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Vol. 40 No. 5                                    Visit Us on the Web at                            JUNE-JULY 2010

           St. Louis Police Officers’ Association
                  Filing Dates For Office
    The St. Louis Police Officers’ Association office will accept applications from candidates for the next election
    starting on Monday, August 2, through, Friday, August 6, 8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M. The election itself will be
    held September 1 through September 15. Any active member of the Association not above the rank of
    Sergeant, who has been in good standing continually for the period of one (1) year next preceding the date
    of filing for elective office, may become a candidate for an elective office. Such candidacy must be declared
    by filing a petition of candidacy in the office of the Association.

                     At-Large Officers to be elected
                         VICE PRESIDENT
                      RECORDING SECRETARY
                                    REQUIREMENTS FOR AT-LARGE OFFICERS
    The petitions of candidacy for At-Large Offices of Vice President, Recording Secretary and Treasurer must bear
    the signature of ten (10) seconds from Association members in good standing. Applications must be returned to
    the Association office by 5:00 p.m. Friday, August Sixth (6th). No active member can second two petitions for
    the same office.

                                   Districts Representatives
                 2nd – 3rd (1-year term) – 4th – 6th – 8th – 10th – 12th Districts
    Division 10 includes: Deputy Chief of Criminal Investigations • Cyber Crimes • Crimes Against Persons
    • Homicide • Sex Crimes/Child Abuse • DART • Crimes Against Property • Auto Theft-Bombing & Arson •
    Fraud-Vice • Narcotics • Warrant & Fugitive/Fugitive Task Force • Laboratory/ID • Juvenile
    Division 12 includes: Deputy Chief North Patrol • North Bureau • North Patrol Desk/Holdover • Central
    Bureau • Central Patrol Desk/Holdover • Deputy Chief South Patrol • South Bureau • South Patrol
    The petitions of candidacy for District Representatives must contain the signature of five (5) seconds from
    Association members in good standing. Applications must be returned to the Association office by 5:00 p.m.
    Friday, August Sixth (6th). No active member can second two petitions for the same office.
                                              PETITIONS OF CANDIDACY
    Petitions of candidacy are available at the Association office, 3710 Hampton Ave. Order of each candidates
    name on the ballot for a particular officer shall be the order in which each candidate filed his or her petition
    of candidacy.

                Open Weekdays only - Monday thru Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Page 2      GENDARME June-July 2010
                                                                                                         by a public pension. And, no                     darme that Jim had received the
                                                                                                         one knows where health insur-                    Greater St. Louis Labor Coun-
                                                                                                         ance is headed.                                  cil’s endorsement. That state-
                                                                                                             People, we have just a few                   ment was accurate; however
          From the President                                                                             weeks remaining before the                       the endorsement has since
                           By Tom Walsh                                                                  election takes place (August                     been pulled. The Labor Coun-
                                                                                                         3rd). We cannot sit back any-                    cil’s board elected to keep the
    Each member of the St.                         State Senators that represent                         more. Since most won’t or                        endorsement for the 4th District
Louis Police Officer Associa-                      the population of the City of St.                     can’t physically participate then                Senatorial Seat “open” after
tion, each member of the Ethi-                     Louis will be independent of                          we must donate to Jim’s cam-                     State Senator Tim Green inter-
cal Society of Police, each                        Mayor Slay. If we achieve this                        paign. A mere $50.00 from                        vened; likely on Mayor Slay‘s
member of the Leadership                           goal we will secure protection                        each member of our organiza-                     behalf. This is not a loss, how-
Organization, each member of                       for our pension from Mayor                            tions will allow Jim’s campaign                  ever.
the Civilian Organization, each                    Slay and his city cronies for at                      managers to effectively pro-                          Initially the endorsement
Retiree and each beneficiary of                    least the next four years and                         mote Jim to the citizens under                   went the other way and would
a deceased member of the                           likely the next eight years.                          the 4th District Senatorial Seat.                have stayed with Jim’s oppo-
pension system must evaluate                           I realize the national trend                      A conservative estimate of                       nent had the SLPOA not joined
how important the pension sys-                     is to strip the public pension                        3000 individuals, totaled from                   the Greater St. Louis Labor
tem is to him/her. We have                         systems of future participants.                       all of our organizations, would                  Council. Vice-President Steiger
the opportunity to protect our                     Make no mistake, however,                             raise $150,000.00 for Jim’s                      was instrumental in the removal
pension by ensuring Retired                        that Mayor Slay and most city                         campaign. Seems like well                        of the endorsement for Jim’s
Sergeant Jim Long is elected                       politicians, want to change our                       spent money to me.                               opponent. We were surprised
to the 4th District Senatorial                     pension system for all of us                              The donations are needed                     as anyone when it was
Seat in the Missouri Senate.                       who are already in the system.                        now. Bring your donations to                     announced that Jim received
    Sadly, this opportunity does                   You need to look no further                           any of the fundraisers. Bring                    the Labor Council’s endorse-
not appear to be important to                      than the ballot initiatives that                      your money to the SLPOA hall.                    ment; we were hoping the Labor
most members of our organiza-                      were filed this past legislative                      Send the money to Jim Long at                    Council would stay neutral in
tions. Except for a few, the                       session, the proposed changes                         P.O. Box 15193, St. Louis, MO.                   the race, being the SLPOA was
offer to assist Jim in his cam-                    to our pension system that the                        63110. Call Jim Long at 368-                     only admitted into the Labor
paign has been nonexistent.                        city is demanding and the han-                        0319 or 351-0611, he’ll arrange                  Council this month (June). Do
The donations to Jim’s cam-                        dling of the budget by the city                       to have the money picked-up.                     not fret the lack of an endorse-
paign have been tepid at best;                     politicians for proof of this.                        Choose whatever means you                        ment for Jim, the Greater St.
In fact, Jim has been better                           Without securing another                          choose and whatever amount                       Louis Labor Council is and will
supported by those outside of                      source of funds for our “golden                       you want, but do it.                             be of great value to the SLPOA;
our organizations.                                 years” not one of us will sur-                                                                         after all Jim’s opponent lost an
    For the first time, that I can                 vive financially if Mayor Slay                               Labor Endorsement                         endorsement he was sure he
remember, we have the ability                      and his cronies gain control of                            I wrote in last month’s Gen-                had.
to ensure security for ourselves                   the pension system. As Police
by electing one of our own to                      Officers, we do not receive
the State Senate. If we                            social security benefits unless                                  Steve Simms Painting & Remodeling
achieve this goal, Mayor Fran-                     you work secondary jobs and                                 Call For Your Free Estimates On Your Painting & Remodeling Needs
cis Slay loses his puppet in the                   even then you only get a small                                             Specializing In Preparation For Sale
State Senate. If we achieve                        percentage of what you would
this goal, it means that all three                 receive if you were not covered                            636-464-4557               Retired 3rd District         314-882-4323 (Cell)

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Board of Directors: Rick Metz, Brian King, Matt Simpson,
                    Michael Marshall (Ret.), Tom Walsh, Executive Board-Officio
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                     ST. LOUIS POLICE OFFICERS’ ASSOCIATION                                                                         Bill McDonough, Chairman
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John Winter           Mickey Owens         Dino Orlando         Mike Kegel        Lori Fuller                                                  Pension
                                                                                                                                      Dino Orlando, Chairman
District 2            District 5           District 8           Division 11       Division 13
                                                                                                      "The objective of the Saint Louis Police Officers' Association shall be to advance the moral,
John DeSpain          Chris Zarbo          Eric Bartlett        Martin Garcia     Nikole Shrum
                                                                                                      social and material standing of the members of the Association by honorable and lawful
District 3            District 6           District 9                                                 means. As a labor organization the Association shall endeavor to achieve Collective Bargain-
Thomas Hickel         Thomas Carroll       Jeff Long                                                  ing with Binding Arbitration."     (Preamble of the Association's Constitution and By-Laws)
                                                                                                                                                   June-July 2010 GENDARME   Page 3

                     By Tom Walsh, President
                                                                                                                                         Did You
             St. Louis Police Officers Association
    Once again St. Louis City political leaders are misleading its
citizens with rhetoric about the need to control firefighter pen-                                                                             By Matthew Simpson,
sions so the City can balance its budget.                                                                                                    The population of Saint Louis
    The problem is not firefighter pensions. The problem is                                                                              was on a strong rise from 1880 to
abysmal fiscal management by City leaders.                                                                                               1950. With a population of 350,518
    Like police, firefighters only have their pensions at retire-                                                                        in 1880 Saint Louis ranked 6th in the
ment. They do not get Social Security.                                                                                                   nation and made up 16% of Mis-
    Like police, firefighters contribute to their pensions; 7 and                                                                        souri‘s 2,168,380 citizens.
8% of pay respectively.                                                                                                                      Reaching 821,960 in 1930 the
    Like police, firefighters could earn higher salaries in nearby                                                                       population continued it’s strong
                                                                                                                                         incline during the baby boom reach-
communities. They look to their pensions as a partial equalizer.
                                                                                                                                         ing 856,796 during 1950. Yet,
    Like police, the firefighter pension system has a history of                                                                         despite it’s previous influx Saint
being ignored by the City. For 11 years, from 1992 through                                                        Louis hit a brick wall as people began to leave the city.
2002 the City contributed nothing to the police pension system.                                                   Just ten years later Saint Louis fell in population by
A private employer during that period at a minimum would have                                                     106,770 citizens a 12% drop in the population and never
had to contribute nearly $50-million in Social Security and                                                       looked forward again!
Medicare payments, but the City contributed nothing … nothing                                                         Unable to bring them back or recruit new citizens, Saint
was saved for a rainy day.                                                                                        Louis continued this downward spiral: 1970: 622,236;
    The courts have ordered that the police pension system                                                        1980: 453,085; 1990: 396,685; 2000: 348,189.
must be made whole; that the City must pay-in monies it held                                                          Where will Saint Louis‘ population be in 2010? Ranking
back. Don’t blame the pension systems, blame City misman-                                                         34th in 1990 and dropping to 49th just ten years later it is
agement.                                                                                                          feasible to say 2010 will likely see a rank in the low to mid
    18 months ago the State Auditor found serious monetary                                                        50’s.
discrepancies, procedural inefficiencies and determined the                                                           With the lack of quality jobs, high crime due to the dras-
City had grossly mismanaged most of its departments, includ-                                                      tic overuse of probation as opposed to jail time by our city
ing the Department of Public Safety, which controls the Fire                                                      judiciary system and the lack of focus on the true needs of
Department.                                                                                                       our citizens and neighborhoods the population may contin-
    Instead of addressing these problems, look at what the City                                                   ue to decline, as citizens flee for the greener pastures of
is proposing … furloughs; health benefit cuts; cuts in overtime,                                                  the stronger governed Saint Louis County.
sick leave, vacation time, shift and holiday differential; layoffs;                                                   Census information was obtained from
and “modifications to the firefighters pension system” … all tar-
geting the average employee.
    What about the City’s top-heavy management; where are
their cuts? Why do we need 39 elected City officials when
                                                                                                                Supporting the SLPOA and the families it serves as the only
other cities our size are managed with 6 to 8 elected officials?                                                realtor continuously advertising in the Gendarme since 1998.
Why do we continue to prop up a system that “grossly misman-                                                    OH, BY THE WAY . . . I'm never too busy for your referrals!
aged most of its departments”?
                                                                                                                                                Karen Majda, GRI
    The City pins a target on “controlling pension costs” in the
hopes that its citizens will focus there instead of the City’s mis-                                                               The Home Stretch Team
management by our elected officials.                                                                                              Prudential Select Properties
                                                                                                                                  4448 Lemay Ferry Rd. St. Louis, MO 63129
    Pension systems are legally (per the courts), morally (per                                                                    314-714-1100 office 314-574-2560 cell
employee contribution) and ethically a benefit to those who
have, and will continue to put their lives on the line. The City                                                                         Select Properties
needs to reset its sights.

