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					          GWRRA—Region A—South Carolina District
          GWRRA—Region A—South Carolina District

                            Friends for fun, Safety and Knowledge

                          Tiger Tales
            The Tiger Wings – Chapter I – Clemson, SC
         A duly chartered Chapter of Region A of the Gold Wing Road Riders Association

                                          May 2012

                                                        April Meeting Notes                 2

                                                        Hydration & Motorcycle Riding       4

                                                        We Enjoy Our Toys                   5

                                                        ACD Corner                          8

                                                        Awards & Recognition                17

    We are all Family Here, come Join Us!               Rider Education                     20

                                                        RECALL NOTICES                      22
Chapter Director               Chikh Frihi
                               (864) 638-5013           Recipe of the Month                 24
Asst. Chapter Directors        Joyce & Isaiah Rice
                               (864) 859-3379           Technical Information               26
Membership Coordinator         Marty Abercrombie
                               (864) 888-2014           Did You Know                        40
Treasurer                      Tim & Terry Swain
                                                        Member Article’s 13,14, 23, 29, 33, 39
                               (864) 972-3324
Chapter Educator               Art & Lucy Seavey        Region A current Newsletter         37
Ride Coordinator               Mike Abercrombie
                               (864) 888-2014           Classifieds                         38
Technical Coordinator          Lou Achille
                               (864) 332-6600           District current Newsletter         42
Chapter Historian              Lucy Seavey
Phone Tree Coordinator         Frank Crane              Upcoming Rallies & Events           43
Goodie Store                   Mike Epperson
                                                        April Calendar                      45
Newsletter Editors &           Joyce & Isaiah Rice
Chapter Website Managers       (864) 859-3379
Chapter Website      
SC District Director           Charles Coleman

Region A Director              Bob & Nan Shrader

                Join us on the first Thursday of each month
                         6 PM to eat - 7 PM to meet
                                       Asian Buffet
                    364 Market Street, Dogwood Plaza, Seneca, SC 29678
                                           April Meeting
Chapter Director, Chikh Frihi welcomed a very         showed our Mascot, Clem –
crowded room. Most of our members were pre-           all decked out with his
sent as well as a number of guests, including         wings, helmet, eye protec-
Charles Coleman, District Director and several        tion and GWRRA insignia
other District Staff members, the Chapter Directors   that Cheryl Capman made,
of Chapters S and A. Chapter A actually brought 9     and the great collage that
members. One of the reasons they were there           one of our newest members,              Sandy
was to show their deep appreciation to Dave and       Terry Naster (Bubby) made
Cheryl Capman who have sold their home here           with assistance from Lucy Seavey. She explained
and are moving to Iowa to be able to share more       what she did to assemble it. Both will be entered
fully in the lives of their children and grandkids.   in the competitions at the SC Convention.

Dave and Cheryl have been here for 14 years and       High Roller: This award went to Isaiah and
have served as Chapter Directors for Chapter I        Joyce Rice who put on 6,015 miles in the past
several times and have held almost every other        month.
position in the Chapter too. They topped that off
by serving as District Directors as well. Everyone    Happy Chap: Art Seavey got Mr. Giggles for the
spoke of their great service to GWRRA, what a         second month for allowing Dave to borrow his
wonderful job they always did, how sorely they will   trailer and take it to Iowa and back at no charge.
be missed and how fortunate Chapter A in Des
Moines will be to have them as members.               Holy Cow: Dave Capman stated that when he
                                                      read our March newsletter, he said “Holy Cow”.
One of the very few positions they have never held    He called a few other members who also said
is that of Chapter I Couple of the Year. That was     “Holy Cow”. Why? Well, Isaiah and Joyce Rice
remedied at this gathering. The Capman’s are          took an anniversary trip to Niagara Falls. Isaiah
now the 2012 COY for Chapter I. ACD Isaiah Rice       just loves to take pictures and there in the news-
presented them with a certificate of appreciation     letter was a picture of the two of them – in the
plaque which listed all their service, along with a   bathtub! HOLY COW – Joyce and Isaiah got this
gift basket and a bottle of their favorite wine.      one.

Dave and Cheryl promised to be back frequently        Chapter Pride: This award is now given to the
and invited everyone to come visit them in their      person whose GWRRA number is hidden some-
new 3 bedroom home.                                   where in the newsletter. A good reason to read it
                                                      carefully. The winner this month was Debbie
Charles Coleman informed us that he had received      Cabe.
the Growth Management Report and it showed
that South Carolina leads the Region in signing       50/25/25 Drawing: The winners this month
new members.                                          were Chikh Frihi and Debbie Cabe.

    Birthdays                            Anniversaries                       GWRRA Join Date
4th Peggie O’Kelley                 19th Deborah & Murray Lee           2008   Mike Epperson
5th Richard Williams Jr.            22nd Debbie & Danny Cabe            2008   Meg & Russell Newhall
21st Joyce Lawhorne                                                     2008   Odessa & Richard Williams
28th Tim Swain                                                          2011   John Ellis

     Tiger Tales from the Tiger Wings                                                                      Pg. 2
                               A Big Thank You!

 Memorial Day is observed on the last Mon-
   day of May. It was formally known as
  Decoration Day and commemorates all
 men and women, who have died in military
       service for the United States.

             LET US NEVER FORGET!

            Honor the Fallen
Click Here >>>>

      Tiger Tales from the Tiger Wings            Pg. 3
                       The Importance of Hydration
                        While Riding Motorcycles
Why is Hydration so Important to Motorcycle Rid-             is always important, but it is absolutely crucial to abide
ing? Most people don’t think hydration is important          by this rule while riding in the heat.
when riding their motorcycles because it’s just like driv-
ing a car, right? Wrong! Factors such as: direct expo-       Caffeinated drinks like coffee, soda or energy drinks will
sure to the sun, higher temperatures, and high humidity      actually dehydrate you even more because the caffeine
can all contribute to dehydration while riding motorcy-      acts as a diuretic. “Diuretic” is a term to define a class of
cles. Not to mention that riding either competitively or     substances which push the water out of your system,
over rough terrain is one of the world’s most physically     and dry you out. If you absolutely can’t function without
demanding sports. It’s a shame that not enough people        some caffeine in your system, a good rule to follow is to
know this. Read on to learn how to keep hydrated and         make sure to drink an extra ounce of water for every
keep riding at peak efficiency.                              ounce of caffeinated drink you consume.

