etc)

99A33: George Huntoon Collection
  Books, programs, periodicals, manuscript material; 1951 LeMans

99A34: Paul G. Baxter Collection; Photographs of Bisignano

99A35: Motorsport Ephemera Collection
  Dash plaques, race tickets, decals, license plates, a Graham Hill
  autograph, etc.

99A36: International Motor Racing Research Center at Watkins
Glen Records
   Photographs and videos of the library’s construction, groundbreaking,
   dedication; also articles in the press relating to the library (Jim
   Scaptura, Rick Hughey, and others). Also, autographed photographs of
   the drivers who comment appreciatively on the library on the WGMRRL
   website (Dyson, Redman, Haywood, Murry, Rahal, Baldwin). Also
   photographs taken at Center events, starting in 1997 (See
   Photographs Index).

99A37: Mary Smallwood Churchill Thesis
  A senior honors thesis prepared for the Department of Anthropology at
  Cornell University employing an only slightly disguised discussion of
  the founding of the Grand Prix in Watkins Glen (Salubria)

99A38: Watkins Glen Grand Prix Miscellany
  Publications, photographs, race results, clippings and ephemera.
  Includes New York State Senate no. 2325 in recognition of the fiftieth
  anniversary of racing in Watkins Glen, adopted in Senate on January
  13, 1998
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                             page 11

99A39: Carl Goodwin Motorsport Articles
  Articles written by Carl Goodwin about Put-In-Bay Ohio, Team Roosevelt,
  Phil Walters, Porsche Carrera Speedster, Jim Kimberly, and articles about
  Professional vs Amateur Racing in the 1950’s.

99A40: Vintage Sports Car Club of America Records 1959-62;

99A41: ARCA Annual, 1937

99A42: Paul Angelo Book Collection

99A43: John F. Cadwallader Print
  Depicting his participation in the 1996 "London to Brighton Run," a
  reliability trial celebration of the 1896 event

99A44: Ted Marks Collection
  Automobile Quarterly and other titles; also Mounted photographs of
  Grand Prix drivers, c. 1970s; framed Gold Leaf Team Lotus, and British
  Grand Prix material. Includes photographs of racing at Watkins Glen,
  1959-1960 (Avery Ackley, photographer). Lotus Team coveralls. Also
  Carms and others motorsports cards, Speedway price guides for cards,
  postcards of Cevert at Watkins Glen. Includes A Short History of
  Racing published by Kendall

99A45: Watkins Glen Historical Postcard Set
  (Bert Roberts, donor)

99A46: IMSA Records
  Administrative records and files; periodicals; driver press kits;
  photographs; videos; paintings; books; media files; scrapbooks; event
  files; clippings; result records; and other records

99A47: Robert Gillespie Paintings
  Depicting George Weaver at Milliken’s Corner in 1948

99A48: Jonathan Ambrose Circuit Paintings
  Depicting Monza and original Watkins Glen circuits
      RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                                 page 12

99A49: Jim Stansfield Photographs
  Depicting the first turn and other venues at the 1950 Watkins Glen
  Grand Prix (in the company of John and Peg Bishop)

99A50: Associated Press News Photo Library/Wide World Photos
  News photographs relating to American and European motor racing, showing
events at Indianapolis, Monte Carlo, and other courses, and featuring Nuvolari,
Fangio, and many others (courtesy of Associated Press News Photo Library/Wide
World Photos)

99A51: Andrew S. Hartwell Articles
  Discussing the re-birth of American road racing in Watkins Glen, and
  the Watkins Glen Motor Racing Research Library

99A52: British Racing Drivers’ Club Records, 1949
  Daily Express Regulations and Instructions to Officials relating to
  racing at Silverstone

99A53: Automobile Racing Club of America, 1936
  Road racing regulations

99A54: Dale Miller Book Collection

99A55: Robert M. Doty Collection
  Prints, negatives, proof sheets related to antique car rallies and sports
  car racing in New England; periodicals, catalogs, newsletters,
  pamphlets; books, some autographed; Brabham autographed pit pass;
  and other items

99A56: Tex Hopkins’ Lavender Suit
  Used by Hopkins in his flamboyant starts of U.S Grands Prix
  (Stacey Hopkins, donor)

99A57: Rare Program Collection
  Rare and contemporary race and event programs (non-Watkins Glen)
  [note: programs may also be found in numerous other collections]
            (Bill Milliken, chief donor)
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                            page 13

99A58: “Driver’s Meeting” A fine art print by Sandra Leitzinger
  (Glenda Gephart, donor)

99A59: Brete Hannaway Photographs
  Showing Hannaway in his race cars, 1950s

99A60: W. C. Harding Collection
  Photographs depicting racing at Watkins Glen downtown, including
  photographs of engines and unique cars. Digital images available.
  Also, a selection of enameled badges and a ca. 1950 racing helmet
  and gloves

99A61: Watkins Glen 1948 Grand Prix Interview with John Paul
Stack – Audiorecordings
  (Anne Elder, donor)

99A62: David Mount Collection
  Including Goodyear Motorsports Club materials.

99A63: Speedvision Films
  (see Video List)

99A64: Print, Three Ferrari P3s at Daytona, 1967
  (Edward S. DeCortin of PRFA, donor)

99A65: Dave Hoffman Collection
  Motorsports timing devices, c.1940s-1950s. Also, financial and
  manuscript material relating to the Watkins Glen Grand Prix
  Corporation, 1971-1973, and periodicals

99A66: SCCA Publications: Sportwagen/Sportscar

99A67: Rare Watkins Glen Programs

99A68: Michael Keyser Collection
  Print: Battle of the Titans Porsche vs. Ferrari, 1970 LeMans; also,
  The Speed Merchants publicity; programs; books, photographs, and
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                          page 14

99A69: Seamus McGillicuddy Periodical Collection
  Racer magazines

99A70: Press Kits
  Team and corporation published and distributed information; NASCAR,
  Trans-Am, sports cars, and other genres

99A71: SCCA Woolf Barnato Trophy and Carl Haas Cup
  Deaccessioned, 1/2003. Barnato trophy returned to the SCCA

99A72: John Fitch Collection
  Papers relating to Fitch’s career as a safety designer and consultant,
  with particular emphasis on the ‘Cunningham’ inertial barrier, and the
  displaceable guardrail; also a video “The State of Racing”

99A72: John Fitch Collection Supplement


  Fitch Capsule Release1998

  Impact dynamics 1998

  PRI Show

  Impact Dynamics 87, 99

  Corvette Quarterly

  Race Track signage

  APST 2000

  Greg Moore
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                          page 15

99A73: George Herschell MG Prints

99A74: Frank DeMaio Models


  Rothmans Porsche 962 #1

  Martini Porsche 935 #1

  1955 Mercedes 300SLR #722

  Sauber Mercedes #62 signed by M. Baldi and J. Weaver

  Sauber Mercedes #61 signed by M. Baldi

  Martini Porsche #4 signed by H. Haywood

  Rothmans Porsche 962 #3 signed by H. Haywood

  Martini Porsche 935 #43 signed by V. Elford

  Gulf Porsche 917 #20 signed by B. Redman

  Silk Cut Jaguar #2 signed by 2 Drivers

  Silk Cut Jaguar #1

  Chaparral 2D #65

99A75: Jan Hyde Collection
  Books, artwork, periodicals, including several framed cutaways; also a
  Cosworth DFX cutaway jigsaw puzzle

99A76: Susann Miller Porsche/John Kelly Collection
  Porsche; John Luke Kelly memorial service brochure; Kelly Memorial
  Trophy 1972
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                           page 16

99A77: Geoffrey Bodine Collection
  Car set-up specifications, notes, observations, and textual
  interpretation relating to pit strategy and other matters for Bodine’s
  car at the victorious 1996 Bud at the Glen

99A78: Michael McPeek Papers
  Incuding correspondence from Dan Gurney and Bob Bondurant;
  photographs; and clippings
  (Phil Chartrand, donor)

99A79: Jim Hayes Collection
  Including scrapbooks (c.1950s) from Howard Wolery featuring
  Lockbourne, OH, Lawrenceville, IL, Courtland, AL and Sebring, FL
  (selected images on CD); rare periodicals; video of Westwood
  (Vancouver BC) vintage racing; and a book collection with a
  concentration on driving technique. Also, a photo CD depicting road
  racing at East Coast venues, ca. 1967, slides and negatives of various
  road racing venues 60s and 70s.

99A80: Denise McCluggage Photograph
  “S. Moss, Driver”
  (Denise McCluggage, donor)

99A81: MG Prints (TA, TF, TC, TD)
  (Bob Grunau, donor)

99A82: James M. Leson Drawings “The Business End” and “Super
Duper Cooper”
  (James M. Leson, donor)

99A83: Earnhardt Prints and Irvin Press Release
  (Kirk A. Eskild, donor)

99A84: Mike Burt Collection
  Including photographs of the Watkins Glen Grands Prix, c. 1950-1963
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                            page 17

99A85: T.J. Tristan Collection
  Photographs, periodicals, press kits, books, ephemera, posters,
  commercial promotions, and other material relating to motor racing,

99A86: Robert H. Deull Collection
  Ecurie Pip driving suit; Smalley tech inspection card; grid sheet, and

99A86: Robert Duell Collection (supplement)


  Worldwide Auctioneers

  The Hilton Head Auction

  Galerie Citroen (in French )1989

  Citroen Enthusiast 1994

  Photocopies of Citroen Promotional ads

  Auto 68 retro (photocopy)

  Octagon M.G. Club 1959

  SVRA 1999

  AAA club 1996

  Tribune Review Magazine 2009, Jul20

  Miscellaneous publications


  Joel Finn in a Lotus 27 Formula junior

  Lotus 11-Lotus 7 in sports racing event

  Can am Photo

  Austin- Healey Sprites
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                          page 18

99A87: USRRC Records
  Correspondence, minutes, email, regulations, bulletins, and other
  administrative material relating to the United States Road Racing
  Championship’s sanctioning activities and operations, 1997-1999

99A88: Watkins Glen International Records
  Press releases and other administrative records, press materials, race
  results and posters. Includes NASCAR Request for payment from Mike

99A89: Charles Knapp Collection
  Programs, posters, clippings, magazines, photographs, press releases,
  books, tickets and ephemera, and other printed material; includes
  Grand Prix promotional booklet. Chiefly Watkins Glen

99A90: Baird Foster Austin-Healey Collection
  Including Austin Healey books; Donald Mitchell Healey C.B.E.
  commemorative plate; Chatter; Healey Marque periodicals; also,
  autographed print, “Dawn – Bonneville Salt Flats, 1956” featuring
  Donald M. Healey

99A91: Jürgen Barth Porsche Collection
  Including Porsche books (German), media guide, and an
  audiorecording, “Porsche Sound”; also Porsche technical manuals and
  homologation forms

99A92: Planning Map, Watkins Glen Grand Prix, 1951
  (Marjorie J. Hunt, donor)

99A93: Bob Kelchner Collection
  Including Sebring Corners – March 1961 (LP) and Watkins Glen

99A94: Martin Gillette Periodical and Program Collection
  Featuring western New York State tracks and publications, stock car
  racing, 1964-1966
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                         page 19

99A95: Lee Dykstra Collection
  Dykstra’s original technical drawings of the Chevrolet Monza-AAGT;
  Can-Am projects (HCA, CAC and CAC II), 1979 –1980; Jaguar XJR-5
  GTP; Jaguar XJR-7 GTP; Mazda 4 Rotor GTO; Mazda 4 Rotor GTP and
  experimental projects. Also technical outline for Ford’s Trans-Am
  program for 1970, test computations, results, and other records

99A96: Frank Churchill Periodical Collection
  (Dick Knudson, donor)

99A97: Grand American Road Racing Records
  Including media kits, license applications, event entry forms,
  information and specifications, and ephemera; also two posters for the
  Grand American Milestones exhibition, signed by John Fitch

99A98: David Reininger Media Guide Collection
  Media guides, NHRA, IRL, NASCAR, USAC, CART, 1999

99A99: Jon Martens Periodical and Program Collection

99A100: SCCA Cornerworks’ Flagging Information
  (Sandy Frank-Nolan, donor)

99A101: Lew Durland Collection
  Including autographed photographs (Phil Hill, Stirling Moss, Denise
  McCluggage, Mario Andretti, Ken Tyrrell, Bill Milliken, and Greg
  LeMond) audiocassette of “The Legends Speak” 11 September 1998,
  CD recordings of “The Legends Speak” 11 September 1998, 10
  September 1999, 7 September 2001 6 September 2002, Bill Milliken
  “Center Conversations” 12-2-2000, and miscellaneous interviews.

99A102: Bud Faust Materials
  Today’s Motorsports Magazine Article about Watkins Glen Nationals
  and US Grand Prix (Tom Gunshannon,donor)
      RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                           page 20

99A103: John D. Weaver Print of Ronnie Peterson

99A104: Root Family Collection
  Periodicals, printed material, programs, catalogs, books, and films,

99A105: Fred German Material
  Race Communications Association newsletter, and obituary material on
  Fred German; includes a holiday card (painting by Homer Dasey)
  depicting a flagging station; also volunteer trophies

99A106: Sam Posey Calendar
  Depicting futuristic race cars.

99A107: Hugh Baird Collection
  Including Roz Rosintoski Photographs, featuring sports cars at
  numerous venues in the Northeast and Virginia, c. 1990s; also,
  periodicals, photo-plaque

00A1: George Webster NASCAR and CART Press kits
  Media kits, programs, subject files, results lists, and other material,
  c. 1989-1998. Includes some IMSA, ARCA, and SCCA material; also,
  video and audio cassettes, clippings, sponsor kits, programs, and a
  “Correspondent’s Handbook”

00A2: Wally Mackenzie Essay
  An account of a trip to the 1999 Monaco Grand Prix by Mackenzie and
  three of his three friends

00A3: Moore/Brown Photographs
  Stirling Moss, Jim Clark, and Colin Chapman
  (Jacques Vaucher, donor)

00A4: 1967 Badger 200 Documentation
  Video and grid sheets of David T. Rex, administrator of the race at
  Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin.
      RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                              page 21

00A5: Arnold Landvoigt Collection
  Newspaper articles (1921-1927) relating to hillclimbs in the Utica, New
  York area; includes an interview with S. Robert McRorie relating to
  Landvoigt’s 1926 Pontiac Boat Tail Racer. Also, images of the Pontiac
  as it raced in the 1920s and today.