                                          IN THIS ISSUE
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 Did You Know. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 3
 City Sets Sights on Wrong Target. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 3
 Veterans Column. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 4
 Fade Out. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 4
 Veterans Column. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 5
 Police Officers Killed in June and July. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 5
 Legislative Update . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Pages 6-7
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 FOP Update . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 8
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 Officers of Year. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 10
 Where’s the Fiscal Respon sibility . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 11
 Memorial Breakfast. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 12
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 Battle of the Badges. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 15
 Chaplain’s Corner. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 16
 Police Work 101. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Pages 18-19
 Fraud Prevention Taskforce . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 20
 Steps to Retirement . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 21
 Where Next . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 22
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 Calendar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 24
Page 4     GENDARME June-July 2010
                                                                                                                   or immediately after June 20         Now the administrator must
                                                                                                                   you were not affected by the         calculate how much each
                                                                                                                   BC/BS screw-up. Come July            claimant is due. Checks must
                 Veteran’s Corner                                                                                  1, 2010, the new reduced ben-        be written, and the judge must
            By George Ratermann, SLPVA President                                                                   efit Basic goes into effect          approve the settlement. A
         St. Louis Police Veterans’ Association– Web: Email:                          along with the higher cost           check will be mailed to the
              Monthly Meetings: 2nd Wednesday of the Month – 11:30 a.m., SLPOA Hall
                                                                                                                   Buy-Up premiums.                     address you furnished on the
       Health Insurance                                        and they conveyed that infor-                                                            claim form. All this will take
    We have two issues with                                    mation to Express Scripts, our                         August and September              some time so don’t be planning
health insurance to consider                                   pharmacy benefit manager.                                  SLPVA Meetings                on buying that new flat screen
this month. The first is the                                   Those of us that tried to fill a                          Our next meeting is            in the next few weeks.
new lower benefit Blue Cross                                   prescription, make a doctor                         August 11, 11:30 AM at the
& Blue Shield (BC/BS) basic                                    office visit, or had some hospi-                    SLPOA Hall. The May Gen-              SLPVA Contact Information
and that is coupled with the                                   tal or outpatient procedure                         darme calendar incorrectly               Information on our meet-
higher cost buy-up BC/BS                                       scheduled after June 20 found                       listed August 11 as our              ings, applications, and other
insurance. The higher cost for                                 that the providers were being                       Cook-Out. We will have our           things of interest are all avail-
the buy-up is directly caused                                  told that our coverage ended                        regular monthly meeting on           able on the SLPVA website,
by the higher deductible, co-                                  June 20, 2010. Some hasty                           August 11 at the SLPOA Hall. The SLPVA
pays and higher cost shares of                                 phone calls had to be made to                       Our Fall Cook-Out will be Sep-       accepts e-mail at mail@slpva.
the basic plan. There is simply                                verify that our coverage did not                    tember 8, 12:00 Noon, in Will-       com . You can also send mail
more to buy-up, more costs for                                 expire on June 20, some from                        more Park, Pavilion #1, next to      to: SLPVA, c/o SLPOA, 3710
the buy-up to cover, so the                                    the hospital before a needed                        the tennis courts.                   Hampton Ave, St. Louis, MO
cost of the buy-up increases.                                  surgery could be started.                                                                63109
Since the SLMPD decided to                                         BC/BS in their usual                             Retiree Class Action Health                     Sick List
cut their cost for health insur-                               bureaucratic customer service                             Insurance Lawsuit                  Don Strate
ance, retires under 65 have                                    procedures did not move to re-                          All claims had to be filed           Charlie Shine
two choices – pay the higher                                   establish coverage for all                          by June 14, 2010, and we                 Lou Rizzuti
deductibles, co-pays, and cost                                 retirees when they learned of                       have passed that deadline.
shares OR pay the higher cost                                  their mistake. Instead, BC/BS
of the buy-up. There is no free                                restored coverage one mem-
lunch. The Department did a
shift of costs from the SLMPD
                                                               ber at a time—but only after
                                                               the member contacted BC/BS
                                                                                                                                        FADE OUT
to us. Now we will be paying                                   or SLMPD benefits office.                           The following officers retired:
for our own lunch (buy-up                                      What BC/BS should have                                                        Appointed                  Effective
insurance).                                                    done is to restore benefits for                     P.O. James Arras          08/29/88                   06/07/10
    The second insurance                                       the entire group when they                          Sgt. Kenneth F. Hornack 02/20/80                     05/31/10
issue is one I hope you didn’t                                 learned of their mistake. But                       P.O. Adron Long           08/04/75                   06/14/10
notice. Someone at BC/BS                                       they did not.                                       Lt. Courtland Ramey       04/14/89                   06/21/10
erroneously ended Retiree                                          If you made no BC/BS
BC/BS insurance on June 20                                     health or pharmacy claims on                        The Gendarme takes this opportunity to wish the offiers named
                                                                                                                   above the very best in the future, and may the wind be always at
                                                                                                                   your back.

                                                   WEBER                                                               Nichols, Ziemann, Ahmed CPA’s
                                                   CHEVROLET                                                             ACCOUNTING, TAX & PLANNING SERVICES
                                                                                                                       Discount For Law Enforcement Personnel
   We will sell the following
   Chevrolets to Police                                                                                                OFFICE                                 PROFESSIONAL
                                                                                                                                   10425 OLD OLIVE ST. ROAD A ACCOUNTING
   Officers, their Families and                                                                                       569-3800        ST. LOUIS, MO 63141    CORPORATION

   retired Police Officers at
   GM Supplier Price*:
   Aveo            Trailblazer
   Cobalt          Tahoe                                                                    John Isbell
                                                                                                                                      POLICE JEWELRY
                                                                                      Father of a Police Officer
   Malibu          Suburban
   Impala          Colorado
                                                                                                                                      St. Louis
   HHR             Silverado                                                                                                          Knightstik, Inc.
   Equinox         Avalanche
                                                                                                                                        Veterans • Retirees • Recruits
   And we will make a                                                                                                                   New from St. Louis Knightstik: available in
   $100 donation to the                                                                                                                 Yellow or White Gold. This new ring depicts
                                                                                                                                        Star Badge from years gone by on one side
   Backstoppers in your name.                                                           Jonathan Hegger
                                                                                                                                        and the current one on the other side. A
                                                                                        Son of a Police Officer
                                                                                                                                        ladies ring will be available in weeks.
   (314) 487-4075
                                                                                                                                      CONTACT RETIRED P.O. DON PIPES
   (618) 281-5111                                                                                                                     314-330-3200
   (Pre-owned cars also qualify                                                                                                       St. Michael medals, badge pendants, earrings
   for $100 Backstoppers donation)                                                                                                    are all available in yellow or white gold.
                                                                                Sam Ventimiglia, New Car Mgr.                         Will ship to any town within mainland United States
   * Or Invoice, whichever is lower
                                                                                        Former Police Officer
                                                                                                                        June-July 2010   GENDARME         Page 5

           Veteran’s Corner                                                                  ST. LOUIS POLICE OFFICERS
                            By John Cullen
    Last month I said that would be my last column, well never say
                                                                                        KILLED IN THE PERFORMANCE OF DUTY
never. One of the reasons I did not want to do this anymore is                              DURING THE MONTH OF JUNE:
because I was running out of things to say. Yeah, I know it is hard                 John W. Skinner           1868             Sidney E. Sears        1924
to believe I was lost for words, but I was. Then I went to the
                                                                                    Charles Printz            1879             William M. McCormack 1929
fundraiser for Jeff Roorda, you know the guy who spoke up for us
                                                                                    Dennis D. Crane           1900             Edward E. Schnittker   1930
at the hearing on the House bill in Jefferson City. Frankly I was
disappointed in our attendance, after the way he stood up for us.                   Richard Delaney           1901             Anthony Retkowski      1936
There were 60 plus of us at the hearing when he did it. You must                    Louis Schnarr             1912             Raymond Michael Hacker 1948
know if you want people to help you, you must help them when                        Henry S. Smith            1914             Gregory J. Erson       1980
they need it. I told myself its June, there are graduations, vaca-                  August Schwind            1918             Johnnie C. Corbin      1985
tions, the children are out of school, the weather is nice and we all               Thomas Ward               1919             Lorenzo L. Rodgers     1990
have things to do. Ok, so I made excuses for us in my mind.                         Roger J. Harty            1924
Now I am asking those of you who can afford it to get out your
checkbook like I did and write a small check to the committee to                            ST. LOUIS POLICE OFFICERS
elect Jeff Roorda and send it to the SLPOA hall Attention Jeff
Roorda, 3710 Hampton Ave, St, Louis, Mo. 63109.
                                                                                       KILLED IN THE PERFORMANCE OF DUTY
    Well I am up on the soapbox now so here goes. Most of us                               DURING THE MONTH OF JULY:
have tried to stay out of politics. Then comes along Jim Long, he                   Julius H. Petring         1917
is running for the Missouri State Senate and wouldn’t it be nice to                                                             John H. Grogan            1925
                                                                                    William J. Smith          1919
have one of us in the Senate. With all that has transpired in the                                                               William F. Cotter         1934
                                                                                    Bernard T. Cook           1922
state legislature in the last session I don’t have to tell you how                                                              Edward James Fabick       1948
                                                                                    Harry W. Lemkemeier       1922
important it is to get him elected and get the mayors guy out. Jim                                                              Paul McCulloch            1964
Long had his phone number 314-368-0319 in the last months of                        Bernard Early             1924
                                                                                                                                Harry W. Oebels           1966
the Gendarme so if you can help him out in some way please do it                    Peter A. Finnerty         1924
for yourself.
    It has been an honor to serve this fine organization as Trea-
surer and then President. I plan to continue, as an active member
but it is time for someone else to take the lead. No one is indis-
pensable and least of all am I. All of the members of this fine
organization are what make it so great. Thank you all so much for
your help.
    HB1606 for City Control was defeated on the floor of the
house. Go to and check it out.
    Just for clarification the St. Louis Police Veterans’ Association
is an organization for Veterans of the St. Louis Police Department                                          TOOL AND MANUFACTURING CO.
and there is no need for you to have been in the Military.
    The meeting is held the second Wednesday of every month at                                             2539 St. Louis Ave. St. Louis, MO 63106
the Association hall except May and September when it is at
Wilmore Park. Most of the officers come in early for a donut, a
drink, and social time. The actual meeting usually starts at 11:30
AM except for the picnics, which start at Noon.