Proper hydration is essential while riding your motorcy-     A great way to make sure you are consistently hydrating
cle because dehydration can cause fatigue, dizziness         throughout the day while you are riding your motorcycle
and confusion, which could easily cause you to crash.        is by wearing a hydration pack or hydration system.
Other symptoms of dehydration could include mental           These strap on your back just like a backpack, and con-
fogginess, slower reaction time, bad decision making,                                tain a water reservoir with a
shallow breathing, and low                                                           straw leading out of it so you
blood pressure. If it is hot out-                                                    can easily drink from it hands
side, and you are not sweating,                                                      free while riding. Most hydration
this is a pretty sure sign that                                                      packs will hold at least 70
you are dehydrated and you                                                           ounces of water (some hold up
could be nearing heat stroke.                                                        to 100 ounces), and many have
                                                                                     extra pockets and compart-
Dehydration has a cumulative                                                         ments to hold items like your
effect – your body doesn’t                                                           wallet, cell phone, tools, maps,
magically hydrate itself without                                                     etc. Another option is to carry
you drinking the proper                                                              bottled water with you in your
amounts of water. Just like a                                                        gear bags or saddlebags, but
radiator; it does not refill its                                                     with this method you have to
own coolant. So for example, if                                                      pull over and stop every time
you are 5 percent dehydrated                                                         you want to take a drink.
on Friday, and don’t drink
enough water to become fully                                                           Regardless of whether you
hydrated again, then on Satur-                                                         choose a hydration pack or bot-
day you don’t drink enough                                                             tled water, be sure to schedule
water once again, you will be                                                          regular breaks and stops in ex-
at least 5 percent dehydrated                                                          treme heat to cool off inside gas
from Friday, plus whatever you lose on Saturday. This       stations, restaurants or rest stops. You may be tempted
compounding rule is your worst enemy when you aren’t        to wear as little clothing as possible when it’s hot, but
hydrating properly!                                         (contrary to popular belief) bare skin absorbs more heat
                                                            from the sun, which raises your core temperature. So,
To remain hydrated while you’re out on long motorcycle always wear a lightweight motorcycle jacket and pants.
rides, there are a few simple rules to follow. First things They will prevent the sun from drying out your skin and
first: start drinking water before you even go out to ride. raising your temperature, not to mention protect your
In fact, don’t even put on your motorcycle boots or jacket skin from road rash in the event of a fall. Wearing a mo-
until you’ve had at least one glass of water. We’ve all     torcycle helmet not only protects your head, but studies
heard the old rule: 8 glasses of water a day. However,      show that motorcycle helmets diminish the effects of hot
you actually may need to drink more or less water than      wind and lessen the likelihood of dehydration.
that, depending on your body size. A better rule to re-
member is to take your weight in pounds and divide it by Motorcycling is supposed to be fun, so don’t fall victim to
2 for the number of ounces of water you should be drink- dehydration when you go out and ride. Follow these mo-
ing every day. So for instance, if you weigh 160 pounds, torcycle hydration tips and keep riding at peak efficiency,
you should be drinking 80 ounces of water per day. This while feeling better.

        Tiger Tales from the Tiger Wings                                                                               Pg. 4
                                We Enjoy our Toys

         r Spo

 Tiger Tales from the Tiger Wings                   Pg. 5
Laugh It Up!
                                      Shampoo Warning

                     I don't know WHY I didn't figure this out sooner!

                                 I use shampoo in the shower!            Charlie

                     When I wash my hair, the shampoo runs down my whole body, and
                     printed very clearly on the shampoo label is this warning,

                                "FOR EXTRA VOLUME AND BODY."

                              No wonder I have been gaining weight!

Well! I have gotten rid of that shampoo and I am going to start showering with
                                   Dawn dish soap instead.


                                        Problem solved!

                                  If I don't answer the phone

                                      I'll be in the shower!    ….. Wait for it

       Hopefully, you was able to Smile…. Pass the smile on!

                  S pon
   N ews

   Tiger Tales from the Tiger Wings                                                  Pg. 6
          Chapter “I” participants are on the road again!

                  Chapter “I “ Cruise-Ins
    Continues May 2012 supporting Motorist Awareness
  Review calendar/Facebook for dates, Time and Locations

Tiger Tales from the Tiger Wings                            Pg. 7
                                      Chapter Directors (ACD)
                                       Our Alabama’s Convention Trip
                                                                We got the trailer onto the sidewalk.
Hello Family,
                                                                Long story
Just want to share some of our experiences during our           shorten, I
trip to Mobile Alabama for their Convention. We (my             pulled out my
Bride & I) arrived in Mobile and had gotten off Interstate      Gold Wing Road
65 at exit 3 (our exit to our hotel ) and pulled into a gas     Riders Associa-
station to fill up (I never park needing gas) before going      tion members
to the host hotel and sign in. As we were riding along          card and turned
slowly on the service road to the hotel, Joyce & I heard a      it over and
noise. Joyce asked me what was I doing. I looked back           called Rescue
and said, it's the trailer. Luckily, we were at a yield sign.   Plus, once
I put on the flashers and got off the motorcycle to see         again. A Tow
what was wrong. As I was surveying the problem, a bro-          truck was sent to our location to pick up the trailer and
ken axle, Joyce had gotten off the motorcycle and went          take it to the host hotel for the Alabama District Conven-
to the back of the trailer to wave the traffic around us,       tion. While we were waiting on the tow truck, Joyce got
teamwork at its fineness. I unhooked the trailer and            out the Gold Book and called the first person listed in
tried to pulling it onto the sidewalk. It was more difficult    Mobile, AL. Someone answered the phone and gave us
                                             than I origi-      the name of a local place that could repair our trailer. I
                                             nally thought,     called the repair shop and asked about getting the trailer
                                             even with          repaired. The
                                             Joyce help. I      repairman told
                                             inform Joyce       me that if I did
                                             then drove the     not get it to him

motorcycle around to the Olive Garden
parking lot next to the road, out of
traffic. This was the best decision in                                              soon, he would get to it first thing in
regard to our safety. While waiting                                                 the morning. So we called the Rescue
and waving traffic around the                                   Plus back and told them the we would be taking the
trailer, a young lady driving                                   trailer to the repair shop. We decided that Joyce would
by asked if we needed help                                      call a taxi to take her and our luggage to the hotel,
and told me that she would                                      about .4 miles up the road. I would follow the tow truck
pull over to help us. By that                                   on the bike to the repair shop. When we got to the re-
time, a young man came up                                       pair shop, the repairman told me that he could not work
about the same time and I                                       on our trailer. I would need to call California Side Car
told her that we could take                                     (CSC) for the parts, so I called and they were closing for
care of it. She was wearing                                     the day. I gave them all the information and was told
a skirt anyway, she did not                                     they would give me a call back tomorrow, my day was
need to be bending over to                                      not going well. We staged the trailer for the next day and
help with all of the traffic                                    I left to get Joyce in order to pick up our pre-registration
passing by Airport Boulevard.                                   packages.                               Continue next page ...

          Tiger Tales from the Tiger Wings                                                                                 Pg. 8
                                      Chapter Directors (ACD)
                                     Our Alabama’s Convention Trip
….Continued from previous page                                               Rick's father, a GWRRA member was
As we parked near the vendor area, we                                        already in Arrington, VA at California
ran into the Alabama District Director,
Roy Forenight and told him our situation.
Roy directed us to Rick Haul, a CSC
dealer and a GWRRA member, who just
happen to be one of the vendors for the
                      Convention. I went
                      to Rick and explained
                      our situation. Rick
                      said that he could
                      take our trailer back
                      to his shop in Pensa-
                      cola, FL and repair it
                      as soon as he got the parts shipped    Side Car picking up other parts. Rick had asked CSC to
                      overnight. Rick said that he would     load the repair parts needed onto his dad's truck vice
                      call CSC first thing in the morning.   mailing them.
                      I was beginning to feel better about
                      our situation. Now all we had to do    Well, we were going to enter the bike into the show at
                      was get our trailer from the other     the Convention but did not have a chance to clean it
                      repair shop. While everyone was        from the trip, since all of our cleaning gear was in our
eating dinner, we decided to get some items for our          trailer. Our bike had never been in the show without
motorcycle and have them put on (like when a lady is         our trailer. People who had never saw our trailer, but
having a bad day and goes shopping). Low and behold,         had heard about it were asking about our trailer all
Mack McInnis, another GWRRA member came up to us             weekend and suggested that we should still enter our
and said that he would meet us tomorrow morning and          bike. I did and won first in the GL1800 Show class, with
take the trailer to Rick Haul's shop in Pensacola, FL for    bugs still on it. We kept having to tell our story about
us.                                                          our trailer and how I ended up with Holy Cow the entire
                                                             time we were in Mobile. But the bottom-line, Joyce and
Things were beginning to come together for us. I was         I still had a Awesome time.
happy that we had someone we could trust to repair our
trailer and it would be ready sometime the following       Rick and his Dad repaired our trailer on Sunday morning
week. The next morning we met Mack McInnis at the          (the next day) and sent us on our way from their repair
shop where our trailer was being stored. Some guys         shop at 2:00pm that afternoon. Everything was covered
helped load it onto Mack's truck and he took our trailer under warranty including their labor. It is so true, Gold
to Pensacola and told us to just enjoy ourselves in Mo- Wing Riders are some of the nicest people you will ever
bile. When we returned to the convention, we spoke         meet. The moral of this story, always look at the
                                             with Rick     brighter side of things, someone always has it worst,
                                             Haul and      Like getting
                                             discovered caught cheat-
                                             that our      ing on your
                                             trailer re-   wife …..
                                             pair was      Bobby.
                                             com-           Joyce
                                             pletely      ACD     an d I
                                             covered     GW
                                                            RRA ter I-S
                                             under               Mem       C
                                             war-                           sinc
                                                                                 e Ap
                                             ranty.                                   r 20