00A6: Research Library Video Collection
  VHS videos on a wide variety of motorsport topics. Videos may be
  attributed to individual collections.

00A7: WSKG Film “The Street Years”
  Documentary film relating to the 1948-1952 Grand Prix road races in
  Watkins Glen, including interviews, historic footage, analysis, and
  investigation of the cultural context and affects of the races on the
  citizens of the community

00A8: Ed Wilkins Book Collection

00A9: Gordon E. White Collection
  Including the Leo Goossen Archive index; “Offy Sounds” from the 16th
  Street Speedway, Indianapolis, 1955; and books

00A10: Joe Weber Collection
  Including clippings, correspondence, and articles relating to Weber’s
  sports car racing career at Palm Springs, Torrey Pines, Santa Ana,
  Orange Empire, and Put-In-Bay Ohio (with Dr. Sam Shepherd).

00A11: Jim Bowie Collection
  Including books, posters, models and ephemera, an Indianapolis
  Speedway brick, media publications, and other material.

00A12: Fred Stevenson Collection
  Relating to Lotus cars and racing, including annuals, press kits,
  booklets, photographs, brochures, decals and other ephemera,
  annuals, and a movie film
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                               page 22

00A13: Sautter Family Collection
  Films, photographs, and slides relating to racing at Bridgehampton,
  Long Island, c. 1952-1953

00A14: Ice Racing Collection
  “Ice Racing 2000” and “Ice Racing 2001” videos; also, CNYIRA results,
  and Adirondack Motor Enthusiasts Club newsletter
  (Casey Creamer, donor)

00A15: Ecurie Clod Driving Suit
  (John Cudmore, donor)

00A16: Vintage Sports Car Drivers Association Records
  Newsletters and promotional information, 2000

00A17: Wolfgang Klopfer Essay on Formula 5000

00A18: Terry Clark Collection of Tazio Nuvolari Items
  Including a leather helmet, goggles, Nuvolari’s wristwatch, the Nuvolari
  Family Powder Bucket Trophy, and an autographed postcard . Items on
  loan, have been returned.

00A19: Roger Holman Collection
  Print of Tazio Nuvolari in an Alfa Romeo and Manfred Von Brauchitsch
  in a Mercedes Benz at the 1935 German Grand Prix at Nürburgring.

00A20: Frank Allocca Collection
  Including portfolios of drawings by Walter Gotschke and Peter Helck;
  764 photographs, chiefly relating to races at Watkins Glen, 1950-
  1952; 136 images from Bridgehampton, 1950s; and an original Peter
  Helck painting of Camile Jenatzy

00A21: Charles Sibley Slides
  Showing various unique angles of the street races at Watkins Glen
  (Margaret Sibley, donor)
      RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                           page 23

00A22: Sotheby’s, Christies’s, Coys and others Fine Art and
Automotive Auction Catalogs

00A23: Corporate Motorsports Collection
  Including Speedway Motorsports, Inc. and Racing Champions
  Corporation annual reports, 1999. Includes presentation packages
  relating to corporate sponsorship; promotional material; NASCAR
  World brochure packages; and other material developed to conjoin
  racing and commerce.

00A24: Joe Jennings Collection
  Media guides (1990-1999), various series; and periodicals

00A25: Bob and Kay Johnson Book Collection

00A26: Fangio and Nuvolari Photo Collage
  (Bruce Heitman, donor)

00A27: Mike Fitzgerald Corvette Collection (Given in Memory of
Nick Fraboni)
   Corvette News and Corvette; also, Corvette shop manuals, catalogs,
   films, and calendars. Collection includes race programs, press kits,
   periodicals, monographs, and ephemera. Also, periodicals, and
   information relating to the USGP, Indianpolis, 2000

00A28: 1937 Paris Auto Show Poster
  An art deco representation of a Type 57 Bugatti. [Also, the first five
  programs from the Monterey Historic races, 1974-1978]
  (Dic and Janet Van der Feen, donors; restoration endowed by Joe

00A29: Tucker Family Book Collection
  (Susan Dolan Tucker and Barbara M. Dolan, donors of Tom Tucker’s
  book collection)
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                          page 24

00A30: Matthew C. Perry Collection
  Programs, posters, photographs, books, press kits, calendars, and
  ephemeral items. Venues include Watkins Glen, Indianapolis, Lime
  Rock, Pocono, Riverside, and others; many programs are autographed.

00A31: Leo Levine Collection
  Including rare woodcuts of historical Mercedes-Benz cars, a print by
  Walter Gotschke 1937 Monaco Grand Prix and a pair of Suixstil racing

00A32: Frank Spena, Jr. Drag Racing Collection
  Including periodicals, brochures, and trading cards

00A33: Bill Bradshaw Collection
  Including books; also, on loan, the Carl Haas Cup, a painting, and race

00A34: Race Communications Association Collection
  A Robert Gillespie original oil depicting Fred German (founder of RCA)
  and Whitey Bennett; service plaques; a bullhorn used by Bill Bradshaw
  and others

00A35: John Richardson Collection
  Including an LP Grand Prix of the United States, commentary by
  Stirling Moss; programs, posters, and other material

00A36: Jim Chely Photographs
  Depicting Jacques Villeneuve at the British Grand Prix at Silverstone,
  April, 2000; and Mario Andretti at Watkins Glen testing the 1979 John
  Player Special, May 2000

00A37: Ray Heppenstall Collection
  Photographs, subject files, books, and other material relating to and
  deriving from Heppenstall’s career as a driver and designer, with
  especial reference to the Howmet turbine car. Includes an oral history
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                          page 25

00A38: Steve Bieler Collection
  Including CART team publicity, and periodicals.

00A39: Bill and Will Arlow Collection
  Books, periodicals, videos, and programs

00A40: Robert Haar Collection
  Programs, posters, slides, photographs

00A41: Sheepshead Bay Racing, 1919 Photographs
  Depicting Ralph DePalma and Howdy Wilcox practicing for the 14 July
  1919 100 mile race at Sheepshead Bay on a board track. Digital
  images available
          (John B. Ridings, donor)

00A42: June Gurnett Stirling Moss Letter
  Manuscript agreement signed by Moss relating to his participation in
  the Mexican Grand Prix of 1961, stipulating the conditions of his
  appearance. (Provenance: from the papers of Daniel J. Gurnett)

00A43: Rick Hughey Collection
  Including Twelve Little Race Cars by Scott and Judy Pruett and the
  video Competition Corvettes

00A44: Travis and Nick Phoenix Collection
  Including the book Speed: Stories of Survival From Behind the Wheel,
  Nate Hardcastle, ed. And books and materials relating to the Fiftieth
  Anniversary of Oswego Speedway (Travis and Nick Phoenix, donors)

00A45: Tom Batrowny Thesis
  History of Watkins Glen Grand Prix

00A46: Jim Bisignano Painting, 1964 Watkins Glen Start
  (Harry Suits, donor)
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                          page 26

00A47: Mark Moquist Photographs
  Character studies, candid shots, and action photographs relating to
  racing personalities and racing cars, 1972-1999, featuring Senna,
  Mansell, Andretti, Berger, Moore, and many others

00A48: New York State Department of Transportation
Documentation Relating to the 1948 Watkins Glen Grand Prix

00A49: International Speedway Corporation Records and ISC
Publishing Photographs
  Including a presentation package depicting the demographics and
  financial context of American motorsports industry, and a prospectus
  for “Kansas City International Speedway.” Photographs showing cars,
  drivers, personalities, and scenes from sports car racing at the
  Daytona International Speedway

00A50: Paul Zimmerman Print Collection
  Including Michael Turner print of Dan Gurney, and Graham Turner
  print of Phil Hill, both at Spa, June 18th, 1961 and 1967

00A51: Arthur J. Roberts Collection
  Including Auto Course 1951, 1952, 1953 and photographs form
  Watkins Glen and Bridgehampton, ca. 1950s

00A52: Denver Cornett MG Collection
  Including a drawing by John Fitch of a Competititon MG

00A53: Cannonball Baker Classic Records and One Lap 2001
Route Book
  Including route sheets and ephemera relating to the September 2000

00A54: Roger Blanchard print
  “Mario Andretti John Player Lotus, U.S. Gran Prix”
      RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                         page 27

00A55: Helen Jacques Collection
  Including original photographs of racing at Watkins Glen c.1956-1957;
  programs; correspondence; SCCA organizational charts
  (Theodore Griswold, donor)

00A56: Mary Ten Eyck Photographs
  Including candid images of Jim Clark and others

00A57: John Bishop Collection
  Including an original oil by Thornton-Elliott

00A58: Rebecca Hobbs Thesis
  Safety in Formula One Motor Racing 1950-1997 - A Sociological
  Perspective and Analysis of Media Reporting of Fatalities MSc in the
  Sociology of Sport, University of Leicester, England

00A59: Randall Cook Collection
  Including books,periodicals, photographs with an emphasis on
  documentation of Saab racing efforts

00A59: Randall Cook Collection (supplement)


  CD’s, photographs-Sebring, Daytona, Amelia Island

   Photos from Ray Levy collection Races at Mansfield, LA and Texas
tracks mid 50’s


   Entry Brochure-1st Annual Sportsman Grand Prix, Herlong Field,
Jacksonville, Fl,11/2-3/1963 copy

  Sebring 1968 Official Record Book 12 Hour and support races

  Official entry List Sebring 12 hour March 13 1955

   AAA Contest Board Press Release re: Sebring GP results and complete
race results 3/22/55

  Sebring Press guide dated 10/8/59 re: sterling Moss in GP Cooper
        RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                         page 28

     Classic Sports Membership Directory (CSRG 1988)

  BMW Bavaria Driving Machines, consumer Guide Classic Car Series

     5 folders of SAAB Club Newsletters 1980’s

     New England sonnet Club 81-88

     Saab club nines 1987-88

     Saab club 83-84

     Saab Club 76-79

     Wash DC Saab club 76-80

     6 SVRA newsletters 87-88

     3 Monoposto VFCA newsletters 87-88

   Research material for the 2010 GP Festival Program Alfa Romeo
history article


     Marlboro 12 Hour Silver tray 2nd place 1964 (located in AR)

     Mt. Washington Hillclimb silver tray in class 195

     Proof sheets (17 pages) Stardust GP 1966

     Sebring raceway Historic Photo 2009 Calendar, Ian Barber photos 54-

     Official program SCCA annual Meeting 1/20-21/56

     Sebring news release 11/25/59 Preliminary entry list, 1959 U.S. GP

  Sebring News release updated, Ford to press for Repeat Victory at

     Reprint, Lake Naomi Ice Races Souvenir Book 1962

     SCCA Flagger’s jacket belonging to Richard Warn, Florida Region

     William Smith –Sebring portraits of a race
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                           page 29

  Official Results- 1969 Sebring 12 hours

  Box 2:

  1953 Stout Field Sports Car Races Dash Plaque

   John Peavey collection of SCCA documents from 50’s and 60’s
including Iowa Regional News Letters, race entry forms from SAC races
and hillclimbs 1950’s

  13th Amelia Island Concours judge’s book (David Mideria), 3/9/08

  BF Goodrich Team TA newsletters 10/94-1/96

   35mm contact sheets Watkins Glenn races 1959 and 1960 Formula
Libre races

   Photos of Tom Cox’s 1972 SAAB Sonett donated to center at Alfred
State prior to restoration project in 2002

  Framed photo of Randy Cook’s 1959 Ferrari 250GT PF Coupe (Chevy
powered) at Jekyl Island Club 2006

  Four issues of “The Mile Post”, mid 70’s from Milestone Car Society

00A60: Richard Wiece Collection
  Including a 1928 Indianapolis 500 race program

00A61: Augie Pabst Collection
  Michael Turner Artist’s Proof of Augie Pabst in the Scarab (1991)

00A62: Glen Region SCCA Book Collection

00A63: Brock Yates Collection
  Including books, periodicals, race programs, media guides, film and

00A64: Deborah Hull Photographs
  Depicting stock car racing, Syracuse area, and Milliken’s corner at
  Watkins Glen, c. 1950-1956
      RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                           page 30

00A65: Roger Curtis Collection
  Books, artwork, models, photographs, media guides, Watkins Glen
  race course blueprints, and motorsport ephemera. Also, subject files
  and marketing notebooks deriving from Curtis’ work in marketing for
  DeWalt, Makita, and Clabber Girl race teams

00A66: Watkins Glen Grand Prix Historic Committee Records
  Including correspondence, notes, lists, and other printed material
  relating to the Committee’s work, with special reference to the Walk of
  Fame. Some material derives from Jim Scaptura.
            (Jim Scaptura, donor)

00A67: Mark Hamilton Collection
  Several hundred photographs and five 8mm films depicting racing at
  Mid-Ohio, Indianapolis, and Watkins Glen, 1970s-1980s

00A68: Don Capps Research Collection
  Consisting of drafts, image files, articles, and technical and historical
  research material of motorsport historian Don Capps. Subjects include
  Maserati, Lancia, Vanwall, German F2, and other marque histories, and
  American championship racing. Material appeared in Atlas F1 and 8W.
  Includes support documentation from The Eifel Race of 1934 –
  Neubauer’s Dilemma: A Mercedes-Benz Symposium 24 July 2007

00A69: Steve Oosterling Collection
  Artwork (Mansell in a Ferrari, Graham Hill in a Gold Leaf Lotus, and
  other pieces). Includes original oils on loan (LeMans, Daytona, etc.)