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Page 6     GENDARME June-July 2010

                                                                         dum on whether the City                 form of State Control. We
                                                                         should have control of the St.          don’t enjoy this type of State
                                                                         Louis Police Department. I              Control of our police depart-
                                                                         have seen the wording of this           ment. We are subjected to
 Legislative Committee Report                                            legislation and the wording is          political influence and retribu-
 By Joe Steiger, Vice President, Legislative Chairman                    manipulated to sway voter’s             tion for our successful endeav-
                                                                         opinions in their favor. Your           ors against the wishes of
      Jim Long for Senate                                                                                        Mayor Slay in our fight against
    I was very pleased to see a                                                                                  Local Control.
much better response recently                                                                                        Included in the city govern-
from our members to help one                                                                                     ment’s $3 million dollar budget
of our brothers. As all of you                                                                                   reduction mandate were spe-
now know, Jim Long is running                                                                                    cific instructions to reduce $1
for Senate in the 4th Senatori-                                                                                  million dollars from compensa-
al District. Having Jim’s sup-                                                                                   tion of Police Officers. The
port in the state senate will be                                                                                 Mayor has said this was done
instrumental in maintaining                                                                                      so we could, “feel the pinch” of
current state control of the                                                                                     the City’s budget issues. The
police department and keep-                                                                                      Police Board had a perfectly
ing the city from plundering                                                                                     reasonable and responsible
our pension and benefits. We                                                                                     solution to reduce the $3 mil-
asked for help and many of                                                                                       lion taken from our budget yet
you responded but there is still                                                                                 City Hall just chose to take $1
so much work to be done. If                                                                                      million directly from Police Offi-
you haven’t been able to find                                                                                    cers’ benefits because they
some time to pitch in for the        and we will need all the assis-     SLPOA Executive Board will              wanted to send a message,
cause, PLEASE do everything          tance we can get. This organi-      do everything possible to               hence freezing our step raises
you can to make yourself             zation is counting on our           address this and will do what           and the furloughs of our civilian
available. Your Executive            members to continue to work         we can to battle this blatant           employees. Let’s send a mes-
Board is working tirelessly to       not only for Jim but also for       attack on our pensions and              sage back to Mayor Slay and
make this a reality but we still     yourselves. Jim can’t do this       benefits. But don’t assume              his cronies like Senator Joe
need YOUR help. If you               alone. We need your help.           that this can be accomplished           Keaveny. City Hall has proven
haven’t given a few hours of         This is way too important to        by only a few members. The              time and again that local con-
time yet, please contact your        take a back seat.                   Firefighters have recently              trol of the police department is
District/Division Representa-                                            taken a huge hit from our city          about money, political power
tive and find out how you can                     City Hall              alderman and we have felt the           and control of our pensions
help, call the SLPOA Hall to              Many of you have seen the      effects of city politics as well.       and benefits. Don’t let them
inquire or call me personally        recent attempts by the Board            The Board of Police Com-            push you around. Stand up for
and I will give you ideas of         of Alderman to send a ballot        missioners submitted a budget           yourselves and for the future of
how you can help. We are             initiative to St. Louis City vot-   to City Hall for fiscal year 2011       your spouses and children!
coming down to crunch time           ers for a non-binding referen-      and it was sent back to the             Take an active role in your
                                                                         Board with instructions to              Association.
                                                                         reduce $3 million dollars. St.              We can respond to this
                                                                         Louis City currently has com-           political action against our
                                                                         plete fiscal control of the             compensation and benefits by
  McCarthy, Leonard, Kaemmerer,                                          police department. City Hall
                                                                         has the ability to designate
                                                                                                                 helping Jim Long get elected.
                                                                                                                 We are in need of volunteers to
  Owen, McGovern & Striler, L.C.                                         specific changes in the budget          canvass neighborhoods over
                                                                         through a line item control.            the last weeks of Jim’s cam-
                                                                         Kansas City, the other State            paign. We are also going to
                 ATTORNEYS AT LAW                                        Controlled Police Department            need people to help work the
                                                                         in Missouri, is given a flat bud-       polls on Election Day. I know
                                                                         get and the Civilian Police             we are all put under tough con-
                                                                         Board is allowed to address             straints on Election Days with
         • Approved legal counsel for St. Louis                          the areas of concern without            the Election Detail, but we will
                                                                         political intervention. This is         need our people to help. If you
           Police Officers’ Association for Internal Affairs
                                                                         the ideal and the intended                              Continued on page 7
           Investigations and Board Trials

         • 25% Discount to SLPOA Members on Wills,
           Real Estate, and Contracts Cases
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         • Expertise in Personal Injury, Workers                         As the wife of your fellow police officer, Tom Burgoon, I
           Compensation, and Criminal Law                                look forward to working with you to accomplish your
                                                                         real estate needs and helping you make the right decision.
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                                                                                                             June-July 2010     GENDARME          Page 7

LEGISLATIVE                         SLPOA website. We cannot
Continued from page 6               use department email to dis-
work the day shift we will need     seminate much of the vital                Candidates Endorsed By The
you for the afternoon and           information that we need to get       St. Louis Police Officers’ Association
evening shifts. We will need        out to our members. Our web-
the afternoon and night watch       site is the only outlet we have     State Auditor
officers to help with the day-      to talk about sensitive or                  Democrat                          Republican
time poll shifts. You can send      department prohibited materi-               Susan Montee                      Allen Icet
a message to City Hall by           al. Please log onto the
helping Jim Long get elected        SLPOA website and register          State Senate
and oust Joe Keaveny from his       as soon as you can. It only                 District 2       Scott T. Rupp                              (R)
appointed position.                 takes a few minutes.                        District 4       James H. Long                              (D)
                                                                                District 6       Kenny Jones                                (R)
         FOP Refunds                   Jeff Roorda Fundraiser                   District 14      Maria N. Chappelle-Nadal                   (D)
    Recently you received a             On Friday June 18th, we                 District 22      Ryan McKenna                               (D)
message from President              held a fundraiser for State                 District 24      John T Lamping                             (R)
Walsh about a miscalculation        Representative Jeff Roorda at
                                                                        State Representative
of dues from our FOP with-          our SLPOA hall. I applaud all
                                    of you who found the time to                District 11      Ed Schieffer                               (D)
holdings. This was no fault of
                                    stop by and donate to a man                 District 18      Anne Zerr                                  (R)
Tom Walsh. This was a cleri-
                                    who has stood strong for our                District 24      Chris Kelly                                (D)
cal error that was actually
                                    members. Jeff was very                      District 47      Jeff Grisamore                             (R)
uncovered and corrected by
                                    pleased with the amount of                  District 57      Karla May                                  (D)
Tom in February of this year.
                                    money he was able to raise.                 District 58      James T. Morris                            (D)
He recently sent a message to
                                    Thank you to all who attended.              District 65      Michele Kratky                             (D)
all of you to claim your over-
                                    Martin Garcia, Anthony Boet-                District 66      Genise Montecillo                          (D)
draft amount and challenged
                                    tigheimer and Jeff Long, who                District 67      Mike Colona                                (D)
our members to donate this
                                    helped out tremendously in                  District 85      Vicki Lorenz Englund                       (D)
amount to the James Long for
                                    making this event a success,                District 89      Timothy W. Jones                           (R)
Senate campaign. I have
                                    deserve special thanks. This                District 90      Sam Komo                                   (D)
been very pleased by the posi-
                                    event wouldn’t have been a                  District 95      Mike Leara                                 (R)
tive response. As of this writ-
                                    success without your help.                  District 101     Timothy Meadows                            (D)
ing, over 250 of our members
                                                                                District 102     Jeff Roorda                                (D)
have joined Tom and I in
                                       2011 Legislative Session                 District 117     Caleb Jones                                (R)
donating their refunds to Jim
                                        Your SLPOA leaders and                  District 132     Don Ruzika                                 (R)
Long’s campaign. Your POA
                                    our Lobbyist are formulating a              District 137     Charlie Norr                               (D)
asked and you have delivered.
I challenge the rest of our         plan to take the fight to our
members to do the same. All         opponents in Jefferson City
you have to do to help is send      next year. I promise to work         Great Deals from the Dave Sinclair Automotive Group
an email to SLPOA@sbcglob-          tirelessly for all of you and to    Your Substation for New and Pre-Owned Cars, Trucks, SUV’s and Conversion Vans to contribute. Include       continue to press our issues            Come See former Police Officers: Les Williams, Bob Pizzella (SLMPD);
your name, DSN and simply           and concerns in Jefferson City.                       Tim Hagerty, Allen Jones (St. Louis County)
state donate my refund to           I would like to thank all of you       Don’t look at joints with 50 or 60 cars in stock, come choose from thousands
                                                                                                         priced ready to go.
James Long for Senate. It’s         that have given so much of
                                                                                               “Thank you, and here’s my address...”
as easy as that. Most of you        your time to make this a suc-
are entitled to about $22. That     cess. I hope I can inspire all of                   DAVE SINCLAIR FORD
may not seem like a lot of          you to take an interest in              7466 S. Lindbergh (at Lemay Ferry), St. Louis, MO 63125 (314)892-2600
money by itself but when you        YOUR organization and real-
look at it collectively, if every   ize that we are so much
member donated their refund         stronger and so much better          FIELDER ELECTRICAL SERVICES, INC.
                                    when we stand together.                                       We Can Work At Your Convenience
money to Jim’s campaign that
                                                                                           Residential • Commercial • Industrial • Institutional
could raise over $20,000.           Please get involved in YOUR                       • REHAB • REMODELING • REWIRING
That will make a huge impact        organization. If you have any                     • EXISTING STRUCTURE & REMODELING SPECIALIST
and it’s a great way you can        questions or concerns, or if                      • LANDSCAPE LIGHTING • SERVICES UPGRADE
pitch in and help out with his      you would like to help out, feel                  • CONCEALED WIRING SPECIALIST • BUCKET TRUCK SERVICES
                                                                                      • FHA & VA UPGRADES • FREE ESTIMATES
campaign. Jim needs our             free to contact me on my per-
                                                                                      • LICENSED, BONDED & INSURED FOR YOUR PROTECTION
help!                               sonal cell phone at 314-703-
                                                                                                    966-3388             773-4955
    I understand many people        2275. Thanks for your contin-
were confused with what to do.      ued support. Please get
That’s why it is so important       involved! Please help out! We
for ALL of our members to get       need you! This is your future                    Automotive Unlimited, Inc.
online and register on the          at stake!                                                              Lou Puricelli, Owner
                                                                                                         Phone (314) 638-0402

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Page 8   GENDARME     June-July 2010
                                                                       year, but to include the national dues in that amount.
                                                                           The delegates passed the amended amendment unanimously
                                                                       on the conference floor. Simply stated, what that means to us is
                                                                       an increase of 77 cents per paycheck. I think we can all live with
                     FOP Update                                        that. A dues increase to the state FOP has not occurred in over
          By Kevin Ahlbrand, President Mo. State Lodge                 20 years. With our every year battle against city control, we will
                                                                       need help from our brothers and sisters across the state. It is
    On June 25th and 26th, the 2010 biennial Missouri State Fra-       also our opportunity to help the smaller lodges that utilize the ser-
ternal Order of Police Conference was held at the Tan-Tar-A            vices of the state FOP more than the SLPOA.
resort, Lake of the Ozarks.                                                A complete revision of the state FOP constitution and by-laws
    Over 100 delegates were present representing lodges from all       was also approved. This mostly entailed housekeeping changes.
across Missouri. Present from the SLPOA/Lodge 68 were Chris                Butch Albert of lodge 15 received the “Member of the Year”
Zarbo, Lori Fuller, Tony Wozniak, Dino Orlando, Scott Christian        award and Rick Inglima of lodge 50 was the recipient of the “Mel
and retired member George Weindel.                                     Beverlin Leadership” award.
    Much discussion was held at the pre-conference board of                The following members were elected as the state FOP
trustees meeting regarding a proposed dues increase. Previously,       executive board for the next two years:
dues to the state FOP were $10 per year, per member. Dues to           Kevin Ahlbrand, Lodge 68            President
the national FOP are $9.50 per year per member. The accidental         Rick Inglima, Lodge 50              Executive Vice-President
death and disability policy that the state FOP carries for each        Butch Albert, Lodge 15              1st Vice-President
member costs $9.50 per year. That left 50 cents per member for         Mark Edwards, Lodge 19              2nd Vice-President
the state to operate on for a total of $2,750. Obviously that is       Greg Wheelen, Lodge 55              Treasurer
impossible. We were able to function for the last several years        Rick Kohnen, Lodge 25               Secretary
due to fundraising. Fundraising, which consisted of telemarketing,     Ron Orr, Lodge 99                   Sgt. at Arms
is distasteful to all, but there was no other choice. Last year, the   Mike Lawzano, Lodge 20              Chairman of Trustees
fundraising dried up, due in most part to the economy and now the      Bill Albertson, Lodge 3             National Trustee
state is no longer bringing in outside funds. We looked at several         This executive board will continue to work tirelessly for the
other types of fundraising, but none were cost effective.              membership, with our main focus on legislation and labor. The
    The current state executive board has slashed the budget           FOP is known as the voice of law enforcement in Jefferson City
from a high of $320,000 in FY ’07-’08 to our current proposed          and we enjoy great relationships with the governor’s and attorney
budget of $168,000. I believe we can effectively operate under         general’s offices. We currently have 3 members serving on
that budget. One option discussed was reducing or doing away           important state boards and commissions. Mark Edwards and
completely with the insurance, which pays up to $40,000 per            Jennifer Charleston sit on the POST commission and Mike
claim. The trustees overwhelmingly rejected that. The                  Dierkes was recently appointed to the Missouri Human Rights
SLPOA/Lodge 68 has made more claims than any other lodge               commission. I expect more of our members to be appointed to
and we have received much more in return than the premiums we          other boards and commissions in the near future.
have put out.                                                              Board members are consistently traveling across the state
    The amendment that was submitted was to increase dues to           gaining recognition for local lodges and bargaining contracts.
$40 per year. A compromise was reached to approve the $40 per          Hopefully, by the time you read this, H.R. 413, the national collec-
                                                                       tive bargaining bill has passed the senate. This is the national
                                                                       FOP’s top priority and passage will give us the same basic rights
                                                                       that private employees have enjoyed for over 75 years.
                                                                           I am excited to serve the membership for another term.

