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					                       Ways To Make Money With Google Adsense


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                       Ways To Make Money With Google Adsense

The Ad’s Appearance
   1. Blend the color of your ad with the page background: This is the most
      obvious tip repeated around the internet for ages. Basically, you just need to
      keep the border color and the background color the same as the color of the
      background where the ad lies. There might be a problem if your website has
      a page background gradient, in that case you should try putting it in a
      bordered container Match the color scheme of the ad with the color
      scheme of the web page: If your blog/website has boxes with white
      background and gray border then create an ad with the same color scheme to
      show that the ad is a part of the page and make it blend in with the template.

   2. Use a background image to make the ad more prominent: This works
      best on blogs with lots of graphics. In a web page like this, putting an ad
      with blending colors will not do the trick. Be a little creative and put the ad
      on an image. For example, if you have a website about growing apples then
      you might want to pick an image of a red apple and then put an ad with red
      background and border and fit it in perfectly. This background image will
      help get some attention and more clicks.

   3. Set the font according to your page: Along with other updates adsense has
      put in, it has also allowed us to change the default font to the one matching
      in your page. So check your page font and then change the ad with that
      accordingly. This also helps your ad look more as a part of the page.

   4. Set the font size according to the rest of the text on the page: Same goes
      with the font size. If you have bigger font on the page then the click through
      ratio for the ad will be very low because it would look very awkward, so be
      sure to set that accordingly.

   5. Increase the font size of the ad to make it a little more prominent: I tried
      this out and it really worked well. Basically, you just need to keep the font
      size for the ad a little bigger than the rest of the font on your page. Just like
      H1 and H2 headings get more attention on a page. The same will be for the                                                         Page 2
                          Ways To Make Money With Google Adsense

         ads, as the first step is to get the attention of the visitor. Just don‟t set it to

   6. Give the ad title the same color as other headings/links on the page:
      When a visitor comes to your page, he recognizes the color of headings and
      links on the page. There are many people who might not just recognize the
      links in the ad at first so you should always keep the link of the title in the ad
      settings to be the same as other links on the page. Although some people
      recommend to keep it as the default blue links, I would only recommend that
      if your design is extremely simple.

   7. Try not to use the rounded corners, the square corners draw more
      clicks and attention: After playing around on my websites, I found that
      rounded cornered ads get less clicks compared to square corners. So stick to
      squared corners unless it really messes up with your design, no need to get
      into this if you’re keeping the border to be the same as the background.

   8. Try to keep the ad background as light as possible, the border and the
      title darker than that: Light backgrounds are always assistance to readers.
      Especially if you have a website with a very dark background then there is
      no need to blend the ad. You should use a lighter shade of the same color
      and watch the clicks go crazy.

   9. Don’t use Adsense’s default palettes: This is obvious because Google
      Adsense has been around for around 6 years now and most websites use the
      default palette of adsense. This has triggered an ad filter in the minds of
      people with that palette. So no matter what, try not to use the default palette.

The Ad’s Positioning
   10.   Try placing the ad within the content: Visitors are usually interested in the
         content, so putting it at a place within the content would increase the
         chances of the ad getting seen and then getting clicked.
   11.    Ads are most effective on the left side: Naturally, we always look from
         left-to-right when we read something because of the English writing
         standards. Similarly, ads are most likely to be seen when they’re on the left                                                                 Page 3
                       Ways To Make Money With Google Adsense

      side rather than being in the right most. Ads in the middle are also better
      than the ones on the right.

   12. Place images around the ad: This is a little old but works so darn well on
       websites that only an idiot will not try this if he had a website which is not
       all about content but pictures and videos or just a fun tool.

   13. Try to put the adsense in the most keyword rich place: Generally, we are
       told that Google Adsense ads are fetched by looking at the content all around
       the page, but usually this is given less weight. Adsense tries to deliver ads
       most relevant to the place where it is found. So try to put the ad where the
       keyword is used the most. Please note, that I did not mean to spam the hell
       out of your article just to get good ads!

   14. Try to keep all ads above the fold: Many users don‟t even scroll down
       when the visit the page and if you want to make the maximum money, you
       cannot risk to leave out those people who don‟t scroll down. Instead, put
       them above the fold so that everyone can see them and improve your
       chances of getting more clicks. For your information, above the fold means
       that part of the web page that is visible without scrolling down.

   15. Don’t put advertisements in the footer: This is just a stupid reason to
       lower your click-through ratio and get smart-priced. If you‟re mistaken the
       please understand that nobody clicks ads in the footer so please remove

   16. Don’t put two ads together, put some content between them: This would
       definitely be a very stupid thing to do. Firstly, it gives a bad impression to
       the visitor and makes the page look like spam. Secondly, it might display
       irrelevant or the same ads on both units. So always putting at least a
       paragraph of content before putting another ad unit.