00A70: David Porter Collection
  Including photographs of racing at Watkins Glen, late 1940s-1970;
  also, contemporary periodicals relating to racing in Watkins Glen

00A71: Northern New Jersey Porsche Club of America Records
  Ephemera relating to NNJ PCA

00A72: John Osborn Collection
  Including books and issues of Corvette News and other Corvette
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                           page 31

00A73: South American Formule Libre Races 1946-1952
  Results of such races as the I Gran Premio del General Juan Peron won
  by Luigi Villoresi, and the Quinta da Boa Vista won by Fangio
  (Anthony Kaye, compiler and donor)

00A74: Hank Kimball Collection
  Various photographs, collages, maps, ephemeral items, and other
  items relating chiefly to Watkins Glen; some photographs by Richard
  C. Carpenter (digital images available). (Some items on
  loan/permanent loan)

00A75: Marolyn and Bob Rogers Collection
  Race posters (Laguna Seca, Ritz-Carlton Amelia Island Councours
  d’Elegance, San Diego, etc.) 1992-2000

00A76: Thomas Stamp Collection
  Periodicals, programs, pamphlets and other printed materials. Includes
  the 356 Registry and the program for the Inaugural Bridgehampton
  Races, 1957

00A77: Tom Brownell Collection
  Periodicals, books, and other printed material

00A78: Lawrence Berman Collection
  Including Sherwood Johnston and Briggs Cunningham, Jr. race

00A79: 1967 Repco Brabham BT-24 Documentation
  Photographs, race history, technical information, vehicle identity form,
  and other documentation of the 1967 Brabham Contemporary car is
  recognized as a replica                           (John B. Dimmer,
  compiler and donor)

00A80: Jochen Rindt Collection
  Books, photographs, and ephemera relating to Jochen Rindt, with
  reference to the Rindt Museum inVienna
           (Rob Hughes, Donor)
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                           page 32

00A81: Nancy Kelly Collection
  Including photographs and slides depicting cars, races, and individuals
  at Watkins Glen, c. 1951-1957

00A82: Automobile Show Programs
  Including the New York Auto Show, 1960, and others

00A83: Society of Automotive Historians, Inc. Records
  Membership directories, and other published material

01A1: Miscellaneous Printed Motorsports Material and Ephemera
  Including a wide array of printed materail ancillary to motorsports,
  including programs, directories, brochures, catalogs, fliers, magazines,
  photographs, advertisements, ephemeral items

01A2: Helen-Marie Sipperley Oral History
  SCCA worker in the 1960s and the first woman to work in the pits at
  Watkins Glen. Also worked race registration.
  (Tape located in Center Conversations collection, 02A1 Box 1)

01A3: Jaguar Model
  ¼ scale HSBC Formula 1 Jaguar

01A4: Bill Argetsinger Photograph Collection
  Featuring published and candid, annotated photographs of motor
  racing personalities and cars, chiefly at Watkins Glen

01A5: 1971-1972 Ferrari Model
  1/12th scale
  (John Eustace, donor)

01A6: Thom Montanari Collection
  Including the print “Danbury Racearena – Remember When” depicting
  modified teams, drivers, and cars

01A7: John Alfieri Program Collection
  Including programs from Spa, Nürburgring, and Rheims, 1957-1959
      RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                            page 33

01A8: Elliott Forbes-Robinson Career Statistics
  (Dave Arnold, compiler)

01A9: Olivier Beroud Photographs
  Featuring LeMans, Magny Cours, and other venues; includes candid
  photographs and slides of Paul Tracy and others, the LeMans Museum,
  and transporters at Magny Cours.

01A10: NASCAR Publications
  Including the 2001 Rule Book

01A11: Fred Losee Race History
  Including photographs, race results, entry lists, clippings, publication
  articles, and a history of Losee’s Austin Healey 100
  (Robert Griffin, donor)

01A12: Academic Essays on Motorsport
  Articles and abstracts appearing in Visions in Leisure and Business with
  articles by Mark D. Howell, Thomas Siebenaler, David Groves,
  Kathleen Munger and others, relating to the cultural and social aspects
  of racing, and its popularity and marketing, with especial reference to

01A13: Ray Oliver Watkins Glen Collection
  Photographs, ephemera, and other material relating chiefly to racing
  and vintage racing at Watkins Glen International

01A14: Formula 5000 Press Releases and USGP Newsfilm, 1972-
   Including photographs, press releases, and film
   (Rita Redder, donor)

01A15: Gary Fisk Collection
  Including California race programs c. 1950 – 1992 and books

01A16: Andrew Rheude Collection
  Including books, slides, and race programs, chiefly Mid-Ohio
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                           page 34

01A17: Dale Earnhardt Newspaper Articles
  Relating to the seven-time NASCAR champion’s death in February

01A18: Jack Walter Collection
  Including periodicals and programs, 1950s-1970s

01A19: Howard Robin Collection
  Including issues of Road & Track, Car and Driver, Motor Trend

01A20: Larry Kessler Collection
  Photograph, Brian Redman in the No. 10 NART Ferrari, 1974 Watkins
  Glen Can-Am

01A21: Tom James Collection
  Including promotional posters relating to Mercedes Benz victories
  (1955), one signed by Stirling Moss; Solitude Grand Prix road circuit
  poster (1963); a Jim Clark visor; ISO-Marlboro wing element; Lotus 97
  model (Senna); and a clipping relating to Nurburgring, 1954.

01A22: Marty Laux Collection
  Checkered flag, autographed with Watkins Glen winners exclusively
  and a copy of American Racing: Road Racing in the 50s and 60s
  (Burnside), annotated.

01A23: Thomas Bertsch Collection
  Including photographs of Watkins Glen racing c. 1951; race programs
  for the 1968 Michigan 250 and the 1969 Michigan International Can-
  Am; Road America Yearbooks for 1957 and 1958 and press kits for the
  Olsonite Eagle c. 1974

01A24: Lester Robinson Collection
  Including periodicals, books and pamphlets

01A25: Ernie Scheeder Collection
  Including Coventry Climax workshop manuals and a 1963 Ferrari
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                           page 35

01A26: David Ward Collection
  Including fine art prints, ephemera and miniature replicas of racing

01A27: Gavin Allard Collection
  Including sales brochures, articles and photographs of Allard

01A28: John Longwell Collection
  Including film from the Watkins Glen Grand Prix c. 1948

01A29: Beth Niewenhous Collection
  Including film form the 1950 Watkins Glen Races, taken by her uncle,
  Charles Niewenhous

01A30: Chris Gill Collection
  Including an interview with Phil Hill, May 17, 2001

01A31: Phyllis Kordula Collection
  Including scrap books featuring racing venues across New York State,
  ca. 1930s – 1950s. (c/o Dennis Morrissey) Supplement- black and
  white photos midget and sprint cars 1930s-50s.

01A32: MG Car Club, Western New York Centre Collection
  Photographs depicting road racing at Bridgehampton c. 1950, also, a
  collection of plaques from Watkins Glen and other north east venues
      RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                            page 36

02A1: Center Conversations
  Recorded talks from the monthly Center Conversations speaker series.
  Some transcripts available. The 2001 speakers: Bill Green, Rick
  Hughey, George Caruso, Jean Argetsinger, James Scaptura, Bob
  Gillespie, J.C. Argetsinger, John Fitch, Butch Leitzinger, Chris Szwedo,
  Brock Yates. The 2002 speakers: Kevin Edgley, Corinne Stapleton,
  Peter McManus, Bill Bauman, Adrian Ketchum, Jim Forno, Ray Oliver,
  Bill Green, Lyn St. James, Dick Cosgrove, Celestia Thurston, Bill
  Green. The 2003 speakers: Al Robinson, Lew Parks, Anne Gilson, Billy
  Youngman, Gary Doyle, Don and Tom Coon, Scott Welliver, Bill Green,
  Doug Nye, Kirk House. The 2004 speakers: Roger Holman, Bill Green,
  Frank Spena, Gary Morgan, Warren Agor, Briggs Cunningham III and
  John Fitch, Leonard Miller, Keith Kelly, Bill Milliken and Virginia Close.
  The 2005 speakers: Bill Green, Steven Rossini and Angelo Lisuzzo.
  Series continues on a monthly basis (See also: individual speaker’s

02A2: Robert Kelly Collection
  Including Winston Cup annual publications

02A3: Steven Silverstein Collection
  VHS copies of three films: Sebring, 1963; Del Mar, 1963; and
  Paramount Ranch, Ca. 1957 (compiled by Davey Jordan)

02A4: Kevin Hughey Collection
  Including books, and photographs depicting Howmet racing cars,
  George Weaver’s Maserati RI, and James Garner with Carroll Shelby

02A5: Jim Forno Collection
  Including photographs from Edwin E. “Spanky” Smith

02A6: Osgood Collection
  Articles featuring the Osgood faimily’s participation in racing

02A7: Fred German/RCA Collection
  Including photographs, correspondence, original art and ephemera
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                         page 37

02A8: James Lisle Collection
  Including slides from Watkins Glen, c. 1970s through 1990s

02A9: Ralph Price Collection
  Including periodicals, race programs, books and ephemera

02A10: Edward G. Buck Collection
  Including a CD featuring the Ermini sports racing car

02A11: Robert G. Barlow Collection
  Including periodicals, race programs, posters, and ephemera

02A12: Peter Brohl Collection
  Including a Lotus team jacket c. 1974

02A13: Dave Adams Collection
  Including a Triumph advertising poster

02A14: Robert Hubbard Collection
  Including articles on the HANS safety device

02A15: Ben Hendee Collection
  Original artwork depicting Dan Gurney and an Eagle racing car at
  Watkins Glen

02A16: Albert Schmidt Collection
  Racing programs from the Indianapolis 500 and Road America

02A17: Mark Cassebeer Collection
  16mm film of the 1952 races in Watkins Glen

02A18: Bill and Barbara Moran Collection
  Including scrapbooks, photographs, race programs and clippings

02A19: Mitch Mentor Collection
  Including Watkins Glen racing films (VHS), 1998
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                         page 38

02A20: Bill Kane Collection
  Including photographs, periodicals and ephemera

02A21: Museum of Flight Collection
  Including photographs of Jimmy Murphy (CD)

02A22: Alessandro Silva Collection
  Manuscript for a proposed history of world-wide open-wheel racing in
  the 1940s

02A23: Paul Baxter Collection
  Including Tom Root photographs of racing at Watkins Glen, 1952

02A24: Bruce Perry Collection
  Including SCCA regional publictaions Western New Yorker and Top End

02A25: Melanie Correll Collection
  Including books and ephemera

02A26: Betty Wedge Shirey Collection
  Photoreproductions of Watkins Glen Street Racing, 1952

02A27: J.W. Leeds Collection
  Correspondence from a race fan who attended the 1961 Italian Grand

03A1: Scott Mittelstadt/ Brooks Stevens Collection
  VHS video tape of race footage as compiled by members of the former
  Brooks Stevens museum, featuring Road America, Sebring and
  Watkins Glen, ca. 1950-1958

03A2: George “Pete” Wimberly Collection
  Including photographs, an economic assessment report on the 1988
  Australian Formula One Grand Prix, A similar report on the 1990
  Austalian Formula one Grand Prix and an engineering study for a
  Formula One Grand Prix in Singapore, completed in 1987. George
  Koteles, donor
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                           page 39

03A3: Wallace Snow Collection
  Slides depicting the 1952 Watkins Glen Grand Prix

03A4: Nick Paradiso Collection
  Including credentails from Watkins Glen races, c. 1953-1970

03A5: Bill Green Collection
  Including a poster for the 1965 NASCAR Grand National stock car race
  held at Watkins Glen

03A6: Robert Luebbe Collection
  Including photos of his past Corvette racing cars and the race record
  for his 1969 Chevrolet Corvette

03A7: Watkins Glen Street Circuit Documentation
  Including documentation in support of placing the original Watkins
  Glen street circuit on the State and National Registries of Historic
  Places and extensive maps. Donor: Watkins Glen Grand Prix Historical

03A8: Richard Burandt Collection
  Including an original painting of Francois Cervert’s Tyrrell Formula One

03A9: Mark Holdren Collection
  Including books and video footage from Watkins Glen of the 1969 and
  1971 United States Grand Prix, the 1971 Trans-Am and 1972 Six-
  Hours and Can-Am

03A10: Robert and Kathy Burns Collection
  Including books, periodicals and race programs

03A11: Charles and Barbara Winter Collection
  Including Kendall and Honda promotional items and notes from the
  Honda Formula One team’s test sessions at the 1965 United States
  Grand Prix
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                         page 40

03A12: Gary Doyle Collection
  Powerpoint presentation “Jimmy Murphy: A Life”, distilled from Doyle’s
  book Jimmy Murphy: King of the Boards and blue line copies of the
  book; also, drafts, blueline copies, photo CDs, and notes on Doyle’s
  book “Ralph De Palma: Gentleman Champion”

03A13: John Bishop Interview
  Conducted by Don Capps, April 2003. Audio and transcription

03A14: Luis Martinez Collection
  Essay recalling the Havanna Grand Prix of 1960 and other articles on
  sports cars and racing

03A15: Anne Clute Collection
  Including photographs featuring Harley Earl and the Le Sabre show
  car at Watkins Glen in 1951, photographs of Malcom Campbell and
  Henry Segrave and other drivers at Daytona Beach, ca. 1930, and
  copies of the September, 19, 1949 editions of the Watkins Express and
  the Watkins Review

03A16: Earl Hurlbut Collection
  Including photographs of the 1958 Glen Classic, Watkins Glen, and the
  1959 Lake Erie Invitational, Dunkirk

03A17: Tom Pandick Collection
  Including photographs depincting racing at Watkins Glen c. 1975 –

03A18: Carl Jensen Collection
  Including documentation of a checkered flag that features autographs
  of winning drivers from pre-1981 United States Grands Prix

