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									   AL       ELOCIT USE GU
Here you can either Record a vid using yo laptop or computer’s webcam
       u                       deo      our       r          s

Or Uploa a video.

                    o           oad
For now, I’m going to select Uplo Video.

Then I’m going to giv it a title an descriptio to remind me what th video is a
                    ve            nd         on        d          his        about

Then I’m going to clic Almost th
                     ck        here
                               o           a                     cc-server clu
Then I’m going to choose a video to upload and be host ed by my cc           usters.

                     ck        ad”
Then I’m going to clic on “uploa

Here, I’ll wait for the upload to be completed.

       e           eted, I’m take to this pa
And once it’s comple            en         age.

       y                        l                       videos to be enconded a prepared
Now as you can see, it takes at least 5 minutes for the v                     and      d.

So we ca revisit this page in ab
       an           s                      es.
                               bout 5 minute
OK… so it’s been 5 minutes and as you can see, my vid is ready
     o                       d          n           deo      y.

           o                      nk         he        here and put it on my we
I’ll click on this “Embed Code” lin and get th code on h          t           ebsite.

      w            ebsites just became THA MUCH m
And now all of my we            b        AT                ul        generate THAT
                                                more powerfu and can g          A
MUCH more income.

          s           hat      l.
It’s that simple and th powerful
                               e          y          es         ve          eady, IF you
By the way, you can also go here and view your website that you’v set up alre          u
upgraded with the 50 niche webs
        d          0                                bile
                               sites and 50 FREE Mob sites…

Select a website that you’ve alre
                    t                      …
                                eady set up…

Click on edit…

         deos tab…
Select vid

       ect                    eated.
And sele the video you just cre

        ck                  gn
Then clic on Complete Campaig
                    e         nd           t                         g
Download the zip file again… an re-install the files into your hosting account.

       w          te                    as           ,           nstall the ne files on yo
And now your websit here automatically ha video in it, once you in           ew          our
hosting account.

        hat        e         rful? [chuckle]
How is th for simple and power

If you ha any que            el
                  estions, fee free to se us an e
                                        end                pport@ccc-s
                                                email at sup                  m
         o        er
or click on Custome Support at the top… …

Good luck with the MOST pow          me                             …          you’ll
                          werful Incom Genera ting tool in the world… not that y
need it

See you again soon.


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