          Tiger Tales from the Tiger Wings                                                                            Pg. 9
                                   Chapter Directors (ACD)
                                 Our Alabama’s Convention Trip
….Continued from previous page

          Tiger Tales from the Tiger Wings                       Pg. 10
                                     Chapter Directors (ACD)
                                    Our Tennessee's Convention Trip
                                                          friends. We did not realize how many people knew of
                                                          us. Many had told others about our motorcycle and
                                                          trailer and wanted to see it for themselves. Our rig was
                                                          a bit dirty from the nasty weather, but everyone en-
                                                          joyed viewing our tribute to Military Service, thanking all
                                                          of those who have served our country. We enjoyed the
                                                          BBQ sup-
                                                          per and
                                                          were able
                                                          to stay for
                                                          the lighted
                                                          bike show.

                                                        Craig, Re-
                                                        gion N
Hello Family,                                           Rider Edu-
This year we went to the Tennessee District Convention came up
in Pigeon Forge to support our friends Dianne & Boyd    to let us
Hixon. We left home with dark skies no rain, but by the know we only had a month left to get certified as Rider
time we got onto interstate 40, the rain was coming     Education Presenters. Kyle told us he would speak to
down drastically. About an hour later I felt water run- Chuck Reed, Region A Rider Educator to see if we could
ning down my shirt. The Frogg Toggs did not hold up     get it taken care of at the Tennessee District Conven-
well during this down pour. As we exit off of I-40 onto tion. Kyle took care of everything and got us set up to

route 411, the sun started to shine once again then we    do a Rider Education Seminar on Team Riding Saturday
were able to air dry the rest of the way into Pigeon      morning at 8:30am. We had our laptop and Kyle
Forge.                                                    emailed us the seminar. Gary Hamilton, TN Rider Edu-
                                                          cator said he would have a projector and everything we
We checked into our hotel and headed over to the Ma-      needed set up in the classroom. So we went back to
jestic Theater to claim our registration package. As we   our hotel Thursday night with a plan to prepare for our
walked up we were greeted with hugs by our Region N       Seminar.
                                                                                                 Continue next page ...

         Tiger Tales from the Tiger Wings                                                                             Pg. 11
                                     Chapter Directors (ACD)
                                    Our Tennessee's Convention Trip
….Continued from previous page
                                                       awarded First Place GL1800 & Trailer Custom, Out-
Friday we had a plan to attend the Tennessee Couple of standing!
the Year selection and then get back to change for the
Best Dressed Competition. Tennessee had six couples
compete, all of the couple did a wonderful job. Our
friends Dianne and Boyd were superb and became the
new TN District Couple of the Year, Congratulations to
them. Later that afternoon we were in the Best Dressed

                                                           When Isaiah returned we were able to attend two more
                                                           Rider Education Seminars and a Leadership training
                                                           seminar prior to the closing ceremony.

                                                      We had a great time in Tennessee. We thoroughly en-
                                                      joyed our friends there. There 2013 convention will be
Couple Parade Competition, we came out victorious and at Camp George near Chattanooga, where our new
brought the 1st Place Plaque from TN to SC chapter I.
We met Gary Boyd (Terry & Rick Naster's friend from
when they all lived in Chicago). Gary was a barrel of
laughs and a pleasure to be around.

On Saturday morning we arrived at our classroom and
set up our computer for the Team Riding Seminar.
Later Kyle and Gary arrived with everything we needed.
We started our seminar promptly at 8:30am. We pre-
sented the team riding seminar to 21 GWRRA members.
We received and evaluation from Kyle and took our
class roster to Marie Crowe, Assistant TN Rider Educator
who entered everything into the GWRRA Rider Educa-
tion database during the convention. This was a very
efficient set up.

Isaiah went to work on the bike to get it ready for the  friend Gary Boyd is the Chapter Director. I know Terry
bike show. The entire time he is cleaning on the bike    and Rick Naster will be going to TN next year.
from the nasty weather riding to the convention, friends
were continuously coming up talking about our bike and           We had a great time, it was Awesome!!!!
trailer. And you know, Isaiah always has a story for our
friends. We enjoyed the fellowship and conversation           Joyce and Isaiah
exchanges. But Isaiah had to get down the hill to get        ACD Chapter I-SC
                                                             GWRRA Members since Apr 2009
our bike classified for the bike show. Again, we were

          Tiger Tales from the Tiger Wings                                                                        Pg. 12
                     South Carolina's Convention

Tiger Tales from the Tiger Wings                   Pg. 13
          Capman's Going Away—Fish Fry
Tim and Terry had a fish fry for Dave and Cheryl Sat-    cle lift, to be shipped to their
urday night. The excuse was a last get together be-      new home, once they are
fore they moved, but the secret purpose was to pre-      moved in. They won't have to
sent them with a gift from Chapter I participants to     move it themselves. Yay!
be shipped to their new home once they have gotten       (Like they don't have enough
settled in.                                              to do!)
                                                          Dave says there is a stall in           Mike E.
                                                         the garage designated for
                                                         the bikes and it will do there very well. The lift has
                                                         accessories available to make it wider if he wants to
                                                         get them.

Tim and Frank cooked about a million hush puppies
and three big bags of Talapia that was so good.
Frank brought his famous potato salad and fresh
strawberries to go with Terry's pound cake and Marty
brought an outstanding cheese cake. We all ate it all!
(Surprised?)                                              Their closing here is Friday and they will leave im-
                                                         mediately to be there for the closing on their new
                                                         home Monday. We are going to miss them a lot.
                                                         They have certainly made their mark on Chapter I
                                                         since coming here in the 90s. They claim they will
                                                         keep a low profile in their new chapter, but I don't
                                                         see that happening for long! They have attended
                                                         their first gathering already... First Saturday, if you're
                                                         going that way any time. Dave said not to forget
                                                         they,re on the way to a lot of attractions in this coun-
                                                         try. Cheryl said they have made a lot of close friends
                                                         here. They have certainly been good friends to a lot
                                                         of people here.      Mike E.

Attending were Dave and Mary Ann, Mike and Marty,
Russell and Meg, Tim and Terry, Larry and ????(don't
know her name), Delores and Leonard,Debra and
Jeff, Larry and Sandy, John and Peggy, Art and
Lucy, Mike and Frank, Dave and Cheryl, Murray and
Debbie, Dan and Kathleen.

After a wonderful meal with great friends, Terry got
up to give Dave and Cheryl a nice send off and a gift.
The gift was a wrapped picture of their new motorcy-

      Tiger Tales from the Tiger Wings                                                                                Pg. 14
What a great time at the Plaque Attack in Anderson, SC. We had 28 participants show up but we had finished in
4th.... A great result from such a short trip. (AND.... We had 22 more than Chapter J!) Thanks to everyone for the
effort. The next Plaque attack is at Chapter M in Greenwood (Saturday, May 12, 2012, Ryan's Steak-
house, 1703 By Pass 72N Greenwood SC 29649. Eat at 12:00pm, meet at 1:00pm), See you there!

                                    GOODIE STORE
                        Show Your Chapter Pride & Personal
                                                                                                    Mike E.
                    Featured Goodies.... We currently have in stock:

** New Hats ($15.00) Shown in Photo above (Black lettering hats coming soon)
** New Flags ($15.00) Shown to the right (6 x 9), ask for Antenna or flag pole mount.
** New Patch ($7.00) 2 x 4" Chapter Banner style

                                  Please contact me by phone (843 340-7061) or email if you want one. I'm
                                 thinking about adding the GWRRA bolo tie (also called a string tie). These look
                                 very nice with white shirt, black pants, and vest for special events and Gold
                                 Wing family funerals.

