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					 15 Secrets That
Made Me Millions
                    By Douglas Goodey

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by Tahir Shah

Dear Reader,
What follows are some words of wisdom, gems of advice and years of
experience being shared with you by a man who made millions, lost
millions at the age of 65 and succeeded in making millions again by
the age of 75.
Over the past few months I have become good friends with Douglas,
who I have had the pleasure to work with and also to learn from his
life and his experiences. Throughout the ages people have listened to
the words of the wise, and those who were wise enough to value those
words… have reached great heights in their own lives too.
Douglas Goodey is not only a modern day sage, but his life story and
his accomplishments in the face of adversity… put him right up there
as one of the truly inspirational leaders of our time. He is blessed with
a wealth of knowledge and wisdom, and his life is testimony to his
fighting spirit against all odds.
Ladies and Gentleman, take the next 15 minutes or so, not only to
ponder on the words that you read but also to get a brief insight into the
mind of a man who “Really has been there, seen it and done it all”. Most
of all be inspired by a man who even at the age of 80 – is still having fun
doing what he loves to do. Help others.

Tahir Shah                  15 Secrets That Made Me Millions | 2
My top tips on the road
to multi-millionaire
from stoney broke
1. Focus on today
Yesterday is history. Whatever has happened has happened.
Today is the first day of your new life.

It all starts from right here.
Ahead is hope and happiness. All the pain and misery is behind you.
Face up to the future, shoulders back and a spring in your step, YOU
and only you can do what has to be done.

2. You don’t need riches
   to make them.
Unless you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, and
most people aren’t, YOU will have to make your millions…
and it isn’t that hard, whatever you may think.

I was born in the worst depression England has ever known. I have
hammer toes on both feet because new shoes for a growing boy were
beyond our means. The few new pairs I did get my grandmother
bought me.
Don’t be fooled into thinking you need to be born rich to be rich.
Anyone can achieve success and riches in their lifetime no matter what
their background and whilst there are elements of luck… success is
mainly down to proven principles that all successful people adopt.               15 Secrets That Made Me Millions | 
3. Take a deep breath… literally!
One important step on the road to financial success is to
always have an alert mind. An easy and natural way to do
this is to breathe properly.

The first, and quite probably the last, time you expelled ALL the air
from your body was the minute you were born when the midwife
smacked your bum and made you cry.
If you are going to mix it with the big boys you’re going to need your
brain to be crystal clear.
You achieve that by expelling ALL the breath from your lungs right
down to your solar plexus then slowly breathe in through your nose
until you cannot get another ounce of breathe into your body, hold it
there for  to 5 seconds… then breathe IN again! You will be amazed at
how much more you can intake.
Only then do you breathe out, through your nose, as slowly as you
breathed in.
You will find that you will use parts of your lungs that have not been
used for years. Make this a habit, and never less than once a day.
And when should you ALWAYS do this?
When you are going to tackle an adversary or a new prospect, or you
have an interview or presentation etc.
Because without Oxygen your brain cells will die or they will certainly
get very sleepy… and you always need to be on the ball if you are
aiming for multi-millionaire status.                15 Secrets That Made Me Millions | 
4. Keep healthy on your road
   to being wealthy.
Physical exercise is another pre-requisite. Sitting in front of
a computer all day is not that taxing physically and keeping
fit is fun. Even just a brisk walk is good exercise.

Personally, even at 80, I try to make sure that I swim half a mile or so
every day.
Swimming and Golf are the two exercises that use most muscles and
both of them can be accompanied by your breathing exercises.
Isn’t that cool? Two great tips for the price of one.
And oh… Don’t try doing the breathing exercise under water!

5. Be confident in what you do.
It is a pretty well known fact that very clever or very wealthy
people have a low attention level, and also tend to make
decisions fairly quickly.