                                                                                      See Me For All Your
                                                                                       Appliances Needs                     Arthur W. Stumpf
                                                                                                                            Sales Professional
                                                                          751 Gravois Bluff Blvd. • Fenton, MO 63026          Off Tues. & Wed.

                                                                                       (636) 326-7000                        30 Year Veteran

         NELS C. MOSS, JR.
            ATTORNEY AT LAW
         SLPOA Approved Legal Counsel

  THE MOSS LAW FIRM PC                          314-721-LAWS(5297)
  7711 BONHOMME, STE. 850                          FAX 314-206-4749
  CLAYTON, MISSOURI 63105-1908                     PGR 314-903-8760
                                                                                                 June-July 2010   GENDARME      Page 9

                    KEAVENY vs. KERMIT?
     By Pat Heisner, Editor                                                                          M.C. of a show that neither
    It’s not as unlikely as you                                                                      entertains nor educates. He
might think.                                                                                         touts the benefits of local con-
    We all know loveable Ker-                                                                        trol as “better efficiency and
mit the frog is a puppet (or                                                                         accountability of city govern-
Muppet) if you will. Some-                                                                           ment”.
where inside that pudgy little                                                                           C’mon Senator Joe if its
green body is a hand that con-                                                                       efficiency and accountability
trols his every movement.                                                                            you really want, take a close
Even Kermit’s words are not                                                                          look at some of the outrageous
his own. They are those of                                                                           and outdated perks (including
puppet master Jim Henson. Or                                                                         take home cars) that are
at least they were, before Hen-                                                                      afforded to some city politi-
son died. Yet to this day Kermit                                                                     cians and employees. Look at
is still controlled by forces                                                                        a bloated Board of Aldermen
behind the scenes. Someone                                                                           who can no longer, by any
else orchestrates everything                                                                         stretch of the imagination, jus-
he says or does. This is all for                                                                     tify 28 positions in a city that
a reason. The Muppets have                                                                           has lost more than half its pop-
always had the same objective                                                                        ulation. It’s no secret that
—- to entertain and educate                                                                          Mayor Slay wants control of
children, and adults alike.                                                                          the police department. It’s a
    But, we also know not all                                                                        necessary and vital first step in
puppets are made of socks or                                                                         order to access the funds in
blocks or odds and ends. How                                                                         the pension system. First the
many times have you heard                                                                            Department, then the pension!
the word “puppet” used in                                                                            Then comes solvency without
business or political refer-                                                                         cutting perks or trimming bud-
ences? It usually refers to                                                                          gets.
someone who is a “front man”       ny was elected, with the fer-    Police Department from the           Putting the Police Depart-
or “mouthpiece” for somebody,      vent endorsement of Mayor        State of Missouri (a detached    ment in the hands of the City is
or some group who would            Francis Slay, to replace dis-    and unbiased assemblage) to      like giving Miss Piggy free
rather stay in the background      graced ex-senator Jeff Smith,    the City of St. Louis (a very    access to the Cookie Monster’s
and pull the strings without       he has leapt to the forefront    attached and subjective assem-   house; and I apologize to Ker-
fear of retribution.               spearheading the drive to        blage). He has taken on the      mit, who at least still entertains
    Since Senator Joe Keave-       wrest control of the St. Louis   role of the star (Kermit) and    and educates.
Page 10 GENDARME June-July 2010

       Daniel Isom, Chief of Police                2009. Their tireless dedication to pub-          P.O. Joseph M. Niemira
             City of St. Louis                     lic safety made them an example to               P.O. Ron T. Ross
    The 36 current employees and 4 citi-           their fellow officers and made them
zens who have shown an outstanding                 worthy of this prestigious honor.                  Chief’s Letter of Commendation
commitment to serving the community                                                                 Lieutenant Janice Y. Bockstruck
will be honored. Their efforts and the                    2009 Civilian of the Year                 Sergeant Harvey W. Burnett
efforts of each of you help to make our                          Karl Johnson                       P.O. Timothy A. Bockskopf
city a better and safer place.                          Buildings Division (formerly                P.O. Robert W. Farrow
    It is my honor to announce the recip-           assigned to Mounted Patrol/Stable)              P.O. Matthew A. Frichtl
ients of the 2009 Overall Officer of the              In 2009 the department reinstated             P.O. Jeremy A. Harrell
Year and Civilian of the Year Awards.              the Officer Friendly program where St.           P.O. Jeffrey S. Long
As you know, the Overall Officer and               Louis Police Officers visit elementary           P.O. Ramiro Martinez
Overall Civilian of the Year each                  schools and talk with students.                  P.O. Lawrence H. Mathews
receive $500 awards. However this                  Sergeant Catherine Dennis knew Karl              P.O. Ryan J. Murphy
year, the St. Louis Police Foundation              Johnson, then assigned to Mounted                P.O. Zachary A. Nicolay
has generously chosen to match the                 Patrol as a security guard, was a talent-        P.O. Jared K. Scheel
award, so each of the three recipients             ed artist who previously created a chil-         P.O. Erich J. Vonnida
will now receive $1,000. Congratula-               dren’s coloring book for those who visit-        P.O. Travis W. Vuichard
tions to:                                          ed Mounted Patrol. She approached                P.O. Louis C. Wilson (2 awards)
                                                   Karl and asked if he would be willing to         P.O. Samuel P. Zouglas
 2009 Overall Officers of the Year                 do the same for the Officer Friendly
            P.O. Kyle Chandler                     program. Karl jumped at the chance,                         2009 Officer of the Year
                     and                           volunteering his time to do something            1st District – P.O. Gregory W. Klipsch
    P.O. Joseph Haman, 5th District                he loved while also helping to pass              2nd District – P.O. Jared K. Scheel
    Officers Chandler and Haman were               along positive messages to children.             3rd District – P.O. Matthew A. Tesreau
strong leaders in the Fifth District in            He created an impressive coloring book           4th District – P.O. Rodney G. Hickman
2009. They made a total of 114                     with vivid illustrations, diverse charac-        5th District – P.O. Kyle N. Chandler
arrests, resulting in 121 felony charges.          ters and an immense attention to detail,                       and P.O. Joseph R. Haman
They were honored as the Fifth Dis-                and he did it all on his own time. While         6th District – P.O. Michael V. Langsdorf
trict’s Officers of the Month in Septem-           he’d been given some ideas about the             7th District – P.O. Michael A. Butler
ber 2009. Their work ethic was so                  structure of the book, Karl spent count-         8th District – P.O. Steven C. Landers
impressive that in addition to winning             less hours going above and beyond                9th District – P.O. Jerod L. Breit
the honor that month, they were also               those ideas and making the book his
nominated four other times in 2009.                own. Karl’s work symbolizes just how               2009 Overall Officers of the Year
They made several notable arrests last             valuable civilian employees are to our           P.O. Kyle N. Chandler
year, including the arrests of carjacking          department.                                      and P.O. Joseph R. Haman
suspects who robbed their victims at
gunpoint. Those suspects were locat-                   The awards will be held on                              2009 Civilians of the Year
ed by Officers Chandler and Haman but              Wednesday, July 14 at 7 p.m. at Har-             Jeri L. Atwood, Bureau of Investigation
fled. Officers Chandler and Haman                  ris-Stowe State University as we                                  & Support
were able to catch them and take them              honor Officer Kyle Chandler, Officer             Karl D. Johnson, Auxiliary Services
into custody. They were identified by              Joseph Haman, Karl Johnson and                   Sheila Miller (former employee)
the victims and warrants were issued.              each of the employees and citizens               Gail L. Woods-Laboratory
In another incident, Officers Chandler             listed below.
and Haman arrested suspects who                                                                        2009 Overall Civilian of the Year
were seen exchanging gunfire while dri-              Distinguished Service Citation                 Karl D. Johnson, Auxiliary Services
ving. These suspects put the lives of              P.O. Edgar F. Stegall
countless innocent bystanders at risk                                                                           Citizen Service Award
but were locked up by Officers Chan-                   Meritorious Service Citation                 Kathleen Hanrahan
dler and Haman. These are just two                 Sergeant Anthony Sorocko                         Cindy Malott
examples, but Officers Chandler and                P.O. Lawrence B. Kreisman                        Paula Rutkowski
Haman made multiple other arrests for              P.O. James M. Mana                               Catherine Vannier
weapons and drug charges throughout                P.O. Dan C. Newcomb

                                                                                                                   BURGLAR • FIRE • PHONE & CABLE
Former SLMPD Officers            SLPOA Approved Legal Counsel                                                          SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS
                                                                                                                     24 HOUR LOCAL MONITORING
                                                                                                                    COMPUTER & STEREO WIRING
                Millikan Wright L.L.C.                                                                             LONG RANGE RADIO INTERCOMS
                                                                                                                        Residential • Commercial
                                                                                                                          Financing Available
Personal Injury Workers’ Compensation               Civil Litigation             Owned & Operated by                         Free Estimates
                                                                              St. Louis Police Officer, Ret.          Licensed • Bonded • Insured
1826 Chouoteau         St. Louis, MO 63103
Office: 314.621.0622   Brian P. Millikan
                                                                                5923 Weber Rd.                      WILL MATCH ANY COMPEITOR’S
Fax: 314.621.8071      Scott A. Millikan           314-487-2224                                 PRICES!
                                                                                                          June-July 2010   GENDARME        Page 11

                 By Mark J. Biondolino                                                   approximately $37, 299, along with having a yearly
    On July 6, 2010, at the public employees com-                                           expense account in the amount of $4,200 and
mittee meeting a bill was passed and sent to                                                  receiving approximately 200 US postage
the Board of Aldermen to ultimately approve                                                      stamps a month, and did I mention that this
substantial pay cuts to city employees.                                                            was a part time position. Barbara Geis-
These pay cuts will greatly affect many                                                               man, city executive director of develop-
dedicated city employees who deserve                                                                    ment was recently quoted in the Post
better from their city government. One                                                                  Dispatch, saying “We’re balancing the
group in particular that will be greatly                                                                city budget,” “in a time of fiscal crisis.”
affected is our city’s Firefighters.                                                                    Apparently the financial crisis has not
    The proposed budget cuts to the           Where                                                    yet hit the City of St. Louis Board of
                                            The Fi s
Firefighters would add five unpaid fur-                                                                Aldermen, you see not only do they
lough days, eliminate approximately                                                                    make more than newly hired FULL TIME
two dozen firefighter’s jobs, increase                                                                 police officers; all twenty-eight of them