       Tiger Tales from the Tiger Wings                                                                              Pg. 15

                                                                                    Marty & Micheal

           South Carolina’s Convention
          First Place for Chapter Mascot                      South Carolina’
                                                                              s Conv
            (Thanks to Cheryl Capman)                              My Mom (Mike ention
                                                            Received the re        E.)
                                                          oldest Motorcy    cognition for th
                                                                         cle Operator (F     e

       South Carolina’s Convention
Second Place for Chapter Newsletter (Color)
         (Thanks to Sandy Yuda)

       South Carolina’s Convention                                       olina’s Co
Chapter I won $50 for getting rid of the Hot                   South Car rded Silver Status
                                                                        Awa            ogram”
            Potato the fastest.                              Chapter I       e Year Pr        participate
                                                              “Ch apter of th the members who
   (Thanks to Mike E., Joyce & Isaiah)                               son and
                                                           ike Epper
                                               (Thanks to M

           Participation is a key ingredient to having Fun!

   Tiger Tales from the Tiger Wings                                                                       Pg. 16
                                                                                 Marty & Micheal

     South Carolina’s Convention (Lucy & Art)              Tennessee’s Convention (Joyce & Isaiah)
  Recognized with a Certificate of Appreciation for                 Best Dressed Parade
        all they do in supporting Chapter I

         Alabama’s Convention (Joyce & Isaiah)           Tennessee’s Convention (Joyce & Isaiah)
First Place GL1800 Bike (Trailer was sick-Broken axle)     First Place GL1800 & Trailer Custom

              Participation is a key ingredient to having Fun!

    Tiger Tales from the Tiger Wings                                                                 Pg. 17
                                                     Marty & Micheal

The Capman’s will truly be missed. It has been an
honor in knowing you, thanks for all you have done
                     for SC-I.

         Tiger Tales from the Tiger Wings                              Pg. 18
                          CLICK AD FOR MORE INFORMATION

Tiger Tales from the Tiger Wings                          Pg. 19
                                                    Rider Education
                                        Submitted by Art Seavey, Chapter Educator
                                 From an article by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF)

                                           PREPARING TO RIDE                                              Couple of the Year

KNOW YOUR MOTORCYCLE                                                    If you are going to use an unfamiliar motorcycle:

   There are plenty of things on the highway that can cause you         • Make all the checks you would on your own motorcycle.
trouble. Your motorcycle should not be one of them. To make             • Find out where everything is, particularly the turn
sure that your motorcycle won’t let you down:                            signals, horn, headlight switch, fuel-supply valve and engine
  • Start with the right motorcycle for you.                             cut-off switch. Find and operate these items without having
                                                                         to look for them.
  • Read the owner’s manual.
                                                                        • Know the controls Work the throttle, clutch, brakes, and
  • Be familiar with the motorcycle controls.                            shifter a few times before you start riding.
  • Check the motorcycle before every ride.                            • Ride very cautiously and be aware of surroundings. Ac-
  • Keep it in safe riding condition between rides.                    celerate gently, take turns more slowly and leave extra room
                                                                       for stopping.
  • Avoid add-ons and modifications that make your motorcy-
  cle harder to handle.
                                                                      MOTORCYCLE CONTROLS
  First, make sure your motorcycle is right for you. It should
“fit” you. Your feet should reach the ground while you are
seated on the motorcycle, and the controls should be easy to
operate. Smaller motorcycles are usually easier for beginners to
  At a minimum, your street-legal motorcycle should have:
  • Headlight, taillight and brake light
  • Front and rear brakes
  • Turn signals
  • Horn
  • Two mirrors

                                                                      CHECK YOUR MOTORCYCLE
    Borrowers and lenders of motorcycles, beware. Crashes are
fairly common among beginning riders — especially in the first           A motorcycle needs more frequent attention than a car. A
months of riding. Riding an unfamiliar motorcycle adds to the         minor technical failure on a car is seldom more than an inconven-
problem. If you borrow a motorcycle, get familiar with it in a        ience for the driver. The same failure on a motorcycle may result
controlled area. And if you lend your motorcycle to friends,          in a crash or having to leave your motorcycle parked on the side
make sure they are licensed and know how to ride before allow-        of the road. If anything’s wrong with your motorcycle, you’ll
ing them out into traffic.                                            want to find out about it before you get in traffic.
No matter how experienced you may be, ride extra carefully on         The primary source of information about how a motorcycle
any motorcycle that’s new or unfamiliar to you. More than half        should be inspected and maintained is its owner’s manual. Be sure
of all crashes involve riders with less than five months of experi-   to absorb all of its important information. A motorcycle will
ence on their motorcycle.                                             continue to ride like new if it is properly maintained and routine
                                                                      inspections become part of its maintenance cycle.

GET FAMILIAR WITH THE MOTORCYCLE CONTROLS                             A pre-ride inspection only takes a few minutes and should be
                                                                      done before every ride to prevent problems. It’s quick and easy
  Make sure you are completely familiar with the motorcycle           to check the critical components and should be as routine and
before you take it out on the street. Be sure to review the           automatic as checking the weather forecast before heading out
owner’s manual. This is particularly important if you are riding a    for the day. A convenient reminder developed by MSF is T-CLOCS:
borrowed motorcycle.
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          Tiger Tales from the Tiger Wings                                                                                          Pg. 20
  Rider Education
 ….Continued from previous page

                                                PREPARING TO RIDE
                                                                                                                   Couple of the Year
T — Tires and Wheels                                                     holds it tightly in the up position. If equipped, the center stand
                                                                                                                        Lucy & Art
  • Check tire inflation pressure, tread wear and general condi-
  tion of sidewalls and tread surface.
                                                                         should also be held firmly against the frame whenever the motor-
  • Try the front and rear brake levers one at a time. Make sure         cycle is moving.
  each feels firm and holds the motorcycle when fully applied.
                                                                            Additionally, regular maintenance such as tune-ups and oil
C — Controls
                                                                         changes are as important for a motorcycle as routine checkups by
  • Make sure the clutch and throttle operate smoothly. The              your doctor are for you. Wear and tear is normal with use; rou-
  throttle should snap back to fully closed when released. The           tine maintenance will help prevent costly breakdowns. The sched-
  clutch should feel tight and should operate smoothly.                  ule for regular upkeep for motorcycle parts and controls is con-
  • Try the horn. Make sure it works.                                    tained in your motorcycle’s owner’s manual.
  • Clean and adjust your mirrors before starting. It’s difficult to     KNOW YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES
  ride with one hand while you try to adjust a mirror. Adjust
  each mirror so you can see the lane behind and as much as possi-         “Accident” implies an unforeseen event that occurs without
  ble of the lane next to you. When properly adjusted, a mirror          fault or negligence. In traffic, that is not the case. In fact, most
  may show the edge of your arm or shoulder – but it’s the road          people involved in a crash can claim some responsibility for what
  behind you and to the side that are most important.                    takes place.
L — Lights and Electrics                                            Consider a situation where someone decides to drive through an
                                                                 intersection on a yellow light turning red. Your light turns green.
  • Check both headlight and taillight. Test your switch to make
                                                                 You pull into the intersection without checking for possible traffic.
  sure both high and low beams work.
                                                                 That is all it takes for the two of you to crash. It was the driver’s
  • Turn on both right and left hand turn signals. Make sure all responsibility to stop, and it was your responsibility to look before
  lights are working properly.                                   pulling out. Both of you are at fault. Someone else might be the
  • Try both brakes and make sure each one turns on the brake    first to start the chain of events leading to a crash, but it doesn’t
  light.                                                         leave any of us free of responsibility.
O — Oil and Other Fluids                                                    As a rider you can’t be sure that other operators will see you or
                                                                         yield the right of way. To lessen your chances of a crash occurring:
  • Check engine oil and transmission fluid levels.
                                                                           • Be visible — wear proper clothing, use your headlight, ride
  • Check the brake hydraulic fluid and coolant level weekly.
                                                                            in the best lane position to see and be seen.
  • Be sure your fuel valve is open before starting out. With the
  fuel valve closed, your motorcycle may start with only the fuel          • Communicate your intentions — use the proper signals,
  that is still in the lines, but will stall once the lines are empty.      brake light and lane position.