The Ad’s Size
   17. A leader board works best on the top of the page: A leader board on the
       top of the page, preferably on the right side (Because there is usually a logo                                                         Page 4
                       Ways To Make Money With Google Adsense

      on the left side). Although you can experiment, my results were the best
      when I stuck to image-only ads for the leader-board instead of the text ads.

   18. A Medium banner works best under the header: Right under the header
       (Or the first 100-250 pixels of the height), a medium 468 x 60 ad works
       wonderfully. This works good for both, text ads as well as image ads.

   19. Horizontal link lists work best under the header navigation: Long 728 x
       15 horizontal link lists get lots of clicks. This used to work great, in fact it
       still works great in terms of more clicks. However, you might give it a
       second thought after keeping the new Google Adsense interest-based
       advertising in mind.

   20. Square link lists should only be used in the sidebar and best tried to
       match the format of other widgets: Since you cannot modify the size of
       ads except the ones available, adjust your sidebar to fit the size of the square
       link list. Also try to imitate the style of links on the link unit to other widgets
       in your sidebar, so that link list looks just like other links and their titles in
       the sidebar. This is what I call ultimate blending.

   21. Large Rectangle and Medium Rectangle work best within the content: If
       you want maximum clicks, then just place a large or medium rectangle
       within the content preferably on the left side. This is the best known adsense
       ad optimization. After all, a little extra money won’t hurt right?

   22. Sky scrapers and Wide sky scrapers work best in sidebar: Putting them a
       little way down the right or left sidebar works great. But be sure that these
       are text-only ads. Image ads don‟t work here.

The Ad’s Type
   23. Image ads get twice as much clicks as text ads on media blogs: By media
       blogs, I meant blogs which are primarily about pictures and videos and other
       graphical forms of presentation. On a place like this, text-ads would be like a
       cyclist in a nascar race. Hence, to match the graphics around always use
       image-only ads here.

   24. Text ads are much more effective when embedded in the content: When
       you have articles or post or other information presented in the form of text,
       embedding text-ad rectangles works the best.                                                            Page 5
                       Ways To Make Money With Google Adsense

   25. Test, Test and Test: You never know what might just work great so always
       keep testing. This might seem to be contradicting to number 24 but I’ll
       explain that. For example, if you have a post about pictures of Britney spears
       and you have an ad near it that reads: „Contact Britney Spears‟ or „Meet
       Britney Spears‟, then you can imagine how many clicks that would get. So
       be sure to test for once at least to see what works best.

   26. Generally, image ads grab more attention: Even if you want to grab some
       attention within the content then you might want to try image ads because
       generally they do grab more attention and if they are good they will attract
       more clicks. You can check that out with the adsense sandbox.

The Ad’s Tracking
   27. Always put a custom channel on the ad to track that which ones work
       out to be the best: You have got to be missing out a lot if you don‟t use
       custom channels for each and every different ad unit that you have. The real
       secret to adsense is optimizing and getting the most revenue out of the same
       traffic and space. You can never decide what works best until you put
       custom channels to see what works best.

   28. Integrate your adsense account with your analytics account: If you
       haven‟t done this already, you can find the link on the adsense dashboard
       after you create a google analytics account. This is very useful in tracking.

The Page design
   29. Don’t overdo the designing: I don‟t really think that adsense ads work so
       well with very „fancy‟ designs. The simpler, the better.

   30. Keep the background as light as possible, preferably white: I‟ll share a
       secret with you. While some might give you other nasty techniques to make
       more money with adsense, I‟ll just say: Give the user what he wants plus a
       good experience on your website. So make the background light, this is an
       aid to easy reading. Get the idea?

   31. If the background is darker then make the background of the ad lighter
       than it: I discussed the same thing earlier and I‟ll say it again. If you have a
       dark background like black then don‟t make the ad black as well. In fact,                                                         Page 6
                       Ways To Make Money With Google Adsense

      make the ad background gray or white and this will get a lot of clicks. There
      are some times when you just don’t blend the ads.

   32. Experiment fancy containers for the ad to see which one works best: Let
       your creativity go wild. Let it travel around the vast horizons of your
       thinking to bring out some cool yet silly things. After that, just put them to
       work and then keep experimenting till you know you’re one step away from
       busting your brain. That’s when you’ll know what works best. By the way, I
       was talking about creating good background images to place your ads on.

   33. A very simple design with neatly blended ad can result in a high CTR:
       Yes, you heard it right. Our normal thinking is that fancy graphics and flash
       animations are a very cool thing. If you think from the perspective of a
       visitor, you will not think the same. Same as point 34, keeping a simpler
       design to enhance a better user interface will result in more revenue in the
       long run.