                                          Respo scal
the number of hours they would have                                                                    have previously received or will receive
to work and eliminate overnight shift                                                                 this year a $4,000 thousand dollar pay
differential pay, just to mention a
                                               nsibili                                                increase for their part time positions.
    The disgusting irony surround-                    ty                                                   People keep in mind that we are a
                                                                                                      city with a population of approximately
ing these cuts is that they are
coming from a city government
that continuously has shown that
they are fiscally irresponsible,
                                                         ?                                            340,000 residents with twenty-eight
                                                                                                     Aldermen. To put that in perspective
                                                                                                     Chicago, Illinois with a population of 2.8
                                                                                                     million have the need for only fifty Alder-
and time and again turn a blind                                                                     men. Seattle, Washington with a popula-
eye to their own mismanage-                                                                        tion of approximately 617,000 residents,
ment. They continually blame                                                                        nearly double ours, manages to make do
this financial mismanagement                                                                        with nine city council members. I could go
on the men and women in red                                                                         on but you get the point.
and blue.                                                                                               My question to city officials managing
    Do they reward the hardwork-                                                                  this financial crisis is this. How have we
ing city firefighters, who continue to                                                            come to a point where our city is in such a
do one of the most dangerous and critical jobs                                                   financial crisis that it means cutting such vital
for the citizens of St. Louis, while being paid far                                            taxpayer services, such as taking firefighters
less and worked far more than his County coun-                                                    off the streets, and increasing the workload
terparts. No, absolutely not. Instead they want                                                 of those who remain, while at the same time
to cut their pay and benefits. This is not your run                                                    stripping those remaining firefighters of
of the mill “You’re not getting a raise this year”, these                                                 the benefits that they so heroically
cuts will deeply impact the morale, structure and safe-                                                    earned and deserve? How are you
ty, of not only the dedicated firefighters of this city, but                                                also, in the same breath not only
also the citizens they protect.                                                                             able to justify the fact that we still
    What is even scarier is that the upper echelons of city                                                have the need for twenty-eight Alder-
leaders don’t seem to realize the negative impact that this                                             men in this city, but that those twenty-
will have on the Fire Department and the citizens of St. Louis.          eight Aldermen merit a substantial pay increase during a time of
Jeff Rainford the Mayors Chief of Staff was quoted by the Post Dis-      such financial crisis, and at the same time other city employees
patch, in reference to the proposed cuts, as saying “We’re not           deserve layoffs and decreased benefits. That is DISGRACEFUL.
blaming the firefighters.”But the taxpayers are not an ATM.” From             To the members of our Association, Leadership, and the Ethical
the article I assumed that his quote was referring to the rise in the    Society of Police I would ask that you take head to what is happen-
Firefighters Pension. First, I would question the city’s contribu-       ing to the men and women of the St Louis City Fire Department
tions (or lack thereof) to this pension system and second, I would       and support them during this grave injustice and be prepared to
ask since when did selflessly serving your community, risking life       stand up and fight against City Control because this is exactly what
and limb on a daily basis, and reaching your retirement years of         it looks like.
service qualify as being a burden on the taxpayers of the city. As
a taxpaying citizen of this city I would much prefer my taxes go
toward the well deserved pension of a public servant, and not the
exploits of failed projects such as the likes of a Ballpark Village.
    To add insult to injury Aldermen Quincy Troupe was quoted in
the Post Dispatch saying that he didn’t believe the firefighters were
sharing in the city’s tough times this year: “I don’t see how they did
anything to curb the excess of greed.” Aldermen Troupe was also
quoted referring to the firefighters as “Prima Donnas”. The quotes
by Aldermen Troupe sadly did not surprise me, but it did sicken me
that one of our trusted elected officials would refer to the men and
women of the St Louis City Fire Department as 1) “Greedy” and 2)
“Prima Donnas”, for doing nothing more than demanding that their
benefits not be stripped from them. What is even more astonish-
ing about Aldermen Troupes statement is that he said the fire
department is not doing anything to curb the excess of greed.
Excess of greed? This ladies and gentlemen is coming from an
elected official who, along with twenty-seven other Aldermen,
serve in a part time capacity and are paid an annual salary of

  p.m. graphics
  publishing and graphic design
  8460 Watson         St. Louis, MO 63119 (314) 843-5456
Page 12 GENDARME June-July 2010

                                                                             In Memory of the 163
  St. Louis Metropolitan                                                     Police Officers Who Have
                                                                             Given Their Lives
  Police Department’s                                                        In the Line of Duty
  24th Memorial Breakfast                                                    1861 - 2010

  “Taking Care of Each Other”

     St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department’s Twenty-fourth
 Memorial Breakfast was held at the America’s Center on Thurs-
 day, May 20, 2010.
     The ceremony began with the Posting of Colors by the ST.
 Louis. Louis Metropolitan Police Honor Guard. The Nation
 Anthem was sung by Officer John Leggette, followed by Arch-
 bishop Robert J. Carlson, Archdiocese of St. Louis giving the
     A Tribute to Fallen Officers was held before the breakfast,              After Governor Nixon’s
 following the breakfast, Chief of Police Colonel Daniel Isom wel-        address the video presentation
                                   comed everyone who had come            of “Taking Care of Each
                                   to pay tribute to Our Fallen           Other” was shown; followed by
                                   Police Officers.                       the Roll Call of Slain Officers
                                       Governor of the State of Mis-      and recognition of widows and
                                   souri, Jay Nixon was the Keynote       family members of the slain
                                   speaker. Governor Nixon paid           officers.
                                   tribute to families, friends and the       Archbishop Robert J. Carlson
                                   Officers who have given their          gave the Benediction before the
                                   lives in service of their communi-     St. Louis Metropolitan Police
                                   ty. Like everyone else attending       Honor Guard played Taps. The
                                   the breakfast, he wanted to give       program ended with Bagpipes
                                   his respect to the families.           leading the Recessional.
                                                                                            June-July 2010   GENDARME   Page 13

             The Time Is Now              By Joe Steiger, SLPOA Vice President
    On Saturday, July 10th Association members, retirees and firefighters came together to show their support and their
enthusiasm for Jim Long’s campaign for the State Senate.
    Jim’s opponent, Joe Keaveny, as you know, is the Senator that introduced the City Control bill right after being elected
to the Senate. He is a part of Mayor Slay’s political machine and this man is not our friend.
    But there is still more to be done. We still need your help and support. We still need workers to distribute material and
signs. At least stop by the Association office and pick up a yard sign. The more name recognition the better.
    Again, I would like to thank the many volunteers that came out Saturday to work for Jim and his campaign.
Page 14 GENDARME June-July 2010

  Annual Bob Granda Memorial Blood Drive
         By Don Meyers                                                officiated by Bob Granda.
   Retired SLPOA Member                                                   Bob was a highly regarded
    I would like to invite all who                                    official, so highly regarded that
read this and your family and                                         he umpired Major League
friends to join me at the St.                                         baseball during the umpires
Louis Police Officers’ Associa-                                       strike in 1979 and was the ref-
tion Hall on Wednesday, July                                          eree for several Missouri State
21st, between the hours of 2                                          Football Championships dur-
p.m. to 7 p.m. for the 4th                                            ing his career. Bob was also
Annual Bob Granda Memorial                                            a great supporter of law
Blood Drive sponsored by the                                          enforcement officers as I can
St. Louis Officials’ Association.                                     personally attest to.
    Anyone who grew up in the                                             In addition to the usual
St. Louis area and played                                             snacks supplied by the Red
high school or college base-                                          Cross there will also be food
ball, high school football or vol-                                    donated by Milo’s on The Hill.
leyball may have had a game                                           Hope to see you there.

                                                 Olympic Gold!
                                     Paul Meyer won 3 Gold Medals in Power Lifting at the Missouri
                                     State Special Olympics in Springfield. He won the medals in the
                                     Bench Press, Dead Lift, and Combined. His bench press was
                                     a personal best of 280 pounds. He lifts with Jefferson County
                                     Power Lifting and is coached by Missouri State Trooper Eddie
                                     Blaylock. His parents are Diana and retired officer Don Meyer.

                                                  Paul Meyer with his 3 Gold Medals

                                     St. Louis
                                     Credit Union
                                         We have our own ATM machines at North Patrol, South
                                     Patrol, Central Patrol, Police Headquarters and at Mobile.
                                         Come in the Credit Union and open up your share draft
                                     (checking) account, and apply for your debit card today. The
                                     debit card from St. Louis Policemen’s Credit Union can be
                                     used at these new ATM machines with no surcharge fee
                                     charged to you.
                                         You can now have money deducted from your Police
                                     Retirement pension check to go into your account at St. Louis
                                     Policemen’s Credit Union. There is no limit on share deposits.
                                         We offer the following loans: Signature, Share Pledge,
                                     Home Equity, New and Used Vehicles, New and Used Boats,
                                     and New and Used Motorcycle Loans at very competitive
                                                                          Call 444-5392
                                                                                                    June-July 2010    GENDARME       Page 15

“In Hot Pursuit for Special Olympics”
         By Rick Metz
                                                                                                         314-719-7817 for VIP tickets.
    Friday August 6th, the Mis-                                                                              All Access Pit Pass $30,
souri State Fair Speedway in                                                                             General Admission $18,
Sedalia (MO) is hosting the 1st                                                                          Seniors 65+ $15, Military with
Annual “Battle of the Badges”                                                                            ID $15, Kids 6-12 $9, Kids
Law Enforcement Race bene-                                                                               under 5 free. It’s law enforce-
fiting    Missouri      Special                                                                          ment appreciation night, show
Olympics. This year is an                                                                                your badge and get $5 off!
important anniversary for                                                                                Pits open @ 3pm, Grandstand
police and the Special                                                                                   @ 5, Test & Tune @ 6, Drivers
Olympics in Missouri, as it                                                                              Meeting @ 6:45, Hot Laps @
marks 25 years of teamwork                                                                               7, Track Packing @ 7:15, and
between the two. As the sin-                                                                             Heat Races @ 7:30. Go to
gle largest contributors to Spe-                                                                for a link to the
cial Olympics, law enforce-                                                                              Missouri State Fair Speedway.
ment is always looking for                                                                               Be there! Be there! Be there!
unique and interesting ways to
continue raising money for the
                                                                                                                           • Back Pain
cause; from the Polar Bear                                                                                                   & Headaches
Plunge, to Over the Edge, and                                                                                              • Sports Injuries
now this event custom made                                                                                                 • Nutritional
for cops.                                                                                                                    Counseling
                                                                                                                           • Auto Accidents
    The SLPOA’s very own                                                                                                   • Accepts most
Anthony Boettigheimer has                                                                                                    insurance
accepted the challenge, and is
racing on our behalf. The                                                                                    Dr. Gregory Neff
Schicker Automotive Group          on the night of the race. Are      the VIP treatment? We’ve got             Chiropractic Physician
has graciously donated the         you a local business who           you covered! 50 VIP tickets              Acupuncture Certified
required late model police         would like to show your sup-       are available. The tickets
interceptor, and countless oth-    port? A minimum donation of        include Executive Motor Coach
ers are currently helping to get   $100 gets your logo on our         round trip transportation from
it road worthy to race. As         race car! To make a donation,      St Louis to the race, and back,
members of the largest police      please make checks payable         VIP Tent access includes food,                      at
department in the state, the       to the “St Louis Police Officers   beverages, and souvenirs,            IN MOTION HEALTH CTR.
SLPOA is currently accepting       Association” and contact           group seating, and more, all for         7800 CLAYTON ROAD
financial donations to be pre-     Anthony @ 314-707-3234.            just $70! Contact SLPOA                 1/4 MILE EAST OF GALLERIA
sented to the Special Olympics         Want to attend, but require    member Jay Schroeder @                         314-644-2081

         MAKE PLANS NOW!!!
                                                                      ANNUAL SLPOA
                                                                      DINNER DANCE
                                                                        Mark your calendars for Friday, October
                                                                  15TH, for the 42nd Annual Dinner Dance
                                                                  held at Rose of the Hill. The dance is open
                                                                  for all active members and retired members
                                                                  who were in good standing at the time of
                                                                  retirement, at no cost to the member or his/
                                                                  her spouse or guest.
                                                                         Come and enjoy yourself - excellent
                                                                  food, plenty of good cheer, dancing and a
                                                                  chance to catch up with old friends, it’s
                                                                  always a good time.