03A19: George Shepard Collection
  Including Cooper and McLaren entry paperwork for the 1968 United
  States Grand Prix
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                           page 41

03A20: Robert and Dee Eolin Collection
  Including United States Grand Prix posters and artwork by Sandra

03A21: Erve Fuller Collection
  Including a helmet, goggles, driver’s coveralls and photographs of a
  Bugatti owned by Irv Fuller. Bill Fuller and Fran Kearns, donors

03A22: Doug Nye Collection
  Videotape presentation as shown during the “Center Conversation”
  lecture series feturing Nye as speaker, October 4, 2003

03A23: Mike Odell Collection
  Framed Chapparal image from Newsweek magazine

03A24: Roger and Ellen Clouser Collection
  Including an Amadori alloy wheel and a class record certificate for a
  Bobsy in class D S/R , Watkins Glen, 1977

03A25: John Bornholdt Collection
  Including rule books, periodicals and correspondence

03A25: John Bornholdt Collection (Supplement 1)

  Box 1:

  Notebook I- Auto formulae

  Notebook II- Auto specs

  Notebook III Auto specs

  Notebook IV page 219-390

  Notebook V page 391-547

  Notebook VI pages548to

  Loose pages with racing venues, car, driver
   RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011               page 42

Publications – Alfa Romeo

Press Kits:

Trans-am, & formula 5000 9/10/11

The Glen

Legal Documents:

1981 Indianapolis 500 mile race

The U.S. Auto Club Inc. Penske Cars

LTD- appellate

Bobby Unser Appellate

Memoranda and proposed findings

Appellate reply brief


12x12 Florida Camel GT Street Race Early 90’s

Loose Items:

Toyota bank bag

Finger Lakes National WG87 Badge Protector, cards

Publications - Corvette Quarterly 92,93,94,95

SCCA Valvoline runoffs 1991

Miscellaneous programs magazines

PPG Info kit, Indy car World series
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                           page 43

  Folders: Racing InfoWatkins Glen

  Box 2:

  Black Bag 8 mm movie film

  Beige Bag Movie reels

  Folders (3)

  Racing information WG

03A25: John Bornholdt (Supplement 2)

The following packets contain race programs with race results, qualifying
results, schedules, correspondence betweens race officials, etc.

  Box 1:

  Brainerd International (Trans Am) July 19-20 1986

  Lime Rock Park (Trans Am, HFC Pro Series, Volkswagen Cup) 8/1/87

  Mid-Ohio (SCCA) September 4-6 1987

  Iceberg USA Grand Prix Phoenix, Arizona 1990

  Road America (SCCA, CART, Indy) August 28-30 1987

 Memphis International (SCCA, Formula Atlantic) October 29 –
November 1 1987

  Brainerd International (SCCA) July 18-19 1987

  Iceberg USA Grand Prix Phoenix, Arizona 1991

  Detroit Grand Prix (Formula One) June 19-21 1987

  Canadian Grnad Prix (Formula One) June 12-14 1992
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                        page 44

  Canadian Grand Prix (Formula Atlantic, Formula One) June 10-12 1988

  Canadian Grand Prix (Formula One) Montreal June 8-10 1990

  US Grand Prix Phoenix (Formula One) 1989

  Box 2:

  Detroit Grand Prix (Formula One) 1988

  GTE St Petersburg Grand Prix (SCCA) November 14-16 1986

  24 Hours of Mid-Ohio September 26-28 1986

  Radar Warning 200 (CART/Indy) August 29-31 1986

  Firestone Firehawk (Formula Atlantic) Road Atlanta May 30 – June 1

  St Petersburg Grand Prix November 6-8 1987

  Meadowlands Indy 1987 Media Fact Book

  Detroit Grand Prix (Formula One) June 20-22 1986

  Canadian Grand Prix (Formula One) June 13-15 1986

  Detroit Grand Prix (Formula One) June 21-23 1985

  Pocono Sports Car Grand Prix (SCCA) July 27-28 1985

  Curacao Grand Prix (SCCA) 1985

  Box 3:

  Firestone Firehawk (SCCA) September 5-7 1986

  Summit Point Magazine (SCCA) July 1986
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                        page 45

  Road Racong Classic (SCCA) October 13-19 1986

  Road America (SCCA, Trans Am) July 25-27 1986

  Buick Grand National (FCSA, CASC) October 3-5 1986

  Can-Am Challenge St Louis International August 2-3 1986

  Lime Rock Park (SCCA, Trans Am) August 15-16 1986

  Columbus Ford Dealers 500 October 3-5 1986

  Race for Life Road America September 19-21 1986

  Lowenbrau Classic Road America August 22-24 1986

  Florida Motorsports Grand Prix View Special Edition November 1986

  SCCA Open Nationals (Trans Am) July 12-13 1986

  Florida Super Cycle Weekend Road America June 6-8 1986

  US Grand Prix Meadowlands June 28-30 1985

  Nissan Trans Am (Formula Atlantic, SCCA) August 9-11 1985

  Trans Am, SCCA August 23-25 1985

  Labatt Grand Prix (SCCA, Trans Am) August 30 – September 1 1985

  St Petersburg, FL Grand Prix (SCCA) November 1-3 1985

03A26: Richard Bach Collection

03A27: Sunoco Collection
  Including media guides, press kits and photographs depicting Sunoco-
  sponsored teams and events
      RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                           page 46

03A28: Walt Hansgen Collection
  Videotapes “Racing the Zerex Specials with Walt Hansgen” and “Walt
  Hansgen’s Racing Films” (Rusty Hansgen, donor)

03A29: Marie Heacox Collection
  “Hurst Takes You to the Grand Prix of the United States” record album

03A30: Indianapolis 500 Newspaper Collection
  Including special editions of newspapers featuring contemporary
  reports and historical perspectives on the Indianapolis 500 mile race

03A31: Doug Van Duser Collection
  Including slides from the 1961 Watkins Glen Sports Car Grand Prix,
  the 1961 United States Grand Prix and the sports car races at Dunkirk,
  NY, 1961; photographs of racing at Watkins Glen ca. 1960-1963; and

03A32: Herbert Wilson Collection
  Including slides from the 24 Hours of Le Mans, 1954 and 1955

03A33: Dr. Jim Norton Interview
  Including discussion of Norton’s role in the organization of safety
  measures during the early years of racing through the streets in
  Watkins Glen and the fatal crash of Sam Collier
  (Michael Argetsinger interviewer, conducted February, 2003)

03A34: Bill Harris Drawings
  Including copies of drawings by cartoonist Bill Harris
  (Robert Morris, donor)

03A35: Marvin Gray Collection
  Copy of the film ‘Racing the Sunoco Special”

03A36: Jon Beckman Collection
  Including Watkins Glen International publications and photographs;
  NASCAR and Indy Racing League media materials and ephemera
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                           page 47

03A37: Ed Hugus Collection
  Including memorabilia from the Le Chanteclair Restaurant and
  documentation of the early Shelby Cobra sports cars. Updated in 2009
  to include the Hugus archive courtesy of Barbara Hugus.

03A38: William Sohl Collection
  16mm film films, “Road Racing’s White Wave” and “America’s Only

03A39: Ray Buchner Collection
  Photographs of racing at Watkins Glen ca. 1969-1971

03A40: Darrin Galpin Collection
  Manuscript documenting the Copersucar Fittipaldi FD cars

03A41: Terre Green Collection
  Photographs of racing in Watkins Glen, 1951

03A42: June Dove Collection
  Including a UOP Shadow racing jacket

04A1: Daniel Simone Thesis
  Drivers, Dust, and Dirt: The History of Auto Racing in Fargo, North
  Dakota (1903-1969) MFA, North Dakota State University of Agriculture
  and Applied Science, Fargo, North Dakota

04A2: Watts Hill, Jr. Collection
  Including books, periodicals, original artwork, photographs, posters,
  scrapbooks and ephemera, with an empasis on Ferrari and MG

04A3: Jerry Murawski Collection
  Photographs of racing at Midwest circuits ca. 1920-1950, including
  Winchester, Indiana

04A4: Goodyear Racing History
  Key dates in Goodyear racing history presented by month. Compiled
  by Lee Elder
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                           page 48

04A5: Henry Wile Collection
  Documentation of the “Inside Track Seminar” series from the 1960s
  and 1970s including audio tapes of the 1965 and 1972 seminars,
  correspondence with prospective participants and media information

04A6: Bob Akin Motorsports Award Recipient Documentation
  Including transcripts of recipient’s speeches and photographs. The
  Award’s first recipient is Sam Posey (2003)

04A7: Cameron Argetsinger/Bill Milliken conversation
  Argetsinger and Milliken discuss the origins of road racing in Watkins
  Glen and significant race entries during the years 1948 - 1952
  (recorded at the International Motor Racing Research Center at
  Watkins Glen, January 14, 2004)

04A8: Todd Treat Collection
  Including photographs of Formula One champion Jochen Rindt at
  Watkins Glen

04A9: Charles Clark Collection
  Including photographs, Watkins Glen racing posters and memorabilia

04A10: Clif Tufte Souvenir Program
  Testimonial dinner program that includes a biographical sketch of Tufte
  who designed and operated Road America, Elkhart Lake’s Road Racing
  Circuit. (Jean and Cameron Argetsinger, donors)

04A11: Roger Pisaneschi film
  film from Watkins Glen intermediate circuit ca, 1956

04A12: John Ketwig Collection
  Including photographs of the 1973 United States Grand Prix driver’s
  meeting and Gilles Villeneuve at Watkins Glen, 1980

04A13: Mark Ray Collection
  Including books and periodicals
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                         page 49

04A14: Black American Racers Collection
  Including team records, correspondence, articles and ephemera
  documenting the organization (Leonard Miller, donor)

04A15: Frank Cavanaugh Collection
  Videotaped driver interviews as held at Watkins Glen International
  including Brock Yates and Hurley Haywood (2000); Phil Hill (2000 and
  2003); George Follmer and Bobby Allison (2004); Jackie Stewart
  (1999); Stirling Moss (1998) and Bobby Rahal (2004). Also,
  videotaped records of the 2004 Walk of Fame ceremonies featuring
  host Jim Scaptura, Ed Hugus, Bill Sadler, Gus Ehrman and Bobby
  Rahal and the 2004 Legends Speak panel discussion, featuring host Bill
  Bradshaw, Jean Argetsinger, Bill Sadler, Gus Ehrman and Ed Hugus

04A16: Charles Madara Collection
  Videotaped film of the Watkins Glen Sports Car Grand Prix, 1952-
  1955; 1960-1962 Watkins Glen Sports Car Grand Prix, Trans-Am at
  Lime Rock, CT and Breyer, NH, 1970; SCCA Nationals at Pocono, PA
  1970; and miscellaneous sports car racing at Daytona, FL (Bob
  Madara, donor)

04A17: Michael Oliver Lotus 49 Presentation
  Powerpoint presentation of the history of the Lotus 49, as shown in
  October 2, 2004 at the International Motor Racing Research Center. An
  installment of the Center Conversation series

04A18: John Wright Collection
  Including a CD featuring driver Bill Sadler (biographical information,
  photographs and film of the “Piranha” racing car); additional
  photographs of Sadler; articles “Denver Cornett and Otto Linton, There
  at the Beginning of Road Racing in North America” and “Rolls-Royce-
  Powered Record Breakers: Airplanes, Boats and Automobiles from the
  1920s, 1930s up to the present” by Wright and a CD featuring selected
  images of Rolls-Royce-powered record breakers
      RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                           page 50

04A19: Briggs Cunningham Jr. Retrospective
  DVD presentation “The Legacy of Briggs Cunningham Jr.: A Glimpse
  into the Life of a Racing Legend and Father” featuring Briggs
  Cunningham III and John Fitch. An installment of the Center
  Conversation series, June 5, 2004 (Refining Fire Productions, donor)

04A20: Bill Milliken/Virginia Close Presentation
  DVD presentaion featuring Bill Milliken and Virginia Close discussing
  Milliken’s campaign of the AJB Special or “Butterball” and Virginia’s
  husband Bill’s association with the car. Virginia also discusses her and
  Bill Close’s involvement with timing and scoring at Watkins Glen
  International (Steve Rossini, donor). Also, Milliken’s notes and
  transparencies form the presentation

04A21: Bob and Marcia Armitage Collection
  Including the CD “Peter Ustinov: The Grand Prix of Gibraltar”

04A22: Charles Roberts Collection
  Including scrapbooks, race programs and ephermera from Watkins
  Glen races, ca 1948 – 1955

04A23: Jochen Rindt Video
  Videotape production in celebration of the life and career of Rindt,
  incluing coverage of a dinner held at the International Motor Racing
  Research Center, September 11, 2004

04A24: Charlie Henry Collection
  Including race programs, periodicals, and promotional materials
   (Gift of Charlie Henry in memory of Leslie R. Henry)

04A25: Nazareth Speedway Collection
  Including books, race programs, media information and ephemera

04A26: Barry Page Collection
  Including books, “Hurst Takes You to the Grand Prix of the United
  States” record album, racing flags and motorcylcle racer Page’s racing
  leathers (Betty Page, donor)
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                           page 51

05A1: Sports Car Club of America Collection
  Including the book Sports Car Club of America: 60 Years in Photos
  and a DVD featuring the Hall of Fame award ceremony, Kansas City,
  MO, Jnauary 29, 2005

05A2: Howard S. Liebengood Collection
  Including periodicals, race programs and videotapes

05A3: Alan Drobnak Collection
  Original painting “Faster” (Emmo at the Glen) by Drobnak

05A4: Leslie Blumberg Photographs
  Including images from Sebring, 1970 (Paul Flowers, donor)

05A5: Norman Webb Collection
  Including photographs of early 60s sports car racing at Watkins Glen;
  official race results for the 7th Annual Glen Classic Sports Car Road
  Races, August 23-24, 1963 and the 16th Annual Sports Car Grand Prix
  Road Races June 28-30, 1963; trophies and ephemera

