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                                          How To Make The Garden Look Its Best
                                                          By David Fishman

    A narrow bed isn't wide enough to show off layers of plants. A flower bed would be wonderful, but
with a pond in the center it will be even better. The best way to plant a flower garden is normally on a
sloping or level ground, this will help with water runoff, if you plant on a steep slope the soil will erode
and get washed away because of the force of the water. Bacteria is very easily spread in the garden,
this can be from simple watering of plants or a heavy rainstorm that splashes water to the other
flowers. When designing your garden make sure you include the following, mulch for the beds and
walkways, concrete, bricks for the walls, any type of accessories for the garden and especially lighting
for the garden area.

Bacteria and fungi can be dormant for many years, it lays in the soil and if the right conditions come
along it activates and spreads like wild fire. However, the first time you water the soil around your
cutting, you may find you need to add more soil. That means that your garden soil may need some

Such areas are often left with compacted soil due to construction. If your soil is not filled with nutrients
then mix in some organic soil and material, this can be from your compost pile or you can purchase
organic soil from your local nursery. The problem was that the fill that was trucked in to create this yard
was all chunks of blacktop and concrete with a light sprinkling of top soil to cover the chunks.

Planting your flower garden this way will allow your plants to bask in the loving warmth of the sun all
morning on the eastern part and all the afternoon on the western side. Beautiful flowers at your
disposal are possible by planting a well-stocked flower garden. When planning for a garden make sure
you plant

To design a wild flower garden, you do not need to be a specialist or an artist, you just need to be
observant and let your creative juices flow. Will your new wild flower garden be visible from the house,
if so, perhaps you would like to plant your favorite colors so every day is a feast for your eyes.

Tulip bulbs are easily the most recognizable bulb flower in the world today. True bulbs are an incubator
for a flower bud embryo already inside. One of the most famous bulbs is tulips, they come in many
colors. Perennial flowers or bulbs mean they come back each year and do not have to be replanted
because these type of plants will come back each year and bloom, annuals on the other hand will only

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

bloom for one season.

Choosing many different hues in your garden and combining them with sharp colors make the garden
much more interesting and full of life. Choosing the right bulbs involves more than just selecting colors
and cultivars, you need to be sure you know when the bulbs bloom and how long they last.

Remember a garden will always look good as long as you keep everything alive.

David Marc Fishman is the owner of the fix it website. via video. Try out the
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                                           A Beginners Guide To Garden Bridges
                                                   By Charles & Susan Truett

Just because you dont have huge, elaborate gardens does not mean you cant accentuate what you do
have with garden bridges. Garden bridges could be just what you need to turn those mediocre garden
areas into something quite splendid.

Garden bridges can add a touch of country or formal design to a garden. Small garden bridges are
easy to find. There are many garden bridges that you can find in garden centers or home improvement
centers. One of the best places to find small garden bridges may be online. There are lots of sites that
have many ideas for small garden bridges.

If you are good with a hammer and nails you may even be able to make your own garden bridge. Plans
are available at building stores and at online sites. You will find many choices for garden bridges at
these online sites and you can also see photos of many different bridge styles.

A garden bridge can be a big benefit for your garden space. A small garden bridge will look attractive in
a smaller garden and draw attention to a specific area.

You can choose the right small garden bridge if you do a little planning ahead of time. If you have a
smaller garden you will want a smaller garden bridge. Look at the space you have and decide where a
bridge would fit in. Consider more than one area and then choose your favorite.

There are some lovely gardens that are small in size but large in beauty because garden bridges have
been added in just the right places.

We have a large number of styles and varieties of garden
bridges available online. For more information and to learn
more about garden bridges, visit:
Garden Bridges Online

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