In my case, I am certain that is because I have always known that
whatever it is I set myself to do… I can do it.
So why sit and think about it for months?
I first started making money when I was in junior school. Pocket
money was pretty well non-existent, so I have always treated money
with respect because it has earned me respect.
That, I am sure, applies to most millionaires who have made their
money through their own skills and effort.                   15 Secrets That Made Me Millions | 5
6. Don’t be afraid to be different.
When the worst thing happened to me that could possibly
happen (and which you will learn about when you get the
full story) I thought: “Well, this is it… it cannot get worse!
There is only one way to go from here and that is up.”

Everything that you will ever need to become a multi-millionaire you
already have. Just make sure you keep healthy, (see tips  &  above)
and look for the opportunities that surround you now more than
they have ever done. I always looked for a different path to the top,
not the one being trod by my peers. If you lead the way you have no
competition. By all means learn the basics, look for the openings, then
tweak the basics. This way you are, or you become a creator, a leader…
not a follower. Be proud to stand out from the crowd.

7. You are your own lottery ticket
Amazingly enough however much money I have amassed
I have never taken to gambling, or paying way too much
for an item because it has a particular label in the collar.
Nor have I ever purchased a lottery ticket and I fail to
understand how people who can ill afford to, will spend
substantial funds on trying to win a fortune.

I would risk a Million on something that may be untried but I felt had a
good chance of going places… if I was involved in it personally… but if
I was not involved, then I would pass it by.
Egotism? Possibly, but I think experience and I have both made and
lost on those terms over the years.                15 Secrets That Made Me Millions | 6
8. Learn from those who know
Over the past four or five decades I have added a number of
multi-millionaires to my client bank, all have been modest
people and all have been self made.

Most have been grateful for the advice I have given them and many
have increased and protected their fortunes as a result of my guidance.
As a result they have introduced me to their friends. So, if you want to
walk with millionaires, speak their language, be different, be honest
with them, do as they did, learn, earn and save. Don’t let the cowboys
in the IM business sweet talk you and rip you off when doing so. There
are many honest traders so seek them out and learn from them, then
learn to do it better. If you see an offer that appears to be unbelievable,
it probably IS.

9. Make knowledge an ally to action
There is nothing, absolutely NOTHING that you cannot do
if you really want. Many want, but do not want to do. There
is no harm trying to find the easiest way to achieve your
aims, in fact it is exactly the right thing to do but…
YOU need to know what you are doing. If you don’t and you rely on
others you will never KNOW whether you are being ripped off or not.
If you do not know how something should be or how it should look,
how would you KNOW whether it was right? And there is nothing
wrong with jumping in at the deep end when you think you are ready
to run with something.                  15 Secrets That Made Me Millions | 7
10. Decide to decide
Multi-millionaires are quick to reach a decision. More often
than not the decision they come to is the right one. If it isn’t,
they will put it right.

How many times have you considered it was right to maker a certain
move or to take a certain road… and then hesitated and not done it
- in case it was not the right thing to do? You know what I am getting
at… those “If only” times that for some people are such golden
opportunities, maybe of a life time… missed because of indecision.
Those that don’t, dither… those that do, decide!

11. Become the person who
    others recommend.
One of my “multi-millionaire clients” was referred to me by
another client, who was the Chairman of the largest Driving
School chain in the UK.