                      DON’T MISS IT!!!
Page 16 GENDARME June-July 2010

                                                                         ment because Chief Isom is          Police Officer?” I have come
                                                                         supporting our efforts to be        to learn that the reasons are
                                                                         more present to you in a big        more similar than you might
        Chaplain’s Corner                                                way. You will notice that your
                                                                         Chaplains are making the
                                                                                                             think. The notion of “To Pro-
                                                                                                             tect and Serve” extends to
               By Michael P. Ford, O.P.                                  effort to be more present. We       peoples souls as well, even
                                                                         have added additional mem-          officer’s souls when you get
      Over the past five years,      help however possible or sim-       bers to our ranks are more          right down to it.
when I have told people I am a       ply to let you know there are       committed to being there for            At any rate, while I know
Chaplain for the SLMPD, their        lot more people supporting          you than ever. My only regret       that I am still only a frequent
first reaction is pretty typical.    your efforts as a police officer    at this point is that I have        visitor in your world, I know I
“Oh, how exciting,” they say. I      than you may think. We are          reached a point in my ministry      am no longer seen as an out-
agree with them although not         all volunteers and not employ-      where I am being called away        sider. I’ve been around to
for the reason they think.           ees of the City or the Depart-      to another part of the country.     share some of the absolutely
They are thinking along the          ment so we can remain objec-        After my upcoming ordination        hilarious things people do,
lines of some cops and rob-          tive and keep things on a con-      to the Priesthood in the            stuff you simply have to laugh
bers show on TV complete             fidential level. We come from       Roman Catholic Church, I am         about. I have also be there to
with high-speed chases and           a number of different faith tra-    being reassigned by my supe-        witness some of the ugliest
the like. No. What makes             ditions and are all qualified to    riors to work in Campus Min-        and most heinous things peo-
being a Chaplain for the             minister across denomination-       istry at Purdue University in       ple can do to each other: the
department exciting is getting       al lines.                           Indiana. While I know it will       stuff which can make you want
to know the members of the                When the Chaplin Squad         not take too long to become a       to weep, the things which can
Department and getting the           was originally formed we            Chaplain for one of the depart-     make your job so difficult. I
opportunity to appreciate what       asked to do death notifications     ments there, I will look very       have learned firsthand in the
real police officers actually do.    for victim’s families. In recent    fondly upon the time I have         hundreds of hours I have
I like to tell people basically      years our focus has shifted to      spent here with the SLMPD           spent riding in the passenger
the ministry of a police chap-       being there for Police Officers     and hope to return sometime         seat of a police cruiser, that
lain is one of “driving around in    and their families, which is        in the future.                      some of the most dangerous
big circles waiting for some-        more properly the role of a              Since I live only a few        wounds you can receive in
thing to happen.” And from           Chaplain in my opinion. That        blocks from Central Patrol, I       police work don’t necessarily
the standpoint of a Chaplain,        being said, I am sure any offi-     have concentrated my efforts        come from bad guys with
that “something to happen” is        cer who has had a Chaplain          in the 4th, 5th, and 9th Dis-       guns; they can happen to your
not catching an interesting          riding along when there is          tricts for the past five years. I   soul because of some of the
radio call. It is getting the        need knows we can also help         have to kind of laugh about the     things you witness and have to
opportunity to answer ques-          with victim’s families as well,     way for the first year and half     do on the job.
tions of faith, getting to know      but this is so you can do your      or so most of my officers,              But through it all, I have
the officer you are riding with a    jobs better. In other words,        many of whom a I am now             witnessed some pretty amaz-
little better, or getting a chance   we are present to help anyone       proud to call friends, more or      ing instances of bravery, com-
to build more trust between          in need but you are our prima-      less walked on eggshells            passion, and even charity as
you and the women and men            ry concern. We are here to          because a Chaplain was              you do your difficult job. I
of the Department.                   help you with your spiritual        around. After everyone start-       have been truly blessed to be
      You see, the role of Police    needs or simply to be some-         ed to get to know me, started       part of your lives and pray that
Chaplain does not entail trying      one to talk to about the chal-      getting comfortable with hav-       you will allow my fellow Chap-
to force any particular faith tra-   lenges your life as police offi-    ing me around, and began to         lains to do the same for you. I
dition down anyone’s throat or       cers presents to you. I have        trust me I began to see my          suppose my best wishes and
turn the time you are riding         learned this means simply           relationships with the officer      parting prayers for all of my
along into a big sermon. We          being present so that those         there change and grow in            friends and companions on the
are here to simply be present        “waiting for something to hap-      some amazing ways. It was           SLMPD would simply be to
for you when you want to initi-      pen” moments can present            nice to be seen as more of          extend the offer I’ve made to
ate a discussion about your          themselves more often.              part of the regular scenery         number of police officers there.
faith or to be there at the hos-          This is an exciting time for   around the house than outside       I also hope that you extend the
pital for you and families to        the Chaplains of the Depart-        visitor. Some of the best           same to my fellow chaplains.
                                                                         moments in my ministry as a         That offer is simply this: If
                                                                         Police Chaplain began with          you will continue to Protect
                                                                         questions like, “So does that       and Serve the people of St.
                                                                         prayer stuff really work?” Or,      Louis and your fellow officers,
                                                                         “Why would anyone in their          we’ll do the same for you.
                                                                         right mind want to become a         Only you take care of protect-
                                                                         priest,” to which I responded,      ing and covering people’s
                                                                         “Why would anyone in their          backsides and we’ll help pro-
                                                                         right mind want to become a         tect and cover your souls.

                                                                          TO SUPPORT THE ADVERTISERS WHO SUPPORT
                                                                                     YOUR ASSOCIATION
In Support
of the
St. Louis

From Concerned Citizens
For a Better St. Louis...
We Sincerely Thank You
For All You Do!!
Page 18 GENDARME June-July 2010

              Police Work 101     By Sergeant William Boyd Kiphart II

                     Delta “P”
    A Philosophy of Ethics and Professionalism
    First of all, thank you for    is the one change during the       you are totally committed to
the overwhelming comments          course of a flight that affects    the mission.
and emails on my last article.     all other factors and compo-           The concept of change
                                   nents of flight characteristics;                                           This philosophy and asso-
I never cease to be amazed at                                         remains the same and at the
                                   i.e., flight instruments require                                      ciated lesson plan were writ-
how many of us think alike                                            foundation of the philosophy
                                   recalibration, air speed, alti-                                       ten over the course of two
and just do not take the time                                         and teaching; if we change our
                                   tude and the like change. So                                          summers with the assistance
to talk to each other about the                                       philosophy on policing, every-
                                   what does that have to do with                                        of my father; a police officer of
important issues. I hope these                                        thing else will change as well.
                                   our chosen profession?                                                nearly five decades. During
articles continue to help                                             This not only includes how we
                                       In the Delta “P” philosophy                                       these conversations, we dis-
change that.                                                          act and perform our duties, but
                                   the “P” is not atmospheric                                            cussed, analyzed and dissect-
    The term “Delta P” is com-                                        how we are viewed by the pub-
                                   pressure, but our professional                                        ed our perception of the cur-
monly known as an aviation                                            lic and even more important,
                                   and personal Philosophy oper-                                         rent state of law enforcement
term referencing a change                                             how we are viewed by our-
                                   ating in the law enforcement                                          not only as a profession but
(Delta or) in atmospheric pres-                                       selves and each other. In brief
                                   lifestyle. If you remember from                                       also as a lifestyle. My per-
sure (P). This is a significant                                       the “Delta P” philosophy can
                                   my previous article: my con-                                          spective was combined with
concept in aviation due to the                                        best be summarized as:
                                   tention that our commitment to                                        his of a retired Major and
fact that where there is a
                                                                      •   Commitment to consum-          Inspector of Police. Of signifi-
change in atmospheric pres-        law enforcement is not only a
                                                                          mate professionalism           cant contribution were his
sure; all other factors and        profession but also a lifestyle
                                                                      •   Commitment to excellence       experience as a St. Louis
instruments are affected. This     choice. This only holds true if
                                                                          in all endeavors               Police Officer in the early
                                                                      •   Commitment to Corp or          1960’s, and my unique per-
                                                                          Core Values                    spective of law enforcement
                                                                            • Honor consisting of        through the eyes of an aviator
                                                                              Integrity Pride Duty       and educator.
                                                                              Justice Courage                 At the end of the day, we
                                                                              Self Control Politeness    determined that our perceived
                                                                              Loyalty                    flaws in the lifestyle were not
                                                                      •   Absolute accountability        due to something new we
                                                                            • I am solely responsible    were doing wrong, but rather
                                                                              for my own actions         something that we were doing
                                                                      •   Leadership by example          right and stopped doing! This
                                                                      •   As a lifestyle, acceptance     again rings of one my primary
                                                                          of the responsibility to       observations in the current
                                                                          serve, protect and defend      state of the profession, the
                                                                          at all times                   loss of institutional knowledge.
                                                                            • The personal commit-            My dad spoke at length of
                                                                              ment to training and       one of his instructors from the
                                                                              tactics                    time when he sat as a recruit
                                                                      •   Not over investing in what     in the very building in which
                                                                          we can not control             first typed a summary of Delta
                                                                            • Know and understand        P. So profound was this
                                                                              what these things are      impression on him, and his
                                                                              and why you cannot         career, that he remembered
                                                                              control them.                            Continued on page 19

                                                                                          Schnur Funeral Home
                                                                                               Ted Vollmer & Family
                                                                                                   3125 Lafayette
                                                                                                St. Louis, MO 63104
                                                                                             Phones: 771-7780 - 7781
                                                                                                  Ted Jr., Steve, Joe and
                                                                                                     Laura Diliberto
                                                                                                         June-July 2010 GENDARME      Page 19

Continued from page 18
the instructors name; Sergeant
Joseph Gallagher.           Then
Sergeant, and later Lieutenant
Colonel Gallagher, taught the
Indoctrination in the History
and Tradition of the St. Louis
Police Department for the St.
Louis Police Academy. This
was best described as a fire
and brimstone style emotional
presentation on the philosophy
and duty of a St. Louis Police
Officer. This duty and respon-
sibility was based on a com-
mitment to excellence, respon-
sibility, and duty to every offi-
cer that had ever gone before
us. A tradition and develop-
                                             Lt. Col. Gallagher
ment of policing back through
mans history. One of the pri-        appeal to stay out of trouble.
mary points of emphasis was              “Delta P” addresses this
our obligation to those first        deficit. It is intended to subvert
eight City night watchmen that       the acceptance of a standard,
walked the dusty streets of St.      for this or any other law
Louis in 1808. This was the          enforcement agency, of medi-
presentation the recruits            ocrity in mind, body and perfor-
received just after they were        mance with a direct challenge.
sworn in and issued their            It also creates a grass roots
weapons and badges; at that          approach to change over the
time, the first week of the          long term, by creating a career
academy.                             buy-in by the new recruits and
    I mentioned to my father         tenured officers: a philosophi-
that we did not do such a pre-       cal and psychological career
                                                                          garrison cap rather than the       representation, these officers
sentation any longer, and I do       development program.
                                                                          travesty of a baseball cap.        are obvious if they work for or
not think that we had in some            As I presented it in the
                                                                          This not only allows them to       with you. Their performance
time. This presentation was an       classes, this is a core respon-
                                                                          recognize and seek out each        and diligence in fulfilling their
appeal to core values, and as        sibility; for us to take responsi-
                                                                          other, but serves as a             duty and their personal behav-
George Shinault was refer-           bility for each other, and to
                                                                          reminder to their commitment       ior, based on core values and
enced in the Journal of the          lead by example. I challenge
                                                                          each time they choose to           absolute accountability will
Board of Police Commissioner         these officers who accept the
                                                                          place the badge where they         become its own axiom.
on December 14, 1929; “the           responsibility to network with,
                                                                          want it on their chest, and not        And yes, it feels pretty
A,B,C,s of Police Work”; or the      and support each other. I ask
                                                                          simply where the holes already     good to still be idealistic after
teaching of a philosophy of          them to identify themselves by
                                                                          existed; leadership rather than    twenty-three years on this job.
core values; something that we       wearing their badge according
                                                                          following.                         As always, I look forward to
were doing right and stopped         to the Police Manual, “…imme-
                                                                              While this is just a visual    your comments.
doing.                               diately above the left breast
    Now do not get me wrong, I       pocket…” Many officers’ wear
had sat in and taught a pletho-      their badge as it sits when          Free Estimates                                             Insured
ra of ethics classes; they are a     placed through the stitched
P.O.S.T. requirement. I also         holes the manufacturer of the
know there are a fair amount         shirt provides. This thought-
of people who are going to           lessly places the lower portion
take exception to this next          of the badger over a portion of
statement, but I do not think        the left breast pocket. For                          PETKO’S ROOFING CO.
you can “teach” someone to be        those committed to the Delta         3543 Illinois                                   Hot Tar & Shingle
ethical. I will abdicate that        “P” philosophy this is a lesser      773-2893                             OVER 20 YEARS EXPERIENCE
ethics classes have a value in       standard and they aspire to a
that we may be able to prompt        higher standard of appear-
officers to consider their ethical   ance, performance and duty.
foundations, but most of the         They wear their badge at a
ethics classes I have seen end       higher standard always to be
up with a message that acting        found above the pocket. They
ethically keeps you from get-        will also typically be identified                          PROUDLY SERVING
ting indicted. In my book, that      by their attention to their uni-                            INJURY VICTIMS
is not teaching someone to be        form and appearance, and                                   AND THEIR FAMILIES
ethical, as much as a practical      hopefully by the wearing of the
                                                                                                  Automobile Accidents
                                                                                           Injuries Due to Defective Products
 GABRIEL, McCARTNEY & WAGNER P.C.                                                                    Wrongful Death
  Workers Compensation • Personal Injury • Gen. Civil Litigation                                 Workers’ Compensation
                                                                                                 Social Security Disability
  720 OLIVE STREET, SUITE 2990  JAMES W. McCARTNEY                                     
        (314) 231-4630             DAN CHATFIELD
                                MICHAEL A. CHEHVAL
Page 20 GENDARME June-July 2010