05A6: David Lucsko Thesis
  Bolt-on Power: Performance Tuning, Automotive Enthusiasm, and the
  American Speed Equipment Industry, 1915-1984 Ph.D., History and
  Social Study of Science and Technology, Massachusetts Institute of

05A7: Jack Middleton Collection
  Legal brief that documents the controversial decision of the winner of
  the 1981 Indianapolis 500

05A8: Tony Nicholas Collection
  Including original multi-media artwork “Alive at Full Speed” and the
  thesis Chasing the Track, MFA, Rochester Institute of Technology

05A9: Buckley Collection
  Film of the Watkins Glen Grand Prix race weekend, 1952
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                            page 52

05A10: Restuccia Collection
  Film of Lime Rock Park racing ca. 1961

05A11: R.W. Harrington Collection
  Fourteen volumes of Canada Track and Traffic on CD

05A12: Stephen Spear Collection
  Photoreproduced images of driver Bill Spear and several of his racing

05A13: Mark Donohue Collection
  Including press clippings, promotional material and film relating to the
  career of Mark Donohue
   (David Donohue, donor)

05A14: Ed Maintner Collection
  Including books, race programs and photographs depicting primarily
  dirt track racing

05A15: C. Bayard Sheldon Photographs
  Images from Watkins Glen ca. 1950
  (Peter Luan, donor)

05A16: David Goehrig Collection
  Including a DVD featuring racing at Milwaukee Raceway: 1955 Rex
  Mays Classic; 1956 250 Mile Chamionship Race; 1959 200 Mile
  Championship Race; 1963 200 Mile Bettenhausen Memorial Race;
  1969 Rex Mays Memorial Classic; Judd Larsen news story. Also, a race
  program for the 1963 Tony Bettenhausen National Championship
  Classic, Wisconsin State Fair Park

06A1: Ted Glaser Collection
  Including photographs of the 1959 Watkins Glen Grand Prix

06A2: SCCA Can-Am Race Results 1977-1986
  Compiled by William Green
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                         page 53

06A3: Michael King Collection
  Including race programs from Southern California, 1954 – 1968 and
  Monaco, 1975 – 1980

06A4: John Qualheim Collection
  Including race programs from Road America, 1970 – 1975

06A5: Bill and Desi Benet Collection
  Including film of racing in Watkins Glen, 1951 – 1954 and books on
  the Morgan automobile

06A6: Jon McKnight Collection
  DVD featuring the 1951 Watkins Glen Grand Prix and the 1957 Grand
  National race

06A7: Ted Osborn Collection
  Including photographs, 1950s through the 1970s of Watkins Glen,
  Meadowdale, Spa Franorchamps, Zandvoort, and the Isle of Mann.
  Includes the Rick Carpenter collection

06A8: Bill Williams Collection
  Original pencil drawing of Dale Earnhardt Jr.

06A9: Jerry Wright Collection
  Including Citroen sales material 1950s through the 1970s

06A10: Dr. Frank Falkner Collection
  Including autographed photographs, correspondence, race credentials
  and ephemera, primarily Formula One, ca. 1960 –1980
  (Danny Sullivan, donor)

06A11: Ted Hodge Collection
  Including photographs and race programs donated by Ted Hodge,
  Watkins Glen Drand Prix announcer for WENY radio, 1949 –1954

06A12: John Sommer Collection
  Including rare books on automobiles and racing (Sandy Fisher, donor)
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                         page 54

06A13: New York State Road Racing Legislation
  Copy of Senate no. 619 that outlined a ban on racing on public
  roadways. Includes supporting documentation regarding the fact that
  the Act was never passed by the Assembly and therefore never
  became law (compiled by William Green)

06A14: Jerome Shaughnessy Collection
  Including correspondence, race programs, photographs and a Race
  Communications Association uniform.

06A15: Hon. Lester “Andy” Gerard Collection
  Including photographs of racing at Watkins Glan ca. 1959 – 1964 and
  16mm film of the United States Grand Prix, 1965 – 1969

06A16: Chet and Pat Vincentz Collection
  Including records from the IMSA Electrodyne racing team

06A17: Arthur Townsend Collection
  Including racing driver’s dress ca. 1957 and photographs of Lime Rock
  Park ca. 1959

06A18: Steve Hamlin Collection


  Magee Transportation Museum, Bloomsburg, PA carriage sale catalog

  Antique Auto Museum brochure, Niagra Falls, Canada

  Auto Museum Directory 1973

  French toy car catalog, primarily Solido die cast

  Porsche Owner’s Club Trouble Shooting Guide, 1973

  Porsche Owner’s Club By-Laws

  Magnificent Racing Machines Calendars 1989, 1992

  Classic Motorsports Calendar 2007

  Miscellaneous Milestone Car brochures
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                           page 55

  Miscellaneous Automobile Auction Sales catalogs w/race cars

  Montagu and Brighton Museum Brochure, England

  GM Product Info brochure, 1992

07A1: Brian Dartt Collection
  Including photographs from the Six Hours and the Can-Am, Watkins
  Glen, 1970; photographs from the United States Grand Prix, 1970;
  and film from the Six Hours and the Can-Am, Watkins Glen, 1970

07A2: Lynn Myfelt Collection
  Including press kits, rule books, newspapers, videos and photographs
  pertaing to the IMSA series, ca. 1990 – 1996

07A3: Fred Proper Collection
  Including photographs, press kits, race programs, posters, racing-
  themed clothing and ephemera

07A4: Barbara Berry Collection
  Including miscellaneous SCCA publications, photographs, press
  materials, correspondence and ephemera pertaining to Watkins Glen
  racing ca. 1960s
  through 1980s

07A5: Jim Sitz Collection
  Including photographs from Southern Californian racing venues,
  Sebring, Florida and European racing venues, ca. 1951 through 1961

08A1: Randy Barnett Collection
  Including books, periodicals, photographs, slides, media materials and
  extensive files on racing events and personalities, ca. 1966 – 1990

08A2: John Toutkaldjian Collection
  Including VHS videotapes of Triangle and Capital Cities films
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                          page 56

08A3: Peter McLaughlin Collection
  Including a DVD recording of Bill Milliken conducted by Mark Natola,
  September, 2007

08A4: David Seyse Collection
  Two prints by artist Sandra Leitzinger that depict Johnny Rutherford

08A5: Richard C. Smith Collection
  An autographed copy of Cars are my Life by Ferry Porsche

08A6: Gary and Linda Carlson Collection
  Photo CDs that document Formula One racing, predominately at
  Watkins Glen and Mosport, ca. 1970s

08A7: Michael Linton Collection
  Including books, periodicals, film, photographs, posters, die cast
  replicas and ephemera focused on the career of racing driver Mark

09A1: Robert Veltz Collection
  Including personal files on racing history and ephemera

09A2: Richard French Collection
  Including Facory-issued Porsche racing posters and ephemera

09A3: Norman Learned Collection
  An original pencil sketch by Walter Taylor depicting a McLaren M8

10A1: Michael Paz Collection
  Including periodicals, media guides and ephemera

10A2: Robert Fischer Collection
  Including photographs, slides,camera equipment, files and ephemera

10A3: Lee Gardner Collection
  Including books, programs, racing car replicas, artwork and ephemera
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                         page 57

10A4: Road Racing Drivers Club Collection
  Including records documenting the Road Racing Drivers Club activities
  ca. 1952 to present

10A5: Elliot Forbes Robinson Collection
  Including race programs, periodicals and ephemera

10A6: Bob Fendell Collection
  Including periodicals, press materials, correspondence and ephemera.
  Bill Warner, donor

10A7: Dorothy “Dot” Chase Collection
  Including photos and ephemera from her activities with sports cars
  and racing ca. 1957 though the 1960s. Also an oral history conducted
  by John Payson at the Portland MotorClub, Portland, ME in July, 2010

10A8: David Wuori Collection

  Box 1:

  Richard Petty Signeg Hat (Charley Horse Brand )

  Box 2:

  Nascar Collector Cards

  Andretti Racing 56-91

  Maxx Race Cards 1991

  Traks 1992

  Maxx 1988-1992

  Richard Petty Card 1991

  Hooters Racing Series I 1992

  Nascar Collector’s Cards 1996(Avon)

  Action 164th Scale 2001 Champion & 2001Rookie of the Year model

  Racing Champions signed by Kelly Sutton 2002
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                           page 58

  Vivitar Binoculars 8x10

  Folder of Photos UOP Shadow Can Am car

  Daytona Prototype Series Hero

  Press Cards 2006

  Signed Morgan Shepard Hero Press Card

  Nascar Budweiser at the Glenn 1990

  Supplement to the Star Gazette

   Signed Photograph of Elliott Forbes Robinson with Electra motive’s
Nissan GTPZ-Turbo

  Penthouse Pet –Dominique St Croix

  Corvette GTP Spec Brochure

  Group 44 Jaguar Team Photographs

  Jaguar GTP 1988 Press Card

  B.F. Goodrich Porche 962 Press Card signed by Wollek Baldi

  EDS Intrepid GTP Signed Press card by Tommy Kendall and Matt Taylor

  Inside the Oval Team Ford Racing April 2004-April 2005

  Charter member Dave Wuori April 04 signed by Edsell Ford II

  Motor Racing 75&76

  2000 ASA Delco Series annual

  Typed correspondence by Tommy Kendall

  Columbus Motor Speedway 1993 Calendar of Events

  Box 3:

  Six Hours of Watkins Glen July 6, 1980

  Lancia Monte Carlo Turbo-Riccardo Patrese And Hans Heyer
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                          page 59

  Executone March Chevy 83 G Whittington/Donaldson/ Murray, 6/19/83

  Coca Cola 12 Hours of Sebring 1983

  T- Bird Swap shop Porche 935 Paul jr, M Andretti, D. Bell, 3/19/83

  Castrol Jaguar GTP Car around 1990 Sebring (?)

   Dusk at he Longest Day of Nelson “81-Nelson Ledges Ohio “The Snake
Pit Straight” June 19-20 1981

  Cleveland 500 km July 4, 1982

  Randy Lanier 1984 IMS AGT champion March 84 5.7 Chevy V-8

  Blue Thunder Racing Watkins Glenn 500 K Sept 30, 1984

  The Six hours of Mid-Ohio Danny Ongais and Ted Field Chevy Lola T-
600 Mid Ohio Sept 5, 82

  Box 4:

  Packaged Racing programs –US Grand Prix 9/29/02

  IRL Watkins glen n 6/2/-6/4-2006

  AMD At the Glen Nascar Nextel Cup 8/10-8/13 2006

  Rolex 24 Daytona 1/28/31 2010 Nascar Brick Yard 400 8/5/2000

  Formula I U.S. Grand Prix Indianapolis 9/28-9/30 2001

  NASCAR SIRI Us at the Glenn 8/8/-8/11 2002

  NASCAR global Crossing At the Glen 2002

  IRL Watkins Glen 9/28-9/25 2005

  NASCAR Centurion Boats at the Glen 8/7-8/10 2008

  Sirius At the Glen 8/12-8/15-2004

  Grand Am Sports Car Grand Prix Watkins Glen 5/18-5/20 2001

  U.S. Grand Prix Indianapolis 9/26-9/28 2003

  Grand Am Sports Car Grand prix At the Glen 6/21-6/23 2003
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                           page 60

  NASCAR Centurion Boats At the Glen 8/10-8/12 2007

  Sirius at the Glen 8/7-8/10 2003

  U.S. Grand Prix Indianapolis 9/24-2000

  NASCAR Brick Yard 400 8/5 2001

  Grand Am Mid Ohio 6/22-6/24 2007

10A9: Jack Wilkening Collection
  Including photographs, slides, periodicals and ephemera. Venues
  include Sebring, Elkhart Lake and Wilmot Hills

10A10: NASCAR Stock Car
  Ex-Penske 2005 Dodge Charger NASCAR “Cup” car finished in “Rusty’s
  Last Call” livery signifying the last racing season of Rusty Wallace in
  2005. Penske Corporation, donor

10A11: Mike Harris Collection
  Writer for the Associated Press. Including books, periodicals, media
  guides, photograghs, posters and ephemera.

11A1: Jan T. Hyde Collection

  Calendar Collection from the B. Stine Racing 1990-99

  World of Racing 79-92

  Bosch 84-6(no 91)

  Super Stars of Nascar 84,85, 87,89,90, 96-02

  World Racing 93-04

  Formula 1 1992

  Speed 1978

  Sport 1977

  Oldsmobile 1990
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                         page 61

  Peterson 1993

  Auto course 07,08, 09

11A2: James L. Queen Collection


  Book of the Austen 7&8 1952

  The Car Users Handbook n.d.

  Automobile Association Handbook 66-67, 64-65

  Popular Carriage 1954

  Motor Racing 1956

  Famous Old Cars n.d.

  How to fox Your Ford 1964

  Rolls Royce Phantom Five 1963

11A3: Lime Rock & Thompson Race Records

  Box 1:

  From the Connecticut State Archives 1957-1962/1952-1963

  Box 2:

  Lime Rock & Thompson Race Records 1957-1964

  Cunningham Race History, team drivers, race cars, model cars listings

  John Fitch race history sorted by date, sorted by car make

  The racing record of Phil Hill
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                       page 62

  Sherwood Johnston, race history

  Jake Kaplan, race history

11A4: Unknown Collection 1 - Race Driver Deaths 1973-1976

   News clippings

11A5: RCA Glassware Collection n.d.