  • Look underneath the motorcycle for signs of an oil or fuel             • Maintain an adequate space cushion — when follow-
leak.                                                                       ing, being followed, lane sharing, passing and being passed.

C — Chassis                                                                • Search your path of travel 12 seconds ahead.
  • Check the front suspension. Ensure there is no binding. The            • Identify and separate hazards.
  rear shocks and springs should move smoothly.                            • Be prepared to act — remain alert and know how to carry
  • Be sure the chain is adjusted according to the manufacturer’s           out proper crash-avoidance skills.
  specifications and that the sprockets are not worn or damaged.           Blame doesn’t matter when someone is injured in a
S — Stands                                                               crash. The ability to ride aware, make critical decisions and
                                                                         carry them out separates responsible riders from the rest.
  • Ensure the side stand operates smoothly and that the spring

           Tiger Tales from the Tiger Wings                                                                                            Pg. 21
  Lou Achille reported on two recalls for Honda Goldwing motorcycles.

#1. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has issued a recall alert for
21,600 Honda Goldwing motorcycles. Aftermarket floorboards made by Kuryakyn for
use on 2001 –2011 Honda GL 1800 motorcycles may crack and break off from the
mounting bolts that secure the mount to the motorcycle, possibly injuring riders or
causing collisions.

Kuryakyn has confirmed that it is the passenger floorboard (Part No. 7005) that is af-
fected. The rider’s floorboard (Part No. 4038) is not affected.

A link to the Kuryakyn website for this part is:

You can also contact the NHTSA’s vehicle safety hotline at:
1-888-327-4236 or go to

#2. Honda Motor Co. has notified the NHTSA that a potential defect relating to motor
vehicle safety exists in the secondary master cylinder on certain 2001 –2012 GL 1800

Honda motorcycle dealers will inspect the secondary master cylinder of all affected mo-
torcycles in stock or sold to customers. If an inspection shows that the compensator
port hole can become blocked due to a manufacturing defect, the dealer will replace it.

Registered owners of affected motorcycles will be contacted by mail and asked to take
their motorcycles to a Honda dealer who will inspect it and, if necessary, replace the
secondary master cylinder free of charge.

 Tiger Tales from the Tiger Wings                                                        Pg. 22
              Supporting /Visiting Chapter E

Tiger Tales from the Tiger Wings               Pg. 23
                              RECIPE OF THE MONTH

                Pineapple Filled Sweet Potatoes

                                             3 large sweet potatoes

                                             2 tablespoons butter
                                             1/2 teaspoon salt

                                             1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

                                             1/2 cup crushed pineapple drained

                                             1/2 cup pecan pieces
                                             1/2 cup miniature marshmallows

Bake sweet potatoes at 450 degrees F for 40 minutes or until soft.

Split potatoes in half lengthwise and scrape out the pulp. Take care not to break shells, place them
on a baking sheet.

In a bowl, mash the sweet potatoes with the butter. Add the pineapple, salt, cinnamon and pecan
pieces. Spoon back into the shells and top with mini marshmallows.

Bake at 325 degrees F for 20 minutes.

GWRRA Member since February 2012

                                        Click here

Tiger Tales from the Tiger Wings                                                                       Pg. 24
                                    Quote of the Day

                                    Sorrow looks back,
                                   Worry looks around,
                                    But faith looks up!
                                       Live simply,
                                      love generously,
                                        care deeply,
                                     speak kindly, and
                                   trust in our Creator,
                                     who loves us all.

Tiger Tales from the Tiger Wings                           Pg. 25
                       Technical Information
           Submitted by Lou Achille, Technical Coordinator

     Tire load capacity on Honda
Nice weather and holidays lures many motorcycle riders      in the owner's manual. It is also printed on the vehicle-
to the open road for overnight and longer adventures.       identification-number (VIN) plate (usually found on or
With these travels comes extra weight: camping gear,        near the steering head) on all current bikes.
food, water, and clothing. Many riders don't give this
                                                            2. Find the motorcycle's "as-shipped weight," also
issue a second thought. We fill our cars to the tops of
                                                           known as "dry weight." This is the bike's weight alone,
windows with no ill effects, why should a couple of big
                                                           not including gas and other liquids. Sometimes, weight
duffle bags on the bike matter?
                                                           is expressed as "wet weight," which is the weight of the
                                                           bike plus all liquids. If there is no "wet weight" specified,
Because that extra cargo may silently overload the bike.
                                                           add 50 pounds to the "dry weight" (a gallon of gas
Motorcycles are manufactured to specific weight limits.
                                                           weighs about six pounds).
Combine an overloaded bike with faulty tires and you've
got disaster in the making.                                3. Subtract the motorcycle's "wet weight" from the
                                                           GVWR. The result is the maximum amount of weight
Unfortunately, some manufacturers haven't made figur- you can put on the bike, including passengers.
ing out the right weight limits easy. And even worse,      Weigh the driver and passenger. Subtract this figure
some weight limits are downright unreasonable for cer- from the maximum weight figure (as described above.)
tain kinds of bikes, making one wonder if hiding weight This is the weight available for cargo and accessories.
limit information in small print, and forcing owners to
get out the calculator to get an answer, isn't deliberate. I have checked:
                                                           Avon Cobra
For example, most big current cruisers have an available Continental
add-on weight of about 400 pounds. So, if the operator Dunlop E-3 and D250
is 225 pounds and the passenger is 150 pounds              Metezler
(including helmets, gear, boots, etc.) you can only take
about 25 pounds of luggage and be safe. Many riders of All of these tires have a load capacity of 300# front and
these big cruisers drive off the lot with their new bikes  827# rear. Giving you a total of 1127# GVW.
already overloaded or close to it.
                                                           The average Goldwing weighs aprox. 1000#. Then
But back to the subject at hand. How can you tell how      chrome, lights, and all the stuff you cram into your sad-
much weight is safe for your bike, and at what point do dlebags and trunk can add up to another 150#.
you need to lighten the load?                              Now you are up to 1150# ( 23# over your safe tire
Check your Owner's Manual                                  limit ) and you haven’t even got on the bike yet.

Some owner's manuals (such as those for the Honda           Now add about 200# plus for the driver and 100# plus
Goldwing) list the "maximum weight limit" for all pas-      for your passenger and now you are 323# over your
sengers and gear. Simply deduct the two passenger           safe limit.
weights from this figure to determine how much gear
you can load. Remember, passenger weights must re-          And you are going to add a trailer to your already over
flect clothing, boots, helmets, etc.                        loaded bike?????????????????