  American Legion                                                              Fraud Prevention
  Police Post 187                                                                 By Dan Rechtein, Coordinator

                                                                        The Fraud Prevention Taskforce is a free service offered by

  Needs You!
                                                                        Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce. Retired SLPOA Member Dan
                                                                        Rechtien is available to provide answers to all fraud-related
                                                                        questions and can be reached by telephone at (314) 612-1412
                                                                        or via email at Informational semi-
WHO                                                                     nars on a wide range of topics related to fraud prevention are
All veterans who served during the below dates and have been            available to any group living in, working in, or providing ser-
honorably discharged.                                                   vices to the City of St. Louis. Contact Dan Rechtien to sched-
Gulf War - August 2, 1990, to Current                                   ule your free Fraud Prevention Seminar.
Panama - December 20, 1989, to January 31, 1990
Grenada and Lebanon - August 24, 1982, to July 31, 1984                     In this month’s article, I would like to inform readers about a
Vietnam War - February 28, 1961, to May 7, 1975                         highly sophisticated, three-tiered Identity Theft scheme that
Korean War - June 25, 1950, to January 31, 1955                         has been sweeping the entire country and has recently been
World War II - December 7, 1941, to December 31, 1946                   reported in the St. Louis area. In step one of this criminal enter-
World War I - April 6, 1917, to November 11, 1918                       prise, a “ringmaster” recruits a group of thieves to target care-
                                                                        fully selected locations such as health clubs, fitness centers,
WHAT                                                                    and parks where patrons are likely to leave purses and wallets
The American Legion was chartered by Congress in 1919 as a              locked inside their vehicles. These criminals then quickly break
patriotic, mutual-help, war-time Veteran’s organization.
                                                                        into a large number of unattended cars at once.
                                                                            In the second step of the operation, the ringmaster assigns
                                                                        all stolen licenses, credit cards, checkbooks and Social Securi-
The 2nd Monday of the month 7:00 P.M. At 3157 Sublette.
                                                                        ty cards to a second group of “runners” who access the victims’
WHY                                                                     bank accounts. In the third tier, criminals carefully write checks
Membership is the lifeblood of The American Legion. Without             from one victim to a second victim of the original theft. By using
members, there would be no Legion programs. No voice on Capi-           the stolen licenses and other forms of identification, the “run-
tol Hill. No accomplishment in assistance and support to veter-         ners” cash these fraudulent checks at drive-up bank windows.
ans, their families, the community, state and nation. The American          One victim in the Washington, D.C. area had her automo-
Legion has recorded consistent accomplishments for veterans and         bile broken into while she was running on the treadmill at her
their families since 1919. It is often emphasized, “It is not the       local fitness center. Within only two days, thieves had used her
price you pay to belong, but the price you paid to be eligible to       stolen information to cash checks totaling $8,500 and attempt-
belong”. Because of the American Legion and its more than three         ed to withdraw an additional $13,000 from her account! They
million members there is:                                               accomplished this devastating feat by cashing checks made
    • A fair and equitable GI Bill of Rights for our veterans           out to her from the account of another fitness club member
    • A Flag Code to direct the proper display and respect for          whose vehicle they broke into on the same day.
      “Old Glory”                                                           How were the thieves able to do this? The victim’s purse left
    • A viable VA Health Care system                                    unattended in her car contained:
    • Courage to fight for a Constitutional Amendment against               Her checkbook
      flag desecration                                                      Her credit cards
    • Persistent efforts to secure recognition and treatment for ill-       Her social security card
      ness caused by Agent Orange and unknown illnesses from                Her passport
      the Persian Gulf War                                                  Numerous police agencies in the Metropolitan area, includ-
    • THE AMERICAN LEGION MAGAZINE, which contains                      ing Florissant Police and the SLMPD, have recently reported
      information and updates on the status of legislation that
                                                                        incidents of health and fitness centers being specifically target-
      directly affects all veterans…
                                                                        ed for car break-ins. These thefts are so meticulously planned
    • The American Legion Membership Card, which gives the
                                                                        that parking lots are held under careful surveillance where
      member access to nearly 15,000 Legion Posts worldwide
                                                                        crooks observe potential victims as they lock valuables in their
      and guarantees that you’ll always have a friend nearby.
                                                                        trunks and consoles. Some police jurisdictions believe that
Even if you’re not ready or able to make the meetings, it is impor-     thieves even look for suction cup rings on dashboards and
tant that you join. The dues for our post are $30 a year where as       windshields to indicate there may be a GPS or radar avoidance
some charge $35 or more.                                                device in the vehicle to steal.
What to bring, yourself, your DD214, and $30.
                                                                        To avoid being a victim of this crime:
Everyone feels a bit apprehensive when joining but you shouldn’t         1. Do not bring a purse or wallet to your gym or health club.
worry about that. The members of this post are a good group of              Take only your identification and a small amount of cash, if
guys. If you are interested or need additional information let me           necessary. Keep these items on your person using either a
know.                                                                       fastened pocket or fanny pack.
P.O. Arnold Miller retired 314 752 2963            2. If you must bring a purse, wallet, or gym bag, opt to leave it
                                                                            in a locker inside your fitness center, and further secure that
                                                                            locker with your own padlock.
  Come Discover St. Louis’ Place for Pasta and Much, Much More           3. Never go to your trunk before entering the fitness center. If
                                                                            a thief is watching, he will assume you are storing your
                                     5453 Magnolia (at Southwest)           valuables. Always lock your vehicle and set the alarm and
                                     LUNCH: Mon.-Fri. 11:00-2:00            never use a remote entry device until you are within arm’s
                                     DINNER: Mon.-Thurs. 5:00-10:30         length of the car.
                                             Fri.-Sat. 5:00-11:30
                                     781-1135                            4. Keep keys to your automobile on your person at all times.
           Gourmet Italian Food, at Reasonable Prices                    5. Report any individual who you believe appears suspicious
    33 PASTAS • STEAKS • VEAL • CHICKEN • SEAFOOD                           to management immediately. If the individual is not a mem-
                                                                            ber, they can contact authorities if necessary.
                                                                                                              June-July 2010 GENDARME     Page 21

    If you are considering retir-                 STEP #3                              STEP #7                   date of retirement until you
ing in the next couple of                 Please call for an appoint-          UNIFORM INSPECTOR’S               receive your first pension pay-
months, as a public service to        ment: 444-5394                       OFFICE: Turn in all equipment         ment. It is mostly due to paper-
all SLPOA members, the Gen-               Employee Benefits Office,        ever issued to you (excluding         work that must be performed.
darme is printing an up-date of       located on the first floor of the    your pistol) including your bul-      The paperwork cannot start till
the various steps you must            Police Academy, where you will       letproof vest, if you have one.       the department has issued the
take after you have made the          be informed as to the kind of        You will be charged for all           final pay record to the Pension
decision to retire. Before you        Medical Insurance you will take      items not returned and all            System.
make that decision, we advise         with you as a retiree and also       clothing must be clean.
you to contact the Pension            be told that you will take with                                                        STEP #11
                                                                                      STEP #8                        Then go to the Relief Asso-
Office — 241-0800 — to con-           you a paid-up $3,000 life insur-
                                                                              SUPPLY DIVISION: Turn in           ciation and Funeral Associa-
firm that you, indeed, will have      ance policy. Dental is an extra
                                                                           your: 1) Badge and cap piece.         tion, located at 4551 Tholozan.
completed 20 years, 25 years          charge and may be carried for
                                                                           2) Manual and 3) Special              You will be told what benefits
30 years, or whatever number          18 months if there is no other
                                                                           Orders.                               you will receive as a retiree, or
of years, on the date you think       dental. If you have dependent
you will.                             coverage, you will need a                       STEP #9                    you may call Bull Ward at 771-
    You must not give more            spouse SSN# for billing. Funer-          HUMAN RESOURCES:                  0923. The normal office hours
than 90 days notice and, it           al Association will be notified at   Your retired ID card is pre-          of the Funeral/Relief Associa-
must be in writing, delivered to      this time. Coverage will end at      pared. You will be given an exit      tion are Monday through
the Pension Office.                   the end of the pay period.           interview. The Police Library         Thursday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00
    Once you have verified                                                 will check to see if you have         p.m.
your retirement date, you then                     STEP #4                                                           FUNERAL ASSOCIATION:
                                                                           any outstanding books or peri-
must take the following steps,            CREDIT UNION: 444-5392                                                 You will be informed that you
                                                                           odicals on loan. You will be
but not necessarily in the order      If you have a loan from the                                                can stay in the Funeral Associ-
                                                                           charged for all those not
given, except for the first two       Credit Union, you will be oblig-                                           ation by paying annual mem-
steps:                                ated to pay it off, unless it is a                                         bership dues in the amount of
                                      share pledge loan, auto, boat                    STEP #10
                                                                                                                 $52.00. In that event, upon
             STEP #1                  or motor cycle loan, then you            PAYMASTER: Here you
                                                                                                                 your death, the Funeral Asso-
     Tell your Bureau Comman-         can make payments. We have           will turn in your “Terminal Pay-
                                                                                                                 ciation will directly pay the
der and Captain’s Aide that you       the title as collateral. You could   ment Release” form and will
                                                                                                                 funeral home $4,000.00.
plan to retire and he in turn will    continue to carry the signature      be told when your final check
fill out a “Terminal Payment          loan IF you purchased addi-          will be available to you                  RELIEF ASSOCIATION:
Release” form for you, which          tional shares to equal the           either to be personally               You will be provided with infor-
you will check over and then          amount of the loan. You can          picked up or mailed to you.           mation regarding your gold
sign. If at all possible, your last   remain a member of the Cred-         This would include any other          retirement ring that the Relief
day on the payroll should be          it Union after retirement.           outstanding checks you may            Association gives to you upon
the last day of a pay period                                               have coming to you. The Pay-          your retirement.
                                          NOTE: If a retiree has a
(Sunday before payday).               minimum of $2,000 in shares          master also will work with you                   STEP #12
             STEP #2                  and maintains that minimum           in adjusting final taxable                Deferred compensation –
    You will then take the “Ter-      ($2,000) balance in shares           wages in order to reduce taxes        241-1334 if you want to defer
minal Payment Release” form           before he reaches the age of         as much as possible. Final            part of your final check you
to the Pension Office at 2020         fifty-five and after, upon his       Signature.                            must contact Shannon imme-
Market (next to Maggie                death the beneficiary would              NOTE: According to Steve          diately. Also you should con-
O’Brien’s) where they will veri-      receive the shares plus              Olish, Executive Secretary of         sult her on your deferred comp
fy all information on the “Termi-     $2,000 in insurance. All             the pension fund, it may take         election for the future.
nal Payment Release” form             shares are covered up to             up to two months after your
and then have you fill out your       $100,000.00 by the NCUA,
“retirement papers” and a             which is a Government orga-
new “beneficiary form”. If by         nization.
that time you yourself have not
yet computed what your
monthly pension payment
                                                 STEP #5
                                          COMMUNICATIONS: 444-                  STEPHEN W. THURMER
                                      5504 A check for I-status
might be, the Pension Office
                                      reports (Incomplete reports)
                                                                                                Attorney at Law
will do that for you but it will                                                             SLPOA Approved Legal Counsel
                                      will be made and cell phone
only be “estimated,” subject to
                                      and pager through the Depart-
revision if necessary. Pension
                                      ment’s Corporate plan will be
number: 241-0800.
                                      converted to individual plans.                     1900 Locust, Suite 302
The Pension Office at this time                   STEP #6
                                          DEPARTMENT ARMOR-
                                                                                          St. Louis, MO 63103
will also estimate your “lump
sum payment,” which will rep-         ER: 444-5574 All retirees must
resent the return of all contri-      turn in their pistol. You are not             (314) 421-3100 - Office
butions you made into your            allowed to buy it. You must
retirement system, less interest      bring the blue carrying case for            Email:
earned. You also will be              the pistol and two magazines.
informed of your lump sum             Also, your Pepper Mace and its
payback procedures.                   holster.
Page 22 GENDARME June-July 2010