   34. Create several imitations of the square link list: This is something you
       need to do with your sidebar. Even a newbie CSS learner could write a few
       lines of code to imitate the adsense link list. I’ve seen thousands of websites
       do this. Since people usually click less on ads, this way they’ll switch of the
       ad alert in their brain and click the ad.

   35. Put adsense on those pages which get most of their visitors from Google:
       Now here comes the important part. We all know that mostly adsense ads
       are clicked by searchers. So you should put adsense on those pages that get
       most of their traffic from google, yahoo or bing. Now, if you’re thinking
       why should you do this, the answer is pretty simple. You should know that
       when people don‟t click on your ad after some time you get smart-priced
       which means that you will not get the same amount per click that you
       usually get. So this helps eliminate the chance of your ad being seen by
       those who will not be interested in it generally.

   36. Show google ads to searchers only: While the first step was more general
       and was all manual. In this, I‟ll let you know about a nifty trick to show
       google ads to be seen by searchers only. If you‟re using wordpress, just add                                                         Page 7
                       Ways To Make Money With Google Adsense

      the following code before and after your adsense code and then it will only
      show to google searchers:
   <?php $ref = $_SERVER["HTTP_REFERER"]; if (strpos($ref,
   “google”)!==false) { ?> [Google Adsense Code Here] <?php } ?>

   37. Test google ads and then decide whether they’ll be worth putting: Use
       the google adsense sandbox to check what ads will display for a certain
       keyword or on a specific page. You can check out the adsense sandbox. This
       is very useful as it can let you test out what kind of ads will display before
       you actually put them.

   38. Look for better paying keywords and use them to pull high paying ads
       to make more money: First you need to open google adwords keywords
       tool. Next, you need to enter the primary keyword. When it shows all the
       keywords then select „Show Estimated Avg. CPC‟ from the drop-down
       menu. Now just order them in descending order of the Average CPC and
       there you are with the most profitable keywords. Try to use them within
       content to experience the highest paying ads. You might also want to check
       them out using the adsense sandbox.

   39. Use the ad filter to filter all ads which pay very low amounts like $0.05~:
       There used to be big lists around. You can still google them and find the list
       of low-paying advertisers. Once you‟re logged in, first click on „Adsense
       Setup‟ after that click on „Competitive Ad Filter‟ and then paste the list of
       those websites in the big text box that you‟ll see on that page. There you are,
       you‟ve filtered all the low-paying advertisers.

   40. Putting adsense on a website after it gains stability in the search results:
       This is very effective. Don‟t put adsense on a new site. This has been self-
       tried by me and I only put adsense when the site gains a stable position in
       the search results. If you put adsense from day one, google thinks that you
       are probably in for the quick money and might send your site to the sandbox
       which will stop you from earning for about a year.

   41. Try to keep one page more focused on one topic: I usually try to avoid
       putting adsense on pages which are very general and not focused on a
       specific topic. The reason is that the ads will not be so targeted and then
       there will be less chances of getting click-throughs. Having a low click-                                                        Page 8
                       Ways To Make Money With Google Adsense

      through rate might result in getting smart-priced which results in very low
      revenue per click.

   42. Create more and more content, grab out for as much keywords as
       possible in different pages: Try to create targeted separate pages for each
       and everything you find on the topic of your website. Being more targeted
       increases the chances of getting clicks on that page and would also increase
       the overall authority of your website on that topic.

   43. Don’t put adsense on every page, especially if you have a personal blog:
       You really wouldn‟t want to put adsense on a post where you‟re talking
       about your trip to cousin‟s house. Reason being, a normal person wouldn‟t
       be intersted in that topic. Those who will be interested in knowing about
       your trip will definitely not be interested in the ads. So, it is just another
       reason to get smart-priced.

   44. Avoid non-english characters to avoid irrelevant ads: I found this to be
       stating that putting Non-English characters like a french last name on your
       page could result in multi-lingual ads which would be a really bad thing if
       you have an English only website. So try to reduce Non-English characters
       in your page to get the best ads.

   45. According to Google’s new interest based advertising, recommend your
       visitors not to click the ads if they have no interest in it: I really do not
       have much knowledge on this but as far as I heard, google recently released
       their interest based advertising. For getting more revenue, you should advice
       your visitors not to click the ads if they are not interested in them. You never
       know, a few people who are not interested click the ads and adsense bans
       you for invalid clicks.

   46. 3 ad blocks per page maximum: This has also been discussed by google
       representatives and I think it is also in their TOS. Abide by this rule, it is for
       your own good. Personally, I’ve never put more than 2 ad blocks on a single
       page and 90% of the times there is only 1 ad block on the page. Trust me, 1
       or 2 are better than 3 or 4.

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