11A6: Don Capps Collection Supplement

  George Vanderbilt Cup Records 1936-37

11A7: Malcolm & Charlotte Currie Collection

  Press Photos Watkins Glen 60s and 70s

11A8: Jeff Lewis Collection

  Photograph CD of miscellaneous races at Watkins Glen, Lime Rock,
Pocono -mid 70’s

11A9: SCCA Collection

  General Rules and Regulations

  88,89 90,91,92,93,94,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,04,05,06,07,

  SCCA Pro Racing Regulations


  SCCA Rally Rulebook 2004

  SCCA Club Racing 1995,97

11A10: Miscellaneous Collections

  Box 1: Grand Prix Certificates

  Box 2:
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                           page 63

   Bill Bailey – photos D Jags and others, Watkins Glen mid 50’s,
Nurburgring race program 5/61

  John Kelly - photo CD, Sebring, Watkins Glen, Reading, Montgomery
50s-60s from Joe Tierno

  David Kelly- bog photos 1975

   Cliff Austerman-1952 Watkins Glen race photos, Cunningham C3

  Claude Cole - Watkins Glen F1 photos 1971, 1972

  Tom Hutz - 1949 Watkins Glen race photos

   John Wright - Canadian Motorsports Hall of Fame Info, CD with
interviews and photos including Sadler, Daigh, Krause, Hass, Kroll,
Cordts, Remington prints of Nickey Chevrolet Genie MK10 and Chinook at
2006 VARAC Mosport

  Sam Rossi - photos of IRL cars and drivers, Watkins Glen 2005

  Richard French – Martini Porsche and VW Gold Cup press kits, mid

  La Dow Publishing – 2 signed photos and bios of Ray Nichols, CD
The Ray Nichols Story

  Arnie Lundquist – 1979 Watkins Glen US Grand Prix driver and car

   Road and Track – photo 1955 timing lights being installed at WG

  Mark Bean – copies of photos of Siatas from the 50’s, some at
Watkins Glen races

  Jerry Murawski – photos of Indy and sprint cars 20’s to 80’s

  George Shepard – copies of entry correspondence with McLaren and
Cooper teams for 1968 US Grand Prix

  Doug Stokes – photos of Eagle Indy cars, Bill Simpson and Rick
Mears, mid 70’s
      RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                             page 64

  Phyllis Kordula – photos of Indy and sprint cars from 50s, one from
30s, supplement to 01A31

  Paul Jendzeizyk – photos 1951 Watkins Glen race including Wacker,
Walters, Kimberley, and Grey

Nick Lombardi – 1963 F1 Nurburgring CD and super 8 film

11A11: Smalley’s Garage Collection

  Citroen Brochures

  Jack Brabham Letter and Photo

11A12: Tim McKinney Collection

  Passes , Photo vest, race souvenir buttons, from Watkins Glen races

11A13: Marion Ellison Collection

    Correspondence, proposal to the New York Bank, slides, news
clippings, photos

11A14: John Castle Collection

   Press kits, postcards, race tickets 2 Blue binders titles “ Racing at the
Glen“ with photographs, schedules ,etc

11A15: Tom Cassidy Collection

   Slides from Meadowlands, includes Paul Newman, Christie Brinkley, CD
(1) Pocono, Meadowlands, CD (2) photos from 2011 Vintage GP incl.
board members

11A16: Greg Rickes Collection

  Publications, press Kits, info cards, news and notes, CD’s

11A16 Supplement: Greg Rickes Collection

  4 CDs and 13 printed programs and media guides from 2011 Lime
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                             page 65

Rock events and ALMS series including Dyson Racing Media Guide, 2011
Amelia Island Concours Program and 2010 American Racing Drivers Club

11A17: Arthur B. Cook Collection           (Collier Room, right side)

   White binder of news clippings compiled by Wade Morehouse, 12 Hours
of Sebring 1952 and 1953 and articles re Hobart Cook and his DB race
car at Sebring and Elkhart Lake, and info re DB chassis#1057 which ran
59 Sebring 12 Hour, copy of Defechereux 2009 article re 1057.

11A18: John Reed Collection


  Miscellaneous Ferrari Materials,

  Ferrari Survivor’s Manual (RAP)

  FAF Newsletters and gift catalogs

  Monetery Historics programs 1999 and 2004

  Scuderia Ferrari magazines

  FEA National Meet Programs 1994

  Zoom Ferrari Issue

  Box 2:

  Miscellaneous correspondence regarding Ferrari matters

  Ferrari Memorabilia

  Ferrari art Christmas cards

  Ferrari Museum brochure and admission ticket

  Jun 1955 Popular Science      Jim Kimberly article

11A19: Unknown collection 2
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                          page 66

  Publications, Press Kits Brochures, Maps, miscellaneous 1977-2009

11A20:    Beulah Sommer Collection

   Scrapbook and miscellaneous clippings related to 1950 Sports cars
with photographs of Marlboro, MD. Raceway

11 A21: Dick Robinson Collection

  Moroso Reaction times 01

  Dirt Café Model 1/04

  Needs to be transcribed from written list

11A22: Microfilm, early NSSN and Illustrated Speedway News

11A23: Jim & Barbara Berry Collection Supplement 07A4

  Miscellaneous Papers and photos, Watkins Glenn, Connellsville, Nelson
Ledges, 60’s to 90’s

  Newsletters- Glen Region, Western NY region, Steel Cities region SCCA

  Race credentials, ticket stubs from WGI events 60’s and 70’s

11A24: Teresa Coons Collection


  Race Car Report -17 issues around 1999

  NMPA National Motorsports Press Association 2002

  Engine magazines

11A25: James Albright Collection


  Nascar Sprint Cup series 2009
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                          page 67

  Living Legends of Auto Racing Inc.2005

  Press guide

  Rhinebeck Speedway Program 1950

  Mod tour News 1997

  Indianapolis Motor Speedway Program 1971

  Ford Sport Bulletin issues 17, 18, 19, 20 ,21, 23, 25,26,27,28,29

  Media Guide Canal GT 1991

  Photographs -Kodak folders:

  Ernie Irwan n.d.

  Bill Vukovich 1954

  Depalma 1921

  Depalma 1927

  Depalma 1912

  Depalma 1912

  Johncock /Mears 1982

  UnserSr./ Unser/Jr1987

  Kodak Crew chiefs 1988

  Postcards-Ernie Irwan

  Press Kits:


  Indianapolis Motor Speedway1990

  Kodak Folder:

  Announcement of termination of Kodak’s relationship with C&M Motor
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                      page 68


  GT-40 Reunion at Le Mans 2006 (panoramic)


  Ticket stubs, bumper sticker

11A26: John Sommers collection (mounted cork board only)

  3 Porsche, 1 Sebring patch

  3 Pit passes, Andrews APB, Marlboro, Cumberland-1955

  2 Pins Nuringburg Ring 1960

  Pit steward Badge- Sebring 1957

11A27: Jim Mau Collection


  Sotheby’s Khachadourian Collection of Automobile Art1990

  Bonham’s Vintage and Classic Racing Motorcycles

  Glen Racing News 72,74,75

  The Inside Track 69

  News Clippings:

  All Unser wins 500-1970

  Press Kits:

  Pennzoil/ Penske 1986

  Arciero 1986

11A28: Robert Tarlach Photography Collection

  Watkins Glen IMSA Camel GT
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                           page 69

  Grand Am Race

  Vintage Car races

  Stock Car races

  MotoCross Races

  Photographs of area dirt tracks

11A29: Steve Hamlin Collection


  Buick Magazine 1941-42

  Consumer Guide Cars of the 30’s

  Petersen’s Special Interest American Cars 1976

  Official Atlas of the 49th State Tour Club

  Automotive Mechanics 1956

  Advertisements Publications and Guides:

  Bently, Rolls Royce, Rolls Royce Silver ghost, Rolls Royce Phantom III
Rolls Royce Rental service, NY, NY 1975


  Les Ley (driver ) n.d.

11A30: Joe Cerino Collection

  Tickets, Decals, Race buttons, Race pins, Dash Plaques , belt buckle,
patches, Ferrari Model, Mario Andretti collector cards, Seat cushions

  News clippings 1977

  Kent Oil 1979 press kit

  SCCA series update 1979 press kit

     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                      page 70

  USGP 1961

  Formula 5000



  Super V

  Watkins Glen News, RCA Disaster Plan 1971

11A31: Clay Richards Collection


  Pins, tickets Banner, press sticker, pit pass, postcards


  SCCA July-Aug 1947 Sept –Oct 1047, Jan –Dec 1948 (6)

  Watkins review 63,64

  Glen Classic 59

  Other 1948- 1970’s


  Negatives in sleeves

11A32: Western New York Collection


  Framed Caledonia Fairgrounds photo 1946

  Album –Indy 500 and Western NY

  Album –local 40-50’s

  Album Four Score Fan Club 1946
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011               page 71

  News Clippings:

  Album 1978 LWS Racing Season

11A33: Bob Akin Helmet

11A34: Dave Renner Collection

  Notebook –research material: “Inside the Octagon”

  Folder: Interview transcriptions

  Notebook –“MG Before the War”

  Notebook – “Sport G-GT Marketplace”

  Notebook -Chatter Cartoons

  Notebook – Dave Renner Cartoons

  Scrapbook- family photographs, writings

  Letters to Dave Renner from:

     MG Club

     Roadster Productions

     Postcards (2)

  Folder - The Roars –Houston MG Car club 1971-1994

  CD - Inside the Octagon 1921-1945

11A35: Jonathan L. Paulette Collection


  Winston Cup 1994 Jul
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                     page 72

  Late Model Racer 03,04,05,06,07,08,09

  Speedway Motorsports Inc 2008

11A36: Unknown Collection 3 (accumulated from unknown

  Slides (37) 1954-55


  Slides(22) USGP1963

  Slides(129) 1950-68 Leathers

  CD 1949-54 WGGP from slides by Reid Clapp

  Photographs (12) Nationals from Ford Division

  Press Kit for Roger Penske’s Can Am Sunoco Special 1968

  Sunoco Special 1968

  US Grand Prix Press info Onyx Trophy

  NSSN Photo Review Aug 1943

  NSSN Photo Review June 1944

  (Collier Room, right side)

11A37: 50’s Indy 500 Photo Collection

  (Collier Room –right side)

11A38: Old SCCA Entry Forms &Programs
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                           page 73

  1962-SCCA membership directory

  Bergstrom PFB National Races Entry List, 3/28/54

  Official entry Blank Guardsman’s Trophy, Eagle Mountain NGB,
Newark, TX, 8/15/54

  3rd annual Frostbite Race Program, Ft Worth, TX, 1/19/57

  Fort Sumner Sports Car Races program Fort Sumner, NY, 3/28/55

  Bakersfield National Sports Car Races, entry form Minter Field, CA

  Mt Washington National Hill climb –entry form, Pinkham North, NH,

  Beverly National Sports Car Races, entry form Beverly, MA, 7/4/55

  Thompson Raceway Road Races, entry form Thompson CT, 5/29/55

  Florida National Sports Car Races, entry form, Ft Pierce, FL, 2/27/55

  Wisconsin Grand Prix Program, WI State Fair, Milwaukee,WI, 7/3/55

  3rd annual Seattle Sea Fair National sports Car Races entry form,
Bremerton, WA, 7/30/55

  4th annual P4 Sumner “Billy the Kid” road Race program, Sumner, NM,

  2nd Annual Shrine National Sports Car Races entry form Kansas City,
KS, 9/5/55

  Delta Region Sports Car Races, entry form New Orleans, LA, 7/3/55

  7th Annual La Junta Races, entry form /program La Junta CO, 5/27-

  (Collier Room, right side)

11A39: Michael Keyser Collection (supplement)

  Photograph Album-Winston 500 Talladega 1971
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                       page 74

  Photograph Folder-Can Am 1976

  Photograph Folder –Indy 500 1976

  Photograph folders (12) see insert in box for details

  Postcard-Simpson Indy 500 1940

11A40: Klara Butles Collection


  Toyota Motor Sports Graphics1989

  Mazda 2009 Cat National Race 40th anniversary of formula Ford 1969-

  Sports Illustrated 1974

  Pit stop Magazine 1998

  The Leading Edge guide to 2009 Lemans Series

  News clippings 1999-2008

  Press kits, Media Guides:

  RPM Promoters Workshop

  Dan Blockers Media guide 2006

  Le Mans 2004

  Miller racing

  Forbes Media Kit 2009

  Race summary 1955-1995

  Kelly American Challenge Press Kit


  A.L. Benelli
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                         page 75

  Champion Racing’s Porsche 911 Around 1998

  Altamonte, NY Fair 1930’s

  Info Cards and guides 2004-2009

  Signed info cards


  American Le Mans Series 09

  Acura Media Information


  Race results

  Qualifying races

  A Concourse D’Interest 08

  Watkins Glen Racing outline of book by Kirk House and R.M. Charles

  Memorabilia – RMR hat

11A41: David Mount Collection

  Slides1978-1980, USGP, Sports Car, Canadian GP

11A42: Bob Fergus Collection

  Herbert Johnson and Cromwell racing helmets, 1950’s vintage

  Packet of photos from Put in Bay races 1950’s

  Lockbourne AFB race program 1953

  Nassau Trophy race program 1955

  Watkins Glen Grand Prix program 1952

  Black and white photos from Lockbourne AFB race 50’s
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                       page 76

  Black and white photos from unknown hillclimb 50’s

  Black and white photos Elkhart Lake and Watkins Glen 50’s

  Five Road and Track magazines from 50’s

  Newspaper clippings from 50’s with articles about Fergus

  Copies of magazine articles re Fergus

11A43: “Black Sunday” Newspaper Section, Daytona News
Journal 2/19/2001

  Donated by Eugene Miller, Rochester, NY

11A44:   Jeff Gray Photos

  Watkins Glen race photos from 70’s and 80’s

11A45: Ted Strang Collection/NY Museum of Transport Records

  Motor Racing Safety Society papers and records

11A46: IMSA & WGI Items

  Event pins from late 80’s and early 90’s

  IMSA pin back buttons

  IMSA decals

  Watkins Glen pins for various events 90’s

  Dash plaques for various WGI events 90’s

  IMSA Press Releases WGI and Limerock Camel GT events mid 90’s

11A47:   Joe Cali Photos
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                           page 77

  Black and white photos and copies of photos from various events at
Watkins Glen 70’s -80’s

   Black and white and color copies of photos from LeMans and other
international events

11A48: Ted Tristan Collection Supplement

   Miscellaneous photos, ticket stubs, news clippings, race reports and
press releases from Watkins Glen and other tracks 70’s – 90’s.