However, many owners' manuals (such as Harley-              Pulling weight does not hurt tire capacity but tongue
Davidson's) only list the bike's Gross Vehicle Weight       weight does, especially if your hitch is lower than the
Rating (GVWR). In this case, you must calculate what        center line of the trailer. When you stop the trailer
weight is available for passengers, gear and fuel. Here     tongue pushes down on the hitch increasing the tongue
are the steps to do this:                                   weight by almost 100 percent.
                                                                                                     Continue next page ...
1. Find the motorcycle's GVWR among listed statistics

         Tiger Tales from the Tiger Wings                                                                               Pg. 26
….Continued from previous page

                          Technical Information
              Submitted by Lou Achille, Technical Coordinator

       Tire load capacity on Honda
  Traveling a long distance with that much weight on the       Simply insert passenger weights after clicking the image
  back tire will cause excessive heat build up and very        below to calculate the safe weight range for your mo-
  likely a separation in tire tread or a side wall blow out.   torcycle by make and model year:

  I contacted DOT and The Weigh Master to try to get a
  portable scale to use at our maintenance day last
  month but I was informed that the portable scales for
  trucks are in 1000# increments. So that won’t work for
  motorcycles. He said a manufacturing company may
  have a flat scale for this operation.                  Click image >>>>

  Safe Weight Calculator
  For Harley-Davidson, Honda Goldwing, and BMW touring
  bikes 2000-2010, and selected others

  Exceeding motorcycle weight limits is often blamed for
  deadly tire failures. Yet some manufacturers make it
  hard to determine what these weight limits are. Our
  experience is most dealers either don't know or don't
  explain this to customers. Even if you are aware of the
  issue, weight limit information is buried in your owner's
  manual and often hard to find or interpret. We've made
  it easy.

                                             Check your Tires

            Tiger Tales from the Tiger Wings                                                                         Pg. 27
                                            DID YOU KNOW?

       The Perks of Participating
             in a Chapter
    Many Members feel the Chapter is the single most important benefit of belonging to GW R RA for
 many reasons, some of which are stated below.

      Making New Friends: Countless new friends with a common interest can be made. Plus
 it provides you, as a member, an opportunity to ride your Gold Wing with your new found friends.

      Learning and Practicing Safe Riding: Safe riding is promoted by GW RRA Chapters
 to make your riding experience even more enjoyable. Skills and safety techniques are learned and prac-

     Living the Motto of “Friends for Fun, Safety and Knowledge”:                                         At
 the Chapter level, you really get an opportunity to l i v e the motto of "Friends for Fun, Safety and Knowl-

      The best advice that can be offered is to attend a Chapter g a t h e r i n g (sometimes referred to as a
 ''meetings" or a "get-together"). These g a t h e r i n g s, normally held monthly, and social e v e n t s that try
 to offer something for everyone. New ideas are always welcomed!

     You do not "join a Chapter"; you are a Member of GWRRA and a “participant of a Chapter, or Chapters"
You can participant in as many or as few Chapters, g a t h e r ings and activities as you w i s h ! (There
are no applications or fees needed to participate in a GWRRA Chapter.) And, with over 800 Chapters to
participate in worldwide, you're never far from "home" wherever you travel.

      Most Chapters publish a newsletter, usually on a monthly basis. When you attend your first gathering,
you will be asked to sign in. You will t h e n be on the distribution list for that Chapter's n e w s l e t t e r s . In
it, you w i l l find everything from upcoming r i d e s to recipes to motorcycle item for sale to information
about other Chapters meetings and events and much more. These are just some of the perks of participat-
ing in a Chapter!

 This newsletter belongs to the participants of Chapter I. If you ever have anything you want
 others to know, feel free to drop Joyce and Isaiah an email message (Email:
 before the 25th of each month and we will make certain to include it in the next newsletter

             Chapter participants Down & Out!

       Rick Naster                Get            Well Soon
       Cricket Hughes                                      !
       David Warren
       Patsy Smith (Charlie Smith Wife)

                                                                                 Rick Na

      Tiger Tales from the Tiger Wings                                                                                     Pg. 28
                                       Easter weekend
                                                  by Tippy

                            The Friday dinner ride went    stration of what to do if
                            to the Brasstown BBQ. We       the driver becomes dis-
                            rode with Chikh and Mary       abled like Joyce and
                            since Maxine isn't back yet.   Terry did, but Mike said
                            Thanks to Jeff and Dedra,      my arms are too short
                            Chikh and Mary, Rick and       to reach the handlebars
                            Terry, Dave and Cheryl, Art    and I'd just have to ride
                            and Lucy, and Mike E. It
was pretty cool that evening, but most traveled by
bike. The food looked really good, but Mike won't let
me eat messy stuff, 'cause it's too hard to get out of
my fur! None of the other kids got to go. We took the
scenic route there and it was beautiful.

Saturday was the Maintenance Day at LOU's shop, with
lunch (yumm) and the co-rider seminar put on by Mike

                                                           it out. I guess I'm glad for the car seat and seat belt!
                                                           We got to compare the Harley and Honda side by side
                                                           to see what to do in an emergency. Art and Lucy,
                                                           Frank, Lou, Isaiah and Joyce, Tim and Terry, Mike E.,
                                                           Mike Abercrombie, and Dan all participated and got
                                                           their cards for completing the seminar. I got one, too,
                                                           and so did Holy Cow. Food was good and we even got
                                                           pictures of Joyce cooking!
and Frankie from Chapter J. Their friend, Tonya, from
Chapter J came, too. I wanted to try out the demon-
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       Tiger Tales from the Tiger Wings                                                                         Pg. 29
                                           Easter weekend
                                                      by Tippy
                           ….Continued from previous page

                             When we left there, we         stored cars and several
                             hurried on to Seneca to the    bikes in addition to ours.
                             cruise in where we were        We did more Motorist
                             showing the bikes and set-     Awareness, talked to more
                             ting up a Motorist Aware-      prospective members and,
                             ness table (with GWRRA         of course, did more eating!
                             info, too). Frank, Joyce and   The weather was perfect
                             Isaiah, Mike and Marty,
                             Rick and Terry, Danny and
Debbie, Mike E., Art and Lucy and some friends of Rick
and Terry popped in, too. Mike and Frankie and Tonya
from Chapter J were there, too. We made some good
contacts for possible new members and gave some
good motorist awareness information out, too. I
guarded the table full of goodies while everyone else
talked. Our GWRRA family always has fun!!

We took Easter
Sunday off to relax
and then Monday
found Joyce and
Isaiah, Frank, Mike                                                                       and I got to guard the stuff
E and yours truly                                                                         again. Holy Cow was there,
at another Cruise                                                                         but didn't get to help me.
In.... This time in
Easley at the                                                                             We left after 8 and saw a
McDonalds. There                                                                          lot of fire trucks all over
were lots of cars-                                                                        the side of the road in
some of the same                                                                          Otto, NC. I was worried
ones from Satur-                                                                          about a wreck, but we did-
day and some oth-                                                                         n't see anything wrong. It
ers,too. There                                                                            reminded me that anything
were lots of flames                                                                       can happen, any time, and
and lots of hot                                                                           I'm glad all my friends ride
rods, some re-                                                                            safe!

       Tiger Tales from the Tiger Wings                                                                          Pg. 30
                             We Enjoy our Toys

Tiger Tales from the Tiger Wings                 Pg. 31
                             Special Notice
It has been decided to try another gathering location to a "Buffet" style restaurant.
Your Chapter Team would like for our participants to decide at our next gathering
whether or not to change gathering location or return back to ‘Los Amigos Restau-
rant’ for our June gathering. This is only temporary for now.

When: May 3, 2012; 6:00 p.m. to eat, 7:00 p.m. to meet
Where: Hibachi Grill & Asian Buffet
364 Market Street, Dogwood Plaza
Seneca, SC 29678
(864) 886-0688

This location is off US 123 Bypass behind Walgreens near the intersections of US 123
Bypass and Wells Hwy in an old shopping center next to Sears outlet. Only a block from
Los Amigos.

                Participation is a ingredient to having Fun!

                     “ ICE “ In Case Of Emergency
         This is a awareness program aimed at assisting emergency personal with
  notifying loved ones in times of medical emergencies. The “ICE” program, an acronym
          for “In Case of Emergency”, is being promoted throughout the country.
Most people now carry mobile phones, and with ICE entries, authorities would know imme-
  diately who to contact and what number to call. The person contacted may even know
                                    their medical history.
  All you need to do is identify who you would want contacted in case of an emergency,
  and store a phone number they can be contacted at under the name “ICE”. Emergency
 personal can then easily locate this number on your cell phone. For more than one emer-
      gency contact (spouse, child, parent, clergy) you can list multiple contacts under
                                  "ICE1", "ICE2", "ICE3".
   There is also a benefit to loved ones. Research suggest that people recover from the
 psychological effects of their loved one being hurt if they are involved at an earlier stage
                              and they can reach them quickly.