“Go and see this man” he said, “he is branching out on his own at the
end of this month and he has the ability to go places. Big time”.
I went.. and met one of the nicest men I have known. He was starting a
niche business in the centre of London in a warehouse a few hundred
yards from Liverpool Street Station.
At our second meeting he said “I need your advice Douglas. We need a
larger house and I have found one which size and position-wise suits us
perfectly but… having just started this new business… I am not sure
that we will be able to afford the mortgage repayments. Plus I will have
no real proof of income yet”.                15 Secrets That Made Me Millions | 8
“John,” I began, “Did you start this company thinking that it may fail?
Or that it would give you a better income and make profits?’
“The latter” he said , quite positively.
“Then put your wife on your books and pay her sufficient to cover the
mortgage payments” I told him. “She can be your bookkeeper. That
way the mortgage will be built into your overheads and your company
will not pay tax on the money that you pay her. It may reduce your
profits a little but it will also save you tax…” I continued, “and also get
you the house you want’.
“Wonderful Douglas!” he and his wife exclaimed. “Why didn’t my
accountant tell me that?” he enquired.
“He is not a business man like you and I John’” I replied. “He is a
historian. You will find that you only meet him a couple of times a year,
at the most. And in the main, all he will ever tell you is what you have
done, not what you should do…”.
“Douglas” he said “we are going to have a meeting every year in my
boardroom where he says he will guide me through my business. And
I pay him to be there. Will you be there too?”
I was there every year after that and I told him what to do when the
warehouse he was using was to be redeveloped and the landlord
wanted him to look for alternative premises.
There were three years to run on his lease.
“You are not accepting his terms John…” I told him firmly.
“But I would welcome a change Douglas, we have somewhat outgrown
these premises”.
“But he doesn’t know that John. Tell him you have three years to find a
place, so you will start looking when you get the chance’.
“But I have already found a place… freehold” he said.
“Is it ready to move into’ I asked him.                  15 Secrets That Made Me Millions | 
“No it needs a bit of work doing on it…” he replied.
“Much?”, I enquired.
“About two hundred and fifty thousand pounds, to get it how I want it”
he admitted.
“Do as I tell you and he will pay that cost for you’, I told him.
And do you know what? He did.
The Landlord stood to make well over a million if he went ahead, and
there was no legal way that he could get John out.
At the December meetings it was always my advice that John
listened to.
As I said earlier be different, don’t follow the crowd, lead from the front
if you really want to make it big time.
John referred me on to a number of other businessmen over the years.
There is nothing better than word of mouth advertising. Another
million dollar lesson for you and it costs you nothing.

12. Love those you work with
    and they will love you
Another wonderful, generous client, was not a multi-
millionaire, but was worth a little over a million.

He was a Jewish gentleman who I considered to be, together with his
wife two of the nicest people I have met.
His father was a Butcher with a shop in Spitalfields Market the
“wholesale butchers” centre in East London.
His father and mother were Russian Jews, he told me, and his father
was packed on a cattle truck and sent to Siberia.                   15 Secrets That Made Me Millions | 10
But his father and another Jewish friend managed to slip off the
train in the middle of the night just before they reached their
dreaded destination.
They had no food, no money, and very little clothing but they WALKED
out of Siberia and all the way to Germany where they went to the docks
to try and get passage to the USA.
They had no ‘walking about money’ but they did have a little gold, and
they eventually got one of the seamen to smuggle them aboard. He told
them he would let them know when they reached New York.
The day after they left Germany he ferreted them out and told them
‘New York, off you go’.
It took them an hour or so to realize that they were in Southampton
UK, but he still managed to find work and eventually set up a good
business of his own.
He was still running his butcher’s shop in the market at the age
of 2 and, said David proudly, he was still carrying around whole
sides of beef on his shoulder David and Rebecca built up the largest
privately owned Clarks shoe shop in England, having opened it
from an empty shop. Every year Clarks sent a Chauffer driven Rolls
Royce down to collect David and gave him Royalty treatment for the
day for being Top Dog.
My wife and I were guests of honor at his Golden Wedding anniversary.
We flew home overnight from Barbados where I had been speaking at
a Seminar in order to be there.
He spoke at the event and told briefly how their shoe shop started. He
had been out in the morning and when he got home he said to Rebecca,
“I’ve just bought a shop”.
‘Where?’ she asked.
“In the High Street”, David replied.
‘What does it sell?’              15 Secrets That Made Me Millions | 11
“Nothing, it’s empty”
‘So what is it going to sell’
“I don’t know yet, I need to think about it. It’s a lovely shop, It’s that big
one on the corner with a large window in each road”
“So what do you know about that you can sell?” She pressed.
“Nothing really”
“We will sell shoes then”
“But I know nothing about shoes”
“You know nothing about nothing. What you don’t know I will
teach you”
Rebecca’s father had a stall in the Pioneer Market a couple of miles
away and she had worked there until she married David.
They never looked back. People used to take their children to them
for their shoes because they knew that they were always going to be
completely satisfied.
Business is all about satisfied customers which has sadly been
neglected in the modern days. David and Rebecca got the sort of
service from me that their customers got from them, and did they
appreciate it!
Their bank had mismanaged their money for years until they met
me and I took charge of all of it. I had so many wonderful referrals
from David. Just one brought me a commission return at the very
first meeting of $10,000 and that was just one, the largest, of at
least twenty.
The day before David died he told Rebecca that she should make NO
financial decisions without asking for my opinion first, not even her
daughter or son in law, he said.                   15 Secrets That Made Me Millions | 12
I always made sure that she had a large bunch of flowers for her
birthday. I will endeavor to put as much of a personal touch into my
internet marketing as I did in that business. If it only pays half the
dividends it paid then I will be delighted. A little care and attention can
be the making of a business relationship.