                                                                        Health & Fitness
                                                                                         By Colleen Rossomanno,
                                                                                 Exercise Physiologist M.S., H.F.S, A.C.S.M.
                                                                         7 EASY WAYS TO SCULPT & TONE YOUR MUSCLES
                                                                       1 THINK BIG FIRST
                                                                         Begin a workout with compound moves that work both large

           WHERE NEXT?                                                   and small muscle groups together, such as the lateral pull-
                                                                         down or chest press. Follow these with moves that isolate
                                                                         smaller muscles, such as the tricep kickback. People tend to
                        By Matthew Simpson                               receive better results by targeting smaller secondary muscles
 Time and money are precious and few for police officers and             with compound exercises. The risk of injury is also reduced
 retirees. Here’s an idea to help get you away from it all on a          because people tend become too fatigued to safely target the
 budget, if only for a few days!                                         larger muscles when they work the smaller muscles first.
                                                                       2 SLOW DOWN
                                                                         To get the most out of every repetition, slow down the move-
                                                                         ment and stay in control. Whether you are doing a bicep curl
                                                                         or a hamstring curl, lift for two seconds and lower for four.
                                                                         Muscles need several seconds to fully contract, especially on
                                                                         the downward phase. Going too fast will cause a person to
                                                                         cheat and use momentum instead of strength. Plus once
                                                                         again, going to fast will increase your risk of injury.
 Eat, Drink and Smile – FULTON, MISSOURI                                               3 REMEMBER TO WARM-UP WITH WEIGHTS
     Peace and quiet is a definite need for city dwellers and/or         For each exercise, do a warm-up set of eight to twelve repeti-
 frequent visitors like yourself. There may be no better place to        tions using about half of your regular weight. Lighter weights
 find these than in a small town.                                        establish a neurotransmitter blue print for heavier weights to
     Fulton, Missouri is a short drive from Saint Louis, but the         come. Muscles and surrounding tissue will be better prepared
 endless flashing red light on Court Street is a testament to a          to lift heavier weights properly.
                                      simpler pace.                    4 STOP DOUBLING UP
                                         Start your trip with the        Whenever possible, perform single arm or leg exercises.
                                      hospitality of the Loganberry      Everyone has a dominant side of the body (usually your writ-
                                      Inn (310 West 7th Street;          ing hand side) that compensates when you lift weights. If you
                                      573-642-9229). Owners Carl         are doing a barbell curl and your left arm gets fatigued
                                      and Cathy Mc George will           halfway through, the right arm performs twice the work and
                                      greet you with a smile, a          the weaker side is doing about half of its potential. Isolating
                                      comfortable room and serve         the movement forces both sides to lift independently.
                                      you a wonderful home
 cooked breakfast ($109.00 and up).                                    5 BREATHE !!!!!!!!!!!
     Leave the car at the inn and take a walk to Westminster             When lifting a heavy weight, people tend to exhale through
 College just two blocks west. Be sure to stop by the Winston            their mouth but keep it closed shut. This sounds like the
 Churchill Library and Museum, learn about Churchill’s famous            grunting sound people make when they are lifting a very
 1946 “Iron Curtain” speech, as well as Mikhail Gorbachev’s              heavy object. Body builders frequently use this technique,
 1992 speech declaring an end to the Cold War. While you’re              since blocking the air increases internal pressure in their core,
 there stop and see full sections of the Berlin Wall.                    allowing a more forceful contraction. But you also stop oxy-
     Next, find the towns path that walks along the creek, 180’s         gen from getting to your brain and muscles-which can leave
 to a covered bridge and leads into Court Street. All the walking        you feeling dizzy. People can get the same benefit by inhaling
 should work up a hunger so be sure to stop and eat at Beks              as you lift the weight and contracting your abs and exhaling
 (511 Court Street). Small town food is not the flavor at Beks           while lowering
 though; expect modern food with great style and flavor. Try the       6 KNOW WHEN TO STOP
 Waldorf Chicken Sandwich with red and green apples, toasted             Its okay to challenge yourself, but do not push past the point
 nuts all on a croissant ($6.99 plus tax). End the day of relax-         of discomfort. Most experts agree that a person should expe-
 ation with an old fashion ice cream float at Saults Drug Store          rience mild to moderate muscle tension during a workout.
 (505 Court Street).                                                     Choose weights that will occasionally make you quiver but do
     After a quiet night’s sleep take a short drive to Summitt Lake      not overdo it. That heat you feel in your quads during a deep
 Winery (1707 South Summit Drive, Holts Spring, Missouri). Do            squat is a positive indication that muscles are working- a
 yourself a favor and sit outside on the patio overlooking the adja-     shooting pain through your knee is not.
 cent countryside. Eat, drink and is that simple.
     Cost analysis: 3 days 2 nights                                    7 MODIFY YOUR WORKOUT
     Lodging: $109.00 x 2 (weekdays)                                     Your muscles get used to doing a movement after just a few
     Total: $218.00                                                      weeks. To keep the results coming, change the exercises.
     (Cost analysis does not include tax, consumables or other           Instead of a basic front lunge, try a reverse or diagonal lunge.
 costs and fees)                                                         Tweak your push-up by placing you fingers in a diamond
                                                                         shape. Or try a high-impact workout, such as Boot Camp
                                                                         once a week instead of your regular running routine. Even
                                                                         simple changes can make common exercises more effective.
                                                                                                      –– FYI ––
                                                                       The SLMPD Fitness Center offers free Boot Camp classes
                                                                       on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays from 12-12:30 for
                                                                       department employees and spouses.

                                                                         St. Louis Muttropolitan Pet Grooming
                                                                            We Groom ALL Breeds of Dogs and Cats too!
                                                                                         (314) 647-7911
            Lesher’s Flowers Inc.                                             5701 Southwest Avenue (at January)
                                                                           20% Discount for All Department Employees
        4617 Hampton Ave. St. Louis, MO 63109 314-832-3500                 New Business – 26 Years Experience – Great Prices
                                                                                                                               We love pets...and it shows on them!
                  There is no substitute for Quality                         Owned by a retired officer –
                                                                                                                              June-July 2010 GENDARME            Page 23

    C A L E N D A R
     SUNDAY                  MONDAY                  TUESDAY                 WEDNESDAY                THURSDAY                  FRIDAY                  SATURDAY
                                                                                                1                        2                        3

4                     5                        6                        7                       8                        9                        10
    INDEPENDENCE                                                                                                                PAY DAY
11                    12                       13                       14                      15                       16                       17
                                                                         VETERANS MTG.
                                                                        POLICE WIVES MTG.

18                    19                       20                       21                      22                       23                       24
                                                                             BOB GRANDA                                          PAY DAY
                                                                             BLOOD DRIVE
25                    26                       27                       28                      29                       30                       31
                                                                         GEN. MEMBERSHIP

     SUNDAY                  MONDAY                 TUESDAY                  WEDNESDAY                THURSDAY                  FRIDAY                  SATURDAY
1                      2                       3                        4                        5                        6                        7
                        FILING FOR SLPOA                                                                                      PAY DAY
                                                PRIMARY ELECTION
                         OFFICES thru 8/6                                                                                 BATTLE OF BADGES
8                      9                       10                       11                       12                       13                       14
                                                                         VETERANS MTG.
                                                                        POLICE WIVES MTG.
15                     16                      17                       18                       19                       20                       21
                                                                                                                                PAY DAY                 MOONLIGHT
22                     23                      24                       25   GENERAL             26                       27                       28
                                                                        MEMBERSHIP MEETING            BLACK EXPO                                       100 BLACK MAN
                                                                                                      Aug. 26-29                                       PROSTATE WALK
                                                                        BACKSTOPPERS CONCERT
29                     30                      31

     SUNDAY                  MONDAY                 TUESDAY                  WEDNESDAY                THURSDAY                  FRIDAY                  SATURDAY
                                                                        1                        2                        3                        4
                                                                            SLPOA ELECTION                                      PAY DAY
5                      6                       7                        8                        9                        10                       11
                       LABOR DAY HOLIDAY                               VETERANS COOKOUT
                       LABOR DAY PARADE                                POLICE WIVES MTG.
12                     13                      14                       15                       16                       17 PAY DAY               18
                                                                                                                                                        FOREST PARK
                                                                                                                              BALLOON GLOW             BALLOON RACE
19                     20                      21                       22                       23                       24                       25
                                                                             FALL BEGINS

26                     27                      28                       29                       30
                                                                        GEN. MEMBERSHIP

     It was in March of 1975, when the officers and directors of the GENDARME,         Association and reporting the Association’s progress.
grew disillusioned with the promoter firm which previously published the newspa-           2) Reaching those in the power structure, at both the local and state level,
per. At that time they made arrangements for the GENDARME, the official publica-       with the Association’s story, in order to better resolve existing problems and, if
tion of the St. Louis Police Officers’ Association, to be published locally - rather   possible, to preclude potential problems.
than out of the city.                                                                      3) Serving as a forum for discussing Department policies and practices
     There is no outside promoter involved in any aspect of the publishing of          which, in the opinion of the Association’s Executive Board, are detrimental not
the GENDARME. We do no telephone soliciting. Advertising within the newspaper          only to the police officer, but to the Department in general, and
is sold by account executives who are employees of the SLPOA.                              4) Acting as a forum for Association members on issues NOT usually acted
     The GENDARME has a four-fold purpose of publication:                              upon by the SLPOA Executive Board or the Department.
     1) Informing the membership of what’s happening in the Department and the
   “Jim Long is what Saint Louis and Missouri needs: an honest, hard working
   family man with a grounded and untainted vision for this great state! Having
   Jim Long’s support in the State Senate will be instrumental in maintaining State
   Control of the Police Department”.
                  Joe Steiger, Vice President, St. Louis Police Officers’ Association
The following Organizations have united in electing Jim Long Senator:
St. Louis Police Officers’ Association
Fraternal Order of Police, Missouri State Lodge
Ethical Society of Police, St. Louis
St. Louis Police Leadership Organization
St. Louis Police Veterans Association
St. Louis Association of Retired Police Officers
St. Louis Police Department, Civilian Personnel Division
St. Louis Public Teachers, AFT Local 420
St. Louis Fire and EMS, IAF Local 73

          GENERAL MEMBERSHIP                                            NEXT GENERAL
    Every month fifty dollars ($50.00) will be awarded to one member
 attending the General Membership Meeting.

         The General Membership Meeting
              IS ALWAYS THE LAST                                        WEDNESDAY
          WEDNESDAY OF THE MONTH                                        JULY 28, 2010


                                                                                             Distributed by
                                                             St. Louis Police Officers’ Association, Fraternal Order of Police - Lodge 68
                                                                          3710 Hampton Avenue • St. Louis, Missouri 63109

                                                                                             SLPOA email:

                                                                                TIME SENSITIVE DATED MATERIAL

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