    We hope all will participate in this national program for their benefit and that of the

                                                                   Click here to
 Thanks Terry Naster for this information.                 

 Tiger Tales from the Tiger Wings                                                               Pg. 32
 Our Franklin North Carolina Day Ride
What a beautiful morning to head out with     Isaiah's face, I know
20 of your friends for Chapter I’s Monday’s   he was grinning from
lunch ride. At the morning safety brief we    ear to ear. I felt his    Joyce & Isaiah
had 15 and we knew we would
be picking up more in Walhalla,
SC. In Walhalla we picked up
six more participants and had a
total of 13 motorcycles. So we
split into two groups. Isaiah
lead group one with his tail
gunners Martin Hammond and
Lillie McDonald ensuring our

                                              confidence boosting higher with each
                                              curve we took, up and down the hills of
                                              highway 28. Along the ride, we stopped
                                              and took photos at "Bridal Veil Falls" near
                                              Highlands, NC. We were able to get all of
                                              us in a photo except the photographer,
                                              Mike Abercrombie. We were only a few
                                              miles from our destination but Isaiah,
                                              could not pass up the opportunity to cap-
                                              ture us on camera.

Mike Abercrombie lead the second
group. Mike was missing his bride
Marty, who had to work. We missed
Marty's beautiful smile too.

We took highway 28, which I had
heard was a mini Deals Gap from
some of our chapter I family. And
the words I heard were very true.

We had lots of curves on this beauti-
ful Monday morning ride. If you all
could have seen the expression on
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    Tiger Tales from the Tiger Wings                                                               Pg. 33
  Our Franklin North Carolina Day Ride
….Continued from previous page
                                                wanted to enjoy the
                                                ride back down High-
                                                way 28. Mike Aber-
                                                crombie lead us and       Joyce & Isaiah
                                                Isaiah was the tail

 We returned to our motorcycle and made
 it to our destination, Motor Company Grill
 for lunch. It is on Main Street in Franklin,
 NC. Our own Mike Epperson was the in-
 spiration for this lunch ride. The restau-
 rant was ready for us. They were expect-       gunner for our safety. We headed back
 ing 10 to 15 people although we came           through the twisty roads and enjoyed
 with 21. We all improvised, adapted and        every minute of it. As we were riding, I
 overcame to enjoy a beautiful lunch out-       tried getting some photos of our motorcy-
 side. Isaiah was even daring enough to         cles in the curves. I am definitely, no
 order and enjoy the peanut butter burger.      Isaiah when it comes to photos because I
 Holy Cow sat right there and watched           saw myself in most of them. We even
 Isaiah eat a burger and I know just what       pulled off to a scenic view of Lake Jocas-
 he was thinking? "Boy am I happy to be         see. Of course, we had to delete some
 just watching".                                photos from the camera to get that view.

 We all finished
 our meal and
 took photos for
 Motor Company
 Grill for their dis-
 play. We headed
 back in different
 directions for
 various reasons.
 But, since it was
 like Christmas to
 Isaiah, we                                                                  Continue next page...

      Tiger Tales from the Tiger Wings                                                               Pg. 34
  Our Franklin North Carolina Day Ride
….Continued from previous page

                                             Joyce & Isaiah

 As we continued on our journey. We
 passed by Mike Abercrombie's old church
 where he grew up and the cemetery where
 many of his family members are laid to
 rest. We thoroughly enjoyed our chapter
 lunch ride. If you missed it, you really
 missed a treat. This is a ride we would
 definitely repeat.

 Participation is the Key to having fun.
 Lucy & Art Seavey, Murray Lee, Frank
 Crane, Mike Epperson, Lillie McDonald &
 Martin Hammond, Carolyn & Bobby
 Vickery, Colleen & Jim Hagget, Clyde Cof-
 fey, Dennis Owens, Judy & Dave Holbrook,
 Russell Newhall, Mike Abercrombie, Joyce
 & Larry Lawhorne, Joyce & Isaiah Rice.

      Tiger Tales from the Tiger Wings                        Pg. 35
                           Newsletter Sponsors:

Tiger Tales from the Tiger Wings                  Pg. 36
                          Region "A" Membership Enhancement
                           & Chapter of the Year Coordinators
                                   Bob & Karla Greer

                                Be a part of the FUN

Why did you join Gold Wing Road Riders Associa-
tion? Did you hear that we put out a good maga-         the whole…begin to be more active and involved.
zine? Did you want to take some of the safety
classes? Maybe you heard that Chapter Life was a lot    Throughout GWRRA, we have so many dedicated
of FUN. Did you attend a Chapter Gathering or two       volunteers. Dedicated to making sure that you have
and settle for just the monthly Wing World maga-        FUN…dedicated to assuring that your membership in
zine?                                                   GWRRA is rewarding.

No matter what the reason was for you to join            Maybe you have no desire to be a part of the Chap-
GWRRA…there is so much more to being an active           ter Team. Then I encourage you to be an active par-
member, to being involved. So much FUN awaits            ticipant. Take a rider course or seminar. Join a group
you.                                                     for a ride. Attend a monthly gathering. Go to a Rally/
                                                         Convention. Getting together with other GWRRA
Bob and I are no exception. We joined to take safety members is the best way to get questions answered
classes and find new friends who like to ride. We        about riding or about something for your bike.
didn’t get very involved for the first year. We just sat Someone will know (or at least have an opinion) on
back and enjoyed the gatherings. But our home            what is the best electric heating gear to buy or the
Chapter was beginning to fall apart. A few left to       best lights for your bike, etc, etc.
attend another Chapter’s gatherings. But the few
that were left decided that it was worth saving…that GWRRA is the most outstanding organization that I
we were a Chapter. The Chapter needed us to step         have ever been a part of. The people are great and
up and get involved. My husband became the Assis- the FUN is never ending. Be a part of the FUN.
tant Chapter Director and I became the Membership GWRRA’s members come from all walks of life, from
Enhancement Coordinator. I think everyone left had different backgrounds and ethnic groups. But we all
a position on the team. We all got to work and be-       have those beautiful machines in common. We all
gan to grow our Chapter. I tell you this to say that     want to meet other riders and have FUN.
when we got involved, things started to happen. We

                                                                 ob & Karla
had a ball and it hasn’t stopped yet. Today our
Chapter is strong, healthy and still growing each
month. The Chapter has had several different Chap-
ter Teams since then with different personalities,
different ideas, but they were all dedicated to the
Chapter and ready to get involved, ready to have
FUN and assure that the participants did as well.
They kept the Chapter riding, kept us together.
We, as a Chapter, decided to show our pride in be-
ing a member of GWRRA. We wear our Chapter
shirts whenever we ride together or meet. We want
our community to know who we are and what we
represent. I encourage you to promote this in your
Chapter. You will be surprised at how the members
will take ownership and begin to feel more a part of
                                                            Happy Mother’s Day

     Tiger Tales from the Tiger Wings                                                                             Pg. 37
                 CLASSIFIEDS                                                                Click Here for more Items 4 Sale

                                  Americas Best Easley, SC "2010 Touring Cargo
                                           Motorcycle Trailer Pull Tow Behind"
                                                     Towblazer, Inc.
                                              ik e
                                       I t's l rren;          GVWR - 600 lbs
                                  le .      Wa
                            or sa avid et                     GAWR - 800 lbs
                       is f     tD          .n         Tires 5.3-12 6PR 60PSI COLD
                   iler ontac south
               tr a C             l
           ycle 0.            bel                               RIMS - 12X4
       torc 500.0 vid2@
   s mo ly 1 eda
Thi d on owe                  Inside is lined. Also have spare tire for traveling as well as a tire lock.
   an    ke               We have used this trailer to pull behind our convertible, worked great.
                           Double sided luggage rack with tie down points. Strong and sturdy
                           Overlapping lid to keep water out of the trailer and off your clothes
                                                 and luggage LED lights.
                                                  Chrome Safety Chains
                                                     Carpeted interior
                                       Paperwork ready to register in your state
                                  Sleek, Aerodynamic Design - helps with fuel costs
                                  Inside Deminsions: Trailer measurements interior.
                                                       Depth -- 17"
                                                       Length -- 57"
                                                        Wide -- 28"

                           Also comes with a box for the front end for tools, ice chest etc made
                                              of the same material shown.
                                     Outside Measurements: Estim 29W 18D 61L

    Tiger Tales from the Tiger Wings                                                                                           Pg. 38
 Deer Whistles: Effective or not?