13. Many things are easy whilst
    few are impossible.
I would guess that you are probably reading this because
you are hoping that I can show you how to become a
millionaire in 20 easy steps. I’m sorry this report alone
won’t do that for you.

However, what I can do is tell you with certainty that you have got a
much better chance of succeeding at earning millions than I had.
I am not a gambling man but I would put money on the fact that you
have probably NEVER been as low as I was, having already made
millions and lost them and was being chased by creditors because I
had amassed business debts of almost $5,000,000 which I had stood
personal guarantor for. And believe me when I say that is not fun when
you are just short of your 65th birthday and facing bankruptcy.
I succeeded in clearing my debts and creating millions, before the age
of 75. How? Because I know that you are what you want to be, and there
is nothing that is impossible while you have air in your lungs.
You may not reach the stars, but you can have a lot of fun trying and
one thing is 100% certain, if you do not try you will not succeed.
Much of what you might think is hard to do becomes easy when you
set out and do it, and little of what you think is impossible remains so
when you set your mind to completing a task.                 15 Secrets That Made Me Millions | 1
14. Work is only hard if you focus solely
    on the task and not the result.
I recall, when I was about 17, hearing my father tell my
mother, that I would never earn my living with my hands.

I thought that he was saying that I was unable to work with my hands,
yet I had proved that at the age of 10 when I had built Lloyd Loom type
furniture and carried it round the streets of London’s East End selling
it. But what he had meant, I later learned, was that I would always earn
my living using my brain and not through manual labor.
Success is only achieved by effort of some sort or another. It’s good to
have dreams, but converting them to reality gives you a much better
feeling. Coming back with some silver in my pocket for the child’s cot
that I had designed and made myself at 10 was great. And through the
rest of my life, that lesson served me well. Nothing comes without hard
work, but you can line your pockets well if you aren’t afraid of it and
focus on the end result and not only the task.

15. Dwell on life’s positives
    and keep heart.
You have great stamina, or you would not still be here
reading this. That is a great attribute for someone seeking
success. Now add an ounce or two of grit, a little vision and a
lot of determination and you have got all it takes to reach the
top of the pile.

As I said earlier. Reach for the stars, if you do not quite make it to the stars
and only reach the moon, you will be one of the very few in this world to
have achieved that.                    15 Secrets That Made Me Millions | 1
You are going to be amazed at how great the feeling is when you KNOW
that you are one of the 2% who earn a very respectable income from internet
marketing, or, indeed, when you are one of the top 2% in anything.
I have met many of that 2% in all walks of life. They all felt good about
themselves. They did not decry the unsuccessful tryers, only the
unsuccessful whiners who never really tried. If at first, you don’t
succeed, try, try, try again. It’s sometimes hard to find a friend, when
your heart is full of hope, but it’s harder still to find the towel when your
eyes are full of soap.

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