  Six black and white mounted photos, cars and drivers incl Bobby Rahal
and AJ Foyt

11A49: Mid 80’s IMSA WGI Event Photos, unknown source

  4x6 color photos of Camel GT and RS events, cars and drivers

11A50: Monroe County Race Track History

  Records for Monroe County Fairgrounds races

  NASCAR Grand National Results late 50’s Monroe County Speedway

  History of Monroe County races by Al Isselhard

  Index for Speed Age Magazine

11A51: Gene Dinkel Collection

  WGI entry lists, entry forms and schedules, various races 60’s and 70’s

  Apr 72 and Sep 73 issues of Glen Racing News

  Newspaper article re death of Peter Revson

11A52: Cliff Austerman Collection
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                           page 78

  Lotus Eleven brochure

  BMC Formula Junior Catalog and supplement

  2 STP decals

  The Motor Grand Prix Cars of the 60’s, posters # 1- Cooper Climax and
# 3- BRM

11A53: Doug Stokes Collection

  Zeitler Formula Vee info and photos

11A54: Robert Todd Collection

  Blue driving shoes signed by Hurley Haywood

  Framed original drawing of 6.6 mile Watkins Glen race course by Joe

11A55: Collier Museum Manual

   Collier Automotive Museum Educational/Procedures manual, 1992

11A56: Fred German Flagman’s Suit

  Flagman’s suit worn by RCA Chief Flagger Fred German at WGI

11A57: Joe and Helen Cernino Collection

  Clock plaque presented to Joe Cerino by Finger Lakes Region SCCA for
30 years of service

   Silver tray presented to Joe Cerino by Finger Lakes Region for 35 years
of service

  Silver tray, Finger Lakes Region, 2nd in class Fun One 1973

   Silver tray, Fran & Ray Hicks Award, Finger Lakes Region, Presented to
Joe and Helen Cerino, 1960

  Small desk clock, Thanks to Joe and Helen Cerino 1955 – 1994, Finger
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                         page 79

Lakes Region

  Color photo of Joe and grandson, US Grand Prix Oct 72

  Box of miscellaneous event pins and name tags for Joe and Helen

11A58: Miscellaneous items – Sebring 80’s, early NASCAR,
SCODA, VLRA, PMSCA Unknown Source

  Sebring 12 Hour race newpaper articles, mid 80’s

  Sebring 12 Hour programs: 1965, 67, 80, 83, 85, 87, 88, 91, 92

  NASCAR Newsletters, 1955, 56, 57

  NASCAR Stockcar regulations 1955

  Victory Lane Racing Association, Daytona, FL yearbooks 2007, 08, 09

  SCODA Tech specifications 60’s

  Pocono Mts Sports Car Assoc Fox Gap Hill Climb Entry information 50’s

11A59: Floyd Clymer Racing Books early 50’s

  Fred J. Wagner’s Saga of the Roaring Road

  Dick Seaman A Racing Champion by Prince Chula

  Motor Racing with Mercedes Benz by George Monkhouse

  Sir Malcolm Campbell’s Book of Famous Motorists

  (in Collier Room)

11A60: Barbara Winter Collection

  Two yellow tech inspector jackets
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                          page 80

  Official Timing and Scoring Report, Grand Prix of the U.S., Oct 1968

  1957 – 1997 Glen Region 40thYear Anniversary Celebration program

  1968 FIA Appendix J to the International Sporting Code

  Various SCCA GCR and PCS rule books, late 60’s to mid 70’s

  1961 SCCA Competition Regulations manual signed by Florence

11A61: Wayne Atwell Collection

  Black and white photos of 1963 U.S. Grand Prix

  (in Collier Room)

11A62: Marolyn Rogers Collection Supplement

  Box 1: IMSA Credentials and event tickets

  Box 2:

  12 Hours of Sebring Winning Car Data Summary 1952-91

  IMSA Yearbooks, 84,87,91,92

  2002 Rolex 24 Press releases Daytona 2002

  Jaguar International Racing Review, 1989-90 Special Issue, #11

  Mazda media guides, 1986, 1980

  Team Miller Ford Mustang press kit 1981

  Jan 92 IMSA Arrow magazine cover art by Sandra Litzenger

  Misc news clippings and article reprints 1986, 1987, 2001

  Envelope, Danny Ongais Indy crash clippings

  Envelope, Al Holbert info clippings

11A63: Auto Museum Guides Donor Unknown
      RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                             page 81

  Cunningham Museum, Costa Mesa, CA

  Museo Dell’Automobile, Carlo Biscaretti Di Ruffia, Torino, Italy

  Jersey Motor Museum, Channel Islands, England

  Port Erin Motor Museum, Isle of Man

  Doune Motor Museum, Scotland

  The National Motor Museum, Birdwood, South Australia

  Frederick C. Crawford Auto Aviation Museum, Cleveland, OH

  Owls Head Transportation Museum, Owls Head, ME

  Musee National De Automobile, France

  Museum of Transportation, Glasgow Scotland

  Brooks Stevens Automotive Museum, Mequon, WI

  National Motor Museum, Beaulieu, England (2), 1981

  Mercedes Benz Museum and misc. documents, Germany

  Fangio obituary, New York Times, 7/18/95

  Porsche commemorative medallions 1979-1983

11A64: Barbara Nitche Collection

   US Grand Prix memorabilia including newsprint stories from local
newspapers, Glen Racing News, Copy of Official press kit, copies of
timing and scoring documents, ticket stubs, hand towel, Fun One key
chain, 1992 Bud at the Glen and Vintage Grand Prix linen items, Bill Elliot
and Dale Jarrett autographs.

11A65: Joe Baldwin Collection

  Brochure, Champion Highway Safety Program

  Troy Promotions Trans Am Press Information Kit
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                           page 82

  Haggar Slacks L&M Formula 5000/David Hobbs Press Kit

  USAC and SCCA News Releases 1972

  Mid Ohio Newsletter, Trans Am, 6/72

  Race Program Watkins Glen L&M F5000 Grand Prix , 6/17-18/72

  L&M Lola Can/Jackie Stewart Am 71 Pressbook

  Race Program, Mid Ohio IMSA Twin Six Camel GT Enduros, 7/ 8-9/72 1

  Race Program, Lime Rock Park, Schaffer Trans Am, May 8, 1971

  NASCAR Stock Car Racing Book 1971\

  SCCA 1971 Road Racing Annual

  USAC News May 4, 1972

 Champion Hi Performance and Racing Heat Range Chart and Tuning

11A66: Lynn St. James Drivers Suit

11A67: NSSN Archive Collection

  Donated by Dyson Foundation including bound editions of National
Speed Sport News from 1935 – 2010, three file cabinets of driver files,
and 90 boxes of photographs, press kits and media guides.

11A68: Walk of Fame Collection

  Two tubes containing Walk of Fame marker artwork

   Tube 1: Keck, Harold; Caswell, George; Bell, Derrick; Hoan, Thomas;
Elford, Vic; Chinetti, Luigi; Desarno Jr, Frank; Henderson, Robert;
Constantine, George; Watson, John; Thompson, Dr. Richard; Holbert,
Bob; Mooney, Richard; Garroway, Dave; Guthrie, Janet; Duntov-Arkus,
Dora; Kendall, Tommy; Bonnier, Jooakim; Jones, Parnelli; Tullius, Bob;
McCluggage, Denise
      RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                            page 83

  Tube 2:

    Collier, Miles; Cornett, Denver; Petty, Richard; Milliken, William;
Villeneuve, Gilles; Gurney, Dan; Ireland, Ines; Revson, Peter; Cevert,
Francois; Hulme, Denny; Clark, Jim; Jones, Alan; Rodriguez, Pedro;
Amon, Chris; McLaren, Bruce; Reuteman, Carlos; Evenden, Norm;
Fittipaldi, Emerson

11A69: Larry Ott Collection

  Super Dirt Week, special editions of Dirt Trackin magazine, 2004-2010

  2010 Trackside Media Update, Heluva Good Sprint Cup race, WGI

  Event Press Kit, Speed World Challenge, 72-4/2009, WGI

11A70: Ed Remer Collection

  Eight black and white photos taken in 1952 at Watkins Glen races,
depicting cars of Patterson, Hill, Stevens, Gillespie, Weaver and Linton.

   Three black and white photos taken in 1952 at Convair Races,
Allentown, PA depicting Patterson in MGTC, Kulok in Frazier Nash and
unknown driver in Healey Silverstone.

  (in Collier Room)

11A71: Ed Moody Canadian Track and Traffic and Motor Racing
CD Collection

  Fifteen Track and Traffic CDs; Covers and Volumes 1-14, 1959-1972

  Four Motor Racing tabloid CDs; Volumes 1-9, Oct 55 – Jan 74

  (in Collier Room)
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                         page 84

11A72: E. C. Vandagrift Collection

  Les Leston GP crash helmet (red) with red goggles

   Models - 1962 Ferrari GTO (1/12 scale in case), 30’s Alfa Romeo Grand
Prix car diorama

  Books (shelved) significant titles below:

  My Two Lives (signed)

  Fangio, The Life Beyond the Legend

  The Maserati 300S

  Stanguellini, Big Little Racing Cars

  Jaguar Sports Racing Cars

  Jo Siffert

  Racing Maseratis

  Hot Rod Pioneers Bugatti A Racing History

  Austin Healey 100 in Detail

  Mercedes Benz 300SLR

  Pneu Continental le Temps des Pionniers

  White Racers from Zuffenhausen

  Hot Rod An American Origin

  Ferrari Glory (signed)

  Daytona Cobra Coupes

  Stirling Moss All My Races

  Aston Martin A Racing History

  Auto Union GP and Record Cars

  Red Arrows Ferrari at the Mille Miglia
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                        page 85

  Ferrari Grand Prix Moments

  Auto Union Album 1934-1939

  Peter Collins All About the Boy

  Ford GT40

  Ferrari 166 to F50GT the Racing Berlinettas

  Corvette Masterpieces

  Memoirs of Enzo Ferrari’s Lieutenant

  Nuvolari The Legend Lives On

  Castelloti A Stolen Heart

  Alberto Ascari

  Juan Manuel Fangio Motor Racing’s Grand Master

  Juan Manuel Fangio Photo Album

  Mercedes-Benz 300

  Jose Frolian Gonzalez

  Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrows

  Maserati Sports Racers

  Ferrari 312P & 312M

11A73: Joan Brubaker Collection

  Book, The Glen ’98 - 50 Years of Road Racing Excellence

  Two color photos USGP 1977

  Four USGP programs, 67, 70, 74, 80

   Star Gazette special section Lake Country, Watkins Glen remembers
the past, Sep. 2000
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                            page 86

  Booklet, Camera Close Up International Racing From the Pits at
Watkins Glen, 1962

  Race Program, Glen Classic, 1962

  Glen Racing news, 9/17/70

  Booklet, Schuyler County the First 100 Years

11A74: SVRA History and Driver of the Year Files 1984-2010

  Presented by Ross Bremer, 9/8/2011

  Driver of the Year bios and photos, hard copy and CDs, 1984-2010

   Folder containing CD, History of SVRA Part 1, three issues of Vintage
Motorsport magazine, 2002/2-4 containing Art Eastman’s articles re SVRA

  Address book folder, SVRA drivers of the Year and SVRA contact info

11A75: Jean Argetsinger Collection Supplement

   Miscellaneous printed materials and handwritten notes pertaining to
traffic, police and other matters associated with Grand Prix events 53-59

  Materials pertaining to 1972/73 Snowmobile races

  1978 US GP and 6 Hour paper credentials

  Various police armbands, paper and cloth

  (in CollierRoom)

11A76: John Zolomij Automotive Art Collection

  6,417 items in six boxes consisting of automotive art transparencies,
      RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                            page 87

artist files, color and black and white images relating to automotive art
from 1880 – 2000, automotive art videos and written documentation
relating to Zolomij’s book – The Motor Car in Art.