I have heard people say they did not believe Deer Whistles to be effective. I have seen
first hand that they are effective if installed properly. While driving a truck in the mid
80s, the company I worked for had 33 over the road trucks. We normally went up into
Canada every week. While passing through VA, PA, and upstate NY, our fleet would
normally have 30 to 40 deer kills per year. The company installed deer whistles on each
truck, and the following year we had one deer kill.

I have used deer whistles on all my vehicles ever since. Six years ago, my wife and I,
along with Tim and Terry Swain, rode our bikes down the Natchez Trace. We saw many
dear and turkeys along the route. All the deer that we saw would stop and look at us
and then turn and run back into the woods. We never had even a close call.

Yes, I firmly believe that the deer
whistles do indeed work!

Submitted by
Frank Crane
Chapter SC "I"
GWRRA member since 2000

  Tiger Tales from the Tiger Wings                                                           Pg. 39
                                       DID YOU KNOW?

 Stuffing a dryer sheet in    You                                    Marshmallows can cure a sore
your back pocket will repel         can p
                                          aint                     throat. Perfect for kids who don't
        mosquitoes.                                lster                     like medicine.

You can freeze cupcake batter for later use.
                                                       The color on the bread tab indicates how
                                                      fresh the bread is. And those colors are in
                                                           alphabetical order: b, g, r, w, y.

   You can flip a toaster on its
   side and grill cheese in it.

                                        Reynolds Wrap has lock in
                                       taps to hold the roll in place.

                                         You can mail anything that
                                        will take a stamp and weighs
                                       less than 13 ounces without a
                                                     box?                  If you place a wooden
                                                                         spoon over a pot of boiling
                                                                          water, it won't boil over.

    Tiger Tales from the Tiger Wings                                                                Pg. 40
Laugh It Up!                             The Bathtub Test

                    During a visit to my doctor, I asked him, "How do you determine
                   whether or not an older person should be put in an old age home?"

                     "Well," he said, "we fill up a bathtub, then we offer a teaspoon,
                     a teacup and a bucket to the person and tell them to empty the

                       "Oh, I understand," I said. "A normal person would use the
                        bucket because it is bigger than the spoon or the teacup."

                              "No" he said. "A normal person would pull the plug.
                                     Do you want a bed near the window?"

                                                           ….. Wait for it
THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: National Girlfriend and Sister's Week

I don't want to brag or make anyone jealous or anything,
but I can still fit into the earrings I wore in high school.

I am only as strong as the coffee I drink, the hairspray I use, and the friends I have.

To the cool women who have touched my life, Here's to you! Terry Nester

      Hopefully, you was able to Smile…. Pass the smile on!

  Tiger Tales from the Tiger Wings                                                        Pg. 41
                          CLICK FOR DISTRICT NEWSLETTER

Tiger Tales from the Tiger Wings                          Pg. 42
                                   Upcoming Rallies and Events
                                                 Mark your calendar for:

June 14 – 16                            Georgia District Convention               Dillard, GA
July 4 – 7                              Wing Ding                                 Fort Wayne, IN
September 13-15                         Region A Convention                       Eufaula, AL
October 11 – 13                         Mississippi District Convention           Biloxi, MS

                                     Location of South Carolina Chapters

Supporting other Chapters will ensure
     GWRRA continued success

      LOCATION          WHEN              TIME                 LOCATION         WHEN             TIME

A      Anderson         2nd FRI
                                      6:30pm Eat         M     Greenwood       3rd THUR
                                                                                               6:00pm Eat
                                     7:30pm Meet                                              7:00pm Meet

D      Columbia        INACTIVE                          N       Gaffney       2nd SAT
                                                                                               6:00pm Eat
                                                                                              7:00pm Meet

E      Greenville      2nd SAT
                                      5:30pm Eat
                                     6:30pm Meet
                                                         O     Chesterfield     3rd SAT
                                                                                              11:00am Eat
                                                                                               Noon Meet

 F      Easley         4th SAT
                                      6:00pm Eat
                                     7:00pm Meet
                                                         P      Lexington      2nd SAT
                                                                                               8:00am Eat
                                                                                              9:00am Meet

G     Charleston       1st SAT
                                      8:30am Eat
                                     9:30am Meet
                                                         Q        Aiken         3rd SAT
                                                                                               9:00am Eat
                                                                                              9:30a.m Meet

H        York          1st SAT
                                      5:00pm Eat
                                     6:00pm Meet
                                                         S   Newberry Saluda    3rd SAT
                                                                                              11:00am Eat
                                                                                               Noon Meet

 I     Clemson         1st THUR
                                      6:00pm Eat
                                     7:00pm Meet
                                                         T        Greer         1st SAT
                                                                                               6:00pm Eat
                                                                                              7:00pm Meet

 J   Myrtle Beach      1st SAT
                                      6:00pm Eat         U       Seneca        4th THUR
                                                                                               6:30pm Eat
                                     7:00pm Meet                                              7:30pm Meet

K     Spartanburg      2nd SAT
                                      9:00am Eat
                                     10:00am Meet
                                                         V       Sumter        3rd TUES
                                                                                               6:00pm Eat
                                                                                              7:00pm Meet

NOTE: Request CALL and confirm Place and TIME (Click map above for current location and contact info).
      When visiting other chapters, it is customary to bring a door prize/donation.

           Tiger Tales from the Tiger Wings                                                          Pg. 43
              Mother’s Day Ride

                  Sunday May 13, 2012
                  Strawberry Hill USA

                The Shed on Cooley Farm
        3097 Highway 11 West Chesnee, SC 29323

Tiger Tales from the Tiger Wings                 Pg. 44
                                                                                  May 2012
                                          Sun                  Mon               Tue   Wed         Thu                    Fri                Sat

                                                                                 1     2             3                     4                   5
                                                                                             Chapter I Gathering                          Chapter visit
                                                                                                                   Chapter Dinner Ride     Greer SC-T
                                                                                                Asian Buffet

Tiger Tales from the Tiger Wings
                                                                                                                                         MAC - Seneca SC

                                            6                     7              8     9           10                     11                 12
                                                                                                                   Chapter Dinner Ride    Clemson, SC

                                                                                                                                         Plaque Attack
                                                                                                                                         Greenwood, SC

                                          13                    14               15    16          17                     18                 19
                                     Happy Mother’s Day                                                                                    Safety Day
                                                                                                                   Chapter Dinner Ride   Columbia SC-P
                                                                                                                                         Motorist Aware-
                                       Chapter Ride
                                   Strawberry Hill, USA
                                                                                                                                         MAC - Seneca SC

                                          20                    21               22    23          24                     25                 26
                                                                                                                   Chapter Dinner Ride
                                                          Chapter Lunch Ride
                                                                                                                                                           Chapter I planner

                                                          Quincy’s Toccoa, GA
                                                                                                                       News Letter

                                          27                    28               29    30          31

    Pg. 45

                                   Rolling Thunder ride       Memo
                                                                   ria   l Day
                                     for Freedom- DC

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