11A77: Hugh Baird Collection

  Rare Automobile Sales Brochures (some with historical info)

  Alfa Romeo                             Maserati

  AC Cars                                 Jensen Healey

  Mazda                                    Humber

  Lancia                                   Honda

  Mini                                     Fiat

  AMC                                     Citroen

  Mercedes-Benz                           Datsun

  Matra Simca Bagheera                   Aston Martin

  Opel                                     Austin

  Cord                                    BMW

  Jaguar                                   Chevrolet

  Ford Forty Nine                       Excalibur SS


  Publication Autosalon 27

  1987 Newman Haas press info, slides

  CD, BMW Fast Facts 1994-2000

  CD, Mini Cooper 2002 Press Kit

11A78: Lester and Pat Gerard Collection Supplement
      RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                             page 88

   Films, photos, framed artwork, documents re Watkins Glen races 48
through mid 60’s

  Box 1:

  Small poster, The Racing Car, Museum of Modern Art, New York,

  Framed 5x7 copy of Victory at Spa print

  21 IMRRC Newsletters, 2000-2005

  Shoe box containing race credentials, 50’s – 70’s

  Small framed black & white photo, Lester Gerard by Le Mans Allard-,
2 course

  Fawcett paperback book, Good Photography, No. 192, 1953

  Booklet, Dayton Walter Special, 20 Years at Indy 74

  USAC Press Kit, 1971 Johnny Lightning Team with Indy track map

  1972 Sunoco McLaren Penske Racing Press Kit

  1972 Gulf Motorsport Press Kit, Gordon Johncock, team bios, and Gulf
McLaren 16B specs

   Five boxes of glass color slides, Watkins Glen 1958, Indy 1958,
Bridgehampton 57-58, Monza 1957 (2)

  Large framed black & white photo of woman holding trophy, early 50’s

  Scrap book containing news articles and two large black and white
photos re accident during 52 Watkins Glen grand prix

  One box of clear glass slides

  Two newspaper sections The Leader and NY Times, Sep 1998 re 50th
Anniv. of WG races

  Purolater Performance News, May 1972

  Glen Racing News, 9/17/70

  Small newsprint poster, 16th Grand Prix Sports Car Races, 6/29-30
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                          page 89

   Five black and white contact sheets in envelope, Watkins Glen Grand
Prix, 1958

  Folder containing eight black and white photos, (TBI)

  Langhorne Speedway Program, 100 mile national championship race,

  Trenton Speedway, 250 mile National Championship race, 6/3/62

  Langhorne Speedway, 150 Mile National Championship race, 6/23/68

  Langhorne Speedway, 150 Mile National Championship race, 6/18/67

  Large color post card, Bobby Unser 68 Indy 500 winner

  Lloyd Ruby fan card 1972

  2 black and white photo copies of early WG race, car #53 and Lester
Gerard by Allard

  Envelope containing small photo of Maserati and 1958 Formula Libre
news release

  Box 2:

   Black notebook containing photos of Watkins Glen and Bridgehampton
races 50-60s

  Legal folder 1- Photos of USGP 1967, Bridgehampton race programs
49, 50, 52, 53,54, press kit Bridgehampton Grand National, photos and
articles re Bridgehampton races, Suffolk County AFB race programs 50s,
1958 Bridgehampton season program, 1963 and 65 SCCA race programs,
1993 Bridgehampton sports car road rally program

   Legal folder 2 – Glen racing news, memorabilia from Glen Paddock
Club, 1966 F1 official race results, 1967 official press kit, Glen race
programs 1950 – 1959, 1967 US GP program, 1970 Can-Am/6 hour WG

  Legal folder 2 – Miscellaneous documents re Ford Mustang I and II,
appearances at track, press kits for US GPs and several race programs

   Legal folder 4 – Photos Watkins Glen races 1951 through 1955, USGP
programs 63-65, 1930s Indy photos, 1964 Indy photos, photos 1968
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                           page 90

USGP pits, slides 1968 Indy

  Box 3:

  Manila envelope 1 - Photocopy, Hard Clay in Orange County book 1971

  Manila envelope 2 - Photocopy, 1930 New York State Fair race,
Syracuse 9/6/30

  Manila envelope 3- Photocopy, The Curtis Craft Story, Ed Hitz

   Legal folder 1 - Watkins Glen 1968 containing black and white photos,
press kit, letters, newspaper clippings, poster and other items re 1968 GP

   Legal folder 2- Cameron and JC- Letters, cards and other personal
correspondence, news clippings, Car & Driver magazine 8/93

  Legal folder 3- Le Mans and Monza 1957 color photos from Monza,
news clippings, letters, tickets, misc memorabilia

  Legal folder 4- large black and white photos 30- 50’s Indy cars, small
photos of cars under restoration, small photos of Wolf Special

  Legal folder 5- Indy 1971 program, press kits, news clippings

  Box 4:

  Newspaper, the Bill Schindler Story, published by Illustrated Speedway
News, undated likely from 1953, rolled Watkins Glen posters 1960s and
Monterey Historic poster featuring Millers 8/93

  Box 5:

  Six reels, 16mm film in cans

  Reel 1, Start Your Engines Color

  Reel 2, Indianapolis 1973

  Reel 3, Indianapolis, 5/9-10/75

  Reel 4, Indianapolis, practice 1972

   Reel 5, 431 plus 2, Sachs and McDonald, Champion Spark Plug Co.,
Sid Collins, Indy 64 Reel 6, Indianapolis, May 1974
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                         page 91

  Box 6:

  Floyd Clymer’s Indy Race Official Yearbook 1955, 56, 57, 59, 60 ,61,
62, 63, 66, 68

  Carl Hungness Indy 500 Yearbook 1972, 1976

  Two VHS tapes, Watkins Glen 55/56 copy, Bridgehampton 7/57

  Films 16mm Small Box 1:

  Indy 1962 practice, 1st day of qual.

  Indy practice 5/14/65 and qual.

  Indy 1964, May 13-17

  Indy 1963 practice, 1st day of qual.

  Indy 1961 practice and 1st weekend of qual

   Indy 1958 practice and 1st day of qual, garage area, and
Bridgehampton 5/30-6/1

  Indy 1959 garage, pits, 1st day of qual

  Indy 1960, 1st weekend of qual.

  Small box 2:

  Indy May 16-19, 1968

  Indy practice and 1st day of qual 1966

  Indy may 13-15, 1966 practice and 1st day of qual

  Indy 1967, May 12-14, practice and qual

  Indy 1969 #1

  2 unmarked cans

  Indy 1969

  Indy 5/70

  Small box 3:
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                       page 92

  USGP at WG 10/2-4/64

  1961 Sportscar GP 9/23-24, USGP 10/8-9/61

  Watkins Glen practice and race Libre 1958

  Watkins Glen GP pits, practice and race, 9/57, 9/58

  Watkins Glen GP pits, paddock, and race 9/55, 9/56

  USGP at WG part 2, 10/6/63

  USGP at WG part 1, practice, 10/4-5/63

  15th annual Sportscar GP at WG 9/21-22/62

  Large numbered film containers:

  1 Indy 1959

  2 Indy 500 Challenge by Humble Oil 1950-1965, Front Engines to
Rear Engines

  3 Indy 500 Champions at the Wheel, 1961

  4 Monaco Grand Prix, year unknown

  5 Le Mans, reel 3

  6 Le Mans, reel 1

  7 Le Mans, reel 2

  8 Winning, reel 3

  9 Winning, reel 4

 10 Winning, reel 2

 11 Winning, reel 1

11A79: Don Markle Collection:

  Black and white photos, 13x18, Gurney and G. Hill, US GP 1963
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                           page 93

11A80: Neil Eschenfelder Collection

  4 photo DVDs from 2011 Vintage Grand Prix weekend, 9/8-11/11

  4 photo DVDs from 2010 Vintage Grand Prix weekend and photos of
IMRRC, 9/9-12/10

  Total images 2000

  (Collier Room, right side)

11A81: Alexander Scott Falck Collection

   Two framed color photographs of Jim Clark in the Lotus, 1967 U.S. GP
at Watkins Glen

11A82: Jack Durbin Collection

  24 Hours of Le Mans Entry List Program signed by several drivers,
additional program, results booklet and credentials, June 16-17, 2001.
(Collier Room right side cabinet)

  24 Hours of Daytona book signed by J. J. O’ Malley and Hurley
Haywood, in rare book case Collier Room

11A83: Kevin Grant Collection

  Twelve slides, US Grand Prix 1978, Wolf, Brabham- Alfa, Eccelstone,
Rob Walker, Ferrari, Liger

11A84: Tavares Motorsport Collection

  Large black and white photos including Bruce McLaren, Denny Hulme,
Ralph Mulford, Jack Brabham, Harold Vanderbilt, Vanderbilt Trophy, 1954
Mercedes Benz 2.5 Ltr monoposto, Ferrari 330P number 88 at 1965
Daytona, color photo of Rusty Wallace, three black and white contact
      RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                           page 94

sheets Pacific Raceways early 60’s, signed letter from Stirling Moss dated

11A85: Wayne Elwood Photos DVD

  DVD with photos as follows:

  Grand Prix, 78-80 Watkins Glen, 76 Mosport, 80 Long Beach

  Can Am, 78, 79 Mosport, Watkins Glen

  Indy Car, 78 Mosport

  IMSA, 79, 80, 82 Daytona Watkins Glen, Mosport

  Speed World Challenge, 99-2003 Mosport

  Grand Am, 2000 Mosport

  ALMS and Corvette 2000, 03, 06

  Misc Vintage, 78 Ferrari and other

11A86: Bruce Perry Collection

  Formula 1 Wheels Press Kit 1969

  Bobcor Alfa Club Newsletters 1974

  Shankletter Alfa parts newsletter 10/76

  Mitcom Porsche/Audi Road/track Catalog 1976

  Columbia Motor Corp Tailpipe/muffler catalog for imported cars 4/65

  Quaker State Oil bulletin P-952Q, British and European Passenger and
Sports Car data sheets

  World of Outlaws 1997 Souvenir Yearbook

  Speedometer Service and Instrument Co. Rallye Equip. Catalog, 1958

  Riverside Steeplechase Motorcycle Races, 1956 Season
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                          page 95

  Grand Turismo Steering Wheel catalog, 1965

  Almquist New Products catalog, 1960

  Ala Kart steering wheel ad

  Vic & Walt Racing and Sports Car Equipment catalog, 1982

  Deserter GS article reprinted from Car Craft Magazine, early 70s

  Turbokar Turbocharging catalog, for American and Import cars, 1979

   Special Program Auto Races Sunday March 2nd, Jacksonville Speedway,
FL pre war

  Grandview Speedway News Releases, 75-76

  Annual Race Car Meet, AntiqueAuto Racing Assoc., Davenport, Iowa,
Oct 1-2, no year

  National Sprint Car Annual, 1990

  Program, Empire Speedway, Farmington, Mo 1983

  Program, Ice Races, 1990 World Championship Winter Carnival Cup,
2/3-4/90, Lake Phalen, St. Paul, MN

  R.D.A. Calendar, Ontario (Canada) Road Racing, 1973

  United Racing Club 1987 program

12A1: John Bishop SCCA Photo Collection

   Approximately 600 black and white photos from SCCA archives from
early to mid 50s depicting various sports car venues and SCCA
personalities. Tracks identified include Watkins Glen, Elkhart Lake,
Bridgehampton, Le Mans, Brynfan Tyddyn and Giants Despair, SAC base
races, Milwaukee State Fairgrounds, Put in Bay, and SCCA National

12A2: Bruce Rumsey Collection
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                           page 96

  Three mounted black and white photos as follows:

  1933 Car #2, Frame Miller Special, driver Peter Kreis and Charles
Maraunt, riding mechanic

  1934 Car #2, two photos pre race and 3rd place post race, driver Lou
Moore, and Charles Maraunt, riding mechanic

  Paperback publication, The Golden Guide to Sports Cars, 1966

12A3: Doug Stokes/Tom Cecil American 500cc Formula 111

  Miscellaneous papers and items from Tom “Rigger” Cecil’s collection of
American 500cc Formula 111 collection provided by Doug Stokes.

12A4: Jack Brubaker Collection

  16mm film 1952 Watkins Glen Grand Prix

  1950 Bridgehampton Sports Car Race Program

12A5: James Brown/Jim Ball Collection

   Posters, prints, videos, calendars and books - significant items below:

   Framed artwork:

   Rosemeyer/Caracciola 1937, Vanderbilt Cup by Gotschke

   Alfa Romeo P-2 at Lyon 1924, by Gotschke

   Leon Duray’s 1926 Miller

   Carroll Shelby Maserati 4.5 by Bill Neale, signed by Neale and Shelby

   Books: (not shelved or for resale)
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                          page 97

   Speed From the Sports Car, Floyd Clymer, 1951

   The Sports Car Engine, Floyd Clymer, 1950

   The Racing Car, Clutton, Posthumus, Jenkinson, 1962

   Montezuma’s Ferrari, personalized autograph by author, Burt Levy

   (CollierRoom, right side)

   Signed posters:

   US 500 poster 1996 signed by Jimmy Vassar

   Kendall poster 1991 signed by Hurley Haywood

   Vintage Years Poster with key signed by John Fitch

   Unsigned posters:

   1934 Monaco reprint

   1928 LSR Campbell’s Blue Bird/Castrol reprint

   Ferrari F1 1950-1985 by Ken Rush

12A6: Tony Hanson Collection

   Race Car Associates (RCA) Formula V info including assembly
instructions and photos

12A7: Ralph Smith Photo CDs

  2011 Watkins Glen 6 Hours

  2011 Watkins Glen NASCAR, 2 discs

  2010 Watkins Glen IRL, 2 discs

  2010 Watkins Glen NASCAR, 4 discs

  2010 Watkins Glen Vintage

  2009 Watkins Glen NASCAR

  2009 Watkins Glen IRL
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                           page 98

  2009 Watkins Glen Vintage

  2009 Watkins Glen Opening Day/Donahue Tribute

  2008 Watkins Glen Vintage

  2008 Watkins Glen IRL

  2007 Watkins Glen IRL

  2006 Watkins Glen IRL

  2006 Watkins Glen NASCAR

  2006 Watkins Glen Vintage GP

  2005 Watkins Glen IRL

  2005 Watkins Glen 6 Hours

  2005 Watkins Glen IRL open test

  2005 Watkins Glen Vintage GP

12A8: Calvin Lane Collection

  IMSA Camel GT Del Mar, CA press kit 1987

12A9: Sargent , Phipps and Stone Slides

  70,71,72 US Grand Prix slides from John Sargent

  F1 and sports car late 60s race promo slides from Europe some by

  David Phipps and F. David Stone

  (Collier room, left side CR-3-A)

12A10: Carlson F1 Photo CDs

   Two CDs containing excellent driver and car photos (fully identified)
from F1 races at Watkins Glen, Mosport, Brands Hatch and Long Beach,

12A11: Jack Wilkening Photos

  Large and small color photos ( some signed by drivers) of Roger
     RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011                         page 99

Penske/Cooper, Jim Hall/Chaparral, Dan Gurney, Deny Hulme at Mosport
and Elkhart Lake, mid 60’s

  John Fitch/ Corvette SS and mule car at Sebring 1957

  Sam Posey’s Camaro at Meadowdale Trans Am

  Ed Hugus’ Ferrari TR 0732

  Large black and white photos of Indy cars and drivers including Billy
Krause, Teo Fabi, Skip Hudson, Chuck Daigh, George Follmer, mid to late
RESEARCH CENTER HOLDINGS 1997-2011   page 100

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